Day 012: Lost And Found
Summary: Grey brings a deer into camp and catches up with Mimi, Jason, and Layla about their adventures.
Date: 19 May 2016
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Grounds, The Camp

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and a rough wall stretches between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks stacked up and lashed together as best as the Delinquents can manage. There is a gate at the north end, a single panel that can be rolled aside at need.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

12 Days After Landing

<FS3> Grey rolls Survival: Good Success.
<FS3> Grey rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Grey rolls Thrown: Good Success.

Grey left camp in the morning looking for the missing Delinquents. He comes back without any of the three, but with a sizable doe slung over his shoulders, the legs hanging down to be grasped and the head hanging limply behind him. The instrument of the deer's death, a makeshift javelin, is slung across the back of Grey's neck, balanced there between his head and the deer's back. He makes his way through camp toward the cook tent, a few people here and there stepping up to congratulate him, but more than a few sullen stares sent his direction as well.

Mimi has been hanging around the camp. After her own little adventure she's acquired a wardrobe change - a..hunter's dress? Not to mention a sizable head injury that's been bandaged up. She's had little emotional stints here or there, but people probably didn't notice since coming down to the ground. But since the injury she's certainly not been the Mimi everyone knows. Mimi's supposed to be taking it easy so she's been sitting around the camp. She tried to sew..but that didn't go well. She couldn't do much with water getting - not a great balance. So when she sees Grey with the doe she waves with a big smile and a little kick of her feet while she sits on the ramp to the dropship. "Ooooh, good job Mr. Grey! Good job!" She hops off the ramp and almost takes a tumble. Falling she manages to catch herself on the ramp. Taking a second to steady, she follows over with the rest of the groups. Reaching out to try to pat Grey on the shoulder a big smile. "Looks like we're going to eat tonight! Good for you! Any sign of the others at all?"

Grey stops as he's confronted with the head-wrapped, camo-dressed, bosom-flaunting Mimi, blinking in surprise for a moment after turning to face her (slowly so that he doesn't clock anyone with the deer carcass. "Oh. Yeah. Just 'Grey.' Mister Grey was my dad." And Sergeant Grey was someone pretty much disdained by half of the Ark. He pats the haunch of the deer, "Naw. Ames," one of the Ee-Ess nerds, "is still out lookin' at some tracks we spotted with Jasin," one of the better hunters, "but we bagged this beauty and I volunteered to haul it back to Cookie."

Mimi gives a little giggle, a smile not leaving her face as she rests her hands behind her rear. "Oh! Cookie will be very satisfied with that. Satisfied is the incorrect word for the magnitude. Restate: Cookie will be very happy to see the bounty of…" She tilts her head a little bit to the right side "……that..meaty thing that you have there. Unknown meaty item you have. I have been working with a bow and the arrows we have. I believe I am getting closer to finding the mathematical equations required for analyzing the required strength and angles to make a successful shot. I almost hit a target today. Though I fell short." She pouts and does a little motion of shooting a pretend bow, moving her hands out from behind her back to do so. "It was like, fwip…foom, boink. That was sound effects for me taking the bow, pulling it back and launching an arrow to have it unsuccessfully hit something that was not the target. The boink was specifically for that sound."

Grey reaches up to pat the deer's haunch again, "Deer." He nods at the mention of the bow-practice, "If we can find Zoe, she might be able to give some lessons." A frown plasters itself onto his face, "As long as you've got something she wants." Shaking the scowl off, he nods to the outfit, "I heard you hit your head. Is that where you got that outfit?" There's a pause, and then he adds, "And does it come in 'dude'?"

Jason uses a combination of limps and hops to get himself out of the dropship (and away from the smell of puke), but he doesn't get very far at all. It's obvious that his leg is hurting him fiercely. He looks pale and sweaty even from the exertion it took just to get through the door. He leans his back up aganst the hull to close his eyes and catch a breath.

Mimi looks down at herself "My damaged head is not where I received my outfit. I fell into a Walmart stare in a poorly planned attempt to breach a subterranean structure. The most popular survival items were well looted. Apparently women's survival gear were not popular?" She tilts her head to the other side "Were you thinking of wearing me? That would make you camouflaged, but my grip is not very strong. I would fall off - and you would have to pick me up multiple times." Smiling away still she considers "I did manage to find some shoes, boots, shirts and pants. Perhaps you would like one of those? They are not in girly camo however. I did find a rifle though. And Twinkies. I've recovered some statements previous from the original survivors on Ark station that Twinkies should still be viable when they return to earth, however I think these may have been fictional or in satire. I have difficulty understanding fictional and sarcastic events and statements."

Grey's smile stretches into a smirk at Mimi's mention of him 'wearing her,' and he opens his mouth to comment, then just closes it, shaking his head. He looks over to Jason limping down, then nods upward, "You should get somethin' to help walk. Just a sec." He starts walking toward the cook tent, looking back to Mimi as he walks, "Naw, I'm good with the boots I've got," Guard-issue, too, so perhaps there's a sentimental attachment. And then she mentions the rifle, and he stops, his eyes widening, "A rifle? You've got a rifle?" The deer is hefted up and over his head with a grunt, dropping it heavily onto the makeshift cook-table with a wave, and then he gathers up his spear, holding the butt out to Jason, but with the majority of his attention still on Mimi, "Rifles are dangerous in untrained hands."

While Grey is chatting with a concussed Mimi, none other than Layla arrives on the scene! Because what half-way decent pseudo-doctor doesn't check up on their patients!? While it's true that Layla could have perhaps been earlier in her visitation, she at least has a reasonable excuse: she was collecting birch bark. She then subsequently brewed it into a tea, which she was even then on her way to deliver to Jason.

She wasn't sure how effective it would be at relieving the pain of a broken leg, but SCIENCE! told her that it contained constituents making it worthy of an attempt. Mimi, too, would be checked on, and perhaps administered a more watered down version of the tea, if only because her injury happened to the head, and Layla was loathe to risk anything too audacious.

Upon spying the trio, Layla gives Grey and Mimi a wave, though Jason gets something of a frown. "We'll get you some crutches made, and Grey…" She shakes her head, almost mournfully. "The barrel of the rifle is bent."

"It's a broken rifle," Jason says with his eyes still shut, echoing Layla. "Anybody who tries to use it is gonna blow their face off." He opens his eyes and takes the spear he's being offered, nodding a little. "Thanks," he says, sinking the point a bit into the ground. "But…I don't think I'm going to be getting very far for a while.

Mimi nods softly "Yes, I have a rifle, but it's bent. And I don't really need it anyway, I prefer the bow. It's more mathematical. We can probably fix it, but it doesn't have any ammunition. If you think you can use it you can. I don't really care about the gun so much, but I love my dress!" She does a little spin and gives a 'whoaaaoooaaahh…' almost tripping. "Need to be careful.." She spots Layla's wave "Oh! Layla!" She moves over and when she gets close enough she attacks, trying to wrap Layla into a snugly hug(ly). "Hi Layla! Thanks for saving me! I'd still probably be down in that Walmart building. They say that it was going to destroy the world..but I didn't see any weapons of mass destruction." If her hug is successful, she'll release and try to give the woman a peck of a kiss on the cheek and a big smile.

Grey's deflation at Layla's news is immediate and obvious. His shoulders slump and he gives a little kick at the ground, "Goddamnit." He nods to Layla, Jason, and Mimi in turn, his buoyant mood quite neatly ruined, "Yeah. Maybe we can bend it back, but it damned sure shouldn't be in just anyone's hands then. 'Cause you're right, it's dangerous as hell to fire a damaged weapon. If we even had the proper ammo." Which is more precise language than one usually gets out of the ex-C. Then again, he's not usually talking about Guard-related subjects. Looking back to Jason, he adds, "Never know. Frankie screwed up her leg in the landing, and she's up in Coesbur now. Horses and all, man. Freaky." Mimi's exuberance causes Grey to blink again, giving Layla a little shrug, "I should get back out there. Devin and Zoe and Mika have been missing too long, and I don't like our people bein' missin'." And with that, he gives a nod, turning to head back out away from the cook tent and dropship.

Layla found herself quite literally embraced for the first time in…she did not know how long. People just didn't touch her. So the boys would find themselves witness to a comical moment where Mimi is tightly hugging the other girl who stands ramrod straight with her arms pinned at her sides while her eyes go wide. She stammers for a few moments afterwards, reaching out to experimentally pat Mimi's shoulder, as though she were a friendly dog she wasn't too sure what to do with.

"Jason, time and rest are really what both of you need. Thankfully your leg set well, and the splint I fashioned isn't too terribly bad. I'll see about getting someone to help me make a better pair of crutches than a spear, though…" Falling silent to watch Grey depart, she mutters, "Right then…I've brewed some tea that might help with your pain, you, too Mimi, if you're suffering from any headaches?" Though she hoped not. "It's over at the cook tent, I didn't want to risk spilling it before checking on the pair of you."

"I do /not/ think it's a good idea to try to fix it without really precise tools and measurements," Jason says. He sounds tired, and looks to Layla instead of Mimi. "Should she be up? With a head injury?" he asks Layla. He cuts his eyes back to Grey with an awkward smile. "It's…really messed up, I've never been hurt like this in my life." He looks back over to Layla. "So should I…go get it?" he asks.

Mimi is probably the last person on Ark that would be expected to ever willingly hug someone. "Oh, your more stiff than I thought you would be. You look soft but it's like all bone. Loosen up!" She tries to give the other girl a quick tickle at her sides for just a moment. "Don't be so stiff! Looosen up!" She tilts her head as she looks over to Jason "Oh, Hi Jason!" The smile fades a bit "Sorry about your leg…you should sit down and get off of it. Of course you shouldn't get the tea. I'll get the tea if anything. As for brain injury, I estimate that I am at 77 percent capacity with a 67 percent margin of error."

"Not you," Layla says, a bit of that haughtiness cutting into her tone. "I shall get it, now that I know where both of you are." She gives Mimi a a critical once over, with the tickling have elicited a sort of jerked, and yes, stiff response. "Both of you remain here, please."

And off she went, pouring the tea into two cups which were then given to Mimi and Jason. "Let me know how well this helps, Jason. I can't promise an Ark level of relief, but if you notice anything at all, that's something. Mimi, ARE you experiencing any headaches? It's important that you tell me if so."

"If I sit down, I'll have a hard time getting up again," Jason says. He takes the cup from Layla, looking up to meet her eyes and nod once. "Thanks," he says, tone sincere. "You really saved our asses. Quinn and everybody else, too. We could've been dead if we got stuck down there."

Mimi is quiet a long minute or so as she considers if she hurts. "I've not felt any emotional attachment, little in particular to pain stimuli. So it's difficult to say in exact terms. However since the trip to the ground and the original landing and getting roughed up then, and the head trauma I have been feeling things which I think are..feelings. Emotions? These are my guess. I believe I am feeling pain - I just could not process it properly previously. It is this strange feeling in my head, especially in the back that has lessened to a degree however I cannot be specific to that degree. Other feelings which I do not know how to control, suppress, or address. I believe they are feelings..I do not know what to term them as. They are difficult to label, which is very annoying as I enjoy having everything neat, labeled, and in it's proper place."

"Well…" Layla begins, regarding Mimi thoughtfully. "I think you'll be fine. Just take it easy until the back of your head has healed. Sudden or quick movements should be restricted, and, as I said, ample amounts of rest will benefit the pair of you." To Jason she says, "You don't have to thank me. I wouldn't have said no to anyone in need. And…accidents happen. It's hard to accept, especially since I know everyone is trying so desperately to be as careful as possible, but…" She shrugs.

Jason narrows his eyes a little. "I'm just…wondering what's going to happen," he says. "People are sick. I don't think I can do much hunting or gathering for a while. What if…?" He shrugs.

Mimi looks to Jason "'s my fault that you fell in with me. So I think it is my responsibility to make sure your alright too? Oh, what did you find at the building? Did you find anything useful? I'm afraid going back in is incredibly dangerous. The way that the roof collapsed, it's going to continue, and eventually the entire roof could cave in with a very high probability." She takes the tea and takes a sip.

"Faolan is able to more than pull his weight," Layla snaps with a bit more angry vehemence than she'd like. Clearly, the other boy had done something to seriously irk her. "There's also Alec and his crew, and Grey does what he can in between trying to manage everything else." She blows out a sigh. "I'm just trying to say, Jason, that you shouldn't let those concerns weigh heavy on your mind. If you get to feeling useless, then perhaps you can help me with some more stationary chores in the medbay now and again."

Looking to Mimi, Layla shakes her head. "I've told the others that no one should venture there, and I didn't do any exploring myself, so whatever it was that you guys found will have to suffice for our treasure hunt."

Jason pulls his chin back a little at the forcefulness of Layla's reply. he nods once, then looks at Mimi. "I didn't get very much. I kind of had tunnel vision. I thought I was gonna pass out. I got a knife, but I kind of was hoping I could keep it. Since some people have Grounder tools and all."

Mimi looks down at Layla's chest. "Hmmn. Do you know your cup size? I did grab some bras. They seem in pretty good shape - better than what any of us probably had. Since you rescued us, do you want one? I'll give you one." She waves to Jason "You don't get a bra…but I have some other neat things. I'll share. Don't worry, I'm going to take care of you. But for now..Mimi needs a rest." She heads off towards the tech tent to settle in and relax for a bit. Oh, the technology…or, bits of random tech anyway.

"My…" Her expression twists up, and subconsciously Layla reaches up with her hands to cover her chest as though completely shocked by this question. Prudey McPrudePants. "I'll…take a look at some later…thanks…" Once the other girl wanders off, Layla can only shake her head at Jason, before moving over to his side. "Keep the knife. Everyone else was all about keeping their grounder trophies, so why shouldn't you keep what you had the courage to look for?"

Jason nods once. "That's what I think," he agrees. "And, I mean…I did break my leg over it. I didn't have time, so I got the stuff that was the most important to me. If anybody else wants to go back down, they can probably plan a safer way and do it and get what they want. Probably lots of scrap metal down there, anyway. It didn't seem too wet in there."

"Maybe, but I think it best that we avoid it for now. If I'm honest, sure, I'd love to get back in there. Find some clean clothes, and definitely check for some tools that will aid in making medicine. I'm a chemist, but down here? With just…leaves and twigs? I'm useless." She sounds rather put out by this, despite having managed to save both himself and Mimi.

"Sure," Jason says, nodding wearily, sipping his tea. "But, uh…I wouldn't say useless. You're the one who showed up to help me. You're the one who made me tea to help the pain." He lifts his eyebrows as if inquiring whether she doesn't acknowledge all that.

"But I could do more," she says, brows furrowing. "I tried to make penicillin, but I simply can't, not without the right equipment. It's just growing mold on some berries otherwise, and that's a waste of food. I just…" Sighing, Layla shakes her head. "Sorry. I just want to do more than brew a tea that may or may not really help how badly you feel."

Jason keeps drinking the tea down steadily despite the bitter taste. "I get it," he says. "There's a lot I want to do, too, that I can't yet. It's really hard trying to be patient." He smiles sympathetically.

Returning the smile, Layla shakes her head ruefully. "I guess, really, all we need to be patient for is the Ark coming down. There will be access to better resources then. Unless, of course, you don't really plan to stick around when they get here?" She certainly didn't.

"Oh, no," Jason says. "I'll be here. I think it's really important that we meet them with everything we know now, everything we've seen." He looks a little less ashen once he gets going on this topic. "I think it's going to change everything. Society can never be the same once they're on the ground."

"No, it cannot," Layla agrees. "And there won't be a reason to execu- to murder anyone for simply making a mistake or minor transgression. We won't have to worry about any one little thing destroying the whole. There won't be a need for such harsh leadership." Still, she kept her personal fears to herself, as it was not something Layla was wont to open up about.

"And there will be space," Jason says. "Space and all these resources. No one will have to lead those penned-in, gray lives. That was just…a storage box. This is going to be /life/," he says earnestly. "For everyone."

"Exactly. I didn't realize how… how truly sterile and false the Ark was until coming here. I'm sure none of us did. How could we?" She gestures to the world around them. "This is reality. And beauty. All of the color, all of the air. Water. Life. It's all here, and I see it and it shames me to think we nearly destroyed it."

"I have dreamed about color, and beauty, and form all my life," Jason says, voice going conspiratorially hushed. "I have dreamed about freeing people from that conspiracy of right angles and bad air. Their minds are going to completely change. It…it cracks your heart open, seeing all these…these trees and /birds/ and…/everything/."

Layla allows herself a small, but sincere smile. "So it does," she replies, voice equally hushed. "We weren't meant to live in a place like that. And complain as I do, I still wouldn't trade this," she reaches down to scoop up a clump of earth within her fingers. "For the stars at any price."

Jason smiles slowly. "I want to make something really beautiful before they come down," he confides. "Something made by a person, but that fits in with this incredible world. I want to show that to them."

"Oh yeah?" The smile fades, only to replaced by a childish sort of frown. "I'm not very artistic myself. It'd be nice if I was, but my hands don't really agree. I mean, I guess that's okay. I'll leave room for the real artists, hey?" She gives him a nudge with her elbow. But…not too roughly.

Jason seems distracted from his pain by this conversation, eyes alight. "I believe you could learn," he says with conviction. "I believe there is /some/ kind of art in every person. Not all of it has to be made with your hands. And the /best/ thing in a person is to be able to see it and /appreciate/ it."

Oh, all these wide-eyed, hopeful delinquents. The strove to reach out and touch Layla's frigid heart with their exuberance and their dreams. So she was smiling a bit more, just like Jason's pain was somewhat easier to ignore. Because the truth was, Layla wasn't an uncaring beast. She wanted good things; she wanted beauty; she wanted life. It was just that…she didn't believe good triumphed more often than bad. Which didn't necessarily mean evil, just negative.

Mimi wanted to find supplies, instead she and Jason were injured. They tried to find Mount Weather, and have instead perhaps precipitated war with an unknown nation; the leadership on the Ark wanted a return to earth, and instead they unceremoniously dropped those among them considered expendable without adequate food or supplies.

Jason reaches out to touch Layla's shoulder. "You'll see," he promises. "Everything's going to be so different. We'll /make/ it different."

"I hope so," she allows when Jason reaches out to touch her shoulder. "Until then, we just have to do our best, right? Whether that means being without beakers or without the full use of our legs." She gives Jason a teasing smile.

"Art thrives in constrained conditions," Jason says, smiling back. "I don't know about science, but…We will thrive," he promises.

"Mm," she hums in reply. "I'm going to see about getting those crutches made for you. You don't have to go back up where Cole's puking, or whatever else, but try not to go too far until then. You want to be sure your bones set properly."

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