Day 014: Lessons In Flirting
Summary: Elias, Kai, and Mimi sit around fruit leathers and chat giving Mimi her first lessons in flirting. Later on Grounder Que stops by curious yet demanding.
Date: 5-22-16
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Mornings still haven't lost their charm despite his overall grogginess. Elias ducks out of his tent so that he can stretch his arms as far over his head as they'll go. The motion is complete as he arches his entire body and stands on tiptoes for a moment. Most seems quiet in the camp for the moment with the hour being as early as it is. Still, the start of morning bustle does seem as if it's right around the corner. The stretch is ended with a loud yawn that heralds wakefulness of sorts. As he stalks towards the cook tent, he curls an arm inward so he can scratch unceremoniously through his shirt at the side of his torso.

Kai's found herself one of the seats purloined from the dropship in which to set herself up in. Vaguely near the cook tent, possibly owing to the fact the girl's managed to secure a cup of something warm that she sips from as she watches people move about. Content to observe for now.
Mimi steps out from the cook tent with one of Cookie's infamous fruit leathers. Giving it a few nibbles she starts heading towards the tech tent. She pauses as she crosses pathes with Elias. She smiles softly and rests her free hand behind her rear. "Hello Mr. Lapointe. You seem to be up rather early. You have a busy day planned?" After nearly getting her head ripped off..literally, she's decided it's probably time to try to socialize herself. She looks to Kai as she comes out "Greetings to you as well Ms. Adams."

Noticing Kai sitting by the cook tent already, he gives the girl an upwards nod of his head in greeting. Mimi's greeting has his gait paused near the cook tent where Kai is sitting. Elias eyes the fruit leather she has, but smiles at her nonetheless. "Yeah, kinda'. Still hunting down fertile soil, seeds, that sort of thing. How about you, Mimi?" The Mr. Lapointe moniker doesn't seem to bother him overly much. His body does lean towards the cook tent, though. "You in a rush or do you want to sit down and eat?"

"Kai." is what the tall, lean girl has to utter for Mimi, before adding for Elias,"It's mint." as if that's supposed to mean anything. She's not inclined to rise from her seat for the moment and perhaps from the pause is done contributing to the conversation, but she does elect to ask of Mimi,"How are you feeling?"

Mimi shakes her head "No..I am not in a particular hurry. I can sit if you wish to conversate?" She looks to Kai and points at her head "I have suffered a severe head trauma when falling into a retail establishment. I am not feeling emotions very strongly where I have never felt them before." She moves to settle onto a crate, making sure it's clean before crossing her legs after settling. She smiles a little more, though it's a bit pained. "I seem to have become a topic of untoward conversation with the Grounders unfortunately."
With a smile to Mimi, Elias gestures to one of the other chairs at the cook tent. "Sure. And yeah, I'd heard you had a pretty serious knock to the head. Emotions, though?" An inquisitive look settles on his face for a moment before he looks over to Kai. "Mint," he echoes, wrinkling his nose a touch. "Yeah, okay." His gaze lingers on her for a moment before he starts towards the food. Fruit leather looked awfully good, so he grabs a piece of that for now. "Untoward conversation?" A brow lifts to Mimi as he's moving back towards them to choose a seat one down from Kai.

"How does a knock on the head do that?" Kai asks of Mimi before nodding towards the wall,"There's a small camp of them parked out there, or was earlier. Some guy with a sledgehammer was checking the walls." pause,"Well, Cole was checking the walls, then one of those Grounder's decided to bang on it with a sledgehammer." she corrects, turning her attention towards the pair of them.

Mimi shrugs her shoulders "I'm not sure how it happens. Though how is one born with an innate ability to communicate natively in mathematics instead? It happens however it is very rare. I begain feeling different sensations on the drop to the planet. The head injury made them much worse." She kicks her feet some "I'm not sure how to deal with them. They can be overwhelming." She looks between the two "I was interested in conversation but they felt I talked too much and couldn't follow my conversation. They were quite angry with me. One should never mention the words nuclear and missles in front of them. It is something that can derail negotiations from my understanding." She sighs clasping the fruit leather with both hands and a bit of a frown comes to her lips.

Elias flicks his eyes to Kai again and gives her an amused look. "One way to stress test something, I suppose," he says with a shake of his head. There is an attempt at conversation anyways. One might notice a bit of disquiet between Elias and Kai. "I know you have a thing or something, right? Did you still want to head out later, though?" The inquisitive look stays on Kai for a moment before he once more look to Mimi. Pressing his lips together and considering the girl, he does finally speak up again. "Yeah. Mentioning nuclear missiles during talks about peace…probably wouldn't go over well. I'm not sure it's that you talk too much more than having issues with appropriateness."

"Oh is that what happened?" Kai asks with vague amusement,"They're a weird lot." there's a nod vaguely at Elias,"I'll go. Someone's got to make sure you don't trip on a plant and choke to death or something." she takes another sip of her mint tea before electing to ask,"How is that fruit stuff, anyways? It looked like solidified puke to me so I passed on it."

Mimi shakes her head "It actually is rather tasty, much better than the ingredients on the Ark. I have been studying geography, the local structure of the land, and looking for nuclear impact craters, starting to track fallout, and tracking backwards as best I can in theory to try to find buried or unknown subterraian structures. I've found the one so far. But it's not ideal. We never actually had a discussion." She looks between the two once more. "Are you two going on an adventure?"

Elias takes a bite of the fruit leather and chews. A moment of thought is given to the taste of it as he chews and his eyes squint. "Hmm," he finally sounds, giving an approving nod to Kai. Finally settling into the seat, he looks to Mimi once again then. "Without the proper equipment, that's going to be a pretty tall order. An adventure, though? We're going to look for fertile soil, seeds, and that sort of thing. We'd be in a much better position if we could grow things."

There's a dubious noise from Kai, though she doesn't pursue it for the moment,"He's going to look for fertile soil, I'm just going to watch." because geography and botany, very much not her strong suits, at all,"I'm more interested in what the scouting group found the other day."

Mimi shakes her head "I get the feeling that I am missing something. Have you two been flirting? Or have you had some kind of romantic interest? I am not skilled in these situations." She looks to Kai "Do not share what we found outside the camp. I beleive that would be a poor choice if the Grounders found out currently."

Mimi shakes her head "I get the feeling that I am missing something. Have you two been flirting? Or have you had some kind of romantic interest? I am not skilled in these situations." She looks to Kai "Do not share what we found outside the camp. I beleive that would be a poor choice if the Grounders found out currently." She looks Elias "If you are as good as you say then I could actually use your help on the project as well. It handles very complex mathematics, but I can do all of those calculations in my head without difficulty."

"I'll narrate if you want," Elias says to Kai in a flat tone, knowing the statement will get a little rise out of her. Maybe. "Thanks for coming along anyways. I appreciate it." Mimi's question has his attention snapping to the girl and his brows raising at her, though. "Flirt…no. No, no, no." The dark-haired boy clears his throat and then takes another bite of the fruit leather. A piece of the bottom half is torn off and offered to Kai as well, though. "I was pretty decent in Agriculture and Geology," he answers Mimi. "I can help a little, but my main focus right now is getting things to grow."

There's just a flat look for Elias' words from Kai, that might have failed to get a rise out of her, but Mimi's question? That does,"What the hell is with you lot and this obsession with romance?" she demands,"No, I'm not flirting with him, I turned him in for theft. And seeing as there seems to be this whole thing about trying to get along, I'm at least /trying/ to be polite. You want to flirt with him.. go right on ahead." there's a generous sweep of her hands in Elias' direction, ignoring the offered fruit leather with a curl of her lip.

Mimi tilts her head "I see. Well that is within the rights of you to do so." Considering "Flirt with him? Very well. I will do so." She looks to Elias and gives a soft smile. Thinking of a..flirt. "You look handsome. I am liking of your masculine features." Hmmn. Flirt acheived?

A blink is issued towards Kai as her hackles rise at Mimi's question. Still, Elias seems content to engage in the conversation, though he no longer makes a move to share his fruit leather. Instead, he goes about the business of idly trying to get the bits of fruit leather to stick back together. His gaze does flick sidelong to Kai before he settles his eyes on Mimi once again. Again, somewhat owlish blinking occurs here. Evidently being flirted with…oddly is even more flustering than being flirted with normally. "I, ah." Elias laugh and then puts a hand over the left side of his chest. "Oh, be still me heart," he speaks in a playfully dreamy tone.

Oh but that does merit a laugh from Kai, both for Mimi's words, and Elias' response, even if it holds an edge of something more sardonic,"There. Problem solved. Now instead of dating Rosie you're dating Mimi." works out for her at least, from the way she says it, full of smug when she sips her tea again.
Mimi stares at Elias as she observes him. "You have muscles that my female senses find alluring." she pauses awkwardly. "You are a male which I find alluring." A pause as her eyes roll upward to think, her tongue slipping out the right side of her mouth for the few moments she thinks. "Are your pants tight? Do I make it difficult for you to wear them? Perhaps they are dirty? Dirty pants? You should take them off you dirty boy and let me clean them." A pause "Seriously, your pants are quite dirty."
For a long moment, Elias just stares blank-faced at Mimi. While Kai's suggestion that she flirt with him did raise an eyebrow, it's Mimi's execution of this that just leaves him at a loss for words. Wide-eyed, he pans his gaze from Mimi to Kai and then back again. His mouth opens to speak and then he clamps it shut again. "The..what?" he blurts, clearly completely unequipped to even respond to this brand of flirting. Or even how to react.

"Sounds like a match made in heaven to me." Kai utters with a sly look at Elias,"You're right, though, his pants are quite dirty." she agree's,"It's all that crawling around amongst rocks and stuff."

Mimi considers "I appear to be ineffective. I will attempt to blend things I have seen." She considers, resting her hands in her lap still holding the fruit leather. She's more personable than usual, voice softer and nonmechanical. "Is that your ass or are you retooling your backshelf?" A pause. "Those are some pretty eyes you have, it would be ashamed if they ended up in my hand" she points at her eyes with two fingers, then towards Elias. Okay, that one was a threat and not a flirt. Resting her hands back in her lap she continues "Are you aware that you have a penis? That penis should be interested in me." She looks a little proud "I made that one up myself." Pause. "Are you ready to play smores? My marshmallow, your chocolate, and smooshed together with both our grahms." She considers "I think that one may be racially insensitive." She points at her chest "I have breasts. As a boy do you like my breasts? I also have an ass. I'm not sure why it is alluring, I mean I'm quite aware of what comes out from there and I do not find it alluring, but people seem to enjoy the ass. I prefer calling it rear, or buttocks, but ass is the flirt I beleive. So it's hidden under my dress but I assure you I have an ass. It's not shelf-worthy, but an ass is an ass and a ass is what I have." She looks between the two "How did I do? At what percentage was my flirtations effective?"

Something in Elias just breaks. He would laugh, but even that function seems to be halted at the moment as he listens to her with, still, wide eyes and jaw hanging just a bit. The stream of lines that come from Mimi have him both amused and mortified all at once and he isn't sure which to respond with. He's just left blinking at Mimi with a nibbled-on fruit leather in his hand. Rather than responding in either way, he clears his throat and offers a thin smile. "Good, good," he says, still partially at a loss. Deciding helpful is a good way to go, he throws a suggestion out there. "But you know…ready made lines don't really work. If you're interested in someone, you should try complimenting them on why you're interested." A look to Kai is given then and a smirk tugs one corner of his lips upward. "Oh, look at you helping."

"I think she's adorable." Kai drawls for Elias' words,"You go Mimi. Though, y'know.. probably more effective if you leave out the part about shitting." see? She's totally helpful,"But I'm possibly not the best to ask. /I/ don't date. And besides.. he's the boy." there's a jerk of her thumb towards Elias, totally not about to let him get off the hook in terms of a proper response,"Must have been very effective though, I think you've left him at a loss for words."

Mimi hmmns. "Create words that structure for what you are looking for in the person. I will attempt." She looks to Kai this time. "Kai. Since you are not interested in romance with boys it seems, I beleive that you may find my vagina very interesting. Would you like to find out?" She looks between the two for a response before looking to Elias. "I beleive that putting your hands into the dirt and working with the earth makes you a much different person than I. I think that allure will attract and am looking for a compliment for my shortcomings." She tilts her head a bit. "I will make several passes, please rate as successful or unsuccessful." To Elias "I am a woman and I have needs. I would like to try the kissing of lips. Would you like to touch my lips with your own." Looking to Kai "I beleive your ass is a zone of impending penetration." Okay, that one might be an insult? Back to Elias "At some point I would like to make the sex at you. When we know each other better." She then looks to Kai "Da-mn girl. You are so sexy that your…insert either chest, ass, face, eyes, mouth, hand or other appropriate part has turned me gay. Or bisexual. Or Curious. Please insert proper syntax." Pausing finally she looks between the two hopeful for a positive response "Responses? Am I ready now for a significant other?"
Again, Elias' gaze flicks to Kai so that he's giving her his full attention while she speaks to Mimi. Blinking again, he clears his throat pointedly at her before looking to Mimi. Color rises to his cheeks this time as he just stares at the girl and then Kai. At a loss for words at first once again, he lets the resulting silence hang there for just a moment before finally speaking up. "I ah…I'm not sure that the whole…uh sexuality thing works like that. Pretty sure you know if you're attracted to boys, girls, everyone, or no one." Again, he clears his throat with a touch of trepidation for this conversation. A short laugh exhales from his lips then and he settles his gaze more on Mimi. "Um. To rate. The first one was good. You're interested in what I do, so it's good to share common interest. The second one, well…kissing is something that just kind of happens. No one asks, really. Or if you do, you might just say 'kiss me?'. The third thing you might not want to bring up until you've known the person a while."

Kai almost tries to breathe her tea. Okay, more than simply 'almost',"Ah. No. I'm not into girls. Either." she opts for,"And telling someone you think their ass is about to get screwed, in so many words.. sounds vaguely threatening.. you should also pick an actual attribute that you are complimenting them on."

Mimi takes it all in. "So.." Reaching over she touches Elias' leg "You have a very lovely Penis. So fleshy and..filled with…" she struggles on how to describe what she knows very little about. "It has a nice…" a pause. "It's surely a nice…shape? Um…girthy? Um…I'm sure it's a very nice penis. For whomever girl or boy you decide to have sex at when the time is right for you. And your penis. When you both make that decision." She hmmns. "Say kiss me?" She points at Elias "Very well. Kiss me." It's said as a statement instead of a request.

Again, Mimi's words bring amusement to his features. He is at least getting used to her awkward manner, at any rate, but the touch to his leg is given a moment of pause. "You wanna' avoid talking about sex and sex organs at first or you'll only wind up attracting shitty guys," he says, flicking a glance towards Kai. "Not that I'm a prize." Wrinkling his nose up again, he shakes his head at Mimi. "No, no. The moment has to be right. My first kiss..we didn't say anything at all. We were studying together and my parents were gone, so…" Clearing his throat once again, he gives a shake of his head to Mimi. "Anyways. Trust me, Mimi. You can do way better."

Kai rises from her seat,"I'm going to get some of that fruit crap." she announces as she prowls off in the direction of the food tent, leaving the pair of them alone, at least temporarily, so she can turn in her cup and try to find some of the fruit leather that doesn't remind her of vomit.

Mimi tilts her head, watching Kai leave, looking to Elias. "I hate to see her go, but I love to watch her leave." Better? Huh? Huh? She mmns. "It is like you are telling me to be less descriptive." She considers a few moments. "Am I attractive? Noone has ever approached me with any romantic inclinations I am aware of."

Another laugh leaves Elias' lips then in response to Mimi's words. He glances to Kai again as well as she gets up to get a piece of the fruit leather for herself. "It's better than the crap we had on the Ark," he tells her with a quick nod of his head. "Give it a go." One more, his eyes turn to Mimi and he cants his head to one side. "Better, but still not honest. Is there someone you're attracted to?" The question is couple with an inquisitive look to the girl, but he does also address the question she asks. "Yeah, I'd say you're attractive. Pretty eyes, pretty smile. You just need to work on your flirting if your aim is dating and all that."

Kai's perhaps mercifully at least, pretending she can't hear. Mostly because she's being fussy about the idea of the fruit vomit. Finally she does take a piece with some degree of reluctance, eyes glancing out of the tent towards Mimi and Elias but electing to stay where she is for the moment in order to try the stuff.

Mimi tilts her head a bit "I do not have the ability to lie or be untruthful. I am unable to do such due to a unique mental and brain composition where I decipher and information differently than a normal person. I was in solitary for a year and a half. I do not know most prisoners very well. That being said at the time that suited me as I could continue my work under council requests without interruption. Now that we are on the earth I find myself desiring..more than breif occasional contact."

"Well, you don't have to lie to flirt," Elias replies to Mimi, though he does glance once more to Kai. Pressing his tongue out briefly to wet his lips, he thinks for a moment on how to explain to Mimi. "Man. That knock to the head kind of…yeah." With a quick shake of his head then, he continues. "I understand, though. I guess? Look, you don't have to force it. Just telling someone they look handsome or pretty is enough sometimes. You don't have to one-line your way through conversation to flirt. You can do it with body language and stuff too."
"Thieves. Thieves and Second Children and disruptions." Kai notes as she saunters back out of the tent at last, apparently the fruit vomit tastes okay given that she's still chewing on it,"And those are the good one's." there's a glick of her eyes in Elias' direction,"So far I'm thinking it was way easier when I wasn't talking to people. But yeh.. just talk. You want to go out with plant-boy.." apparently meaning Elias,"on this whole fertile soil thing, I'll keep an eye on both of you." there's a shrug of her shoulders.

Mimi lets the advice sink in to process it. "Body language? I see. Query: Isn't that what sexual activity is? You flirt with lips, tongues, fingers or other various such appendanges?" She takes a bite of the fruit leather and kicks her feet a little more. She looks at Kai "The fruit leather is to your liking?" then looks back to Elias to address him. "Plant boy, would you have interest in having a meal with me tonight with undertones of romantic gestures and an interest to get to know one another better on a social level?"

There's been grounders camped outside all day, and at the moment, in wanders one. The biggest of the bunch on this trip, he wears a mix of leathers and linens, and around his waist has a leather belt, attached to which are numerous metal tools of varying uses. His expression is one of caution, and his dark eyes look this way and that, observing.

"That's…not exactly," Elias tells Mimi before shifting his attention to Kai afterwards and giving her a look. A look somewhere along the lines of 'not helping' or something to the effect. Finally taking another bite of his own fruit leather, he once more settles his gaze on Mimi and nearly chokes on the bite. "Ah, this is…really? A date in the middle of…" Elias trails off and gestures around the woods suddenly. Squinting at Mimi then, he considers for a long moment. "Alright. I'm game to sit down and have dinner." Elias doesn't seem to notice Que at the moment, though more due to his back facing the entrance of the camp at the moment.

Kai's just emerged from the cook tent, with a piece of fruit leather shoved half in her mouth and Mimi and Elias are sitting nearby talking. She had opened her mouth to say something to the pair when she spots Que coming through the gate,"Head's up." is uttered for the two on the seats before she elects to saunter her way over towards Que with her best wouldn't-fool-anyone smile,"The tool maker." she identify's the Grounder, not armed at present, but by going to meet him perhaps endeavoring to discourage looking around without a proper escort.

Mimi nods softly "I suppose it is a date? Very well. We shall have a date at dinner." She pauses awkwardly "And you have very nice hands for an Ark male of your age and build." There, a compliment. She looks to Kai, then towards Que. "Someone should be escorting all Grounders for the moment. They are not foe, however they are currently not freind either. It would be the prudent thing to do." She looks to Kai "Your assistance has been very helpful. You will need to give me assistance so I am prepared for this date. Flirting is very difficult and exhausting."

Que's dark eyes turn and regard Kai as she approaches, giving her a slight, though somewhat friendly smile and nodding his head, "Am being maker of tools, and things of wood, and match-eens, yes. I am not being remembering what it is the purpose having of you?" He tilts his head to the side, regarding Kai with a frank, evaluating expression. Despite it looking her up and down quite pointedly, there's nothing sexual in his gaze. He cracks an amused grin, "Are thinking you that it is mischief that I am being up to?"

Kai's not the tallest, or the strongest looking, she's lean and got definition, but she lacks the imposing structure to really be intimidating just as she is,"Yeh, I remember." she nods for Que's words,"And aint my job to decide whether you're up to mischief to be blunt. 's above my pay grade." a whole pay grade of zero. It doesn't stop her from electing to come to a stop before Que and hook her thumbs in the loops of her jeans however,"'s there something I can help you with, tool maker?"

Elias blinks, not entirely certain what has just transpired or what he's gotten himself talked into. The look of confusion only lasts as long as it takes for Kai and Mimi both to point out the presence of the Grounder. Turning his head and thus his attention to Que, Elias raises a single dark brow at him. "Yeah, I remember you from yesterday," Elias notes, inclining his head in a nod. "You probably want to talk to Cole, but eh. You weren't causing trouble yesterday, but…for your protection, you may not want to go wandering around by yourself."

"Am perfectly safe being." Que's voice is cheerful, pointing at ground, "See the dirt you are being walking on? Is belonging to Woods Clan. We are being agreed to summit and so there being cease-fire called between us, yes? So for the protection of your ownselves, Que kom Trikru is being perfectly safe, yes? So!" he gestures at the dropship, "Tell me of the people you are. The steheda would have us know you as we are being allowing /your/ people to be walking /free/ and /untroubled/ in our stegeda. So far I am having met a healer and a medicine farmer, and briefly I was meeting a maker. What purpose having are you?" He looks between the skaikru, voice all conversational and amicable.

Mimi looks to Elias "The geography assistance will be a great help to my work. I also have a base idea for a motion tracker but it will require a great deal of programming. Your assistance should help." She looks from Elias, to Que, to Elias, to Kai, then to Que once again. "We are at cease-fire, but you are not expected to have free reign, just like we would not be expected to have it at your camp. If..Kai here can keep you company I think that would be fair?" She chews at the fruit leather she has a little, sitting on a clean crate right near Elias. "I go by Mimi. I am..unique? My function was to recondition, reprogram, and reconstruct failed technology - mainly hard drives. I am a mathmetician. I also have a concussion." She points to the bandage on her head. "We are working on learning the social art of flirting. Mainly they are teaching it to me as I am unfamiliar with the custom. Would you like to join us?"

Kai spreads her hands,"I never said you weren't safe, and as you can see, I'm not carrying any tools, so, everyone's perfectly safe, yeh?" and hooks them back into her pants, not endeavoring to chat with the other two in favor of keeping her attention on Que,"Que, well Que, I'm Kai. And my job is to follow around dirt-diggers and tool makers to make sure that they don't trip over things or get themselves eaten. 's all. No-one important." nnot that it seems to mind her to move out of his way it seems.

"I am also a medicine farmer, you could say," Elias replies to Que with an incline of his head in a nod. "I also…kind of study rocks, minerals…that sort of thing." He rubs the back of his neck then, the irony of having never seen an actual rock before a couple of weeks ago roughly. "Geology," he corrects Mimi gently and with a smile. "I'm not too bad at maps, though." Once more, Elias' attention is on Kai, but only briefly.

Que crosses his thick arms over his chest, looking down at Kai with an expression of increasing amusement. But first he looks to Mimi and arches a brow, "Mee-mee-ya kom Skaikru, is it you having the belief that the Trikru is having time or desire to be escorting your skaikru people around our stegeda? They are having been given all honors of guestright. Come and go they may do, eat our food they may, make use of our baths as often as is wanting— and am hoping often, for the /smell/ having…" He reaches up to rub at his nose, wrinkling it and shaking his head, "Is being polite, no? Trust that guestright will not being dishonored. If trust proven false?" He shrugs, making a sweeping gesture before his arms cross again. "But if you are having need to pretend you are being my shadow then objecting I am not having. I am not thinking, though, this being your usual duties." He turns a curious look at Elias, "Rocks?" He sounds amazed, "It is not imagined that skaikru would think rocks are a thing of see-ans-es. All the knowing of rocks I am having is how to be digging out of fields."

Mimi blinks "Ah, I see. I was not informed of such things yet. I have been studying the the effects of the original devastation that happened 98 years ago and finding hidden subterrainian structures that have existed since pre-war. I have been successful in finding one of these structures. I appear to have been incorrect in your culture's level of familiarity with technology. If you would like to compare mechanical knowledge at some point I would be interested." She points towards the area with the fruit leather "Would you like to have one of Cookie's Fruit Leathers?" Looking over to Elias she smiles rather brightly. "Is Kai flirting with him?"

Kai doesn't even spare a glance for the grease smeared on her shirt, nor does she seem particularly concerned about looking up at the much taller Trikru,"Following people around? Yeh. It is." though she moves a step to one side to 'open the path' visually at least towards the cook tent and the other two. Mimi's question merits a flat look in the girl's direction though she elects to add for Que,"The fruit vomit looks bad, but it doesn't actually taste too bad."

"Yes, rocks," Elias answers Que with a light smirk on his face. How frivolous must it sound to someone used to struggling for survival every day. There is indeed a sheepishness about him at the admission. "I don't have the right equipment to do a serious survey, but…anyways." Shaking his head, the dark-haired youth then shifts attention to Mimi. "Is..?" Elias blinks once at Mimi's question and then looks to Kai and Que once again, watching the exchange between them for any possible flirting behavior. The prospect of this has him chewing at the inside of his cheek and fidgeting with his hands briefly. "None of my business," he answers Mimi with a curt shrug of his shoulders.

Que says, "Offer of this 'fruit leather' appreciated, Mee-mee-ya and Kay, but am having eaten. We were expecting a certain amount of rudeness…" He glances around, and at no one in particular, "…as that is always to being expected from children. Besides, you are having no farms or herds, and so it is my suspecting you are perhaps not as provisioned as our stegeda is. The skaikru do not speak of your skai city as being a place of many havings." Que turns a curious look at Elias, "What it is there to know of a rock, except that it is a rock? Knowing shape of rock is useful, if only for having thoughts of breaking it to put it with other rocks and fit. This is the thing which your gee-old-gee lore is knowing?" He steps forward, moving past Kai, but after a step turning and moving towards the drop ship, "It is great making, I am thinking, the making of your falling box. Have you any makers of it here that will speak with me?""

"Offer of this 'fruit leather' appreciated, Mee-mee-ya and Kay, but am having eaten. We were expecting a certain amount of rudeness…" He glances around, and at no one in particular, "…as that is always to being expected from children. Besides, you are having no farms or herds, and so it is my suspecting you are perhaps not as provisioned as our stegeda is. The skaikru do not speak of your skai city as being a place of many havings." Que turns a curious look at Elias, "What it is there to know of a rock, except that it is a rock? Knowing shape of rock is useful, if only for having thoughts of breaking it to put it with other rocks and fit. This is the thing which your gee-old-gee lore is knowing?" He steps forward, moving past Kai, but after a step turning and moving towards the drop ship, "It is great making, I am thinking, the making of your falling box. Have you any makers of it here that will speak with me?"

"Everyone else is sleeping." it's polite, from Kai, but doesn't stop her from moving to step before Que and the dropship,"Some of our people still stay in there and you wouldn't want us wandering into your tents, yeh? Same goes. As to the making of it.. y'd be better off asking Mimi over there. Cole, when he shows up maybe, not my field." color her persistant,"Y'like mint tea? Some of the younger one's gathered some mint earlier, yeh? It's not bad, either." before she casts her gaze towards Elias and Mimi again in silent request.

Mimi tilts her head "Well I am still learning the flirt, please let me know when someone flirts so I can take special note." She pulls her attention to Kai and Que. "I suppose I am currently best suited of us three to answer questions. I have a high level of proficency in mechanics and electronics and a much higher degree in mathematics, dealing with engineering and design. Cole would be the lead tech person specifically having high levels of technical skill, higher than mine - to the level of my mathematics. Cole is very good at making existing technology and devices work. While I have some expertise with this, I am more suited to creating new technology, completely new devices and items out of existing components." Please consider not entering the dropship at tihs time. There are sick in there at this time, Cole being one of them. There is a possibility of catching an illness if you enter. With that being said is there any questions you have? There is a fair possibility that I could answer them."

For his own part, Elias would probably offer some of his fruit leather too, but he's busy stuffing the last of it in his face. Que is studied for a moment while he chews, question considered at length. "You know how the wind and water wear down on rock over time? Rocks can tell us a lot about the world around us. What forces shaped the landscape…and all that. I've spent my life…" He points vaguely upward then and shrugs his shoulders. "I'm not very good at it." The look from Kai is noted and he stands from where he was sitting so that he can step just a touch closer to Que. "Understand?" With a smile to Mimi then, he inclines his head in a nod back to her. "I'll definitely let you know if someone is flirting. Not that it's a strong suit, but…I can tell at least sometimes."
"You are being funny skaigirl to be thinking I am having any interest in entering your falling box." chides Que with a roll of his eyes, "If you are thinking to stop me from laying of my hand upon metal that was once in the sky, you are going to be finding yourself disappointed. That is not being a request. Or are you having a wish for me to be returning to my steheda and telling him that the skaikru are being frightened children who scurry about as squirrels protecting their nuts? And therefore there is being no benefit to Trikru to make peace with you, you who are being tresspasser upon our land?" Que turns and stares at Mimi a moment, "I am not knowing this your matt-e-matt-ics. Eng-een-eer-een. Deze-ine. Mech-an-ics is being a thing I am knowing." He looks back to Kai, and his expression loses its friendly notes, and turns challenging, "Decide now, skaigirl. Continue making it so that I may be not speaking to or seeing any of you and I will leave and upon you being the consequences. Or allow stegeda Coesbur to be returning this gesture of good will that is my being here, as we have been allowing your people, an attempt to be getting to know each-other." That said, he glances at Elias, "Yes, I am knowing the slow breaking of things by rivers— by wind? I did not be knowing this. Upon thought, makes sense. I was not knowing rocks could be telling the story of their lives. That be's interesting."

Mimi shakes her head "You want to touch it? Well by all means. You are certain free to do so. We've fairly moved out of it but it still is more of a hub of where our settlement came from." She pipes down for once chewing at her fruit leather some more, deciding to take the time to actually eat it now.

"I see, so it's okay in your culture that rather than ask politely you want to threaten, is it?" Kai drawls,"You want to touch the damned metal, you feel free to touch the metal. 's the same thing as the walls are made out of.. y'know, the one's you already thumped on. But like Mimi said, and like I've said, there's people staying in there, and anymore than your people would allow someone go to traipsing about in people's private spaces, have some floating respect for others. You want to sit down like someone who's actually here to talk to people and say who you want to speak to specifically I'm sure one of us can go see if they're awake and able to come talk. We already offered you food and drink and those two are ready to talk to you about what they know. I don't know about that so I'm not of much use in answering questions."

With a nod to Que, Elias continues his conversation with the Grounder for the moment. "Oh yes. With the proper equipment, one could learn how old the earth is, where groundwater might be located…things like that." He shifts his attention once more to Kai then and lifts a brow at the girl. "Kai…" he starts, but then drops it immediately. He looks again to Que with a touch of apology on his expression before giving a nod to Que. "So tell me, Que. Do your people grow things in the ground?" Hopefully this is a good distraction. There is a glance spared for Mimi, but he doesn't interrupt the conversation for the moment.

Que sniffs, and looks disdainfully down at Kai, "You are twice now stepping directly in front of the path I am walking, skaigirl. Have I been making one attempt or even suggestion that I am having any interest in your sleeping places? Am having not. But." His voice grows harder, "You will not be speaking of what you think my people would be doing. You are knowing nothing of us. In fact, as I have been saying, we are allowing yours to roam as they like within our stegeda, and we find no need to be standing at their side barking little complaints at them at all times, and stepping in their way after every step like they are pestering, herding little puppies. Bark, bark, bark. I am /not/ going to be sitting down and waiting like a heda for those I am commanding to come pay honor to me with their words. I will walk to where it is I am pleased to walk or I will leave. Choose." As an aside, to Elias, he says, "Yes. It is an honorable thing, the purpose of farming and herding."
Mimi gives a slow look to Elias "I definately will need your assistance. That will be most useful to my efforts" She rises from the crate and reaches out to poke Kai in the side. "Please let him see what he wants to see. Touch what he wants to touch. I beleive that at this present point in time that is the best option."

"Hm. Perhaps one of your farmers might be interested in trading knowledge," Elias muses, looking thoughtfully at Que. It's not up to him to say whether the Grounder can go walking around or not. As he seems intent on moving, however, the dark-haired young man at least walks along with him as an escort. With a nod to Mimi then, his attention turns briefly to her. "I'm happy to help," he says in a friendly enough tone. "Might help me with what I'm doing as well trying to get crops going." Another look is given to Kai then. One of reassurance might be a good guess there.

"I am Que kom Trikru, my life being for the heda, and I will being ashes in the ground before I will being dishonor the uncountable many who be died defending this land, by asking permission to walk on what they bought with their ashes." Que's voice goes soft and cool at this, but his eyes are hard. He turns and regards Elias a moment, "If the summit goes forward and peace between Coesbur and skaigeda is made, on terms that allow trade, I am being assuming you will wish trade for things such as seeds and different lores. I, for one, would be welcome of such trading, if your makers have lores that are different then ours. It would strengthen geda, kru and coalition to learn new things. It is part of why I am here, to look and see if I think it being true that you have teachings that we do not. Reading rocks is a thing we are not having."

Mimi considers her next course of action. "I am going to attend to duties. I think it would be a good idea if you both escorted Mr. Trikru to answer any questions he may have. Do not restrict him, just answer any questions." She leans up to try to place a kiss on Elias' cheek, then moves over to try to do the same to Kai. Poor, poor Kai. "I will need practice." Then she begins wandering off into camp.

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