Day 030: Kai Meet Bathhouse
Summary: Kiera meets Kai, and introduces the former Skaigirl to bathing, Trikru style.
Date: 29th June 2016
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Bathhouse — Tondc, Trikru

The community baths is accessed through a long, open-air staircase that leads down into what had once been a rather large, sprawling basement. The room is constantly lit by torchlight, causing the subterrean space to glow soft golds and oranges. The floors are polished cement, and the high ceiling is supported by thick, square pillars of concrete.

The room is filled with a moist heat thanks to the giant pots of water almost constantly boiling at the center of the space over well-kept fires. The room is ventilated by several exhaust pipes in the ceiling, keeping the air circulating. In addition to there just being spaces to sponge bath, there are several actual tubs, some so large that there are benches built into the mortar.

Along one of the walls are several shelves of woven towels, cloths for washing, large bowls and pitchers for collecting the hot water, and crude cuts of soap. Bathing here — outside of the tubs, of course — is merely a process of collecting the offered supplies, and finding a place in the room to bath. The floors are gently sloped toward various drains in the floor, so pooling is never a problem. As this is a communal bath, stripping naked and washing one's self is done in plain view of others, but there is an unspoken rule of the bathroom that wandering eyes are not accepted.

Day 30

The village of Coesbur, post evacuation, is set up in the comparatively cramped quarters of Tondc's guest village. But that doesn't change that the girl currently squatting outside of one of the building's with her back up against the wall, watching people move back and forth.. is not from Coesbur. Hell, she's not even Trikru.. for all that she's dressed in what might be recognizable as Gideon's old armor, and with what looks like Wren's back-up sword strapped across her back. It's that the comparatively grimy creature is wearing boots that are decidedly not Trikru, and pants that are the same. Not quite right. Like the lack of tattoos or scars, for all that the right side of her face is swollen purple and angry it's the little oddities that make the quiet presence stand out in the bustle of movement around the makeshift camp.

The blonde woman walks out of the small tent, stretching and tossing off her cloak. Right there, on a small patch of not yet dead grass, she drops down and starts pumping out push-ups. Her ankles crossing, and her chin high, she plows through the workout as she looks the area over. She picks out the young woman, watching her. A few dozen push-ups down, she shifts to to sit-ups.

Exercise. Oh that draws Kai's attention. Not that the grey-eyed girl moves immediately, but she also makes no effort to pretend she's not watching, with a bare ghost of a smile that painfully twists at some of her bruises etched upon her face. It's a familiar action in a world of unfamiliar for her, and distracts her from the deconstruction of the blade of grass held in her fingers. She's patient. She'll wait. One does not disturb someone exercising, at least in the ex-C's world.. that's just rude.

Kiera cranks out the sit-ups till she slows and finally cannot lift, some where over sixty. Then she rises, her hands are brushed off. The blonde grabs her cloak, staring at the outsider coolly. It is a steady, confident stride that carries the Trikru woman close. "What are you doing?" A flat question, especially considering Kai doesn't seem to be doing anything wrong.

Kai slowly stretches to her feet at the approach, unhurried and unpreturbed,"Waiting." is the single word immediate response, in Godasleng, followed up almost immediately with a belated,"Ma'am." just to be on the safe side,"I'm Kai.. kom Skaikru," she's still trying to get used to that bit,"Wren's Second. Sorry. I just.. I usually do something similar. To that. The exercising?"

Kiera smirks when the title is added, "I am Kiera com Trikru." The woman states calmly, a glance around, "Why are you waiting, Kai?" The blue eyes locking on the young woman, "If you normally exercise, why are you just sitting there? Have you been fed? Bathed?" A quirk of the brow, and a twitch of the nose might imply part of the question is rhetorical.

Bathing part, yeh, totally not. She's run what feels like to her, halfway across Trikru and back, and not exactly had time for toiletries aside from the general attempt to wipe her skin off somewhat,"Room? Not pissing people off?" she's talking, and the ex-C doesn't see a reason not to be honest about it,"Plenty of people even here not super happy with my being here, so just trying to let everyone get used to me and me to.. all of this. But yes ma'am, I've eaten. Apparently later we are heading out to see if it's safe for the village to return to Coesbur." pause,"But you probably already know about that." at least she has the self-consciousness to grimace apologetically about the not having bathed thing.

"Get up then." Kiera says without hesitating or giving the tone of anything that might be less than an order. The woman crosses her arms and steps back enough to let Kai stand. "We will run, this is not a race, you will keep-up, you will not lead, and you will not fall behind." Her arms dropping and she motions the direction to run with her head. "Who injured you?"

Kai rises to her feet without complaint, giving a slight nod of acknowledgment, she said don't lead, and don't fall behind, so the girl elects to shift to show she's moving but doesn't launch into a run,"Yes ma'am. Before the ceasefire was agreed to, one of the warriors took offense to my presence in the kruheda's camp." it's a simple enough explanation, really, for all that the state of her knuckles suggests that she probably didn't exactly just stand there and take it.

No offer of sympathy, just a nod. Kiera turns, a couple of steps then she moves into a brisk jog. Once they get the pacing down, Kiera starts out of the guest area, leading the pair through the city towards the baths, "Yes, I heard. So, you are a warrior among your kind?" She asks as they weave through the area, people giving the warrior woman a safe space and easy passing.

Kai's clearly familiar with running, she might have only used to have run on Alpha station, but she's kind of getting used to places that have more ground-discrepancy problems than population density problems and has had some time to get used to moving in armor. And at least moving at pace less people have time to realize the girl doesn't belong,"Yes." is the word offered, with a wealth of unspoken caveats in the single word, dipping from the path of a child not paying attention and having to catch up again,"Here, I'm just a Second." she adds, letting Kiera pick the pace and direction as she endeavors to keep up.

The morning crowds are minor, but like any town, there is a bit of a glut with the shops waking and carts moving goods. People have to go places and do things. "Just a Second is not just a Second, Kai com Skiakru. Being choosen as a second means that someone invests their confidence in you, share the wisdom they have learned. The title is not an embarrassment." The tone a little chiding, though the bouncing pace does some to confuse it. "Do you wish to return to your people?" She asks as they move to the market.

"My apology's." Kai huffs, eyes mostly on the people moving about absorbantly as she runs,"I did not mean to.. suggest.. it was otherwise. Simply that I acknowledge that I am still an apprentice by Trikru standards." the question merits a breathless ghost of a laugh,"I chose to come here, ma'am. I understood this.. would not be easy. But it is not the wrong choice." the market. There's an actual market, and it makes her steps falter before she bears in mind she was told not to fall behind, but still.. it's an actual /market/, which in an of itself is a cultural surprise to the shorn-headed Skaikru.

Kiera marks time, running in place when the market overwhelms the young woman, but returns to a steady stride when Kai catches back up. "How did you hang in the sky? Were you attached to something?" Orbital physics are not exactly a thing Trikru warriors understand. A few merchants make attempts at drawing the pair's attention, a couple even calling Kiera by name. The blonde Grounder just waves them off though as she starts to turn to the East.

"We were in the Ark." Kai offers, distracted enough by the glut of things going on that she doesn't think through that it's not a great explanation,"It.. was.. a city.. sort of? But we didn't have.. open air. It was all buildings. Strung together.. even our paths had.. roofs and walls. And some parts of the outside of it? They turned, like the wheels on a wagon.. to give us an up and down." she has to pause to even out her breathing again, casting a look at the merchants but not slowing,"That is.. what crashed. The Ark, our sky city."

Kiera takes the words for what the are, not what she asked, but informative. The market is left behind for a garden area lush with fruits and flowers. "Where were your animals? Did you hunt them? Or herd them?" She asks as she begins to slow the pace when they approach the bath house. "Why did they turn? How do you turn a city?" Kiera asks as she starts into the bath house.

Yep, Kai almost manages to trip over herself. It's one thing, to find some wild randomly growing fruits, its another to see an organized /place/ for it. In the open. And that's without the shiny distraction of the Warrior Barracks, even if the girl has no illusions about the reception she'd receive there. It's a brain fault all on its own that makes her entirely miss their actual destination,"We didn't have any animals. My.. niron?" her pronunciations off,"he's from Agro, he knows about that stuff.. but we ate soy. Mostly just soy. And because that.." how to explain lack of gravity,"if they didn't turn, we would.. float. There was no up or down. No ground. And thrusters. Really big.. fires."

Kiera leads the way in, "Do as I do, take what I take." She collects a towel and wash cloth. Then she proceeds to a deep heated tub, as she starts to disrobe, her eyes tighten. "If what you say is so, I do not understand it. If you are mocking me with things like spinning cities, you will offend me." The process is straight forward, the clothing removed without ceremony. The numerous weapons wrapped in her clothing to reduce the warm moisture's exposure. After which, she steps slowly into the deep tub. Sinking down and enjoying before she reaches takes up the soap.

Whoa, wait.. there's.. at least it's early, but Kai still can't help the way she stops dead and stares owlishly at the room and then at Kiera. Oh god. It's.. there's water, and yet there's no privacy, or what she'd consider privacy. Still, she collects towel and washcloth and follows along with some reluctance. And she stands there with towel in one hand and washcloth in the other. There's a war on her face, between the desire to bath and the desire not to be anything resembling naked in public, but from the sigh she gives, the desire to be clean wins. The armor taken off revealing the filthy once white and navy top underneath it and under that.. bandages. She doesn't wear a bra, literally they're just wrapped tight to keep everything where it should be as far as she's concerned, and with only marginally undignified haste the Skaikru girl clambers into the tub, hissing at the sudden difference in temperature but completely unwilling to be exposed for long,"I am not, I swear it. I understand it's hard to visualize.. when we first left the ship the sheer amount of.. space.. made me feel sick."

There is an eye roll at the hesitation, "Do Skiakru not bathe?" Kiera asks as she relaxes, enjoying the heated water. "Are you embarrassed? No one really cares. It is a bath. If you don't do it, you will get sick and die." Blunt and straight forward. She takes time to sink her head beneath the water briefly. When she rises up, she presses her hair back away and rises her face. "That's better." She states and starts soap her hair as she waits for reply.

Kai reaches for the soap after it's set down to soap the cloth and start to scrub at her fingers,"We don't bathe together." the skaigirl offers by way of explanation,"Or.. tubs.. of water.. lakes.. they didn't.. exist. But not.. like this. Except for the river, I suppose.. but that was just a bunch of guys hoping to get a peek." she gives a wry sort of chuckle.

"So, why are you not looking around and ogling all the people?" Kiera asks as she lathers her hair up while she soaks. "I do not understand your ways. It is a thing that must be done. Are your people so obsessed with coupling that seeing people undressed drives you to aggression? You put too much worry into it."

"..Why, would I?" Kai can't help but ask as she meticulously works on scrubbing off what feels like years of ingrained dirt with a certain degree of satisfaction,"It's just.. not a thing. We don't.. have siblings? Like you guys have.. siblings.. family.. Wren's family is fucking huge, I didn't even know there could be that many people that were all related to one another. We don't have that. A couple had one child and that was it. Having a second child was grounds to get floated, and the child would get Boxed. There's a few among my friends that literally their crime was they were born. So I suppose? Maybe? It's a different thing to us? Not the obsession with coupling so much as you fuck it up you're screwed for life."

Kiera listens to the words, leaning back a little as she does. Then she dunks under the water for a bit, rubbing the soap from her hair, confident with her ability to hold her breath. Then she rises up again, her towel grabbed long enough to wipe and ensure no soap hits her eyes. "I see, that should change now. You need more people, you have more space."

Kai's more concerned about her hands and arms, because well, her hairs short enough not to be a huge worry to her right now. There's a grunt of acknowledgment,"Presuming a lot of things. The Ark is squatting on Trikru lands. It just spat a whole bunch of debris further than the eye can see, and that's /after/ what happened at Thripoda. Yes, I don't disagree that they need to change things, and drastically at that, but right now the only thing that stops the kruheda from ordering us to go down to Alpha Station and wipe them all out is the ceasefire agreed to with the bandrona." there's a heavy sigh,"Which if it happens is going to land me smack in the middle, so even though they're not my people anymore I hope that the new Heda's smart enough to listen to the Bandrona."

The bathhouse. Early morning. Kai had been sitting outside Wren's family's building, but asking around the village would reveal pretty quick that his missing Second was seen jogging off in the company of Kiera. And merchants certainly saw them pass that way. And given that there's not currently a disturbance at the Barracks, it's a reasonable bet to find the errant Skaikru girl in the baths. And sure enough, she's in one of the tubs, scrubbing herself with vigorous if furtive diligence, because being clean is awesome, being her comparatively pale, scrawny and unscarred self amongst naked Trikru.. so very high on her list of undesirable things.

"I thought I would find you here." states Wren at the enterance of the baths, poking his head in. He had gone looking for his wayward Second when he found her pallet empty in the morning. And no, he and Silver are not sleeping together. Not yet anyways, things are still too new and that…would just add to uncomfortableness. And he doesn't want to test his mother's patience. No word on his father's opinion for the time being. "Do you want to talk, Kai, or do you want me to leave you be?"

Kai can't help but jump because while Wren's voice is not unexpected, it's still a little.. anxiety inducing for the already uncomfortable teenage,"I.. of course we can talk, Wren." it's probably not the first option she was going to go with, but it is the one she chooses to utter, for all that she seems interested in scrunching down in the water,"Kiera brought me here because.. I needed a bath.. like whoa. Even if we are just going back out there later.. it's.. it'd be nice to be at least clean for half a second first."

Wren has been getting better at reading these skaikru girls. "I knew there would be some culture shock, and Silver would handle it fine because her mind is a vice." But the medtech is sorta known for her pragmatic attitude in that little seems to phase her. "You will need a little more work on these things. But, it's fine, we all have doubts." And at that point, he starts to undress. She will have to get used to nudity, that's just apart of their life. And surprise surprise, while the big man keeps most of his body clothes, he is /covered/ in tattoos that's not his wrists, hands, neck, and head. Large, bold black lines that move along the hard angles of his frame. The designs are simplistic but apparently intricit. "We may not have much here, compared to your Sky City, but we do have baths. Though I'm sure there you have something strange, like bathing with sound or something." And yeah, he's naked, so that's why Silver just can't staring at him sometimes, padding over to sink into the tub next to her.

Kai can't help it, yep, she decides that it's totally time to start scrubbing her head because that's just easier to keep her expression to herself right now,"It's fine. It's just.. not something I'm comfortable with. Most of the hundred were perfectly happy to take no adults around as the opportunity to strip naked and fuck each other stupid but I'm not them." she's very good at just not looking, content to scrub at her shorn hair and more carefully over her injured face until she's at least reasonably certain it's safe to look,"I don't have doubts about my basic choice Wren.. stop thinking that just because something's weird to me means I'm going to decide to pull up my skirts and go hide with the rest of them. It's weird. I knew shit was going to be weird. Some of it's weird in ways I wasn't expecting. But it's fine. Really. And no, honestly, this place.. that garden. Eli would love that. I don't see this place as lacking a damned thing.. 'cept.. maybe, y'know.. separate bathing areas. But tubs of water are awesome."

The sounds of footfalls come from above as one of the warriors from Tondc descends the stairs wearing but an amalgam of ragged clothes. His armor has been stowed elsewhere, it seems. Hyatt works on untying his almost black hair, not even sparing a wince as hairs are tugged from his head. The others are regarded quietly for the moment, but he does not pause on the way to one of the baths. Finally, his hair gets unpinned and falls in loose cascades down to his waist now. The sound of English words has him squinting just a touch and he regards Kai with a hard look. That look is then given to Wren and a question resides in those intensely dark eyes of his.

"In some ways, you're harder to read." Wren sits back on the tub, keeping his eyes closed. Her description of the hundred offers him a chuckle. "And why not? They're young, in the prime of their desires, just starting to find out those kind of things. Granted, there are exceptions. Like yourself and Silver. Which is mildly ironic. And while I can't say we fuck out in public, Kai, the lack of clothing is just…how things are here. We are brought into this world without them, and we leave this world without them." His hair will take the greatest amount of attention. "I don't think that. You are not afraid of the training, or how hard it might be. It's the…social things you fear. And your ability to communicate. So, that does mean one thing. You need to learn our langauge."

Oh yeah, he's going to feel like a broken record about explaining this one. Because yeah, he is protective of Kai, cathing that looking apprehension from Hyatt. "<In Trigedasleng> My Second. Yes, the rumors are true." he grunts. The rumors also state that this was allowed by Indra herself, but then again, no kruheda would question the personal choice of whoever chooses who for a Second.

Kai wrings out her cloth and starts to work on her neck with a quiet grunt,"Prime of their desires." she repeats,"And that doesn't make it less weird to me, Wren, sorry.. and it boils down to I just.. don't want to put you into a wo.." it's not until Wren switches languages on her that the girl looks over at the guy squinting her way and offers what she hopes is her best smile, split lip, swollen eye and all, because, well, that helps, or something. Scrunching down further into the water with a sigh,"I'm trying to, Wren. It's just.. a lot of stuff to deal with all at once."

Hyatt has nothing to say in particular. He eyes Wren for a longer moment, considering the man. Studying. His eyes flit between him and his Second, Kai. There is a few more moments of this: eyes squinted and discerning. Intelligent and yet savage indeed. Kai's smile does not garner any sort of immediate reaction from him, though he does eye her in particular for that moment. Without a word then, he nods once to Kai before he starts to make off with his clothing. The muscular man has dot scars over the left side of his chest and back behind his shoulder. "<In Trigedasleng> Not here to disturb." The words are spoken plainly and his attention does drift back to Kai. While she gets a little suspicion, at least he's decided to not vocalize any negative thought.

"Don't worry about me. I've been doing this for a long time. I appreciate the thought, but you're my focus. It is not completely your fault if I'm unable to help you become…used to things. These things take time. Nor am I forcing you into them. Bear in mind, you are unique. This has never happened before. But perhaps you should explain to me, so that I can understand, why you think it strange." he points out, using a crudely-shaped bar of soap to start washing his hair. "Rather than simply say 'I think it is weird', tell me /why/ you think it so. And I don't want a 'because it is' answer. There is a reason for everything we feel, good, bad, inbetween. Something has influenced us. The point is, Kai, is that in the path from Second to true warrior, we learn /who/ we are. To know yourself, is one of the strongest tennants." Hyatt is given a shrug. "<In Trigedasleng> You're not. She will learn nothing if she does not face the results of her choice. She will earn her place. But she will work and earn it. Though likely, she will have to work harder than most of us ever have for it."

Oh right, the dot scars on the back. Wren has them too. Fifteen of them, infact. Which marks him as a veteran warrior. Probably fought in the last war with the Azgeda two years ago.

More nudity. Fannnntastic. Kai doesn't linger her attention on Hyatt anymore than she did on Wren, though it's not the same level of awkward for her, some guy she doesn't know versus her boss. There's room, no doubt, in that large tub, for all that it's currently being sullied by filthy Skaikru. The suspicion from Hyatt merits some in return from her, for all that it's a dance between 'keep an eye on the potential threat' versus 'omg nudity'. The language switch brings a furrow of her brow and a purse of her lips because she knows good and damned well she's the subject even if she doesn't understand the words,"The use of this much water just for bathing is.. it would be offensive.. up there.. a complete waste. Water rationing had to be enacted more than once just to make sure everyone had enough. But bathing.. 's private. Which maybe has to do with for us aside from the whole.. sterilized thing, once you have a kid, that's it. Getting pregnant a second time would get you floated. Some of those kids? Their crime was literally that they were born, and for it their mothers were killed.. so there's that to it. Too. It's like I was trying to explain gravity to Kiera earlier and I realized that either I don't have the words or you guys just don't have the.. comparison.. to make it even half make sense."

"<In Trigedasleng> Wasted words on suspicions will teach her nothing," Hyatt replies to Wren with a shrug of his shoulders. Again, his eyes shift over to Kai, squinting again. There doesn't seem to be quite as much interest in speaking as he has in listening. While others might heckle, he just looks a touch grim. A veteran himself, Hyatt has twenty marks in all. He's also just a bit older than the other warrior. Wren may or may not remember him as part of more stealthy, guerilla tactics warbands in battles with Azgeda. He seems perfectly comfortable in all of his toned, dusky nudity and he moves to step into the large tub with both of them. For now, he listens to what the skaigirl has to say and does what he can to not give away his own ability to speak and understand English as she talks of the Ark.

"<In Trigedasleng> She's used to it. Already told her there would be plenty of that. In the end, she is worthy of the training." Wren remarks over to Hyatt languidly. "You're not 'up there' anymore. None of you are now. It is not a waste here. This still doesn't explain your hesitancy about being seen without clothing, Kai. There are few things we deem private. One, is sex. Another is relieving yourself simply because nobody has any desire to see it. Well…/some/ may enjoy watching people rutting. Not me, that's no fun at all." Eventually, he let's it stand. "In the end, it may not matter. Simply realize that this is our way. So long as you remember that, it won't matter or more likely, no one else will care. But as I said before, you need to unlearn what you have learned. Your time in your Ark City has taught you much. It will give you a different perspective. Your fears and doubts are warranted, and they will not go away easily. It is my job to build you from the ground up. Give you the confidence you lack. Not in your abilities, but in yourself. That is why I'm taking you with me back to Coesbur. You must be prepared for what we face beyond the threat of the Mountain. If you can face that…you will of taken a step forward on the path."

"That doesn't change that's the way I learnt." Kai points out,"I was up there for seventeen years, I've been here less than a day." and oh god he's getting in the tub, which at least shuts her up for a hot second before she elects to drop her washcloth on her head like that's going to help a damned thing and self-consciously crosses her arms about her chest, eyeing Hyatt with dubious shade that she's trying to keep off of her face because she knows it's rude and she's trying not to be rude,"Because last time got me stabbed, twice, Wren. Okay?" her attention flits his way,"Understand that for me going back to Coesbur is.. well, psychotic cannibals aren't easy, but you know what they want to do so you know what you have to do. People who hate you mostly don't care to pretend they don't."

Another nod is conveyed from Hyatt to Wren. "<In Trigedasleng> It is not worthy of my time, yours, or hers to question what is," he replies. "<In Trigedasleng> What is, is." He seems content with this reply as he says nothing to follow it up with. The expression on his face is a bit difficult to read, but amounts to a sort of quiet stoicism. He's focused and seems to have little interest in posturing. The mention of Coesbur does earn Wren a lifted brow, but he seems inclined to let the conversation take place around him. A look is cast to Kai and then to Wren then, their words about CBur raising a single dark brow. "Reapers," he says, switching to English. Still, his expression doesn't give away a whole lot in terms of his state of mind, remaining quietly aloof for the most part despite his sudden ability to understand English. "I will go."

"<In Trigedasleng> It is, but sometimes things need to be explained. Understanding is required. Just because we know doesn't mean she should blindly fumble in ignorance." Wren simply says. But Kai is being frustrating, and a wet hand rubs at his face. "You're overthinking a great deal, Kai. Stop thinking, and listen for awhile. Not to me, not to anyone, just..listen." he sighs. "Forget it, this isn't a good time for a lecture." Not the first time a trainer has been utterly frustrated with their Second because the latter is, in the former's mind, too caught up in their own head.

Kai's occupying a tub with Wren and Hyatt, and looks particularly uncomfortable. There's a nod for Hyatt's comment about Reapers, though the girl doesn't elect to chime in about his offer. Her attention shifts back to Wren,"Sorry." she utters, settling deep enough to rest her head against the edge of the tub, for all that doing so likely causes awkward limb collisions in the water that she blatantly endeavors to ignore, falling silent for the moment at least so she can listen as instructed.

"I have no helpful words," Hyatt speaks in a plain tone, casting a look to Wren and then a nod. "Yet." Quietly then, he begins his endeavor to wash himself with patient attention to detail. The water is pulled up over him to rinse off before the process is repeated. There is a nod in return to Kai, though. There's no awkwardness about the state of his own nudity, of course, but there is the occasional curious glance to Kai.

Britt arrives, blinking a few times as her eye (the one that's not covered by the bandage across her face) adjusts to the dimmer light. Gathering up the necessary supplies, she casts a quick glance around for familiar faces. Her gaze never lingers on anyone, though there is a slight twitch to her mouth when she spots Wren and his Skaikru Second over yonder with Hyatt. She heads for the big pots in the center, presumably intending to fill the pitcher in her hand.

"Don't be sorry." Wren says covering hand over his eyes, resting his head against it. "We'll discuss it later." Yeah, this is not the best place. But he rises out of the tub. "I'm clean, no reason to linger any longer. Getting out, he moves to the shelving of towels, moving to dry off.

It's movement that catches Kai's attention, the familiar sight of Britt in the corner of her eye that brings her attention off and then back to Wren with a nod, taking his word as 'time to get moving' which is it's own kind of awkwardness for her. Aside from, well, just not looking in Wren's direction at all, she can't help but eye Hyatt before deciding, well, she's got to get out /some/ time. Still, next to the swirls of tattoos and scars and kill marks, the pale and comparatively unblemished teen probably just looks ridiculous, even discounting the whole 'let's hop awkwardly out of the tub and snatch up the towel as quickly as possible thing. There's a mumble for Britt that amounts to,"Hi, Britt, ma'am." and in doing so realizes that she hasn't actually given Hyatt her name, nor caught it mentioned in his and Wren's discussion,"I'm Kai. By the way." with all the dignity she can muster right now.

Hyatt's ears do perk when Britt comes down into the baths, but there is no immediate greeting. The local warrior settles comfortably in the bath now to soak, though his eyes do still regard Wren and Kai wordlessly. There is no particular attention paid to Kai's nudity. Nothing he's never seen before, after all. The skaigirl is left to get out of the tub ungawked at, though he makes no move to get up himself. "Hyatt," he says the single word to her before ticking his glance over to Britt briefly.

Britt smirks a tiny bit at Kai's antics. Yes, by Grounder standards she does look a bit ridiculous, especially as she flees. "<In Trigedasleng> You do have your work cut out for you," she comments off-hand to Wren. She inclines her bandaged head slightly to the two warriors, though. Since Wren and Kai have vacated their spots in the larger bath, she alters course in that direction. Easier than filling up a new one.

"<In Trigedasleng> If you'd like to rub it in, Britt, please do it another time. I'm well aware of the work that's going to be required. I still believe that it'll be worth the effort required. Nothing worthwhile was ever easy, and I didn't intend this would be either." Wren mutters, sitting down on a bench, scrubbing his hair dry. "<In Trigedasleng> At least I can take comfort in knowing that Lark and Starling both were far worse. They were both far too impetuous and carefree. Kai is just…she doubts. Put a sword in her hand and an enemy infront of her and she doesn't flinch. The groundwork is already been put down. Teaching her combat will be a breeze, and that's where she'll excel. But, put her in a social situation?" He shakes his head. "<In Trigedasleng> And she locks up. And her self-doubt and fear is plain to see. And /that/ is what will require work. She will not realize her full potential until she believes in herself. With confidence."

Britt's eyebrow arches at Wren. "<In Trigedasleng> You'll get far worse than what I have for you. If you can't even take some friendly ribbing without getting surly, you shouldn't have taken this on," Britt lectures back. "<In Trigedasleng> She does have some potential, though, I'll give you that. Especially with what she said about the traps around the Skaikru camp." Britt disrobes without preamble and climbs into the tub. Her body is dotted with various battle scars and a few inked patterns. The majority of her kill marks are on her back shoulder blade, out of view, but two fresh-looking ones stand alone on the front, small welts just below her collarbone.

"<In Trigedasleng> Strange judgement," Hyatt says to Wren, inclining his head in a nod to the slightly younger warrior. "<In Trigedasleng> But untried. We will see." It sums up his thoughts on the matter plainly enough. He pours more water over himself and shifts just slightly. Turning his head to Britt more fully then, he gives a curt nod.

Wren says nothing. Maybe he's not particuarlly enjoying being judged by his elders right now. No, it's probably pissing him the hell off, so he just continues to dry himself, staying silent, staying thoughtful

"<In Trigedasleng> So how do you plan on teaching her confidence?" Britt prompts, untroubled by Wren's silence. Hyatt's nod is returned in kind. The archer then goes about washing herself, avoiding the bandaged face for now.

A quirk of his brow is given to Wren, but he doesn't push the man. Instead, he looks to Britt and clears his throat. "<In Trigedasleng> Wren is an experienced warrior. Just because his judgement is strange to me, it does not mean that I do not trust it. A warrior can see a warrior."

Wren does not want to talk to either of them. Shame how the usual jovial warrior who enjoys a good ribbing has had his personality soured over the past couple of weeks. The used towel is tossed into a bin where the used ones go, to be cleaned en masse later. "<In Trigedasleng> Time." he finally says, beginning to get dressed. "<In Trigedasleng> Too much to take in, me lecturing is just going to make things worse, and she'll break under the pressure of not only wanting to live up to expectations, but wanting earn respect and trust. Things that don't come easy. She's too willing accept the negative attitudes towards her, too ready take it. She would call that being a realist, but mentally, she's setting herself up for failure. In the end, she doesn't even know herself." He stares in a smudged mirror, looking over his face, perhaps trimming down his bear. "<In Trigedasleng> So we're going to talk. And focus on combat, what's comfortable with. Something familiar. It will give her something to focus on, build on. Everything else? Once she's…gotten used to things, doesn't feel like she stands out like a sore thumb or feels like she's on the outside looking in, then she may be more receptive." Standing infront of a mirror, he dips a bar of soap in a water basin, lathering and smearing it across her neck. With one of his knives, he holds it at an angle, slowly beginning to scrap and cut the hair off off his neck. Because nobody likes a neckbeard. "<In Trigedasleng> In the end, she may be slightly hesitant about going to Coesbur, but she wants to go. The desire to prove herself is strong. I worry about it, but…I understand why she feels it. I felt the same once too."

"<In Trigedasleng> She reminds me of myself at that age." Wren also says a bit more quietly.

Britt inclines her head to acknowledge Hyatt's words. "<In Trigedasleng> A warrior chooses his Second. It doesn't matter whether we agree with his judgement or not." Not exactly a vote of confidence, but nor is it a condemnation either. "<In Trigedasleng> All Seconds feel the same about proving themselves. It is to us to keep them from getting themselves killed while they work so hard to do it." She slips down in the water a bit, tilting her head back to try to wet her hair without wetting her face. The red locks are still streaked with soot from the battle.

Hyatt pulls himself up out of the bath finally and steps back out of it. The warrior dresses without any sense of hurry, but remains silent for the time. Once dressed, he pulls his dark hair back and winds it into a sloppy bun. Tying it then, he turns to start to make his way back out of the bathing area. There is a nod to Britt in passing. "<In Trigedasleng> Yes," he says simply before walking quietly away and then up the stairs.

Finishes shaving putting his knife away, rubbing at his reddened neck. There's certainly a bunch of thinking going on, starting at his reflection, but even a silent nod to himself, as if accepting something to him personally. It's not said aloud. Shortly after Hyatt makes his exit, he grabs his surcoat, pulling it on. Then he too leaves.

Britt quietly watches Wren leave, saying nothing else.

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