Day 039: Motorboating For Science
Summary: Missing Teens decide to play Truth & Dare in the Mountain. What could possibly go wrong?
Date: 07/07/16
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Dining Hall & Visitor's Residences - Mount Weather

This is main dining halls on Level 5. It has an arched ceiling, the curve sweeping up almost immediately from the floor, giving it a low, half-cylindrical look. The room is constructed of three of these half-cylinders, jointed together by short hallways beneath arched buttresses. The walls are made of heavy concrete, but possess inset lights to illuminate the otherwise dim hall.


This is a large, canverous room that has been converted into living quarters for the "rescued" Sky People. It has tall walls leading into arching buttresses, some of which are covered in warm tapestries from various historical periods. There are even a few pieces of artwork — all originals and not reproductions. Scattered throughout the room are little nooks of comfortable armchairs and tables, each of which have a small lamp that offers a warm glow.

Day 39

It's past lunchtime, but Max had missed it for one reason or another, and so he sits with a plate of whatever was leftover from lunch over at one of the tables. There's a glass of water, a sandwich of some sort, a piece of fruit, and some crackers. He is dressed in the same drab grey long-sleeved shirt he was given when he was captured, a pair of old faded jeans, and a pair of black boots not unlike the ones he'd had before. He's been quiet since their arrival, spending much of his time down in Horticulture watching the hydroponics. But for now, he seems to be taking a break from being a ghost to eat.
Reno pages: hey all good :)

Tink is super duper excited as she comes walking into the dining all. She grabs herself a sandwich and then makes her way over to Reno's big brother aka Max. She plot down next to him and mentions, "Hey…I talked to Dr. K about opening up the stairs so we could maybe get some exercise instead of taking the stupid elevator all the time but she said no way…instead she's going to try to get us access to the gym."

Kel walks into the dining hall, apparently not the only one with a late lunch in mind. He scans the room, eventually joining Max and Tink with a sandwich of his own, possibly due to lack of any other options. "Hey," he greets simply, waving with his non-sandwich hand and he sits down. "You say gym?" he asks, curious.

Max glances up as Tink comes over and he smiles a little bit in her direction. "Oh yeah?" he asks when she mentions the gym, glancing over to Kel as he sits down. He nods his head in greeting and says, "Hey. How's it going?" He fiddles a bit with his sandwich as bits of it begin to slide out as he eats it, trying to keep all the parts together.

"Yep, I pointed out that we need exercise to benefit our mental health," Tink tells him with a smile, taking a bite and munching it down happily. She does start to talk with her mouth full because she's so excited, "And maybe I'll even get lean and mean while I'm here…cause let's face it. There's only so much reading circle one can take before you want to bounced off the walls."

"Going. You?" Kel responds lightly to Max's question before he gives a little nod to Tink's answer. "Yeah, something to do… anything to do… would be nice," he agrees dryly. At the thought of Tink becoming lean and mean, a small smile plays at his lips. "Everyone has to have goals, huh?" he muses.

Max actually brightens, just a bit, at the idea of being able to work out in the gym. "Better than just aimlessly wandering the halls, at any rate. They don't seem to keen on us jogging in the halls, seems too much like running, makes the guards nervous." He takes another large bite of his sandiwch, part of it falling out the other side.

"Yeah and they don't want us running up and down the stairs," Tink wrinkles her nose, "She probably thinks someone could get hurt." Cause teens running up and down the stairs? Oh no, that's not a recipe of disasater waiting to happen, "Hey, have you seen Reno today? He had slipped out before I woke up and haven't seen him." Since she's now on the sedatives, she's sleeping in more.

"So that's why they try tackling me when I do windsprints up and down the halls," Kel quips, half under his breath, barely nibbling at his sandwich. At Tink's question, he just gives a small shrug and shake of his head. Maybe he hasn't seen Reno. Or maybe he's not actually entirely sure who Reno is. Either way, he's not helpful.

"That or they think you're trying to play Grey's game… football, and just forgot that it usually involves a ball," Max says to Kel with a kind of sidelong small smile. He then loosk back to Tink and shakes his head. "Haven't seen him today. I'm guessing he's been busy with whatever project he's working on."

"Yeah, he was working on creating a stable sphere in a vacuum. I told him to stop doing it around Cameron's paints becaue the next time he messes them up, I think he's going to get more than glitter and paint on him." She giggles at the memory, "It was funny though. The look on Cam's face when he did it." She is mainly talking to Max but Kel is also included in her looks. She does know the other boy as well.

"So throw a ball at them first next time. Noted," Kel says with a little decisive nod. Tink's explanation of what, exactly, Reno was working on though just gets a blank stare. The thought of someone getting covered in glitter and paint, though, at least gets a small grin from Kel.

Max doesn't seem to particularly fully understand what it is that Reno was doing, but he nods a bit, a small smile twitching at the mental image of Cameron caught in an explosion of glitter and paint, though he doesn't actually laugh outloud. He nods to Kel and says, "That.. might still yield you the same result.. but it might be more fun."

Tink laughs at both of them and shakes her head, gulping down the rest of her sandwich, "Well…Reno's session with Dr. K went pretty well I think." She gives Max a look that shows he should probably talk to Reno if he wants to know more about it, "And it's too bad we can't get some games started here. Something!"

"Well, more fun is half the battle," Kel replies, sandwich sitting ignored on his plate for now. A contemplative look crosses his face, and then one of recognition. "Wait, is Reno the brown-haired, kind of nerdy looking one?" This latter is said in the most objective of tones, not at all insulting, no different than one describing the color of the sky. He clears his throat, shaking his head. "Sorry, just… making sure I know who you're talking about. Still haven't seen him, though."

"Light, kind of sandy hair, bit taller than me, glasses, nerdy," Max says to Kel. "He's my younger brother," he explains, describing Reno to the other boy at the table. He finishes off the remainder of his sandwich and bites into the piece of fruit with a crunch. He then nods to Tink and says, "That's good." Though he doesn't ask more about it, perhaps planning on talking to Reno privately.

"Yep…that's Reno and usually we hang together but I guess he's busy," Tink bites her bottom lip but seems to be in decent spirits despite losing her security blanket aka Reno for the moment. She looks at both of them, "I'll be right back…" And then bounces back over to the table to grab a drink and some chips and another sandwich cause she was hungrier than she thought.

Madelyn ambles over with a plate of blackberries and what appears to be raw cubes of tofu swimming in french dressing. She slides into a seat, uninvited. "Hey Max, Tink, Spear Guy," she greets them

Kel gives a little nod as his recollection is confirmed, glancing over at Madelyn as she arrives. "I've decided you're Berry Girl now instead of Bag Girl," he declares as he looks at her plate. "I see you're adding a bit of variety today, though. Changing it up."

Max sits back in his chair, rocking back on it a bit, lifting the front two legs off the ground as he chews on his bit of fruit, working his way around the core. He leans over to nudge Madelyn with his shoulder as she sits down and joins them and says, "Heya." Then he glances between them, curiously, but just smiles a little bit. He looks over to Kel and says, "She helped me fix the handles on those bags I was putting together. Turns out I'm not much of a tailor."

Tink comes back to her seat with her bounty, giving Madelyn a hugh grin and plops herself back down, "Man…I'm hungrier than I thought." She takes a sip of her drink and then opens her chips.

"Hey," Madelyn replies, bumping Max's shoulder in return. She wrinkles her nose at Kel. "That's slightly better than Bag Girl. I'll take it." She turns to look at Tink's plate. "What're those?"

"Work hard and maybe one day you'll get a real name," Kel intones solemnly, biting his bottom lip to keep from grinning. Glancing back to Max, he nods. "I believe it. Bags were, I believe, her currency of choice back at camp, were they not?" he asks, raising an eyebrow at Madelyn.

"Underpants," Max says with a bit of a flash of a smile in her direction, an actual real smile that makes him suddenly look much less serious and more boyish for just a moment.

"Oh those are chips…they are very yummy," Tink tells Madelyn and laughs at the though of someone using underpants as currency, "Oh my god…I wish we had dice cause then we could have another game…remember the game Max?" She flashes him a smile, cause it's a good memory of them at the camp. One of the days they weren't being attacked.

Madelyn grins, blushing a little and elbowing Max. "Underpants," she confirms, eating one of her french-dressing-drenched tofu cubes. She steals one of Tink's chips. "Ew. Too salty."

Kel continues his slow work on his sandwich, a vaguely amused expression on his face at the discussion. "Underpants. Probably worth more than a bag," he agrees. "So, what I'm hearing from this is you'd like to be called Underpants Girl from now on?" he ventures, looking to Mad and smiling innocently.

Max chuckles at Tink and says, "You know, we could always play without dice.. or we could find something to use as dice.. just need a cube and we could draw the dots on." Then he reaches over and steals one of the chips, popping it into his mouth. He makes a bit of a face and then considers, "It is salty.. really salty." He goes back to finishing off his piece of fruit. "The Princess of Underpants," Max offers to Kel as an alternative.

"You guys do not appreciate the saltiness of life," Tink tells them as she takes another chip, "And that not that salty." She makes a face and then nods as they talk about maybe doing a game without dice. "Hmm…that is a possibility." She hears the boys teasing Madelyn about underpants and looks to make sure the girl is okay with it.

The flush in Madelyn's cheeks deepens. "Dorks," she retorts, picking up a blackberry and mashing it against Max's cheek. "What game?" she asks Tink.

Kel chuckles and gives Max a little approving nod before joining Madelyn in her curiosity. "Dice? You have me intrigued," he admits. "Mind?" he asks, reaching to try one of the supposedly-too-salty chips, giving Tink a questioning look.

"Still getting used to all this different food. Some of it is too strong still," Max says with a little bit of a shrug. "I'll stick to the sandwiches for now." He then smiles at the deepening flush in Madelyn's cheeks, though he doesn't continue to push the joke any further. "We played a game Cameron called devil dice. There were truths and dares depending on the outcome of the dice.."

Tink gives a nod to Kel to let him know that it's okay to take the chip. "Maybe we could ask the guards for some dice…there has got to be dice here." Cause this place has everything, "And then we could have another game…it might even cheer Cameron up." She looks pretty happy as she sits there with the three of them in the dining hall. She snickers when Madelyn smashes a blackberry against his cheek.

"You don't really need dice. Just six pieces of papers with numbers, all jumbled up and draw one. I'd totally play. Let's play." Madelyn feels bad, handing Max a napkin.

Kel gives a little nod to Madelyne's improvisational suggestion. "That'd work. I'm up for some sort of entertainment if you lot are," he agrees, taking the chip and popping it into his mouth, considering for a few moments before giving an enthusiastic nod. "I'm gonna' grab some chips, though," he declares, rising from the table to go do just that before returning with some of his own so he doesn't have to fight the temptation to steal Tink's.

"What are the rules going to be, then?" Max asks as he takes the napkin from Madelyn and chuckles, wiping the smushed berry from his face. He takes a bit on his finger first and dabs it on her nose. "Let's see if we can find some dice.. if not, then maybe we can make some, or just use slips of paper." He nods to Kel and says, "I'm up for a game." He then looks around at the others to see if they are, and if so, he meanders off to see if he can find them something to play with.

"I am totally up for a game," Tink announces. Giving Madelyn a smile, "Oh hey…Mad…did you hear about Ruth? Apparently she gorged herself on cake and got all sick and had to go to the infirmary." She makes a face, "That's so weird. Don't you think?" She keeps an eye on Max to see if he's having any luck getting dice as Kel runs to get some chips, "Hey Kel…bring back extra for me."

Reno came into the dining hall with one hand wrapped lightly, and a notebook in it. He wandered in and wiggled his fingers hullo. There was something going on at the table which brought a bit of a grin to him, and abated his scattered curiosity for a time. "Max… you've got a spot of blue on you. Did you know?"

Madelyn gets the blackberry from her nose with her finger. "No… I hope she feels better," she replies to Tink, with a concerned frown. When Reno approaches, she waves him over. "Hey! Come here! Max, he's got a notebook!"

Kel returns with a healthy amount… or, probably more literally, a decidedly unhealthy amount, of chips, which he promptly deposits on the table between him and Tink, giving her a little nod. At Madelyn's excitement, he looks over and offers Reno a little wave of greeting even as he approaches their table. "Pull up a chair," he says, nodding to the empty seats around them.

Max was on his way out the door to find some dice, or dice-like items, when Madelyn calls out that Reno has a notebook. He wanders back over to the table, but not before grabbing himself another small handful of snacks, and then tosses a few more into a bowl to set down in the middle-ish between them. "Alright. Slips of paper then.. two stacks of six? Same rules as Cam's game?"

Tink gives a nod as Madelyn tells her that she hopes Ruth feels better, "I do too." And then glances over to flash Reno a 100 watt grin, "Reno!" She always gets brighter when he's in the room. Kel gets a look of thanks when he brings her more chips and she promptly puts one in the mouth. Then turns to the matter at hand. The dice game. Or in this case, the paper almost dice game, "Hey…those rules sound fair. But you're going to have to repeat them for me."

Reno stopped looking at his brother passing him and warmed up a smile. Static on his mental frequency stilled seeing the 100 watt pixie smile greeting him. Without thinking he licked his thumb and smudged at Max's cheek. He walked to sit int eh seat Kel indicated and paused, and realized what he just did and winced with a snicker. "Sorry… Max." He sat and set his notebook down and curiously looked to them "A game? What kind of game?"

Dashing to get more fruit, Madelyn comes back, sitting down, triumphant. "I haven't played a game since we left the Ark. Let's do this."

"Yes, definitely, repeat the rules. For Tink," Kel says, looking at Max and clearly ready to listen intently. A small, agreeable smile is shot Madelyn's way as if to say 'I know, right?' in response to her enthusiasm for any sort of diversion.

Max blinks as Reno actually just.. spit shined his cheek to remove the remaining blackberry, a kind of perplexed expression furrowing his brow, and then he laughs just a little bit, a genuine laugh. He reaches over and rips a page from Reno's notebook, one of the empty ones at the very back and ha meks several small slips of paper, numbers them 1 to 12. It's not quite like dice but close enough. "Okay, so we'll go around the room. First, you call high or low. If you call high, then you pull a slip of paper and if the number is higher than seven, you have to do a dare. If you call low, and the number is lower than seven, you have to tell a truth. If you get seven, then you have to do one of each. The last person to tell a truth or dare gets to ask the question or give the dare to the next person. Nothing that's going to get anybody injured. Tink and I will go first since we've played before. I'll "roll" and Tink will give me the truth or dare. Fair?"

Tink listens to the rules again, grinning when Max picks her to help demonstrate. She gives Max a nod, making sure that he knows she's game to give a truth or dare first. Then sits back to see what he pulls out of the container they're using to hold the strips of paper.

Reno felt bad about channeling their mom when Max just…ripped… the notebook? His eyes got wide like someone just ate his cake. Who DOES that. His brain took a moment to adjust to the change and then, oh! Rules. He cracked a lop-sided grin and looked to them. "iiiinteresting. Alright then. Yeah okay!" Hey he hadn't played a game in forever. Why not?

Madelyn crosses her arms, leaning them on the table. "All right. I got it!"

Kel nods along with the explanation, looking at the 'dice'. "Two stacks of one through six would have been more accurate to real dice," he points out, but it's half-hearted at best, mostly just arguing because he can. "So if I call high and it's less than seven, nothing happens? And vice versa?" he asks.

"If nothing happens, you pass to the person next to you. If you perform your truth or dare, you choose the next person to go," Max says. He then frowns at the bits of paper, realizing that Kel was right. He takes 7 through 12 and scratches the numbers out, replacing them with a 1 through 6. "Okay, that works… so.. I'm going to choose High.. so if I get higher than seven I have to do a dare.. if it's 7, both.."

Max rolls the dice: 4 and 5 = 9

Tink looks excited as she sees that Max has indeed rolled high and therefore has to do a dare. She looks to Max and tells him, "I dare you to pick one article of clothing and give it to one person at the table." She is going a little mild to start with but she doesn't want to go overboard yet.

"If this is gonna include taking clothing off, maybe we should go back to the dorm," Madelyn suggests, glancing around.

"That is almost certainly a good idea," Kel agrees, nodding towards Madelyn, but not making any effort to be the first to rise from the table, curious to see how this will all play out.

Max considers the dare that Tink gives him and then contemplates his clothing. He reaches down and takes off one boot and places it in Madelyn's lap. He then gathers up the bits of paper and says, "Come on.. to the dorms then. And I choose Reno to go next."

Tink realizes that she was asking Max to take off clothes in the dining room and flushes, "Ummm…yeah, we better go back to the residences." And then she mouths, "Sorry…" To Max before following the group back to a more private area. As she heads out the door, she holds out her hand for Reno to take it.

Madelyn catches the boot, laughing, before getting up and following folks to the dorm.

Reno bites his lip and considered the choice carefully and considered that it was Max who was asking and eyed him carefully. He had way too much dirt on him either way and said cautiously, "Hiiiiigh?" He dropped the notebook back in his shared bunk and picked two pieces of paper at random curious.

Reno rolls the dice: 2 and 2 = 4

Reno took a peek… and then another peek and said "Ha! Ummm… Kel. Your turn." He seemed satisfied. After all Max owed him for spit-smudging his cheek.

Kel watches the 'dice', giving Reno an little nod at first at his success, then narrowing his eyes playfully as he's chosen to be the next player. He stares at the slips of paper for a long moment. "Low," he finally says, then draws his slips, muttering under his breath as he does so.

Kel rolls the dice: 4 and 6 = 10

A small sigh of relief comes from Kel as he pushes the 'dice' towards Tink with a smile.

Tink grins as she gets a chance to pick the dice. She gives a big smile to Reno and tells the group, "High!" And then rolls the dice to see where they take her. She crosses her fingers that she won't have to do the dare.

Tink rolls the dice: 2 and 1 = 3

Tink does a little dance as she avoids getting called to do a dare and then looks at Madelyn, "It's your turn…" Giving the other girl a chance to temp fate.

Reno grinned back to Kel and gave him a nod of encouragement and got comfortable to watch. Hey, it was a new experience and that gave the engineer a new viarable of interest. As they sat and played dice and Tink 'won' he grinned to her and nudged her shoulder with his. Apparently they were playing a variation on Cameron's truth or dare game using slips of paper in lieu of a die cube.

"This is why the dice, I think.. kind of slows the game down," Max says with a shrug of his shoulders, then looks over to Madelyn to see what she will tempt fate with.

Nibbling her lip, Madely declares, "Low," and draws.

Madelyn rolls the dice: 6 and 2 = 8

Madelyn looks at her number, a little dissapointed, and looks around the circle. "Spear Guy," she decides.

Kel sighs as it's hit turn again, wrinkling his nose at Madelyn. "Hmmmm… went low last time, guess I'll go high this time," he ventures, one eye half-squinted closed as he draws his slips of paper.

Kel rolls the dice: 3 and 1 = 4

Another sigh of relief is followed by a little nod towards Max. "I see what you mean. Lot of nothing happening so far. Let's give the guy with apparently bad luck a shot to make things interesting again, hm?" he suggests, sliding the slips towards Max.

Max can't help but laugh as the dice seem to be favoring everyone else at the table. He considers for a moment and then says, "High," before reaching into the two piles and drawing his numbers again.

Max rolls the dice: 6 and 5 = 11

Reno broke out into a peel of laugther, "Maaaan, Max, that paper does not like you. You're gonna be shoeless and cold by the end of this game if this keeps up."

"Thanks for the sex! Same time tomorrow, yeah? No, no! You can't have thirds! Eat some cake! It's almost as delicious as I am!"

That would be the voice of Phillip Oscar Wylde, Jr. as he stands at the door and talks (presumably) to Busty McTitties that he has been crushing on since being trapp— er, living in the Mountain of DOOM— er, Cake. It's a very weird relationship as it seems to only ever come up when Lip is talking. Anyway, he finally slides himself into the place where his fanbase is living for the moment and stretches.

"Oy! What're you lot up to?" He's already heading over towards them. "I just had sex. Again. For like the fifteenth time today. Sex is great." He doesn't care if anyone's paying attention to him or not he just let's the words flow as he grabs a seat.

"You're so a virgin, Lip," Madelyn retorts, rolling her eyes. "Sit down. Play."

Kel looks at Max, then grins as his prediction comes true. He opens his mouth, but stops as Lip approaches, looking over at him. "Max, I dare you do do whatever Lip dares you to do because I have to get going. See you all around." And with that, he pushes to his feet, offers a wave, and begins making his way towards the door.

Max raises a brow as Kel gets up to leave and turns his dare over to Lip. Max, who is currently missing one boot, which Madelyn seems to have acquired, drapes one arm over the back of his chair and waits to see what it is that Lip dares him to do.

Tink gets wide eyed as Kel puts Max's fate in Lip's hands. Oh that is not good. She looks at the resident wisecracker to see what he does when he has POWER over Max to make him do anything. Will he respect the power or will he abuse it?

<FS3> Reno rolls Resolve: Good Success. (5 7 6 8 4 4)

Reno folded his arms pressing his knuckles to his mouth thoughtfully. Yes thoughtfully mind, and not at all because he's keeping from grinning for Lip's sake. Nope. All good. Kettle's got your back, Pot. At turning power over to the Mouth of the House(tm) Reno said to his brother with all seriousness trying not to grin… it was an effort but decorum carried out. "Max, I will mourn the loss of your dignity and remember it fondly… Lip. Carry on."

Lip barely understands what's going on but he'll be damned if he's not about to join in. There's never anything to do in this Mountain of Doom so he's always ready to jump into anything that looks like it might actually be fun. "First of all, I don't even go to Space Church so I can't be a virgin. Talk to the palm." Lip raises his palm up and points it in Madelyn's direction. With that done he turns his devilish grin in the direction of Max. "Oh man. Oh Maxi Pad. I'm sorry you've been thrown to the wolves. And by wolves I mean me. Nobody beats me at Super Sloppy Truth or Double Dare. /Nobody/." Lip stands again and taps his chin. "I dare you, on behalf of Kel the Gracious, to motorboat Madelyn…" Lip grins and holds up two fingers. "… for two minutes." Lip doesn't even have to look and points over his shoulder at Tink. "Tink. Get ready to start the clock." Lip grins. REVENGE. Lip then turns to someone that is definitely not the 4th Wall and adds, "And I'm just getting warmed up." Cue Eyebrow Waggle.

Madelyn's eyes go wide. "What's… what's motorboat?" she asks, not sure she wants to hear the answer.

Max blinks slowly at Lip because he has no idea what he was just dared to do. "What the heck is a motorboat?" His bewilderment is clear. This is not a term he is familiar with, in either the literal or figurative sense.

Reno blinkes and tilted his head and said excitedly, "I think it's a housing for a turbine like a blast shielding- OH! You get to build stuff? That's exciting! Lip, great pick, man." Now he was exceptionally interested and blinked and looked around. "Is anything in the room motorized though?"

Tink stifles a laugh as Lip pronounces his dare and gets ready to time….a motorboat? She looks at the kids and they're just as confused by what Lip means, "Ummm, Lip…I think you're going to have to explain what you mean." She looks to Reno's excitement and gives him a sweet smile, "I don't think he means for Max to build a boat. It's only two minutes…that would take a lot longer."

"And if he was building the thing, it wouldn't involve /me/" Madelyn points out, crossing her arms.

There's rolling of the eyes as Lip makes his way around to where Madelyn is. "And /I'm/ the virgin? Scoff, I say. Scoff." Lip offers a bit of a shrug of his shoulders and even a smile as he looks around at everyone that has gathered. "In the interest of fairness, I feel that it is my duty as the Darer to show the Daree exactly what must be done. There are no words in our language or any other that could truly do this task justice. Believe me, I've checked." Lip makes his approach upon Madelyn as minimally creepy as possible even though his grin is still in the world of vengeance. "The following demonstration involves those…" Lip grins and finger guns right at Madelyn's chest. "May I?" Devilish Grin II: Sinister.

Max lifts both eyebrows as he glances from Lip to Madelyn and back again, as though he has no idea what this possibly has to do with aquatic travel.

"No way. Do it to yourself, if you have to demonstrate," Madelyn retorts, moving her crossed arms over her breasts.

Reno boggled and poked his glasses back in place and confused looked at Lip being far too literal for his own good and answered. "Lip you know those aren't structurally buoyant enough to use as a safety related flotation device? there's not enough distribution for tissue in the human body to safely regulate for approved maritime travel. the lungs, due, but that…those aren't…have you done this before?"

Reno seemed genuinely concerned got safety and possibly drowning at this point. Because anatomy + logistics = did you ever read the manual before trying this at home?

"Can we not talk about the maritime safety ratings of my boobs, please?" Madelyn chokes out, turning red.

"In the interest of science and wanting to know what the heck Lip is trying to get Max to do…I volunteer myself for the demonstration," Tink offers looking at Lip with a look that says if he tries anything too crazy, she'll slap him silly or let Reno do it. She looks at Max, "Will that help?"

"All the time, Reno." Lip says this with a matter of fact tone. He holds his hands up and backs away from Madelyn. "Fine. I can't exactly demonstrate on myself because I lack the necessary buoyancy. I'm an ironing board over here. But Ti—" Lip grins as Tink speaks his own mind and he swirls around to slide over in that direction. "Alright, Maxworth, watch very closely." As Lip approaches Tink he takes a moment to look her dead in her eyes. "I need you to know that I respect you as a person and a human being and that I will remove all feelings of pleasure that I would get out of this in the interest of securing and solidifying our friendship." Lip turns his attention to Reno. "Reno. To you I can only say this: She told me to." And a head nod is tossed in Tink's direction. There's only a moment left where Lip can smile before he assumes the proper position in front of Tink. "May Zod have mercy on whatever part of my soul I have left. Amen." His quick prayer said, Lip wastes no time in driving his face into the Cleavage of Tink(tm). There is only a brief pause where Lip may be silently enjoying the moment before those dark curls of his go back and forth as his head shakes and the emission of vibrating lips create the revving sound of a Lip powered motorboat. Annnnd…. someone's going to have to stop this demonstration because Lip going to get carried away. No, seriously, somebody step up. Stahp, Lip. Staaahhhhhhp.

There is a moment where Max just stares at Lip in silence. Well, then. "I'm glad we moved this out of the dining hall," is all he says before he looks over at Madelyn, as though guaging whether or not she's going to slap him if he even gets near enough to do that. He actually flushes, his ears turning a bit red at the edges. That was not at all what he expected. Then he realizes that Lip is not stopping. He coughs, "Uh.. Lip?" Then finally he gets up and grabs Lip by the collar and says, "Okay.. okay.. I think we get the picture." He then looks over at Madelyn. Yeah. What follows, if she does NOT stop him, is the most awkward motorboat to ever motor. He doesn't have the horsepower of Lip, apparently, and if anyone was timing it, or remembers to, it's not quite two minutes, because that's a damn long time to have your face in someone's cleavage. He does give it the old college try, however. There's no risk of him going on for longer than required, however. If she does slap him, however, he defaults on the dare.

And super awkward it was, because little Maddy doesn't have much boat to motor, if you know what I mean, and she's wearing a dress that goes up to her collarbone. She doesn't stop him, though she does turn a fascinating shade of purple.

Reno eyed Lip carefully. Hey, she agreed and this was for science. "I-" He waited for Tink's response as they were her flo- were her property. He squint and boggled, "That won't keep anyone afloat, lip…I swat you risk drowning in your own soup." His hand went and reached for Tink's (in case homicide is frowned upon) and went to have a weird being distracted by his brother trying to complete his dare, "Mac…Max I think your sitting on her. try- nevermind" he looked to Tink and then to lip. must…not…nerd rage. Calmly he informed, "Lip, is customary courtesy to give your lab partner disclosure and a procedural run down before launch testing." he paused "also to note she is a genius chemist and you share a dining hall and she knows a wicked sufficient electrician….food for thought.".

It was all fun and games until she actually had Lips' lips motorboating her breasts and there's just this look of 'what the hell did I agree to' on her face. She doesn't fight it, it's just too surprising. And when Max pulls Lips off her, she just sits there wide-eyed because that so wasn't what she was expecting, "Umm…Lip…the next time you want to try something like that…full disclosure is required." Cause if she had realized what he wanted to do…that he would be putting his lips on her…she gets very red because she's embarassed. When the roll ends up to her, she just mutters, "High…" and lets the dice do the rest.

Tink rolls the dice: 3 and 1 = 4

Tink lets out a sigh of relief, "Oh thank goodness…" Because she doesn't think she could take a dare right now. She then points to Lips, "It's your turn…" In some ways she hopes he rolls a dare because payback is a bitch.

Lip doesn't even know where he was by the time he was pulled off Tink and what not. He ends up on the floor somehow, staring up at the ceiling with the biggest smile on his face. It taks a long time for him to catch up to whatever else was being said. "Wait, huh? What?" Lip frowns and scoots himself up to a full sitting position. "I disclosed! I disclosed! One of you tell me how I was supposed to /explain/ that! Go on!" Lip throws his hands up and shrugs with the most helpless innocence that he can muster. Which is probably not any consider what he's just done. "So. My turn." Lip grins. "HIGH!" Lip is loud and proud with this prediction and then goes for the dice or paper or whatever! In slow motion. No really, Lip is stretching this moment out for the sake of drama.

Lip rolls the dice: 1 and 4 = 5

"See that? Told you. The Dare Master." Lip grins and plants his hands behind his head. "Motorboated Madelyn. You're up." Lip winks.

Madelyn groans, reaching out to pull a piece of paper. "Low," she says.

Madelyn rolls the dice: 6 and 1 = 7

"Haaaah," she gloats, sticking her tongue out at Lip. "…Reno." Madelyn pauses. "Wait. Fuck," she swears. "Seven means I have to do one of each."

The girl looks over to Lip, setting her jaw grimly.

Tink sits back in her chair as she looks at what Madelyn just picked. She shakes her head and tells, "Oh man…you're right. Lip gets to choose one truth and one dare for you." She bites her bottom lip because that is not a position that Tink would want to be in.

Reno eyes Lip and said shaking his head not believing he didn't know how to explain that. "Lip, for real? You were in Earth Studies not Engineering weren't you? Just look at her, " He turned to TInk and said quite oficially, "The target of the procedure is to use generated reverberated wavelengths to apply and affect the surface area tri-" He paused halfway through the word 'triangulating' came out of his mouth. He could feel his brother looking at him. Not. Helping. His ears turned read and he wrinkled his nose with an apologetic look to TInk realizing she may not want to discuss the procedure or her particapation in providing surface area for testing purpses. Curious he looked to Lip and said helpfully, "Disclosure. Be nice. And if you don't know how to explain a thing? Ask before doing, right?"

"I asked! Come on. It's fuckin' Super Sloppy Truth or Double Dare and you're tryin' to kill the buzz. Cheezus Mice!" Lip waves a dismissive hand at Reno with a side of Tink and then moves back to rubbing his hands together. "Maddy, Maddy, Maddy. First? The Dare." Lip grins and leans up a bit for power exertion. "For the rest of the night, you have to preface everything you say with a compliment about me by using the phrase: I Love Lip, He's So…" Lip then kicks back and moves right along into the next part of his amazing paper luck. "And Truth? I'll go easy on you." Lip's grin shows that he might not actually be doing that but whatever. "Have you ever told a lie during one of these games? What was it and why?"

"I love Lip. He's so… mammalian," Madelyn begins, rolling her eyes. She shrugs a little to the truth. "I've never actually played a game like this. Never really… got invited to this kind of thing before." She looks embarrassed and kind of sad to be revealing this.

Max seems to have sunk back into his chair where he can observe for the time being, having slowly regained his normal coloring after that particular dare. He still has only one shoe on, the other remaining with Madelyn for the time being. He glances over at Reno to see whether or not his brother will opt for truth, or dare.

Tink is starting to come out of shock and realize what she just let Lips do to her breasts. She let Lips motorboat her chest…it's sinking in. She watches as Lip gets another chance to rule the roost and shakes her head at his antics…they are funny. She can not deny, "Ummm…I'll be right back, I gotta…I got to go to the bathroom." And not one is invited!

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