Day 034: Morgan In Tondc
Summary: Kai and Morgan talk before the group sets out to try and free Coesbur from Reapers.
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Related: Precedes Reapercussions.
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Meeting Green — Tondc, Trikru
The road from the city gates lead into a low lawn of moss and short grasses surrounded by young trees that are leafy in the spring and summer, turning to fiery hues in the autumn and giving way to snow in the winters. The road from the white pillars marking the city entrance create a wide circle around the green, forcing traffic to go left or right, and loop around the nineteen-foot statue of a thin man seated on an enormous, square-shaped throne. The statue has seen better days, cracked in places and its base entirely covered in creeper vines. The man's face is old and wizened, with a trimmed beard and sweeping hairline. He appears to be in an old fashioned suit that has become green with moss.
Day 34

Tondc, and it is only a matter of an hour or so until the Coesbur party is going to take off and try to get themselves killed. So it is screamingly bright just after dawn early, and Kai's already tried to see whether or not she can manage to rip out her stitches or get herself into a fist-fight. At least.. Wren would argue the other, given that former cadet can be noticed leaving the warrior barracks mainly from the undercurrent of anger that follows her. She's still got that filthy white shirt, lousy with rifle grease and the kind of grime that only bleach is ever likely to remove, sheathed sword in one hand and her armor thrown over once shoulder and the square-shouldered walk of one who has just walked through the valley of death and isn't about to let no evil stop them.

For it being bright screamingly early in the morning, there's still a number of Trikru up and moving about the garden; farmers, and craftspeople, those going in to and coming out of the community baths or heading down to the marketplace. Though the difference in 'hard' may be in degree's, and there's still plenty of squinting suspiciously at the 'strange', it's at least a slightly different face to these people than axes at melee range at least.

Morgan has been a morning person since they landed on the planet. Not having electricity kind of does that to a person. So he's up and around, having eaten some breakfast and is waiting for the expedition to set out for the village. He's got on his Grounder armor since they'll be leaving soon though he wasn't wearing it when they arrived. He had all new clothes - CLEAN clothes - and even the armor was cleaned. Ah, the joys of modern civilization. Even if it is due to the Ark. He's wandering down a path, eating a piece of jerky for that extra protein he'll be wishing he had once the fighting starts later.

Morgan has a sword on one hip and a satchel on the other.

It's the whispers. Kai's used to them, but the tone of them is different, the 'em' referenced not her for once that makes her look around, and then look towards the bathhouse, and decide that of the two of them.. checking in with Morgan's more important. The whistle's not really a Trikru sound, not in that flat hail way rather than scout-signal, but it's intended to give him a heads-up as she turns her feet his way with no particular hurry to offer,"Heya." and tag on more drily,"Welcome to Tondc."

Morgan idly glances around at the sound cause that's what whistles cause, regardless of who they're meant for. Spotting Kai, he pauses, giving her a nod of greeting. "Hey. Thanks." he responds, equally dryly. "It's a nice place. I've seen pictures of it from before the war. It's weird seeing it as it is now."

"Yeh, Cass has a whole bunch of postcards." Kai gives a shrug of her shoulder's, pausing where she is to wait for him to catch up,"As I understand it steheda Oxfor's agreed to allow the Skaikru to ride with us to Coesbur. We should be heading out soon." there's a nod in the direction of the barracks,"Some of them are getting ready in there but I was going to walk back to the guest village to get my pack.. if you wanted to some with?"

"Yeah, so I heard." Morgan agrees, tapping the armor and gesturing for her to continue on. "I'm just waiting till it's time to go. Figured I'd put this on now instead of waiting till last minute. I'm also better prepared for a fight this time." he adds, tapping the satchel. "Medical kit."

Kai gives a faint smirk,"Walking past the barracks armor isn't necessarily a bad thing anyways.. what's left of Sonia's people are still here.. and it they're not real happy about my presence, I can tell you they're just loving that there's a whole pack of you right now." she leaves her armor over her shoulder for the moment, letting herself air-dry rather than throw it on sweaty,"I'm glad you're coming." she grunts,"It's going to be a long ride, it's probably going to be uncomfortable as hell. They speak the Gonasleng, how much Gonasleng they use is pretty much directly related to whether or not they want you to understand." there's a small child, couldn't be more than ten, perhaps vaguely familiar as a Coesbur child that comes running up with some pears clutched in her hands and she squats when they're offered out,"Mochof." the word offered at the beaming girl, before she adds in very carefully enunciated English,"Thank you." and with a dart of a look in Morgan's direction off they go again, leaving the former cadet to offer one of the fruits his way even before she rises.

"Would they actually defy Indra's orders?" Morgan asks. "Doesn't that get them in deep shit?" He looks amused by the comment on language. "Yeah, they've been doing that since we first met them. I've been quietly listening, trying to pick it up and understand how it's put together. Fi gave me some lessons early on too when we were going to talk to Oxfor. Thanks." Taking the pear, he takes a bite.

Kai straightens slowly,"If one of them had killed Cameron.. would you follow orders?" she asks of him, sticking her own pear in her mouth so she can slide the bandolier with its sword about her body before straightening again to continue,"That said." she mumbles around the chunk of pear she munches on,"So far they have stuck to things like 'ai gaf yu kom wan op'.. which, for the record, means 'I want you to die'." there's a dry tone to the way she says it, five points for how she learnt that one,"I believe the core of the warband will be the same, and at least one of them was at skaigeda, but it'll be fine."

"Of course not." Morgan admits it easily. She knew the answer in any case. "So more than just the warriors of Coesbur are going?" He hadn't really counted on that but then nods. "Good. That should work out even better than if it were just the ones we know. The whole point is to build good will and show them we can help them." Glancing over at Kai, he adds "Kane approves, by the way."

"Britt.." Kai starts, pressing her lips together,"She was at Coesbur when we met her. She helped get us to Indra. As I understand it, she didn't want to go to the battle but was ordered to do so. And she was close enough to take a bullet to the face. So." her attention flits in his direction,"But yes, warriors talk. It can't hurt things to have the hundred working with the Trikru, as far as I'm concerned." she takes another bite of the pear and grunts,"Not that I particularly give a flying fuck what Kane thinks about anything, but what does he approve of exactly?"

"Helping Oxfor get his village back." Morgan answers, in between bites of pear. "I went and talked with him. I need him to get Cam back. I need Oxfor to get Cam back." Or maybe Indra but he'll start with Oxfor. "We all need to be one big happy family so we can attack the mountain and kill them all till we find Cam. And the others."

Kai ahs and bobs her head,"Can't say I disagree with your assessment in that regard, but the reality is Morgan.. as long as there's guns, there's always going to be friction. That doesn't mean that I regret breaking them out when we needed them, or the training I helped provide, but it doesn't change that it will always be a source of friction with the Trikru." she expels a breath through her nose,"Taking back the village will mean I'll have a post much closer to the Mountain, however, for looking for Cameron, Tink and the others, and I want them to understand that even if the Arkers are.. annoying, that the hundred at least are cut from a different cloth."

"If we kill all the Mountain Men, they can get over their thing with guns." Morgan points out. "After all, it's just the fear of having a missile dropped on them that's causing it. And they haven't dropped one on us yet. Maybe they ran out. We have a month, Kai." he says to her. "A little less. Then the Arkers will hold an election and there's no telling whether the next Chancellor will give a shit about rescuing a few pardoned criminals. At least Kane has mostly committed himself. And that's assuming Cam's not in any danger and can wait a month."

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