Day 013: Load Bearing
Summary: Wherein both people and structures have their ability to shoulder weight tested.
Date: 21 May 2016
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Forests Around the Camp — The Wilderness

This forest is a mingling of hardwoods and temperate evergreens, with towering oaks and cedars mixed with slender alders. The ground is covered in grassy mosses and thick ferns — some with sharp, sword-like leaves and others with tight spiraled stems that unfurl toward the crowded canopy. Beyond the trees and ferns, the forest also hosts arching, moss-draped vine maples and flowering blackberry bushes as just some of its flora occupants.

Toward the west, the forest begins to break as the mountains climb, revealing meadow balds and the broad web of the divided Potomac.

Day 13

By the time Que and Gideon finally catch-up to Arlin, he's still on the verge of entirely losing his cool. With jaw clenched and fists tightly balled, his brow slants heavily above hazel eyes that glower into a muddle of green and brown. "What the fuck're you lookin' at?" he angrily demands, that smoldering voice of his now burning, the natural grit grating more than usual against the rawness of emotion. Shoulders tense, arms bent, and looking as though he's about to throw a punch…

… at one of the horses.

Que doesn't -intend- on being silent, really. Que simply -is-, it's his state of being. He is the Quiet Mountain (which is less impressive when Great Bear Mountain is around, admittedly). Sound is a waste of energy so he simply doesn't bother expending it unless needed. So he in no way truly tries to sneak up on Arlin, but he does, and a strong, heavy hand is reaching out to settle down upon the young man's shoulder, "Arlin. Peace."

Gideon is not too far behind Que, but at a distance that still allows the man to sneak easily without her interruptions. With her hands in the pockets of her jacket, her shoulders take on a small slump. She continues advancing toward the pair, casting another backward glance at the dropship and the camp surrounding it. She wishes the distance were greater, but it is not.

The Grounder camp, a few tents and six horses tied to a spike lodged in a tree, is just outside the wall off to the side from the gate.

The medic tends to have good situational awareness. It's literally a matter of life and death on the battlefield for him to notice things. Factoring his own safety versus striking at the enemy versus scanning the terrain for any of the injured that need to be pulled from the fray, he has to keep his senses sharp and wits about him. This is not a battlefield, though, and his head and heart are all twisted, squeezing his thoughts until he is very myopic, indeed.

Perhaps the voice registers somehow, because there only is a flinch when Que places his hand on Arlin's shoulder. It's evident that his whole upper-body is taut, but no punch is thrown, at either the maker or the mare, although the latter is issued one final glare. This isn't over. "<In Trigedasleng> Peace." It's practically spat out, before jaw is again clenched, nostrils flare, and crescent-shaped marks form from fingernails digging into the callused palms of those still balled fists. The archer is not yet noticed, probably because the medic has yet to turn in the slightest.

"<In Trigedasleng> My apologies, Arlin. I know you have every reason to be angry for what happened to your father, and that the Mountain Men's wrath is a sensitive subject. I felt they did not understand how /dangerous/ that girl-child's words were, the /implications/ of what such a thing could mean if it were true…" Que's voice is soft, and though it carries aways, it doesn't carry very far. The man is rather on the large size and full of muscle, but there's something fundamentally quiet and still about him.

Rumors have already flown about there being Grounders outside the wall, and that, really, is the reason why when Kai, her top smeared with grease and a spear in her hand, looks in the direction of the tents as she steps out. An assessing kind of look to try and spot what she can, though from the fact the butt of the spear is set on the ground and that her attention flitters back towards the kid coming out of the camp behind her probably not there as some kind of parley party or anything formal like that.

A single, solitary figure roams out of the high walls of the encampment. It's Cole, but he's not directly going towards the Grounders themselves. Rather, he's checking the wall. There's a strange piece of metal in his hand the occasionally raps against the wall. A rounded piece of metal, bent at one end. The teen may be aware of them, but he seems wholly more occupied with the wall itself, as if checking it's integrity. A hand set against one section, pushing lightly, a light nod almost perhaps to himself. With the pointed end of the tool in his hand, he starts to scrap at the ground, writing something out.

Walking out just a short distance behind Kai, Elias also has a spear in hand that he's currently using more like a walking stick. The rumors appear to be true about the Grounders outside the walls. A cautious look is given to the camp that's been set up, but he keeps moving with Kai. "Looks like we'll have to postpone that hunt," he says to Kai, sharing her interest in the tents. He squints his eyes to study them more intently before looking sidelong to the girl. "What do you intend on doing?" The rapping at the wall by Cole draws his attention then and hazel eyes follow.

Apologies mean little, but something about Que's stillness prevents boiling emotions from bubbling over in the younger, only slightly shorter man. The set of his brow is still severe, eyes heavy, and shaded by the frayed bill of the dark ball cap he wears. Arlin's mouth is compressed and crumpling, and between the metaphorical weight he's been carrying for so many years and the pressure of the maker's hand, the medic's shoulders sag as his head lowers, although the sense of tension remains.

"Do? It's not my problem unless they try to jump us." Kai responds to Elias, for all that the tapping of Cole seems to merit at least some silently acknowledging respect from her there's a gesture off towards the opposite direction from the tents, "But rather than go piss them off I reckon you're hunting for soil in that direction, thief." she keeps her voice pitched to only reach Elias, waiting for him to proceed her without particular interest in loitering.

Oh, for his part, Que is dressed in a mix of leather and linens, with a leather belt that bears a number of tools all around it— some are obvious, a hammer, a chisel, a screwdriver or two, some are more obscure. And in his right hand he carries a huge sledgehammer, with its handle resting over his shoulder with a certain ease, despite its size. He watches Arlin for a lingering moment, but as he seems to relax, Que gives a slight nod. Upon hearing voices, he turns and regards the skaikru. It is upon Cole that his attention finally falls, his head tilting to the side and his dark eyes looking curious. "Skaikru." His voice is raised enough to the point that it sounds like a normal person speaking, "Ai laik Que kom Trikru, makir ov Coesbur."

"Huh?" Cole looks up from his writing on the ground. There's a grunt. "Loading bearing….at least five hundred pounds. Taking that into considerating with the load-bearing supports…compensate for movement from wind-tolerance, the weight of multiple persons on the wall….and that comes out to…." The man is only mildly talking with himself. "Yeah…that should work." Kneeling up, he finally gives Que his focus. "Hey. Er…sorry, I'm not going to insult your people by slaughtering your language. Just…ah, I'm Cole."

Elias does what he can not to look Kai in the eye for the time being. The Grounders seem more interested in Cole for the moment at any rate, but Elias does opt to stand by and watch for the moment. "Yeah. Shouldn't we make sure everything's…" There's a squint then and a shake of his head. Hazel eyes shift from the Grounders to the position of their camp and then finally settle on Kai briefly. "I don't think there's a problem here." Looking away and past her once again to the forest beyond, he continues to speak. "We should head out, but keep our eyes open." Still, his gaze does linger on Que and Cole for the moment while he waits for Kai, perhaps, to move.

Arlin's sense of style could be best described as Grounder grunge meets Army surplus — apart from that ball cap, which, in all fairness, sports a military logo. Keen eyes, even from a distance, might espy several knives sheathed and strapped to his person, especially when he finally turns to regard what's drawn Que's attention. Before any of that, though, he inhaes and exhales three incredibly deep breaths, then rolls his shoulders and stretches his neck. By the time that's concluded, he's opened his hands and is wriggling his cramped fingers. "<In Trigedasleng> Kohl," is repeated, only audible to his fellow Grounder. "<In Trigedasleng> Skaiboy Greh mentioned a Kohl. Said he planned the wall." Which is indicated with a slight uptick of his chin.

Kai's attention goes between Cole and the Grounders, then to the wall, "Oh, because you know about keeping your eyes open." snarked at Elias as she gestures again impatiently, "I seriously doubt that unless someone does something really dumb that there's going to be a fight up against the wall, so go on already, I don't want to be out here for forever, you know. Some people have better things to do than scribble love notes to rocks."

Striding forward, Que's eyes gaze up and down the wall, his expression calculating for a time. Without warning, his sledgehammer thumps against it. Not gently, but not with a true swing of his strength. Then again, a bit away, and again, over there. He points then, "Is being that load bearing, yes?" This question is asked of Cole, his voice quiet but very serious. His english has an accent and he clearly has difficulty with the language. He looks back over to Arlin, tilting his head to the side before looking back to the wall, then to Cole. He grunts, his expression thoughtful, "You are being skaiboy having be named Kohl?" he inquires, lifting his free hand and squeezing a thumb over his index finger. Crack. Then middle. Crack. Then ring. Crack. Then pinkie. Crack. "Is being said you be a maker of skaikru, if Kohl being you." His dark eyes do flick over and regard Elias and Kai, and something said has him snorting. But what is anyone's guess.

"Maybe, but the rocks fuckin /love/ me." Cole remarks idly at Kai. Another push against a different section of wall, this one closer to the Grounder encampment, appearing he's testing every section in a row. Again, Que draws his attention away from his work. "Yeah, that's me." he affirms, giving another push, testing stability. The wall, for it's part doesn't move. Appears the structure has been built someone who knows what they're doing. And Cole's ego wouldn't have it any other way. "Maker?" he pauses at the terms. "Yeah, I make stuff. Sometimes a wall, sometimes a water purifier, sometimes a solar still." The metal bar is slid under his belt. "Used to the term 'mechanic', but maker works just as well." The cracking of bones in the big man's hands makes him vaguely hesitant.

Elias' gaze returns to Kai, though he makes eye contact briefly with her. Quickly, he looks off in the other direction that does happen to be in the direction of Cole. He gives the other guy a quick upward nod of his head, but opts to not interrupt the conversation between him and the Grounder. Instead, he smirks at the comment made about rocks and turns towards his original intended direction. "Well, finding groundwater might prove useful. Fertile soil."

It's the banging of the sledgehammer, really, that makes Kai twist around, her attention flicking from Cole to Que and then back again as her free hand grabs for Elias' shoulder. Hold up there cowboy, "Hey, you and the rocks can have a grand old time, no-one said I had to follow you around." this for Cole, though apparently Elias' 'trip' just got delayed given the way the lean girl prowls towards the Grounders and Cole, her attention flitting over Que and his sledgehamer lazily, "Nice tool." offered his way in lieu of greeting.

Watching the interaction between Cole and Que, the medic calls out to the maker of Coesbur, "<In Trigedasleng> Maybe you found your Second." He sounds amused and smirks a little, but it falls from his face and is replaced by something more assessing when Arlin turns his gaze upon Kai and Elias, whom he acknowledges with an upnod.

"Mech-an-ick." Que repeats this word with some difficulty, "Am not knowing of this word. Am being maker of Coesbur, come thinking-wondering-questioning, what is it known of those who can be building cities in the sky? Or if not them, their children being?" He shrugs slightly, looking over the wall again, thoughtful still. Another thud of his hammer against a portion of the wall, as he listens to the reverberations, "Am known as master maker, and of the maker lores being had, me-tal-work-ing, mash-een-ist and car-pen-try." He glances back at Arlin and huffs softly, "<In Trigedasleng> I do not know if I will agree to teach the sky people, even if peace is made. Or if they are willing to learn." That said, Que turns and regards Kai, a brow arching. "Of which tool is being spoken? Am maker of Coesbur, am specialized in being maker /of/ tools above all other makings. Tools are being the key to all great workings. Have many." He hefts his sledgehammer a moment, "An instrument of being bluntness but power." And gestures to an item that looks to be a long metal cylinder that ends at a sharp looking point. "An instrument being of exquisite precision. Tools are being openers of /possibility/."

Forever delayed, he is. The hand to his shoulder pretty much cements the doom of his trip…at least for now. A brow is raised briefly to Kai before he watches her start to move off in the direction of Cole and Que. "For the…" Taking a breath in then, he starts walking after Kai using his spear as a walking stick still. As they approach, he looks to Arlin and mirrors the upward nod to him. While he does not seem particularly pleased at the delay of the trip, he stands quietly by for the moment and watches the exchange between Que, Cole, and Kai. Eventually, a nod is given to Que in greeting once his explanation of tools has come to a close.

"Well, they're about the only ones who'll fuckin pay any attention to what I say these days. And they make great goddamn listeners. Never complain, never talk back, it's a great working relationship. An I'm not expecting anything to follow me except..heh, nobody. So you do you." Cole notes with a mild tone of wryness. However, his attention is mainly on Que, since he seems to show some genuine interest in what he does for living, such as it is. "Well, you're not going to see a whole fuckton of anything on the Ark." he remarks. "I make do with what I got on hand, sometimes it's easy, sometimes it requires some fuckin ingenuity. If it's designing, fabricating, building, repairing, whatever. If it can be made, I can probably build it. It's simple as that. I do what I can with what I have on hand." As for the Ark, he shakes his head. "I'd need a lot more time to explain to just how exactly Ark operated. Or how it was built. So if you got questions, I probably have answer."

"Only one y'banging on the wall." blunt girl is blunt, Kai's nod indicating the sledgehammer, the rest she apparently doesn't feel the motivation to comment on at all, though her grey-eyed gaze goes to Arlin with her own upnod of acknowledgement, electing to basically use her spear as a leaning post for the moment, both supporting it and being supported by the way she drapes herself on it with an air of relative boredom, her gaze going to Cole as he speaks with flat disinterest even if she doesn't find any need to interrupt him, "Hey thief, you sure you two aren't related?" she asks of Elias without taking her eyes off of Cole, keeping herself well out of the conversation of all things engineering.

"Okay." is the word response from Cole, perhaps mildly unimpressed so far, and Que had to go off to ponder whatever questions he might've had of the techie. "Right. I got work to do and the world isn't stop turning just because we got visitors around." So he continues to make checks against his wall, kneeling down every foot or so to make sure the retaining wall that's built in front of it is doing it's job. Apparently, Grounders or no Grounders, the issue means little to Cole in the long-run, it's not going to stop him from getting back to work on one of the few things that mean anything to him. Which is work.

Speaking of work and visitors, Arlin heads further into the Grounder camp to start setting up his tent.

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