Day 021: Life Is Not Fair
Summary: Tink shares her perspective with Jumar on current events as she works on the wall.
Date: 06/11/2016
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Tink Jumar 

21 Days After Landing — Wall Walk

Mr. Metallurgist has been spending a bit of time up here the last hour. Sitting down near the edge, Jumar seems to be using a piece of charcoal to write something on a piece of metal as he stares out into the perimeter.

Tink finished looking over the rounds and now is going about working on the wall, patching up areas that need to be fixed. She's in a decent mood today, whistling under her breath as she works, having that little bounce her step. She manages to make her way over to where Jumar is working and tips her imaginary hat, "Good day to you sir." She flashes a grin, "And what fine things are we working on today?"

We have imaginary hats now?… and tip them? This gets an amused look from Jumar. "Calling me Sir just makes me feel old… or a councillor." He puts the charcoal down along with the metal sheet. "Just designing some traps while I look over the area. Place is going to be interesting to trap for, since we don't have the time to shape the landscape well enough to make physics work for us too well." He tsks then, then grins, "well ok, I don't mind being called Sir from a lady friend, but you don't count as one of those."

Tink gives a little smile and laughs, "Well then…if you are not a sir, then perhaps you shall settle for a mister." She drops the silly attempt to be formal and then glances over to see what he's working on, "Oh…hey, that looks pretty cool." She nods out to the forest and mutters, "What I wouldn't give for a few machines to pull down those bad boys and use it to fortify the place." She shakes her head, "But no time for you guys to build or me to make engine fuel…if we had the ingredients to do it. It's just make do with what you got. And we don't have much."

"If we had time to build forklifts, we could just pull up the trees by their roots and use the logs for a more stable wall." Jumar shrugs at that, "I can't go out there without an escort as it is, and I don't want to ask for an escort until I'm sure I have a good idea of what I'm doing and where." Then, Jumar take a look over the camp, "I've heard that some of the others are letting in grounders. Do you know if that's true?"

"I saw a grounder in the techie tent, Grey and a few others were talking to them," Tink offers to Jumar, "And I've seen a few of them on the outside, talking to folks. I don't think they're all bad cause a few of them came and helped the last time we got attacked. I saw it with my own eyes." She glances over at him, "And yeah…no being on the outside without an escort. Looks like they're starting to come back, throw shots and stuff." Life in a war zone, yeah!

This gets a frown from Jumar, "how do we know they're not just going to report on everything? We have no idea how these grounders think, or their laws, except 'blood will have blood'. That's about as extreme as the Ark is right now, and we all saw how that worked out for us." Jumar sighs, "We just can't ever catch a break. We find a potential new home, only to find out a bunch of bloodthirsty assholes want to kill us for existing."

"We're the invaders," Tink looks away, starting to work on patching this section of the wall, "Just think how'd you feel if a bunch of folks parked in the hallway outside your room in the Ark and said, 'this is my land now'. You would have been royally pissed, called the guards and tried to have them ejected." She glances over at him, "So…yeah, I get it. I don't like it, but folks don't listen to me so I just keep my head down, try to help where I can and thank my lucky stars when the sunrises and I'm still here to see it."

This gets a roll of the eyes from Jumar, "That's not even remotely the same. First off, anyone who did that up on the Ark would know what they're doing. When we first came down here did we have any idea anyone was still alive down here? No. We didn't ask for any of this, and I sure as hell didn't ask them to toss down a ship onto a village. Secondly, we're a bit further out than a hallway. We're no threat to anyone except for honor bound savages with more brawn than sense. I'd love to move, but we have

"Life's not fair Jumar…it never was, it isn't now and never will be. Yeah, we didn't ask for this. They didn't ask for this. And the a-holes in the Ark that threw us down here looked at us as disposable garbage cause they were going to float most of us anyhow," Tink does seem bothered by all of this, it's just pretty much matter of fact, "Intent rarely holds water…I never intended to blow up 10 people…but I did and I got treated like everyone else down here." She flashes a smile, "But I'm not freaking about it. Just trying to survive."

"That's all well and fine, but I can certainly blame those assholes out there for trying to kill us." That musical quality is still there, despite the obvious anger. "I'd be more than happy to go elsewhere after we strip the dropship down completely, but calling us an invasion is insane." Jumar just sighs, then. "fine. Some of them will listen to you, but that doesn't mean much with a group of grounders trying to kill us right now."
Tink nods in agreement, "Nope…it doesn't mean a damn thing to those grounders who want to kill us." She pauses as she notices that Stone and Cameron come hauling something out of the forest, "What the…" She sees them dragging a deer, "Oh crap…they got a deer. But they're dirty and bloody…" She points it out to Jumar and for now the wall is forgotten with the guys coming back to camp.

«camera pans to what she’s looking at…»

The camp is no doubt bustling for all the people preparing for the potential of Groundergeddon in the next day or two, guards always on the wall, some with guns openly displayed and ready. So when two figures are coming out of the woods shirtless, covered in streaks of mud and bearing weapons, it wouldn't be all that unexpected for them to get freaked out about another Grounder attack. The two things that save it are that the so-called Boy Scout Billy Stone's gigantic frame a few inches shy of seven feet being particularly recognizable to most, as is Cam's mud-streaked 'hunter look', but also the fact the pair are dragging behind them on parachute cord a big damned buck deer with full twisted antlers and apparently five legs. Creepy hunting fun clearly.

Of course, while Stone has ditched some of his Mummy get up, he still has bandages covering the left side of his chest and the bloody ones wrapped around his throat, where he took an arrow all the way through maybe a day and change ago. So it might serve as a bit of a shock to see the big ex-C helping drag in a kill with a big triumphant grin on his features. Oooh, Morgan is gonna chew him a new one. For now though, the mighty hunters return, apparently none the worse for wear. Almost as soon as they're coming in through the gate proper, Cameron's getting called off by someone and after a brief chat, Stone's assuring he can drag it the last fifty yards just fine without popping a stitch, and so starts to trudge with it towards the Cook Tent, the ropes about his middle dragging the mutant beast behind like it barely slows him down, his rifle slung to dangle behind and a big bloody wooden spear in his hand as a walking stick.

«camera pans back to the two on the wall…»

Jumar looks over to the two coming in, "looks like we have some heroes. I'll join in the celebration later… but for now, I have traps to build after I figure out placement."

Tink nods to what Jumar, a little distracted because she's still watching folks on the ground, "Yeah…sure. I'm going to be here a while, working on the wall. If you end up needing any help, tap me, Cole or one of the others." She flashes a smile, "One day at a time, right?"

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