Day 033: Laus Deo
Summary: At the foot of the Washington Monument, a pair of Skaigirls arrive at TonDC and gawk at the morning market wares, unaware that more than just a Trikru stranger is gawking at them in return…
Date: 2 July 2016
Related: Follows Risk Assessment, Leaving Camp Jaha, A Rainy Introduction, and precedes Reapercussions
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Marketplace — TonDC, Trikru

Once upon a time, before the bombs obliterated much of the metropolis, this had been a large, rectangular pool sprawling out almost a third of a mile in length and almost two-hundred feet in width. It has since dried up, and its sloping bottom filled with dirt and gravel to create a busy marketplace. Rectangular white pavers wrap the outside of the small lip of stone, creating a perimeter around the area. Beyond that perimeter is mossy lawns of grass, and hewn pathways toward the large clutch of Tondc housing known simply as The Hood.

There are two walkways through the three rows of tents and semi-permanent structures where merchants and traders barter their wares. An occasional break in the center row allows people to easily transverse this way and that through the market. At the far side of the market, opposite of the meeting green, is what of a enormous obelisk: the last ten feet of its pyramid peak laying on its side on the grass. It is capped in weathered and corroded aluminum; engraved into the cap, each letter standing about five inches high, are the words: Laus Deo.

33 Days After Landing

The best hours to visit the market is the morning, when the stalls have just opened and the freshest goods are presented. There is a din of noise — shouts in Trigedasleng to attract prospective buyers, and the first rumbles of bartering. A young woman moves throughout the market stalls, her clothes plain and meant for travel with a healthy number of pockets along the loose pant legs, and two pockets along the side of her tunic. Her brown hair is braided back, and the square of cloth has been folded over her head and tied back beneath the braid. She stops at a fruit vendor, and digs into her pocket to retrieve a handful of beautiful glass beads. "<In Trigedasleng> Three for six windfalls and a peach," the woman offers, bouncing the heavy, but small spheres so that the trader can see them catch a bit of morning light.

Most of the merchants might still not be willing to deal with Kai, but that doesn't stop the early morning market from topping her list of favorite things to check out. The former ex-C really only owns one set of clothing right now; her armor, which is okay, because the constant wearing is at least getting her used to wearing it. A morning jog is fast becoming part of her regular routine, too, though the number of people currently in the market drops her from a jog to a walk, staying to the far side of the road from the barracks out of simple prudence more than anything else.

Fiona is walking alongside Cassandra as they take in the market. Their relationship (did they have one?) has not mended, but for the moment dealing with it seems to have been put on the backburner as necessity dictates. At least for Fiona's part, it's hard not to stare, hard not to smile. She fails at keeping herself from doing both. Life thrums through Tondc like a heartbeat and Fiona is easily enraptured by it.

Today seems like gendered bonding day for the Skaikru. Although Cassandra, Fiona, Asher and Grey arrived at TonDC together, the muscular fellows earlier split to converse amongst themselves, and the girls are now sticking closer together to appreciate the market wares. Cassandra in particular is fascinated, having never seen anything of TonDC's like, and read only about markets in books. She's dressed like a Grounder, head-to-toe, with a bow at her back and a machete at her hip. Her hair is tied into a single loose braid, not quite matching Trikru fashion, but making her face visible when usually it's hidden beneath a curtain of long, dark hair. Hands clasped behind her back, she pauses, looks to Fiona and says, "Laus Deo." It's the obelisk she's reading, of course, but that may not be apparent.

Chis catches a low grumble from a nearby Trikru woman, and her grey eyes cut from the vendor who is trying to barter her down to four windfalls and the peach to the recently-obtained Second. She watches Kai with a lingering stare, taking her in from toe to head, and then her eyes look further along the line of stalls toward Fiona and Cassandra — two who stand out quite a bit more than the Trikru and their darker, more warrioresque garb. She murmurs something to the vendor, closing her hand quickly over her beads, and beginning to step away. Even while she departs, the trader is shouting after her that, alright, he will take three beads for five windfalls and the peach, but Chis does not seem to care. She has more interest on the two obvious Skaikru.

Kai can't help but recognize the two Skaikru girls, noting the trader's call but not Chis' movements specifically for the moment as she raises her chin in Fiona and Cassandra's direction. "Fi. Bonheur. Heard that the diplomatic party had come in… Welcome to Tondc." there's the flit of a smile for the pair that doesn't reach her eyes.

"It's Latin, I think." Fiona says musingly. The pair speak English, of course. "But I haven't a clue what it means." And then there's Kai, and Fiona's smile becomes warmer, more direct. She takes a step toward Kai, pauses, and tilts her head. "Hey, Kai." Her tone is now a touch more careful, but no less sincere. "It's good to see you." There's a casual glance around the general area, her exuberance now a little more on an even keel.

There's a version of Cassandra that people don't often get to see, but Fiona may recognise from Coesbur: she isn't faking her amazement right now. She is genuinely happy to be here, and the wonder in her widened brown eyes is impossible to disguise. "Latin." She pauses, contemplating all possible meanings of the unknown phrase. "I wish I spoke Latin. Silas speaks Latin. Heya, Kai," she then greets the ex-C, with a flit of smile in her tone that, in contrast to Kai's, doesn't reach her lips but reaches every other aspect of her. She takes a single step back and starts to dig in her bag, producing a bundle of postcards. Where she got postcards is a mystery, but they all bear colourful images of New England landscape, and she starts to shuffle through them, searching for one in particular.

Chis slows her approach, and even takes up a more casual step from the straightforward dedication it had moments ago. She casts a glance toward where a scout stands, observing the Skaikru, and then her attention flits back to the gathered three. "Heya," she offers. "I'm sorry, but… I'm told you are all part of the Skaikru?" The question is posed innocently, though there seems to be a thin layer of suspicion. She casts a glance toward Kai, noting her attire. Her mouth twitches with the hint of a frown — almost disapproval.

"Likewise," Kai offers, mostly for Fiona, granted, but still, Cassandra gets at least some of that action by default. Her mouth opens like she'd say something further, but there's Chis and the grey-eyed girl turns to look at her with a dip of her head. "Heya," she offers back, she's used to the disapproval and it merits a flicker of that humorless smile again. "They are," she nods towards the other two girls. "I was born Skaikru, but I am Wren's Second. Kai kom Trikru." And because she's started she adds, "This is Fiona, and Cassandra kom Skaikru."

"Does he? I always knew Silas was cool." Of course Fiona would consider something like speaking an old Earth language cool. And then they're being approached by the woman, and Fiona turns her attention to her. "Heya," she replies. "<In Trigedasleng> I am ambassador of Skaikru. This place, Tondc is…" She searches her vocabulary. "<In Trigedasleng> Very good." She means to say incredible, amazing, pick your positive adjective.

Though dressed in the garb of a Grounder, Cassandra cannot pass for one. Her clothes are loose and ill-fitting, having once belonged to a much larger man, although her light leather armour, fashioned by Silas, is more to her size. There is also the fact that she is scrawny, lacking in both musculature and adequate nutrition, whereas most of the Trikru are hardened, large and warrior-like. Chis is a strange sight to the pardoned delinquent, and offers her some relief: at last, a young woman who shares a similar, lanky build, and seems demure, if suspicious. This puts Cass a lot more at ease than most Grounders do, even if on the whole, she's done well with the culture so far. She smiles, and she means it, but lets Kai handle the introductions.

"We're here as diplomats. To negotiate trade." Cass even dips her head, showing respect, even if it isn't common Grounder practice. "Nice to meet you." After speaking, she holds up one of her postcards in front of her. Thinking little of the approaching Grounder, who isn't the first to stop and gawk at the Skaikru, she's more interested in that tall obelisk… and the fact that it is identical to the one in the postcard she is holding up right now for her and Fiona to see. "Laus Deo," she repeats. Kai and Chis can make out the presence faded writing on the other side, but it's illegible.

Her brow arches every so slightly at Fiona's attempted Trigedasleng, and Chis looks a bit bemused at first. Then she nods simply. "Gonasleng is better," she offers to Fiona, as if excusing her from further attempts. Then her gaze shifts over toward Kai, and she nods ever so slightly. "Yes, I heard… Arlin kom Trikru had many opinions about that." But does that surprise anyone who knows Arlin kom Trikru? She frowns, though it is a light and thoughtful expression. "Trade," she repeats. "What is it you hope to trade for?" She glances around the market, filled with its wonders, and then back to the Skaikru with their stolen — and given — Trikru garb, and Fiona's chosen clothes of the Skaikru. The young woman crosses an arm at her chest, the other left hanging along her side and hip. "I am Chis kom Trikru."

There's a grunt from Kai at Fiona's mentioning being ambassador, there's so much of the language she doesn't know still, but some words, yes, and from the broader smile it merits the former Skaikru approves at least. "Hoped Kane wasn't going to be completely stupid," she opines aloud. Chis' words merit an unfazed blink of her eyes, even if she can't immediately place the name of the man himself from the lack of recognition in her eyes. "Chis. Seeing as you speak the Gonasleng perhaps you will help guide?" Adding for the other two girls, "There are public gardens up further that I showed Elias, but if you go there understand that it is only those who work that land who are permitted to pick it's fruit."

Fiona notes to Cassandra, "There was a great hero who once stood here, I think. My father made me memorize a speech he gave. At least, the water looks the same." At Cassandra's remarks, she frowns a little, but doesn't argue with the remark. She readdresses Chis, her body language open. "Trade's something we hope to eventually develop. There's a great deal we could learn from Trikru." It's not quite the answer to the question, but then — trade was never actually the mission. "It's my hope that we can help each group better understand each other."

Far off in the distance, Cassandra's ancestors can be heard rolling in their graves as she makes apparent her ignorance. "Never was much for speech heroes," she admits to Fiona, oblivious as to the figure she's speaking of. For now, she puts down her postcard, ties the bundle anew and returns it to her bag. "I am in need of blankets or furs, and a horse," she says when she looks up, looking to Chis. "Bandrona's right though. Time for blankets and horses later. You're a warrior, right?" This conclusion seems to impress the scrawny Skaigirl, who finds herself looking the stranger's build over with interest before cracking a grin. "Your city's the coolest damn thing I've ever seen, Chis kom Trikru."

For an honest moment, Chis actually looks uncertain at Kai's request. Guide? The Skaikru? But then she offers a simple nod, and her arms drop to her sides once more, resisting the urge to clasp behind her back. She steps closer to the three, and Fiona catches her attention. "If we want to teach you," she replies, knowing that this is perhaps not the first time they have heard this from a Trikru. She nods in agreement to Kai's assessment of the gardens. "You do not take unless you also give." Then she looks at Cassandra, mouth thin. "I never became a warrior," she offers, playing quite easily with a truth within a lie. Then she nods in sober agreement. "You have not seen Polis."

Kai will no doubt be mortified when she learns certain truths, but the oblivious one simply offers a quiet, "Mochof," with a nod for the other two as she elects to fall in with the gaggle of girls. "Yes," she agrees with Chis' words regarding the balance of things. "And no, I haven't seen Polis, yet." Her attention trails over the marketplace, lingering at least briefly on the barracks with a restless air as she itches absently at her stitches and then folds her hands behind her back, falling silent for the moment.

Cassandra does not like being wrong, but it is the risk one takes when striving to be right. If you don't play, after all, you don't win. "Sorry," she says to Chis, mirroring the thin line of her mouth, although hers is still smiling. "I assumed — because you speak Gonasleng. And your Gonasleng is perfect, by the way." Pressing thumb and forefinger together, she holds up that universal 'OK' sign, which circumstantially means 'excellence', or 'you are testing my patience', if you are Italian.

"Maybe some day I will see Polis as well." She may not be the most personable of people, usually, but the apprentice biologist from Agro Station is interested, if nothing else. That much is genuine, and lends a shine to her eye. "And you will see the Ark."

"And that's also part of why we're here. We want a chance to prove that we're worthy of learning. That we can be valuable neighbors," Fiona notes to Chis, regarding her thoughtfully. "Most people won't just come up and talk to us." Fiona walks in a little group with Chis, Cassandra, and Kai. "Maybe you know, is Oxfor kom Trikru here in Tondc? I was hoping to speak to him." She's not sure if she should advertise a message from the skaiheda, so for now, she keeps mum on that. Oxfor's ceasefire with the delinquents is pretty well known by now, or so Fiona assumes.

"I am often in the company of warriors," Chis says, again finding truth within the lie. Then she gestures beyond the fallen head of the obelesk. "Beyond is the gardens, and as Kai kom…" There is a short pause, but she relents, "Trikru said, you must work the garden before you can take from the garden." She then drops her her hand again, and looks to the north. "The Hoods are there, including the Seat of the Kruheda." Then she pauses, frowning slightly at Fiona's words. "Yes, I know of Oxfor kom Trikru… he is perhaps with the Kruheda. She would offer him guestright."

Kai's walking along with Fi, Cass, and Chis. "I dare say that with it spread halfway across Trikru lands, they've probably seen more of it than most of them want to," she can't help but drawl drily with the barest shake of her head. She notes Chis' pause, but doesn't mention it simply because that's.. well, usual for her. "Most of the village is over there," she nods in the direction of the guest village. "But I have not seen the steheda there. Coesbur was evacuated so I expect that he is somewhere in the city." She pays attention to word of the Hood, cos that's further into the city than she's ventured thus far.

Cassandra accepts Chis' second lie, nodding her head. The bruise on her left temple hasn't quite yet healed, and she absently touches her fingertips to it when the motion reignites her migraine. She gives a slow blink, trying to recalibrate her senses. "Yeah, I guess you're right," she admits, acknowledging Kai's retort. She even flashes the ex-C a lopsided grin, curling one corner of her mouth to bare half her teeth. "Even I've seen more of it than I want to." Glancing awkwardly back towards the young Grounder girl, she says, "We're sorry about that, by the way. That… was not our doing. If it were up to me, I'd have told them to stay in the sky." But it is not up to her.

"If you don't mind me asking…" Cass then ventures, eyeing Chis with unwavering intrigue. "Being in the company of warriors a lot, I've a burning question I've been meaning to ask your kind. What's your people's philosophy on survival?"

"We heard about that," Fiona notes to Kai. "Part of why we're here is to offer assistance. Kane wants to offer Skaikru's assistance to Coesbur. Which is one of the reasons I need to talk to him." Amongst a few.

"As I hear it," Chis says in a slightly flat note, "staying in the sky would have meant their death." She arches up her brow ever so slightly. "You would have sentenced your people to death?" A pause. "Why?" There is no hiding, or even faking, the curiosity there. Then she frowns a bit at the question Cass asks of her, and she gives in for a moment, fingers clasping behind her and her poise straightening. "One's survival is only second to the survival of the clan and the Coalition," the answer is given fluidly, and it might even be assumed Chis is repeating something she has heard, though there is a hint of conviction there. Then her attention drifts to Fiona. "Assistance to Coesbur? How?"

There's a quiet grunt from Kai for Fiona's words. "So Morgan spoke to you," she surmises. "I mentioned his offer to Wren, but from there it's out of my hands. I did caution him, and I'll say the same to you… that if they're willing, it would likely be with the understanding that the rifles are left behind. And they would need to understand, further, that the warband will likely consist of some of the warriors that attacked skaigeda." Her attention flits to Chis, but with a dip of her head she lets the Skaikru ambassador handle that one.

Cassandra would have sentenced her people to death, if it meant peace with the Grounders and, more importantly, her own survival. She may have the whole, 'second to the survival of one's clan' thing a bit backwards. But this would be toeing the line of polite conversation to bring up, and so in answer to Chis' question, she only smiles and shrugs. "Earth's beautiful," she says, which is not a direct answer. "Probably more beautiful than it's been in ninety-seven years." She slips a hand back into her bag, retrieving the bundle of postcards, which she unravels. The image of the Washington Monument as it once was now lays at the top of the pile, and at first asking for nothing in return, she picks it up and simply offers it out to the innocent-seeming girl. "Let me know if you know of somewhere I can barter for furs or blankets."

<FS3> Tuan rolls Wits+wits: Success.

From down the road of the corral and horse feeding area, Tuan's head can be seen popping above that of a few others as he winds his way to the Marketplace from there. The murmurs of the arrivals have reached him and he has begun to make his way to see just who it is that has come down from the Skaihome.

Fiona nods to Kai. "I know," she affirms, adding in explanation to Chis, "Fighters, if Oxfor wants them. Medical assistance for the wounded." She peers at the postcard a moment. "Yes. He was here."

Chis's questions linger, and she considers Cassandra with those grey eyes. Then, with a small tilt of her chin, the Grounder woman begins to step away from the cluster of Skaikru. Though she hesitates, just a moment, when the postcard is offered out to her. She steps forward, looking at the image before she gingerly takes it. She turns it over in her hands, and then nods. "Yes," she agrees. "But the world has changed." There is something serious in that tone, and then she offers the card back to Cassandra.

Then the young woman looks to Fiona. "See to the Hood. He may be there."

"I think it would be good if something can be arranged, for the record," Kai grunts. "And so you know… Britt was at Skaigeda. Someone put a bullet in her face, but she doesn't appear to be taking it… personal." Seeing as she knows Fi knows who that is. Chis' motion draws her attention to the Trikru girl with a faint smile for her words. "It has," she agrees quietly, falling silent again for now.

Kai's mention of Britt kom Trikru not taking being shot in the face personally draws a blank stare her way at first, from Cassandra. But then she remembers: "We have that in common, I guess." She allows Fiona to field the bigger issues of diplomacy, and for now turns her attention back to Chis, holding up her palms. "Keep it," says the Skaisplita, rather than take the postcard back. "I have more."

"We will, mochof," Fiona says to Chis, but then Kai is granted a look of alarm. "Oh my god, is she okay?" Fiona's not bothering to hide her concern for the older woman. "She didn't want to go. But she had to." She presses her lips together tightly. "I'm not surprised she's not taking it personally."

Still making his way through the Marketplace, it is not too terribly difficult for Tuan to find via words of other Trikru about where the odd ones are at; so he starts to head in the direction indicated, drawing ever nearer to the arrived Skaikru, bobbing about again to attempt to get a look.

"An individual does not speak for the whole of a clan," Chis offers in reply to Britt and her perspective of taking a bullet to the face. There is a touch of grimness to her tone. Then she nods gently, tucking the postcard away into the pocket of her pants. Then she starts to step away, casting one last glance toward the women as she does. She moves toward the gardens beyond the heavy head of the destroyed obliesk.

"No, they do not," Kai agrees with Chis belatedly as the girl slips away, and offers a vague nod for the other two. "We should stay clear of the barracks area… my… friend.. from Indra's camp is here, among others who are not so sanguine about it. But yes, Britt is okay… and knowing she didn't want to… helps. I wasn't quite sure how to process that the same woman who helped bring us to Indra then went on to try and murder our people. But I already know that there's plenty at Alpha who don't understand why I picked to become Trikru, either."

Fiona looks after Chis curiously, before regarding Cassandra with an arch air. "Look at you, making new friends." Her gaze goes back to Kai. "I don't know if I could explain it, but I understood it. If she's here, I definitely want to see her. So the Hood is that way," she points, "She said?" Fiona is wearing Skaikru clothes, of the three remaining she's the only one who looks entirely like an outsider.

Cassandra watches Chis depart with interest, lost in thought until Fiona breaks her concentration. "Told you I'd do fine," she replies, with a hint of sulk. When she recognises Tuan, she looks up towards him, but her eyes narrow with slight suspicion. "Heya, Tuan kom Trikru." She's doing her best to stay civil, but it's clear there's some distance there. "Nice horses." She glances past him, towards the quadrupedal beasts in the corral.

A voice calling out his name is enough to pull Tuan's attention and he looks at the source, spotting Cassandra. There's no hiding the disappointment that etches his face but momentarily before he starts to walk towards the Skaigirl. "<In Trigedasleng> The morning has found you Cassandra of the Sky People." His greeting in Trigedasleng is followed by one in English. "The Morning has found you. I did not expect you of all Sky People to come to Tondc." His voice lowers quietly, "Best to not try to kill any Trikru here like you usually do, yes?"

Fiona turns her head in the direction Cassandra is addressing the moment the name Tuan kom Trikru is uttered, and when she actually sees him? Well, she suddenly could not smile brighter. If Tondc had an electrical grid, she would light up the city for a week. But before she speaks, she does her best to compose her expression, even if she can't take her eyes off of him. "Heya, Tuan kom Trikru."

Kai actually almost understood all of Tuan's words, or at least enough of them that it elicits a smile from her purely for the ability to parse it out in her head enough for her satisfaction at least. "The Marketplace is a center of activity for finding people," she offers to Fiona, an answer without really being one. "And yes, the Hood is that way… I don't recommend travelling there without an escort," which from the nod she gives in Tuan's direction, may just mean like him there. "Heya," is offered his way before she rubs absently at the back of her neck and grunts for his mention of Cassandra's usual habits.

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Wit+wit: Success.

"<In Trigedasleng> The morning has found you, Tuan of the Woods Clan," Cassandra repeats, mimicking Tuan's greeting. Her pronunciation is off, but the words are internalised, and her own voice lowers. "I've never tried to kill a single one of your people who did not first try to kill me, and that includes you. I have only erred on the side of caution to survive." That his words upset her is obvious despite her low-key manner, and she starts to turn away from him, looking towards other market stalls and an avenue to exit the conversation. "I see you have already become Skaikru."

Until this point, Asher had been off in the orchard wandering around. Unfortunately, for everyone here who has done violence against the Trikru, Asher has very likely killed the largest number in direct combat. So, he should be well-liked here. On the plus side, he did not bring a gun! Points there. He's making his way through the market and seems to looking for someone or something very specific. That something isn't Cassandra, though when he sees her, he moves off in that direction.

Tuan tilts his head at Cassandra's behaviors, the greeting then the expression of being upset when he points out the danger of her previous action. About to speak, he looks up at the voice that speaks to him, eyes falling on Fiona as words catch in his throat. Standing, dumbstruck truly, it takes him a few long seconds to process thought, but finally when he does he clears himself with a small cough. "Your mind is a twisted one Cassandra kom Skaikru." One would think he'd say something towards the other Skaikru girl but rather, his eyes shift to Kai. "Kai kom Trikru. Tomorrow morning unless you have a task for Wren, you should join me in my morning exercises."

One might think Fiona would take offense at being ignored, but instead she seems oddly contented by the reaction. Cassandra's inclination to depart is regarded with a bemused air. "Are you sure you want to wander by yourself?" she calls out to Cass. Cool as things may be between them, that does not precursor looking out for one another. At least in Fiona's book. She adds to Kai, "Tuan can show me the way. Or yourself, which I'd be happy with too." She starts to say something else to Kai, thinks the better of it, and goes back to studying Tuan from under her lashes.

"I will check with my First and if not I'd be honored to do so," Kai utters with a nod to Tuan with a slide of her eyes in Cass' direction, and then to Fiona, "Tuan kom Trikru is better. By law I am Trikru, but in the eyes of many I am still Skaikru… and I don't know where steheda Oxfor might be found." She pauses. "I should return to my exercises and check in with Wren though… otherwise I need to find Benning and see about a bow."

Today, here in TonDC, Cassandra does not rise to the provocation of having the orderliness of her mind questioned. She said she would be on her best behaviour, and that's what she intends. She's just about turning away to wander off on her own, despite Fiona's voiced concern, when she spots Asher approaching. Blinking, she watches him for a few moments and then looks up towards him. "Find him yet?" she asks. She has an inkling as to what it is he's searching for, and does turn her own gaze pointedly towards the corral Tuan just came from.

Again, Tuan finds himself staring at Fiona and now begins to walk her way as he glances briefly at Kai who has said something about finding Wren and then Benning. The last part catches him more and he grins. "Tell her to place the bow upon my list of what she owes me." Finishing the humorous (to him at least) thought he faces Fiona and stops a few paces off. "Fiona kom Skaikru. Welcome to Tondc. Have you eaten since your arrival? Have arrangements been made for a place for you to stay when the sun has fallen?"

Asher approaches Cassandra, gaze flickering over the others present. He slows and cants his head to the right, eyeing them for a moment before his gaze falls back on Cassandra and then follows her own gaze off towards the corral. He arches a brow and nods. "I'm guessing they have some sort of… keeper of horses here, yeah?" Something like that. Someone who knows what became of Steak and New Boots.

"Kai," Fiona regards the other girl solemnly. "Don't be a stranger. We're friends." As far as she's concerned. And Cassandra has Asher, so Fiona is less worried about the other girl (though maybe she should be). Lacing her fingers together in front of her, she replies to Tuan quite casually, "I haven't eaten yet. I think Grey is looking into where to camp, but nothing's been confirmed."

Oh great, my teens. Not the way that Wren really wanted the day to go, but at least this time he can't be blamed for this one. He'll just take ownage of the two. The giant warrior looms down the marketplace, looking for… ah, there. That's where he misplaced his Second. There's a sniff, lips twisting into a vague frown, but he eyes those non-Trikru about, then continuing on to Kai. "You're late. I was wondering what was keeping you." Beat. "I now see why. Did the entire Ark City come with the Bandrona or what?"

Kai nods greetings to Asher. The visiting Skaikru + Tuan (and Kai) are all gathered in the marketplace, though Kai seems to be preparing to leave. "Stables are out near the statue," which isn't exactly what Asher said, but is what she chooses to answer, dipping her head to Fiona. "I'm staying with Wren's family over that way." She nods in the direction of the guest village. "At least until we take Coesbur back." She takes a step back, but there's Wren, and she clears her throat. "Sorry Wren, I was just coming to look for you. Tuan has offered to allow me to exercise with him tomorrow, unless you have a task for me then. And I was just saying to them I should get back to my exercise." There's a wry kind of smile. "This lot is all I have seen, and Fi mentioned Grey, which means he's probably with Gideon," if she had to take a wild guess. "Wren kom Trikru, this is Cassandra kom Skaikru and Asher kom Skaikru.. in case you haven't met."

"Coesbur had to evacuate," Cass mentions to Asher with a tone of deep regret. "I'm told they took their horses. Afaye should be somewhere around here." Her eyes sweep the marketplace, as if she might spot one needle of a woman in the resplendent haystack that is the morning rush of TonDC. The sound of her own name catches her ear, and she glances over her shoulder to nod her head at Kai. "We've met," she tells the ex-C tepidly.

Hearing, and catching sight of Wren, Tuan looks up from where he is standing in front of Fiona to offer the other a nod of greeting before he returns his attention to the Skaigirl. A look of distaste touches his lips and he shakes his head. "That will not do. Come, you can share a first meal. Many of us from Coesbur are staying in the same area, it would be best to place tents there as we know you and are more adjusted to you than other of Trikru." He politely offers a hand to her.

A glance over to Wren and a nod is offered. He honestly doesn't appear to be sure if they've met, so he goes with, "Nice to meet you…" because that should cover him if he hasn't. And if he has… One Trikru looks like another? Not really actually. Not at all. Seriously though, he last ones he met tried to kill him, and the ones before that, and the ones before that. He doesn't pay much attention to faces. "Afaye… Right." he offers to Cassandra.

Well. Tuan is being polite. So Fiona is going to be polite right back. "Mochoff." she says to Tuan, but before putting her hand in his, she looks over at the newest Trikru arrival. "Heya, Wren," she says. "<In Trigedasleng> I have your sister's things. I will return them to you. Thank you." Then she looks back at Tuan. "Shall we?"

"Did he now." Wren rolls his neck, popping some bones in the process, eyeing Tuan skeptically. "A Second training a Second. Bold move." He would know something about that. "We'll see. We've delayed enough with yours as it is." An inaudible grunt at the mention of introductions, which might be as good of a 'hello' that anyone not Kai or Fiona is going to get from him. "Stay out of the warrior's barracks. Unless you want to get stabbed," is his only piece of advice. No wait, it's not. "Good luck. The only way Afaye will release a horse is if Oxfor tells her to. She has been more… strict than usual since arriving here." There's something unreadable on his face when Fiona mentions his sister. "<In Trigedasleng> …Thank you." is all he says on that matter.

"Back to running?" Kai asks of Wren with a thumb off in the direction of the marketplace.

The offer of food and shelter is enough to have Cassandra's attention turn back to Tuan over her shoulder, even if it wasn't extended to her. "You should go with them," she says to Asher, giving his side a gentle nudge with the back of knuckle. Though reluctant, her tone implies, without me.

Tuan nods amicably towards Fiona. "Right this way Bandrona." He offers the title with a bit of a poorly hidden smirk as he starts to walk with her towards the Coesbur sub-camp in Tondc. The mentioning of Wren's sisters' things causes him to straighten some, resulting in a momentary hitch in his step before he presses on, starting to speak to Fiona about presumably Tondc from the way he gestures in directions and at buildings.

Asher eyes Wren a moment, nodding to him, "Thanks… Oxfor let me have the horse when I first met him. He told Afaye that. So he's my horse. I just want him back." See, that simple. Of course. The nudge has Asher stepping off in the direction Cassandra pushed him and he looks at her with a raised brow, then nods. "Fine, I'll go, I'll go…" And he moves off in that direction.

"Back to running." Wren nods at Kai. She's learning quick. But the large man's face is unreadable, sucking air through his teeth, watching the group of them leave, leaving him to just shake his head.

"Sir." It's a cadet acknowledgment from Kai, some habits die hard, and though she spares a nod for the others, the boss man says run and the lean girl obeys, taking off again.

It's a very subtle thing, but after nudging Asher onwards, Cassandra reaches out to give his hand a small squeeze. That's about the most she offers by way of affection in public, and then she too turns away. As he departs and the others disseminate, she sends one last look over her shoulder to familiar faces, and disappears into the colours and crowd, putting Fiona's words of warning out of her mind.

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