Day 031: Leaving Camp Jaha
Summary: After a quick chat with Cassandra, Kai returns to Tondc, with Elias, this can only go 'well'.
Date: 29th June 2016
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Forests Around the Camp — The Wilderness

This forest is a mingling of hardwoods and temperate evergreens, with towering oaks and cedars mixed with slender alders. The ground is covered in grassy mosses and thick ferns — some with sharp, sword-like leaves and others with tight spiraled stems that unfurl toward the crowded canopy. Beyond the trees and ferns, the forest also hosts arching, moss-draped vine maples and flowering blackberry bushes as just some of its flora occupants.

Toward the west, the forest begins to break as the mountains climb, revealing meadow balds and the broad web of the divided Potomac.

Day 031

As usual, Cass is disobeying orders — or in this case, friendly and concerned recommendations — that she stay indoors and not roam far afield. Since sustaining a head injury two weeks ago, she's been confined far too much to the now burned-to-a-crisp Dropship camp, and now that she has better medical attention, she intends to take full advantage of it. She might be seen far in the distance, climbing a hill into view and crouching by the lake, strangely it seems not having come from Camp Jaha itself. With how sparsely she's been around, it's clear she has some other campsite of her own, outside of the bounds.

Elias isn't even sure who he's supposed to be taking orders /from/ much less when and how to follow them. It started with him basically taking what was needed and coming up with solutions and suddenly he has a 'staff', much as they are, carrying out his designs. The work has hit a bit of a lull with engineering only able to do so much at a time, so it seems like an appropriate time to research and spend time with Kai. The young man isn't aware of Cass in the distance quite so much. Not at first. As he packs the last of his stuff for a short reprieve from his duties around the camp, he does manage to glance up at that ridge and catch the silhouhette of Cass. Lifting a hand, he shields his eyes and squints to try to see who it is out there.

Kai was talking with her mother. Because that's so very a conversation that she wants to have. Hi mom. Yes mom, I shaved my head. Yes mom, a raving cannibal with a sword tried to carve me up like a turkey. Yes mom, I heard about dad. No mom, I'm not coming home. She's still dressed in Gideon's old armor, but now accessorized with a Grounder sword slung bandolier style across herself. And a horse. Granted, it's a swayback nag that most riders would be offended to be saddled with, but the novice Trikru Second is perfectly happy that it doesn't seem prone to biting, farting or trying to bolt in weird directions. She's followed all the way to the gate by mom, but the older Adams woman elects to stay behind the fence while the armed girl makes her way over to Eli with an irritable grunt,"Just so you're aware you should know you're dating a traitor. If you want to call this dating.

You don't realise just how much you miss the simple comforts until they're gone. Like, say, having an actual bottle of water that isn't made of scrap-metal and perpetually lined with grime. That at least is the case for Cass, who bends down to fill her newly-acquired Camp Jaha container into the lake, tilts back her head to take a long drink, only to refill it and stand back up. As she turns, she spies Elias and Kai nearer to the gates, and she too squints, raising a hand to her forehead. After a moment's pause, maybe considering an escape, she brings that hand out to wave.

When Kai comes back outside the gate after talking to her mother, Elias turns his head to the direction of her voice and raises a brow. "You can't be a traitor. Trikru aren't our enemies. Not right at the moment, anyways." With a roll of his shoulders, he gestures to her lightly. "Eh. I'll give you it's not ideal. Once I have enough stuff to trade for a horse, it'll make it a lot easier for sure. If I can figure out how to ride the damn things." Squinting once more, he looks back over to where Cassandra is and waves in return.

"I see Bonheur survived." Kai upnods in the direction of Cass with a squint,"Oh but I am.. according to Simmons and some of the others." from the shrug she doesn't give a fuck,"I got taught by a fucking ten year old. You want to talk embarrassing? Whole party of scouts and warriors watching a little girl tell me how to ride." she grimaces,"You'll probably meet Rain, she's adorable. Her brother, Pontus? Looks like he had a fight with a sawblade and lost. You'll understand when you see him. Don't expect him to be friendly." she reaches to pet the horses neck,"Apparently there's.. something? I don't even know. They asked that we don't leave immediately. It's going to be dark soon anyways but I'd rather camp on the road than stay here overnight."

Cassandra takes a moment to fixate on something back the way she came that is hidden from view, perhaps the movement of an animal. She looks expectant, but after taking a moment to ascertain that everything's OK, she turns again and starts to move in the direction of Kai and Elias. Though she can't quite make out the details of what they're saying at first, she speaks up once she's near enough to hold a conversation.

"Nice horse," she says to Elias, and then turns to fix her eyes on Kai. "Sorry to hear about your dad." She sounds oddly sincere about that condolence.

"Yeah. She's been itching to run away since we got here," Elias says with a nod of his head to Kai. This is probably heard by Cassandra as she approaches, but he doesn't seem to be apologetic about it. The utterance is a mere statement of fact. He heaves a sigh then and shakes his head. "Don't listen to those assholes. That's /some/ people. I don't expect the people of Tondc to give me the warmest of receptions either. Don't worry. My experience has mostly been with surly, chest-beating types. Maybe they have their own scientist-types, though." He gives a shrug of his shoulders then and then smiles. A look is given to Cassandra then as she speaks, but his eyes still squint. "What's up, Bonheur?" he greets her before giving a quick nod to Kai at her suggestion that the sooner they leave the better.

"Bonheur." Kai acknowledges with a dip of her head, she's got bruises all over the right side of her face, a mostly healed lip and a nose that's a little less straight than it was when she left skaigeda. And that her armor is now missing it's right side glove, fresh if careful stitching lacing along it along with a poultice to help with the healing,"Thanks." gets added without particular emotional investment,"I'm glad you survived." that at least sounds like it's actually probably genuine. An apple is fished out from one of the horses packs so that she can feed it to it, rubbing it absently,"This is Broukas. He's not mine, he's just for practice." there's grunt for Eli,"Don't bother me Eli.. I don't have to live here. And I don't have a fucking thing to prove to them either. But yeh.. in some ways I think the Trikru actually count as friendlier."

In fairness, Cassandra doesn't seem offended by Elias' unapologetic statement; it is mere fact. By her expression, she agrees. She takes a moment to process Kai's bruised visage before she answers Elias' greeting, with the subtlest note of defensiveness: "Nothing."

"Hi Broukas." Cass greets the horse, too. Manners — she truly has evolved. "We're on the same page there," she then adds to Kai. "I'm leaving for TonDC too. With Grey though, just a diplomatic mission. I expect I'll see you there."

Casting a look over to Kai, he breathes in and then exhales another sigh. "That's not totally fair," he says with a wave of his hand. "I mean - they came down here to their kids getting attacked by an overwhelming force. I can imagine feeling a certain way too without understanding of the context. But that's why we educate." There's a pause there before he shifts his gaze over to Cass. "Oh! Could you tell him Gideon is fine and in Tondc? I meant to leave him a note, but I got caught up." Elias is freshly-showered and has clean clothes on consisting of a white t-shirt, blue trousers, and a pair of black boots. That subtle note in Cass' voice does finally catch him, though. "Wait. What are you up to?"

"He's got my maps, should be able to work out the way. Don't take rifles. When you see the statue just wait. They'll find you." Kai utters blandly for Cassandra, it's not her problem, the tone says. There's a grunt for Elias,"And the Ark just shit itself all over Trikru land, though so far we haven't had any reports of another village being hit, thank Green Eden. There's plenty of reasons for both sides to dislike one another. Doesn't help anyone and doesn't change that in Trikru eyes I'm not quite one of them and in Skaikru eyes I'm a traitor."

Like Elias, Cassandra is clean and showered, her long hair tied into a loose, single braid. It isn't quite Trikru fashion, unlike her clothes, sword and bow, but it keeps her face more clearly visible than it usually is. She doesn't interject on the discussion of diplomacy issues, eyes flickering from Kai to Elias as they each speak, and she uses the discussion as an excuse not to indulge the Agro-Tech's curiosity. She would be speaking out of turn, after all! Instead, she fixes her eyes on him, though her question is extended to both. "How did you broker truce, anyway?"

Another look is cast to Kai as the girl speaks up about what's going on wither her. "Must feel pretty lonely," he says with a nod of his head. Elias gives her a meaningful look before giving a light wave of his hand. "It'll pass. Just going to take time. I hope." With another sigh, he gives a shrug of his shoulders and then shifts his attention once more to Cassandra. "I wasn't the one doing the brokering," Elias says with a shake of his head. "I gave my statement on what happened. Peace was brokered by Fiona agreeing to give up the ones responsible for the dropship falling on Thripoda."

Elias answered Cass regarding the peace, and she grunts, glancing back towards the gates before she steps around Eli, gathering the reins, but Broukas? He aint having none of it right now, side-stepping away in the equine equivalent of nuh-uhn bitch I'm done with your shit right now. Which makes her frown at the stupid thing in annoyance,"Stupid stubborn asshole." she mutters at it in annoyance, casting a baleful eye at Cassandra before electing to answer Eli in front of her,"It's no different from Alpha station for me. Wren's family's good. Silver's there. It's enough. All they expect of me is to ask questions and be willing to help out. I'm done waiting Eli. Are you ready? Whatever they wanted they can wait until I bring you back."

At first Cassie arches an eyebrow at Elias, with a side-eye to Kai, but then she gives him an approving nod of her head. "Good job," she tells him, and it directed to him specifically, even though he wasn't named Bandrona himself and did have help. Apparently he gets all the credit from her.

She starts to turn away, back towards the lake, but pauses a moment and regard the two over her shoulder. Her braided hair alleviates the effect of her skulking demeanour, making her expression visible even from the side. "Try stroking his head. Down the nose and side of the cheek. Pat his neck. They like that," she mentions to Kai, evidently having picked up a thing or two watching Asher with Steak and New Boots. "And send Silver my love. I'm gonna go check on some stuff."

"It was the only logical course," Elias says to Cassandra with a nod of his head. "They were out for any blood and were uncompromising about it. Best to implicate the ones responsible for staging a coup on the Ark and trying to kill everyone. Sadly, I think that if that's indeed what happened then the dropship is likely the grave of all of those responsible." With a sigh and a shrug of his shoulders then, he considers. "I don't know how they're handling that situation. Fiona's supposed to be talking to Kane." Another shrug then. Not his circus, not his monkeys. "Hey, I'll catch you soon, though, right?" Looking back to Kai then, he nods his head at her expressesion of wanting to leave. "I'm all packed up and set. Got everything I need for the next couple days or so. I'll have to get back here when they start putting up the hothouses, though." With that, he waits for Kai to mount up so he can try to do the same.

"Thanks. And sure. Though still not sure how I wound up playing fucking messenger." Kai grunts, rubbing at Broukas' nose. Poor put upon pony. She still doesn't elect to hop on him for the moment, nodding in the direction of Tondc with a look for Eli,"Yeh, well, that shit is between the Heda and Steheda now, let's hope that they can come to something more permanent." her tone is flatly unhappy about it, and taking the reins she starts to lead the horse for the moment at least,"No problem, Eli, when you're ready to come home I'll bring you, in the meantime maybe Starling or Benning can do some trade to give you seeds to bring back for the hothouses. C'mon."

Cassandra, for one, doesn't look worried about the situation. She has a calm confidence about her that everything will work out for the best, or perhaps que sera, sera. It is an odd thing when she reads as the more peaceful one in the group.

"May we meet again," says the braided delinquent, and with that, turns and starts to climb the misshapen ground back up towards where she came from, by the lake. Another swing of fresh, cool water is taken from her metal flask.

"May we meet again," Elias replies to Cassandra with a light smile. "And don't go back in the direction of our old camp. There are these…cannibals called Reapers?" There's a look to Kai for assistance there, but then he's looking back to Cassandra. "Just be careful. See you guys in Tondc." Looking again to Kai and giving her his full attention then, he quietly considers what is said and then slowly nods his head. "Well, I'm not expecting anything. But if they want to help me out with some seeds, I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Harvest this year is going to be on the light side, I can tell you that."

"We will." Kai forgoes the traditional parting with a tone that suggests there's no question about it as far as she's concerned, leading Broukas until she reaches the point where she's had it with the pony's shit and stops to swing up into the saddle,"Yes." is said for Eli, then added more loudly,"Coesbur's overrun with cannibals right now. At least thirty of them that we saw, not including the one's we killed." she reaches down to offer Elias a hand,"That's up to them. I think they will though. Starling gave me food when she didn't even know if maybe I'd stabbed Wren and stole his sword, so.. worse people out there."

Elias reaches up and takes Kai's hand so he can pull himself up onto the back of the horse. His balance is a bit uncertain there, but he has less of a problem wrapping his arms around Kai than he did trying to hang on to Veks. Stable enough and doing what he can to make it easy for Kai, Elias tries to keep Veks' lessons in mind. "Oh, I don't mean that in a way suggesting I know what type of people they are. I was just saying that under the circumstances, after everything, I am really not expecting a lot. But I get to spend time with you. That's what's important to me."

Broukas aint happy about it, to judge from the flattened ears, and Kai has some trouble getting him to behave but does finally nudge him in the right direction at an unhurried pace,"Yeh, which is good Eli. I mean, so far no-one's tried to take a shot at me, but outside of the Coesbur people there's a lot of people who are unhappy. There's a whole barracks full of warriors that I don't go near without Wren because half of them were at the battle of the camp. And Britt? You remember her? She was there. Caught a bullet in the face. I sort of want to be angry about it, but I'm not. Whoever nailed her she's gonna have to live with that for the rest of her life."

Elias sighs again and shakes his head about Britt. "I told her exactly what was going to happen. That they'd defend themselves at all costs." While he's noticably upset by the news, there isn't any one person to blame. Neither party in this case wanted to fight. Although he isn't completely unarmed and has the sword Grey lent him, he's really not the type to go looking for fights. Still, it's not very prudent to travel unarmed. "Poor Britt. Did she let Silver take a look at it?" Elias shrugs his shoulders to Kai and gestures vaguely towards the direction she's heading. "Hopefully I can win them over. I just don't think most of them are impressed by anything but warriors…which I am definitely not."

Kai grunts,"And they did." which to her, is something to be proud of,"I don't know, I don't get into Silver's thing in that regard. She stitched up my arm, but mostly she works with Peake at the moment around the house. Until we get Coesbur back, which will then make me even further away from you, but closer to the Mountain so that I can start looking for the others." she sighs softly,"They like healers, too, and they know you're my Niron, so, amongst those that like me, that will count for something. Unfortunately, that aint a bunch of them yet."

Elias doesn't talk about what happened at the dropship any further. He's already pieced together what wound up happening. Both of his strong arms are around her waist and affectionately so. It's been a little while since he's been able to be close with her. "You should visit your mom more," he says quietly. "You're all she's got." This is said with just a little more seriousness, but he's content to drop it with that said. "Anyways. We'll just have to see about the rest. I don't want to start presuming things and get into the wrong mindset for this little adventure." The word of her being further away from him brings a sigh to his lips and he lightly rests his cheek on her shoulder. "We're cursed."

"I know." there's at least some vague guilt in the brief response from Kai,"I just.. can't. Eli. Does that make sense? She and Leo and them.. they see who I was. That's the me they want back. Mom's talking about how I shaved my hair off and all I could keep thinking was 'fuck mom who cares about my hair? I killed a guy yesterday. And I'm going to kill a lot more of them.'" she sighs softly, letting the horse pick the pace for the moment because it feels awesome just to have his arms about her and his body up against hers again,"Coesbur is their home. And it's closer to the Mountain. I have to try Eli. To find Tink and them? After I finish my apprenticeship I should be free to do whatever I want, live where I want. Not at Alpha. But.. closer. So that it will be easier. But right now it's just.. all kinds of fucked."

There's a tighter squeeze around her middle and a light kiss to her shoulder before Elias lifts his head so that the ride is more managable for Kai. "You should give them a chance to accept you. They care. Not now, but you know…try. Don't take them for granted." Taking a deep breath then, he lifts his gaze to look around them. "You're all I have left," he admits quietly. "Farm Station fell somewhere in the Azgeda lands. From what I hear, they are way worse than the Trikru." There's a small shrug of his shoulders then and another breath is taken. "I know you need to do what you have to do. I know what you're capable of. Just remember that I love you and I need you to come back safe to me." Clearing his throat then, he continues to ride along with Kai quietly, trying to enjoy the scenery.

Kai grunts,"You saw Leo when I told him that I was leaving with Wren, Eli. What's there to accept?" she takes one of her hands from the reins to wrap about his fingers,"Rin's ear collection." she grunts,"They're Azgeda ears." she sighs,"But maybe if you're lucky they found somewhere like Coesbur? If Kane and them can work out something more permanent maybe in time we can go look? And you know I'll come back, and if I don't.. well, Wren will let you know. I think he feels guilty for me being there and you being in Alpha. Especially because Silver's with him. I didn't ask him about bringing you, but I'm sure he'll deal. He finds.. he gets frustrated? Because some of their ways are weird to me? But it's not like my dad. He knows it's going to take time for me to get used to the bathhouses and the fucktonne of people around all the time and all the rest of it."

"His feelings were hurt," Elias says in a calm tone, giving a nod of his head. "You can't blame him for his reaction. I know that once he's over that blow, he's going to want to have some kind of relationship with you too. And your mom. Just give them a little time, right? If I can go with you to a place where most of the residents -really- want to see me die the Death of a Thousand Cuts to give people who hate me a chance, you can visit your mom." He pauses a moment then. "In time. You're braver than I am and you'll do it because it's the right thing to do." There's a shake of Elias' head to Wren's guilt. "If I begged you not to, you wouldn't have gone," he says grimly. "I didn't. I knew you had to do your thing, you know? Wasn't easy. I don't want you to feel guilty for going. I know that this life makes you happy. Happier, anyways. I wouldn't take that from you. But I can't leave them to starve or go without medicine."

Kai gives a shrug of her shoulders,"I'll keep coming by the camp until they tell me to fuck off. If he wants to talk to me, not like it's hard to tell when I show up." she sighs softly,"They don't want you specifically and personally to die. We're strangers, they don't know where we came from or what we want, just that we suddenly appear out of nowhere like the Mountain, spray death across their land and fuck their shit up. They're right to be suspicious and scared. A lot of them knew people in Thripoda, or that died in the camp assaults. And the view that they're just stupid savages that a lot of the Arkers seem to have isn't helping things." she twists about in her seat in order to press a kiss to his lips,"I wanted to beg you to come with me, too. But.. yes. And I appreciate that too, I'm just.. not a guard. I'm not interested in taking orders from Kane and his people.. trying to follow my father's legacy. When it was obvious that there was too many for us to take they actually asked me questions about the feasibility of using the camp as a safe point.. they listened to my opinion as to how to deal with the Reapers, and although they decided that we'd go back and get reinforcements.." there's a rough bark of laughter,"because, we can get fucking reinforcements.. at least three of them, including Britt.. said it was a good plan. You know as well as I do that'd be pulling teeth with the Guard."

"No, they don't want me to specifically die, but they will once they see me. I am the face of every bit of animosity they're holding towards our people." Elias gives a gentle nods of his head as a sort of gesture. "Logically, I don't have anyone protecting me or that cares whether or not I live or die in a potentially hostile environment. You're new to their society and the only one that can vouch for me. That's shakey at best. I'm not afraid they might kill me right then and there, but some of them are angry enough to. The best case scenario is that I'll mostly get the cold shoulder. The worst case scenario is that it'll hurt your standing to." Because Elias is always thinking, considering, and problem-solving in his head. He's calculated this in the time it took him to pack. The kiss is returned in kind and he gives a gentle nod of his head to her. "Nothing to thank me for. You did the same for me. I would have come with you if you pushed it. I'm done fighting, though. I want nothing to do with violence. Originally we studied science for the betterment of mankind and look what people with no sense did to it all. At least people can't afford to weaponize food." There's a roll of his eyes then before he gives her a smile. "I'm glad you're where you belong. I am. I don't like it…particularly. Not for any other reason than it's really going to limit how much we get to see of each other."

"The Coesbur people will be okay mostly." Kai insists quietly,"I don't.. generally, travel further than the bathhouse without one of them around. But that largely because if I fuck up it's on Wren, and I'm not having him hurt because I get into a fight with a guy who deserves it." again. She can't help but smiling at him though for his insight, bobbing her head just slightly in acknowledgment,"It started with Jenks. Really. I put up with it, for so long.. that when I decided I'd had enough it just.. I'll never feel guilty about what I did Eli. Not for that. I should feel bad about it, and I understand that.. but I.. don't. I like fighting. I like deconstructing a puzzle and finding a way to resolve it.. and I'm afraid that doesn't change just because it's people's lives on the line. Though I admit.. I'm scared. If Kane and them can't come up with something permanent.. Indra's going to hold me to what I said at her camp. You know that, right? If it goes back to war, either I'm going to have to fight Arkers, or I'll be the first on the pole as a traitor to the Trikru. Neither of which I want."

"We'll see," he says with a gentle shrug of his shoulders. Elias pauses for a long moment before speaking again. "I understand why they're angry. It's not like I can defend myself there. Even if I did, it wouldn't make a difference. Not now. But…you know you don't have to explain yourself to me. You don't have anything to be guilty for. I know you better than anyone and I saw it coming as soon as Wren made his offer. I thought it would be goodbye, to be honest." A long moment of thought is given then and his eyes return to looking around the forest again. "And I know. It's fine. Just…if it looks like there isn't any hope for us, I'd really rather it be you to…you know. I just don't want to be alone if that happens." There's a short laugh from him then and a quick inhale of breath. "Not to be a bummer. But just in case. Would you?"

Kai chuckles softly,"Did you? I wasn't sure. Granted, at the time I wasn't expecting fucking Alpha station on Earth." that one still blows her mind a little,"And you know me Eli. I mean.. what did you think? I waited for you. I think waiting's.. probably less of a deal for me though. And no, I wouldn't. I would kidnap you and keep you as my personal sex slave.. even though I'm pretty sure they don't have slaves. I'd work something out. I couldn't kill you. Unless you were a Reaper.. then that would be a mercy. In earnest, though.. I would.. I'd like to think I would.. volunteer for the pole instead? I think what I know about how we fight is dangerous enough, and that Kane doesn't have that many strategists who understand how the Trikru fight. Hell, I'm just beginning to learn it myself. And got to say.. we were so fucked."

"I won't fight them anymore," Elias says in earnest. "I'm done with it. The only reason I'm even carrying a sword is math alone. Something happens on the road, it's just better if two of us are armed." The words are sincere. There isn't a lot to him worth actually putting up a fight for, but Kai is one of those. "But no. If it /really/ comes down to it and you have to choose, I want you to choose to live and maybe help them out with learning a better way sometimes. We're all from the same stock, originally, and someone has to carry that on. You have a better chance than I do. I've done the math. If it comes down to it, it isn't about you and me. It's about ideas and a future that doesn't suck so bad."

"Not like Trikru are the only or even the most dangerous thing out here." Kai agree's quietly,"And this is a fucking morbid conversation Elias Lapointe. I'm not going to wholesale murder Arkers. Sorry. Reapers? Sure. The Azgeda? Fine. But I'm not going to fight Skaikru or Trikru, they're both my people, even if both aren't my fan right now." she gives a soft chuckle,"It's not so bad though, not so bad as all that. You watch, you'll see. Starling will like you, I'm sure. She's good. Benning can be a little.. rough? But I think that's because she knows this armor used to be Gideon's.. she warmed up after we killed people together." not even she can keep the dry amusement out of her tone on that front,"There's Peake, who is Wren's mom.. he still has his dad around, too. Aside from Starling and the sister that died, Lark, there's another one called Oriole who is apparently terrifying but I haven't met her yet. Rain, the little girl, is Pontus' sister, who is like family to them, but not related, even though everyone is kom Trikru. Oh, and I learnt.. 'ah laik Eli kom Skaikru'.. that means 'I am Eli of the Skaikru', which in the least ought to help them know that you don't speak the language."

"Morbid, but necessary," Elias says, removing his own emotions from the equation as he's gradually learned to do. With a wave of his hand then, he smiles. "Another time." With a nod of his head then, he gives a roll of his shoulders. "I don't know how to tell them that I don't want violence. I really, really just want to make up for shit and devote my time to science for everyone's good. With plentiful food and trade, no one will have a reason to start wars or see their friends and loved ones die." He nods to the descriptions of some of the Trikru, though. "I mean - do they even understand that there's a vast amount of the world they've probably never even seen? There's a ton that they could learn if they were willing. I already said I'd share."

"Ah laik Eli kom Skaikru," Elias also repeats, nodding his head a little bit. "I'd like to learn the language if I can. It'll help if the trade thing happens."

"You'll be fine." Kai asserts softly,"That you want to do that for the people willing to listen, will be enough to start. The others will learn in time, as will we, and it will be okay." at least that's what she hopes for,"They're.. part of a greater whole? I mean, there isn't any land that isn't technically already claimed, here. But there's enough to share. Wren pointed out that our policies on the Ark? One child per family? Water rationing? These things are.. laughable and foolish here. There's.. I mean, bread. Eli. Starling makes bread. Meat? Fruit. That's why I want you to see it, to talk to them and get some seeds.. they have the resources to help make a difference for Alpha. Not enough to be able to feed Alpha and all the evacuee's from Trikru villages, but at least enough that you should have the start of some good crops. But they also know.. history.. Wren? Has read Moby Dick.. I was telling them about Sun Tzu. We can't think of them as savages. They're not, their experiences are just different from ours." she listens to him and gives a small nod,"I'm still.. learning, obviously. Niron.. that means.. lover. You are my Niron. We already know Heda. And Steheda. 'Em' seems to be a universal reference equivalent to he or she. Um.." she shakes her head,"There's so many things to learn.. most of it is just.. frustrating. They're like.. public nudity? Everyone bathes together, and I do mean everyone. But sex? Sex is private. Thank goodness. But like.. the bathing thing is just so weird and uncomfortable and they laugh."

"That does beg the question," Elias says, furrowing his brows a touch. "If you're sharing a room, where are we going to…you know. Assuming that's on the menu at some point." There's a smirk on his lips then and a shake of his head. "Not to be selfish there." With a laugh then he gives her another gentle and somewhat suggestive squeeze from behind. The things she's describing about Tondc do draw his attention though and he raises both brows. "Huh. I really would like to see it," he says. "And maybe I can get some seeds. Who knows?" Elias gives a nod of his head to her then and clears his throat. "Soon I'll be able to do soil studies and I may just be able to help with the food situation for the Ark and for the Trikru refugees. There's one thing I can do that they can't, though. I can grow all year 'round."

"The great thing about not being war with people and not being under siege is that there's a whole bunch of forest around here.. y'might have noticed." Kai offers slyly with a look his way,"Which will no doubt be an experience for them, just that right now.. they don't have the frame of reference to understand it. To a degree they might assume that you're lying just because they have no reason to believe it's possible.. 's why I hope Kane can work shit out with Indra.. because I know that with time it will all work out."

"I've already got the specs in to the engineers," Elias replies with a shake of his head. "I'm not going to go for the big reveal until I've got one up and running. And then maybe we can invite someone over to confirm. I'll share the tech as soon as I have something to show." Elias shrugs a little at that and then considers. "Maybe if I show them a way to save many more lives, they won't feel the need to take any for the dropship anymore. I think they've figured out by now that it was an accident that we had nothing to do with. I mean - maybe it doesn't have to be blood for blood. It could be life for life." With a sigh then, he continues to think on it, considering the thought. "But I want to share that tech with them. It's more valuable than my life and it might even help them start to heal."

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