Day 023: Late Night Roomie Confessions
Summary: Tink returns to the tent, to find Kai contemplating her belongings and the hail mary plan.
Date: 14 June 2016
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Kai Tink 

Kai and Tink's Hovel — The Camp
The scratch of dirt that Kai and Tink call home.
Late Day 23/Early Day 24

It's pretty late before Tink manages to make her way back to the tent that she shares with Kai. She wasn't able to find Stone so she found a good, quiet spot to have herself a pity party. However, there's only so much moping that the little pixie can do so she comes back to get some sleep, half expecting to find the place empty again cause Kai is probably spending the night at Elias' tent again.

No rest for the wicked. Though it means Kai can't be wholly evil because she did get a few hours worth of nap in earlier. Right now the ex-C is actually 'home' for once, with her few meager possessions spread before her.. the locket that her mom gave her, that ratty copy of the Art of War that she definitely can't read in the dark of the tent, and a bone handled scaling knife that is definitely of Grounder origin spread out on her blanket as if deciding whether they should be left in situ. or taken with her.

"Oh hey…" Tink pauses just inside, showing her hands in her jean pockets, "I didn't think…" Yeah, she's a little embarrassed about the tears and drama that she pulled the last time Kai and her were here in the tent, "Umm…how did the talk with Elias go?" She moves over to her bunk and plops down, kicking off her boots and pulls her feet onto her bunk, "Is he going to go with you?"

Kai stirs and looks up with a small smile, the rough patch of ground where her own 'bed' is set up only really demarked by the lurid orange blanket pulled out of the same storage as the rifles,"He's going to go." of course he is,"But how are you feeling, Tink?" she asks quietly, palming the locket to smooth over in her hand with a thoughtful air.

"Scared…for you and Elias. For this freaking idiotic camp. For me…" Tink finds herself getting choked up, "Damn it! I promised myself I wasn't going to get all clingy…just let you do what you needed to do." There's a pause as she pulls the chopsticks out of her hair and runs her fingers through then, "I'm sorry…you're a really good friend and I should be supportive. But it just feels like I'm losing you to some crazy, messed up grounders and it freaks me out." Cause for all her 'we're going to die' talk, Tink doesn't want to die or Kai to die either.

Kai grunts,"Scared is fine. I'm scared, Tink." Kai admits quietly,"And it means a lot to me, to know that you care." she shrugs her shoulders,"I feel like a coward, to be blunt. There's nothing I can do here that will make a difference, getting Fiona to Indra.. that will make a difference. But it feels a little too close to running the fuck away when people need me." she shifts to sit on her ass on the rude little blanket,"We don't know if the Ark is even still up there. What happened to that dropship, any of it. We don't know trying to talk to Indra is going to work.. but we're one tiny group amongst a bunch of settlements, the one that we've actually seen outnumbering us by 5-to-1. And the people coming to kill us? They're not from there. Grey wants to be positive about it and reckons that will inspire people. Maybe he's right. But I know that with less than five hundred bullets, a bunch of half trained kids and only people like us to try and find ways to stop a trained army from killing us.. we're dead. It's just a matter of time. Unless we find a way around it. I can't talk to them, they're not going to listen to me.. but if they'll listen to Fi? I got to make that happen. And unfortunately in this case.. it means I got to leave you behind."

"You're not a coward!" Tink immediately protests, sitting up a little straighter on her blankets, "You're trying to do something…just like I'm trying to do something by working on the wall and helping Cole with the mines." She flushes a little at Cole's name but it's fleeting and quick. She's more focused on the topic at hand, "And the Ark…I gotta believe that they're still up there, trying to figure out their next steps after…" After the Exodus ship crashed and started this whole mess for them, "I gotta believe that my mom, dad and even Bella are 'safe' and that if I can hold out…just keep fighting that something is going to cut our way." Cause the glass is half-full…it's gotta be half-full or Tink is going to lose her mind down here, "We just need to buy ourselves more time."

"Yeh, but that something still feels a lot like running away." Kai grunts before she leans forward to offer out her locket,"You are. And Cole is. And both of you are doing an awesome job T. It's you and him and Cameron and the others that are putting in the effort that makes it feel even close to okay to risk this. Because I know that the camp has good people in it who will do everything they can to keep people alive." the locket, dropped or accepted, doesn't make much of a difference to the grey-eyed girl as she subsides back,"Maybe it is. Maybe Indra will listen. That's the chance I'm taking. The rest of them make it down, great. I'm not going back, sorry. Look at how hard we're fighting to cling to the things that we had up there.. what's it going to do for us? This is our world now. But, more particularly, this is /their/ world. We need to learn to do things their way."

Tink reaches out and takes the locket offered, like it's one of the most precious things in the world. She slips it around her neck…cause she's not going to leave it laying around for another kid to take, "I'm going to keep this for you…in trust that you and Elias are going to make it back here. And when you get back, I'm going to give it back." Tink looks at her with a pointed, clear look, "Cause you're going to make it back. I gotta believe that against the odds, you are going to find a way." She feels her throat tightening and nods at Kai's assessment of what she wants to do if the Ark figures out how to get down here, "I'm not going back up there either Kai. No way, no how. That space station is dying…I'd be the first to admit that. And we just got to find a way to carve out a small piece for all of us so we can…" She wipes her eyes and swallows her own breath, "We can freaking live. Cause this just surviving crap has got to get easier." She takes Kai's mention to heart about them learning how to do their ways, "I'm going…I don't know how or who…but I'm going to focus on getting to know one of those grounders and getting them to teach me how to talk. I'm good at that…picking stuff up quickly. And having more than one of us that can talk to them will help."

There's another dip of Kai's head,"'s why I'm leaving it with you T. 's my promise I'll come back, yeh?" she says with a small smile,"There's no going back up there, if they're alive, they'll be coming down here. Cos, yeh." there's a shrug of her shoulders,"Talk to Gideon. Learn how to use a bow. And yeh, learn how to speak their language. Cameron was trying to teach me how to.. introduce myself.. apparently we're all come sky-ku." yeh she's not about to win any points for pronunciation,"which apparently means something like.. from the sky people? Or something? But like.. I'm not Adams and you're not Kinsey.. we're all come sky-ku. Which is weird as shit, but that's how they work apparently. I'm hoping Fi can at least teach me how to introduce myself on our way up there so I can at least greet them properly, yeh? Show some respect for their ways and maybe it'll help."

"Sky-ku…you know I like the sound of that," Tink tells her with a smile and that dark cloud that was floating above her head just goes away and the little pixie is back, "It kinda connects us all and makes us one…rather than a bunch of different factions. Although, Tink kom Sky-ku…we might have to work on that. I mean…it sounds…" She starts to giggle, "Oh god…it sounds like…" She snickers and looks to Kai with laughing eyes, "Like something that would make Cole blush." Maybe Kai gets her sense of humor or not, "Okay…scratch that, he's as bad as Cameron…but still."

Kai hehs,"It's weird but.. you know… it's like.. we're the one hundred.. the Delinquents.. but being.. come sky-ku.. isn't that bad. And like.. right? Kai come sky-ku.. weird.." there's an arch of her brow and then she laughs quietly,"Oh so you're going with Cole, are you? And I think most of them are that bad.. the boys. You know? Which is fine.. just not my thing. And I still need to kick Cole's ass. Sorry."

"I don't know what you mean?" Tink protests and flushes a little, "Cole…well he's layered…like an onion. Crusty on the outside, lots of layers…" She bites her lip and puts her hands over her cheeks and tries not to look like a big dork. She sighs and then drops her hands, "And yeah…I like Cole. I like Stone. I like Morgan…fuck, there's a big list so I'm just…" She sighs and shakes her head, "Sorting stuff out in my head on that front. When I started freaking about 'we're going to die' it seemed pretty simple, just get in, get out and then boom!" She blows away a wisp of hair that teases her face as she leans forward, "And I get it…getting even with Cole, just don't kill him okay? I kinda need his mad tech skills around to help me keep this place running. If you're going to break something, make sure it's a non-essential."

There's a knowing smirk from the taller girl,"You're not the only one for whom that's a thing, Tink. I wouldn't sweat it. It's not my thing, but then again, I was never really planning on Eli talking to me again so." there's a shrug of her shoulders,"I'm not going to kill him. I might not even break him too much, just that, y'know. Some things are just necessary. Besides.. I need to apologize to him too. I voted for him to get a rifle, I got overruled. And that's shit."

"It's because he kissed Grey isn't it?" Tink tells Kai and flashes a nod of understanding when Kai mentions that she voted for Cole to get a rifle, "And if stuff gets nasty and I'm with Cole and he's a better shot…I'm passing the gun." Cause Tink doesn't care about the rules if it comes between her living or dying, "I'm a better spotter than a shooter so I'll probably end up backing up Stone or someone else…" Speaking of Stone, "Oh and I went back to the nest but he had already taken off…" She gives a little smile, "I am going to talk to him…about the list."

"What?" Kai asks blankly, not understanding,"Why would him and Grey kissing have anything to do with anything? And I reckon if you are, you should. He can handle it, in my opinion, but the shit thing about a group weighing in on a decision is that one person's vote don't mean they win." she shakes her head ruefully and then nods again,"I need to talk to him." pause,"About the trip. About making sure he understands the importance of working with Cole and you about the mines." not about the list. Oh god no.

Tink gives a shrug of her shoulders, "I don't know what it is but Cole seems to rub all the ex-Cs…except maybe you the wrong way." She does have to admit, "And okay…he's an ass at times. But once you get past the swearing, he's a decent guy who just wants to help the camp. And fucking putting restrictions like 'you can't have a gun' is stupid cause Cole could probably build himself a weapon if he wanted to. I mean…he's got freaking mines. What's a stupid ass gun going to do? If he wants to kill someone or everyone for that matter, just drop the bullshit." She sits back and kicks out her feet, "It's just a pissy…'fuck you' gesture."

"We're used to controlled situations." Kai points out,"Putting the guns in the hands of untrained criminals. Half of whom are murderers or political dissidents that have threatened other people in the camp over different things. I recognize that much like the rest of us.. he's trying to help. But I also believe it's more important for us to deal with the current issue than worry about who other people disagree with politically.. politics is fucking stupid. There was exactly one person I said no to. And that's Cassandra Bonheur. She aims weapons at what few Trikru allies we have, and even after training couldn't follow basic safety procedures. That's it. Beyond that, if they have training and want a gun.. give them a fucking gun. We are not in a position to be picky."

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