Day 023: Maps And Plans
Summary: Kai and Grey talk over their current, dire situation.
Date: 13 June 2016
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Room Name
The Cook Tent is probably one of the larger tents on the grounds. It butts up against a wall of the dropship, and its ceiling is made of the tri-colored fabric of the drop parachute. Two of the other walls are made from a base of lashed tree trunks and a screen of thick evergreen branches. A prep area has been put together at the back, against the dropship. Someone with some mad skills has created their best approximation of a table, which is really just four almost-straight tree trucks standing upright with the flattest dropship panel they could find stretched across it. Everything is very organized with makeshift utensils and ingredients having their proper places. Attached to the tent is the beginnings of what will become a smokehouse. At the entrance to the tent is a box for donations of food to be used for the camp meals.
23 Days After Landing

Lucian Grey hates mornings. It has become a well-established fact in the Delinquent Camp these past three weeks, even for those who didn't know him before Landing. Unfortunately, there are some mornings when you have to pry yourself away from your nice warm bed early and get up and about early. With his rifle slung across his torso, the pungent paste to keep his cauterized burns from drying out glistening at his side, and his armored jacket resting on the log bench beside him, he tucks into a breakfast of… the same general thing they've been eating this whole time, meat, fruits, berries, roots, greens… it's almost enough to make one wish for the flavors and lack of consistency available on the Ark. He upnods to the two Mecha kids he was talking to as they get up, "Yup, that's about the size of it. Seven die to buy us a few days. Or we tell 'em to go screw themselves and take on fifty for those few days."

Oh, perfect timing. Kai's prowling lope, even if her nigh bald head, doesn't exactly conceal who it is that approaches him and the Mecha kids, water in her hand. At least the female ex-C has made some effort at cleaning up. Sort of. Her hands and face have been washed, making the only recently missing band from her arm all the more obvious in its absence. But what she drops next to him is a couple of rolled hides as she drops herself into one of the barely vacated seats without so much as asking if he minded,"Maps." is the single word explanation. And indeed, they are, obtained from Bruns, and detailing settlements within six days walk of Coesbur.. at least, six days by his reckoning and ability to travel.

Grey looks up at the motion behind him, but he doesn't figure anyone's going to give him a go while he has a rifle, so he merely looks up over his shoulder, wincing a little as the motion pulls at his side. Nodding a greeting to his fellow ex-C, he shoves a bite of jerky in his mouth before he can say anything terminally stupid. It goes against every fiber of his upbringing, but he manages to chew and swallow, all while looking over the maps, without saying anything caustic or venomous. For the record, his own bracelet remains intact and in place, despite the loss of comms Ark-side. Once his mouth is clear, he speaks up, "Nice. Wondered how far Tondc was, or Polis. Glad we didn't try to walk to either with scouts on us. You figuring on going on offense, Adams, or just gettin' intel?"

"Indra is in Tondc." Kai opts to inform, "At least, so Bruns suggested." she takes a drink from her water and rubs a hand over her hair tiredly,"Every one that has spoken to me has said outright that unless we have our own chancellor, heda.. thingie, whatever, that they wont listen even if we did. Going on offensive against a group that outnumbers us this badly is pointless. But yes, I am tempted to try and run the blockade." she pauses,"I'm also tempted to volunteer for this bullshit offer that Sonia's giving us. Seven's less than we're going to lose in a protracted battle, and if it buys enough time for someone to get to Tondc and get this shit sorted, it might actually be worth it."

"Well, she woulda been. But everything I've heard says she's a warrior. Would you want to let your warriors go out and have all the fun while you sat at home?" Grey pushes away the remains of his breakfast, focusing his attention on the maps for now, one finger tracing out the nearest villages to the Mountain with a frown. "If it'd stop the fighting for more than a couple of days, I'd be first in line to go." Well, maybe not first, but he'd be in line too. "But seven of us to Sonia, then what, does Indra want seven too? Their heda too? What's to say we won't give up seven now, and then have that battle… without seven of our best? The deal's only with Sonia. And she's got fewer people than Oxfor does." Maybe not fewer warriors, of course. "Sendin' someone to Indra… I was wonderin' about that though. They'd have to be sneaky, talky, and not carry guns."

"Yeh, but if she's coming here from Tondc." Kai reaches over to stab her finger over it and then trace it towards the vague vicinity of the camp,"It gives us a direction. When you know you outnumber your enemy and you're out for blood the most direct path's the most likely one." she elects to help herself to some of his food, the lean girl apparently out of fucks to give with regards to social niceties in general, even if it is a Grey's food, "I can walk, and Wren has been showing me some stuff with swords, but I can't speak their language worth a fucking damn. 's one of the reasons I haven't attempted it yet. Aside from the whole impending assault thing." at least she manages a ghost of a smile for it, "Y'got anyone in mind you think can do it?"

Grey makes a little 'have at it' gesture when she goes for the remains of his breakfast. "Can't be one person. Fiona speaks their language best, and she talks good, but she's hurt, and can't fight or move through the woods worth a damn. Cameron moves through the woods fine, can fight okay, but he'd just try to slam them with a wall of words. Morgan's the same, plus we can't give up any docs. Elias… don't know how he moves or fights, but he talks well." He shrugs a little helplessly, "Every person that goes ups the risk of gettin' 'caught, but there ain't one or two people who could do it." One finger is raised up for Grey to chew on its nail briefly, "Then there's the question of if it'd even work. If Indra wants war as much as Sonia, we're just throwin' away anyone we send."

"Yeh." Kai actually agree's with him,"Maybe if she writes it down phonetically someone can at least muddle through it. We can't separate Cam and Morgan, if one goes the other will, and you're right, this place can't afford to be short a healer." she worries at her bottom lip,"Elias can handle himself." it's not words she's actually happy about uttering,"He's not trained, but he did okay when we found Asher and Cassandra.. and yeh, he's good at talking." none of which makes her happy about adding in the slightest, though she nods her head slowly and leans back in her seat,"There's also getting past the blockade. A large group is going to get spotted more easily than a small group. A distraction would be the best tactic if you think Fi's necessary for the talking, and Morgan will clear her. Elias doesn't know their language worth shit, but he was prepared to volunteer with me, so really.. we get killed by the blockade, or Indra, or we die here. Either way we're fucked, yeh?"

Grey continues to consider the list, then shrugs, "Really, it doesn't matter who we say should go. Until we've got some official leadership, it's up to folks volunteering and the whole camp voting." The fatalistic words, however, cause him to snort and sit up, "Screw that noise, Adams." The words are snapped through a wince, and he presses a hand to his side before tapping two fingers into the top of the makeshift table, "You're forgettin' one other option, just like everyone else in this goddamn camp seems to be: Kick the shit out of the people who attack us until they learn that attacking us ain't such a good idea." His hand gestures sharply toward the dropship, "We've apparently got an asston of hydrazine in there, we've got twenty-four rifles, and we've got almost a hundred really damned motivated people here. I'm not gonna roll over for fifty damned scouts, and I'm not gonna roll over for however many people Indra brings."

"Elias will go. I will go." Kai grunts, then gives her gallows smile, and damn doesn't she get it from her father, humorless with dead eyes,"No Grey, I just know the statistics. And I'm looking at the stuff that we've managed to build around this place and it's not enough. I will run the goddamn blockade and hike through all that shit and take the chance on Indra killing me if I manage to get that far very specifically because they have a lot more reinforcements than we do. And you're blindly optimistic if you can't see that." her gaze flits to his hand,"Y'don't see me eating my rifle, or sitting in a corner crying, do you? I know we have a statistically negligible chance and I'm going to do whatever the hell I can to improve that. If there's one thing I think we can agree on, it's that this place isn't going down without a fight."

Grey shrugs at the first statement, "If the camp wants you to speak for them. Otherwise you're speakin' for yourself. That's what got us in trouble with Oxfor at first. Need someone who speaks with the weight of the whole camp, or she's not even gonna talk to you." He leans forward then, lowering his voice and glancing around, "Yeah. We've got shit for odds. We do. But if you think that fatalism and 'gotta take out more of them before I go' breeds more ideas than 'if I do something great I'm gonna survive,' you're nuts, Adams. And me, I got a real good reason to want to survive. I figure you do too. So I want all the people around me at the top of their goddamned game."

"Oh yes, by all means.. let's take a vote, not like there's a fucking army waiting to kill us." Kai utters before she can reign in the sarcasm and then clamps her mouth shut,"I've had people tell me they don't want the responsibility of a rifle, that they can't fight, don't want to fight. I've offered training to anyone who wants to take it, anyone that's willing to step up, and too often, far too often, they're.. not. It's like they think that if they do nothing that they're not going to get murdered alongside the rest of us. So great if you've got people doing the opposite. But I've got a field full of traps and stuff and none of it matters if people aren't willing to listen and work together.. and time and again they've shown that's the case." she leans back, exasperated,"I don't give a shit who leads, someone needs to. Someone they like and will listen to. But the flipside is that whoever that person is, is exactly the person who shouldn't be trying to run the blockade, because it's not like someone who can get that motley lot to pull together grows on tree's. I know I'm not that person. Are you?"

"Democracy sucks. But it's better than someone declaring themselves leader and then all the politicals goin' nuts tryin' to undermine them, right?" Grey can snark right along with the best of them, although this is even accompanied by a dramatic eyeroll directed at either the idea of democracy or the thought of the politicals doing their thing. "And yeah, that's the problem. A bunch of kids have given up. Can I be that guy? I think so. Problem is, too many other people don't." His lips curl into a wide smirk at that, "That's the problem with all of us. No one's liked by everyone."

"Y'know, the nice thing is if they kill us all.. I don't have to worry about that." Kai even manages a warmer smile about that idea,"I was hoping they'd at least listen in a crisis, but they didn't." she grunts,"Which is fine, it doesn't stop me from trying to help them, but it does mean I recognize they're not going to listen to me and I need to find some other way of insuring the camp's safety." she rubs her face,"Which is it's own kind of stupid. If either of us had any damned sense we'd piss off into the woods and let this lot fend for themselves.. so what does it mean when we're all such a bunch of suckers?"

"They can though. I keep thinkin' back to that one silvery moment before the Rescue. Fiona and Faolan and me came together, and that was enough. Cam was onboard because Morgan was captured. Cole went off to sulk because we were fightin', and didn't get in the way. Mimi wasn't doin' anything crazy. And for just that moment, we weren't a bunch of criminal kids, we were The One Hundred." Grey sighs heavily and shrugs, "I don't know what it means, Adams. I just know, I promised the camp then that if any one of them was taken, I'd come for them too. I'm not gonna leave 'em out in the cold here." Even if it's getting hot enough with the sun slowly rising through the trees that his shirtlessness is becoming less of a problem. "I think it might help to have some people go talk to Indra, as long as they're talkin' with the weight of the camp, and they're willin' to just talk straight with her. It also might get them killed."

"Oh I know they can, Grey. Believe me." Kai gives a nod,"We still have hunters out there. We didn't go looking for Asher and Cassandra. We still have people out there, we don't know where. I don't know if the ambush sign we found was from those two or from the hunters, under the circumstances we couldn't look any further. But.. yes. That's why I'm ready to look at this stuff, why I'm even considering death to try and help these idiots." she grazes his breakfast still because going and getting her own requires effort she just doesn't have in her at the moment,"I think it will too, but I don't think that it will happen if we try to get the camp to vote for them to be empowered by them. Or rather, I think we'll be dead before that will happen."

Grey evidently hadn't heard that bit, "Wait, you didn't find the five? And there was an ambush?" Shaking that off with a grumbled, "Shit," Grey looks down at the tabletop, drumming his fingers into it for a moment, "Goddamn it." Finally, he looks up, "I ain't gonna try to stop you. But if you make it there, and Indra asks you, 'Do you speak for the Skaikru, will they heed your words,' and you say 'no,' then you're gonna get your ass killed, and then we're out two shooters. And two people who aren't total jackhole idiots."

Kai gives a dip of her head,"Considering that war was declared and we were sick as shit and then attacked, we haven't had a chance to go back out. And if they're /out/ there beyond the blockade.. they might just be safer where they are." she grunts and reaches for the map,"She'll probably just kill us anyways. And either way the rest of them are likely to attack before we get there and back anyways. But, I'll look for Fi.. and I'll see. Maybe the idea that I'm walking in to almost certain death will make a few people agree just to be rid of me." there's that smile again from her,"Whatever it takes to get the job done."

Grey shakes his head, "No… no. I'm not blamin' anyone. Comin' back with two injured people was the right call." He leans over to take one more look at the map, then sits back in his seat, "You aren't that big of a pain in the ass, Adams. And yeah, unless you can find Indra close enough to talk to her by tonight, it'll be too late for the first attacks. But Sonia… she can kill a few of us, but she's not gonna kill us all, not with fifty." He pauses a moment, and then, "You know you can't take a rifle with you if you go, right?" The words are quiet, his gaze flat, "Even if we didn't need 'em all here, I'm pretty sure that unless we got overwhelming numbers of 'em, anyone Sonia or Indra catches with a rifle's dead before they get a chance to talk."

Kai reaches for the map and rolls it up to stick back in one of her pants pockets, "Jumar's looking at tripwires for the field. Cole's apparently got mines almost ready? Cameron's been working on it with me, he should be able to help them if this happens and they need assistance with it." she seemingly doesn't here or completely ignores his opinion as to whether she's a pain in the ass, collecting her cup to grunt,"I know. Didn't take it to visit Wren. Not going to take it to visit Indra. I'm actually better hand-to-hand anyways." there's a slow blink from her,"There's no fighting my way through that blockade, either. It's all got to be stealth. And when you talk to Gideon, let her know that I'd like her help, yeh? Not that any of them are going to mistake me for Trikru up close, but if I can at least fool the scouts at a distance, it will help."

Grey snorts at the comment about being better hand to hand, "Aren't we all. Not much call for rifles on the Ark, even if we trained with 'em." He leans back a moment, actually looking over the ex-Cadet across from him, "Might be able to wear her old armor, the stuff we took when we captured her. Don't know who has it now. Ash on the face," his fingers brush past his own eye-sockets to indicate, "Maybe have Cam draw something on your scalp with charcoal, like tats. Might help, but if there's just fifty of them, they probably know each other. Best bet's not to be seen, but every bit helps, I guess."

Kai grunts thoughtfully,"Right. Cam." he gets added on to the list,"And I'll see if I can find who has her armor.. cos yeh, probably they do, but they're not the only Grounder's in the area.. an' I bet they don't know all of them. The best bet /is/ not to be seen, but a strange Grounder in the woods is going to look a hell of a lot less like something to shoot on sight than one of us." she smiles faintly,"Means I'm relying on you and Stone to keep this lot safe though, yeh?"

"I may not be some damn boy scout," Grey smirks a little at that, "But if you haven't figured out by now that I'm always gonna be between our people and anyone tryin' to hurt 'em, your head's emptier than a vacant 'lock." By the sarcastic twist of his grin, he doesn't think this is the case. "And Greery. And Wolfe. And Brandt. And Murieta," that would be Joaquin, although he's not in very good shape himself. "And Cole and Tink and all the techies. And the docs. And pretty much all of us who ain't given up yet. After all, we're all we've got, we're all we need." It was a better line shouted out to a bunch of scared, angry teens, rather than said flatly over a breakfast table.

"I just like to hear you say it." Kai drawls,"Mostly because I still can't believe we actually agree on anything." there's a shrug of her shoulders as her eyes go across the camp,"We are all we've got. And while my father can go fuck himself I'd love to pick Kane's brain about how to deal with this tactically.. but y'know, if wishes were horses we'd all have a ride."

"Screw horses. Nasty, smelly, bitey, kicky things." That is quite definitive, even if the next line is more pro forma than really heartfelt, "And screw Kane." Grey leans forward slightly, pure lust showing in his eyes, as he makes grasping gestures with his fingers, "Gimme a squadie," a squad-automatic weapon, "and boxes and boxes of ammo." And then he shakes his head, chuckling ruefully, "But if all we got is half-trained kids with twenty-four old assault rifles and about a tenth the ammo I'd like… I say that's all we need."

"Pass on both of those." Kai shakes her head,"And only one squadie? Man, you need more ambition. I was thinking there's plenty of guard that I'd cheerfully stick on the front line.. but I suppose yours is the more humane option. But we make do, yeh?"

"Make do with kickin' their asses if they try us." He offers out his hand in the classic arm-wrestling sort of macho-clasp, "Talk to Fi. I heard she wants some kinda vote about the offer. Maybe we can tack on Elias talkin' for us and you gettin' him there and back. Good luck."

Kai's been around the guys often enough that it isn't even thought of when she performs the macho clasp, dipping her head in acknowledgment,"Yeh. She's next on my list. Thanks for breakfast." at least that actually gets a smirk before she prowls off in search of a Fi.

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