Day 051: Kai's First Kill Mark
Summary: In the wake of Opening The Way Kai receives her first kill mark from Wren.
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Eli's Camp — Outside Camp Jaha
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Day 51

Elias is out working on the farm as always, really. He's usually out around the lake where the Skaikru are currently growing tomatoes among leafy greens and root vegetables outside. The hothouse is still a work in progress as well. He has his camp set up out here with his bright yellow tent, several chairs, and campfire. Apparently he doesn't like sleeping in the station anymore. It's sometime in the later part of the afternoon and the day's work is almost complete. A shirtless Elias comes wandering back towards the tent and the currently inactive fire. Without refrigeration, the morning's catch of fish is left in cold water for supper, the liquid changed out throughout the day to keep the fish from going bad. It's getting close to supper time now, so he walks back towards his tent to start working on preparing those fish for cooking.

There were many teams who'd gone to the tunnels, and most of them returned to Tondc, but at least some portion of the team have come back to camp. Granted, in Kai's case.. with a stop-over. Her loaner horse left with the rest of the one's for the TK camp so that she can make her way the rest of the way to Elias' camp. It's.. possibly not a good sign that she has more bandages.. possibly? Especially given that it's her head, neck, and left hand that are bound, but at least she's taken the time to wash both her armor and the shirt underneath, and is mobile under her own power.. so perspective.

Starling is riding towards the camp, but one has to past the lake first, her seems happy enough at the moment as she pulls the reins as she notices Kai. A little frown touches her lips as she looks over the second, but then she is probably there because Wren, Khesu and Pontus did not yet come back to Tondc, and well she can only set still so long.

That Kai is ambulatory is taken as a good sign. Elias is a little wrapped up in what he's doing as far as supper is concerned. Herbs are carefully selected from his collection and are used to season the meat of the fish for now. When he hears the scuffle of Kai's feet and/or the sound of the approaching horse, the young man looks up to first settle his eyes on Kai. "Ouch. Are you okay?" he asks with a wince before pausing what he's doing. He makes his way towards Kai first although Starling is given a smile. "<In Trigedasleng> Good afternoon, Starling. Join us for a meal?" The words are spoken on his way over to Kai, whom he endeavors to very carefully embrace if she'll allow it.

"I will be. I was making friends." Kai offers her usual excuse with a smile, rather than simply turning her head she turns around to offer a dip of her head and a,"Hei Starling." before returning Elias' careful embrace,"No ribs this time.. they're concerned about a couple of my fingers but well, there's only so much the Healing House can do. I might have to break down and talk to them about visiting the infirmary." not that she's happy with that particular thought,"Head will be okay, concussion but.. to be expected.. neck." no point in lying to him about it after all,"We cleared as many of them as we could though, sixteen? Maybe more? I was the bait."

Starling listens to Kai from her horse but she gives Elias a smile in greeting, "Hello Elias.." Her voice is soft as she slips from her horse and walks over to the pair. Those blue on blue eyes look Kai up and down slowly and then glances to the fingers and frowns softly, "I'll need to make you some thin gloves, it will not give much protection, but might keep them from being cut off.." Thoughtful is the armor/clothier and then she turns to Elias and ponders his request, "Thank you, I might accept but I need to see if a few others have returned first.." Her eyes go back to Kai, "Wren, Khesu, Pontus?"

An understanding nod is given to Kai as she speaks and after the careful embrace, he does look her over to review the damage. There is a notable wince in his expression as he studies her, but he doesn't endeavor to worry himself overly much. She's back, after all. "I can see if Morgan will come out and have a look at you first?" he asks. "He'd probably have a better idea of whether or not your hand needs attention in the infirmary." Pressing the tip of his tongue out to wet his lips then, he shifts his gaze to Starling to offer the woman a soft smile. "As you wish. Make sure you send them by. There's enough to go around."

"Wren was in a different group than me, I think? He should be here. Pontus was part of the scout group, we bought them the time to get into the tunnels and I know he got in there okay but I haven't heard further.. Khesu was in my group, he's injured, chest, head, but he'll make it." she offers the other woman,"Britt was in my group too, took a blow to the leg but she'll be fine too. No deaths among our people, I think I took the worst of it." there's a rueful smile from her before she grunts and chins in the direction of Eli's camp,"Morgan was with my group, too, he's the reason I still have fingers to be worried about. But when he has time I'll talk to him about it. I just got unlucky, is all, but I killed two of them so.. should see the other guy?"

Starling relaxes just slightly barely, her shoulders unkink a bit, but not totally as she looks towards the camp again and then back to the couple, while she might in general ask more questions she nods slowly and then eyes Kai's armor or lack of it. "Elias get her someone to sit, please. I need to look at the armor before they are called again.." She will be finding Khesu and Britt for the same reasons in a bit, she moves towards her horse, who is eating at the grass and takes off one of the packs he was carrying..

If Kai is able to travel in /her/ condition, Khesu surely would not stay in Tondc. He's a stubborn man, capable of walking the distance on his own two legs even if he has to pause and rest several times on the way. If he's able to keep up with Kai's horse, he can keep an eye on her and make sure she gets back safely to her Niron and to her First. As for himself? Upon arrival back to the lake, he has settled himself down near the water to rest in the shade of the trees. He is sore and hot from the travel. The faded red cloth he often uses to pad his leather arm guards is soaked in blood. Khesu soaks it in the lake water and slowly pulls the pieces out to rub them together and wring them out, trying to get them clean. When the worst of the dried blood is rinsed, he uses the pieces of cloth to wash his face. A gash in his forehead has left plenty of dried blood in his beard and face, though much of it was wiped off previously. He moves slowly, turning his head when he hears voices a short distance up the lake shore.

Benning has been keeping to the camp, foraging for herbs that would be useful for medicinal purposes and helping with meals. She comes out of the forest with basket in hand, humming to herself as she makes her way towards the camp. She does pause by the lake when she notices that several Trikru are there, including her best friend, uncle and Wren's second. She gives a little wave and starts to make her way over. Elias also gets a smile when she notices that he's also with the group.

Elias merely smirks at Kai's answer, but he doesn't hassle her about it for now. If Morgan wasn't already hauling her ass into the infirmary, then she should be at least fixable in the future where her left hand is concerned. He's careful not to touch her anywhere that's currently too tender. At Starling's words, he looks over to her and then nods his head before his eyes return to Kai once more. "Come on. Let's have a seat," he tells her before guiding her over to one of many chairs around his camp (near the 'farm'). It's become a popular place, so chairs have been procured for the comfort of guests. Although he isn't immediately aware of Khesu's presence, his camp is in a nice, neutral place despite being close to a guard tower. Benning's approach has him returning her smile in kinf.

Kai's made of stubborn, even if right now she's quite fine with the whole sitting down idea,"Your armor performed beautifully, Starling, all my injuries are spots that it didn't cover." which merits it's own smirk. Looking stiffly towards the direction of movement brings the note of,"Hey look, there's Khesu, see? And Benning, hei Benning! Hei Khesu!" she raises her bandaged hand by way of acknowledgment before letting Eli lead her over to the chairs,"Dinner smells good.. Starling, do you have a use for rabbit pelts? I can't promise the quality.. but I cleaned them as good as I can."

Starling was in Tondc but when certain people did not arrive when they should have, she decided that she could take a two hour ride, hunting on the way, and come and get new information. Of course she is already giving commands and Elias is nice enough to listen, so while she is concerned, she smiles at him before she turns when she head when she hears Kai speaking over her shoulders.

That is when her eyes find Benning and she smiles brightly at her best friend, raising a hand to wave in greeting, "<In Trigedasleng> Benning! You keep missing the traders, I brought you some more arrow heads.." Because you know makers have to keep the army moving.

Then those eyes move to Khesu and she watches him for a long moment, her eyes roaming as she tries to see his wounds from where she is, and his armor. She nods towards him and calls out. "<In Trigedasleng> Let me see how bad it is.." As Kai says her words, she flickers her a grin. "Good, but I'll look at it anyway, as for furs, I can always use furs, they make good linings if nothing else.." That said, she steps away from the pair and heads towards Benning, sliding her arm around her and giving her a big hug, before her steps take her stalking towards the other warrior by the lake and his armor.

Khesu may have come back with Kai but he does not wish to intrude upon Elias's camp, trying to give them a little time together. So he's down the way a little along the lake and hasn't yet gone onto the Trikru camp himself. Not until he cleans himself up a bit. He is still wearing his armour, his leather leggings slicked with blood at one hip from where he was cut in the side. But he's moving like a man who isn't too badly hurt, just huriting and ignoring it. A hand is raised to acknowledge the others who hail him but he doesn't get up. Not before he removes his armor and finishes washing up.

Elias takes Kai's hand tenderly in his - the one that isn't mangled - and leads her over to the chair to help her be seated. While her injuries don't seem to be keeping her from a decent range of motion, he also doesn't seem like he's thrilled about her being up and moving around. Once she's deposited into the chair, he leans over to kiss her on the forehead before once more shifting his attention in the direction of Starling as he takes a step back from Kai so she can work. "There you are," he says with a smile. While he does smile to Benning, he seems far more interested in who she addresses for the moment. A hand is waved to Khesu in both greeting and beckoning. Seemingly at least, he doesn't mind the company.

Benning takes a stop to where her uncle is by the late and gives him a smile, "<In Trigedasleng> It is good to see you my uncle. I have worried for your safe return." She then waves over to Starling who's a little bit further away, "<In Trigedasleng> Excellent. I shall have to trade for them when we get a chance." She gives her friend a wink. Then turns her attention back to her uncle, "<In Trigedasleng> How did it go?" She knows they went out to scout the mountain but not any more details on the matter.

Kai is quite content to settle in to a chair under Eli's direction, smiling at him for the kiss to the forehead, mostly one handed she slips off first the bandolier with her sword in it, then her armor.. letting them fall next to her seat and leaning back to close her eyes briefly while Eli's distracted,"You haven't had any problems with Cass while I was gone, have you?" she asks of him, certain that when the other Trikru are ready they'll come to visit rather than her have to get up and move too much right now.

Perhaps with Starling's help, Khesu removes his armour one piece at a time. "<In Trigedasleng> Your armor did well. Saved me some trouble. Do not fuss over me. Save it for your Niron." She may, however, fuss over the armour if she wants to have a look at each piece. Khesu smiles a little for Benning, always pleased to see her. <T> We lured them out." He gives an up nod in Kai's direction, "<T> I suggested she act as bait, and she was bravely willing. The others agreed to that plan and it worked. We slew a good number of Reapers." Please do not remind him that many or all of them may be, or recently were, Trikru themselves. Khesu sighs, "<T> No sign of Lila among them. Have the scouts returned?" Elias gains a nod back for acknowledgement.

The distraction doesn't last terribly long, really. Elias soon turns his attention back to Kai and lets his lips curl into a somewhat playful smile to her. Whatever things that might have been said, appropriate or not, are left to silent contemplation. "Nobody really gives me any problems over here," he admits with a quiet laugh. There is no doubting that he's made this area his. Those wanting to cause trouble find that the welcome turns cold rather quickly. With Kai sitting, he smiles to her and starts going about the business of putting the seasoned fish over the fire to cook. "Been quiet mostly. I don't suppose I can really complain. Lots of work still needs doing." A shrug is given then before his eyes and attention shift once more to the approaching Khesu briefly. Not as well known, but he's never caused trouble. Seeing no need to keep an eye on him, he instead turns his attention towards cooking.

"This is good." Kai grunts,"It's close enough to the walls of Alpha that you shouldn't have any problems.. but I remember that the people were angry with the thought that the Trikru had murdered some of the guard when the delegation had first arrived.. so I worry about you here." she murmurs, letting her bandaged hand settle in her lap with a soft sigh,"Quiet is good. Once the Mountain is destroyed, I hope we shall have quiet for a time. Field experience is great to have, but I think I would like to work a little less on that, and a little more on things that don't wind up with me getting concussions and more scars."

Benning looks disappointed when Khesu mentions that he did not find his Houmon. She gives him a look and murmurs, "Perhaps there is still hope." Benning tries to smile but it's not easy because there's an ache for her missing aunt. She does look impressed at their tactics for dragging the Reapers out of hiding and glances back at Kai, "<In Trigedasleng> She was brave to do that." Reapers are no small matter.

From his perspective it was a relief /not/ to find Lila among the Reapers, and one of them. Khesu keeps that thought to himself. All of his armor stripped off, he uses the wet pieces of cloth to carefully wipe himself down where he sits by the lake. Morgan had bandaged his wounds ast night, though they are in need of changing. Perhaps he can go and find Galle in a little while.

Once he is finished, Khesu washes out the narrow strips of faded red cloth and wrings them out a last time before laying them over the rocks to dry. His dark eyes go to studying Elias's hot house, "<In Trigedasleng> What is that thing? Are there plants within?" He can see some of the greenery within.

There's a snort of laughter from Elias as Kai mentions her being worried about him out here. After the short chuckle, he gives her a look and then just shakes his head. "I have a knife coated with hemlock in my tent," he states plainly. "Anyone coming to bother me is going to have a painful few minutes before their lungs and kidneys cease to function." No, apparently he isn't against using poison in the case of self-defense. "I mean - anyone's welcome to /try/ to bust up my happy little camp here, but they'll be the unhappiest motherfuckers this side of the lake." A wink is given to her then before he lifts his attention to Khesu once more and his brows raise up. He gestures to the hothouse as well and answers Khesu plainly. "<In Trigedasleng> Yes. I use sun to grow during winter in plant-house. Not completed." There is a nearby solar panel he can use to help explain, though.

Taking the solar panel that he'd been studying so he could do some of this work himself, he shows the smaller version of what there are larger version of on the ark. "<In Trigedasleng> Sun brings heat," he explains, wriggling his fingers from pointing at the sky to the surface of the panel. "<In Trigedasleng> Capture sun heat, use sun heat to make false-sun close to plants." The wriggling fingers now smooth down over the surface of the panel and over the attached electrical cord.

Benning glances over at the hot house that Khesu indicates and shakes her head, "<In Trigedasleng> No…I'm afraid I haven't had a chance to ask Kai's niron about the structure." She nods in their direction, "<In Trigedasleng> Perhaps when you're ready, we can go give greeting and find out more about it." Benning does look interested in finding out more about the structure. She's just waiting for her uncle to finish up at the lake.

"Vicious." Kai laughs for Elias' mention of the hemlock blade,"Remind me not to piss you off, yeh?" she's not twisting about to try and talk, resting where she is right now is comfortable. She does reach for her pack to find some willow bark though. It might not be good for blood clotting, but right now her hand and head are throbbing and something to numb that is in order for right now.

Khesu moves to stand, picking up all of his things a bit at a time. His attention goes to Elias who picked up his low rumbled words. Water does that, allowing sound to carry over distance if it is otherwise quiet. The Trikru warrior listens to Elias's strangely accented Trigedasleng but he /can/ make out most of what the other man says. That is all confusing to him, judging by the expression upon his face, but the warrior -is- rather interested. "Hmmmm." A nod to what Benning said, "<In Trigedasleng> I should like to see this thing more closely. But first, I will go and find Galle, or another healer." A hand is lifted to thank Elias for his explanation. That Skaikru will get a visit from Khesu soon, curious despite his reserved self. For now he starts for the Trikru camp to drop his things off and find the healer.

With a smile and a shrug of his shoulders, Elias tends to the fish that cook over the fire for the time being, though he's always aware of what's going on near the camp. "I wouldn't do that to someone for pissing me off," he says with another laugh. "That'd be…way too much of an overreaction. If my life's threatened, though? Fuck that. I'll even kick someone in the nuts." His brows furrow a moment before he once more shifts his attention to Khesu and nods to him. Indeed, he did speak up as he's more than eager to explain the strange plant house. While not a natural way of growing, it is a nice option when there aren't others. Now he's back to the cooking, though. From the smell of it, supper is likely not too far off. "So two, huh?" he asks Kai. "On your own?"

Benning watches her uncle go off and then makes her way up to Kai and Elias with a wave of her hand, "Greetings." She holds out her basket that has a few more different types of herbs in it, "I've been visiting the deep forest to find some different plants Elias. When you get finish with dinner, perhaps I can show you?" She looks to Kai to make sure she's not interrupting their time together.

"Only one of them." Kai grunts,"He did this one.." she points at her neck,"I nearly decapitated him, though. The other one fucked up my hand, someone.. Grey I think.. shot him in the head, and I shoved my sword in his eye. But one of them? All by myself. The rifles helped, too. They managed to take out three of them before they even got out of the tunnel, and wounded most of the first bunch of them on top of that." she turns her attention up towards Benning, and seeing as Elias' Trigedasleng is good enough, switches over,"<In Trigedasleng> Sit, please.. join us for dinner and a lesson on the plants?"

Elias is a pretty quick learner. That and Trigedasleng isn't that much more complex a variation from English as Pig Latin is. He's been able to pick up the dialect rather quickly. Though his composition might still be off, he's gotten the root of it at least. His comfort is growing in his use of it. "<In Trigedasleng> Yes. I would like that. Meal?" He inclines his head in a nod to Benning before he slips his attention back to Kai with a smile on his lips. "So you get one of those scar things," he muses with a nod of his head. Elias is cooking fish at his camp near the farm by the lake, just outside the gates of Jaha. The circular area seems to be centered around a campfire of his making and several chairs are also present out here. The scent of cooked, spiced fish wafts from the camp as Elias speaks with Kai and Benning. "Good, though. What's step two?" The question is directed at Kai this time.

Benning comes walking up to their camp and towards the seat offered, putting her basket aside with some plants that she's found in the forest. She gives a nod, "<In Trigedasleng> Yes…I would love to join you for dinner." And then she takes a seat, getting comfortable, "<In Trigedasleng> It smells good." She makes sure to keep her sentences short so that it's easier for Elias to understand her.

"<In Trigedasleng> If they say it is worth it." Kai murmurs. She's settled in one of the chairs at Elias' camp with a bandage about her head, and her neck, and her left hand, eyes mostly closed and armor off as she relaxes,"<In Trigedasleng> Pontus and the others are now in the tunnels, looking for ways in. If they find it, we can avoid the fog. A week, maybe? And all the captives will be free." which can't help but make her smile.

Wren was designated 'too injured' from his cuts to go with the small groups to the Mountain. So again, he gets to stick around camp, doing a whole lot of nothing. However, he can only twiddle his thumbs for so long. So he ventured into the woods for a couple of day, only returning now, dragging a dead boar behind him on a hastily fastened litter. He looks a little haggard, but not any worse for wear, dropping the litter he had been dragging behind him and unlunging his axe from his back.

While his Trigedasleng is still rather heavily-accented, he doesn't seem to have a problem with speaking and understanding so far. Some words are still unknown and he's still working out sentence structure apparently. "Mochof," he replies to Benning. "<In Trigedasleng> Please be home." With those words, he gestures to one of the chairs, making sure she knows she has a place to be seated is she so chooses. Attention returns to Kai then and a smile crosses his features as he regards her. "<In Trigedasleng> Good. Knew you would." They're a bit away from the Trikru camp, closer to the gates of the station where the beacon of bright yellow tent can be seen from a good distance. Elias finishes cooking the fish and goes about the business of preparing plates for both Kai and Benning.

Benning gives a nod as Kai mentions that Pontus group is still in the tunnels, "<In Trigedasleng> It is good that they will be free soon." She still is not sure on the strength of the mountain but trusts her friends to not take too many risks, "<In Trigedasleng> And if you can avoid the fog, even better." She gives a smile to Wren as he comes up, dragging a rather impressive catch, "<In Trigedasleng> Wren! Do you need help?"

"<In Trigedasleng> Yes." Kai agrees, eyes fluttering open at the sound of Wren's name and raising her bandaged hand in acknowledgment of him, though in her current state she doesn't endeavor to chime in behind Benning's offer,"<In Trigedasleng> Hello Wren! You are welcome to join us if you wish." though the injured Second doesn't leap up to try and offer a hand with the boar because the strain would probably burst something right now. Instead she opts to wait for Eli to set a plate in her lap, making a noise of delight,"Thank you Eli, it smells wonderful."

Attention drawn to Wren for the moment as Benning calls out to him, Elias looks at him over his shoulder and starts making up another plate. There aren't any vegetables to go with it right now, though the tomatoes do look like they're coming along nicely in garden nearby. The plate for Wren is left off to the side for the time being in the event that he doesn't like fish. One plate is sat in Kai's lap lovingly, however, and he leans down to press a kiss to the girl's cheek. "You're welcome. Eat up." Another nod is conveyed to Benning then in response to her words before looking past her to Wren. "<In Trigedasleng> Do you like fish?" he calls out in his direction.

There's a grunt from Wren, pushing hair out of his face to look at the others talking to him, picking up that dead, gutted board and carrying it over. "<In Trigedasleng> I got it. Thanks, Ben." he states with a grunt, dropping it at his feet where the others. "<In Trigedasleng> I was bored, so I went out hunting. Got more than I bargained for." There's a look at Kai, eyeballing her injuries. "<In Trigedasleng> You look like shit. You alright? And since when could you speak the language so well?"

"<In Trigedasleng> I love fish," Benning answers the question meant for Wren as she receives a plate with food, "<In Trigedasleng> And I've been helping Elias practice…like Kai has." She gives her brother of the heart a smile, "<In Trigedasleng> You both…" She points to the two of them, "<In Trigedasleng> Need to take it easy for a few days and rest up. I can't have you going off to war while still injured."

"You usually talk to me in Gonasleng, others don't." Kai notes in English with a wry smile,"<In Trigedasleng> I was making friends." she utters as her usual excuse and switches back,"I'll live. Promise. I just need to work on moving faster. I got unlucky with this one." she gestures with her hand,"But it should be fine." and then switches back to offer to Benning,"<In Trigedasleng> Yes mother." with amusement before settling in to her fish with an appreciative nod for Eli,"'s good.. you definitely get the cooking responsibility's."

If Elias minds his question being ignored, it doesn't show on his features. After handing Benning's plate to the girl, he offers her a gracious smile as he relinquishes the dish. "Madame," he exaggerates with a soft laugh. The utensils are all improvised, but they seem to do the job well enough. Elias gives a nod of his his head to Wren and then shrugs his shoulders. "<In Trigedasleng> Not that difficult to learn," he says before settling himself next to Kai with his own plate. "<In Trigedasleng> She right, you know. Rest." There is a playfully challenging spark in his eyes as he regards Kai and gives a wag of his brows humorously to her. "Ah…I dunno about full-time cooking responsibilities. It's passable, but nothing compared to what Cookie could do with it."

"<In Trigedasleng> I don't mind fish." Wren does say to Elias, not ignoring him(enough the player missed it). There's a shrug at Kai. "<In Trigedasleng> Just what I'm used to. I didn't know you wanted preference since it seemed like I needed to speak Gonasleng to most people here so far." He comes over to Kai, kneeling down next to her, looking her over. There's a grunt, signifying something. "<In Trigedasleng> Well, you're alright. Just take it easy. Getting tired of not going out with you." he states, giving her a pat on the shoulder before moving away to seat himself on the ground.

Benning is taking advantage of their conversation to focus on the fish. She's a little hungry and is silent as they talk around her. She does nod to the basket for Elias to check out if he wants and inside he'll see some moss, wild ginger and edible mushrooms that she took from the undergrowth.

"I am." Kai points out to Elias in English,"As long as I can I shall remain still." she promises Eli with a smile,"And well, better you than me, yes?" though she switches back to assert to Wren,"<In Trigedasleng> I will be ready with the warband. We killed sixteen. One by myself." she explains,"<In Trigedasleng> Next one. It will take all of us for the Mountain."

Elias nods once to the flat surface off to the side where a plate has been prepared. With that done, he shifts his attention to Benning and where she nods over to the basket. While the moss and the wild mushrooms aren't immediately identified by sight, he does seem to look pleased at the basket and nods his head to Benning. "<In Trigedasleng> I will have to see," he says with a nod to her and then to the basket. "You said the deep forest?" He is still working on the language and careful for his pronunciation, so he switches to Gonasleng for now. Laughing then, he rolls his eyes over to Kai and leans in again to press a lingering kiss to her cheek while his lips still aren't all greasy from fish.

Wren looks at Kai, something unreadable on his features. "<In Trigedasleng> Take your time. I would rather spend some time with you than just thinking about the next battle, there will be plenty of time for it. I haven't been the best First lately. Need to make up for that." He's more than aware his mood before his Second left. Hell, that's half the reason he went into the woods. Clear his head. But the note about her getting her first kill. That gets his attention. "<In Trigedasleng> I am very proud of you, Kai." To that end, he pulls what almost looks like a small section of metal rebar out of his bag that he had with him. About the length of his forearm. Reaching forward toward the campfire that they're around, he drops one of the ends into it.

"Yes where the trees are thick and there is much underbrush. There are plenty of treasures to be found if you know what to look for," Benning tells Elias switching to his tongue to make things easier, "We call it 'deep' because it is not as easy to navigate through." She points to the wild ginger, "This one is a real find…you don't always find wild ginger growing in these parts." She gives a silent look to Kai to let her know she's impressed.

Kai dips her head for Wren's words,"<In Trigedasleng> Once the Mountain is dead, much time. It has been busy time." proud though? That brings a smile to her face, though the rebar doesn't get much of her attention, especially with Eli giving her a kiss on the cheek. Her lips are already fish greasy, not that it stops her from giving him a kiss in return, her attention flits between the trio though she falls silent for the moment so she can concentrate on this thing known as fresh, hot food. Luxuries to be indulged.

Elias gives Kai a smile and a wink as well, knowing she earned the scar for the kill. He does wrinkle his nose as she returns the kiss, however. "Fish-lips," he quips at her before giving her a playful nudge. He notes the rebar and even offers a hand to Kai in case she needs to grab onto something. The young man turns his head to Benning once more then and nods her way. "So thick you can't see the sun?" he asks, though the sun would hardly make a difference if one was in the deep forest at night. There's always the north star, though. The young man eyes the wild ginger and blinks his eyes a few times. "Wow. I might be able to cultivate that. Maybe we'll find more when we go out there?"

"<In Trigedasleng> Take off your shirt." Wren suddenly tells Kai. He's watching the end of the rebar heat up. "<In Trigedasleng> This piece of metal was the one my First branded me with during all the kills I gained while I was her Second. When I ended my term, she gave this to me, telling me that I will be the one doing the branding. When you take on your own Second, Kai, it will be with this peice of metal that you will brand them with." A small section of leather is plucked out of bag, grabbing onto it. The end that was in the fire is red hot. "<In Trigedasleng> You may want to grab onto Elias. It will not take long, but it will be unpleasant. But this is something to celebrate. Only fitting that your niron be here to see it."

"It grows where a carcass of an animal died in winter and then thaws out in spring," Benning tells Elias with a smile, "You would need to create a similar setting here to get it to grow for next year." She nods to the flower on the plant where there are still a few seeds that Elias might be able to harvest. She looks over at the rebar that Wren pulls out and gives a respectful nod to the warrior. She was sure that Wren was going to give Kai her first mark but Wren confirmed it.

Kai makes a fishy face at Eli for his complaint, and then has a moment of whaa? Because in her life experience, branding is generally not the reason people try to get her to take off her shirt. However there's a slow blink of understanding, her plate passed to Eli so that she can peel the shirt up over her head carefully of her variety of stitches, even if it's only pulled to a point where it's bundled before her for the sake of relative modesty so she can fold herself forward and reaches for Eli's hand,"<In Trigedasleng> Thank you." is the only response she can muster for Wren for the moment, there's gratitude in it and more that she lacks the words to utter right now, endeavoring to brace herself with the squeeze of Eli's hand in anticipation.

At the mention of Kai hanging on to him for a little added support because brands hurt like a bitch, Elias more insistently offers his hand to Kai and gives a nod to the glowing red rebarb. A nod to Wren is given then before he looks to Kai's denying everyone of a free boob show. Of course he glances down to try to peek because nevermind that she's about to get her flesh seared. When she finally grabs onto him, he winces for her a bit. "It's possible," he answers Benning in the meantime. "Though obviously the easiest way would be to kill something and let it decompose. Seems a bit of a waste for one plant, though." He wrinkles his nose up at those words and then goes back to watching the inevitable branding of Kai. The firmer squeeze has him setting his arm firmly so that there's no give there. It would suck if she started flailing, after all.

<FS3> Kai rolls Resolve-3: Failure. (2 3 4)
<FS3> Kai rolls Resolve-3: Failure. (4 6 3)
<FS3> Benning rolls Brawn+brawn: Failure. (1 5 6 1)
<FS3> Wren rolls Brawn+Brawn: Success. (7 2 2 4 5 6 5 4)

"<In Trigedasleng> The honor is mine, Kai. Now, no one can ever deny what you have done for the clan. You have the mark to prove, and the respect of those who matter." Wren replies, coming up behind. "<In Trigedasleng> You are blooded, therefore you are honored. Take this mark in recognition that you have shed your blood and the blood of other in defense of the people you love and would die for. Forever now until the end of time, Kai kom Trikru, you are worthy. You have come far, but the title of warrior you have not yet reached. But you have come far along that path. And now, those who you fight with, they would fight with you as your brothers and sisters. The pain temporary, but the glory is for forever." he says, taking one knee and wrapping a big arm around her stomach. The grip is tight. Likely, this is for her own good, because he's seen enough brandings go poorly. Little speech given, he sees the spot he wants to hit, and presses the round end of the bar into her shoulder. Pair flares, and flesh sizzles. And it's only need to be held down for a couple of seconds before it's pulled and away from her.

Benning does her best to help with the branding but doesn't have a firm hold on Kai. Thank goodness Wren is a big strong warrior and can hold her still while he brands her. Benning says nothing during the short ceremony, her eyes though hold a new respect for Kai as she is marked as a warrior. There is a little jealousy too because no such marks are on her person.

Swords are one thing, in battle even, but apparently even with the willow bark she chewed on earlier, between head and neck and hand the limit of Kai's pain tolerance has been reached. She's only got one good hand to hold on to Eli, though she clutches that hand with all of the not unconsiderable strength in her body, and still she can't help but cry out in a way that she would consider unwarriorlike for such an occasion, her damaged left hand flailing as she's pinned in place. Oh green Eden why does that hurt even worse than her other injuries? At least she can't lose it for managing to wimp on the searing, though she does finally grab her wounded left hand around Eli's head to drag him close so she can calm her breath and pretend like no she didn't just completely flail like a baby about it. Pain's not the only reason why there are tears in her eyes, however, when she finally manages hoarsely,"<In Trigedasleng> Thank you, Wren. I shall try always to bring you honor." just not when she's being branded, evidently.

Sizzling people flesh doesn't do much for one's appetite, that's for sure. Elias isn't eating right now anyways, but when he looks away from where the rebarb is about to touch to her flesh, he gets an eyeful of fish. "Huhck," he sounds, clapping his free hand over his mouth. Fortunately it need not last long and that sizzle only lasts a brief moment. He doesn't clutch his hand back against Kai's but lets her grip his as hard as she needs to. When she draws him in, he clears his throat and leans against her however she needs. Respecting the moment, he doesn't speak but he does wince a touch when he looks her way again.

"<In Trigedasleng> You are the daughter I never had, Kai." Wren says gently, tossing the bar aside, letting it sizzle in the grass. There is a burned circular mark in her shoulder now. He will hold her while she flails, because he probably did too when he got his first mark. Finally he releases that arm. "<In Trigedasleng> I know I am not your father, but I love you as father loves his daughter. I am proud." There's a kiss he places on the top of her head. "<In Trigedasleng> Long way to go, but I will be there when you stumble. And so will others. Would not be a family otherwise."

Benning will pick up some water and pour it over the rebarb so it doesn't smoke long in the grass. She makes sure it's taken care of so that Wren can focus on comforting Kai. She then moves over to Elias and murmurs, "Are you okay?" She knows that her people's ways are different than his. Her eyes are shining as she looks at him, "This is a very important moment."

Kai plants another fishy kiss on Eli's cheek when she's composed herself and let's up the death grip on him, slowly shifting back so that she can very carefully peel her shirt back on her head again with a wince for where it brushes the burn,"<In Trigedasleng> Thank you Wren. That means a lot to me. The kru are family in ways that the Ark just can't be." not including Eli, obviously, given the way she smiles at him as she gingerly shifts back again.

A glance is given to Wren wide-eyed before he looks to Benning. The hand still covers his mouth a moment longer, but he finally does remove it. "<In Trigedasleng> Cooking flesh," he says as if that should really explain it all. Although woozy for that moment, he recovers well enough and smiles to Benning. "I'm fine. Promise." Clearing his throat then, he looks over to Kai just in time to lean in to another fishy kiss to his cheek. Reaching out with the hand she held, he tries to help her keep the shirt off of the burn until she's got it where it's going to settle, but she moves a bit too quickly. Again, he winces for her.

"<In Trigedasleng> Rest for now. While I am proud, there are still things that need to be done. You and I have to speak." Wren offers gently. "<In Trigedasleng> Your little…altercation with Cassandra has reached Oxfor. We need to talk about it." Then a pat to her good shoulder. "<In Trigedasleng> You're not in trouble, there are just things you need to be reminded of. It won't be horrible."

Benning looks over at Kai with concern but says nothing, instead she starts cleaning up her plate and looks to the others to see if they need her to help clean up from dinner.

Kai gives Eli a concerned smile before her head dips for him, only to be distracted by Wren's words. There's no disguising the first surprise and then scowl that crosses her face,"That little bitch." uttered in a savage tone in English,"I'm going to beat her fucking head in." not in her current condition, obviously, but still there's that thread of being out of patience with that particular person,"I didn't touch a hair on her goddamn head, and she's the one that insulted the kru but I'm the one that needs to be spoken to about it?" there's a flare of her nostrils as she clamps her lips together and holds her tongue for the space of a deep breath before adding in the mildest tone she can manage,"I'm seriously done with her and her fucking lying bitch ways."

Elias is able to catch the gist of the conversation at least, though he doesn't exactly get it word-for-word just yet. The young man nods to Wren in agreement as he tells Kai to rest, though. He gives her a gentle pat of his hand before standing up and reaching down to help Kai up from her chair. "Nooo you're not going to beat her head in," he says to her. "Come on. Let's get you relaxed out in the tent for a while. Plenty of painkiller to be had." There's a smile to her and a wag of his brows then. "<In Trigedasleng> She will rest," he says to Wren with a nod of his head. A smile is offered to Benning as well. "<In Trigedasleng> To deep forest soon, yes?"

Wren points at Kai. "That is why we need to talk." he says at her outburst. "You represent the kru now, Kai. Badmouthing the Skaikru is something we don't do. Even the ones that don't like them don't insult their clan. At least, not publicly and in front of them. Well…except for the Azgeda." A humored look at Benning at that last part. The Azgeda are always free game. "Who is going to talk to Cassandra? She doesn't even live with her own people. She won't be talked to. And this is not discipline, Kai. Don't assume that it is. It is just something I want to talk to you about. Nothing more."

Kai gives a sour grunt of acknowledgment regarding relaxing, reaching for her armor and sword, the latter is going with her, the former left in the chair. For Starling. She knows the Maker will be back to take a look at it later,"She acted as if what was done to you and the rest of Coesbur was no big deal." the Second fires back at her First with narrowed eyes,"That after hearing the Trikru referred to as bark monkey's and Grounders. So yeh, I have a fucking opinion. But who I insulted was her." still, she stomps off to the tent to go lay down for a while before she does give in to the desire to go and punch her a few times for good measure.

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