Day 027: May We Meet Again
Summary: Britt bids farewell to Fiona and Elias before heading off to join the warband. One takes it better than the other.
Date: 6/23/16
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Indra's War Camp
Somewhere between Tondc and Coesbur.
Day 27

Britt had left the group for awhile, disappearing with the old war buddy she'd spotted in the camp crowd. It had seemed to be a happy enough reunion, complete with hearty back slaps of greeting, but the Britt that returns is far from happy. There's a grim frown on her face, and a hodgepodge of what might be armor components being carried in one hand.

Fiona is seated not far from where Wren had been, brow furrowed in concentration. She has an odd little cube in her hands made up of little boxes that have colors painted on the exteriors. The goal of the puzzle seems to be matching the colors on each side. It's a gewgad of Wren's, which Britt may have seen before. She looks up at Britt's arrival, and starts to greet her amiably until she sees the look on the older woman's face. "What's wrong?" Besides the whole current situation.

Yep. Definitely armor. That much becomes clear when Britt dumps the hodgepodge by her pack. There's a reinforced vest, it looks like, and some bracers. The archer doesn't answer Fiona at first, but comes and sits down heavily nearby. "There's a group leaving soon, to go and join with Sonia and the others." She looks over at Fiona, a sad look in her eyes. "I've been asked to join them."

"…oh." Fiona's breath catches as she looks up at the woman, and rises to her feet. "Britt…I…it's okay. These are your people." What else can she say? Fiona is upset, but she doesn't seem to focus it on Britt.

Britt stands up when Fiona does, and reaches out to clasp her arm if she'll allow, a brief reassuring squeeze. "Feyona. The war party has been gathering for days. There is still a chance for you to sway the kruheda. She would have killed you or sent you packing were that not the case."

Funnily enough, Fiona was already reaching to offer a similar grip. "I know." she says softly but with a firm determination. "I'm going to do everything I can. If you can buy any time I'd be grateful, but not if it puts yourself at risk. I'm grateful to you, Britt. Thank you, for all you've done."

Britt gives the younger woman a faint, sad smile. "<In Trigedasleng> You're welcome." Then back to Gonasleng. "I'm sorry I could not do more. I doubt Sonia will be inclined to delay further, but who knows. I'm taking Veks back with me." Unless he blows her off. "But Wren and Rinnan are staying. I trust them." She slants a brief look in the direction of where they'd met with the kruheda, considering for a moment. "Indra respects strength. You have courage, Feyona of the Sky People."

"I hope she'll think so too." Fiona manages a smile. "My people have a saying, when people we consider important in our lives are leaving us. May we meet again, Britt kom Trikru."

Britt's smile widens then, into more of a real one. "I like that. May we meet again," she echoes, then adds, "And not on a battlefield." With one last squeeze, Britt releases the skaigirl's arm and turns to gather up her things. It only takes a moment, since she doesn't have much. Bow, quivver, day pack, armor. Yep. Ready for war. "<In Trigedasleng> Good luck, Feyona."

"<In Trigedasleng> Luck to you, Britt." Fiona remains standing, watching Britt as she moves off.

A short time later…

Down by the freshwater creek, Elias is patiently filling canteens for himself, Kai, and Fiona. They at least seem to look like their canteens at any rate. The young man kneels down near the bank and dips one in after the other with the mouth of the containers facing the current each time. A piece of reed is tucked between his lips comfortably. With the canteens full, he leaves them near the bank for a moment so he can stand up and wipe some of the sweat from his brow. Evidently, they're still being held here so the warriors do have an eye on him.

Britt is also bound for the river to fill her canteen. Strangely, though, she seems ready for travel. She's wearing a lightweight armored vest - leather, it looks like, with some reinforced plating of some sort sewn into it. Her bow and quivver are on her back, arrows poking up over one shoulder, and a small satchel is slung over the opposite shoulder. She comes over to where Elias is filling and crouches down nearby before unscrewing the lid on her own canteen.

Elias gives a polite nod to Britt as he stands there on the bank. "Heading out?" he asks her, inclining his head in a nod to her canteens as well as indicating her readiness to travel. Leaning down once more, he cups his hand in the creek and then lifts it to splash into his face away from the water.

Britt nods to Elias, her mouth tightening in a grim line. "Yes. To join the warband near Coesbur." She dips the canteen under the water and slants him a regretful look. "I delayed answering the kruheda's call as long as I was able. Wren and Rinnan will still be here to aid you."

Another nod of his head is given to the woman and he exhales a short laugh. "Right," he says, giving a shake of his head at her. Finishing wiping his face free from water, he flicks some of it back into the creek. "War, of course, implies that two sides are in conflict. Not a warband against a bunch of kids. But you go on calling it a war if that's what helps you sleep at night."

Britt squints at him. "I'm sorry, was I imagining those rifles shooting my clansman when Sonia attacked? Or perhaps Wren is imagining his dead sister?" She shakes her head. "You are not children. And I have done everything I could to stop this war without betraying my people. The rest is up to you three."

Raising a brow at her, Elias shakes his head. "The Trikru have been killing us since the beginning. From the first strike to this one." Pressing his tongue out between his lips then, he gestures back towards his camp. "And what happens when you threaten people who weren't trained to be warriors and they /happen/ to find some small advantage? Those guns were used in defense. I don't like them either and I would have been the first one to toss them into the fire if your people didn't make it necessary for us to have them. Every time we've tried to approach in peace, we've gotten our hands slapped away and have been forced to defend ourselves." He shrugs then and heaves a sigh. "We aren't children because we were forced not to be when we came here. Hard decisions needed to be made and some of them I'll have to live with. There are always consequences for decisions. You're about to take part in the slaughter of a handful of innocents because they pose such a large threat to your thousands. That's what you get to live with."

"Your people threatened ours by trying to cross the river, we attacked, you defended. Then a dropship fell from the sky and no one knows who is to blame. It's a fucking mess and neither side has their hands completely clean. So do not lecture me on conscience, skaiboy," Britt says sharply. "And do not forget that I was the one that stood in front of your gates and offered to bring you here. In peace." Canteen filled, she screws the lid back on but does not rise. Not yet. She does, however, shift to a kneeling position instead of a crouch. "I hope that Feyona may yet convince the kruheda. But if she does not, then we are at war, whether you like it or not."

"I suppose we'll see," Elias says with a nod of his head. "I hope as well. But…hope in one hand, shit in the other, right? See which one fills up first." Another snort of a laugh escapes him and he rolls his shoulders back in a shrug. "I aknowledge it's not your fault personally. But with as suspicious and reactionary as your people are being? What freak accident will get blamed on us next? Personally, I'd badly like to have left your lands ages ago to protect my people from yours."

Britt frowns at his words. "It is little wonder which one fills up first when you continue to paint us all as reactionary savages. Even the ones trying to save you. You refuse to see just how damning the evidence is against your people for this 'freak accident'. You ignore the fact that your guns are putting thousands of truly innocent lives in danger." She does rise, then, smothering a grimace when she does so.

"I didn't before, but I absolutely am now," Elias says with a nod of his head. "I had good relationships with some of the people from Coesbur, actually. I rather like them. Now…" There's a shrug of his shoulders. "What do you want me to think? I -hate- guns. You'll never see me carrying one. Honestly. They found them, though, and despite my protests they wanted to keep them anyways. I wanted them gone. But because they fear attacks from the Trikru, they kept them. Let me ask you: If we'd chucked them into the fire, would this outcome have been any different?"

Britt shakes her head, looking down at the young man. "You were warned about the guns. Arlin told me. And yet the Skaikru choose to use them. I understand fear. I understand wishing to defend yourself. But the way your people have chosen to defend yourselves puts our entire clan at risk. Not just our warriors, but our elders. Our children. Our farmers. So yes - the outcome may have been different." She shrugs. "We'll never know though, will we?"

Elias shrugs again. "We won't," he says with a nod of his head. "Just as we probably won't know what actually happened with the dropship. There is a lot to be regretted here. Which is why I say that in retrospect, it would have been better had we just left once we realized we were on your lands. Found another place where we could just grow crops and live in peace. What's done is done, though, and it's a bit late for that now. I blame myself for not pushing it from the beginning."

Britt shakes her head. "Trikru, Azgaeda, Podakru… you would've ended up on someone's land. There is not some unclaimed paradise here waiting for you. Anyway, it is not the land that is the problem. We don't lack for that," she points out with a gesture toward the surrounding woods. "It is the guns. It is Thripoda."

"No real way out of that now," Elias says with a nod. "They're more on the defensive now than ever. At least you'll get your wish, though. No more guns, right?" Taking his own canteen in hand, he pops the makeshift lid and takes a swig. "Well. If this goes south, they'll be putting me up on the post with the others, I imagine. For what it's worth, it was nice meeting you." He lifts his canteen up and gives a nod of his head.

"It is not my wish to see your people dead," she says with a hard frown. "But we don't always get what we wish for." But Britt does bob her head in response to his nod. "Farewell, Elias kom Skaikru."

A nod is given in return to Britt and once again he raises his canteen up. "I didn't accuse you of wanting that. It's just the way things work down here. I get that." For the most part, Elias seems pretty resigned. Or perhaps just tired. "Just Elias. There's no point in 'skaikru' anymore now, is there? Farewell, Britt kom Trikru." With an upnod, he turns and walks back towards the war party.

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