Day 000: Landing Part 2
Summary: Newly landed, discussion boils up as to what to do now that The 100 are on the ground.
Date: 30 April 2016
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The Delinquent Camp, Earth
Outside, in, and around the newly-landed dropship.
Landing Day

Devin's breathing becoming a bit deeper and more rapid as he looks up at Grey then to Quinn at her words. His stomach contracts again as he fights to keep his lunch down as he watches the door fall. As it is fully extended. He slowly starts to move down the ramp, the weight of his role finally becoming evident. He moves down the ramp, closer towards the ground. He shields his eyes from the light outside, wincing a bit. He pauses for a moment at the bottom of the ramp, just one step more to go. He glances back over his shoulder before he takes that last step onto the Earth. He pauses for a moment, looking around. After a moment, his stomach contracts again and he moves to maneuver himself aside the ramp and vomits up his food. As he finishes he wipes his mouth, looking back to up the ramp and gives a thumbs up. "I'm okay." He looks back out at the new world before them and takes in a deep breath of the fresh air. "It's fresh!" He calls out with a huge grin on his face. "THIS PLACE IS OURS, BITCHES!"

Silas watches with wide eyes as the doors come to a hissing open, watching them drop down and out to a ramp, his hands coming over to shield himself from the oncoming, natural light with a squint. Silas grunts as he lets his eyes adjust, blinking a few times as he quietly waits and allows Devin to move out first, watching him before following soon behind. He looks around, his eyes wide as he takes in the smell of pines, stepping out into the green for a moment or two as he takes a few deep breaths. Silas practically twirls as he circles around to get a good look at his surroundings, almost in disbelief- he chuckles a bit, staring before he lets out a bit of laughter, turning as he begins to break into a power walk out towards the woods. He looks around for a bit before he screams, "WOOO~!" and runs out wildly, just having a good ol' time. He still pissed himself, though.

Cookie's eyes are a warm, if currently somewhat glassy, mocha brown. It works with the rest of her hungover look. That doe-eyed gaze blearily blinks several times as it settles, a bit unfocused, on the unfamiliar face of Faolan. "Hey." It's a quiet but amiable greeting. Unthinkingly, she then answers, "Head hurts." Being drunk will do that. "Ass hurts." Hitting Earth with a thud will do that. "Shoulders." Being bruised by straps will do that. Other than that, she seems ok.

"I'm Cookie." And also friendly, evidently. Instinctively, she sniffs. "Who puked?"

Fiona winces at the damage undertaken by Frankie, but there's not a lot at the moment she can do about it. She hears the doors opening, and gently touching the prone girl's shoulder, murmurs, "I'll be right back with help." As she straightens, a waft of fresh air breezes through the dropship, and unable to help herself, Fiona heads toward the door in wonder. She's never smelled air like this before.

"It'll be fine. Sit down a bit, relax." He has a calmly voice, and his blu eyed stare is earnest.

Having unstrapped Cookie, Faolan looks forwards towards Grey, then towards Morgan. He weighs the risks and the immediate needs. "I'll be right with you. I'm sure this one'll help in the mean time." The Cookie, while he trudges and pushes and brawls this way through the increasing crowd of Delinquents by the doors so that he can join Grey and Quinn in maintaining some sort of order. Stampedes ain't to be fucked around with. "Calm! Let's all just stay fucking calm and go one and one!" This from the guy who'd been laughing like a nut-job through out their descent like he half wanted to die a fiery death. Still, he has a decent amount of guard-authority in his voice. Which is you know, also a tone most delinquents hate.

Grey may have held his breath when the door opened. Some part of him knows that it probably wouldn't have helped if it was irradiated outside. Most of him doesn't care. So when he does breath, it comes in a little gasp. A gasp that smells like something besides ozone, metal, and feet. I mean, those are all there, along with vomit and fear-sweat, but there's something green too. He's also squinting out, shading his eyes with his metal-filled hand. As soon as Devin is on the ground, Grey steps out onto the ramp, letting the first couple of people — Max, Silas, a few others — out too. Beyond them, the world opens up into a small clearing, surrounded by second-growth trees. Ferns fill the clearing, green and lush. Behind the bulk of the dropship, the vegetation is burned and smouldering from their landing. Grey nods to Quinn and Faolan, "Okay, we got our first couple. I don't think we'll have a stampede. I'm out." And he hops down off the side of the ramp, crouching down to grab a handful of duff and letting it slide through his fingers, "Holy shit…"

"Like, everyone," is Jia's reply to Cookie, about 'who puked.' She seems pretty apt to follow Faolan's instructions. In the absence of any other instructions, maybe they're sort of comforting.

Before blame starts to get thrown around Zoe is out the door. Screw listening to the rules and waiting for others. Zoe heads right out, covering her eyes as she stares up at the sun. Totally standing in the middle of the entryway, too. People are gonna bump into her. After a few good jostles the girl heads out and… yep. Walks straight forward, towards the trees. In an Earth-stupor.

Once it's clear that Devin didn't instantly keel over, Max heads down the ramp as well, with less fanfare and more getting out of the way, boots hitting the ground with a thud as he exits off the other side of the ramp from where Devin puked, looking out into the trees. Trees. It just goes on.. and on. For a moment he's a bit overwhelmed and just stands there staring, until his eyes look up to the sky. Sure, space went on and on.. but you never touched it, never breathed it in, never felt it. This was entirely surreal. Eventually, he manages to get a grip on himself and walks out further toward the trees, turning in a slow circle.

When Fiona heads for the door Quinn gives her a warning look, "Everyone go calmly." She informs those still inside, her voice pitched to be heard without any obvious lingering tones of shouting. She shifts to the side, letting Fiona go since she was already heading that direction, clearly ready to stay and make sure that the exit does remain orderly…in a way. No one's getting stomped to death by a rampage, hopefully.

Morgan looks over Cookie then glances after Faolan. Hrm. "Okay" he says to Cookie. "I need something for splints. Get me two pieces of anything solid and straight. Arms from chairs, broken metal, anything. As a last resort, maybe wood from outside. Except it might be radioactive and that would be very bad." Then again, if everything outside is radioactive, they're fucked anyway.

As Ruth wasn't in the front of the crowd, she doesn't get to see the fanfare of Devin's large step for Ark-kind, but she and the others obviously hear his cry. As those near the back start to jostle forward, she breathes a sharp curse and careens into the person in front of her. Her hand rests against the side of her head all the while as though she's nursing the headache to end all headaches. "Ohhh. Shit. Slow down…" She ends up outside more as accident than purpose. Immediately, she starts stepping back into the ship with a swift shake of her head. "Let me back in."

Devin lets out a laugh as the others race past him onto the ground while he stands in his place, looking around. It's not every day your dream comes true. He looks to Grey as he bends down to touch the earth and follows suit. He reaches down and picks up a handful of dirt, a smile on his lips before he shoves the dirt into a pocket. He stands back up and looks around again, watching everyone before he realizes that they are not on a mountain. He looks confused before he makes his way to Grey. "Do you know how far from Mount Weather we are?" He asks. "We're not on a mountain."

Safety be damned at this point. Zoe disappears into the trees. She might get eaten by a bear and never be seen again. Odds are the other 97 delinquents aren't so lucky. Zoe, exit stage right.

There is no returning to the dropship, not in the face of the flood of humanity that pours out when the ex-Cadet gates are loosed. One can almost hear 'Radioactive' playing in everyone's head. Or maybe it's just that for the first time in their lives, there are presumably no adults within a mile. It doesn't take all that long for 98 anxious teenagers to get out of a door that comfortably fits three at a time, however.

Grey stays crouched down, looking around in wonder as the dirt sifts through his fingers. He looks to Devin when the smaller teen speaks to him, "We're not?" He didn't even notice they weren't on a mountain, apparently. Then he gives a little laugh, shaking his head, "Hell if I care, man. Jaha can blow me. Or he could if he could get his ass down here." And then he leans over, starting to scratch at the wall of the dropship by the door with the scrap of metal he picked up. One long line, then a shorter perpendicular… yeah, he's scratching 'LG' into the dropship.

By now, Silas is off practically hugging trees, touching bark and some flora- jerking his hand back occasionally for some plants as if he expects them to jump out and bite. He doesn't seem entirely concerned about the fact that they definitely aren't on a mountain. He's like a little kid in a petting zoo- not that he exactly knows what one of those is. He's just frankly amazed at what he's experiencing right now. He squints at the sun as he feels its heat beat down upon him- and he looks around as he takes in the scenery, bringing himself to a halt not too far away from the camp before he just plops down into the grass, lying down and feeling it as he stares upward. "This… This is fucking amazing." he murmurs to himself, before shouting it out again louder for everyone else. "This place is fucking amazing!"

Devin frowns slightly at Grey's reaction to his question before he looks around the area for a few moments before he starts towards the direction of the highest ground he can find, trying to get a sense of where they are and where the mountain that was talked about is at. If there's food, he wants to get to it.

Though Devin was the first one to step on Earth, Ruth is likely the first one to taste it. Disorientation finally gets the best of her and she finds herself mostly laying flat on the ground, knees buckling and everything. She seems happier that way, strangely enough, and doesn't attempt to rise again. "I did that on purpose," she claims to no one in particular.

"That's sucks," Cookie quietly croaks to Jia, which sounds kind of funny because her voice dwells in higher octaves. "It was a great party, though." She frowns a little then as her fuzzy brainmeats register Jia's face. "Oh, hey!" A winsome grin is flashed. "They let you out early?" No, wait. That's not right. "Did they let me out?" Several beats are filled with silence and followed with uncertainty. "/Was/ I arrested?" Yes. Yes, you were, niblet. Whatever. "Hey." That was said already, but this time it's warmer and softer. "Great to see you. How've you been?" Priorities, yo.

"They were /going/ to let me out next month," Jia grouses to Cookie. Bitterly. Her appeal has been swapped out for something else. "I've been…I mean. I guess I'm not dead? Yay?" It's not a very enthusiastic 'yay.' "They didn't let us out. We're on…Earth." She says the word like she can scarcely believe it's real. She's far from the first one out, shuffling along with the throng of humanity, but her mouth opens in a hiccup as she inhales the air of the place. Real, non-recycled air.

As most everyone seems to be heading out, or already out, Quinn eases up on her vigilance, moving in the direction of Morgan and Frankie now that the risk of someone getting trampled has passed. "You need some help here?" She wonders, her hands tucking into the pockets of her jacket, eyes scanning to make sure those that linger, or are currently exiting do so safely.

The longer it is that people seem to be moving about without exploding or being attacked by flying monkeys, the more confident Max becomes about moving away from the ship itself, surveying the immediate area around it. Hands in his pockets, he begins a slow stroll, spiralling outward as he does so, around the ship. Fascination with the surroundings seems to have taken precedence over any sort of paying attention to what's going on with the others, at least for the moment.

Morgan looks at Quinn appraisingly before answering. "Splints." Cookie's obviously not in any condition to wander around looking for them. "Two pieces of whatever. Sturdy. Straight. And someone strong. Preferably before she wakes up cause this is going to hurt like hell. Also something sharp to cut shirts with."

Hanne is shyly stepping down the ramp, with her gaze moving around with wild fascination. She is too busy staring up at the sky to notice anyone, and that is going to be bad luck when she trips slightly and tumbles right into Grey. She just keeps falling downward, and unless caught, she'll end up in the dirt and moss, blinking blearily through the canopy of hardwoods and evergreens.

<FS3> Grey rolls Finesse + Finesse: Great Success.

Quietly taking a fistful of green grass into his hands, he grunts as he stands up and onto his feet before he looks around. He quietly stares, still shocked and in disbelief- "This is fuckin' /earth/." he says to himself, as though he's trying to convince himself of the very obvious fact. "I'm on fucking earth right now." he says as he looks over to some of the trees, picking at some of the bark with n particular goal in mind before he steadily looks around to come to cup his hands over his eyes as a visor, further looking around at the scenery of his surroundings.

Quietly taking a fistful of green grass into his hands, he grunts as he stands up and onto his feet before he looks around. He quietly stares, still shocked and in disbelief- "This is fuckin' /earth/." he says to himself, as though he's trying to convince himself of the very obvious fact. "I'm on fucking earth right now." he says as he looks over to some of the trees, picking at some of the bark with n particular goal in mind before he steadily looks around to come to cup his hands over his eyes as a visor, further looking around at the scenery of his surroundings.

"Might be hard, but I'll see what can be done." Quinn replies, turning on a heel to begin heading for the exit herself, hands still tucked into her pockets. She steps out on the ramp, glancing around before she spots Max and she begins to head in that direction to enlist his help in things.

Grey shrugs at Devin's frown, still working on that scraping. He has to stop every couple of seconds to unclamp his fingers from the edges of the shard, however, so it's a little slow. He's going to persevere though. Someone else can be the first one off the dropship, the first one to taste Earth, the first one to take a leak on Earth (even if it's in their pants), the first one to hug a tree, and the first one to find a stinging nettle (won't that be fun…), but he's going to be the first one to claim the dropship. And then there's a girl in his lap. Or on his head. Close enough, even if it's not nearly as pleasant. He drops the shard of metal as she sprawls into him, tumbling backwards. He manages to neatly avoid skewering her on the almost-sharp piece of metal, knocking anything solid into anything else solid, or knocking anything hard into anything soft. It's a minor miracle, really. Still, he ends up on his back with Hanne atop him. "Welcome to the Ground."

"That's a bummer," Cookie commiserates with Jia, a little sloppily trying to loop one arm around the shorter party girl in a friendly side-hug. "But being alive is great," she emphatically grins, for she has a lust for life.

To the rest, she seems incredulous. "Earth?" Beat. "For real?" In all fairness, she's also not sober. Thankfully, she's still able to get on her feet and slowly shuffle out, alongside Jia. As the meaning of what she's been told sinks in with every footstep, Miss Baker starts to slag, until she woozily needs to steady herself. Alas, she's kind of being herded like cattle, which helps move her along now that her logs really don't want to cooperate.

Finally, with great force of will, Ruth finds herself turned onto her back so she can stare up at the sky. If anything, her expression turns even greener than it did on the ship. "Look." She heaves and spits a clot of dirt to the side, drawing herself up onto her elbows. "That's the fucking sky."

"It's so unfair!" Jia whines to Cookie some more. "I didn't even do anything! The stuff I fell on wasn't even hard to fix! And how is peeing in a closet even a crime! The body has needs! Hey! What are you doing here, anyway?" Like it just suddenly dawned on her that Cookie must've also been imprisoned, to now be a part of this. She takes Cookie's arm to loop with hers numbly. It's nice to have someone, anyone, to lean on right now. Her eyes trail up, up, up, when Ruth mentions the sky. Jaw just hanging slack as she takes it in.

This is not even the most attractive way to end up sprawled on someone as Hanne is more or less pressing her back into Grey's chest and is flopped all haphazardly and sideways. "Ow," she says. Then she starts to get up, rolling and sitting in a rather slumped manner, like a ragdoll being propped up and flopped over itself. She looks at Grey. "Thanks," she says in a tight voice that is more because her chest hurts and less because of emotional reasons. She looks around at the ground and moss surrounding her, and then back around the thick mass of tress. "This shouldn't be possible," she croaks.

Max glances over as Quinn approaches, slowing his pace as she comes up to join him and he bumps his shoulder against hers. "What's up?" She has that look, that look that says that he is about to be shanghaied into doing something or another.

"I need splints for the kid that busted up her leg." Quinn tilts her head back towards the dropship, "Something straight, and strong. You help me find something that'll work?"

It would appear that Cookie has reached commiseration capacity. (Sorry, Jia!) She's also reached the end of her capacity to remain upright. (Sorry, again, Jia!) Eyes wide, breath quickened, and expression all around frantic, the girl now takes her moment to freak the fuck out, tears starting to well, then flow, until she is quietly sobbing in the way only someone a bit drunk and utterly heartbroken can.

Silas quietly stares around, taking in the sight of the forest surrounding the clearing. He wears a small smirk on his face as he stares for a moment, taking in his sights before he blinks and allows it to slightly fade. He quietly looks back and up towards the sky, squinting at where he guesses they came in from. He stares for a moment before he comes to the realization that his situation isn't the greatest. "Fuck…" he says for a moment, his brows furrowing as he looks around, before wandering and eyeing for anything of interest to try and get his mind off of rising concerns.

When Ruth finally sits up fully, she looks a bit more grounded (ha-ha) in reality, her headache nursed with circular motions of her head directed at her temple. "Mmm. I'm thirsty. Hungry. Does anyone else want to look for something edible?" Her hazel eyes pan to those nearby as she struggles to her feet.

Morgan eventually gets Frankie's leg splinted and then follows the others out. He stands at the ship's exit to just look around and takes everything in.

Grey presses up on Hanne's back to help get her sitting up… and mostly to get her off of him. "Ow," he agrees. Once she's up, he stretches his chest and shoulders, working out the bruises added to the ones already on his face and leg. "Yeah, wasn't there something about radioactive for a hundred more years?" Curling up to a seated position, he seeks out his metal blade again, finishing off the last section of the 'G' and then tucking the shard of metal into the back of his waistband. He looks around the tiny clearing, where teens are frolicking, crying, laughing, screaming, and pretty much every possible emotional reaction, "This is seriously screwed up." Ruth's comment about food draws his attention, and he shrugs, "Cargo Bay looked pretty empty when we came in. Might be something in there though. What's dirt taste like, anyhow?" Yeah, apparently he saw her biff it, even if she 'meant to.'

Jia pats Cookie's shoulder numbly. There, there. It's probably not very comforting. She's too stunned to be particularly reassuring, toes scuffing the dirt. The real, genuine dirt. "Whoa, fuck, we're on Earth…" she murmurs to herself. It's going to be awhile before she can summon up anything more coherent than that.

"Yeah, sure," Max says to Quinn when she comes up and asks him to help her find material for splints. He looks around into the trees and says, "Come on…" He's not very long-winded at all, a few words at a time are pretty typical for Max, but he doesn't hesitate to help. Making his way out into the trees he begins to hunt about for some branches, just long enough and just thick enough around so they will be stable but not so cumbersome as she couldn't get around.

"It still could be." Morgan says, looking over at Grey. "It takes a while for radiation to kill someone. Or even to cause blisters. We could all be exposed to a lethal amount already. In which case we're fucked so we might as well ignore the possibility and assume we're okay. We'll find out in a few days." Or even before that.

"Are you stupid?" Ruth comments snidely, drawing herself to her full height. It slightly surpasses males of average height, though intimidation is obviously not her strong suit after the display. "Jaha said that they didn't give us any supplies. No medical, nothing. We have to do this on our own. It's just us." This seems to empower her, some, a slow grin beginning to form. "It's just us." For the moment, she doesn't even seem to care about Grey's quip.

No, it really isn't comforting, Jia, but points for trying. Speaking of the dirt, Cookie has since found her ass planted on it, arms looped around tented knees to draw her legs into a huddle while she continues to cry for a small while.

And off they go to find splints as needed. It doesn't take long, then they are brought back, splinting is done, and Quinn and Max are then free to explore. Quinn's exploration includes finding herself a place to sit near the dropship, and just lounge. No venturing out fo her just yet.

"That's the spirit," Hanne says to Morgan when he chimes in. Oh look, the nerd can crack a joke. That was a joke, right? She remains seated on the ground, looking around with those big, brown-green eyes — eyes that could suddenly be described as mossy brown now that she knows what that color looks like. Then she exhales, and starts to look around almost suspiciously. Something Devin said clicks in her brain. "We're not on a mountain…" She starts to haul herself to her feet, and repeats. "We're not on a mountain."

Silas after a while comes poking around out- and in the nick of time. "I don't really see any food around here, guys.." he says with furrowed brows, looking around for a moment or two before he looks to Ruth and Grey. "Didn't Jaha say something about a mountain? We're not on a mountain." he says soon after Hanne as he looks around, "A-and he said the supplies we needed were on the mountain." he says with a glance to Ruth as he barely heard the bit she said. "Uhh- should we try and climb up a tree and get our bearings? Do we even know what this mountain looks like?" he asks, his voice becoming increasingly worried and agitated- as well as louder.

Jia also plunks herself down in the dirt. Which is where she'll stay for a good long while, staring slack-jawed at the PLANET EARTH around her. Her fingers go to touch the dirt, stirring it up, drawing little swirls and stick-figure-level pictures in it. None of it's very productive, but she also doesn't cause any problems, and she'll stick with the group. To help with the 'not dying' thing right away.

"Real pick-me-up, Doc." Grey's own response to Hanne is propelled by a good deal more sneer, but he shrugs it off, "Hey, we're dead or we aren't. Until we are, I'm gonna act like we aren't." Ruth's snide commentary draws his head around more quickly, and one hand comes up to his mouth, the ex-Cadet nibbling at one corner of his thumbnail as he studies his verbal attacker. "Blow me, dirt-eater," is finally what he comes up with. "Not everyone on the Ark's a jackhole like Jaha." Hauling himself back up the side of the ramp, he looks to Hanne and Silas next, "Well, if the mountain's close by, we should totally go get some food. If not, I bet there's something else to eat out there. I mean, we're in the middle of a damned forest," that's amazing enough as it is, "There must be something edible out here close by, right?"

Many tears and some sniffling later, Cookie finally settles down enough to lay down, curled up, to sleep off her hangover.

As soon as Grey makes his point clear, Ruth's eyes widen some and she starts at a lope back to the dropship, stumbling over her feet at least once. "Great!" she calls back, waving her hand dismissively. "I'll look for some supplies inside, and you can handle looking for them outside," she easily directs Grey and those deliberating the mountain situation at hand. She seems well-satisfied with her own delegated task.

Max returns with Quinn with the splints and sets about helping getting them in place before he wanders out as well. When she plunks herself down somewhere to lounge, he stands nearby, for the moment just watching everyone as they move around from here to there at random. The mention of the lack of mountain, that draws his attention, suddenly realizing that it does seem remarkably flat where they are. "There's probably plants we can eat. Nuts. Fruit. Until we find more."

"Very big and rocky, I'd assume." Morgan comes down off the ship and kneels to run his hand over the ground. "Someone might be able to see it if they climbed a tree." It's not going to be him.

"Maybe.." Quinn replies, glancing around at the trees before she looks up to where Max is standing, "You going to stand there, or sit?" Evidently she's not going to waste effort in running around being productive at the moment. If ever.

Bringing his hands over, he shakes his head rather adamantly, "No no- we're not in the area for any viable fruits or anything I don't think." he says, blinking as he quietly looks around as he lowers his hands down to his side. "Nuts wont last us for long with our numbers, and we'll need a steady source of water- clean water. And do we even plan on staying here? Cause if we are- we should find a area to make tools and stuff. We'll need—" he begins and eventually trips on his tongue before he just asks aloud, "What the fuck are we doing?"

Grey watches Ruth scurry off back into the dropship, right past him at the top of the ramp. Shaking his head, he notes, "Me, I want to see if there's something alive that we can eat. I've never had meat, but it sounds good." Silas' words cause him to laugh, and he gestures around the clearing where teens are running this way and that, slipping away in pairs, trying to remember how to start a fire from their Earth Studies classes, and basically creating utter chaos. "You want to try to move this bunch anywhere? We're free for the first time in our lives."

"Free." Morgan agrees. "Mostly. I want to get this damn bracelet off and then I'll be free." Free of their surveillance. "Anyone got something sharp?" There was a lot of banging during their descent so he looks up at the ship to see if there's anything obviously damaged he might be able to use.

Max shrugs his shoulders and then plunks himself down on the ground next to Quinn, settling himself crosslegged with his elbows resting on his knees, hunched over a bit and just taking in the air and watching people, content to do that, for the moment anyway. There will be time for activity and action, but now that the injured have been taken care of, he takes a little time to just take it all in.

"Like- I'm not saying we go back to the Ark. Fuck the Ark… My parents are there, but they can stay there for all I care- as long as they're safe." says Silas, furrowing his brows. "I say, we go to Mount Weather, take the supplies- get these fucking wristbands off us and we go off the radar." he adds. His left hand motioning over towards where he things Mount Weather is. Any short investigation would prove Mount Weather is nowhere near that area. "There's guarantee'd to be stuff there- it's out best bet. We get ourselves armed or whatever and we take what we need and we go and find a more…" Silas quietly brings himself to a pause, letting his eyes travel around his surroundings with furrowed brows, "A place with better chances of food." he simply finishes, looking back to Grey. "Cause I don't think even a quarter of these folks will know where to start looking for food… Even I'm having some trouble thinking where to start- and now I'm regretting focusing on the Crocodile Bunbee shit." Not quite, Silas, but good effort on that reference.

Grey pulls out the shard of metal from the back of his belt at Morgan's query. It's not… sharp per se, but it's not exactly blunt either. "Need to get somethin' on the handle, kinda hurts to use it. Might be somethin' for prying in there. But you sure you wanna take it straight off? The thing hurts like a bitch, I don't know that I wanna pull those things out of my skin." Shaking his left arm, with the bracelet on it, out, he shrugs, "Me, i want to know how far away Mount Weather is. If it's close, we might as well go today. If it's too far away though, we're just stuck with what we can find here. What the hell's a Crocadile Bunbee, anyhow?"

"I was right," Ruth claims with some measure of self-importance as she moves out of the dropship with extreme care, as though tender all over. After their shared descent, this isn't entirely unbelievable. "No food. We're gonna have to look for some outside the ship. But I did find this." She gives a wave of her hand above her head. In it is clutched a tightly-folded paper. "It's a map. According to the map, there's a river nearby." She adds, as an afterthought, "Like, you know, water. I'm still damned thirsty."

Max turns his hand over in front of him, looking at the metal bracelet on his wrist. He'd forgotten it was there. It wasn't comfy going on, but now that it's just sitting there, he doesn't bother to mess with it much, tugging his sleeve down over it a bit. He has no idea what they're talking about as far as crocodiles go, so he doesn't comment, just glancing from one to the other. "I can climb up and look." He pulls himself up off the ground and then wanders over to one of the trees, looking up at it thoughtfully, and then opts to give it a try.

<FS3> Max rolls Athletics: Success.

"I don't want them spying on me or looking over my shoulder." Morgan states. "It's coming off." Somehow. He lifts his hand to get a better look at the bracelet. His inspection is interrupted by Ruth's arrival and what she says. "A map? Let's see. Does it show the mountain and where we are?" Why else would they put it on the ship.

Silently looking over, Silas glances to Ruth as he lets his right brow rise- just as he's about to get into the nitty gritty about Crocodile Bunbee. "Really? We have a river nearby? That's… That's very good." he says, relaxing somewhat as he looks around. "We have water- if we can get food we may not need to immediately go to Mount Weather- speaking of which…" he says, looking around and back to Ruth, pointing towards the map, "Does that show how close Mount Weather is?" he asks, and glances back to Grey. "Uh, Crocodile Bunbee is like- this old world movie about an Australian guy who uh… I think beat the shit out of Crocodiles. I don't really remember, I only read it somewhere." he says truthfully with a shrug, before looking back to Ruth in hope of more useful information.

Fiona comes in from the treeline, having meandered away when she was initially overcome by the sensory input of standing on the planet. "There's a mountain range." she reports to anyone who cares to listen, and points back from the direction she came. "That way." Whether it's the right mountain range, though..

Max manages to pull himself up into the tree and begins hoisting himself up. It's slow going, but he manages to get up off the ground and into the lower branches with little difficulty. The higher that he goes, however, the more complicated it becomes, weaving between the smaller branches until he gets to a position where he stops and looks out over the tops of the trees and between them in order to try and get some bearings. "I can see it from here," he says, loud enough to be heard on the ground, but still not particularly loudly. He points in the same general direction as Fiona. Then he looks over to Ruth, "There's more than one. How many peaks near Mt. Weather?"

"Well," Ruth starts, unfolding the map and holding it out to Morgan before carefully sliding back and away, moving towards the treeline. "See for yourself. I'm not a cartographer." She bats her hair somewhat carelessly behind her shoulders and sniffs delicately. "Don't ask /me/ all these questions."

"Also, it's not like we know exactly where we landed. I'm not an astrologist, either. Someone else can do their thing and read the stars to find our destiny or whatever" The sharp-featured girl looks from face to face challengingly, the corner of her mouth curled just so. "I'm going to go find something to eat."

Silas quietly looks around and among the folks present, staring for a second or two before he brings hands over open palmed as he begins to step away. "I'm… Gonna go look around for that river- so you guys just figure something out and I'll come hear what you've got." he says, turning and slinking off towards the tree line before passing by and into the forest.

Grey gestures to Max as he offers to climb the tree, shrugging helplessly, "Have fun." The return of Ruth with the map causes him to nod, "Map. Right. Let's see how far we are." He hops off the edge of the ramp again, then pats the ramp to suggest that it get spread out there, "Water would be real good though. I ain't so thirsty now, but I bet the ones who ralphed are gettin' mighty bad." Silas' description causes him to tilt his head to one side, "That's… odd, man." Looking over the map, the group can spot that they're… well… they're like twenty-plus kilometers away from Mount Weather, which is neatly labeled on the map. Their own location can be determined by looking at the other nearby hills and mountains, as well as Max's spotting from the tree.

Morgan goes over to look at the map once it's down. "Well, we're not getting there tonight that's for sure. Or tomorrow. Maybe not the day after either. Which means we need to find food and water here." Makes him wish he paid more attention in the survival classes.

"Probably about two days." suggests Fiona. "Walk for a day, camp, and by the end of the next, you'd get there. If my math is right." She frowns absently, noting, "How many wounded are there besides the girl whose straps broke?"

Max calls down what he can see from the trees to those with the map to try and assist them in getting their bearings. There's a couple of peaks in one direct, three near one another in another direction. There seems to be a break in the tree line that might indicate a river. He points in the direction of each thing he is able to see to those with the map, and answers whatever questions they send up to him from his position, so that they can triangulate and figure out where they are, acting as eyes.

<FS3> Hanne rolls Wit + Wit: Good Success.
<FS3> Grey rolls Wit + Wit: Good Success.
<FS3> Morgan rolls Wit+wit: Great Success.

"Two days?" Morgan sounds dubious. "You have a lot of experience walking through forests? I don't. Not to mention…" He gestures at the majority of teens who are frolicking like ten year olds on a camp hike. "Plus we're going to start getting very hungry soon. And weaker if we don't eat. It might be best if only a smaller number of us go while most stay behind. The one with the broken leg, especially."

Grey lets the others do most of the work with figuring out the map, then shrugs, "I say we totally loot the hell out of Mount Weather, but we do it later. We aren't gonna be able to control all of these people unless we get scary as hell anyhow. I figure I'll do my thing, find a good Ee-Ess," Earth Studies, "nerd to point me in the direction of some food to gather, or help me find out if there's anything to hunt. Gonna need somethin' to hunt with too, spears, maybe. After I sharpen this thing," he pats the small of his back, "up and get a handle on it." Looking to Fiona, he shrugs again, "Dunno about wounded, but the two idiots floating around didn't look so good."

"Reliable food and water will need to be secured before we hike too far from the dropship," Hanne agrees as she hangs back behind everyone like a little shadow. Then she steps forward, starting to peek around Grey to look at the map that has been spread out across the ramp. She squints at it. "Mount Weather is due west, nearly." She looks up to where Max has been indicating, and her senses kind of click. "That's north." She points almost perfectly north, and then east, and then south. "Alright." Then she blinks. "Why would you need weapons? I highly doubt there's any animal life, and if there is, I imagine it is mostly small predators and prey who barely survived the fallout."

"That," she gestures as Mogan does to those who are still poncing about, "Has little to do with the relative distance. But you're right about sending a small group to start." Stepping closer, Fiona says to Grey, "Pretty sure those two are dead, but I was busy with the girl with the broken leg. If no one else has looked at her yet, I think I know someone who can." Tugging at her hair in thought, she asks, "If there's no wildlife to hunt, and nothing to fish from any nearby water-sources, what are we going to get enough of to feed all of us? I don't think we can get enough just from gathering anything edible in the surrounding woods."

When it seems that those on the ground have sorted out the map, or at least bearings, from what help he could give, Max begins to shimmy back down the tree, no faster than he went up. Eventually, he makes it down to the low branches and then just kind of settles onto one, sitting there, a bit above Quinn and behind her, hands resting on the branch and legs dangling from it as he listens to the conversations of those below. "We splinted her leg," he says to Fiona when she asks about the girl with the broken leg.

"Yeah, those two are definitely dead. We should salvage what we can from what they're wearing then bury them." Morgan suggests. They aren't close enough to desperate to consider eating the dead. "The broken leg has been splinted. If she stays off of it, she should be okay but I don't know how good it'll heal out here."

Grey smiles toothily at Hanne, "Yeah, but we're a bunch of criminals here. Havin' a weapon in my hand'll make me feel better." The direction trick causes him to quirk an eyebrow, "Wait… how the heck do you know that?" He nods to Fiona, accepting her diagnosis of the two dead ones without question. He looks over the map, "Well, this map says there's a big river up, uh…" he glances to Hanne, "Northeast. The Pato-mack. I think I'm gonna see if I can get a handle for this thing." Again, he pats the small of his back where his proto-knife is.

"I only barely started my medical training," Hanne admits. She chews a bit at her lower lip. "I could probably help, but… Evie would be a better bet." Then she exhales, her shoulders seeming heavy despite her little, thinned frame. She glances over at Grey when he mentions the weapon, and the reasons, and she looks a little cautious then. When Grey asks over her sudden understanding of directions, she frowns. "Well, if that is west," she points to where Mount Weather is, "the map compass suggests where the other directions fall." Then she nods slightly at the mention of the river. "Rivers mean water."

"And we can survive for a while without food. But not very long without water." Fiona points out. "So maybe send a few people should go collect what we can from the river? Maybe see if there's edible veg and fungi along the way."

"We need containers to hold the water." Morgan points out. "Until we find some, everyone should go and drink their fill." He glances up at the sky and adds "Before it gets dark. Obviously, the girl with the broken leg can't go so finding something to carry some water in is a priority."

"There's got to be a few supplies in the ship," Max says from his perch in the tree. "Not a lot, since they figured we'd be near the mountain. But there's a map, so there's probably a few other basics." He jumps down from the branch with a thud and then begins to wander back toward the ship, apparently on a salvage mission to go root around in compartments and see if there's anything usable.

Grey pushes himself back up onto the ramp and looks into the dropship's cargo bay, "Huh… that other girl said there wans't anything in here, but there's like… two thirds of a box of ration bars. The good stuff. Should even keep us hydrated for a little bit. Don't know how long they'll last for a hundred people though." He brings the bars out, not even bothering to pocket one of them for himself. "Well, I suppose it's ninety-eight people now." Max can probably spot another one or two of the ration bars scattered around, but otherwise it's just wreckage. No blankets, no tents, no nothing.

"Who said they wanted us near the mountain?" Morgan asks. "There's not enough supplies there for the entire Ark so us getting there doesn't help them in any way. But us having to walk there while they monitor us?" He holds up his wrist to display the bracelet on it. "That helps them. I bet they planned exactly this. The more of us that die, the more they learn. That's why I want the damn thing off of me. We shouldn't be helping them unless it's on our terms."

"One thing at a time, maybe?" Fiona interjects, looking between Grey and Morgan. "We've got a ton of problems that we need solutions for, and if we get caught up in too many at once, nothing will get done. So essentials first, right?" Tugging on the hem of her jacket she offers, "We could spend say, half an hour to scrounge for or jury-rig at least one water tight container, and then people to the river in groups. That way we don't leave the injured abandoned and the dropship entirely empty. While people wait for their turn to go, we can keep scrounging. What do you think?"

Ruth wanders back to the clearing (as it likely can't be called a camp as of yet), her face freshly washed of the blood that had been caked on it earlier from an unfortunate nosebleed. Invigorated by her jaunt, she grins ear-to-ear and approaches the group huddled in survival discussion.

Up to this point, Asher hasn't interjected much. After the landing he'd staggered off a ways to go puke, and look around. Those things handled, he moves back towards the dropship and apparently into something of an argument. That interests him less than finding something he can make a knife or axe of some sort out of. He didn't listen much in Earth Studies, so he doesn't really know what to expect here. That being said, a weapon is never a bad idea. He hadn't really noticed the wounded before, and glances to Fiona then to Grey, "We find any food in there?" He hasn't spotted the ration bars yet.

When the ship landed, Silver went outside long enough to determine that they were nowhere near where they were supposed to be, then promptly went back inside the ship to see just what was there. And likely to steer clear of whatever craziness might happen outside once everyone realizes they're not exactly being supervised. Clearly she has limited faith in her compatriots. But then again, she's never been much for the group. "On the up side, it doesn't look like the drop ship is going to explode," she announces.

Grey looks over to Morgan, his brows raising in sudden thought, "Huh. That's… just about the right amount of twisted." Crouching over the map again, he notes to Fiona, "I don't know that we're gonna get anyone organized to do anything, not until they're starvin' or dry as space. Organization… yeah, not likely to happen." Looking to Asher, he nods, "Couple of ration bars, Two thirds of a pack or something. The girl who looked before," he spots Ruth approaching, then points, "Her. Must've missed 'em earlier. Not enough for more than a day or so for everyone." He shrugs, "Tell you what though. I'm gonna sharpen up my new knife, and see if I can't cut loose the parachutes. Gotta be useful, for closing off the door here, maybe for tents, or carrying stuff. Y'all decide if you want to go get water or what, have fun with that."

Morgan nods to Fiona. "Yeah, we've got time. If nothing else, if everyone carefully opens the rations, we can use the wrappers to hold water. Enough to get some carried back for Frankie." She's been Boxed longer than him so they've run into each other. He looks over as others return. "Did you see anything that looks loose?" he asks Silver. "We need things that can be made into weapons and metal is better than wood. Try to get the cords free too." he suggests to Grey. "Rope or whatever they are will come in useful."

"There's a pond not too far from here," Ruth states once she's within earshot, gesturing in the general direction of 'away'. She has eyes only for the sky, though, her fingers pressing down at her hair to keep the breeze from chasing it into her eyes. "The sky is changing," she claims, hands then coming to rest on her hips with mouth slightly agape at the sight. "I mean, yeah, it's blue, with clouds… and it's a sky, but…" Clearly, her priorities are straight. fixed

A smirk is offered to Morgan as he suggests anyone where carefully opening rations and organizing things. "He's right…" Asher states, pointing to Grey, "You aint gettin everyone to do anything right now. You want to do something, just start doing it. You use up all the food on some crazy ass plan, I'll beat the piss out of you, and I doubt I'd be the only one." Asher then pulls out a piece of scrap metal he must have picked up from the crash when he first exited and a rock he likely found when he went looking around. Apparently he has the same notion as Grey, start sharpening a weapon.

"Did I get the name of the thing right? Pond? River? I really hated Earth Studies." Ruth's expression is something of a deadpan, though a smirk follows the words. "But it's not THAT far. I'll probably try to actually reach it later when, uh, I have company." She keeps her self-assured expression, even with this admission.

"There's some loose stuff, but the fact that we didn't catch on fire and explode during reentry is sort of due to that thing's ability not to fall apart," Silver shrugs to Morgan, glancing back over her shoulder. "With the right work on the right stress points, sure. You could break some of the pieces off. You'd probably have better luck disassembling some of the seats and harness systems, though. And then the seats could be useful out there, and there'd be more floor space for people to sleep inside."

Grey shrugs at Morgan's suggestion, "Yeah, we'll need the cord for all sorts of things. And there's plenty of…" he gestures around the inside of the dropship, "…stuff up there." Silver's suggestions get another nod, "Seats, seatbelts, wiring if we get desperate. I dunno if the lights work, or if the thing still has power, but I guess the door went down, so that's somethin'…" Speaking of which, he moves over to pull some loose wiring from the wall, stuff that got shredded in the crash and isn't sparking or anything. Once it's free, he starts wrapping it around the 'handle' of his makeshift knife, nodding to Asher, "I'll bring everything back, but I'm keepin' some of it for a tent for me. If I get it, at least some of it's mine." Which is likely to be a common theme in camp, at least for a while. Ruth's news draws a slow nod, "Maybe that's where you can all go looking for water." And then he's off down the ramp, wrapping the wire around the torn metal and headed around to where the parachutes are.

"Just…" Morgan shakes his head at Asher then shrugs. "Opening yours carefully will be smart but whatever." He definitely needs to go scavenge the interior and look for a makeshift knife. Though disassembling a seat for a club sound like a good idea. He's going to need to beat some heads in sooner or later, no doubt.

"Silver," Fiona speaks up, "Glad to see you're okay." The fact that Ruth made it all the way to the river on her own clearly surprises her. "Don't suppose you saw any fish?" It's a long shot, she's sure, given the unlikelihood of animal life. She starts to look around for debris, trying to see if there's any remnants she can jury-rig for water bearing purposes.

"Hey, Fi," Silver smiles faintly at the other girl. "Yeah. I made it through fine. No thanks to the Council," she snorts softly, looking up toward the sky. "Classy move. Dropping a bunch of kids on a radioactive planet with no supplies. After years of telling us we'd be up for review. Real classy."

"Uh. I didn't actually make it all the way over there," Ruth confesses with a shift of her posture and a scuff of her heel into the dirt, fingers combing through her matted hair. "But I heard it. There are so many sounds here. Water was… pretty much the only one I actually recognized." This is voiced solemnly, at odds with the naturally sardonic curl of her mouth. "Isn't it weird? It feels… quiet." She lifts a hand and swishes it through the air as if she means to feel sound, or lack thereof. "A hum at the back of my thoughts, gone. Was that the Ark?"

"Welcome to your review…" Asher offers with a smirk as he scrapes the edge of the scrap metal against a stone. He keeps that up for a bit, glancing to Morgan and shrugging. He looks to Ruth as she continues to describe the water source. "You know your way back there?" While he's not overly interested in water containers, actual water is very interesting.

"Power systems on the Ark, most likely yeah." says Fiona distractedy as she scouts the edge of the dropship. "How long do you think they've been planning this?" she asks of Silver, observing, "With one hundred less people, they're going to save a lot of air." She's not sure how much, but surely a lot.

"Or the air circulation." Morgan adds on to Fiona's answer. "They've been planning it at least four months." He sounds sure of that. "I turned eighteen then and I'm still alive. So at least four months." He starts wandering around the landing site, looking for pieces of wood that might serve some purpose but staying in conversation range.

Ruth takes a good long look at Asher, her fingers gathering her hair at her nape in a bun she affords no real effort. "Maybe," she eventually responds, tone all but impossible to differentiate from challenge or sincerity. "Bit of a walk, though."

"I should've had my review in October," Silver nods to Morgan's answer. "Besides, from the state of that thing, it must've taken them several months just to make sure it was running in decent enough condition to send us down here." She looks between the others, then back up toward the sky, a faint frown lining her brow. "If they just wanted to save the air, they could've spaced all of us. It's their laws. And it's not like they don't already just follow them when it suits them. Which means…they must really need to know if it's livable down here." A pause, and she lowers her voice. "They move the bodies of the kids who died yet?"

"What should really worry you is, if they find out they can live down here, who says they don't come down and lock us all up again, hmmm?" Asher states while continuing to sharpen his shiv looking blade. He spits on the stone, he's pretty sure he heard the term wet stone. Seems odd to him, but worth a shot. He gets up, eyeing Ruth for a moment, then the others he's been talking to, "So…water. Who's in for going to find that river?" He looks over to Ruth after that, brow raised.

"If the Earth is livable, some of us might want our families to come down here." says Fiona. "The rules don't have to be the same as it was up there. We don't have to let them be." But she stares down at her own bracelet thoughtfully before confessing, "I don't want my parents to think I'm dead."

"They don't have to think that." Morgan tells Fiona. "Once I get mine off, the readings stop. I put it back on, I take it off. They get the idea quick that I've removed it. We all do that and they can't assume anything. Then our being down here actually matters. They won't know anything and will have to come to us for knowledge about the place."

"The bracelets are telling them how we're doing. The bracelets are med tech. Med tech's what I do." Silver glances outside, then back to the others. "I'm going to get the bracelets off those kids who died, see if I can figure out how they're working and what they're doing. And how to get them off without removing our hands. If they sent us down here instead of just spacing us, they did it because they're desperate. They'll end up down here one way or another. But I'd rather they not be able to track me," she notes, raising her wrist to jingle the bracelet.

"Wait. What do these bracelets have to do with them thinking we're dead?" Ruth challenges, lifting that wrist and giving it a small shake as if she means to dislodge it that way. Of course, it doesn't come to fruition. "And I just got back from walking most of that way." She eyes Asher with a purse of her mouth, the tiniest of head shakes afforded him. "Maybe next time." She doesn't appear all too apologetic.

Fiona looks between Silver and Morgan, "If you can get it off without breaking it," she says to Silver, "I'd definitely be a lot less opposed to taking it off." For Ruth, "The bracelets are tracking our vitals, sending signals back up to the Ark. If those signals stop, what do you think they're going to think up there? That we're dead."

"I'll help you." Morgan tells Silver. "Far as I know, they're still there. If anyone's moved them, they haven't come out here. We'll find a place to put them that doesn't stink up the whole ship."

"Well. I'm not going to get it off the dead kids without breaking something," Silver admits to Fiona. "But. I was planning on just sort of…You know. Breaking their hands. Since they're dead." Which should sound worse, except that it's the truth, and there are plenty of kids in the box for worse thoughts. She nods to Morgan, brushing her hands off on her pants and turning back inside. "I'm gonna see if I can find some sort of tool or something in here."

As Ruth seems less than willing to go off towards the water, Asher just shrugs, "Whatever then. People don't need water anyway." He nods once, with a mock stern look. He then turns and looks to Silver as he moves over towards the drop ship, "Let me know when you figure out how to get them off. I want this thing off. I don't need them tracking me or knowin' anything about me. They come down, nothing is gonna be different, and we aren't gonna have any say in it. They have the guns."

With a small scoff, Ruth notes as Asher moves away, "There are probably more people than me who've found signs of water. You could probably find them yourself, if you looked." This could be easily said in cross fashion, but she wears a good-natured smile as if this banter is jest between friends. It doesn't quite reach her eyes, though. "For now, I think I'll keep my bracelet on," she muses aloud to herself, turning her wrist so she can see all sides of it. "I don't care, one way or the other."

"They're just bodies." says Fiona, her stance perhaps unexpected. "The ship might have emergency tools, but I didn't see anything on my way out." She seems inclined to keep hers on temporarily, but for how long, she isn't sure. Instead, "There's a girl who broke her leg. It's been splinted, but I don't know if it needs to be re=set or something." To Silver, "When you have a chance, can you look at her?" She trusts Silver, it would seem.

Morgan nods his agreement with what Asher says. "And if you think we'll be pardoned, you need to think again." Least the ones who've killed someone aren't likely to be. He starts heading inside with Silver. "I was thinking if we dislocate their thumbs, that might work. And it's something that's not permanently disabling if we need to do it to everyone. Painful but a quick yank or two and it'll pop back into place." He gives Ruth a quick look over his shoulder. "You don't? I don't want the Council looking over my shoulder when I'm fucking someone. Do you?" The look shifts over to Fiona for a moment as he notes "Frankie's as good as she's going to get down here. I set it myself."

Silver winces at Fiona's request. "Yeah, I can look. But. If it's the femur? She better hope the Ark's coming down. Without surgery that's going to take months to heal, and she's not going to be able to put weight on it. Which doesn't bode well for survival down here. And I'm not saying anyone else needs to take it off," she adds with a shrug for Ruth. "But if I'm wearing one, I want to know what it does and how it works, and I want to know I can take it off if I want to."

Morgan's question earns a slight flush from Ruth, her arms folding casually over her chest as she peers between him, Silver, and Fiona. "Sure, but I also don't want to take off the only link I have between this life and my old one not even a proper few hours into my time on the ground." This is said rapid-fire, her bracelet picked at with purposeful fingers. "Ugh. I'm off. I'm going to go find somewhere to nap."

Fiona holds up her hands, palm out to Morgan. "Sorry. I heard I heard it was splinted, and I know her." She indicates Silver, which is to say, she knows Silver's skills, and didn't know Morgan's. Insult was not intended. She looks after Ruth as she takes off, and weary, drops her eyes to the bracelet once more.

Asher continues to sharpen his shiv for the moment and he glances to Silver, brow raised. He doesn't comment on the injured person, instead he looks to Morgan and nods, "Look, I don't really give a shit what the rest of you do with your bracelets. You wanna pretend like everythings gonna change when they come down, that's your problem. Me? I don't want them monitoring me."

Morgan nods to Fiona. No offense taken. He also nods back to Asher then pauses before heading into the ship to look around. "You'd think they'd have sent us down with a geiger counter, the assholes. But if it ends up this place isn't radioactive, we might have it pretty good if we can find a source of food. And get far away from where they'll be landing when they come down."

"So I'll let you know when I figure it out," Silver shrugs to Asher. "I don't want them tracking me, either. But I'm tired of other people making decisions for me, so I'm not going to force it on anyone else. When I figure out how to get them off, I'll let people know." She goes back to searching for tools, every step methodical as she quarters the ship for something useful.

Fiona looks up at that. "Yeah, exactly. As long as nobody forces anybody else to take off their bracelet if they don't want to, I don't care what anyone else does as far as they go. But survivability? Everyone for themselves isn't going to work, and most people here are going to wind up learning that the hard way." She looks back to Morgan. "I asked about that earlier when people were debating over Mount Weather. If there's nothing to hunt, there's no way that foraging is going to sustain us."

Asher seems in agreement about the bracelets. It's odd, given his reputation for anyone who knew him before. He's not usually the agreeable type. "As for survivin…" he shrugs, "Don't hold yer breath. We've got a hundred criminals runnin around on a new planet. You think they're gonna want to do what anyone says?" He shakes his head once.

"No, if there's nothing to hunt, we are fucked." Morgan agrees. "I'm not really looking forward to eating the dead guys but…" Well, if everyone gets hungry enough. Which probably won't happen till they're too ripe to eat in any case. "But if there is… Who says we need to worry about what all of them do? Who are, the Council? We worry about ourselves. And those smart enough to realize that one person isn't going to make it alone down here. Maybe not even five. The ones with enough brains to know we have to work together, those we work with. The others can drop dead." And eventually will.

"Not planning on telling anyone what to do," Silver shrugs as she forages for tools. At least she knows the habits and natural habitats of tools. Edible animals, that's a different story entirely. "Not interested in playing king of the mountain here. Just want my chance to be free. The one I was supposed to get before they decided once again that we were expendable."

"Some of us weren't going to go free." Asher notes idly as he continues to sharpen his shiv. "And I'm not interested in babysittin' slackers. What I am interested in is food, water, fire and shelter. We need to get a fire goin before nightfall, we need to get some shelter goin', and we need to find food and water." He pauses, glancing to Morgan, then to Silver. "And I'm not interested in sharin' with anyone who isn't gonna help out." So…does that include the injured person who can't help?

"I just want to survive." Fiona shrugs. "Just like everybody else. I know nobody can make anybody else do anything, but it's worth convncing able people to see sense. Worth trying, at least once. But only so much." There's a sudden, absent tug of her hair. "Water, fire, food. We need to square those away."

"We help those willing to help us." Morgan states, looking at the other three. "Everyone will have a chance to decide for themselves what they want to do. And those willing to be loyal to the group will get back what they give. Those who aren't…" Will get back what they give. "We all have different skills and everyone will be needed before this is over. That's the only way we're going to live through this, I think."

"Boots on the ground survival stuff is not where I'm most useful," Silver shakes her head, moving to another corner of the ship to look for tools. "I mean, I paid attention in Earth studies, but there's a difference between knowing intellectually how something's done and actually executing it."

A smirk is offered by Asher and he slips the stone he'd been using to sharpen into a pocket and then the shiv into another, "I'll uh, try to focus on hunting or something." A beat pause and he looks to Fiona, brow raised, "Who says you can't make anyone do anything? You can make people what you want all the time. That shit aint hard. They may not like it, but they'll do it." He points a finger at the sky, "You think janitors like cleaning shit? They do it because someone made them."

"I'm saying here, down here, nobody's making anybody do anything else, which is pretty much what you just said yourself." Fiona retorts, adding, "Trust me. You don't have to tell me about what sanitation workers do." There's another anxious tug of her hair, when she spots something in the wreckage and pads over to inspect it.

"I didn't pay much attention to Earth Studies." Morgan admits with a shrug. Hindsight, twenty twenty. "But I'm decent with a knife and I can stop you from bleeding out. Speaking of, I'll go check on Frankie and the dead guys. Come find me if something interesting happens." Giving them a nod, he head inside and up to the passenger deck.

"I said I don't want to babysit. I also don't remember crownin you queen. If I need to make someone do something, I'm gonna make them do it. You want to stop me, then do it." Asher replies with a faint scowl. "Now, I'm gonna go see about building myself a fire." He nods to Morgan, Silver and Fiona, "Catch you guys later."

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