Day 004: Last Minute Preparations
Summary: Some people run into each other the evening before the trip to Mount Weather.
Date: May 8 2016
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With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads. Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. There are no defenses to speak of, save for the usually-open door to the dropship and the ship's metal walls.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

Day 4

The days keep creeping by, and while there's some order starting to emerge in the camp, things are still in flux. There are still a lot of questions that have yet to be answered. And Silver has spent about as long as she can justify working on the bracelets. She's been out a little more often, helping out with anything that requires a mechanical touch or a design element to make it function better. But she's still been quiet. The longer she tries to hold herself apart and wait to see where things land, the more likely she is to miss out on whatever does happen. Which is why for once, she's out of the drop ship, sitting around a fire as she eats her meager share of the rations.

Morgan walks out of the dropship with Cameron at his side, looking around searchingly for a particular person. "You've met Silver right? Let me know if you… Oh wait, there she is." He checked the entire ship first since that's basically where she's been since the landing. Pointing her out to Cam, he heads over to the fire. "Hey Silver."

"In passing, sure." remarks Cameron with a nod, carrying with him a branch with a gnarled, twisted knot in the center. Its been scraped clean of bark, but whatever its for doesn't seem obvious. Its surely not really very suitable for a weapon. He's got a certain casual contentment about his demeanor; he's been taking to near starvation and hard work quite well. He follows along with Morgan, offering a smile to Silver by way of greeting, dimples showing. "Hey."

Martin is wandering the campground, having returned from his ordeal at the river with the giant snake. As he scans the groups and their campfires, he comes across Cameron and Morgan. He gives them an upnod in greeting, "Hey guys." It's then that he sees their direction and spots Silver.

"Morgan, hey." Silver looks up from her food, head tilting slightly when she sees Cameron. "Cameron, right?" She may be quiet, but she pays attention. Hard to stay alive keeping your head down if you're not paying attention too. "How's it going? You guys been down to the water yet?"

Turning around, Morgan keeps walking backwards till he spots Martin. "Hey." he says and gives him a quick smile before spinning back around and coming to a halt at the fire. "Not bad. And no, not yet. Been looking for medicinal supplies. Found a bunch of willows so we've got some painkillers." Though strength and dosage is still being tested. Boiling bark is not an exact science. He drops down by the fire and leans back on his palms.

Turning himself, Cam shares a smile with Martin as well, then turns a more subtle grin and a nod to Silver to confirm her memory. "It's going good." He pauses, his expression turning wistful, "All things considered, at least, it could be worse. Somehow. I think. They could have thought of something to make it more difficult." There's a wry shake of his head and a quick roll of his eyes.

Martin looks at the campfire and gestures at an open spot, "Mind if I join you?" . At the question of going to the water, he adds, "Just go ready for a fight if you do go. The fauna is a bit possessive of its territory."

"The planet could have still been heavily irradiated and we could be dying of radiation poisoning," Silver provides in illustration of Cam's suggestion that it could be worse. "So yeah, could be worse. That's good news, about the willows," she nods to Morgan. "A start, at least. If nothing else, might make people feel better just to think they're getting something. Pain's funny like that. Hey, Martin," she tips her chin up to his question. "I heard the water expedition didn't exactly go as planned."

"Yeah, I heard that." Morgan says to Martin. "I'd bet the trip to Mount Weather tomorrow will be just as much fun when it comes to dangerous animals. And speaking of which…" he says to Silver and holds his arm up so his sleeve rides back, showing his bracelet. "When you're done eating, can you take it off? I want it gone before I go tomorrow."

Cameron chuckles softly at Silver's response, "See, you have a lovely imagination. That's my kind of optimism. Keep imagining how much worse it can be, and this situation is downright *rosy*." Then he turns a wistful look to Martin, "I had ambitions to try *swimming*…" He says it like its something amazing and weird all at once, "…but from what I heard of that expedition, I'm gonna hold off." Then his hand goes to his own bracelet, rubbing it lightly, his expression turning thoughtful as he glances between Morgan and Silver at the request to remove Morgan's.

Martin smiles yo Silver, "Yep, it was fun! In a weird sort of way." Looking to Cameron he laughs, "We did too. You still can if you want. Just realize that you will have xompany in the form of a ten foot maneating snake."

"Yeah, sure," Silver nods to Morgan, finishing off the last of her rations. "Might be a little uncomfortable, but I'd be glad for a chance to get another one off. I haven't been able to get one off without breaking it yet, but I think I'm getting closer. Just need practice."

"Thanks. Have you had a chance to look at the ship's communication equipment yet?" Morgan asks Silver. "I don't want it fixed to talk tot he Ark but if we can cannibalize it to make a receiver for the bracelet's data, it would make a great diagnostic tool. I'd also like to know exactly what they're transmitting."

Cameron winces at Martin, shaking his head emphatically, "Yeah, I think I'd rather take a jolly swim with Jaha then a giant snake. Especially considering the maneating part. I have a strict policy against being eaten." He turns a curious look to Morgan, "You think its more then biodata? I had assumed basic vitals, but do you think they're monitoring us?" That causes him to frown down at his own bracelet again. Of Silver he asks, "If you get one off without breaking it, do you think you'll be able to make use of it somehow?"

Martin looks to Silver at the discussion of the bracelets then turns his focus to the one on his wrist. "The last time we spoke, you had said we might be able to communicate to each other through them. That would be really handy for us scouts to have. You could have heard all about the snake as it happened. As long as we have some people who know Morse Code."

Silver points at Cameron. "That's the idea. If I can get one off without breaking it, then I should be able to figure out how to get them off in general without breaking them, and figure out how to use them either to transmit data, communicate with the Ark, or use them for our own purposes. So," she shrugs to Morgan, "I've been putting off messing with the dropship comm systems until I can figure out how to keep from breaking them."

Morgan shrugs at Cameron's question. "I don't know for sure. But if it were me, I'd also have them giving me the locations of everyone at the very least. I didn't see anything that looks like a microphone on the ones Silver already took off but I might have missed it." This last is half a question and he looks to Silver who's studied them a lot more and has the tech know how as well. "If there aren't, I don't think we'd be able to use them to communicate. Though someone did mention Morse Code."

Curious now, Cameron tilts his head to the side, looking between Silver and Martin, "Having some means of long distance communication would be… /very/ nice. I still can't believe they didn't send us the most rudimentary technology as supplies." He nods to Morgan, frowning slightly, "I can see how a locator would be something they'd be interested in. They'd be able to map out the terrain and use our biodata to evaluate safety." He wrinkles his nose, "That's also creepy as shit. God, Jaha is a bastard."

Martin nods to Cameron with a smile, "Indeed! If someone goes missing, we can hopefully figure out what happened to them and help them." At the talk of microphones and creepiness, he realizes he never considered the Ark spying on them in a more intimate manner.

"They're not very well-designed, honestly," Silver shakes her head, pulling out a pair of small pieces of metal that have been shaped into something like a tiny hammer and chisel. "I've got a feeling they sort of threw them together with whatever they could manage. So they're not getting too much from it. Vitals, mostly. I'm not sure if there's any sort of GPS in them. But I do think with the right pieces and maybe a small power supply, we could rig them to at least send messages to a central communication hub. I don't think they're equipped to receive, just to send. But with a power source, we can basically send a surge in what would be read as vitals, which can be translated to Morse Code or something like that."

When Silver takes out her tools, Morgan shifts position closer to her then pushes his sleeve up. Testing one of the outer stones ringing the fire pit for temperature, he takes it and sets it down to rest his wrist on with the bracelet's catch facing up. "Until proven otherwise, I'm going to assume they track us too. It just makes sense."

Nodding thoughtfully to Silver, Cameron purses his lips, "That makes sense. If they're transmitting data, if we can tune into the frequency, even if we couldn't totally tap into the device, surely we can modulate the frequency to encode something else in it. Yeah, like Morse Code. I can see how that'd work." So says the botanist. Apparently he didn't entirely ignore his mother's side of the educational ladder." He runs his fingers along his own bracelet again, his expression looking slightly pained at some thought again.

Martin shrugs at the potential limitedness of the bracelets. "Even if all they are good for is serving as a flare gun of sorts, it is better than what we have now. Get into trouble and fire off your bracelet so we know that something is up." His attention focuses on Morgan's wrist as the procedure begins, curious to see what exactly is involved.

Silver moves closer to Morgan and the rock, shifting both just a bit until the light is where she wants it. "All right. Just hold still. This may get a little awkward, but hopefully…" She works the chisel piece into part of the catch, angling it carefully to wedge it into place, then gently taps at the top of it with the hammer piece. All seems to be going well, the catch spreading…until the last tap and twist pulls the mechanics free of the casing with a tearing sound and a since from Silver. "Well," she grimaces, carefully lifting the receiver off of Morgan's wrist. "On the up side, you shouldn't even need to worry about covering the punctures."

Once Silver pulls the receiver off, Morgan lifts his arm from the rest of the bracelet and turns it over to look at the small punctures. "Yeah, you're right. They're minor. Should close up overnight and be gone in a few days." he agrees, rubbing his wrist with his other hand. "Why don't you hang onto both pieces for now. I might want them at some point but I have nowhere safe to put them and I don't want Zoe getting her hands on them."

"Yeah, even if we can't get a complex code, a simple signal could be useful." agrees Cameron with a nod to Martin. He then leans over toward Morgan a bit, to better regard the puncture wound, momentarily briefly concerned, but only just since it seems not to be serious. He blinks a moment later in surprise, "What's Zoe wanting the bracelets for?"

Martin chuckles lightly at Morgan's comment about not wanting Zoe getting a hold of the pieces. Explaining to Cameron, "It's something she doesn't have so she is naturally going to want it. Likely to sell it to someone."

"I'm pretty sure that's what it is," Silver agrees with Martin. "There's no use for it yet, but she'll hoard it if she can get away with it on the chance that it'll have value later. Or just because she likes having things, I'm not one hundred percent sure if there's a difference yet. Although I think her main agenda is to establish herself as a source of food, and the bracelets just happen to be a resource everyone has and doesn't particularly need. Payment without looking greedy for it, but puts people in the mindset that you have to pay, and it isn't a terrible thing." She's…spent a lot of her time in the box watching people.

Cameron frowns slightly, "That's dangerous. We're in a resource strained environment, we have to share to maximize our chances of survival— and that sharing has to be based on communal need. If we start trying to turn it into a market environment then people will start thinking of profit instead of survival. We can't afford to turn into a hundred competing entities, scrambling for resources and profiting off of scarcity."

"Actually, I hear she's offering food for them if the person agrees to have it removed. From what she's said, she doesn't want the Ark monitoring us so I actually agree with her on this." Morgan tells the others, basically confirming what Silver says. "I just can't stand her and am sure she'll try selling them back to us if we ever find a use for them. Once we get settled and no one needs her, she'll quickly discover just how little anyone likes her. Assuming a bunch of people just don't take everything she has long before then." A situation he doesn't sound like he minds at all.

Martin smiles even more as he realizes he is among fellow uniters. "I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who wants to work with others to keep from dying in the wilderness." He looks to Morgan and nods, " She will learn her lesson soon enough, I suspect."

At that, Cameron frowns more, "That's coercive, what happened to no one forcing anyone to take theirs off? If someone has to make a choice between food and having their bracelet, that's no choice at all. There's no difference between threatening someone with violence and that. Not to mention that means she's hoarding food and not sharing it with Cookie's team." He sounds annoyed. Perhaps offended.

"And that is why we generally don't have a very high opinion of her," Silver agrees with Cameron, reaching out to clap a hand to his shoulder. "I've put it out I'm willing to remove them for people, with the caveat that if it comes off intact, then I'm keeping it. I've gotten a few takers, but I haven't been able to get one off intact yet, so. Don't get me wrong, I don't like or trust the Council. But I don't want to close doors if I don't have to yet."

"Feel free to lead a raid on her." Morgan says with a grin though it disappears a moment later. "Just what out for her bow. She's good with it. A good forager too. If she's wasn't so selfish and self centered, she'd be an asset to us." He rubs his wrist again. "Hopefully, Mount Weather will have everything we need and she'll suddenly be completely useless."

Martin grins broadly at Cameron. Now here is someone he can get along very well with. "Exactly! Cameron, was it?" . He holds out his hand for a shake, " Martin Worley, one of the Tesla Three." Silver earns his attention then, "I am not quite ready to part with mine yet." He rubs his wrist where the bracelet meets it.

"I'm… still thinking about my bracelet." murmurs Cameron, rubbing it slightly, thoughtfully. Conflict shows in his features. "Mom and dad are up there, and though I hate the Council and hate Jaha, I'm don't want to do anything to endanger my family or the other families. But I also won't accept the goons coming down and trying to prop His Highness up as king of earth, either. I don't know." But, he shakes his head, and flashes a grin at Martin, taking his hand and shaking it, "Yeah, Cameron Scott. Political artist. Vandal. Depending on who you ask."

Martin returns the shake, "Political agitator. Traitor. Depending on who you ask."

"Innocent but framed in the name of the greater good," Silver chimes in on the list of crimes, moving back to where she was sitting before and tucking the broken bracelet into her pocket. "It'd be good to see Mom and Dad again. Or talk to them. But. Any of you guys going to Mt. Weather?"

Morgan glances from one to the other and says "Treason in trying to kill off the Council but only succeeding with the Chief of Medical." His tone is dry. "I'm going. There's supposedly lots of supplies there, including maybe guns, and I'll be damned if they get handed out and plans made without my being there."

Martin nods at Silver's question. "I am going with the group. They need a few ES nerds to get them there." He looks to Morgan then, "I think you win the most criminalest criminal competition." Stretching as he rises from where he sits, " I think I am going to head off and get some sleep."

Cameron grins about as their crimes are listed, but more seriously he shakes his head, "I'm not. I was tempted to go as a scout— I'm pretty good at not being caught, my Exhibition lasted a year before they got me— but forests are not spaceships so I need to relearn some tricks. Instead, I'm going to keep foraging and hunting. Its the best use of my skills for the good of the group." He flashes a quick smile to Martin and nods, "See ya, man."

"Good, they covered up the evidence," Silver snorts softly at Morgan's confession. She nods to him and Martin, rubbing her hands together slowly. "I'm not much for tracking and woods. But I'll be back here if anyone gets hurt. Not that there aren't other medical sorts in camp."

Morgan nods to Martin. "See you tomorrow then when we set out." Though when Cameron says he's not going, he looks disappointed. "Oh, okay. Well, it's not going to be a long trip. Two days at most to get there unless something major happens." Catching himself rubbing his wrist again, he stops and leans back on his hands again. "There's not a lot of us though so it's probably good several will be here. I should be able to handle anything that happens on the trip." Unless something major happens.

Cam offers an apologetic smile to Morgan, "You don't really need a botanist in a mountain base. If we're lucky, by the time you get back we'll have a better handle on the food situation, and maybe some better shelter going. You'll be fine." He pauses, then adds, "But be sure to be careful. Don't get eaten by a mutant, okay? I'll be severely pissed off at you if you get eaten by a mutant." He smiles, though, showing dimples; and his tone sounds affectionate. He turns a grin to Silver, "Hey, the one thing I'm pretty damn certain of, we can never have enough medtechs right now. Though if you want I can show you some survival stuff. I'm not an expert, but I did well in earth studies."

"I wouldn't mind learning a thing or two," Silver nods to Cameron. "I mean, I listened during the Earth studies classes. I just…There's a difference between knowing something intellectually and being able to put it into practice. And I'll be honest, I haven't exactly been seeking out chances to wander in the woods out there."

"I'm always careful." Morgan assures Cam with a smile then nods. "You two should definitely hang out and learn things from each other. Just don't forget to go armed." This mostly for Silver.

Cameron reaches behind him and tugs a makeshift knife— really, a jagged shard of sharp metal wrapped with cloth around the 'hilt'— from his belt, and gives a grin bordering on wicked to Morgan, "I don't go /anywhere/ unarmed." His grin fades a bit and he looks serious, "I went hunting with Max a couple days ago, I might not have mentioned. Killed a deer. Myself. I've never killed anything before. There was SO much blood." He doesn't seem exactly disturbed by it, but he also seems just… serious. Intense. Shaking his head a moment, "Anyways. Point being, I'm always prepared." Smiling dimples at Silver, "But since I don't see us founding a nice and proper civilization for awhile, avoiding the woods is not a very viable strategy."

"I'm pretty sure there's nothing to be gained from me carrying a weapon," Silver shakes her head, rueful. "I'd be more likely to hurt myself than anyone else. What I need is to make friends with people who carry weapons," she winks. And yet, although she makes light of it, there's definitely a nervous air beneath the words.

Morgan nods approvingly at the knife but also turns serious. "Yeah. I helped kill a deer a couple days ago. I'd… rather not do it again." Kill a man in cold blood, cry over a deer. Go figure. "I know we have to hunt to live but there's other things I can be doing. Still, it's a good thing to know. Everyone should be able to use a knife or club." he tells Silver. "We're not safe down here."

"You shouldn't if you don't want to, More. There's plenty of ways for you to contribute, if you don't feel comfortable killing." Cameron's tone is sympathetic, soothing. But then he's frowning slightly, studying Silver for a lingering moment, "This is a dangerous planet." He nods in agreement with Morgan, "Its important everyone learn to defend themselves, even if its just on a basic level. Enough so that, push comes to shove, you aren't entirely dependent on your weapon-wielding friends. I'm not an expert at /that/ either, but would be happy to help show you the basics. Practice. Just in case. Better safe then sorry. Insert additional cliche here."

"It's not killing that I have a problem with," Silver shrugs, looking into the fire. "Medicine means you have to be willing to deal with the fact that people might die. It's just that I've got pretty much no physical disposition for it and a grand total of zero training when it comes to fighting, so. I could learn. Just seems inefficient when there are people who are so much better at it than I am."

"Think of it this way…" Morgan says to Silver. "You don't need to be good enough to hunt. You just need to be good enough to stay alive while your friends come to rescue you. Unless you plan to never leave the ship or wherever we end up settling. Even here, a predator animal could run in and attack you. If there are deer, there are things that feed on deer. And the predators haven't seen a human in a century to learn to be afraid of us."

Cameron nods along in agreement to everything Morgan's saying, but doesn't really add to it for the moment, not wanting to appear to gang up. But he's clearly all like seriously yep, yep, yep.

Silver sighs, pushing a hand through her hair. "Yeah. Probably," she agrees. "Though I'd still rather be good with the running away or the avoiding getting into trouble in the first place. I'll see if there's someone who wants to give lessons or something."

Morgan gestures to Cam. "He just offered thirty seconds ago. So there you go, there's someone who wants to give lessons. It'll give you a break from sitting on your ass all day. You know you need some exercise to stay healthy."

Cameron blinks at Morgan a moment, and then laughs, "Jeez, tell her what you really think." he says, chuckling some more after the laugh is done, even as he does a gentle shoulder-punch with a shake of his head, "But yeah, I'm happy to help expand your horizons into the realm of violence and woodcraft."

"Gross. Exercise." Silver makes a face at Morgan, though Cameron gets a nod with a small smile. "Thanks. I'll take you up on that."

Morgan looks puzzled a moment then shrugs at Cam. "She's a medic. She knows what we need to stay healthy." But she's agreed so there's no need to belabor the point. " I need to take care of some things before I leave tomorrow." he says as he stands up. Looking at Cam, he asks "See you later? Since I'll be away for a bit."

"Yeah, totally." agrees Cameron with a quick, bright grin as he nods to Morgan.

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