Day 044: Just Singin In The Rain
Summary: Tink and Reno are watching Singin' in the Rain on the tv. Truman drops by and acts all guilty. Madelyn comes back to the visitor's residences after her stay in the Infirmary.
Date: 07/12/16
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Visitor's Residences - Mount Weather
This is a large, cavernous room that has been converted into living quarters for the "rescued" Sky People. It has tall walls leading into arching buttresses, some of which are covered in warm tapestries from various historical periods. There are even a few pieces of artwork — all originals and not reproductions. Scattered throughout the room are little nooks of comfortable armchairs and tables, each of which have a small lamp that offers a warm glow. Bunk beds have been assembled in this room, giving everyone their own bed complete with sheets, blankets, and soft pillows.
Day 44

Today, Tink is curled with up Reno, sitting in front of the player and monitor watching 'Singin' in the Rain'. She actually has a smile on her face with is very different from her reactions to the other movies that Vega brought. Most of them have been a tinge of disbelief and horror at the things that happen on screen but this movie…this one is nice and Tink really appreciates the effort Reno when through to get her a movie that didn't have murder as a central theme.

Reno was really super excited that they found a movie with art and culture and lacking a body count. He was slouched with one arm around her having only looked this relaxed by otherwise being unconscious. There were a couple of books they had borrowed: one on linguistic migration, and another on ancient geography of Greece… or as Reno put it: The Gilgamesh companion map.

Truman is on patrol. He tends to get assigned to move through the residence presumably because he's one of the few people in the Mountain close in age to their guests. A crackle of a radio announces him before he steps in. He murmurs something back, then looks over as he spots movement out of the corner of his eye. "Oh, hiya. Don't let me bug you. Just doing a routine sweep." He looks a little…tense? Distracted?

"Hey Truman!" Tink says, giving him a smile from where she's sitting, "A sweep? Is everything okay?" She wrinkles her nose an pauses the movie because now that she has security here, she can't help ask, "Hey…have you seen Lip? I haven't seen him since the alarms went off and I'm pretty worried about him."

Reno snugged a Tink. He was worried too. For this though, he paused the movie and commented, "They do walk-bys all the time." Which was true enough. Camera usually did the rest. Still though the movie got paused as Reno didn't want to miss Danny Kaye nor Truman's visit and answer. He smiled warmly and shook his head, "You're not botherin. Missed talkin to you actually." Awww that's nice of them.

"Nothing to be concerned about. Just routine," says Truman. Though there's something in his voice that suggests that might not be the whole story. He smiles in a way he hopes his reassuring. "No, the quarantine ward isn't…uh…isn't part of my patrol." He scratches his head and purses his lips. "How are you all? Everyone still in good spirits?" He peers over to look at the monitor. "Oh, that's a good one. I love the dancing."

"Quarantine?" Tink asks and then looks at Reno, "See…it was one of the scenarios we discussed. Lip tried to get out last night and tripped the sensor, didn't he?" She gives a sigh, "When he said he was going to get out of this place, I didn't take him seriously. I'm sorry." She looks to Reno, "And we're okay…just wandering what was up."

Reno had an expression that was regrettable. He was sympathetic to the news. He said quietly, "I think he was claustrophobic. We told him to see Dr. K. He didn't… hopefully now he's getting the help he needs. If you get a chance to ask and you think of it we'd appreciate it if we could see him or Ruth. Give them some support."

Truman frowns and then purses his lips. "It's…very dangerous outside. It wasn't smart of him to try and get out. He should have talked to someone if he was feeling cooped up." He looks…cagey suddenly. Nervous, even. "Look, I have to keep patrolling. I'll let you know if I hear anything, OK?" And then before he can answer any other questions, he heads out the door.

"Please do Truman…we just want to help," Tink calls out as he makes his way out the door. She looks to Reno with a smile and within hearing distance of Truman as he walks out, "It'll be okay. They'll decontaminate Lip and he'll be back with us in no time."

Reno was such a kool-aid drinker. Reno had no idea about guile. He's never really been around people that would do it and while he was curious, believed in infinite reasons and possibilities for all sorts of things. Earnestly he said to Truman, "We know you're doing all you can to look out for it, Mr. Cooper. We do appreciate it. Really." Ah if only Reno knew how true and how wrong that statement was at the same time.

Tink leans in and lightly kisses Reno's cheek, "You are wonderful." Because while Tink can play with a little guile, Reno's honest reactions are what totally sells it. But she doesn't have the heart to tell him that she's suspicious. Instead she turns on the tv and leans in to murmur, "We should do more to help Truman." Yep, cause he was nervous and with a little talking, just might break.

Reno really only believed the best of people, truly. Except grounders that tried to kill his family and destroy everything he ever loved. Not. People. A living monument that genius and cunning are not necessarily hand in hand. He smiled with a grin; ears turning red at her approval. He held the remote hostage in hand though and turned and kissed her again- okay twice. He was still zooming on the euphoria of their shiny new relationship. Just as heartfelt though he said, "Yeah if we can help him we should. He's been really good to us."

"And I think he cares…really cares," Tink tells him softly as she considers Truman, "Which is really awesome." She leans in and murmurs in his ear, "It's too bad there's cameras in here…" Yeah Tink has something on her mind and it's not necessarily singing and rain.

Reno still had an arm around her shoulders and said "Well not in the shower room, art room, the pantry, or Doc K's office." You wouldn't think being all trusting as he's protested, that he would keep track of these things. He murmured, "Still need a labcoat though. Think there's a corner in the Hydroponics house too. Max usually hangs out there for that.

"Well and I think Madelyn said that there's one in the library," Tink tells him with a wink, because that's a good makeout spot for sure, "I don't think sneaking into Dr. K's office would be a good idea." She lightly tickles him in a teasing way. She knows what he mean but it's still fun.

Reno squirmed. Oh green EDEN he was a squirmer and ticklish, "Gaaah!!!" A wide, bright grin warmed on his face squinting at her. "She doesn't have to know. Besides it's good planning. Eventually we can get our own office and just build the shit out of everything." He paused, "She probably locks that for patient files and such. Huh." Now he was thinking, though it was a nice distraction from being barred so far for his internship on the lower levels. "Tabitha, I'd really like to hear you play again. If the dining room isn't busy later maybe?"

"I will absolutely play for you later," Tink tells him with a smile, smiling to herself because now she knows Reno's ticklish spot, "Maybe we can do a 'singing in the rain' cover." She looks at the screen and tells him, "I like Danny Kaye…he's very funny." Yep, clearly a favorite now of Tink.

Reno smiled a lop-sided grin and said, "That piano I think is definitely on the top 5 things created. I can see why they preserved it. And it's still so shiny." You can't beat a glossy grand piano. He was considering in that way he looked when he was going to come up with a plan and entertain himself because and said, "You think I could do that? You could lay… maybe get Max and Maddie or Cam. Cam is artsy."

Tink grins at him, "We could totally do that. I'll ask Truman or Dr. K what permissions we need to get so we can put it on." And then the obvious, "Oh yeah…we need to ask people to actually sing cause I'm going to be playing the piano." Tink has never done anything to put on a play and it really sounds neat, "I think it's a project that could get everyone feeling more relaxed."

Reno actually blushed and said "e don't… need to sing do we?" His nose wrinkled. That was really putting one's work out there for interpretation. "Ah well. Why not? Let's try it. I mean they're professional, but we can try. Besides, it's fun. Fun's important too. Hard to make things better if one doesn't enjoy better, right?"

"Exactly, and there's got to be a few of us who are willing to join in," Tink tells Reno with a smile, glad that he has another tactic, "And we can ask Truman or Dr. K who to talk to about digging through things for costumes." She gives him a wink. Always plotting…Tink is always plotting.

Reno smiled. The smile turned into a grin. The grin turned into plotty face. Oh there was plotting to be had. He unpauses Danny so he could dance on the screen again. One of the other 20-something said "Hey Loden, your head's in teh way of the screen!" The 6' scientist sighed and slouched bringing Tink with him. He glibly commented, "I love date night alone. It's so restful." He threw a baleful glance over the arm of the couch and grinned in spite of it all. "You know your nose squinches up when you really like whatever idea's in your head?" It was endearing to him, truly. It's hard not to appreciate the quirks that form when someone is genuinely happy.

Tink just leans in to kiss him. She ignores the few comments on the back or the picture on the screen, she just needs to take this shiny new thing for a test drive. She wraps her arms around him and murmurs against his lips, "You are so sexy when you smile at me like that."

Reno grinned and honestly had no shame or guilt reciprocating the feelings and affection even if others were there. One of the perks growing up outside of public is you never learn to be self-conscious, and he had earned the affection of the most marvelous woman in the Mountain and the late Camp Crashspot. The glasses came off and he didn't mind the whistling and the comment, "Loden, head's still in the way" To which he paused and said "So move!" He grinned and said to Tink, "Well I'll take that as a high compliment as you're a smart woman of good taste."

"Hey…" Tink tells the guys behind them, "Don't be a hater…" Don't be down on their happiness. And Tink is happy. She is curled up with Reno in front of the tv watching singin in the rain, sneaking in a few kisses here and there as they on the pillows. A few teens sit behind them, making rude remarks here and there but Tink and Reno don't notice.

Reno grinned and wrote this up as a banner day. "So Ms. I Like Purple. You never told me what your favorite part about science was. Why'd you gravitate to mechanical engineering? Is it the puzzle part or-" As one of the tap routines drop into jaunty splits and back up again he winced and put his frames back on. "Okay as an aside… I think I have to work my way up to that. I'm bendy. I'm not that agile though."

"I love puzzles, figuring out how things break and then fixing them," Tink tells him softly, "It's the journey…not the destination. So I love all kinds of science because science is all about discovery." She laughs when he talks about getting into a split, "Oh man…I couldn't get into a split. I don't expect you too." They are watching singin in the rain.

The door to the visitor's quarters opens and Madelyn slips in, carrying her spare clothing and a few books. She heads over to her bunk, putting her things in her drawers, before trying and utterly failing to climb up onto her bunk.

Reno was in a happy cuddly place on the couch discussing the movie and being…well he and Tink were too adorable for diabetics. Madelyn got a bright smile as a warm welcome on her return, "Awww heya Maddie! Good to see you" At her failure to get in successfully and the fall Reno's words were cut and his eyes got larger. There was a stir at the Ti-no couch as, yeah, that's distressing. This was no bueno. Making sure he didn't bowl over Tabitha he scuttled and slid in socks across the tile to where Maddie landed. "Oh shit, Maddie you ok?" He looked to Tink and he crouched letting Maddie respond first. The look was one of worry here.

Tink gets up as well, looking at Madelyn with concern, "Madelyn…oh my god, are you okay?" She moves with Reno to check on their friend, the movie is forgotten, "Hey…if you want, take Reno's bunk, it's on the bottom and he isn't using it anyway."

Madelyn looks up, embarrassed, shakily pulling herself to her feet. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. Just… weak." She quietly walks over to Reno's bunk, sitting down. "Sorry to interrupt your movie."

Reno looped an arm under his newly adopted sister's arms, and helped him over to his unused bunk, and went back to grab her pillow from hers and moved it. There was a concern there and he assured crouching down to watch her and get a read on her complexion, "Heeey, you're not interrupting. It pauses and rewinds just fine." He gave her a small encouraging smile and looked to Tink and said earnestly, "I think though we should get Max." Not the doctors, but Max. Apparently there was holdout hope for Reno for having drank all the kool-aid, or maybe he was far more clever than he let on. Who knows.

Tink nods to Reno and tells him, "I'll go get Max…" She gives Reno a look to watch out for Madelyn and then heads out to hydroponics to go get him. Not so fast to get noticed by the guards but a good brisk walk because Madelyn needs help.

"No, seriously, it's okay…" Madelyn protests, frowning. She kicks her shoes off and settles down on the bunk, reluctantly allowing Reno to baby her. "You don't need to bother Max he's probably… busy."

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