Day 031: Meeting Dad
Summary: In which Morgan meets Cameron's dad…
Date: 30 June 2016
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The Scott Quarters
Day 031

Morgan has been putting it off. It's only been a few days but he knew he needed to sooner than later. He just didn't want to go before he had something to report. Something promising. He still didn't, not really. But it was something. The beginnings of a plan of action. And since he was going to TonDC the next day, it had to be today. Walking down the corridor, he gets looks from those he passes. Even though he's dressed in Ark clothes, he's still got his sword at his hip and it tends to make him stand out and identifies him as one of the 100. Aside from not feeling comfortable without it at hand after all that happened, it's a message. I'm not really one of you. He comes to a halt and takes a deep breath to steady himself. And then he reaches out to tap the plate at the side of the door and waits. Waits for Cam's dad to open it.

Michael Scott is not a particularly imposing man; he stands at about 5'10, has neat dark hair and a light beard. There's something very serious about him on the best of days, and since his wife's death followed so shortly after by coming down on the Ark— and discovering his son was missing— that's only made all the more intense. There is a familiar sort of energy about him, though, as if he were a frantic to do something in a way that Cameron always is. But since there is nothing for him to do, the senior botanist is working on planning the food project. Preoccupied with his job, he distractedly opens the door and looks askance at Morgan, not recognizing the boy or who he represents. But there's a long stare and a blink at the sword. "Is that necessary?" he asks, voice soft and slightly tentative.

Morgan follows the direction of Michael Scott's gaze down to his sword. "Yes." he says simply. "Mr. Scott?" He'll just assume so since it's the right quarters. "I'm Morgan Blackwood. I wanted to talk to you about Cam."

There's a long pause, and Michael frowns slightly. "Morgan Blackwood. The boy who murdered the Chief of Medical." Yeah, he remembers that name now. And he doesn't seem to be terribly pleased by remembering it, either. "What about Cameron? Is there news?" He does sound immediately worried, though.

"Not yet. Can we go inside? I'll tell you what I know." Morgan promises. "We're working on getting him and the others back but…" Well, he doesn't want to admit, even to himself, that it's going to take time.

"Oh." Michael looks a little flustered, and steps aside, gesturing Morgan in. "I'm only a botanist, I have been trying to avoid getting underfoot with the Guard, but I would appreciate anything you can tell me…" Then he blinks, frowning, "Why you, though? Why are you the one here to tell me?" And he shuts the door behind Morgan. He lacks the… confidence that Cameron radiates naturally. That Lydia had. And apparently he had not heard about the relationship.

"You should get under foot. Ride Kane's ass to get him to do everything possible and make sure you get updates. Don't wait for things to happen; get with the other parents and make them happen." Morgan tells him, looking around a moment before focusing once more on Cam's dad. But at the question, he drops his eyes a moment. "Probably because I knew him best." he says quietly. "He and I… were together." Pause. Frown. "ARE together."

"That's something Lydia would say." Michael sighs softly, uncertain what to do with his hands, so he crosses them over his chest. There's grief on his features at mentioning of his wife. Then there's this revelation, and Michael looks surprised. He frowns, too. His son and a murderer? That … takes some getting used to. "You and Cameron… is this serious? I know that Cameron is a …" He isn't quite sure how to say it, "… very friendly boy, at least when he could get over his nerves." Which being on the ground eliminated almost entirely.

Morgan was starting to suspect Cam took after his mom more than his dad. "Very serious." he agrees and says seriously "There's nothing we wouldn't do for the other. Nothing. I will get him back, no matter what. I wanted to make sure you knew that. Cam would want me to make sure you knew that. He was worried about you."

Well. Humm… Cameron and a murderer? Michael is still having some trouble with that, but nods his head slowly, "Well." He pauses, his expression softening, "Can you tell me… how he was? We didn't now about the 100 Project… The Council told us the Skybox was quarantined… It wasn't until Lydia…" He frowns some more, starting to get angry, "I can't imagine how he could have survived down here. How any of you could have survived. He was such a sensitive boy. He cared too much about things that… just, are above him. Council business. Fairness. He and I, it was only in art studies that we saw eye to eye."

"I'll be glad to tell you whatever you want to know." Morgan says, stepping over to put a hand on Mr. Scott's arm. "But maybe you should sit down? Would you like some water?" So that's where Cam got that other side of him.

"Right. Water. No, I'm not thirsty, thank you— but if you would…?" Michael is not at all a good host. That was Lydia, all the way. But somehow he nods, and gestures over to a couch, and moves to go sit himself down. Instead of going to get Morgan the water he just sort of offered. Yeah, Lydia was the hostess in this family. "I can't imagine Cameron surviving down here. An artist in the wilderness? He's not like you,…" He eyes the sword a moment. Not capable of killing anyone. Fighting. But that goes unsaid.

Morgan didn't want water himself so it's all good. Once Mr. Scott sits down, he takes a seat opposite. "Cam was great. He did what he needed to do, whether it was fighting or hunting. He was a very good scout and forager. And when we had time to relax, he had fun. One time he started a game that had a whole bunch of us playing and taking our minds off of things."

"Forager." Michael nods. His mind latches onto that, nodding his head, "Even though he took after Lydia more then me…" No surprise there, "He was a natural botanist. But… fighting?" That seems to shock Mr. Scott. The very idea seems implausible with, "… And hunting?" Seeming to be only slightly less unbelivable. "Cameron… yes, I suppose once he put his mind to do something, nothing could ever get in his way of doing it, so if he decided to… Hunt. Even though I can't imagine him actually hurting anyone. Or anything."

"He didn't enjoy it. But we had to eat." Morgan answers softly. "He was very good at identifying plants too. That he enjoyed. And his art. He designed a tattoo for me though there hasn't been time to get it done yet. You can be very proud of him, Mr. Scott. He's… great."

Michael nods his head slowly, and he sighs softly, "And… did — does — he love you? Lydia… She made me feel alive. I don't know that I ever deserved her or why she chose me, she used to say she loved my soul. Just being near her made me happy." The scientist wrinkles his nose at such a thing, "But I always wanted him to find someone like that. If he did…"

"He does." Morgan agrees, stressing the word 'does'. "And I feel the same about him. Which is why I'm going to do whatever it takes to get him back. He's alive. It makes no sense to gas us unconscious if they were just going to kill us. We have a pretty good idea where he is since there's only one group other than the Arkers that have that kind of tech. We just need to figure out how and get everyone working together to do it."

There's a long moment, and Michael nods his head firmly, deciding something, "Well. Then it's good to meet you, son." He says that last word firmly: so what if Morgan and Cameron aren't all married or anything formal like that, as far as Michael is concerned, if his son loves someone, then he's part of the family. That makes him a father-in-law. Minus the law part. Same difference. "You're right, though. The purpose of gas is to take prisoners, I think. Good. Well, if you know Cameron, then you know he's loyal. He'd never give up on you, so he's probably waiting for you."

Morgan can't do anything but blink for a moment then clenches his jaw and looks away till he can say something. "Of course. And waiting for me to come get him, if he can't escape on his own. We don't leave people. He knows that. Captive, missing, doesn't matter. We go get them." Or Grey does which is close enough in this case since he'll be right there too. "We will get him back." he assures the man. Then adds "And the others." Of course.

Michael rises, and reaches out to offer to shake Morgan's hand, "I'm not sure what I can do, but I'll see what pressure I can put on the Chancellor. From me and the other parents. They owe us for lying to us about the 100 Project. If there is anything else you need, let me know, Morgan."

Morgan stands clasps Mr. Scott's hand. "That's a good start. Tomorrow, I'm going to TonDC with some others to talk to the Grounders. One of the things we're going to talk about is helping them retake their village. Offer our help and gain some good will and trust. It would help if we had some of the Guard with us when we did that. I intend to say the same to Kane myself but having the parents of the ones captured applying pressure would be good."

Having decided on a course of action, Michael seems intent on seeing it through immediately. "I'm just one voice, so I don't know if I can get the others involved— but I'll try. Do keep me informed, son. We need to get our boy back. He never did do well in captivity."

"I know." Quite well. "I won't rest till he's back." Morgan says again. "And he's your son so I know you'll do what's necessary too. You get the others together and make sure things happen. We'll get them all back."

Turning and heading for the door, Michael holds it open, intending on heading out immediately. Hidden within is a man of action, it just takes someone to light his fire. "Yes, we will." he agrees.

Morgan nods, satisfied and heads out into the corridor. "I'll come by again when I get back. It was nice meeting you, Mr. Scott."

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