Day 015: Lip and the Feralkeet
Summary: Lip gets himself a new pet. Kinda.
Date: 26 May 2016
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Lip Feralkeet 

Wall Walk, The Camp
RThe so-called Wall Walk is a rough parapet about two feet wide that runs around the interior of the camp's protective wall. It provides a good view of the area around the camp, though actually walking the parapet is dangerous business as there's barely enough room to pass a fellow person. It sits about three feet beneath the top of the wall, giving a bit of a barrier and place to duck low should the need arise; the other side is completely open to the grounds below. It is made of metal salvaged from the dropship and lashed together sapling trunks, making the walking surface a bit precarious and very patchworked.
15 Days After Landing

It is midday, and Lip is on duty on the wall walk. The sun is just starting to move behind the trees of the dropship clearing, casting long and cooling shadows into the camp. It has been really, really uneventful lately on the wall because, well, the Grounders stormed back to their village in a huff and there's been no recent threats. Except those five delinquents who headed to the southeast going missing, but they probably just got lost.


Lip probably will be forgiven if he's napping. He probably will make a fine target for the six brightly colored budgerigars — also known as parakeets — who just landed on the wall and are chirping up a storm.

Lip might as well be asleep. Or he's actually asleep. It's hard to tell. Either way, at least he's got his blanket around his neck in his SuperZero Cape Style. He's also got his spear rapped in his arms. He's hugging it like it'll just protect him while he sleeps on watch. He's really not good at this whole 'helping' thing. It isn't until there's all this loud ass chirping that he pops up, "WHAT THE FUCK!" He drops his spear right off the wall and flails around for a few moments. It finally becomes pretty clear that there are, y'know, birds. "Oi! Birds? Seriously? Well, here's one you're missin', yeah!" He flips the bird at the birds. Because that'll actually do something.

The small flock of parakeets turn their heads, tilting them crookedly at Lip at his outrageous response to their presence. One — a brilliant purple and blue bird, and the smallest of the bunch — releases a soft little chirp followed by a low, smooth whistle that sounds like a slide-whistle. If Lip even knows what a slide-whistle is. The largest of the group — a big fat green bird with black striping and twisted beak — starts to chatter aggressively, bouncing acrosst he wall toward Lip.

"Hey! Hey, back up! I know you probably got Beak's Disease or somethin', yeah? Nope! Don't want it! Don't need it! Skit! Skat! Get back!" Lip launches into the worst rendition of martial arts movement that makes him look more like he's trying to tie himself up into a pretzel shape than actually be threatening to the bird in anyway. "And will you shut up? Oh my Zod, do you even /realize/ how annoying your endless chatterboxing is! Nobody even understands you! Chirpchirchirpchirp doesn't mean SHIT to Humans!" And now it's time to commence with the whole martial arts shooing the bird attack. Also known as Kung Shoo.

The little violet bird fluffs up, tilting its head at Lip. Its black eyes watch the teenager. Then it goes, "Chirp." Not like chirping. The bird has literally said the word chirp. It bounces a little closer even while the fat green bird is about to get in Lip's face. The little violet bird is far more interested in moving its little beak around, and its strange black tongue. Then it goes, "Ch-chat-chirp."

The other birds are all bouncing toward Lip, and one bounces off the wall onto the makeshift parapet. It goes for Lip's shoes.

Lip is about to launch into another rant, "Wait, what? Say what?" Lip blinks a little bit at the violet bird that's looking in his direction and dropping the knowledge of actual English. "… what the hell? Bloody birds can fuckin' talk now?!" Lip tilts his head in a bird like fashion at the violet one, trying to ignore the one that's all up in his grill. "What the hell did the legendary death and destruction do to you, anyway?" Lip's eyes get wide. "Wait. WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO?! DO SOMETHING COOL RIGHT NOW!"

Then things all go screwy — if they hadn't already. The violet bird bends up a foot and starts to scratch vigorously at its neck feathers, while simultaneously going, "C-uh… c-uh-oo…" The bird then stops, beak still moving oddly before it chirps out an odd, birdie, "Cuh-ooo-l." Sounds like the word cool… kinda. This is all very covert distraction tactics as the bird who had been attacking Lip's shoe is now standing on Lip's shoe and has taken a rather white and yellow poop on it. This is before, of course, attacking his laces with quick jabs of its beak. The other birds are all bouncing closer to Lip, chirping angrily.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Lip swings a foot as if that's actually going to do anything. "AHHHHHHH! BIRD ATTACK! BIRD ATTACK!" Lip turns towards the camp and cups his hands as the birds are into the bouncing swarm of death. "THEY SENT BIRDS TO KILL US! SAVE YOURSELF! RUUUUUUUUN!" And there goes Lip. He drops in his attempt to try and escape and hits the Wall Walk chest first. It's not a pretty sight but it's a sight that makes it clear that he's about to die. By Bird.

The violet bird panics then — as well as the others, but let's really focus on the origin story here. It flaps and flutters, but its tiny foot gets stuck in some roping on the wall. While the other birds go about making their escape from the spaz known as Lip, the violet bird is just flailing around helplessly, not really getting anywhere. It has gone back into unintelligible bird chirping though.

"Get off! Get off! Yeah!" Lip flips over and keeps up with the flailing until some of the birds are gone. Or whatever. He also pauses to cover his head a few times and eventually just peeks out to see if there's any more birds trying to make him into a chrip-ka-bob. He frowns a little bit but then smiles when it looks like the birds are getting away. Then his eyes cut down to the Violet Bird of Distraction. "You. This is your fault." Lip pauses as if he can understand bird-chirping. "Don't take that tone with me! You brought them here, didn't you?! With your cool ass purple coloring. I don't care how cute you are! You got my shoe shat on!"

The feralkeet chirps solemnly, fluffing up into a big round puff of purple, white, and black feathers. It gives its foot another little tug, but no longer seems to be on the brink of flying into the great unknown. It looks up at Lip with big, soulful black eyes. "Chirp?" It says again.

"Don't chirp me! You started it!" Lip narrows his eyes a little bit to try and figure out what the hell this bird is trying to tell him. And then he finds himself crouching down to try and get a better look at this bird. "If you peck me, I will have you for lunch. And maybe dinner! Two meals. You hear me? TWO!" Lip doesn't even know why he's suddenly smiling at this bird. "Your friends left you too, huh? Yeah, I know how that is. I came down here with a hundred people that're supposed to be just like me and not one of them actually gives a damn about me now that we're down here." Lip shrugs and gets a bit more comfortable, cupping his chin in his hand.

The violet parakeet releases another solemn chirp, and then starts to croon softly as Lip gets closer. It grinds its beak a bit in a rather content manner, and then chirps a soft little, "Fhhh-ends." Then it gives its foot another little tug, showing its claws stuck in some of the roping. It remains softly puffed up though, not looking the least bit intimidated by the teenage boy.

"Huh?" Lip blinks a little bit. "Did you just… nah." Lip's obliviousness finally fades away and he realizes what is going on. "Oh! Oh shit!" Lip reaches for the roping and gets to trying to untangle the bird's foot. Without, y'know, touching the bird. "I know you're probably gonna' fly off and never return once you get your foot back but it's cool. I'm used to it by now." Lip even smiles a little bit while saving the bird's foot!

The feralkeet chirps again as the rope gets untangled, and then it bounces closer to Lip. It actually hops onto his arm, and then begins to bounce to his pockets where it starts to peck and nose. It chirps again, looking up at Lip imploringly.

"What the hell?!" Lip almost starts to freak out again but there's no attack this time and then there's only one bird so it kind of actually just works out in a way that he's just kind of working his hand into his pocket to come out with a couple of berries. "I shouldn't even be giving you these. I'm probably not even supposed to have them." He extends that open palm towards the feralkeet, berries and all. "But if sharing is caring…"

When Lip offers out the berry, the feralkeet looks suspiciously at it — or as suspicious as a bird can look. Then it opens its beak and promptly inhales it, leaving Lip with just a smear of berry juice on his fingers. It chirps at Lip again, "Kah-ring." Chirp.

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