Day 033: Meet The Sister
Summary: In which Grey meets Gideon's sister Benning, and a little later, visits the bathhouse with her. Oops.
Date: 1 July 2016
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Public Garden and Orchard
The public gardens of Tondc inhabit a long, narrow strip of land between the marketplace and a narrow babble of the divided Potomac. They are divided up by narrow footpaths that have been here since before the bombs, and help create a variety of garden beds to host primarily edible plants. The garden is tended by the citizens of Tondc, which also means it provides for the citizens of Tondc. Those who work the gardens are given permission to harvest from the vegetables and fruits in exchange. Toward the back of the gardens, near the riverside, are many fruit-bearing trees that are heavy with apples and cherries in the summer and autumn months. Toward the midway point is the large building used for the Warrior Barracks — all crafted from stone, metal and wood.
33 Days After Landing

Grey actually looks like a warrior, rather than some ragamuffin Second cut off from his Clan. Not a Trikru warrior, certainly, but the shiny curved plates on his jacket are clearly armor, and if he only carries a knife for an obvious weapon, he doesn't seem scared around all of the Warriors of Tondc and Coesbur. Wary, certainly, but not scared. It is early on the morning after the group of Skaikru arrived in town, and Grey isn't really awake. It's rough transitioning from a caffeinated society to a non-caffeinated one, even after a month. Still, the rows of fruit trees, well on their way to bearing cherries, and with the hardened nubs of new apples just growing, are apparently worth being awake for. Glancing around surreptitiously, Grey does something he just can't resist… he grabs onto a low-hanging branch, puts a boot on the trunk of a particularly sturdy apple tree and hauls himself into the first split.

Gideon kom Trikru emerges from the warrior barracks, throwing her scouts pack across her shoulder so it hangs heavily against her back. She casts a glance over her shoulder, saying something to someone behind her, and then she is stepping out into fair weather. Her hair is gathered into a rough knot at the back of her neck with light curls falling across her sunned cheek. She has not noticed Grey, though there is some rumblings from passing Trikru about a Skaikru and a three. She frowns thoughtfully, but continues to step into the gardens.

Benning has grabbed a basket and is slowly making her way to the trees to see if there are some early ripe fruit to gather for dinner later. She is walking in her own mind which is why she almost walks right up to Grey without noticing him. When she does, there's a start and pause as she considers him, "<In Trigedasleng> It was my understanding there was only two Skaikru in the village and you are not either of them." She glances about to see if the man has an escort of Trikru for it's not usual he'd be allowed to wonder about on his own.

There is undoubtedly a scout lingering around the edge of the orchard, but these Skaikru are guests… at least in the short-term. Grey looks down as he's spoken to in a language he doesn't understand, clearing his throat and shrugging a little helplessly. Despite the narrow strip of bandage still stuck to the right side of his head, and a slight wince as he moves his left shoulder, he clambers down nimbly enough, "Sorry. Don't know if I was supposed to do that, just couldn't help it." And then he clears his throat, "<In Trigedasleng> Ahhh… my name is Greh kom Skaikru." The Skaikru teen's pronunciation, even if that simple statement, is execrable. "Gonasleng?" English?

Gideon recognizes her sister first, and then Grey's voice second. The woman blinks, and quickly adjusts her steps to come to the tree just as Grey starts clamoring out of it. Her gaze flicks to Benning, and then back to Grey. "Grey…" Her fingers flex a bit around the strap of her pack, and then she drops her hands so that they find the pockets of her pants. "I had heard something about a Skaikru visit…" She gives Benning a warning look.

Benning glances at Grey as he starts to climb down, giving a look that is not unfriendly but there's a bit of reserve there. When her sister arrives and says the Skaikru's name, she pauses and then looks between them, "<In Trigedasleng> Is this the one that has been pulling you away from our home?" She then turns to Grey and offers, "Benning kom Triku, I am blood sister to Gideon." She watches Grey's face to see his reaction, "Who you appear to already know."

As a semi-official representative of the Arkers to Tondc, Grey probably shouldn't smile so wide when he spots Gideon approaching, "Gideon. Fancy meetin' you here." He turns his head back to Benning, his eyes following a moment later, "Good to m — " Wait, sister? Grey's mental double take is easy to read, "meet you, Benning kom Trikru. Yeah. Ran into Gideon early on." Which is about the nicest way capture and incarceration has ever been described, even with Grey's dry grin. He looks back to the scout, "Fi and I thought it'd be good to see if Oxfor wanted some folks to swing by Camp Jaha for an official-like visit."

Gideon tries to maintain that perfected Grounder stoicism, but it falters a bit under pressure. She nods slightly, trying to appear agreeable and not at all uncomfortable with her sister and Skaikru lover crossing paths. "Grey, this is my sister Benning… she is a fletcher for our warriors and scouts." And very irritating, she says wordlessly through tone alone. She flashes her younger sister a tight smile. "<In Trigedasleng> Yes, Benning… this would be the one."

"<In Trigedasleng> He's not bad looking, easy on the eye. I don't suppose you want to share this one like we did Tuan?" Benning can't resist asking her sister as she looks the Skaikru warrior over. She's not serious but she does love to tease her sister so there's a little jab there, "There are three summers that seperate us." Benning offers to Grey so he can get context, "And Fi? Would this be Feyona kom Skaikru?" She looks at her sister with an innocent smile but devilment in her eyes.

"So that's where you stole the blue feathers, Dee." Grey's smile twists up devilishly at one corner as he possibly rats Gideon out. He has no clue about the Trigedasleng except 'yes' and the two names, "Tuan?" And then Benning mentions Fiona, and he chuckles, his grin spreading even wider until it fully splits his features, teeth standing out sharply against his dark skin, "Yes, Feyona. Good person. Smart. Kind." And then his eyebrows go up, and mischief twinkles in his eyes as he looks from Benning to Gideon and back, "Three summers? Would never have guessed it, Benning. You've definitely got the same smile though."

"<In Trigedasleng> We did not share Tuan," Gideon says with a snort. "<In Trigedasleng> I had him first, and then you." Then she releases a soft exhale, trying not to glare too much at her sister while also maintaining a slight haughty disposition around Grey — for whatever reason. Then Grey compliments both of them, and Gideon feels a small twitch of a smile on her own lips. She shakes her head slightly. "Yes… but I did not steal them. I asked for them." She just didn't tell Benning why she needed unfletched feathers. She neatly ignores the question about Tuan from Grey.

"Tuan kom Triku is a close friend of the family who we both grew up with," Benning explains to Grey, providing an explanation where her sister does not. She is amused by her sister's haughty disposition and chooses to be friendly to compliment, "Yes…the smile is one of the few things we share." There's that little jab again. She's testing to see how many she can give before her sister tells her to stop, "And yes, my sister got the feathers from me. I do hope you put them to good use."

Grey's smile redoubles when Gideon deigns to smile just a little, and then he nods to Benning at her explanation of Tuan, nodding… hesitating, suspicious for a moment, and then just nodding again, letting whatever thought stuck in his mind pass on by, "Well, it's a damned good thing to share." At Benning's stated hope, Grey reaches down into one of the thigh pockets of his cargo pants, pulling out one of the iridescent blue feathers and twirling it by the base, "Can't think of much better use. Real good for communication." He lifts his eyebrows, "So. Benning… I assume you've got plenty of embarrassing stories about Gideon as a kid, yeah?"

"Yes, close friend," Gideon repeats. Then she releases a slow exhale, and her shoulders loosen almost in surrender. Her gaze cuts between the feather and Benning, and she explains quietly, "I left Grey feathers so that he would know I was alright, and where to find me." When Grey seeks embarrassing stories about Gideon, the archer snorts and crosses her arms. "I have far more about Benning," she challenges.

Benning shakes her head and laughs, "She is right…she has more embarrassing stories about me." She leans in and jokes, "I am the 'fun' sister." But then looks at Gideon with a fierce love that shows for all her joking, she would have stormed the Skaikru camp for her sister if she was in danger and Benning knew about it, "And I will try to be 'good' around your Skaikru sister." She isn't all that standoffish once she finds out the man is connected to someone she loves.

Grey spreads his hands helplessly at Gideon's protest, "Hell… I'm equal opportunity here. I'll take embarrassing stories about anyone." Benning's laughter triggers his own, especially in the face of Gideon's haughty distance, "You mean shooting me in the chest with a blunt arrow doesn't make Dee the fun sister?" His shit-eating grin is flashed over at his lover, and then he shrugs, "Oh, there are some asshole Skaikru. Don't get me wrong. But Fi's one of the good ones. But, if you're real close friends with Tuan," another chuckle threatens to burst forth before it's smothered, "Better move fast. Fi's givin' him a music player. Which reminds me." He reaches into another pocket, pulling out a little electronic stick and offering it out to Gideon, "Don't know if this'll work with your player, but it's got Fi's collection of music on it."

Gideon snorts again. "The fun sister," she repeats, tone more than a little dubious. Then she crosses her arms, expression stoic as she looks between her sister and her lover, and she does consider the flaw in all this. Then when Grey mentions a music player, the Grounder's expression changes from one of stoic indifference to a sly touch of jealousy. She has a music player of course, but it is something she cherishes. Then stick that is offered, however, is taken and turned over a couple times in her hand. She glances up at Grey, and then nods. "I will see…" She does not look at Benning, avoiding what could be disappointment from Gideon continuing her fascination with technology.

Benning does look disappointed in her sister as she accepts another tie to Old Earth technology. Benning clearly is not one that likes technology because she started frowning when he mentioned giving one to Tuan. But this is her sister and she has her own choices so Benning holds her tongue but there's still a look of disapproval. She does tell Grey, "Tuan is his own person. Our light dimmed long ago." To let the Skaikru know there's no hard feelings that Fi has seemed to have won the boy's heart.

Grey catches the look of disapproval and Gideon's avoidance of the look, holding up his hands slightly, "Ahhh, sorry. Didn't mean to step into the middle of something there." Because Grey… not particularly subtle most of the time. "Just means you've got to find someone else to shine on, yeah?" He points up at the not-nearly-ripe-yet apples, "Those are applies, right? I've heard about 'em. I've eaten apple-like, but never apples. Those ready for eatin' yet?" Smooth change of subject and way to show your ignorance all at once. His finger next shifts over to the cherry trees, "And are those cherries? I've heard all the dirty jokes, but cherry-like just tastes… red."

Gideon does not wilt under Benning's look, even if she can feel it. She shifts her shoulders a bit, and then nods gently to Grey as he starts to identify the fruits. She knows what he's doing, but she allows it without fuss. "No, they are not ripe yet. Remember the blossoms on the trees in Coesbur? Those were the beginnings of apples, and these are the next step… you can buy windfalls from last season in the market though." She sighs, relenting a bit. "Our mother used to make a small dessert with windfalls… a treat for the start of autumn."

"Our mother still makes those small desserts," Benning tells Grey, making it clear their parents are alive and well, "And you should bring him by so mother can glare at him and father can soothe her and offer friendly looks." Mother was always the fiercer of the two because father was a healer, "It's always better when they have something other than you or me to focus on at the table." She gives a smile to Grey, "And you…did your parents come down in your…" She pauses as she searches for the word, "Ark?"

Grey nods his understanding at Gideon's explanation, a little smile touching his lips at the mention of the Coesbur blossoms, "Kai said Wren said everyone got out safe, by the way. I'm glad." He clearly hasn't heard about the Reapers then. Nobody tells him nothin'. "Guess I'll have to find somethin' to trade to try an apple then. Or wait until these ones are ripe." The threat of -another- parental dinner, the second in like, three days, causes Grey to freeze, his eyes widening just a little. Parents can't see you if you don't move, right? And then Benning asks the awkward question, and one hand rises up to his mouth where he can nibble at one corner of his thumbnail, "Ahhh… no. They're both dead." His eyes flicker to Gideon, but for now, he leaves it at that, shrugging a little helplessly. Clearly more to the story…

Gideon catches her words, and she frowns. It has been a long time since Gideon has been home, treating it in past tense is a habit. A bad, telling habit. "I cannot imagine having Grey suffer the wrath of our mother's stare, Benning." She offers, voice a touch dry. Then she shakes her head, breathing out a heavy exhale and offering Grey a look. She notes his sudden frightened deer look, and she offers a small look of apology. "Forgive my sister… she forgets herself." She snorts a bit, though then offers Benning a trace of a smile. She is truly not trying to be rude to her sister, and she hopes the apology in her smile is there. Then she looks back to Grey. "Have you heard news of Coesbur?" A pause. "Reapers have taken over the village."

"It's a large group…perhaps twenty or thirty…the scouts found it difficult to say," Benning fills in since she was with the group that went to check on the villiage. She does give an apologetic look to Grey when she realizes his parents are dead, "I am so sorry for your loss." For she can not imagine a time when her parents have not been somewhere in her life. While Gideon has grown more distant, Benning has only grown closer to both of her parents. There's a deep love for her family that radiates from her.

Grey dryly notes to Gideon, "I've had worse." Or so he thinks. The news about Coesbur, however, causes him to blink and straighten up from his easy, comfortable slouch, "Shit, really?" He reaches down to the small cylinder at his right hip, grasping it light a Warrior might grasp a weapon, "When do we leave? To take it back?" The questions go to both sisters, although Benning's consolation causes him to shift a little uncomfortably, "Ah… thanks. I miss my Dad sometimes."

The archer nods with Benning's assessment, and then her brows arch slightly at Grey. The corner of her mouth twitches wiht a slight smile. "This evening, as I hear it… we will want to make it to Coesbur in the morning to make use of the sun. Reapers also," she sounds uncertain even while she speaks these next words, "often are inactive in the day. But, their behavior is strange… different." Then she breathes out slightly, and she crosses her arms, looking uncertain. "But, we will take your help." Even if she has no authority to accept it.

"I will not be going with the warband that goes back," Benning tells Grey something her sister already knows, "I am not a warrior and since you face certain battle, I shall stay behind to help guard things here." Her skill with the bow makes her an excellent hunter and protector, "Is Wren and his Second going with the party? I had promised Kai kom Triku's Niron that I would show him some of the plants outside of the village."

"I'll be there, Dee." Grey seems to recognize what he's saying then, patting his armor, "And maybe we can get some more of the Guard if we go by Camp Jaha on the way. Maybe. I don't know what Kane would do, but I'd argue to help, and I'm sure Fi would too." He nods to Benning, "Probably for the best." And then he smirks at himself, "'Course, I've only been in one fight with more than twenty or thirty people in it, and we were losin' it." And then he pauses, thinking on something Benning said, "Niron? What's a Nee-ron? 'Cause I'm pretty sure that's not Wren if you're talkin' about plants."

The archer frowns ever so slightly, and she nods slightly. "I cannot make that promise… you will need to speak to Oxfor." There is a touch of disgruntled acceptance to her state. She doesn't respond to his query after what a niron is, allowing Benning to field that.

"Niron means lover…beloved. In this case it's for Elias kom Skaikru who still lives at your Camp Jaha. He is visiting her and wished to know more about our plants that grow around here," Benning tells Grey, giving a smile as she looks at her sister, almost silently asking if Gideon considers Grey her Niron.

Grey nods to Gideon, "Yeah. Have to ask all the people in charge." A crooked smile slips across his face at that, "Life at the bottom, yeah Dee?" And he reaches out to bump her arm with one hand, perhaps confirming Benning's query without answering it directly. Benning's response, however, causes him to nod slowly, "Eli's a good guy. And yeah, he came with the rest of us. Got him onto the team 'cause I knew Kai was here. And 'cause he's good at talking. Nee-ron. Good word." His eyes flicker to Gideon, and then back to Benning, "But I dunno. I kind of like beloved. Maybe 'cause I know it better."

The archer casts Grey a small, smirking smile before she nods in modest agreement. "Life at the bottom," she repeats, though her words seem a bit heavier than his despite the bump to her arm. She then nods slightly as Benning offers explanations, and Grey offers his own perspective. She starts to step away. "I am due on patrol, but… Benning will see to you, Grey." Not like that. "<In Trigedasleng> Be kind to him, Benning," she offers gently, and then begins to step in the direction of the marketplace.

Benning turns and watches her sister walk away and calls out to her, "<In Trigedasleng> I will treat him as well as I do you." She then turn back to Grey with an assessing eye, "So what would you like to see in our village?" She doesn't seem at all put off by the Skakru like many of her fellow Trikru, there is a warmness to her as she regards him, "Perhaps I can show you around in the short time you will be here."

Grey's smile fades a little as Gideon makes her excuses, but he nods, "Yeah. Stay safe." And then he looks back to Benning, "So. She say to make sure and give me a hard time? And you said that you'd torment me like a sister?" He's really no good at Trigedasleng. At all. "Yeah, I'd love to see the village." He gestures off to the northwest, "I mean, besides C-Bur. I've seen that a couple times, and it's real nice." A thumb is then jerked back to the western part of the town, "The statue's pretty cool. Big dude and all that."

"Yes…he was a man of greatness I think because they created such a large statute for him," Benning starts to walk him through the village, taking him to the marketplace first, "Gideon said to be kind to you…and I had offered to treat you as well as I treat her." She flashes him a smile, "If she cares for you…then I do. It has always been." She notices a few looks from the others as she walks with the Skaikru but pays them no heed, not caring what others think.

Grey narrows his eyes slightly at the promise, although there's humor behind the expression, "Now, we don't have brothers and sisters on the Ark, but somehow it sounds like that's not a great deal." And then the smile flashes back, and he turns to walk alongside the Trikru woman, "Yeah. We care for each other." And his shoulders tighten up even at that little confession, "This place is a lot bigger than C-Bur, isn't it? I mean, even when there aren't all the folks from C-Bur here." He's not… comfortable under the stares, but he's doing his best to ignore them. Somehow, the armor helps.

"I can not imagine my life without Gideon…or maybe Gideon is the one that would miss me," Benning tells him with a shake of her head, "But it is good you have found a tribe with the others…one can't survive on this world alone. It was one of the reasons why the Trikru formed together because the tribe protects." She nods at his question on C-Burn, "Yes…it is larger here because many families come together." She reaches out and takes his hand, "They don't mean harm…the looks are because the Trikru do not know what to make of all of you."

"Yeah. Clan's important. Didn't get that up on the Ark. Got it real quick down here." Even though he was allowed to keep his weapons, he keeps his hands well away from them now. When she reaches for his hand, he twitches it away, flexing his fingers for a minute before he relents and allows her to take it if she wants to again, "Sorry. And yeah, some of them mean harm." He nods to one particular scowling Warrior, "He wants to kick my ass. I learned that in the 'Box." He pauses, then admits, "Prison. The One Hundred, we were all criminals up there. Pardoned now. But yeah… I know they won't do me any harm, as long as the kruheda says I'm safe. The Trikru are real good at discipline."

Benning glances at the one he indicates, "Hmmm…that one has a bad temper and pulls too hard on the bit of his horse." Clearly that does not make him a good man in Benning's eyes, "And criminals? Gideon had not mentioned that the Skaikru had broken laws of their people." Which might be a concern but for now she's being diplomatic and not making an issue of it, "What crime did they convict you of?" Benning pauses and goes, "Here…oath breakers or those that would dishonor are dealt with swiftly."

Grey shivers a little, reaching down to rub at his thigh, "Horses. Man, I don't know." And then… there he is, back in this discussion. "Uh… well, on the Ark, anyone who commits a crime, anyone over 18, they get killed. If you're under 18, you get put in prison until you're 18. Then they decide if you're going to be let go or killed. It was just us first hundred that got sent down here who were criminals. The rest of the people on the Ark, not so much." And then he's explained about as much as he can without answering her question directly, "Murder. I killed someone who deserved it. Then I turned myself in."

Benning watches Grey carefully as he talks about the 100 and how life up there worked. She doesn't completely relate to what he is telling her but nods slowly when he tells her that he killed someone and then turned himself in, "It is good you admitted to your deeds. But if they were an enemy and you took their life, there is no dishonor in that." Benning shakes her head because it seems like Skaikru might have some odd rules.

"She was. Ruined my life." Grey's hatred flows into his words, and he shivers again, trying to control it. "Just couldn't do it anymore. So I stopped her. But yeah. Killin's against the law on the Ark. Still will be down here, at Camp Jaha. Except in war. That's different." He snorts softly, "I'm not explainin' it well. Murder's wrong. Killing isn't." He shrugs a little helplessly, "If that makes any sense." Nodding down to the market, he inquires, "So. Everyone's trading. What's like… payment for an apple? Or do you have to like, buy a whole bunch of them if all you've got is like… the chairs you build, or… hey, a bow." Convenient example, since she's a Boyer. Not that he knows that word at all.

Benning gives a smile as they walk through the village, looking over the stations, "We trade for what we need." She motions to the man with grains, "I wish to make bread, but he needs arrows to hunt for his family. I give him arrows and he gives me grain or a promise to have a piece of his harvest." She quirks a little smile, "I am lucky that most here need arrows and sometimes a new bow so many will trade with me." She continues to make her way down the row, heading to a particular structure, but not wanting to rush Grey.

On the matter of killing, Benning says no more. He had his reasons for killing, and they are his unless he wishes to speak of it.

As the talk shifts to trade and Benning stays with the shift, Grey relaxes a bit more, "Okay, so mostly little trades, but you can trade on promises too. That's interesting." A thoughtful frown crosses his features, lowering his brows over his dark eyes. "It's like… trust bein' part of everyday life, that's a good thing. Says a lot about the Trikru." He doesn't seem to notice which way she's leading him, content to allow her to lead, but then again, he wouldn't know their destination anyhow, given that he's only been to Tondc this one time.

"Oathbreakers are not tolerated by the Trikru," Benning tells him softly, stilling using his tongue but not speaking loudly so that their conversation isn't overhead, "Breaking an agreement will bring one's death. Although…" She pauses at a stand to hold up two different fruits, an apple and some dried apple chips, "Sometimes you can get an agreement modified if both parties are in agreement. Say I ask for apples for harvest but then find myself having to travel long so I come back and ask if the seller gives me chips instead because it is easier to pack. The seller might tell me the additional work is going to cost more or offer me less because I changed the deal." She puts them down, smiling thanks to the woman and then keeps walking, "It is all in the wording. Like if I were to tell you that I would not harm a Skaikru in good standing…there are several loopholes to that arrangement. I could kidnap you to protect you from harm. I could kill you outright if your standing fell. I could kill Wren's Second with my arrow because she is no longer a Skaikru but recognized as a Trikru." She glances at him with a quiet, searching look, "Does that make sense to you, Grey?"

Grey nods his head sharply at the first part, although the mention of oathbreaking being death causes him to blink, consider, and then nod again, "Usually, we just stop makin' deals with someone to breaks their deal. But yeah, I could see where you're comin' from on that." The examples cause him to nod again, although he laughs a bit at the mention of kidnapping… only to stop at the mention that Kai is now Trikru rather than Skaikru. He grimaces at that, then nods and starts walking again, taking a couple of quick steps to catch up to his niron's sister, "It's hard to think of Kai as anyone but Skaikru. But yeah, the rest of it makes sense. Sounds a little guardhouse lawyer-y…" not that there have been lawyers on the Ark like… ever… but the saying remains, "Like you could word things so that you could do whatever you wanted, and the other person wouldn't have a clue."

Benning flashes him a smile and nods, "Exactly Grey kom Skaikru…a man or woman with a clever tongue can offer much without giving anything." She pauses as she looks and finds the structure that she wants to take him to, "But such a person would not be respected by the Trikru. They would not receive death because no oath was broken but the trust would still be broken." And therefore no more deals would be made, "I am telling you this so if others ask you to give your word, think carefully Niron who is special to my sister. And only promise what you can give." She gets to the bathhouse and turns to Grey, "Have you had a chance to visit our bath houses yet?"

"I've meant every promise I've given. My own people, Gideon, Britt, Oxfor," wait, what promises has Grey been making to the steheda of Coesbur? "I've meant 'em all." There might, however, be a little surprise in his voice as he realizes that he did indeed mean all of those promises. The mention of their destination causes him to stop at the top of the steps down into the bathhouse, freezing for a moment, "Uh…" is he blushing? It's hard to tell under his dark skin. "…yeah. I washed up in Coesbur a couple'a times." The teenager's eyes flicker over to Benning, studying her for a moment, and then he shrugs tense shoulders, "You sayin' I stink, Benning kom Trikru?" A flicker of a smile betrays that he's likely teasing her, rather than actually upset.

"Yes, that's exactly what I am saying Grey kom Skaikru," Benning tells him with a look, "When was the last time you cleaned yourself, I could smell you, before I saw you." She isn't being insulting, just stating a fact, "And if you wish to speak to those of important here, you will want to clean yourself so they are listening to your words rather than smelling your sweat." She then enters the bath house, fully expecting Grey to follow. Just like the bathhouse in Coesbur, there are Trikru undressed and Benning goes to remove her own clothes so that she can take a bath. She is unconscious about her nudity because to her it is nothing. She has been taking baths with many of these folks her whole life.

Grey laughs easily at that, "Actually, it was yesterday. And I even used the soap Dee gave me to make sure I didn't smell like Skaikru chemicals when I came here." There's a moment's hesitation, and then Grey follows Benning down the stairs, taking in a deep breath before he steps into the bathhouse proper. The swirl of steam and traces of smoke settle in around him, and he breathes them in willingly. It's a lot more crowded than the other times he was in a bathhouse, but… tubs? Grey is too busy ogling them to ogle any people, walking sidelong toward the racks of clothing and towels so distractedly that he might even bump into Benning before he notices her. "Woah. Real bathtubs."

Benning was removing her clothes as Grey was taking in the bathtubs. When he bumps into her, she's nude at this point and then points to his clothes, "Come…I think you will enjoy this." For the bathhouse at Tondc is more extensive than the one in their village. She moves to sink into the tub and then starts to go about the business of cleaning herself, "And it has been two days since I visited the house, so…this allows me to give you the tour and take my bath." She continues to speak in English to the man even as the other Trikru present give her looks. She ignores them and continues to play host for Grey rather than respond to any comments that might be dropped in a language that Grey doesn't understand.

Grey starts back a little from the sister of his lover, his eyes start to drop downward and then launching themselves rapidly back up to her face, "Uh… yeah." He actually doesn't seem shy about disrobing, to a point. His belt is carefully removed, the knife and the small cylinder of the collapsed shock baton folded up inside his armored jacket and set on a shelf. Boots, undershirt, and pants follow, all carefully tucked aside. But that's just delaying from the boxer-briefs. He stops there for a moment, then shakes his head and just shucks them as well. It's not like he has anything to be ashamed of. In the 28 days since landing, he's collected almost enough scars to make a Trikru warrior proud — a pair of narrow cuts at his left forearm, the cauterized remains of an arrow puncture at his right side, arrow and sword slashes at his left hip and shoulder. Plus the adhesive bandage at the right side of his head and a more traditional bandage at the back of his left shoulder. Turning away from the clothing racks, he scowls a silent challenge to those scowling at him, then flashes his most brilliant forced smile, "Heya." And then he's following Benning to her chosen tub, hesitating a moment before muttering something that sounds like, "ahhh… screw it…" and stepping in himself. "Don't get me wrong. The hot water's damned nice. Just… so much wang and T & A around here, it's kinda distracting."

"T & A? Wang?" Benning asks Grey, uncertain what he means when he uses slang that she's not familiar with, "Do you mean the nudity?" She starts to take the cloth and soap it up so she can rub it on her body. There's nothing sensual in her mannerisms, it's just personal hygene. She does find his uncomfortable manner a little amusing, "Did you not have baths where you grew up?" She pauses and then adds a second question, "How did you keep clean?" Because not keeping good hygene can lead to disease and death. It's clear that Benning would not be keen in spending much time with the Skaikru if they do not bath.

"Yeah. Nudity." Grey probably should stop there, and he knows he should probably stop there, but he explains anyhow, because in for a penny, in for a pound. "Tits and ass, dick." He sinks into the water to just under his armpits, groaning a little in relaxation. He just sits there a moment before he reaches for a washcloth and soap, lathering the former up with the latter, "We shower. Uh, like an artificial rainstorm. Water was rationed up on the Ark. Everything was… uh… reclaimed. Recycled. Down here though, we landed too far from water, and it was drivin' some of us nuts. Now though, there's the lakewater, so we can shower again."

"Shower? As in rain shower?" Benning does her best to relate it to something that she knows, "I do love it when the rain comes down." She flashes a smile as she moves the cloth over her breasts, "I even dance if the mood strikes me. It's how I got my nickname 'Storm Dancer' amongst my friends." She then stands out of the water so she can attend to matters before the waist, "Gideon would probably tell you that I got my nickname because I like to dance at the edge of trouble." She flashes him a smile, "Which I do…" She doesn't bother on commenting on the tits, ass and dick references. It's just body parts, not a big deal.

"Yeah. Like… a man-made rain shower. But warm, when it's done right. Cold when you gotta not think about someone." Grey is very carefully not watching where the cloth is going, focusing instead on her words and washing himself, careful around his variety of bandages and still-healing wounds. "I liked the first couple of rains we got after landing, but then it started really rainin', and that just kinda sucked. A drizzle… that's awesome though." He hesitates a moment, and then his grin blossoms to full force, "So if you're the fun sister who likes to dance on the edge'a trouble,, you're the one I gotta talk to about wet t-shirt contests and gettin' Gideon involved so she can win 'em."

"Wet t-shirt contest?" Benning laughs as she sinks back into the bath, soaking the soap off now that she's cleaned herself, "What is so challenging about getting one's shirt wet?" She knows that a shirt is a piece of clothing and can't see what fun that would be, "Unless it's in a storm and even then many here would run under a tree. I do not…but that is because I enjoy the storm." By her smile, she doesn't even mind it when the rain comes down hard, "Do you do these contests at your Ark?"

Grey holds up a hand to forestall a great deal more commentary beyond the question of what a wet t-shirt content might be, although he admits, "No… we never had the water to spare." And then he sits forward a little in the tub, "So in a wet t-shirt contest, you get a bunch of girls together… or I suppose it could be guys and girls. And they all wear thin white t-shirts. And then you pour water over their heads, or they jump in a lake and get back out, or they go out in the rain, or whatever. And when they come back in, people judge which of them looks the best." His teeth flash white against his skin as he grins broadly, "It's a brilliant idea." It's not a brilliant idea.

"You judge them based on looks?" Benning gives him a raised brow, "Not how well they jump in the lake or any athletic contest?" She thinks on the matter and then pronounces, "It sounds like a great waste of time. I can see why my sister declined the contest. For such a thing is not a contest at all. There is no skill involved." Wet t-shirt contests doesn't sounds like it's something that a Trikru would get behind, "Our contests involve skill…or counting coup…a warrior's game to see if one is more skilled than others. Now a game like that might interest my sister. She was always much better than I at such things."

Grey considers, "I suppose there could be athletic contests involved. Pull-ups or somethin'." Grey glances down at his legs under the water, as if deciding how to wash them without standing up, then just shrugs and stands up, clambering out of the tub to finish scrubbing off. He does, however, half-turn away from the rest of the room. "But generally, yeah, it's about genetics. How good your chest looks." His grin broadens even further, "Oh yeah. I still need to tell her about football. A game of kings, that is. Best game in the world. All skill and strategy and violence."

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