Day 049: Is She Bothering You?
Summary: A Skaigirl's hunt for opium continues. In the process of haggling with the Trikru and mending bridges, she learns a new phrase.
Date: 16 July 2016
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Britt Cassandra Sev 

Hilly Grasslands
These hilly grasslands begin to create the ever-growing foothills of a small mountain range divided from the larger Blue Mountains. The are bumping rolls of tall yellow grasses, emerging from the thick forests to the north. There are still patches of woods here and there along the hills, but this creates a clear path to the small mountains, and the settlement of the Skaikru people.
49 Days After Landing

Britt is out hunting. As usual, alone. She pauses by a game trail to crouch down. Checking for signs, maybe, but also pausing to unscrew the lid of her canteen and take a drink. It's summer, and it's a bit hot and muggy out.

Under normal circumstances, Cass might try to be sneakier, but as it is, she looks like she just woke up. Her hair's tousled and her eyes are heavy, footsteps falling on the grass with a clumsy slouch. Wherever it is she's coming from, it isn't Camp Jaha, which means she either has a camp nearby or must have passed out in the wilderness. Spotting a figure up ahead, she squints, raising a hand to shield her brow, then comes to a stop. Not wanting to be seen in this state by the Trikru, she takes a moment to place her hands at the back of her hips and forcefully stretch, straightening out her posture, before she heads on over with a faux-sprightly jog.

Sev has been out here awhile, roaming through the wilderness, picking out some odd looking fungus here, scraping moss off a tree there, generally lost in his own little world of collecting whatever supplies he needs to make whatever it is that he plans on making. If he notices either Britt or Cassandra, it's not like he's going to say word one about it. Rather, as is his way, he keeps to himself. Nobody's bothering him, so why should he bother them?

It's Cassandra that Britt notices first as she finishes sipping from the canteen and puts the cap back on. Just a quirk of who happens to be in her line of sight at that precise moment. Her eyes narrow briefly to identify friend or foe… ending up somewhere in the middle. Picking up her bow, she continues to follow alongside the game trail. Which happens to take her more-or-less in the direction of Cass.

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Alertness-2: Good Success. (8 7 4 1 8)

En-route to Britt, Cassandra perks up and pauses when she notices Sev in the distance. For now, she doesn't address him, but it's clear her attention is split between the two Trikru. "Heya, Britt kom Trikru," she greets the archer first. "I was hoping, I mean wondering, if you'd still be willing to give me another lesson. That first one was good stuff. Learned a lot." She keeps her voice low, and probably not low enough to be overheard, but she's trying to be at least somewhat tactful about the fact she's two-timing her teachers. A hand comes up to pull her frazzled hair back from her face.

Not like Sev would pay attention anyways. It's not human voices he's watching out for. Probably anything not human. Like animal or something else. That would warrant caution. People? People are whatever. And unless he himself is actually picked out, he's content to kneeling down as he has been, looking over what he's currently collected.

Seeing Cassandra's attention split, Britt naturally glances over her shoulder to see what the Skaikru girl is looking at. When she spots Sev there, she lifts a hand in greeting. Then she looks back to Cass. "That depends," she says cautiously. "On what you learned."

<FS3> Sev rolls Alertness: Great Success. (7 3 8 6 8 6 1 8)

"Well, I was thinking about what you said, man," Cassandra says to the other woman. There are Grounders who butcher Gonasleng less than the Farm-Station-born Skaigirl does her native tongue. "And, listen, I think what I'm really looking for down here on Earth is a second chance. I don't wanna have to just be a dishonourable Skaikru any more, you know? I can be more, if you teach me. I'm sorry I tripped you up when you were talking to Sev, it was really shitty of me." Is she bullshitting? Maybe. But she actually doesn't sound certain herself of that fact, trying to convince herself as she goes along. She keeps her posture as straight as she can manage, but being far taller than the Trikru archer, she leans back a little so as to try and speak to her at something resembling eye-level, rather than loom.

Sev grunts when he sees that wave. Then again, it's Britt, that might be the only reason he gets up from what he was doing looking over his current bounty. Which is shoved into his satchel before starting to move across the distance to investigate. There's that other Skaikru girl as well, talking to her. Okay. "Britt," he utters in a one-word greeting. Such as his greetings are. A look from her to Cassandra and then back to Britt. "<In Trigedasleng> Is she bothering you?"

Britt considers the younger woman's words, trying to decide if she's putting her on or not. In the end, she gives a quiet 'mmm' of consideration. "I accept your apology." She shakes her head to Sev, "<In Trigedasleng> No, it's fine. Hi." She looks back to Cassandra then and with the bottom edge of her bow, she taps her right boot. "I have a bad knee. Gift from the Azgaeda. I know you didn't know." And in truth she doesn't seem particularly pissed off about it either. Stern, but not angry. "I say this because your little prank could have taken a warrior out of the fight when we dearly need every one. We all take risks when we train, but this is not a game to be played for your amusement. Do you understand?"

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Wit+wit: Good Success. (2 8 6 1 1 8 1 1)

Cassandra nods solemnly. "Yeah. I understand." In truth, she does look humbled now by the explanation, like a guilty dog being told off. When Sev approaches, she pulls her bag in front of her, sticking in a hand to rummage about for a moment. "<In Trigedasleng> Is she bothering you," she distractedly repeats. "What does that mean?"

Sev takes a moment to look over Cassandra. "I asked if you were bothering her." It would be blunt, but like everything else the man says, it's said without any particular inflection. Just factual. "Apparently, you are not," he then adds. Then he looks back at Britt. "<In Trigedasleng> Speaking of that leg, that stuff I give you help at all? It's a new variation, wondering if it's more effective than the last one version I made."

Britt nods, accepting Cassandra at her word. The hangdog look probably helped a bit in that regard. "I'll give you your second chance, then, Kas-Andra, but you won't get a third. Tread carefully." She smirks at Sev, but answers him in Gonsaleng, in consideration of Cass, "It worked all right. The last batch you gave me was forever ago, so I don't really remember well enough to compare."

"<In Trigedasleng> Is she bothering you?" Cassandra repeats the newly-learned phrase, first out loud and then several times under her breath, lips moving silently as she rummages through her bag. She doesn't attempt to repeat the next bit of Trigedasleng that Sev speaks, but she does send him a confused look as if to ask for explanation. Finally, she produces a crumpled bit of paper, which she unravels to reveal a rough sketch of a poppy plant, the bud sealed and crowned. "Hey, Sev, before I forget, I was wondering if you've seen this anywhere. Or if you know someone who grows it." She shows it to Britt, too, though she has higher expectations of the travelling healer being able to identify the Papaver somniferum. "It's for medicine. Makes people go sleepy. Reduces pain. If you do know where I can find it, I can make you a deal. My people can purify it, make it way more effective and cost efficient. We'll show you how. Show Arlin how." A meaningful look is sent to the archer, at mention of her surly friend.

Sev looks at the scrap of paper, eyes scanning it over. "I know this." he states evenly, though his expression is still unreadable. "Dangerous," he finally says after another moment. "I've known men and women who have gotten addicted to that plant. Yes, it eases pain. Perhaps it eases pain too well. Ingested. Or smoked with a herbal blend. Either way, it has a particular effect on the mind. Not something I would use lightly. It can be abused. Heavily. I know where it can be found, have small amount of it, only to be used in extreme situations." There's a glance at Britt, then back at Cassandra. "Take heed, Skaikru. That plant can offer much, but give little. And take much."

"<In Trigedasleng> Is she bothering you?" Britt corrects the pronunciation gently. "<In Trigedasleng> Bother." A beat. "It means 'to bother'." She doesn't break down the rest of it, trusting Cass to figure it out. The plant gets a blank headshake, then she looks at Sev's explanation. "Smoked… is that the stuff Arlin uses for the –" Here her Gonsaleng blanks out, and she fishes visibly for the word for a second before resorting to Trig. "<In Trigedasleng> Joints."

"<In Trigedasleng> Is she bothering you." Cassandra gives a satisfied nod as she corrects her pronunciation. "<In Trigedasleng> Bother." She doesn't herself bother asking for further translations, but seems to be eyeing the pair intently when she hears another word she doesn't understand. When she looks back to Sev, she can't quite hide the quiet excitement in her eyes at the promise that he knows the plant, even despite his warnings. "I'm not going to make heroin from it. Need it for like, morphine. Codeine." Now it's her turn to speak in a language the Trikru can't understand: chemistry. "We used to grow it on the Ark." Emphatically, she lifts a finger and points up to the Sky, for even though the Ark has fallen, it's the wrong station that landed for the purposes of growing pharmaceuticals. "My parents did. Farmers."

"I gave my warning. What do with it isn't my business." Sev utters. "It's benefits and lures are for you to discover for yourself." That's the long and short of it from him, though he does toss Britt a particular look. "Mellow weed is one thing," he states, using that term for their way to say marijuana, "but he laces it with that? Hmph, risky." Doesn't sound like he's condemning that fact, just not something he would do personally.

Britt shrugs to Sev, shaking her head. "I have no idea what he makes it with. You just mentioned smoking it with a herbal blend so I thought of his stuff." A sidelong glance to Cassandra is given, and she explains, "He uses it for pain, as you said, and it makes you sleepy. He'd be the one to ask, though, not me. Your parents were farmers too, hmm. Seems you had a lot of those on the Sky Ark."

"You been talking to Eli?" Cassandra asks, eyeing Britt. "He's good people." That's high praise, coming from the misanthropic Skaigirl, who is generally loathe to admit that any people might be construed as good. She turns her attention back to Sev, giving him an appraisingly wary but hopeful look. "How soon can you get it? Seeds or ready to harvest? 'Cause I could do with both."

"You want me to get this for you." Sev eyes swerve back to Cassandra, eyeballing her. "Depend on what you would have to offer for that. It's not a plant I go looking for, nor do I enjoy gathering it. For all the good that it does, there is a certain amount of risk to using it. That being said, I do nothing for free." Okay, well, he does stuff for Britt for free, but she might be what he qualifies for a friend. And friends get special treatment. "And no, not because you're Skaikru. I change any clan the same fees."

Britt nods to Cass. "Yes, Elias. We spoke of farming a bit when he visited Tondc." The archer falls quiet then while the other two discuss the terms of their trade.

A sane person might look dismayed at the prospect of a price being charged, but Cassandra looks positively elated at the prospect, and bares her teeth in a Cheshire Cat grin. Business is her bag, along with all the tricks of the trade and nuances of negotiation. "We still got our first deal, right? And you still got to honour it." That word is given particular emphasis, for Britt's benefit. It's Cassie's new favourite toy. "'Sides from that, I can get you all the other plants you need. Can get you other things, too. Useful things. Like a compass. Or more ephemeral things." She taps the side of her nose, then points to her ear and temple, but decides not to make her suggestion explicit, given she just agreed to learn about that honour thing.

Turning, Cassandra then points across the hill. "See that tree over there? One with the fingery," which is her term for spindly. " — Branches? Kinda greyish looking. Stumpy. Well, I got a camp nearby. Either of you willing to meet with me for those lessons, you pass by there and I'm bound to run into you. Or I can come to your camp, too, but may be I'll run into less pleasant folk there."

Sev has been around the block more than a couple times. And this has given him a bit of insight when it comes to how to deal with customers who might be a bit too eager to deal with him. And he wasn't born yesterday. "You don't need to remind me, I am aware," he says plainly, obviously reading the emphasis on 'honor' when he hears it. "Plants is not an issue. Been finding plants for longer than you've been alive. I'll tell you the same thing I told Morgan, since he's after what's in my rare stock. You find me a compass. Or you find someone that can fix my wagon. The task you ask is not something I take very lightly. But in the end, it's not me that might getting addicted to it. What you do with it isn't my concern. But, it is a hassle to collect, more so to process. So. Steeper the item, the steeper the price will be. Those are my conditions. You agree to that. And you will produce your end of the trade first."

Britt follows Cassandra's gesture towards the tree, bobbing her head slightly to show that she sees it. She continues to stay quiet, though, but watches the haggling with a keen interest.

"Nah. You bring me ripe pods for harvest, I'll bring you a compass. You can keep the seeds 'til after you've seen the prize," says Cass. Apparently she was listening when Sev was questioning Morgan, even if she didn't see fit to interject. She had another deal on the table, at the time. "See you when I'll see you." She turns to nod indicatively at the stumpy grey tree, then starts to move away. "<In Trigedasleng> Is she bothering you?" the Skaigirl can be heard mumbling under her breath as she climbs the hill she came from.

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