Day 001: Meat Is Back On The Menu
Summary: Grey, Hanne, Quinn, and Max make a successful hunting trip.
Date: 29 April 2016
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The Wilderness
It's in the hills outside camp. No more description than that.
Day 1 After Landing

Afternoon is wearing on to evening as the quartet continues away from camp. They only have three spears between them, but Grey (a little reluctantly, truth be told) gave one of his pair up to Quinn. He's kept pretty quiet thus far, as they head generally 'downhill' trying to find water, because that's theoretically where they could find prey. Unfortunately, the terrain has not helped, as they find themselves in a hollow, surrounded by little hills. "Okay. Any thoughts from the Ee-Ess nerds?" There's a hint of laughter behind the low question, rather than making it accusatory or needling — how odd for Grey.

Max has followed along, taking up the rear, letting the others carry the spears if they feel so inclined. He keeps his ears on what is behind them, occasionally turning to look out into the trees and see if there is anything following their trail, or moving in the underbrush. He has his hands in his pockets and strolls along, trying not to make a whole lot of noise, but not exactly sneaking either, at least not until they see something, anything, resembling quarry. He leans over toward Hanne and says, "Listen for the camouflasged mountain lions" under his breath.

<FS3> Hanne rolls Survival: Success.

"What?" Quinn glances at Max, catching only one part of that. Lions. She doesn't seem to be too thrilled about the possibility that he might actually be correct, and there might be lions waiting somewhere to eat them.

The so-called Earth Skills nerd has been staying in the rear of this hunting party with Max. Hanne obviously hasn't seen any horror movies, or she would have decided to be in the middle instead, where the predators can't pick her off as easy prey. She peeks up a bit when Grey asks for some suggestions, and she peeks around their terrain. She tucks her hands into her pockets, as she isn't carrying a spear, and frowns a bit. "Well… we're getting close to twilight, and this is a pretty nice area for grazing. My guesses are… if we wait a bit, we might see some grazing animals. Deer, maybe." She does look at Max at the mention of hte mountain lions, and she shushes him. "Don't even…"

Grey does not seem particularly worried about predators in the area, his head turning this way and that, searching for signs of prey. He keeps his spear up, ready to be thrown. "Wait here and see? Right… because it's close to twilight, and they're crap-sack-ular." Looking around, he shrugs, "So should we hide?"

<FS3> Max rolls Survival: Failure.

"Could climb up, see about getting a better view," Max says and grabs onto the low branch of a nearby tree to try to climb up and take a look around, but instead he ends up breaking off the branch, snapping and crunching twigs noisily in a way that can only alert the nearby wildlife that there are people there. He winces, and cusses something under his breath. Maybe that wasn't the wisest choice.

"is near twilight when they come out?" Quinn is clearly not an expert at this, but she's willing to follow the lead of others that seem to have a better idea of what they are doing. When Max falls out of the tree she glances at him, moving to help him back up to his feet.

"Deer are crepuscular," Hanne says in that academic tone. "They are most active in periods of dawn and dusk." Then she looks at Grey, and she nods. "Better than keep wandering around. My mother always said that if you get lost, you stay where you are and wait to be found. I believe you can apply that to hunting… the more you wander around, the less likely you are to find prey. Better to find a hiding spot and wait for the grazers to come to us." Then she winces at Max, and she chews at her cheek. "No trees on the Ark." No duh.

<FS3> Grey rolls Stealth: Success.

Grey points at Hanne in response to Quinn's questions, "That's what she said." And then she uses the right word, and he nods. "Crapsackular." Max's attempt to climb draws a chuckle, and he shakes his head, "Maybe stay on the ground? Unless you wanna be bear-bait if that's what comes wanderin' along." Looking around, he spots a likely clump of ferns and nods, "I'll be over there." Maybe no one set up over there?" He points across the little valley, "Don't want anyone downrange when I throw this thing."

Max had successfully mastered the sitting in the tree portion of that equation before, but apparently now was not the day. He reaches out to take Quinn's hand and let her pulli him back to the day. He then proceeds to move quietly again. "Pass," he says on the topic of becoming bear bait, though there's a slight scowl, as well, directed inward rather than outward at the group.

"Are ''what''?" Quinn blinks at Hanne, the word clearly being far bigger than her vocabulary. But then she just helps Max up, then brushes him off absently, "So how are we going to do this thing?"

There's a bit of shuffling around of spears that ends with Grey, Quinn, and Max each having one, and Hanne settling in behind the group to keep watch for anything else coming at them from another direction. Grey keeps his voice low as he puts in, "Crapsackular. Apparently it means 'comes out in the dusk.' I figure we wait here, and if it takes like… more than an hour, we try to find another spot. Something comes by, we chuck the spears, kill it, and bring it back to camp to eat it."

Max looks over toward Quinn and there's just a little flicker of a smile that touches his expression and then vanishes again. He mumbles a "thanks" under his breath when Quinn helps him to his feet. He's quiet after that, paying more attention to the trees and movement between them. He takes the spear when one gets handed off to him, and gets used to its heft with a few practice swings before leaning it against his shoulder.

"Throw, kill, eat." Quinn repeats the directives with a nod, giving the spear in her hand a little bit more of a heft, getting a solid feel for the weight before she settles back, trying to keep herself as small as possible for anything that might wander by.

<FS3> Grey rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Quinn rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Hanne rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Max rolls Alertness: Failure.

Now comes the boring part. Darkness continues to fall around the waiting hunters, closing in relatively quickly under the trees. It sprinkles for a few minutes, but stops quickly enough. Five minutes pass. Ten, fifteen, twenty… and then eventually, there's a rustling sound atop one of the surrounding hills.

Grey is bored. Very bored. But he's not some twitchy kid who can't sit still. When half the people in the SkyBox hate you, you get good at sitting around doing not much of anything. And so Grey waits. The point of his spear droops a bit as he waits, his grip loosening, but he keeps the weapon held up over his head, mostly ready. The rain is annoying, but at least it keeps the bugs down. And then there's the little sound, and his head snaps up, lips spreading in a grin, although he keeps his mouth closed to hide the white of his teeth. The spearpoint comes up again, and he gathers his feet under him in his crouch.

Quinn almost falls asleep waiting, but then something catches her attention and she focuses more. Waiting….waiting…then she sees it again, a hand reaching out to nudge Max and Grey to indicate the underbrush that's rustling in a trail down the hill.

Hanne may be tired and bored, but she can't seem to just zone out when there's possible food to be had. She is on high alert — almost twitchy. She rubs her hands at her thighs, trying to keep herself alert. Then she blinks at the rustle, and she gives Max a sharp jab since he's the nearest one to her. "Hey, hey… I think we got something…" And then she points to the little trail that is left in the wake of the small animals. Then she silences herself, trying to be perfectly still despite her jitters.

Max is likewise bored, very bored, so bored that he wouldn't notice if one of his stealth mountain lions came up and sat on him. In fact, he barely even notices the rustling sound that he does hear, almost tuning it out. He has his spear leaning against his shoulder as he props himself up against a tree. It's the nudge followed by the sharp jab that jostles Max out of his reverie. He blinks once, twice, and then starts looking through the leaves in the direction that Hanne is pointing. He begins to move very slowly in that direction to see if he can get a look at what they are hearing.

<FS3> Grey rolls Thrown: Good Success.

Grey nods at Quinn's gesture, then holds a finger to his lips as Hanne hisses. Looking to Max, and then to Quinn, he holds up two fingers, then points in the direction of the little trail. He waits, waits, waits, and then two fuzzy little quadrupeds come bumbling through the underbrush, long noses and hairless tails alike twitching. Grey rises swiftly to his feet, drawing their attention in his direction, and then hurls his spear at the rearmost one. The ex-Cadet would never admit it, but it's a shock to see the large rodent suddenly spitted on the thrown spear.

<FS3> Quinn rolls Thrown: Great Success.

Quinn shifts her hold on her spear as things begin to happen, and she waits until the little furry creatures pop out. Grey neatly spears one of them, so she takes aim at the second and hurls the spear. She uses her whole body to throw it, arm and shoulder pulling back before she propels it forward to hit the second of the creatures before it gets a chance to react to the first one being hit.

Max doesn't even have time to react. He may in fact be the worst hunter that the world has ever known post-apocalyptically. He lifts his spear to throw it and suddenly both targets are spitted and he just kind of stands there like the statue of some sort of javelin thrower, and finally he lowers his spear. Well, they aren't pretty, but they're meat. He looks over at the other two and says, "Nice shots."

<FS3> Hanne rolls Resolve: Good Success.

Hanne waits until the second spear flies and the twinned movements stop. She is mostly hiding behind Max, but she peeks around him just in time to see Grey's speared opossum continue to twitch. She brings a hand up to her mouth, holding back a little twist in her belly. Her eyes well up much to her dismay, but she is quick to duck her head so none of the others see. Instead, she clears her throat and straightens up her shoulders a bit. "W-well done."

Grey thrusts his arms up in the air as both spears fly true, hands like blades at the end. For those who watched the old football games back on the Ark, 'it's good.' Turning to Quinn, he reaches out to slap hands, "Shit hot, Q." He says it loud enough that if there were any more following those two… they're probably headed the other way by now. There's some more twitching and scrabbling from the animal he speared though, and so Grey steps forward, reaching to the small of his back to draw his makeshift knife from under his jacket. "Thank you, thank you. Now we just gotta figure out what we want out of people in exchange for a bite to eat."

Quinn returns the slaps, getting to her feet to start heading in the direction of the two furry bodies. "I'll leave that to you three." She, honestly, doesn't care what payment is extracted from people for a bite to eat as long as she gets a bite.

Max glances over his shoulder to notice that Hanne is hiding behind him and he doesn't move from where he is, letting her use him as a screen if she wants. He's not serving much other purpose at the moment other than taking up space, so he aims to do that well, apparently. Since he didn't actually catch anything, Max defers to the other two with a slight shrug of his shoulders and says, "Maybe we can find a couple more."

Hanne looks at Grey, and blinks. "You're going to barter with two…" And she tilts her head, trying to get closer to look at what kind of animals these things are. "Uh… rabbits… no… some kind of rodent though, I think. Giant rats?" Then she giggles as a memory pops up, and she looks goofily at the others. "R.O.U.S.'s." Beat pause. "You know… Rats of Unusual Size?" Get it, get it?

<FS3> Grey rolls Survival: Success.

Grey crouches down by the first animal, his face paling a little bit as the tang of blood touches his nostrils. Thankfully, it's dark, and so is he, but the momentary hesitation is certainly visible even in the half-light. Still, he finishes the lean forward and cuts the squealing things throat, then looks up to the others. Gesturing toward Max at Hanne's question, he nods, "Exactly. If we can catch some others…" Hanne's suggestion causes his brow to wrinkle up in a confused frown, "That's… that's from a movie right? One of the ones in the archives?" If it was a football game he'd know it by heart. Pro-football at least, college is for amateurs. His eyes widen in the gathering dark, "They probably don't much like fire, right? What if we got a couple more people, and some torches. Send people with torches sweeping out, drive the animals toward us where we're waiting…"

Quinn plants her foot on the animal, pulling her spear out before she glances around, "That'd be fine…except we're going to be at risk of tripping and falling in the dark ourselves." She observes, crouching down to try and wipe the blood off the spear on the ground, "But I think we do need to get more."

<FS3> Max rolls Survival: Success.

Max has fallen silent at this point, and seems to be moving a little bit further down the path in the fading light, making an arc around where they saw the first couple of animals emerge. He moves over, squinting a bit, and then pauses to listen to see if he can catch wind of any further movement. There's something a bit further down the path, and he continues on, letting them discuss the logistics of the rodents of unusual size. He doesn't go too far away, but he follows the rustling.

"Yes," Hanne says, though it isn't out of exasperation. "The Princess Bride. It was actually a rather ingenius book by William Goldberg who was pretending to be an editor of a book by a fictional author. There was a battered copy in the library…" Which probably suggests that Hanne read the book instead of watching the movie, or the movie was secondary to the book. Nerd. She then quiets as she considers Quinn and Grey's plan, and she chews at her lip a bit.

Grey takes a deep breath again, looking down at his blooded knife and hand, then wipes both on the pelt of the animal and slips the knife away again. Only then does he pull out his spear and study the tip by feel, "Book. Wait… paper book? May, you are a nerd, Keats." Again, there's a chuckle behind his words. Evidently, the would-be jock has found value in the nerds. Speaking of which, he looks up after Max, "Don't wander too far." The words are quiet, and then he rises to his feet, grabbing the possum by its tail in his left hand and his spear in his right, "Yeah. I'm sure we'll all biff it at some point. But more food is better, right? You Ee-Ess types find 'em, we burly types will catch 'em."

Quinn glances after Max, making sure that he doesn't get too far out of sight before she scoops up the second critter, "If you both think doing this at this time is a good call…" She shrugs her shoulders in response, evidently willing to chip in even with reservations.

<FS3> Hanne rolls Survival: Good Success.
<FS3> Hanne rolls Stealth: Success.
<FS3> Hanne rolls Thrown: Success.

<FS3> Grey rolls Survival: Success.
<FS3> Grey rolls Stealth: Success.
<FS3> Grey rolls Thrown: Failure.

<FS3> Quinn rolls Survival: Failure.
<FS3> Quinn rolls Stealth: Success.
<FS3> Quinn rolls Thrown: Good Success.

<FS3> Max rolls Survival: Good Success.
<FS3> Max rolls Stealth: Success.
<FS3> Max rolls Thrown: Good Success.

The group is able to also hunt down a deer (two Good Successes on Survival, no Failures on Stealth, two Good Successes on Thrown. The Success is a near-miss in the darkness, the Failure means Grey just flat-out misses). The deer and the two possum are just about enough for everyone in camp to get a couple of bites of meat, but not more.

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