Day 048: Into The Fold
Summary: Richael and Grey welcome Gideon to the Skaikru. As others join the conversation, it shifts to the Mountain and politics.
Date: 17 July 2016
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The Row, Camp Jaha

The arching ring of Alpha Station rises high above this still-developing shantytown. Living quarters, workshops, and storage have been built out of panels from the uninhabitable parts of Alpha Station. They run down on either side of a pierced-metal plank roadway, ending in a metal-topped dirt ramp leading up to an airlock entrance to Alpha Station. A large section of Alpha Station's hull has been removed to open up what used to be a work-bay, and has now been turned into a garage for the Ark's few rovers.

A metal fence surrounds the camp, with an open space and then an electrified wire fence beyond that. Outside of the wire fence is a rolling meadow, a peaceful lake, a little stream, and then the lush forests of Trikru lands.

48 Days After Landing

Gideon kom Skaikru has found herself a small corner of the Row to see to her work. She has brought in a buck as part of her offering to Kane in return for citizenship. The deer is sizable, but not huge — something a strong Grounder woman can handle on her own. She has claimed a small seat, and is starting to work the hide off the buck with a sharp-edged knife. She is being given a variety of looks — some passive, some aggressive, most suspicious. She does not appear to be giving any of them any mind.

"You'd think after Kai kom Trikru was accepted by your former clan, they'd be a bit more welcoming to you, Gideon kom Skaikru." A friendly female voice speaks from off to the side behind Gideon. Richael has watched the newest citizen of the Sky Clan with some interest for a few minutes. As well as making sure no one was going to bother her. Richael smiles to Gideon before introducing herself, "Richael kom Skaikru, pleased to meet you."

"Who says Kai kom Trikru was accepted by my former clan?" Gideon asks, looking up at the young Skaikru with a slight tip of her chin. "There are still many on the Trikru who are suspicious, uncertain, and even hold Kai responsible for the deaths the Skaikru have caused…" She looks around her at the Skaikru around her, and then looks directly at Richael. "Everything takes time… even acceptance… particularly when blood has been spilled on both sides." Then she nods her chin slightly. "Gideon kom Skaikru," she offers in return.

Richael smiles with a nod and replies, "We have to start somewhere. Having the clans staying angry at each other forever… nothing good can come of that, so I'm trying." She glances to the deer and says, "You hunted and brought this in yourself?"

Grey is out of his armor, wearing a simple t-shirt and his cargo pants. The bandage is off his jawline too, showing the stitches that are almost ready to be cut and pulled. He comes out of Alpha Station, speaking quietly with one of the Guards at the entrance. He's pointed over in the direction of the butchering operation with a smirk and a nudge from one on-duty Guard to another. Grey rolls his eyes and starts off toward where Gideon has set up shop. As he approaches, he nods to Richael as well, then notes, "Nice rack, Gideon kom Skaikru." The words are accompanied by a broad, shit-eating grin.

Gideon nods as she returns to her work. "It is customary for those who do not have a family of their own to provide daily to the village… hunters provide game, foragers provide what they find in the woods, and so on… no one should ever live off what the village provides without providing for the village." The archer shrugs slightly as she carefully removes the last of the hide, carefully setting it aside to be cleaned and tanned. When Grey arrives and makes his joke, the archer just looks up at him dully with the samllest hint of a smirk. "Grey," she says dryly.

Richael nods to Gideon and replies, "That is what we do now I believe. Unless someone is hurt or injured, they have to work. Right now I fix things or help make new things for my people." She glances over to Grey when he arrives and makes his joke, an eyebrow being raised at him before she smiles. "Hello Grey." She looks back to the deer and says, "Well this should make for a good number of meals. Although getting used to eating meat is strange after eating paste for so long."

"Heard the talk with Kane went well." Grey nods to Gideon, accepting the smirk with good humor and looking over to Richael, "They're a pain in the ass to hunt. Skittish things." Which could be because he clomps when he walks. Or at least, he used to. "She's damned good at it. Watch out for eatin' too much meat though. It's…" He hesitates, then shrugs a little helplessly, "Let's just say my guts weren't too happy when I ate too much of it too early on. Somethin' about not havin' eatin' meat before." Stepping fully over to the two women, he rests a hand on Gideon's shoulder, peering past her to the deer, "Oh… that's how you get the last bits of the hide off."

"Most prey animals are," Gideon says to Grey. "Rabbits, deer… their instinct is to stay alive in a place where everything wants to eat them." Then she glances over toward Rciahel, bobbing her chin slightly. "You're a Maker then… or…" She looks over at Grey, looking slightly uncertain. "What do you call Makers?" She looks between the two now, seeking answers. She then carefully begins to take apart the deer. She had been given some containers from food service to put the meat in, and she keeps the cuts long and versitile.

Richael nods to Gideon and replies, "Yeah, I am. Although I'm more a fixer of things right now than making new things. So much got damaged when that fell." She reaches up and points at Alpha Station but shrugs. "Most stuff can be really easy to fix though. They made the Ark stations to last at the time. Although I doubt they ever intended them to work for near a century."

"Mechanic, Engineer." Grey flashes a grin down at Gideon, "We got lots of words that mean 'Maker.' Depends on what they make." He looks over to Richael, "Or, you know, fall down out of the sky. Wasn't made to do that either." He snaps, "Oh yeah. We're talkin' blowin' holes in a mountain. Anything you could help with?" His hand at Gideon's shoulder tightens gently, a faint smile touching his lips.

The words of the Mountain draws a small wave of tension through her shoulders. She does not speak against it though, but it is just instinct. She looks up at the two young Skaikru, nodding slightly. Her gaze shifts up toward the arch of Alpha Station again, and then back to quartering up the venison. "Why would you want to blow a hole in the Mountain?"

"Blowing holes in the Mountain? Yeah, I can do that. Depends on how big a hole you want and what we got to work with. Also, blowing holes in metal is actually easier than blowing holes in rock, just fyi." Richael looks over to Gideon and replies, "I dunno, but I suggested it the other day, I'm sure they've got chemicals or fuel in the Mountain that might make a nice bomb or two. Especially if you blow it up from the inside."

"To get in or out, Gideon." Grey nods to Richael, "Yeah. Doors probably. Metal. Mostly to get in. I've got an idea on how to get out." The Guardsman steps around the Grounder, picking up a meat-filled container and replacing it with an empty one.

Gideon smiles dutifully at her assistant, though then she shakes her head slightly as she listens to their conversation. "I have nothing I can offer… I know nothing about explosives… but I will see that those in the Mountain are rescued." Her jaw tightens. "Both Trikru and Skaikru."

Richael nods in agreement with Gideon and replies, "We'll get them all, and make certain the Mountain Men will never hurt anyone again." She looks to Grey and says, "I'll look into what we have to make bombs with. I'll probably need to collar one of our Electronics people to make the actual detonators. I never learned how to do that part, although I could just make it with a fuse of some sort. Oil and fire can do that too." She pauses before she asks, "How are you planning to get in there anyways, Grey?"

"You can help get use close, Dee. And get us all back again after." Grey's brows lift slightly at Richael's mention of electronics techs, and he nods, "Talk to… uh… Valentine… what's it… Hector Valentine. He's lookin' into explosives too." The question, however, draws a shrug, "I dunno. I'm…" he hesitates, then shrugs his right shoulder, "…I'm more of a do-er than a thinker. But… uh, I was thinkin' of sneakin' in through the dam, maybe. They've gotta be able to get in there to do repairs and shit, so it might be a good way in. And out the chute and the tunnel that we used last time."

Gideon does not add more to this conversation as they discuss bombs and explosives. She fills another tub before she looks back up at the pair. "You should speak to the Trikru about any plans you come up with… including their warriors and scouts… and Indra and the Commander."

Richael nods to Grey and says, "Two bombs then. A big one for a door, either in or out… and a smaller one, if you can find the acid fog weapon controls. Blowing that up is a must I think." She looks to Gideon and nods. "Yeah, we're not planning on leaving the Trikru in the dark. They'll need to know when to come up to the Mountain to knock on the front door to say hello."

Grey nods to Gideon, moving tubs around so she always has an empty one to cut into. "That and the missiles." Looking back to the Grounder, he adds, "Kane's been talking with the Heda. I figure they're sharing info, and if they're not…" he shrugs a little awkwardly, then winces, rubbing at the left side of his ribs, "…there's not much of anything I can do about it. But that's why we're workin' together, right? So we can work together 'cause neither of us can take down the Mountain alone?"

Fiona steps out of the reclamation center with a very tall, dark skinned man. She's leaning against him and grinning, and a few feet past the entrance, she reaches up to give him a hug as he walks off toward the compound proper, no doubt heading for quarters. Fiona spots Gideon at work, and heads in that direction.

Richael raises her eyebrows at Grey and says, "Missiles? We're gonna be blowing those up too? That… might be a bigger boom than we're counting on. Like blowing the top off the mountain kind of boom. I think we might want to completely deal with the residents before we go that far." She glances over to Fiona when she comes along, giving a friendly wave in greeting.

As Gideon continues breaking down the deer, Grey rocks back on his heels, "Blowin' them up, disablin' them, somethin'. Or else we're just beggin' to suck on one here at camp when we get back." Spotting Fiona approaching, he nods his head upward, "Heya Fi. How's the junk business, Councilor?" A grin flashes across his lips at that, suggesting that he's teasing the illustrious leader.

Fiona laughs a little bit as she gets closer - but not too close to the butchering. "Not too bad. My parents have an anniversary coming up and Dad was looking for a present." To give to her mother, one would assume. An uplift of her chin is given to Richael amicably as she adds, "I hear Gideon's going to be staying with us now." A soft smile is offered. "I'm glad to have her." Even if some others aren't.

Richael nods to Grey and says, "Depends on how they're launched I think. If it's just a tube in the ground, might be just blowing one up in the tube will disable that system." She shrugs and says, "I'd need to get a look at Mount Weather, the very top of it, and theres no way to do that without telling the Mountain Men some people that don't like them very much are there." She looks over to Fiona again as she comes close and nods. "Yeah, she is and it's a good thing." She smiles to Gideon before looking back to Fiona. "At least your Dad remembers… I think my Mom has to start dropping hints every year it gets close… although I don't recall for the last few… too busy with my own problems." Her smile fades for a moment before she looks back to Grey. "So speaking of missiles and sucking on one… any idea why the Mountain Men have -not- done just that? I mean it's no secret where we crashed and they have to know there are survivors and Trikru here. Why not just drop one or two on this crash site to be certain there are no survivors?"

The talk of parents and anniversaries makes Grey shift his feet, reaching up to nibble on a fingernail a moment. There's really no good way to say 'my mom just needled my dad extra hard until he hit her as an anniversary present.' Then there's easier topics to discuss, Gideon kom Skaikru and missiles. Both much easier, "Yeah well, anyone who makes a fuss, after she's done with 'em, I'll kick 'em in the ass so hard they'll taste boot for a month." He probably won't, given that it's likely to be a good half the camp who makes a fuss. And then to Richael, he shrugs one-shoulderedly again, "Well, they wanted us all in there. If they're bleedin' the Trikru, maybe they wanna do the same to us." That thought makes him distinctly uncomfortable, "I dunno. As long as they think they need us though… I'll take it."

"I doubt she'd let him forget." is Fiona's easy reply to Richael. She considers for a moment, seems to have a thought, and then dismisses whatever theory she's got rolling around in her head about why they're keeping the Skaikru. "Do either of you know if there's been any progress on locating any of Rees' conspiritors?" She treies not to sound too hopeful, but well…she's hoping.

"Very true." Richael's tone of voice and look to Fiona is quite knowing and dare we say smug? She laughs for a moment before she answers Fiona's question. "I don't know or have any idea if anyone's found out anything. But if I hear anything myself I will tell you." She glances over to Grey and then dryly says, "Thank you for that future nightmare material. Hopefully we can get in there and stop them before they get the idea to raid this place."

Grey frowns at Fiona's question, "Haven't heard of any arrests. But I know Major Wu's lookin' into it. And some others. I don't know who else." His shoulders bunch stubbornly for a moment, and then he blows out his breath, "Pretty sure the Trikru're gonna be real interested in hearin' about them. Unless Jumar can prove it was the Mountain that crashed the Exodus Ship into Thripoda." Richael's comment causes him to give another one-shouldered shrug, "Hey… that's what the Guard's for right? And the electrified fence, and the wall goin' up, and all the guns… I almost wish they would raid this place. Then we could snag one'a them and find a better way in."

Fiona shakes her head. "I don't know what we're going to do if we can't give them something." she says. "I almost think Indra is hoping we don't have anyone to turn over so she can commit to getting rid of us." She takes a deep breath. "If either of you hear something, I definitely would like to know. Especially with the election coming up."

Richael nods to Fiona. "We'll figure it out. I'm hoping their time with us here will convince them that maybe one or two did that, but the rest are innocent. Blaming an entire people for the crimes of a few is not right." She frowns when Grey mentions the Mountain crashing the ship. "What? The Mountain crashed that ship? How on Earth would they have been able to do that? And why?"

Grey glances back in the direction that Gideon went off in to deliver the venison to the Food Service Techs, "They'll get their blood, Fi." There's something almost fatalistic about the statement, and then he shakes it off, "But if they try to come for the whole camp, they're screwed. We may've gotten our asses handed to us at the dropship, but this is a whole different thing." He gestures toward the newest Council member with his left hand, "I woulda thought you'd be pokin' around this too. I mean, bein' The Man ain't exactly your thing, but it seems like it plays right into what you can do… talk to people." The mention of the election causes Grey to snort, "Who they hell's gonna run? That jackhole's just gonna waltz into a full damned term." And then he shrugs at Richael, "The tech-nerds," of which she is probably one in Grey's mind, but at least there's no judgment in his voice at the title, "were talkin' somethin' about interference with telemetry and guidance systems. Way above my pay-grade." Or brain-power, which is probably why there was no judgment in his voice.

"No, Grey. They won't." Fiona looks him in the eye, with the clear message that they aren't going to let that happen. Or at least, not let it get very far. At that last though, she smirks. "Talking to you, ain't I?" she replies, before casting a speculating lok at Richael. There's a quirk of her mouth and she says delicately, "It doesn't matter if only one or two did that. Their belief in justice is built around the premise of blood must have blood. Someone has to answer for it, if not the perpetrators themselves, than the leadership that allowed it to happen." There's a momentary pause as she has an oh shit moment, but mentally shelves it for later. "That jackhole has managed to convince the heda to work with us, put me on the council, and is actually actively working on a plan to help our people. I've told him he's a power hungry bastard to his face…but at least he's being a transparent one. So far. And Kane thinks Eda might try to stand for Chancellor. I don't know if that would be an improvement. We know where Kane stands, at least."

Finding his way out from his own little shanty-shack, Silas has his hands in his pockets and a thoughtful frown on his face. And what Grounder hater wouldn't, now that one of them is living among him? Silas pauses for a moment as he hears the familiar voice of Grey, and looks up over to the trio as they talk. He stares for a moment, and looks over his shoulder like he may be thinking about heading off in the other direction, before he sighs and heads over towards them. Nearing, he hears talk about the election- his right brow riding up- more so when Fiona is talking about it as well. "So we're not gonna have Skai-Fuhrer Kane from the sounds of it." he says, making his presence known if he wasn't spotted already.

"Blood must have blood is bullshit, but it's not like we're in a situation to complain." says Silas, his gaze casted gates-ward before his hands slip from his pocket to rest on his waist. "This tree crew shit is tiring." he says, looking away for a moment or two before he looks over to the Fiona. "About working with the Heda… How long do you think that'll even last?" he asks her with a tilt of his head to the side. "They seem to love excuses to stick people with pointy things." Silas pauses for a moment or two before he sucks in a breath and blows out a sigh through loosely clenched teeth, looking back to the three. "Any of you want some Skaikru gang tats?" he asks, with an amused smirk, eyes flicking from one person to the next searchingly.

Richael listens to the talk of the blood the Mountain wants and shakes her head at that. "They won't get mine. I'll lose my life before being a blood bag for those monsters." She looks to Fiona and says, "I can understand it, but I don't like it. The whole blood must have blood thing." She looks back to Grey and then says, "So the question is: is there someone that we'd all trust more than Kane or Eda? I mean…" she taps her foot a bit nervously before she says, "I had honestly thought about trying to run for the Council or Chancellor on the Ark before we knew it was going to have to come down here. I wanted to try and make a difference in the lives of our younger people before they committed actual crimes to get sent to the Skybox. I know I probably would have been disqualified since I was in the Skybox myself and pardoned, but I wanted to try." She shrugs a little helplessly before Silas enters the picture and says his piece. "No thank you. Marking up my skin never seemed like a good idea. Even for fun."

Grey scoffs at Fiona, "Hey, I ain't people, we all know that." There is, however, a broad, shit-eating grin that accompanies the words. At her list of Kane's accomplishments, he shrugs a little uncomfortably, "I think the Mountain did mosta that convincin'. Lip's news and all that. And…" he shrugs slightly, although he does snicker at, "You told him he was a power hungry bastard? Damn, Fi, next time you do that, you need'ta be wearin' Jumar's vid-cam." Eda's name, however, causes him to gag dramatically, "More Alpha Station Fluff. What this damned Camp needs is good old Arrow know-how." There are probably a dozen or twenty Arrow Station refugees in Camp. Of course, Grey is one of them. Silas' interjection gets Grey's hackles up after his joking around with Fiona, "As long as it takes to drop the Mountain. Then hopefully longer. Or winter's gonna suck." Richael's suggestion of herself for Chancellor or Council draws his eyebrows up, and he shrugs, "It's gotta be someone who'll work with the Trikru, whoever it is. And Earth's already put enough marks on me, Silas." The last is said with a gesture to the long scar across the right side of his head, then a little flick of his feelings toward the stitched wound along his jaw. Jerking a thumb toward where Gideon is passing over tubs of venison to Food Service Techs at the door to Alpha Station, Grey adds, "I should make sure those get in okay." And then he pauses, snorting, "Not even lettin' her in now? Bullshit." That's just a grumble though, and he's nodding to the others and stepping back.

Fiona gives an upnod to Grey as he moves to go help Gideon. Funny, how the pair were constantly challenging each other when the dropship came down, and now there's such an easy truce - a friendship even, between them. Silas gets her attention, a certain wistfulness crossing her features before it turns to brief irritation. "Y'know Silas, I worked really hard to keep things from breaking out into all out slaughter along with other people, so maybe you could at least acknowledge what we've got so far before shitting on what might happen." This might be the first time Fiona has ever said anything remotely snappish to a fellow one hundred. Lucky Silas! But then she answers his question. "I think it'll last for as long as Lexa thinks it's beneficial for her people. We're using each other. We all know that, even if we don't say it. It doesn't mean she'd arbitrarily decide to kill us all…she's not like that, from what I can see. But her people are first over anything."

Richael waves to Grey as he leaves to help Gideon and she sighs. "You know, given how Kai is getting treated, I think Gideon is getting the short." Richael shakes her head before looking back to Fiona and Silas. "But accepting Gideon or any other Trikru that want to join us is a must. The more of their people around us that know us, the -less- likely it is that Lexa will decide we're not worth keeping alive. Because it would mean she'd have to kill Gideon now too. Or any others. We need to be using this time to make friendships and ties, to give Lexa enough reasons to that she doesn't have to kill us." She sighs before she looks to Fiona and asks, "So what do you think about the election? Should we keep Kane or look for someone else?"

Silas lets out an exaggerated sigh, with a more-so exaggerated shrug. "Can't say I didn't try." he says, following the denial of his body art. As snappish as he statement was, Silas doesn't seem to entirely mind- though he is staring back at her with hands at his waist. He stares at her, thoughtful for a second before the corner of his mouth pokes down as he looks away. "Whatever." he says, his brows furrowing as he doesn't even snap back just yet. "But that slaughter is going to happen sooner or later… Probably." he says, staring at the gate once more before his nose wrinkles and he shakes his head. "It doesn't matter." he grumbles before he looks back, his hands coming up to cross along his chest- shifting his weight to his right leg- watching Grey up and go with a wave of his right hand and a look back to Fiona and Richael. "What matters is how we're going to work from there." He's silent as he looks over to Richael, listening to her as she talks about her acceptance. The mention of Kai earns a furrow of his brows- but ultimately he's shrugging. "The Tree Crew is probably more used to having outsiders join them…" he says, "Who knows how many invaders there were before us that got assimilated?" his hands slip around and into his pockets. "We never really had that happen… Unless you count Unity Day." he says with a glance around. Richael's asking about the election earns a glance from Silas, and he too is looking to Fiona for an answer to the question.

Fiona regards Richael with a patient air. "Kai's not exactly being treated awesomely herself. Gideon's not Trikru - not anymore. Don't call her that where she or a Trikru can hear you. They take clan association very seriously. She's Skaikru now. There are Trikru who are willing to vouch for us, and it's important that they do so while remaining true to the lives they want to lead. Gideon's following her truth, and her truth is that she's Skaikru from this point forward." She looks back to Silas. There's a brief ripple in her expression, as if his ambivalence may have been taken a mite personally, but she puts it to the side. "Trikru are just one tribe in a Coalition of twelve. So in a way you're not wrong," Fiona tells Silas, "But each tribe is still sovereign within itself. They haven't lost their identities. But when the Heda calls, they come, and when the Heda decrees, they obey. Some more willingly than others." Looking between them, she frowns. "I know everyone is going to hate to admit it, but for all the shit that Kane's gotten wrong while we were up on the Ark, down here he's done a lot right. He's part of why we aren't fighting Trikru, and also part of why they're willing to finally take a stand against the Mountain. He kept his word about our pardons. Anyone else is an unknown factor. And frankly, anyone that set to run against him is probably against the interests he's been pursuing to our benefit because they think they know better. That's the kind of person who hangs onto the past instead of looking forward, and we can't afford that." She makes a face. "God. I can't believe I'm actually supporting Kane, but there it is."

Richael holds up a hand placatingly. "I did not mean offence. Nor was I saying she is still Trikru. I consider her part of us now and I want her to be. Just as much as I believe Kai is now Trikru. After all the shit the Ark put you all through, sending you all down here, I consider it a damn blessing that most of you still want to be here with us." She listens to Fiona's remarks about Kane and nods. "Or someone who wants to genuinely do better. Unchallenged leadership is just as bad as bad leadership. But if someone wants to challenge him, let them put their name up for the election and let the Skaikru decide."

"Gideon kom Skaikru…" The words are spoken slowly by Silas, his eyes flitting down to eye the ground at his feet. "Weird." he says, pushing his lips into a thin line before he looks up to Fiona as he listens to her. "Coalition…" he mimics, staring at Fiona for a moment before something clicks. "Oh right, I heard something like that I think." he says, pausing as his right hand comes over to rub his chin.

Ultimately, he doesn't say much more on the matter- probably avoiding some slur or another at the expense of the Trikru as his hand comes down to his side. "I suppose that much is true, Fi. Kane has been trying- and he's been doing a lot too." he says with a scratch of the back of his neck. "And I'm really getting sick of unknown shit, too. So I guess he's not all that bad, all things considered." he says with a lazy look back to the two women- particularly Fiona. "But we also need someone like you up there, Fiona. Not so much as Chancellor- but actually voting. You seem unbiased enough that I can stand behind you- which says something, I think. And you're also probably the most knowledgable about the political workings of the Grounders. Hell, you were our… Bandroomba? Whatever the word for ambassador is in their tongue." Silas pauses, hands placed firmly on his hips with a tilt of his head to the side. "The experience you have with the Trikru is something that we'll need if we're to go forward. It's also something a lot of those old fogies don't have." Richaels mention of surprise at staying earns a late glance from Silas, who stares at her for a moment or two before he shrugs. "Tree folk are still a fairly unknown factor. Most of us are more comfortable with what we're used to." he says, "And some of the others still have family they don't want to leave behind." he adds, shifting his weight to his other leg. "I've considered swapping sides, though… That bathhouse was nice, when I tried it."

A pause for a moment or two before Silas takes in a breath. "We need a bathhouse of our own~." he says, practically sighing the words.

"I know what you meant." Fiona says placatingly to Richael, "But the problem is, a Trikru - or former Trikru - wouldn't. Be very careful about what you say to them, if you get into a conversation with one." Silas' words make her smile a little, and she studies him through her lashes. "Not so weird. She loves Grey." She leaves it at that before correcting with a laugh, "Bandrona. I don't think they recognize me as such anymore, but I'm still a liaison between the two groups." Silas' last words have her giggling. "I'm right there with you, though to be fair, you're leaving out the bit about them being communal and unisex." Which might have been on purpose, ahem.

Richael raises her eyebrows at the bathhouse. "Oh dear… what did you kids get up to down here?" Her voice carries that teasing tone along with a wicked grin that just believes there is a story behind that comment of Fiona's. But to be fair, Richael's only a few years older than any of the kids that got sent down here. She does nod to Fiona about the bits relating to the Trikru. "I've met a few, courtesy of Elias this morning. They seem like good people, but wary. Rightfully so I think, given what happened to their village and a lot of their people."

And Silas' face is going red. "Please don't remind me of that part." he says with pursed lips and furrowed brows, staring skyward for a moment or two before he sucks in a breath and lets out a sigh, looking back down and calming himself. A right hand comes up, fussing with his hair absently. "I swear, half of the people in that bathroom were laughing at how uncomfortable I was. It sucked." he says with a lopsided frown "If we decide to make baths, we're making two. Separate."

A brief pause as Silas looks to Richael and Fiona as they talk about the Trikru, "I've only actually talked to a few Trikru. But I can agree they're decent but reserved. I suppose." he says with a glance to the gate. "It was the… Tattoo lady, I think. Don't know her name." he says with a shrug. "Otherwise? I only know Gideon from when she slashed my chest, and from when I nearly freaked out when I ran into her in Coesbur when I was doing some trading. Before the big leader guy said we couldn't trade." he says, looking back to the other two. "Hell, Grey was there. And now she loves him? Love sounds confusing." he says, as though the concept is foreign to him. But, the words are said with an amused smirk. Silas is pausing for a moment or two before he blinks, "Oh yeah, can you guys also keep an eye out for black walnuts for me?" he asks, looking between the two women as he puts out the request. "I need them for ink."

Fiona smiles over at Richael. "Oh, you know. The usual. Built latrines, saw a few of us get crucified, nearly all die from biological warfare, kill a giant river snake. Every day sort of stuff." To Silas, readily enough, "And he loves her. Someone for everyone that wants someone else, I guess." There's a shrug of her shoulders as she adds, "I gotta go. Mom gets snappy if I miss dinner with her and Dad."

Richael gives a small pout to Fiona. "Aww, and here I thought I could get a few embarassing stories out of you two." She smiles to Fiona and nods in agreement. "Yeah, I hear you on that. Mine are probably wondering where I am too." She looks over to Silas and says, "Take care, both of you." She includes Fiona in that as she gives a smile and a wave as she heads off.

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