Day 078: Misunderstandings
Summary: Richael and Britt try to settle things about what happened in the Mountain.
Date: 15 Aug 16
Related: Mountain Falls
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Lake Audo
By the lake.
Day 078

Yesterday was rough, and Britt is still feeling the effects of the skirmish with Sonia's warband. It's readily evident in the faint wince that lingers on her face even when she's sitting still, and the preoccupied look she casts out across the peaceful lake. She's parked herself near the shore, sitting on the ground with her back up against a fallen log.

Richael seems to be making another trip over to New Coesbur to speak with the Trikru about stuff when she spots the sitting Britt. An eyebrow is raised at her presence, but Richael makes her way over to her and says, "Hello Britt." Richael heard about the bodies and such brought to the gates of Jaha and figures many of the Trikru were involved in the fighting that almost certainly would have involved Britt. "Are you ok?"

Britt looks over when the voice calls her name. Her brow furls when she recognizes Richael, but there is no open hostility at least. Only a polite-enough greeting. "Richael." The question gets a rueful frown. "I'll live," is the best she can offer. "Back to work on the water system more?"

Richael nods to Britt's asked question. "Some more planning. Distances and the like. But since we're both here, I figure we'd best have that talk you offered the other day. I don't like leaving things unfinished or lingering." She comes close enough to crouch down so they're both on the level to speak and she says, "So, why don't we start with where you're at about that day?"

Britt squints a little, gauging the other woman's sincerity. Gauging her own state of mind for such a talk. After a moment, she motions to the ground. "Sit if you like." She looks back out at the lake for a moment, considering her words, then back at the other woman. "Most of your people think we're monsters. Savage slayers of elders and children. You seemed to share that opinion." Though there's a clear mark of disapproval in her tone, she does a good job of reining in her feelings.

Richael moves to take a seat cross legged across from Britt to face her and at hearing her remarks Richael sighs. "I'll admit, I was disappointed and angry when Rinnan killed the old Mountain Leader. The man was locked up and no threat to anyone. Even if he was going to die, no matter what, be it if Rinnan killed him or the Heda had him killed, there was still no reason to just kill him then and there. We could have potentially discovered many things about the Mountain. Your people are fierce fighters when it comes to defending your people… but aside from the Mountain doctor Sarah and the children she was protecting, plus the other two that were with Sarah that day in the Mountain, your people killed every single Maunon they encountered, even if it was not immediately necessary." She shakes her head and says, "Not that my people were any better in the end. I heard one of the 100 tried to kill a Maunon that surrendered because she felt he was going to die anyways. A mercy killing we would call it I think." She snorts. "There's nothing merciful about death. Dead is dead. You can't take it back." Her voice carries no judgemental tone, except for that last statement.

Britt listens to Richael's words. "I never said he was a threat. Our orders were to spare the innocents. And we did that. More than just the doctor and the children. We spared those on level 5 who surrendered, though most chose to fight to the last." Her lips thin when she mentions level 5, a pained look creasing the skin around her eyes. "If your people wished to learn from him, your kruheda should have spoken to mine about that. There was nothing we wanted from him save justice. I would sooner he have faced the justice of our people, as his son did, but it's not like we had that option."

Another figure is walking around the lake, this one in a familiar grey tank top and shorts. The work boots are new, and well maintained for now as well. Upon spotting Britt and Richael, Nathaniel watches the two briefly, neutrally. Usually, this would be a cause for a frown, but the two don't seem to be angry, so that's a plus. Nathaniel starts to walk over to the two, "hello. Looks like the lake is busier than usual."

"We didn't even know he was still alive till we walked in that room, Britt. All we knew is that his son, Cage, had forcibly taken control from him. I thought it was because Dante had disagreed with his son and the son had decided to remove his old man." Richael sighs with a shrug. "Not that it matters at this point. The Wallaces are dead." She looks to Britt for a few moments before Nathaniel makes an appearance. She looks to him and gives a smile and wave to him. "Don't mind us. We're just chatting out here." She looks back to Britt and says, "I don't think your people are savages Britt. No more than I think my people are saints now that I've had plenty of time to think about what happened that day."

Britt looks up to Nathaniel when he comes closer, offering a neutral nod. "Is it?" Then she shrugs to Richael. "Even the younger Wallace wasn't wanted alive. He would've died there too if…" There's a slight hitch in her voice, before she amends, "If the healer hadn't saved him. The Skaikru told our heda nothing about wanting people alive for information. I was there during the planning. The only ones to be spared were the innocents. Dante Wallace was no innocent."

"Our orders were to allow surrendered personnel to be taken alive, innocent or not. At least, those were my orders. I can't speak for any other teams, but that was clear for me." Nathaniel shrugs. Britt was part of the assault, as was Richael, so operational security isn't an issue here. "I also don't think your people are savages. We have very different values and customs, but if the Trikru were savages, we'd be at war again already and not have a new neighbor across the lake."

Richael nods to Britt and replies, "I guess an oversight maybe. I do not know." Richael is silent for another moment, listening to Nathaniel speak before she says, "Tell me Britt, do the Trikru truly see Skaikru as weak and why? What makes a kru strong in yours and the Trikru's eyes?" She tosses her head in Nathaniel's direction. "Like he said, we have different values and customs."

Britt shrugs back to Nathaniel. "We did not deny quarter to any who asked for it. But it wouldn't have mattered much if we had. The heda made it clear that their warriors, the makers of the missiles and acid and the 'healers'-" Oh how she almost spits that word out. "That tortured our people … all their lives were forfeit. Your people were on the ground barely two months. You cannot conceive of what it was to spend your life under the heel of the Mountain." Her jaw clenches there. Not really upset at them in particular, but definitely a touchy subject. She takes a breath, which causes her face to twist in a wince, hand going to her side for a moment. Then she looks at Richael. "Some do. I suppose everyone has different reasons. What do you see as strength?" she turns the question back around.

It takes a moment, but eventually the off-duty Guard heads over so he isn't raising his voice and looks to Britt, "I understand that, and I'm pretty sure most of us do… but my problem with that is that is as dismissive of us every bit as much as some of our people can be dismissive of you. We've been on the ground two months, most of us one. Fine. What does that matter? We've been living up in space and have our own history, same as you've been living down here and have your own history. We didn't just get born two months ago, Britt. Our ancestors were the original astronauts who were on the space stations before the bombs fell. We've had to make very hard decisions with our own people just to be sure we survived another month. Another year. Our enemy was not the Ice Nation, but time and lack of resources. Sometimes rebellions too, but usually minor."

There's a frown at this as Nathaniel recalls memories. "The rebellion that sent the exodus ship down before it was ready killed nearly half of us in one day. 2700 people, reduced to almost a thousand. Afterwards, we literally thought we were all going to die in space because of the callousness of the rebels who didn't care how many people they hurt. The Chancellor and myself, among others, barely managed to organize the survivors enough for Arkfall." Then, he looks back up to Britt, "we prefer freedom of thought and the ability to express ourselves and learn from our mistakes. Individualism, if you will. Some of us prefer capital punishment, and others do not. Some of us see your ways as barbaric, and so do not. Ask one of us what we see as strength, and you'll get a dozen answers from the others around them as well." Nathaniel purses his lips, "we might not have lived under the threat of the Mountain Men, but we can imagine what it was like, with our children taken when we landed."

"The ability to learn. Not just to learn new things, but to learn from mistakes. Rule #51: Sometimes - You're wrong." Richael looks over to Nate when he gives the recent history of the Arkers and she adds, "I don't care for capital punishment, but there comes a time with a lawbreaker where the law and their people can no longer make excuses for their bad or dangerous behavior." She then adds, "Had they come and asked for Skaikru to help them with their illness so they could walk the surface again, we would have helped them, but they would have had to answer for what they did to Trikru. We desire peace and life for all people, but we also call for justice too. Even if it is not how we would do things, we understand the need for justice by a people."

Britt squints at Nathaniel, but it's Richael she answers first. "We reserve death as a punishment for only the most awful crimes. For most it is a few cuts. A public shaming, and a scar so you will remember not to do it again." She shifts her weight a little, smothering another wince, and then looks back to Nathaniel with a frown. "I did not dismiss your suffering. I did not say your life in space was free from challenge. I said you cannot conceive of what it was like to live under the heel of the Mountain, no more than I can conceive of what it would be like to live without the ground beneath my feet and the sky above my head. You think you know the Mountain because a handful of your people were taken once. Morgan thought he knew the Reapers because he faced them in battle once. This is arrogance, Sergeant Nathaniel. It belittles a lifetime of experience. It would be like me claiming to understand life on your Sky Ark because I walked through Alpha Station a few times. Perhaps I could try to imagine, but I can't. Not really."

"As I understand it, Reapers were people who were doped up on huge amounts of some sort of combat drug cocktail that had bizarre affects on their biology over time. I understand that for you they were death and fear personified because of what they represented before we broke the bunkers strength and stopped them from capturing more. Mr. Blackwood can be a gigantic know it all who thinks he's right all the time -most teenagers are-, but he is a doctor in training who understands the biology behind them. Your own Commander called him Life Returner I think it was? You can trust him to know what he's talking about when it comes to the body, if nothing else." Nathaniel shrugs at that, "you've never been up on the Ark before the stations fell I don't expect you to know what it was like having never been there. We've had a taste of the Mountain Mens arrogance in thinking they could control us. Now, I'll concede we haven't had decades of suffering their control. That doesn't mean we can't have our own opinions on it."

Then Nathaniel looks to Richael, "I don't believe in capital punishment without certainty that the person in question cannot be rehabilitated back into society and be productive again. The insane, the psychopaths, the lunatics. These sort of people deserve a quick and humane ending. I just don't believe in prolonging their suffering." He looks to Britt, "I can't condone some of your practices, but we're not you, so we can hardly change what you do… and I can respect that."

Richael nods to Nathaniel and then Britt before she says, "How about we accept that in the eyes of each other, neither of our peoples are perfect? Is that not why we are working to help each other? Yours to help my people survive the Ground and ours, to help make your lives better. Not to 'save' you from anything, but to make our lives better together." She looks to Britt and says, "If you felt my words were a condemnation of your people that day in the Mountain, I apologize for that. I was condemning the act, not taking the time to realize that for yourself and Rinnan, it made perfect sense. I hope going forward, there are less misunderstandings."

Britt listens to Nathaniel, her lips drawing together into a thin, unhappy line. Looking more disappointed than angry. She doesn't respond to any of that, but does look to Richael. "I accept your apology," she says simply. "And yes, I hope there will be fewer misunderstandings." There's a beat, then she says, "I should be getting back to the village." She starts to rise, wincing and biting back a groan as she leans on the tree stump to help lever herself up.

Richael looks between Britt and Nathaniel and a worried look comes at Britt's frown before she sees Britt's groan and she says, "Just how hurt did you get tracking down those rebels?" She looks Britt over a mite concerned for the woman.

"Look, I'm trying here. I'm not belittling your experience, or saying we know what it was like as you say. You seem like you're a reasonable woman, and I'd like to at least get to a point we can respect one another. What I'm saying is that we aren't children who can't form our own opinions of what we know and have been told about your history and your problems. You've been doing the same about us. I apologize if I seem dismissive, but I've been getting dismissed and insulted by Trikru for the last few weeks around here and at Tondc, and that might be coloring my judgment a bit." Nathaniel also get a thin bit of a smile, though his is probably for different reasons. Then he notices the wince, "That looks like it hurt. How are you doing?"

They can hear Fiona before they see her. Whatever work she's done during the morning for Skaikru, the work she committed this passing afternoon has been physiscal, and focused on helping New Coesbur get raised while learning the practical skills she needs. She's coming out of the proto-village, hand-in-hand with Tuan and as they walk, she's singing some twenty-first century girl pop song for his amusement. Should anyone be surprised that the sparkly unicorn rainbows girl (Cassandra's description, okay) has a good voice? Not really. She's sweaty from working hard and probably hoping to enjoy the breeze off the lake.

To say that Tuan is amused by Fiona isn't quite correct, but he is smiling at the girl as she sings her song. His own demeanor matches hers, looking worn and sweaty from having worked through the morning chopping trees and breaking planks down. Over his shoulder is carried a brown sack of leather which swings with his steps. The man's blond head comes over a small copse before Fiona can be seen so his eyes pick up the presence of others along their path, garnering smiles from Tuan towards Britt and Nathaniel.

Britt was sitting down by the lake shore against a fallen log, talking with Richael and Nathaniel. But now she's struggling to her feet, pausing once she's more-or-less standing straight to give the pain a moment to settle. "Took a spear," she says, putting a hand to her side. "I've had worse." But the strain is obvious, even as she tries to hide it and act like everything's a-ok. To Nathaniel, she says flatly, "You speak of biology and drugs and claim your understanding and opinions, but you have no idea what it's like to kill a Reaper who was once a friend. To see the horrors they leave behind after a raid. To watch them take someone you love and hope that they died quickly before they were eaten, or turned into a monstrosity themselves." Now the look on her face has as much to do with the pain of memory as it does the pain in her side. The sound of Fiona's singing is a welcome distraction, albeit a confusing one, as Britt slants a glance at the unfamiliar song.

A grimace follows Britt's remark of a spear wound. "Something I hope I'll never have to experience." Richael turns and sees Fiona and Tuan coming, by the sound of the song the former is singing. But Britt's remarks on the Reapers draw a glance from Richael before she says, "Maybe not. And I'm glad that because we put an end to the Mountain, I'll never have to find out. Your people have my thanks for that, Britt kom Trikru. I hope that you and those suffering such memories will find what peace you can." She looks to Fiona and Tuan, giving a wave to them in greeting.

"I'm completely in agreement with you there. We don't know what that's like, and we both can say we had a part in making sure we never do." Nathaniel doesn't comment on the rest. The science behind it has been tread upon already, "Now, we can work to move forward with our lives." Fiona coming over gets a glance, then Nathaniel moves around to Richael, putting his arm around her since it looks like he'll be staying for a while. "Well, would you look at that. She can sing." Amusement colors his tone.

Fiona laughs a little, cutting off her singing. "You laugh," she teases Tuan, "But she was really popular back in her day." Looking around, she casually returns Richael's wave, and then her eyes light up. "Britt! Britt kom Trikru!" Tiny bandrona streaks across the distance. Oh no, poor Britt may get hugged.

Tuan blinks, unable to respond to Fiona's commentary as she is dashign off towards Britt and the others, leaving him to trudge behind with the pack over his shoulder which he begins to take off. "We have brought food, there is enough for those of you here."

Britt nods to Richael. "I hope you don't either. And I appreciate the part that you…." There's a beat, and just a tiiiiny hint of grudging reluctance when she slants a glance to Nathaniel to include him in it. "Both played in taking the Mountain." Her frown eases when Fiona calls to her and starts beelining over, but doesn't quite manage to turn upside down. Still, there's warmth in her voice when she greets. "Feyona. Tuan." She really wasn't expecting a hug, and sort of freezes like a deer in headlights when it looks like that might be Fiona's intent. Hopefully the bandrona will notice that Britt's hand is holding her side with a pained expression, barely able to stand up straight, and at least go easy on her.

Richael puts an arm around Nathaniel to squeeze him as she watches Fiona dart across to Britt as Richael calls aloud, "Councilor! Check your enthusiasm! She's still healing!" She can recognize a flying hug-tackle when she sees one. She looks up to Nate before she asks, "So… were you really out for a walk over here to help or did you see me leave and decide to follow?" Suspicious girlfriend is suspicious.

Fiona skids to a halt. "You're hurt." she says in concern. It takes her a moment for her to process when this might have happened. "You were with the group that faced off with what was left of Sonia's people." She ah's, nodding, and then over her shoulder, casts a beaming smile Tuan's way. "We did." she affirms. "If people are hungry."

"I was actually heading over to the village to help with logging some more since I went off duty an hour ago. I could write down my schedule for future reference, sweetheart." The first is delivered casually… but the second sentence definitely has amusement coloring it. "Why, do you ask?" As Fiona stops though… and he looks over. "I had something before I left the camp, but I'm not going to say no to something that isn't soy. Again."

Tuan nods in affirmation again and starts to undo the pack he has with him, pulling items to set out upon a nearby felled log. Wrapped fish, some bread, fruits… a standard Trikru lunch that just screams hardy and nutrient rich. "Fiona insists that I prepare our lunch everyday. I think she fears that if she does not remind me, I will forget."

Britt slants Richael a grateful look for the warning, but then nods to Fiona. "Yes. They did not come quietly." That draws a troubled frown, but she doesn't dwell there. She steps closer - more of a limp, really, and reaches for the younger woman's shoulder to clasp it in greeting. Not a hug, but about the closest Britt normally gets to one. "I am glad to see you." The invitation to eat causes her to hesitate for a moment, glancing back toward the village she just said she was returning to. Then she decides. "I can stay a bit and eat with you. Mochoff. What was that song you were singing? Is that Skaikru music?"

Richael chuckles before she reaches up to kiss Nate's cheek before she says, "Food actually sounds delicious now. Soy… a Skaikru craves not such a thing." She chuckles before she pulls Nate along with her to come closer to Fiona, Britt, Tuan, and of course the food.

Fiona squeezes the hand on her shoulder briefly. She seems quite admiring of Britt. "It's actually music from the time before the bombs. There's a lot of it and not all of it is the same. But I collect as much as I can of it. You should hear my mom, she's amazing." With that, she turns and wrinkles her nose at Tuan. "Well, I'm learning, but the first time I burned the fish you insisted I let you do it from then on." She looks to Nate and Richael. "Have you had much of planetside food yet? Tuan gave me a strawberry, and I thought apples are amazing, but oh my god, strawberries…"

"Ark food is definitely something I will not miss once we can start eating meat and veggies regularly." Nathaniel agrees as he heads over with Richael, "Though I do hunt my own food usually… but sometimes, you just don't have the time. I was lucky I had a whole day to hunt the rabbit me and Richie had for our first date." Then he looks to Fiona, "I've had a number of things during the first scouting missions. I'm still not sure of most of their names now… there are definitely some differences in flora. Earth Skills didn't account for the mutations from the radiation." He sits down on a rock nearby, easily big enough for him and Richael. "I'll probably start hunting myself once the village has all it's essentials built."

"She was quite taken by the strawberries." Tuan affirms as he starts handing the wrapped fish out to the others gathered. "Just be patient until the peach season comes about. That is my favorite fruit." As he hands the food to them he tilts his head at Nathaniel, "If you could, with your people, encourage them to work away from Tondc and New Coesbur? The other direction from the lake in their hunts to try and spread the game around so it does not get too few?"

Britt does manage a tiny smile when Fiona squeezes her hand. She pats that shoulder once more and then releases her. She limps back to her fallen log. Even the ginger and careful way she sits down draws another wince and a bitten-back groan. She doesn't sit on the log itself, though, but on the ground so she can use it like a chair back. Less strain on her injury that way. "Interesting," she comments to Fiona. "Maybe you will sing some of it for me sometime. I like music. You sing well." Tuan gets a glance, and she nods to his recommendation. "How do you learn how to hunt in space, anyway?"

Fiona flushes with pleasure. "Thank you. Would you be interested in a trade? I'd love to learn Trikru music. I think showing respect for art is a good step in making things better." She looks faintly confused at Nathaniel as well but admits, "We were able to read about techniques, but not really apply them. And the Ark came down with supplies and equipment that we didn't have. I spent hours trying to kill a rabbit wih a shovel I made from some piping and a metal flap. Killed it by bashing it on the head." She nods firmly. Tuan gets a low, almost sly grin. "Peaches. Can't wait."

"Do not fret Fiona. Watching you attempt to catch fish is equally amusing as the thought of your hunting." Tuan turns to Britt to explain, "She tried to use a net to drop it on top of the fish, then tangled herself, then fell in. But since then…" He looks over at Fiona, a strong look of pride; and adoration, "Fiona kom Skaikru has worked very hard to learn skills she seeks to master."

Richael smiles as she listens to the talk of different foods and fruits before she nods in agreement with Fiona about trades of music and making things better. She also spots Tuan's look for Fiona and smiles before looking up at Nathaniel. "I know you don't have time dear, but you do what you can and I appreciate it."

"Well, I should say food for me and RIchie now." Nathaniel squeezes Richael with his arm, then continues, "we learned the theories from dataslate books. Me and a few of the ones who liked the idea of pretending we were on earth actually took to refitting one of the cargo holds to simulate being in a forest, using mechanical devices to simulate movement and speaks for ambiance. All off the books of course. We only kept it up for a few hours a week, daily if the section was unusually light on traffic." Nathaniel grins to Fiona, "only so much reading about the old world you can do before your eyes want to fall out. Just don't tell your father that, I think he'd take mortal offense."

"I would be glad to trade music with you." Britt says to Fiona, smirking a little at the stories of Earth skills. "Poor rabbit. Well, if you tire of learning from Tuan, you can come hunt with me sometime." She nods to Nathaniel. "Interesting." She looks between him and Richael and wonders. "Are you two married then?"

"Having more than one teacher is always to one's benefit." says Fiona, and then outright laughs at Nathaniel. "Don't worry about it. Dad doesn't usually expect people to be as engaged by the past as he is." She begins to stroll back to Tuan, settling in to sit at his side and help spread out the food. "And if it makes a difference, I'm pretty good at fixing your net, even if I'm crap at actually using it."

Richael chuckles at Nathaniel and replies, "Did you guys now? I imagine this was not… Council sanctioned?" She grins to Nate before she looks over to Britt and shakes her head. "Not yet. We'd be nirons to the Trikru. Although we do live together, we havn't decided to take that step yet."

"Richie is my girlfriend. As she said, niron. We both decided it would be premature to consider marriage until things have stabilized and… well, it's clear we're not going to die come winter." Then Richael looks down to Richael with an amused smirk, "I know how to be discreet, and it was always cleaned up."Then he looks to Tuan, "I'll let the others know about the request. Makes sense." Then Nathaniel looks to Britt, "right now, I'm using throwing spears for my hunting. Hopefully, I have better tools in a few months. I'd ask to learn from you, if that offer extends to Arkers in general… but I suspect you'd be more interested in teaching archery?"

Britt ahs softly as Richael and Nathaniel explain their status. "I see." She looks back to Fiona. "Has your father made it to Tondc yet?" she wonders. She tries to settle into a more comfortable spot, which isn't easy judging from the mild grimace on her face. Nathaniel's request surprises her a little, and she shakes her head. "I will not be teaching archery to those who are not part of our coalition," she says flatly. She glances to Fiona, then to Tuan, considering. "But I suppose we also do not want our neighbors to starve or chase off all the deer. So… I don't know. I will think about it."

"We're waiting until there's either an opportunity to be invited or a viable reason to be included with a delegation." Fiona admits. "But you should be seeing him and my mom quite a bit in New Coesbur. Kane has them heading up the project for the village's water systems. They're pretty excited about it." She then adds, "I'll talk to Kane and make sure he addresses the issue concerning hunting grounds. There's also the gardens, what provisions we can take from the mountain, and we might be able to remove their hydroponic systems and add to ours, although I'm not an engineer so I can't really say how feasible that is."

Richael nods to Nate's words about things before she looks over to Fiona. "Well then, if that's the case, I'll make sure to throw up my notes to your folks about the water project… I was doing the same thing." She rolls her eyes in exasperation before she adds, "Make sure they don't try to use solar cells to power the pump for the village. More powerful yes, but like I've told Britt over there, I'd prefer to give Trikru tech they can repair, like a windmill. Solar cell breaks, it's a pain in the ass to fix, sometimes impossible."

"I see. I'm happy to be neighbors and be allies with Trikru, but joining your Coalition means answering to your Commander, but I for one have no interest in being accountable for the justice system your people have, or the system of government. I hope you can understand that." Nathaniel looks to Fiona, "Respecting differences is one thing, but the Chancellor should realize there are many of us who have misgivings about that possibility. I might not agree with Ms. Eda about the coalition completely… but a bit of caution about it is definitely warranted. Still-" Then he looks back to Britt, "-I think we'll be able to have peaceful relations, beyond that. We've been investigating about the rebels for a while now, and I'm interested in seeing what's been confirmed so far myself."

Britt tilts her head a little at Fiona's reply, then looks to Tuan. "Well I should look forward to meeting them. But… Are you not comfortable just going with Tuan? You need a special invitation?" This puzzles her a little, as does the talk of the water systems, when she glances to Richael. "That other boy came by too to ask about it… the artist one, with the longer hair." She means Cole, but judging from her expression, she's blanking on his name. She shrugs to Nathaniel. "I am not saying you should, or even that you can." Join the coalition, that is.

So Fiona has two people to stare at, the first being Richael. Her smile grows tight. "My parents are senior techs from Hydra Station." Yeah, she's slightly miffed that Richael would infer her parents might not be more knowlegdable or experienced in their field. To Nathaniel, she schools her expression mildly and suggests, "I'm sure if the Heda made such an offer, the Chancellor would make sure he heard all opinions before deciding one way or another. But no offer like that has been made." To Britt, she says apologetically, "I think Trikru's kind of had enough of our people just wandering around and assuming their welcome and gawking. Dad understands how tentative things are and he doesn't want to unintentionally cause offense. Tondc holds special meaning for him."

Richael raises her eyebrows to Fiona as she pretty much slams Richael's advice down with the 'my parents are experts' tack. And then the subject of the Coalition comes up and she sighs. "We are going to be joining it sooner or later, through diplomacy or force… or be forced to leave this land through exile or extermination. No nation in the history of the Earth has ever allowed a people that were in it's power or control to reside within it's national boundaries without submitting to it's authority. The Heda is smart. She knows dropping that topic without building bonds and some measure of trust first will -not- go over well. With either our people or hers."

"As you can tell, me and Richie have differing opinions about the Coalition. I still like her though." Nathaniel chuckles, "Yeah. Last time I was at Tondc I got a lot of looks and some insults. Some of it I unintentionally brought on myself-" There's a glance to Britt for that, "-but I do hope to one day actually be welcomed there for a tour and sparring." Nathaniel brings up a fish, and starts eating, "not like we had much of a choice where we landed. I hope a solution for that presents itself eventually." Then he looks to Fiona, "has anything been decided in regard to the village water system, or is it all still being planned?"

Britt nods to Fiona, then looks between the Skaikru bickering at each other. "Time for me to take my leave, I think. Tuan, do you mind giving me a hand up?" Having struggled a little to make it to her feet the last time, she's not too proud to ask for a hand from the Second, extending hers to him. Assuming he does so, she looks to the others and says, "Be well." Then it's time to limp back towards the village.

"Ask my dad. Or my mom." Fiona suggets to Nathaniel. She looks after Tuan once's he's helped Britt up. "We'll leave some food for you two." she offers to Richael and Nathaniel. "We should get back." She'll rise, and once she and Tuan have collected their things, head off in the direction of Camp Jaha.

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