Day 078: Krus And Hunting
Summary: A wounded Kai takes Reno out to check snares and talk about the krus.
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Western Shore, Lake Arkadia — The Wilderness
Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and rolling foothills, the Lake Arkadia — or known as Lake Audo to the Trikru — is a sprawling, crystalline body of water that joins the Potomac watershed. It is encompassed in low grasses and young alder trees. The forests start to thicken to the west, where the rocky peaks of this small mountain range poke up out of the groves of hemlock and cedar. Following along a newly flattened path is the road to Camp Jaha. The Skaikru city is what remains of the crashed Alpha station. The enormous ring stands vertical some many hundred feet in the air, and it has already begun to be salvaged for materials.
Day 78

Kai's currently off of building duty. Mostly owing to the fact that someone did a very good job of substituting for a pin cushion a few days ago. She was also among the three Trikru that brought in the prisoners responsible for the crucifixion, but really it's only today that she's gotten to the point that walking around is tolerable. And so now that she's capable of walking around without too much of a limp she's decided to head over to Camp Jaha. Alpha, as she stubbornly insists on calling the damned thing. She could go inside, really, but she let them know at the gate that she was coming to see Reno and elected to loiter around rather than hiking around inside in search of him.

Reno was only ever in one of two spots really. he was in the computer lab (highly likely), or wherever he's opted to call home (wherever that is). It was one of the few things to pull him out of his recently very sterile tech world where he could just shut himself off and not have to feel much and could bury his mind in his busywork. It was a challenge for many lately, really. He came back out, lab coat on. His last name now embroidered on it by hand in tiny neat letters.

Reno looked for Kai and found her immediately as she dressed 'funny' in relation to what he was used to. He did make the observation, maybe as an oblique compliment, "Almost missed you. You blend in out he- Umm… you alright?" Passive observation went to a very human concern tilting his head looking at her wrapped a bit.

Kai tips her head in the vague direction of the woods,"That's the idea." she utters with a wry smirk,"You might want to take off that lab coat if you're going to come with me though. White doesn't do so good in the woods." her hand reaches to the stitching in her neck with a grunt,"I'll live, but they don't want me shifting heavy things for a bit longer until they're sure I wont reopen something. So I figure another pair of hands 'll be useful. You up for it?"

Reno arched an eyebrow. He was maybe 140 soaking wet but he didn't seem to shirk from this idea. "Ummm, yeah. Yes. I'll- let me get changed?" He was curious about the damage and gathered his thoughts to agree that it was not 'outside attire' and thumbed over his shoulder. "Lemme go drop it off and grab some things to help."

Reno Loden was gone for almost ten minutes which wasn't a terribly long time considering how big Alpha Station was. He returned though in jeans and a t-shirt and a zip-up jumper in case arms needed to be covered. The shoes were the same thick rubber soled boots he always wore. good for grounding. There was a backpack over his shoulder with whatever might be useful. Presumably. "You went to that thing didn't you? To find those people?"

Kai's not in any particular rush, when he returns she's still loitering by the gates and waits for him to join her before turning towards the woods,"To capture the guys that crucified the guards? Yeh." she acknowledges,"I helped bring them to Alpha, too, along with the gonaheda, Britt, and Sage." she's not in any particular rush, armor's not necessary just for hunting, but she wears it anyways, on the off chance that something more dangerous than rabbits or deer might decide to have a go at them,"It's best to have long sleeves when you're out in the woods, simply because there's less chance of getting scratched or bitten by something. But in this kind of weather it can also be oppressively hot." she grimaces.

Reno was probably not the best person to defend them from wild rabbits unless they had a weakness to algorithms. Fighting fuzzy with fuzzy logic. Loden noted with a nod of agreement, "Well every person expels about 40,000 BTUs of heat which has to dissipate somewhere which is why I'm kinda really liking these for the vented versa-… yeah it gets hot." He walked and asked, "Bit by what? We're not hunting fish?"

Kai was listening. Really she was. Granted, she was also eyeing him waiting for the non technical explanation, and gives a grunt of acknowledgment when at last it is offered,"Bugs. With the increased traffic of Alpha's presence and now Coesbur's plus Tondc being not that much further north, it's likely that the larger predators have moved out of the area. But.. well, always good to be careful." she travels along the treeline until she finds an animal track and then squats down carefully to show the worn track,"This is an animal path. Deer, usually. We're just going to go check my snares, because my archery is still mostly laughable, but if you see this kind of worn path in the undergrowth, particularly with these sort of tracks here.. this shows deer." she then points at a shoe print,"And that shows that at least one person hunting for deer has traveled through here at some point." there's a wry smile,"The one's that crucified the guards, by the way. Are part of Sonia's former warband. The smallest of the three prisoners I'm guessing was her niron, perhaps her houmon. They hate Skaikru, in general. They wanted Britt to trade my life for three of them to turn themselves in peacefully."

Reno seemed a little disturbed to hear that bugs bite. He muttered quietly, "I liked bugs. Earth found a way to ruin bugs too. un…believable." Because of course it did! The science of tracking though was always an interesting thing. Max was decidedly better at it than Reno was, and Kai got a half lop-sided grin from him which was rarer these days but no less genuine. "Look at you putting forensic science to use. Proud of ya, Kai." He watched Kai looking completely unfamiliar with the Tri-terms. He was away for all of the 'peace talks'. "Like her kid or servant or something?" It was a fair leap of logic. "Okay sooo who is Britt, do I need to be quiet right now, and they kidnapped you?!" His brow furrowed. Kai was still one of the Hundred. While this was disputed by some in social standing it was a fact however it was cut. Well now only fifty some, but still!

Kai can't help but laugh as she rises to her feet,"'s just a different type of looking for evidence." she elects to take the deer path, grunting,"No, sorry. Niron is, in the crudest fashion.. person you're fucking. Most people prefer to let it stand for lover or boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever. Houmon is like.. spouse. Husband. Wife. Gender doesn't matter. And you don't need to be quiet, anything we catch in my snares isn't going to get away from us being loud, and anything not in my snares is probably going to avoid something being loud in the area. 's why getting rabbits is easier than deer." she glances back at him,"You'll recognize her if you see her, older woman, red hair, carries a bow, she's the gonaheda for Coesbur.. meaning she's the boss of the warriors. And no, I was with the rest of the warband. But they were trying to cut a deal, and when it failed two of them had a pretty good go at trying to kill me."

Reno nodded and seemed to accept this all at face value. He took in all of the new information studiously committing it to memory. "So a niron is a fuckbuddy and houmon is spouse. Got it. And… Britt is a head of warriors of a village?

Reno was trying to catch on here. He walked behind taking in all of the wood with a guarded but rapt curiosity. It was really only the second time he was getting a GOOD look at it. A nod was silently given when it was evident that discussion would not ruin hunting. but hey, he thought of it. Objectively he offered to her, "Well throwing us at a planet didn't take you out, I mean… pfft, these warriors down here are going to be hard pressed to come up with better than that. I mean clearly they need to step up their game." It was a dry humor but he was trying. He was still not native to this world.

"Basically, yes." Kai agrees with a smirk,"And yes, Britt's the head of the warriors for the village on the opposite lake shore. She's also a personal friend of mine, they'd have probably had more luck convincing Kane than Britt." she drawls in amusement. There's no hurry in her steps, after all she's not of much use to the building at the moment so she's not worried about taking longer so that he can check it out without immediate problems like people trying to murder him at the same time,"A fair few people have tried since we got flung at the planet. Aside from this one.." she points at the still relatively red scar in her hair,"I think I have.. nineteen.. other scars? Roughly? Fortunately scars are considered.. normal, among the Trikru. But y'know, ideally I don't want to play naughts and crosses with my scars. Hopefully that will be the last time I have to go out for a while."

Reno reflexively rubbed at his left shoulder. "Yeah. Burned my hands a few times when I was learning electricity currents as a kid but getting shot in the chest here? I'll pass. Really though, I'm just glad you're in one piece and have… well… people to have your back. That's important. I'm… " He didn't know how to phrase it but said honestly, "Good." The idea of the 100 being left behind somewhere to fall off the plate like crumbs to be forgotten was not something that sat well with him. Even Kai. Maybe even Cassandra Even now.

"Never did that, Skaikru stitch.. and about three quarters of mine, Silver's taken care of for me.. the rest of them..? Trikru mostly practice cautery. It.. seals the wound faster, and mostly we seem to be okay with regards to infections? But it also hurts like a son of a bitch and will cure you of the desire to eat pork for a few days at least." she grimaces,"Mostly I just wanted you to know to be careful of them if they get loose or you're in the brig for whatever reason. Sonia's people are the one's that hate us the most, they led the charge at skaigeda. So while I'm disappointed that it turned out to be Trikru who committed the crime, I'm not surprised that it was her people." she grimaces, then dips her head off the right of the track, stepping off into the softer underbrush to head over to a long fallen moss-covered log. And more particularly the dead fall set up underneath it,"This trap.. basically, rabbit comes along to get to this stuff here.." she points at the grass,"nudges this here," she indicates the stick,"and it drops this big ass rock on it. Dead rabbit, minimal effort. Not so good for keeping the pelt looking nice though." and this one? Empty.

Reno furrowed his brow and said tentatively, "I used… to hate them. All of them. Living in the Mountain though…" His brow furrowed and he admitted hiking without complaint. "Gave me a different perspective on how very different any one people can be to the extreme. I'm guessing Trikru are not much different. Ark isn't much different. I mean we're not like the adults from the ship. This Sonia group and your group? Different. The civilians of the Mountain and the guards? Toooootally different."

Kai smiles her acknowledgment for his words without shifting from her spot next to the trap,"It took me a while, at first, to.. reconcile things. Especially when I knew, beyond a doubt, that some of the people that I spoke with on a regular basis among the Trikru, had been at skaigeda. That.. was the hardest thing. On one hand I wanted to hate them, because it was likely that they had hurt some of our friends.. or worse. On the other.. I had to acknowledge that they had also been hurt, that some of the stuff me and Cam and Eli made, had hurt them. That our friends, had killed people they knew, too. In Tondc, they saw me, and Silver, as representation of the Ark, and there were many who hated us. And.. weirdly.. it was in that, that I learnt that hating people's a waste of time. That.. like you say, there's a spectrum of difference, and there were those who were very kind.. and those who became easier to deal with once they got to know me. I also learnt that some people are dicks no matter what. Sonia's people? Totally dicks. Most of the Trikru? Actually not."

Reno listened and it was… oddly helpful in a way. He had many thoughts on several things that were quelled and quiet for now noting the rabbit trap empty and noted to her "Time to check the next Rube gold-bun machine?" There was a faint friendly smile of encouragement to her. In this weird state of things it was the most useful and valuable thing one could give; a lack of hostility. "I… accept that maybe it was one of Sonia's people that tried to murder us over the water and sabotage peace efforts." Not easy for him to admit but it was a little necessary. "At least Sonia never met Dr. Montgomery?"

Kai slowly stretches to her feet and presses a hand at leas briefly to her side with a grimace before heading back to the track,"It would be more efficient to try and capture a breeding pair or so of rabbits given their.. abundant fertility.. but I have no idea how to tell the sex of a rabbit, or if it's even possible to keep them in cages, and it would sort of be a problem when I had to go out on a trip." she grunts quietly,"Oh it was them, alright. They never attempted to deny it. They refused to turn themselves in because they knew what the punishment would be, but for Trikru they were natrona.. traitors. They had decided to take offense to the Heda's commands regarding the Skaikru, and yes.. attempt to sabotage the peace efforts." she wrinkles her nose,"And thank goodness for that. That would have been a match made in the deepest, darkest pits of hell, for sure. Why I'm showing you these is because they're easier to set up and don't require you to be quiet like hunting.. so if you remember how to make them, if you get stuck out in the woods you can at least set yourself up some snares and maybe not starve to death."

Reno considered and unceremoniously offered, "Well if you flip em over you can prolly find out. Max might know more. I never took an Earth Studies class to save my life." The mechanics of the trap though fascinated him and there was a hrmmm "Wonder if there's an easier way without crushing them flat to do this. I'll have to think on that. But I… really appreciate it. I don't know how things are going to go honestly. I'm trying to figure out if I have a place here. Buying time for having nowhere else to go because something… needs to work. Be nice to not starve just because people decide to embrace their inner stupid." He paused and confided with some optimism, "Max wants to build a house on the water and just live there. I don't like what people try to make us, ya know?"

"There's a few different traps, and I'm sure if I ask someone they'll know, but you know.. it'd be one of those things that would end up being pretty useful? And so far I'm not exactly the most useful person to the village it feels like." she smiles wryly,"There's actually a kru.. a couple of them, who do that sort of thing.. ahh.. Podakru.. who are lake people.. I'm not sure where their lands are in relation to here.. and Flokru who apparently live on the sea. Audo's probably a bad place for it, though, with two settlements drawing water from it and fishing from it, sanitation of a floating house might become an issue." she shrugs,"I joined the Trikru because they are closer to who I am than the Skaikru are. But remember, you're talking to Captain Buzzkill.. I know what it's like to have people try to make you be something. With anything, though.. there's give and take. This land.. belongs to the Trikru. When a formal peace accord is signed, no doubt at least some of it will be set aside for the Skaikru. But if the Skaikru do not want to join the Coalition, there's no assurance that their people will have permission to cross Trikru lands. And if someone like Max chooses to become Nokru it becomes a more tricky position again."

Reno rubbed his face and said "Know what was lovely about the Mountain? No one could get in. No one really wanted to. It had food, light, books, and this thing called a piano that Tink could play the hell out o-" He stopped himself and just shook his head, "I used to wonder all my life… what people were like. " A curious and wistful expression fell on his face as he regarded the peer-gone-warrior. "I never got to, and I always used to wonder what meeting people would be like and then I do and all there is is fear cruelty and war and I'm really over it. People want a society but they don't want to be civil and I don't understand them and the more I try the more I scare the shit out of myself and I really don't want to. I don't want to be like them."

Kai elects to stop and settles herself stiffly on a rock,"The same could be said for the Ark, Reno. Within reason. The Mountain also made sport out of dropping missiles on villages and murdering hundreds of people at a time, and let's not forget acid fog or y'know, rabid cannibals. So don't.. do not fall into this game of acting like it was some kind of bastion of a perfect society, because I can take you out to show you the remains of Coesbur, and I can introduce you to the people that got to personally experience the shit that lot did to other people." she grunts,"Cos when you talk about the Mountain like it was some eden that is what I think of. They weren't civil, they just didn't show you guys the war they were waging on others."

Reno shook his head "No, I don't mean the people or the society. I mean a hundred and thirty feet of sheet rock. What the Mountain Men administration did to them, to us, to generations of others is unforgivable. I'm not even saying that. I'm saying I just… wish it had like no people in there so folks who just want to be left alone could be. I just want it to be empty. That'd be nice. So I apologize if you thought I meant the people, I jsut meant the land feature as an environ."

Kai sighs heavily,"Because that worked so well for the last people that were in there, didn't it? Even if, emphasis on if, that were possible, it's resources have been re-purposed to support Alpha and Coesbur and the other settlements that the people who occupied that place preyed upon for decades. You're smarter than that, and if I with a logistician's eye can work that out, I know that you can make the same calculations and realize that what you want is not only logically impractical it's unsustainable. That isolationism and willful ignorance combined with their own genetic frailties are part of what led it to be acceptable to the people of that mountain to prey upon the people outside of it. I, personally, want to see it reduced to rubble specifically to avoid some other culture deciding to move in and become the mountain two-point-oh. Not in our generation, and probably not in our children's generation." she endeavors to push off the rock again and doesn't quite make it, sitting down again at least temporarily,"In the Ark, there was one people. Down here.. there are thirteen different groups that we know of. The equivalent of thirteen different Arks that exist side by side, mostly peacefully. They do so by virtue of being part of the Coalition. The Skaikru seem to fail to understand that whatever land the Heda cedes them from Trikru's land.. that's their Ark. And if they choose to stay in their Ark and do their own thing.. there's no issue. But if they choose, or feel themselves entitled to, invade Trikru's land, it's Ark, and take it's resources, that's just as much theft down here as it would be up there. And someone who refuses to consider themselves part of any kru might well be able to survive by themselves, but it doesn't make what they take from other kru's lands any less theft, and it does not mean that the other kru's are under obligation to accept that theft. So think beyond just this week, or next month, or even the next year, Reno. Instead of just deciding to run away and hide because that seems like the easiest option. Because here, in Alpha, at Coesbur, in the damned mountain, you still need to eat. You still need to drink. And unless you plan on being the last of your damned kind and live hand to mouth for the rest of your life, you need some kind of damned plan for sustainability into the future."

Reno listened and didn't interrupt. He seemed to be making mental notes and finally summarized, "I want my own settlement. Fortified. There was sustainable resources and they had genetic shortcomings which limited them that don't affect us. It doesn't even have to be that mountain. I just want a nice place to live with food and a water source and without crazy people wielding artillery trying to kill one another. It does not have to be Mt. Weather." Apparently he was willing to concede her point and sighed. "And yes, the Ark completely fails to understand that when you leave something you are no longer entitled to its spoils. When you abandon something you don't just get to decide what is yours, what happens to it, or how it feels." He might be talking about more than resources.

He took a deep breath and was not here to make war with her and the hurt in the expression managed to push through the very cleverly composed exterior he wore. The look was apologetic and he confessed, "I dunno if I trust our people, Kai. I don't have a plan. I know. it's why I am trying to make the best of this. In there I'm surrounded constantly by a ton of people and never felt more alone when when I'm in Alpha. I don't trust them anymore. I want to. I don't. And I don't know that they care TO earn that back from any of us."

"You're not the only one who feels like that Reno.. but I can tell you.. I've lived in Tondc, I've been to Polis. Trikru do not build with defenses. They do not build with defenses because simply put, Trikru do not war with Trikru. Those, like Sonia's warband, who choose to attack their own and defy the Heda's orders, are considered natrona, traitors.. and they are hunted down and killed for their crimes. The Trikru do not have a Guard.. they have Warriors. And those Warriors receive the support of the people, because they support the people. They defend the people. They are not there to police arguments and fights between individuals, the people are treated like adults capable of making their own decisions as long as those decisions do not detrimentally affect the people as a whole. Now look at Alpha. Whose first action is to build not one, but two walls around it. Whose Guard is as often the lash against the people as it is their shield. Who feels the need to interpose themselves in the slightest disagreement."

Slowly she works herself to her feet and extends an arm to place about his shoulders if he'll allow it,"I don't trust the Skaikru either, Reno. I am even hard pressed sometimes to trust the hundred, I'm sorry to say. And from experience I can tell you that they care little about how you feel, what you do, or why you choose to do it unless it interferes in some of their plans. But in the end, you have a choice.. you can help shape who they become in the future, or you can find a people whose values you do agree with. Personally, I hope that the Skaikru choose to join the Coalition. Simply because it is the most solid way to insure peace and equality, but I fear that it will not happen. So I hope in the least that the Skaikru will understand and respect the terms agreed to with the Heda. Because at least that way there will be peace. But that's not up to me. In the end.. that is up to the Skaikru."

Reno paused as Kai's words took the fight out of him. She wasn't wrong. On the contrary she was unfortunately right. "I found out the hard way they really don't care how anyone feels; only what gets done. Our value has become our function almost exclusively. I… just don't want to be a number. Surviving for the sake of surviving is not living. This Coalition… Since day one there has been no concessions and I hate to say it but ya know we left earth. When you leave you don't get to decide what happens to it when you turn your back on it and go away. It's gonna learn to survive without you and that's something they gotta respect happened. You can't just hold its hand like nothing happened and expect for there not to be feelings on it but there's few of us so it's like… we have to figure out how to coexist. We don't have an alternate on any side. It's not really worth dying over." It was hard to tell if he was referring exclusively to civil or personal encounters but the metaphor seemed to work for either.

"Amazingly, Reno, I think you're the first one I've spoken to that actually.. gets it." Kai utters as she gives his shoulder a pet,"C'mon, we've got traps to check still. I can tell you this.. Coesbur alone has a gonakru.. a warband.. of almost eighty souls.. Tondc is twice as large as Coesbur in terms of people, I would estimate that it houses somewhere in the neighborhood of two hundred warriors. Polis, is only a good days ride from here.. and it's bigger again. The barracks alone occupy more than one building. Inside of a week, if so motivated, the Trikru could have an army equal in size if not larger than all of the people in Alpha. And that's without calling upon battle-ready Makers or the other kru's. Too many, I think, consider guns to be the power.. the equalizer, but well, I have been shot multiple times and I am still here. Alpha.. the Skaikru, flat out do not have the numbers to win a war against the Coalition. But because they don't have the head for troop movements and numbers they don't… see… that. And they think I'm crazy, or boasting, when I try to tell them what I know. What scares me, Reno, is that I know if it happens.. I'm going to be there on the front lines of it. And I don't want that. I want peace, a long-lasting, solid, peace, so bad I can taste it.. to the point that I'm going to see if I can get Kane to talk to me. But that's why.. I want to show you, so that if you do decide to bug out, that you guys have a solid chance of survival. I… don't recommend, becoming Nokru. But I understand that being Trikru isn't.. acceptable to a lot of people."

Reno slouched against her and seemed startled, but unsurprised at the compliment. It's not like he's not met the Ark. She spoke math to him and for him it took shape. She wasn't wrong. His eyes squint shut. He hugged her. "I don't want you to have to watch your people die, Kai. I don't want to have to fight." The tech took a deep breath and sat up looking around and admitted, "I dunno if there is even a place for people like me, Kai. Like the Earth is actively trying to drive us to extinction. I thought about it but honestly? We weirdly don't die easily. You're too stubborn and I'm too fuckin optimistic for my own good." He cracked a faint lop-sided grin that didn't quite reach his eyes. "I want this to work. If it doesn't and the Ark messes it up what happens to the rest of us? I'm not going to fight these people, Kai. There's no point."

Kai returns the hug a little gingerly for the fact that she's injured,"Sure there is. It's easier, if you can protect yourself. I'm not going to lie, but I don't believe it's necessary for everyone to fight, as long as you're willing to accept that it means that others will have to do it for you. Some people feel like if everyone just.. stops fighting, that the world will be better, and it's a lovely thought, but it's just.. not realistic." she sighs, electing to slide her arm back off of him,"You are preaching to the choir there, Reno.. I.. don't know if it's our genetics, honestly. But it seems like I heal faster. Unfortunately, that's also pretty much meant that I've practically lived on weed and willowbark for the better part of two months." she gives a wry smile of her own,"Make it work, Reno. And make yourself a back-up plan for if they fuck it up. You're smart, you're a survivor.. that you recognize the possibility in the first place and you aren't just choosing to go 'it's out of my hands'. It's out of my hands too, technically, I'm a Second, I'm so low on the proverbial totem pole that I'm the bit stuck in the dirt. But it doesn't stop me from trying to do what I can. Because if I stand by and do nothing, all the 'I told you so's' in the world isn't going to fix it."

Reno let her go as to not make things unwelcome or cause undue injury. The parallel did make his laugh, "Yeah, who'd have thought I'd ever be in the same choir as a cadet?" That amused him more than any other aspect of it. He thought about her words and a slow nod followed, "Yeah well seems like all our people have large chunks of it that just don't want to gel." He considered how much he just didn't know and asked, "What's a, um, what's Second mean? Like second class citizen?"

"Uh!" Kai disagrees with a raise of her finger,"Ex-cadet. I'll have you know. And I remember the first time I had one of those.. 'ah fuck I'm just like the rest of these guys' moment when we were at skaigeda. It was.. enlightening.. in a disturbing kind of way." she chuckles,"No.. it's a trainee. An apprentice. Basically I suppose you're actually right.. just that I'm a Trikru cadet.. not a Skaikru cadet. I have a trainer, called a First.. that helps prepare me for life as a full-blown Warrior. And when he feels I am ready, he will release me as a Warrior unto my own right.. at which point aside from obeying, in order, my warband leader.. my village leader, the Trikru leader, and the Heda.. I am autonomous. I will have responsibility to help support my village, and they in turn will help support me, but unlike the Ark where it's a dozen layers of paperwork and bosses.. who is in charge is pretty easy to work out."

Reno took a deep breath and let his shoulders slump. "I want that. But with a nice workbench… raspberries. I miss those. And a radio. I need to figure out how to get music back." He looked to Kai and felt a bit revivified by having someone not try to tell him that he's lost his mind. It was by the Ark's social pariah so for better or worse at least someone somewhere was able to assure him he's not gone entirely round the bend. "C'mon. Let's check on those other rabbits, Ms. Super-genes." Commenting back on her ability to heal. "I just wanna build something that will stay. I told Jumar I won't build us a forge and I won't help build weapons… I dunno how well that's flying, but ya know, if I'm gonna get ostracized at least it'll be fore doing what's right to make this work?"

"I'm sure if we ask around, someone will know where to go hunt raspberries." Kai opines,"Presuming that they didn't just take the stores in the Mountain and wont be growing them at Alpha or Coesbur soon. But a radio? A radio would need something for it to tune in to. Trikru sing, and play drums, they make their own music. Some of it's really sad, but some of it's not." she shrugs her shoulders, then pauses to dip off into the bushes,"Go into carpentry. Or stonework, then. There's Que, and Fayet, they're both Makers in those kinds of fields, though Que makes weapons.. Fayet, as far as I know, does not. But.. yeh. Granted, I'm not a fan of Beckinson in general. But well.. when they let me lift.. it's nice to help build stuff with the village, y'know? Even if I'm just.. dumb labor."

Reno chuckled, with the lop-sided grin falling more naturally, "Kai, you're not just a dumb laborer. Maybe the problem isn't us. Maybe the problem is fear and everyone's inability to listen. Maybe… Maybe it's time to start listening. Maybe me included." He shrugged and wasn't so high and mighty on his dataslate that he'd make himself exempt. Idealistic, yes, but pragmatic at the very least. He bit his lip and shrugged. "I'm good at making things. I mean, better with code and solutions. And sure a radio needs to tap into something, but maybe we can go back and get something to harness the entertainment media. From the mountain there was an entire playback recording of these people trying to do a production. There was dancing and singing and… it was pretty great. Passed the time too. Weird that the grounders have their own art, but I guess everyone likes to celebrate something right?"

"When it comes to building? The dumbest of the dumb. With time, I could probably learn, but right now I'm completely okay with lift this, set that, stack that one over here." Kai grins. The next one's a snare trap, and sure enough there's a rabbit panting frantically at the end of the rope. The grey eyed girl takes her knife from her belt to put an end to it quickly, absently stroking the fur on it's head as she let's it bleed out before moving to take the old parachord from about it's back leg,"Why would it be weird? I'd think it weirder if they didn't, personally. The anthem though.. that shit's haunting. The translation to English loses something from it, I don't think all the words are intended as literal, but so far I haven't gotten any of them to explain the.. feeling behind it. I'm not sure that my Trigedasleng is good enough to understand the explanation, yet."

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