Day 027: Leather n' Partnerships
Summary: Silas and Madelyn meet, exchange words, and form a partnership.
Date: 22 06 2016
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Silas Madelyn 

Delinquent Camp — Grounds

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

A small tent city expands away from the open space before the dropship's ramp, while the cooktent and the tech tent cling to the metal and ceramic hulk like far-too-short skirts. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and a rough wall stretches between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks stacked up and lashed together as best as the Delinquents can manage. There is a gate at the north end, a single panel that can be rolled aside at need.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been beaten back, underbrush and low-hanging branches cleared to try and expose as much of the gnarled hills around the landing site as possible. There are still trees around the walls, even close to them, but they have been shorn of branches as high as can be reached.

IC date of RP

With the morning sun a bit beyond halfway through rising up and into the sky, the camp is all for the most part awake and active as people begin to go about their work and preparations. That's been the usual for a while, after all- and Silas is certainly no exception.

The young man seems rather upbeat- and the reason is obvious as well, as his work with leather has finally come to produce something. Better late than never, right? Silas sits on his usual stump as he takes one of his own needles fashioned out of animal bone as he quietly finishes threading through the the back of the leather with his cord he made from bark fiber and some scrap. As happy as he is, though- he's looking to become gradually more frustrated as he needs to constantly adjust the leather in his lap as he gnaws on his lower lip a bit, muttering a quiet curse here and there.

A short girl with mousy brown hair walks up from tent city. Her clothes are well-worn, but also well-fitted and in a relatively good state of repair. Hands in her pockets, she approaches the stump. "Hey," she says by way of greeting, pulling one hand from its pocket to wave. "So, uh, you're the leather guy?" She wrinkles her nose a bit at her own obvious damned question, but she lets it stand.

Humming quietly, Silas' fingers continue to adjust and move around the leather before his ear twitches ever so slightly as he hears the greeting from Madelyn as he looks up with a quirk of his right brow. His eyes scan her up and down once or twice- which to her may look rather uncouth, but in the end he offers her a lopsided grin and a tilt of his head. "I figured I was just the friendly neighborhood jackass, but I dabble in leather, yeah." he says, his right hand coming out presentingly to the leather around him and his stump. "And you're.." he stares at her for a moment or two, his brows furrowing for a moment or two, "Well, I don't know your name to be honest- but I recognize you from when we dropped, at least." he admits with a quiet chuckle as his fingers quietly knot the ends of his makeshift laces for the armor. "It's good that you're here, can you turn around? I need to see if this'll fit." Although with that said, the leather looks like it'd rather fit someone twice the young woman's size in its current state, but as Silas picks up the back-tying vest- it doesn't seem he notices, or simply doesn't mind as he waits to see if she'll let him put it on her.

"It's cool. I've kind of kept to myself until lately. Felt… safer that way. Madelyn," she introduces herself, "I'm a tailor and I…" She pauses eyeing the armor, then giving Silas a skeptical look. "I'm probably the /last/ person you need to worry about armoring up, but if you need a mannequin, I know how that goes." She turns her back to him, turning her head to try and see what he's up to.

Snickering, Silas shakes his head with an amused grin as he brings the vest over to fit it onto her as he begins to tie it at the nape of her neck and the bottom of her back. "Just need you to be a mannequin." he says as he quietly lets go and lets it drop down to hang on her shoulders- sagging and clearly a bit big. He stares at her like this for a moment, standing to quietly step around her as he squints over her. Or well, he's really staring at the leather she's wearing, but after a few moments as he simply nods and begins to go behind her and untie it once again. "Alright, looks big enough for boiling." he says as he looks back and over towards her, his right brow rising. "You look good in leather, too. I may bug you to try on my stuff again." he says, snickering quietly. A joke. Probably. "So you're a tailor, huh? Maybe we should think about trying to make a loom then, and get some livestock or something so we can make our own clothes."

Madelyn laughs, shaking her head. "Cute line," she grins, wagging a finger at him. "I was thinking we should team up. We can make all kinds of stuff people will need. Or just want." She looks back over her shoulder, then up at the young man towering over her by more than a foot. "I don't know about you, but I know I'm no good in a fight, but the rest of them couldn't sew their way out of a paper bag. Into? Whatever. I know I have a skill most of them don't, and so do you, and we could make even better stuff by combining our skills." Once he removes the armor, she turns around to face him properly. "I've already got two commissions that I should get some rations and fruit leather from," she informs him, resting her hands on her hips. She seems terribly pleased with her own business acumen. "I don't know anything about weaving, though," she adds. "I mean, not much, anyway. I know… like… how it works? And I can make yarn if we had some kind of fiber to spin? But weaving is way out of my wheelhouse."

"Just sayin' what comes to mind." Says Silas with a shrug of his shoulders and a quirk of his brow as he quietly begins to fold up the leather and sets it down with the rest. He looks back to her, his hands slipping down to hook his thumbs into his pockets. His right brow slowly rides up as she begins mentioning working together, earning a slow blink from the young man as she now definitely has his attention. He continues to stare at her as he listens, his lips pursing somewhat as he tilts his head off to the side. "Well, I'm not opposed to the idea." he says with a quiet blink before he looks back and over to the woman as his right hand comes back over to scratch the back of his head. "Though to be honest I'd much rather work with someone who works with metal, but I'm still not opposed to the idea." he admits before he looks back to her, his arms coming around to cross along his chest. "But I work in leather, mainly as an armorer, I don't know how a tailor can really help me with that beyond preparing materials to add comfort and make sure they won't freeze to death in the coming fall and winter." he says as his brows hang a bit lower down- his gaze becoming a bit more judging as he stares at her. "What materials or services do you have that you think could help me in armoring and other leather working?" he asks, his right brow rising expectantly as he watches her.

"Do you expect people to run around naked under your armor?" Madelyn asks with an inscrutable smirk. She angles her head in such a way that she is looking up at him and meeting his gaze without tilting her head upwards — neat trick, kid. Guess she's had a lot of practice being short. "Armor works better and is more comfortable when you have clothing that's designed with the armor in mind. Provides padding in the right places so the armor doesn't chafe or bite, maybe has the right kind of straps to secure things in place, maybe has the right airflow to keep the wearer from dying of heat stroke?" She rocks back on her heels. "Plus I could use leather for buckles, belts, straps, reinforcing bags, maybe we can learn to even make shoes."

Silas continues to stare at the shorter woman for a moment or two after she's finished talking before he offers her a smirk. "So you at least know that most armor needs padding, that's good." he says with a shrug as his right hand comes over to scratch his chin, the judging look he had before gone and softened as he seems more comfortable. "Yeah, sure. I don't mind workin' with you, you seem to be competent." he says as he quietly turns and leans down to pick up a thick folded length of letter, unfolding it and quietly looking it over for a moment before he looks back to Madelyn. "I'm planning on making a few breastplates, gorgets, and arm and leg-guards, so working with you makes sense, anyways." he offers with a tilt of his head and a nod as he begins to fold the leather back up and set it down on the stump. "Though I don't only work on commission, and I also work on necessity. After all, commissions won't matter if we end up all getting murdered." he says with a nudge of his head beyond the walls and a glare sent that same way before he looks back to Maddy. "I'm Silas, by the way."

"Pleasure to meet you, Silas," Madelyn says with an earnest, sweet smile. "For my part, at least, I figured I better let people know I can make stuff they want or else they probably wouldn't think twice about leaving me behind if things go south. If making girls new underwear means they care about whether I die or not, then I'll make as many panties as it takes." This is delivered with a wry tilt of her head, but there's a serious undercurrent there. She extends her hand. "Partners?"

Offering a nod in return, Silas brings his right hand around to grasp hers, shaking it quietly for a few moments. "Partners." he says, before releasing it and bringing his hand down to his side as he offers her a smirk, somewhat amused but sufficientally friendly. "Though I don't really worry about undies that much. If I think they're unclean, I wash them and just go commando 'till their dry." he says, bluntly and honestly as he looks down over towards his leather. "I think I'm pretty good though. Along with leather, I can make simple necessities such as bone needles, cordage, and I also know how to make some tools and can make more… Temporary mudhuts. That and I'm a decent fighter." he says with a shrug as he brings his hands over to stretch overhead, grunting somewhat as he does so. "In any case, I'll probably need some padding real soon to go with the armor I'm looking forward to make. How quick do you think you are at finishing something like a padded vest?"

"Not as fast as I would if I had my machine, but that's millions of miles away," Madelyn laments, idly gesturing skyward. "I could whip something together in a couple of hours if you have some spare fabric, for sure. The padding will be the tricky part," she muses, tilting her hips to the side as she thinks. "We could cut some thick grass and dry it. That'd make a stiff padding, but one that'd offer a little more protection, too. Got any material in mind?"

Tapping his chin with his right index finger, Silas shakes his head. "No material comes to mind right off the bat. To be honest, I don't know what fabric we've got- especially that which we can spare. Theoretically we could we use some parachute material as fabric, but I doubt it'd really be comfortable, and I doubt we have any to spare unless someone offers up their tent." He says as he brings his hands to rest on his waist, his fingers tapping against his sides. "As for padding, we could use bark fiber. It's what I use for making cordage, but when it's not make into cord it seems like it'd make for good padding." Silas looks over towards Madelyn with a shrug, "But it's alright if you can't make it in a really timely fashion. I think people won't mind about not having padding when the leather saves their lives anyways, and I already have something in mind that can be used as padding for myself." Staring at Madelyn for a second, he blinks before he asks, "What material do you have, anyways?"

"I have a collection of scraps. Nothing too big. Most of the stuff I'm making for folks, I'm repurposing clothing they already have," Madelyn explains. She rolls her neck, musing, "What would be amazing would be if we were to find some old-but-usable fabric somewhere. That'd be a /dream/." She chuckles at herself. "Okay, my dreams are not normal dreams. I accept this."

Silas snickers, his brow rising as he stares down at her for a moment. "Certainly not that normal." he says with a lopsided smirk before he looks back and over to his leather. "But understandable. I sometimes dream about having the materials so I can stop brain-tanning the hides I turn into leather." he says with a shrug before he looks back to Madelyn. "I swear, the amount of brains I end up turning into a paste is probably unhealthy for my skin." he says with a tilt of his head to the side. "And livers." he adds, his right hand coming over to run his fingers through his hair absently. "Well, I'm alone in my tent so I could either room with someone or get someone to room with me and throw the parachute material your way to be used." he says with a shrug, pushing some hair behind his ears to scratch a bug bite as he looks over to Maddie. "You may wanna check with Grey or some folks who'd know about what extra clothes we've got. I know that we brought some in, so it's worth checking out."

"My tent is small, but… um…" Madelyn blushes. "I… people would think stuff and…" Her confident swagger fades and she shoves her hands back into her pockets, looking down at the ground. "Parachute material is good for, like, more heavy duty stuff, anyway. Like bags for hauling heavy stuff. And stuff." She gathers her wherewithal and eases back into her more confidend swagger, clearing her throat. "That's a good idea. I'll get on that." She thinks for a moment. "Aren't there diseases you can get from brains? Or is that only if you eat them?

Letting his right brow rise, Silas eyes her for a moment as her confidence begins to falter and she begins to blush. When she mentions about people thinking stuff, his brows rise and his cheeks go a bit pink as well. "I wasn't suggesting you and me bunk." he says, with a blink as he looks away in a bit of embarrassment. When she begins to collect herself, Silas looks back. "I suppose it would be, but we also don't have that many materials to begin with. Make due with what you have, or something." says Silas with a slow shrug before he perks up at her question. "Ingesting- as far as I know. I know that were I to have any cuts it'd probably be bad to get brain matter in them, but otherwise I should be fine." Slipping his hands into his pockets, Silas idly fumbles around with some lint as he lets out a slow breath. "Anyways, you may also want to check with Tink for helping out with our stuff. She also works in leather, and would probably be useful to get on board with working with us."

She nods, digging the toe of one boot into the ground. "If, uh…" Madelyn trails off, losing her train of thought, then finding a new one. "I should see what scraps I have, yeah, and see if I can put together some kind of vest. How big of a person do you want it to fit?" She pauses again. "A medium-sized person. Probably. I should, um, probably get out of here before I do anything more weird and awkward, so, uh… Right." She starts to turn to leave.

Silas is quiet as his eyes trail after Madelyn as she's turning and beginning to head leave. "One second." he says, looking over to the side and taking one of the smaller lengths of leather he has prepared, long but not too wide as he folds it up and steps over to hand it to her. "You said you need straps and stuff, so take this. You can try cutting it yourself to get what you need, or you could probably get Tink to do it- that is, while I'm working on the armor." he says with a nod. "Also, don't worry about anything awkward or weird." he adds, tilting his head to the side. "Other's have done stuff to make things way more awkward than that. And yeah, medium size."

"So bigger than me, but smaller than you?" Madelyn nods. She accepts the leather appreciatively. "Oh, this is awesome. This is /perfect/." A grin spreads across her face. "I'm trying to figure out, though, whether that means I should try to be more awkward, or ask about the awkward." The leather is tested with gentle tugs and examination. "Or. You know. Neither."

"Just, y'know, keep doin' what you're doin'." Says Silas with a small smirk and a lopsided shrug as he lets her take the leather, quietly turning his back to her for a moment as he gathers up his own leather onto the stump- as though he too is preparing to leave to begin working. "Fit it for someone like… Cameron."

When she brings her hands over to touch and examine the leather, she finds herself in possession of leather a light shade of brown. The leather itself is fairly flexible, though a bit stiff that it's rather easy to cut and seems to have already been boiled. Despite the boiling, the leather is still quite soft and sturdy.

"Anyways," begins Silas as he begins to heft up all his leathers and he turns back to face near Madelyn, but more towards Tent City. "I'm gonna head over to my tent and begin boiling and cutting out some pieces of armor. See ya' later." he says as he begins to head off, unless stopped.

Madelyn nods. "Sounds good. I'll let you know when I've got something together." And with that, the small young woman quickly and deftly makes her way back to her tent to start playing with her new materials.

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