Day 030: Kiss And Seek
Summary: Tink and Reno eat after Truman leaves them, confessions are made and a first kiss between them with an audience.
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Dining Hall - Mountain Men

This is main dining halls on Level 5. It has an arched ceiling, the curve sweeping up almost immediately from the floor, giving it a low, half-cylindrical look. The room is constructed of three of these half-cylinders, jointed together by short hallways beneath arched buttresses. The walls are made of heavy concrete, but possess inset lights to illuminate the otherwise dim hall. Each portion of the dining room is laid out in the same manner:

Along the center line of the room is a pair of bright, tulip-shaped chandeliers. The back of the room is decorated in three stained-glass arches that look like they may have come from an old church. The glass is colored in blue and green shades with what appears to be a forest scene. Hanging from the ceiling at regular intervals are eight flags of United States' origins, including the old Thirteen Colonies flag. The room possesses several tables, most running parellel along the length of the room with one table running perpendicular before the stained glass windows.

The tables are done in high-class finery with ivory table runners, gold-rimmed china, and elegant centerpieces every three feet along the long tables.

Day 30

Tink digs into her food, looking a lot brighter than she has. Truman has given her something to do. Even if it's just a book, it's something new to learn and share. She can focus on that. She can also dream about learning new languages, new or rather old ways to speak. It's a bigger world, Tink is starting to come back to herself, slowly but surely.

Reno had an appetite again. Whatever hit him hard in the beginning there was almost forgotten. Ah, the thinky-face was back. One could hear the cogs grinding neatly going around in circles. His head tilted to her with a squint. Definitely a plan that would involve her. As if one wouldn't.

Tink flashes that smile back at Reno, the nerds are back in business. There is knowledge to be had and books to read. Tink is definitely finding this day to be better. Truman is definitely going into the 'good egg' list cause he is the keeper of books. She will have to do something nice for him at some point. She looks at Reno to see if he has the same thought as she does.

Reno leaned forward and thunked his forehead to hers, an impish smile on his face. "I think we can find things around here and make him his own book, one. Two?" He shrugged and the grin grew a little bit, "Find out what language has the least support and…I dunno… wanna learn a dead language? Help the Mountain keep it alive?" you'd think he was asking her to prom. Seriously.

Tink grins at him, "Definitely. We're going to find our niche here Reno, just wait and see." Because Reno likes this place and Tink wants to make it work for him. At some point they may have to leave to go check on their friends and try to rescue them but for now it's enough that they have something to look into.

Reno hasn't even remotely thought about leaving nice, safe, secure, clean, bountiful, educated lovely, lovely mountain. The smile warmed, beamed. It was building for the future, giving something back, and expanding their minds. "Tabitha…" His lips pressed together and his eyes watered. There was a bit of a laugh cause he felt a bit foolish but admitted to her, "I think this is the first time in my entire life I've ever felt safe." His hand tightened around hers and his expression turned south just a hair. "I wish mom knew about this… if it would have changed anything. Stupid thought but… I dunno." he paused and shook his head against hers. "Now is now."

Tink gives his hand a squeeze, "None of us knew that there was this here…if we had maybe we could have worked with the mountain to send people directly here…" Instead of basically floating a bunch of kids into hostile territory, "But there's hope Reno…for others like us who haven't fit." Yes, she counts herself in with the Skaikru group. It's clear she would do much for the his boy sitting across for her, "And maybe we can even learn to be happy." Before she loses her nerve, she leans in and leans her forehead against his, "Really happy…not just surviving. Have a home and a community."

Reno locked his hand in herd and nodded. "I'd like that. I'd really… really like that." He went to say something and paused. He looked at her, myopically as they were forehead to forehead. "Can I sorta… tell you something?" It was curious and maybe less conspiratorial and more trying to phrase teh thing that haunted him. He didn't ever really ask to impose. He hoped not any was. He had been going through this new life observing and trying to understand where pieces fit when his piece didn't quit fit. he knew she knew that. This seemed something else.

"Sure Reno…you can tell me anything," Tink tells him softly, giving him a smile as they stay locked forehead to forehead. She gives his hand a squeeze to let Reno know that she's there for him. Clearly it's big because she seems uncertain. Tink definitely want to help him.

Reno seemed satisfied with the answer. It took him a while to finally find words and they were quiet. These were not things for bypassers. "When Max got boxed… things got really different. Dad died in an accident a bit back. And that was… well it was hard on all of us. My dad was a good man. He was honest and he taught me I- well most I think of what I know about electronics. Taught me how to rewre a board when I was 8 and…he was good to us. After that Max took over that part. It hurt mom though. Losin dad. More than she wanted Max to know. I think sometimes she'd forget I was there and just cry." He face furrowed. "Max I think was closer to mum. They had a LOT in common. He's a helper. Learned to heal fro her but after dad… he spent a lot of time at home cause I didn't have a choice, but he chose to keep me included. Five years ago things… changed. Took forever fo r em to know why he didn't come home."

Tink nods softly, just listening to Reno's words. Her hand holds him as he speaks, tells her about his family, some of the challenges they went through. Right now it just seems like he needs someone to listen so Tink does that. She listens with her ears and her heart.

Reno rest into her. It was a control factor in a sea of variables. His jaw tightened and he was doing well working on remaining objective, or at least trying to be factual. "When max got boxed… mom didn't do so well. She started falling apart. Stopped eating. Stopped leaving the apartment. She just kept saying it was a matter of time. She was unwell and letting things fall apart. I tried to… do what I could for her. I wasn't Max. I wasn't dad. I couldn't leave the pod because Idin't know where to go to get things, and if I got caught-" His eyebrows suggested expression of letting her do the math. She'd be floated. he'd get boxed. But he WAS boxed years later. Only two weeks before this happened. "She never went to go see Max. She couldn't. Said it was her fault and… I dunno. I sat there alone, and watched her just…. stop. After a while she just stopped going out to bring things back." He winced and said "so hungry… and I had to leave her there. find help. Found Shi's mum. Family friend that visited and her father was on the council but didn't support the whole thing on second children… they hid me after that. I'd sneak over to see mom when I could… she stopped responding when I talked to her. In the end? I don't think she knew I was even there." He swallowed and shook his head fidgeting his thumb over her hand. "It was a long four years. She never saw Max… I didn't tell him… cause I didn't want him to feel it was his fault.

"Reno…it wasn't your fault. It wasn't Max's fault. I don't see how either or you could be blamed for her giving up," Tink murmurs to him, speaking softly because this is a private conversation, "I'm glad Shi's family took you in. If I had only known…" Of course her family was problematic and Bella her 'best' friend was a nightmare but Tink likes to think she would have been there for her friend if she had known what was going on.

Reno swallowed and was frustrated in that. It hurt. Still though it might have been the first time he's had someone to listen. When was he ever around someone else? "I just keep thinking if mom knew about this place. That there's…here. And things are okay. They can make sense again? Maybe she'd have held on, or gone to find Max, or… something. She'd… still be mom." Been a bit since he thought this hard on i. "Maybe Max would be better off. But I didn't want him to have the guilt. Maybe I did the wrong thing. I want to fix it. I don't want to live with things falling apart and being able to do nothing." He reached up under his frames with the hand on his worse side and pinched his eyes taking a moment and drawing strength from her. He chuckled, "This is literally the best I have ever had it. Never even got to sleep in a bed before this. And you're here too. This is also an exceptional thing. You should know that."

Tink moves back a little and cups his cheek with her hand, wanting him to see just how much she values him, "We can't change the past…but we can build a better future for us…for Max and others. Don't take on his guilt, but be there if he needs to unload it." She pauses and takes a deep breath, "When I woke up here…when I realized what I did to those grounders…I lost it Reno. I thought I was losing my mind and the only thing that kept me here was you." She can't begin to show him how special he is, "You kept me here…the nightmares stay away when I know you're there. I…I'm feeling better but I don't want you to sleep elsewhere. I want you there. Because when you hold me everything feels like it's going to get better."

Reno listened. He was a good listener. He not only valued her insights but he really didn't want to miss any of them. He wasn't shy so much as the words hit a chord with his modesty and he smiled warmly. The thoughts that drifted up about the utterly messed up situation he's known until, well, he was thrown at a planet in a lunchbox, started to ebb slowly. He went to reply and stopped with a nervous chuckle that stopped and broke into a frank earnest thought for some reason because she was her marvelous self, found words. "I… wish I had something more elegant to say but… I get it. And I don't mid I mean- that is to stay. I mean with you." Yeha. Words not quite wording. He shook his head leaving his cheek in her hand. "I like being with you. Everything's better. And I have an- an idea or a thought or a project and you find a way to make it -better- and that's a good thing. I can think. Feeling's not scary. The world… just makes more sense." He squint and somehow was finding concepts sharing the blueprint of his thoughts with her. It did make him a bit more animated from the guilt pained funk. Also a good thing.

"I like seeing you happy, and if I can make things better for you I will. I will do everything I can remotely think of to help make things more ok-er. Don't have to ask me just tell me what it is and we'll like… we'll figure it out. Sure. Things aren't okay but you remind me that we can work on improvements and that's something." He squeezed her hand lifting it so he could hold it with both of his, because the sling. "I'm here. You don't ever ever have to ask."

Tink looks at him with a shining look and for a moment Reno gets to be the hero because in Tink's eyes, he is. She finishes her meal, and then takes the precious book that they're going to read together. She takes his hand and then glances at him. She bites her bottom lip because she's curious. She wants to know. She's a little afraid of startling him or making him want to pull but the curiosity overcomes any natural reserves. She leans in and kisses him. Nothing like in the romance novels. It's soft, gentle with care. It's somewhere between friendship and maybe. A curious foray into something that she has limited experience in. An action she's tried before but been horribly rejected. She's being brave and honest. She isn't the one to pull back, that's up to Reno. She threw the ball in his court. It's up to him to react and decide if he likes it.

Cameron looks…haggered. He had a panic attack. Despite what some people think, these can have a surprisingly wide variety of physical symptoms. Yes, sometimes they're like a heart attack. At others, the stomach completely and utterly rebels. Cameron looks like he's been wrung out and hung up to dry, and then maybe run over a few times with a tank. Whatever a tank is. He wanders back into the dining hall, because at this point, he's sort of desperate for nutrition. Even if its just a couple berries he hopes to keep down. He's also pale, and there's serious bags under his eyes. He still has paint smudges though, two green smudges on his face, a yellow smudge on his arm. He just seems… older. He's mindlessly wandering in towards food. Water. Water especially.

Reno was stunned, not startled. Reno had one of Tink's hands sandwiched between both of his and she had his cheek in her free one. It was a grand talk off the ledge moment that became much more thoughtful. They always got on, the idealist electrician, and the erswhile engineer often speaking more in formula and half-sentences than English. This was a little different in stranger territory when Tink leaned forward and pressed a simple kiss to his lips. It was definitely that nervous moment for either of them hoping something doesn't ruin their strange and wonderous companionship. She was leaning on him for aid these days and still he thought her the brave one. Especially now. But he didn't pull away. Not that this was the sort of thing that makes headlines anywhere. He had no idea what he was doing but was smart and didn't run away from being right where he wanted to be, here, and that too was brave. He kissed her back. And it was that simple gesture, a fondness returned, and a soul unburdened of thta truth. He remembered the last time she tried this and shied a smile admitting to her, "I- wow." His ears were red, but the smile and the obvious fondness for her in the smile was apparent. And then he realized they're in the middle of the cafeteria. Know what, he couldn't bring himself to care about that part of it. "Tabitha, I'm here." he meant on her side. With her. Right where she'd asked him to be.

"I'm here too Reno," Tink tells him with flushed cheeks because their kiss was good. Nothing like the horrible mess that happened between her and Stone. She does happen to glance over and see Cameron. There's a tentative wave to him, blushing brightly for not only being caught kissing Reno but that someone else walked in. Of course why wouldn't they? It's the dining hall. People walk in here all the time. She gives Reno's hand a squeeze and she's nervous but she's not hiding or pretending it didn't happen, "I…I felt that." Yep, she felt something. She's not sure what or where it will go but she's happy. Her face smiles up to Reno. She wants to make sure he knows his effect.

Cameron pauses, and stares at reno and Tink for a long moment, not really understanding what he's seeing. There's Reno. Check. There's Tink. Check. There's Reno and Tink… Error, input invalid please re-enter. Okay. There's Reno. Check. There's Tink. Check. There's Reno and Tink… Input accepted, incipient sexytimes cataloged. This makes Cameron automatically engage his pro-sexytimes routines and so he grins and pauses and looks around, "If I'm interrupting, I can totally go…" Because Cam is a lover of life and of people and for a lover like him, lovers are the most important thing in the entire wide world, and he'll starve rather then get in the way of such things… Even as he says it he's sorta backstepping away, back, back, don't interrupt, let them find their happy… Just because his stomach growls is no reason to get in the way.

Reno turned bright red. Yup. Cameron JUST happened. He didn't let go of Tink's hand though, or run, or hide it. Shy? Sure, but he wasn't embarrassed. It was odd, he always thought he would be were any situation of an affectationous nature ever befall him but he was oddly comfortable with everything. At Tink's phrasing he nodded, and he stooped to reach pushing his frames back up his nose and said in agreement, "Yup." Cameron though, his ears still read, he couldn't help but laugh with a smile. He was happy. Really truly happy in the heart of this crazy tornado.

The kid he though the bully of the world and an agent of destruction seemed to have a new light with him. Energy was energy and Cameron was in many ways change. An energy harnessed and catalyzed by all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons like nuculear power being forced to react instead of warming the planet like a sun so ideas and pictures and ideas changed and grew. Hell Reno even decided he actually liked him. Didn't see that coming, himself, but he nodded an invite to him, "It's okay. Actually…everything is kinda more ok. And," He glanced to Tink with a look of excited conspiracy, "We have something neat you might really like. There's pictures."

Tink breaks out into the biggest smile, laughs with Reno and there's definite joy there. She holds out a book to show Cameron, "It's an epic story…not just a manual." She lets him read the title but doesn't let him take it because he does have paint on him, "It's a story…about some guy and all the crazy stuff that happens to him. Sort of like us." Cause their life is certainly epic, "And there's pictures." She opens the books and shows the illuminated text that's just beautiful, really artistic portrayal of Gilgameesh.

Distracted from his own anguish, Cameron looks happy again. Solid. For right now at least. Reno and Tink? Okay. They're Happy. That's awesome. He just grins. There's nothing teasing about it, nothing judgmental, its pure acceptance: and its just pure, honest, yay! You guys. Good for you. For just a minute here, maybe one minute, maybe five, maybe— maybe— ten, he'll stop fighting with the thought that his love is dead. Right now he doesn't have to think about that, because Cam's just happy. Someone else is finding love. When Reno says there's something he might like? He nods, and stops retreating, stepping in closer, following along towards he pair, "I do like pictures." he admits. "Morgan likes pictures too." Because even though for this moment he's not anguished, Morgan is still the first thought in his mind. "So show me?" he asks with an easy smile as he comes near. He looks down at the book that is opened, the pictures, and he leans, "The precision, that's beautiful." Cameron breathes, in awe. Beauty. "I… never thought I saw anything truly beautiful until I saw a tree, and I sat for so long staring at that tree and just looking at how… beautiful life was. But that? Someone did that. That's… amazing. Beautiful because of the obvious effort and care it took to make, to create. I… I'm jealous. If I could dedicate my life to anything in the world, anything besides loving Morgan,. ".. No, Morgan is still foremost in his thoughts. Morganisnotdead. ".. it would be to doing something like that. Something that lasted. Inspired."

Reno sat up VERY smugly. Uh-oh. Boy genius had a thought. It formed a knowing grin that was more than satisfied by Cam's delight. Making things better was one moment at a time. it was one little thing that sucked less than the day before. Sometimes it was rain barrel and sometimes it was picture book. "So here's my though and I'm GLAD you said that Cam cause you might have opportunity here. Tabitha," He DID like not letting her name fade away into abbreviation. Truman's narrative seemed to have an impact on him at least int he time being, "I'm thinking if you made a book, maybe cam can do the front page as a thank you to him? For Mr. Coo- for Truman." He looked between them and tilted his head like the enabler he was, "I think he'd really like it and I think this could be really healthy for a lot of us right now. He's allowing us this opportunity to have that happen. And make him feel appreciated."

Tink thinks for a moment and then notes, "You mean the one about the Trikru language? Oh Reno, I only know a few things, not enough to do a whole book." She thinks of a moment and then asks Cameron, "Do you know anything about it? I picked up maybe something here and there but I didn't have enough time with them to pick it up. I was working on it but it never quite gelled." And now she really wants to pull something together for Truman. "Truman has access to books like this. It would be really cool if we did something nice and got him to bring us more. Maybe we can figure out more stuff." She pauses and notes, "The last time…I noticed that the other guards made fun of him…being short. I think he has it rough."

"I barely learned how to say Hi." remarks Cameron wryly to Tink, "Al leek Cameron Scott kom Skaikru." He shakes his head immediately with a grin, "And I know that's wrong but no, I don't know how its wrong. Just that they gave me a slightly dirty look every time I said it." He does nod to Reno then, "The President got me some paints, so I can paint some fronts if need be, though they won't be anything like this… The detail needs special tools. I can imagine what they'd be, but they just aren't things I have."

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