Day 017: Murmurs Of Options
Summary: Mimi and Silas talk about recent events. Reassuring hugs, thoughtful words, and accidental flirts ensue.
Date: 2 06 2016
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Silas Mimi 

The Camp — Grounds

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and a rough wall stretches between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks stacked up and lashed together as best as the Delinquents can manage. There is a gate at the north end, a single panel that can be rolled aside at need.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

17 Days After Landing

Following the rather chaotic events that happened earlier in the day, the delinquent camp went from bustling with energy and in a vibrant mood to one more somber and chokingly grim. But, it's still Unity Day. And despite a murder, some people want at the very least to not let it end on such a dark note. That's where Silas fits into this.

Silas is situated with his back against the dropship and his bum on the ground, his makeshift cup in one hand halfway full of some Unity Juice and his other hand holding and rubbing a smooth rock with a white line going all the way around. His eyes half lidded, he stares down into the contents of his cup that he slowly swishes back and forth with furrowed brows and a red tint to his face and a dark sag to his eyes. "Today went to shit…" he murmurs to himself, not doing much except for pointing out the obvious.

Mimi shakes her head "No, I do not wish to do her in. The situation is unfortunate and I do not understand it. I am new to emotion - they have only made themselves apparent to me since landing. So there are many things I do not understand. This…not in my realm of understanding." She moves a little closer. "One moment." She pauses to reflect, then reaches out to give Silas a hug strangely enough. "You look like you need one of these."

Silas stares at Mimi quietly as she speaks, his right brow arching upward at the mention of her being a novice when it comes to emotion. His expression makes him look somewhat confused by the statement- or maybe just quizzically curious. It's hard to tell. He does, however, find some deal of familiarity within her lack of understanding of the situation. Words that receive a quiet nod from Silas. Silas brings his cup over, sipping from it- oblivious to Mimi as she makes her way closer. He grunts when she briefly speaks, lowering his cup and licking his lips quietly before he sets the cup aside. "Hmmh?-" he begins to ask, before he feels the warmth of her embrace. Grunting, Silas initially speaks up, "Wh- what are you doing?". But, after a few seconds, Silas' eyes grow somewhat watery and he lets out a rather shaky breath as his arms come over to warp around her- his hands chastely resting on her back. "This.. This is all fucked." he says, voice gently quaking.

Mimi doesn't pull away from the hug letting Silas have as much hug-time as he requires. "I know. I thought perhaps I was the one that caused the most trouble - misunderstandings with the Grounders. I had zero interest with anyone else besides myself on the Ark, and knowing the exact date when the resources of the Ark would be exhausted. If someone like Evie can be murdered by our own group then..that likelihood is very likely that I will be murdered as well. And now we have to decide what to do with her. If anything you would think we could count on one another. Apparently we must be very selective. We have beaten one another, blamed Grounders for it. Killed one another now. It is true that the Unity we have is flawed just like the 12 stations of the Ark, but our unitiy apparently is chaos. That is what brings us together."

Silas is quiet as Mimi talks, remaining in her arms as his left hand comes over to quietly wipe his eyes and he sniffles a little. Around halfway through Mimis words, he releases her and sinks back against the dropship, his right hand coming to retrieve and gulp from his drink before setting it back down. Once she's finished, Silas quietly nods. "We're in a bad position. We can't talk to those above, we can't go to Mount Weather for the supplies we need, and we're surrounded by grounds and trapped with one another. And now we're finally beginning to pick each other off… But," begins Silas, quietly looking over to Mimi. "It seems like each target is selected with some thought. The first time, it was Grey- but there was probably not much thought put into it. Not saying that.." Silas pauses, pursing his lips as he seems to wonder if he should continue. "Not saying that there was probably much planning going into killing Evie, either." he says with furrowed brows, letting out a quiet breath before he shrugs.

"Evie was Ark loyal, and Grey was one of the people that seemed to advocate more for peace with the Grounders. But both had one thing in common- trying to spark conflict with the Grounders.". Silas pauses, glancing away for a brief moment before he looks back. "It may be a while before someone is outright murdered again. But it's not like any of us are necessarily organized killers, which makes the situation even more dangerous. I'd still keep an eye out and be careful. Sleep in pairs, with someone you trust. Go out in pairs. You get the idea." Silas shrugs. "Grey was selected, because he could be ambushed by the group of four. Evie was selected because Mags thought she could get away with it. I think, the best way to gauge our own survival in the group is to consider what would make us stand out as targets." says Silas pursed lips and furrowed brows. "But what we have down here… This isn't the kind of 'Unity' I want."

Mimi figures that Silas has had enough hug time, so disengages the hug. "I have major defenciences and my skills seem not to be very useful on the ground. However I will strive to be useful. Perhaps..that is all any of us an hope to be?" She takes a moment to smooth out Silas' hair, fluffing it a bit. "You are all a mess. I will clean you up to the best of my ability." She continues to work and fuss with it if allowed "We all will need to work together. We cannot do terrible things to one another anymore. Or more things will happen."

While Silas doesn't seem to outright stop her, or tell her to, he does seem to be rather embarrassed as Mimi's fingers run through and along his hair to work it out. It's rather obvious by the shade of deep pink his cheeks become. "I'm able to get by. I seem to be one of the few- or maybe the only one among us who can work with leather. At least, I'm learning to." admits Silas, his eyes quietly looking up to watch her hand for a moment or two before going over to stare at her face. "The fear of not being useful has been with us for a long time. Being useless means being dead weight not worth being kept around. It meant roughly the same up there, and to some degree even more-so down here. Redeeming qualities are sought for, and guarded jealously by some.". Silas' hand comes over to retrieve his cup once more, about to drink the last bit of Unity Juice until he eyes the contents and offers it over to Mimi. "You don't really need to clean me up." he says with pursed lips and a blushing face. "But working together is our only option. Other than dying alone."

Mimi holds up a hand "I have never drank alcoholic beverages." She stops with the hair fussing "It is not my function to make sure you are in a presentable state yet I feel the urge to do so." She rests her hands behind her rear "Actually I was indifferent in the Ark. I did not have any kind of emotional connection. After several close calls and a serious head injury they have invaded and do not seem to be leaving my senses. I was born different where I think in mathematics. This..different way of thinking, feeling is..unsettling. Before I could focus on my work - reconditioning non-functional hard drives, and putting together corrupted data. I am a mathematical natural however because my mind processes information mathematically I have always been very awkward in most other aspects. I have always been socially awkward. I understand that everyone thinks of me as the robot, android, or unfeeling one."

"You have never… But you could start." offers Silas, with a quirk of his right brow and a lopsided smirk. "Yesterday was my first day drinking, too.. But I feel like I had fun. Got closer to everyone." he says with a shrug. "It may be the same for you." he says, still offering the cup over to Mimi. When she's done messing with his hair, a left hand instinctively comes over as though he's about to revert it back to how it was before- but instead he leaves it and lets his hand rest at his side. "Fuck what anyone else thinks of you. You are who you are- not who people think you are. The only time you'll be a robot is when you choose to be one. With enough determination and effort, you're always the master of yourself- but it's only up to you to shape who you are." says Silas in what SEEMS to be an attempt to reassure the woman. "And who knows? It may not have really been the head injury that is making you think of them. Maybe it was the possibility of dying without seeing them again that sub-conciously woke those thoughts up? Who knows. All I know is, that even as gradual as it'll be- give yourself time, determination, and confidence and before too long you'll be able to find yourself almost an entirely different person. But… It's like you said." says Silas, briefly pausing to take in a breath and let out a sigh. "Life is awkward. That's something normal that your feeling. At least to me."

Mimi nods softly. She leaves her hands behind her rear, not taking the cup at all. "Life is awkward, mine perhaps more awkward than most. After all I am unable to lie, which seems to be an ideal trait in this new world we live in. I do find myself having been selfish however. That being said I do very much enjoy my pretty, pretty dress." She considers looking upward at the dropship. "I am completely ineffective in violent situations. So I am sure I will be uninvolved in interrogating our prisoner. She will be judged. What we have to consider is if we kill her, are we any better than those that boxed us in the Ark? Is that the kind of society we want to build?"

Mimi's words are quietly listened to by Silas, who absently stares up at her as he sets the cup down next to him. When she mentions the dress, Silas qietly observes it a bit more- staring at it with somewhat furrowed brows at the words pretty being used to describe it, but simply shrugs before he looks back up. "We have two alternatives to killing her. One may effectively be the same thing- banishing her, and forcing her to try and survive on her own. The other is something I don't think we should even consider. Forgiving her of the crime, and letting her continue among us. It's one that I hope won't be considered. Which leaves us with killing her ourselves, or banishing her. I, personally, would say we should banish her. But… I wouldn't be entirely opposed to killing her." says Silas with furrowed brows. "Up there, people were killed because they needed to survive so humanity can return to earth. We're down here now, and there are already humans down here. As it stands, surviving is our priority. And killing one another isn't furthering our goals whatsoever." Silas grows silent for a moment or two before he simply shrugs and develops a deep frown. "But I don't know what society I want. I just want one where I can live in peace."

Mimi considers her works going silent for a few moments. "Releasing her would prove more dangerous than you realize. I will inform you. There are other factions outside of the Grounders. Ones we are not familiar with, there are other grounders - different tribes. If they secured her, which is a good likelihood, it is reasonable to believe that she would give them any secrets we may possibly have and show us in a negative light. We should try to understand the reason why she did what she did. There is the issue with Allen as well. He is obviously schizophrenic. We have no way to treat him - and he is obviously quite strong, and quite volatile. I would suggest we ask the Grounder healers if they have something that can regulate his condition. If not he will continue to have outbursts and it is very likely there will be more injuries if not deaths."

"I would argue that she wouldn't make it too far. While the human body can go for quite a while without food, water's another story.. But if she were to head towards the river, she'd have good odds." says Silas with somewhat furrowed brows as he casts his gaze off to the side and brings his right hand over to rub his chin. "Though I wasn't really aware there were other tribes.. I was too busy working, I guess." he says with a quiet, muffled sigh. "I hate to say it, honestly, but killing her might just be the best option." he says for a moment or two as he lets his right hand slide and drop down to rest in his lap. "But I have no real opinion or say on Allen… We have quite a few that are like him, after all." Silas tilts his head over to the side as he looks back to Mimi. "But I think we should also try and get her to spill the reason why she went so far as to kill Evie, too."

Mimi nods her head "There are other tribes in a coalition. We have an agreement with the most local tribe, or village. I am uncertain of the correct syntax to use. So there are other potential enemies. We have a cease fire with one village, not with the others. So we need to be most careful. There seems to be another faction they are at odds with as well. No one should go out alone." She lets out a long wistful sigh. "I know a small amount of medical knowledge. I was interested in finding out what was wrong with me for a time. I am not sure what to do about Allen but it's an issue that should be addressed. I can't stop thinking of him with the rock..he was almost successful. Look how many people it took to stop him, and he still beat Mags. That kind of power is..frightening." She frowns, reaching up to hug herself. "That kind of strength in someone who cannot control it…Do you know what schizophrenia is? He hears voices, voices that are not real and try to convince him to do different things."

When he sees the girl hugging herself, Silas figures he may as well do what seems obvious and return the favor and lean over to hug her as well. "I know what a schizophrenic is, yeah." he confirms, letting out a quiet sigh as his eyes drift off to the side. "But we also have to consider what they perceive schizophrenia to be. In the middle ages, it was considered by some as possession by the devil. And the locals seem to be in a similar state. We could appeal to them, but we should seek a way to help him amongst ourselves first and foremost. After all, we don't want to be indebt to the Trikru of Coesbur." he says with a quiet sigh. "Like I said before, we're in a bad situation. If we get sedatives, that would be useful for dealing with Allen temporarily, though, should he become violent."

Mimi moves to try to settle on Silas' knee and lean her head on his shoulder. "There are no good situations. There is no 'win' scenario. And we have no clear leadership. Realistically we should likely create a voting council of our own as I do not believe that anyone will agree to any one person to lead us. So there are those in our group that we believe can speak for us however those people would be targets for those that do not agree with them. There will be very difficult decisions coming. For all of us, as soon as today."

Silas is quiet as he watches Mimi move over to rest on his knee and lean against him. He blushes a bit, but doesn't stop her as he quietly smirks a bit. At least she's getting comfortable. "It's been like that for a while though, hasn't it? Difficult decisions, I mean. We came down here and we had to decide whether or not we'd go along with Jaha's plan to get to Mount Weather. We made the decision to take off or keep our bracelet. We'll have to decide to stay with the Ark when it comes down, or go our separate ways. And now, we have to choose what happens to Mags." he says, his right hand coming up to quietly pat and pet her head. "I feel bad for the people who represent us, but I'm also envy of the courage that it takes to do something like that. I could never do what they're doing right now. I find myself looking up to them, sometimes. Even when I don't agree with everything they say. The voting council idea is nice, though."

Mimi settles on the leg to straddle it a bit and sit up on it a little more. Maybe not quite ladylike, especially in a dress. "There will be more difficult decisions. The Grounders are going to be difficult to work with, they are going to require more of us than we realize at this moment. And..we have people from within. We are divided and it is going to tear us apart."

"I don't trust them all that much. The Grounders, that is." Admits the pink cheeked Silas, who eyes Mimiya with a rising right brow. "To them we're intruders, and as such we'll get the constant short end of the stick if we try to work with them. I don't exactly want to be strong armed into giving them stuff, either. It'll happen, eventually." Silas is quiet afterwards as he quietly stares at Mimi for a moment or two with a slow blink, scanning her over somewhat as she sits on him before he looks around- as though expecting people to be watching. Everyone's off doing their own thing, however. After all, it's best to get it out of the way before the execution. "But, the Grounders may also be what can bring us together- one way or another. It'll require some pushing, though. While I don't trust them, others despise them." Silas takes in a quiet breath, before breathing a unity juice scented sigh, "I guess I want to be open minded about them, though. But it's hard."

Mimi slips off the leg to stand, resting her hands behind her rear - something she commonly seems to do. "In my opinion the Grounders have things they have not told us - they do not trust us, nor have we told them everything nor do we trust them. We are too fractured. People are against the council - the council has made strong decisions in the past that did mean the loss of life. However generally these actions have been justifiable. Our people here - many of them cannot let them go. As a mathematician I can see the side where they make the difficult decisions that they do. Limited resources. It is difficult to keep the people of the Ark sustained. We cannot defeat all the Grounders - there does seem to be some kind of hatred or strong opinion towards the mountain. I wonder if there are Mount Weather survivors. Or if their station was taken over by maruaders or something like that. Either way, there are things we do not know. But what I do know is that I am not good at socializing with them and I cannot be the one that finds this information out."

Silas quietly shrugs, staring up at her from the spot he sits at as he quietly crosses his legs. "It's not really an opinion that they have things they haven't told us. It's fact. For all we know the cease-fire is just to let them gather enough people to come over and be able to wipe us out with absolute certainty none of us will get away. The terms already aren't within our favor, so I wouldn't be entirely surprised if such a thing were the case." Silas pauses, quietly looking over towards the direction of Mount Weather when it's brought up. "I think I heard some talk about Mountain Men." says Silas quietly but without certainty, as if recalling a hazy memory. "But I'm not too sure about survivors. Marauders, though? That I can believe. It sems like a place that would be taken over time and time again for tactical value." Silas pauses yet again, as if thinking for a moment or two beore he looks back to Mimi. "What, are you saying I should go socialize with them? All I do is occasionally get in fights and try and make leather for the camp. Emphasis on try. You're pretty good looking- I think you wouldn't do too bad. But I have been over there myself, and talked with some of their folks. I was able to trade before the treaty said that we weren't allowed to trade with one another. I got some metal splints that I'm looking forward to use with making armor."

Mimi shakes her head. "I have spoken with them. I suggested we have someone following them to make sure there wasn't trouble. They took offense. They say I speak too much. They said they understand mechanicals, so I went into explaining I was researching ballistic missile strikes, radiation effects, and nuclear reactors and missile strikes and they completed freaked out. They obviously did not understand what I was talking about nor wished to have me explain. They think I have some kind of madness or mental retardation."

Silas offers a quiet nod as he brings his arms to cross along his chest. "I could see anything relating to missiles and radiation being a fairly touchy subject on the surface of a world that probably only fairly recently recovered from it." Says Silas with a tilt of his head and a lopsided frown. "However, their refusal to allow you explain yourself is problematic. That means such refusals for diplomacy in those situations will arise again." Silas falls silent, as he stares off into the distance with furrowed brows, looking at nothing in particular as he wordlessly thinks to himself. "It's probably best if we simply don't tell them much about ourselves. The terms say we'll have to relocate anyways, so we should make distance to be able to grow and avoid them. " Shrugging, Silas looks back around and towards Mimi, "But at the moment we can't do that. Whether they think you're mad or retarded is irrelevant, though. They're spear throwers, and no matter what people tell me, they're primitive. The difference between us is like that of the Serene Republic of Venice in its height to the Visigoths after the fall of the Roman Empire. I can see about looking into them, if that's the case. Whether it's for you or everyone else. But if it's for you in particular," he says, as if offering some form of service, "You'll owe me. Fair?"

Mimi quirks her head with a confused expression "Query: What service are you offering? I am unclear." She pauses a moment. "I had voiced that the Ark has nuclear reactors, and missles. Which they likely do. The Ark is comprised of different stations that were originally conceived as military run installations. There is also the entire business of the 13th colony. Convenient that there is no clear record of their disappearance from so long ago? We skirmish amoungst ourselves. One could make a case that per capita that we are actually far more violent of a culture than the Grounders are." She considers. "If I can visit the location of the Grounders camp I can gather the coordinates to give to the Ark. However there are more villages to worry about. A tactical strike would be ineffective considering this. The other option is a tactical strike against the mountain if it poses a threat. However my analyzation so far does not reveal a particularly weak point. It was made well, and could likely survive a even a direct nuclear strike. The mountain will have to be infiltrated by foot. I have to wonder over the following options: 1 - contact the mountain people, if there are any. This would make an enemy of the grounders. Eliminate the mountain men - this would require the Grounders and their skills. I do not believe we can be allies or neutral with both parties."

"Finding out information about the local Grounders." Says Silas with a a tilt of his head to the side as his right hand comes over to scratch his chin. "Granted, firing a missile at them is probably about as useful as knocking down a hornet nest with the sole purpose of getting stung." Silas shrugs his shoulders, "Or maybe it's a wasp nest I'm thinking of. I'm not sure. In any case, I don't care about the Ark as it was before I ended up down here- in complete honesty. That's all in the past now, no matter what. What matters to me is how we'll be able to survive down here. Personally? I would like to get in contact with the people at the mountain if they are genuine survivors. If they're marauders, then they probably wont be much more than Grounder rebels and there's no real advantage to joining up with them. Attacking the local grounders is also a death sentence for those of us down here and those that will be down here, and I believe the council has already agree'd with the ceasefire. As it stands, attacking them is not the option we should take. That's my opinion, at least." Silas quietly takes a moment to look off to the side, thinking again for a few seconds before he looks back. "We don't know the people at Mount Weather at the moment. So I feel more inclined to work with the local Grounders. I don't necessarily trust them- and the feeling is no doubt mutual, but I don't want to gamble on the lives of the camp for there being people worth a damn at Mount Weather."

Mimi pauses awkwardly as she seems to think, then respond. "Two options, if there are Mountain Men, they know we are here. They may not know our location but it's only a matter of time. They likely stripped Cameron's Mother's pod, and they likely know we are out here on some level. We could contact them, but it could be a negative. I would recommend contacting them and seeing how they react. I know of a buried retail store. We could give them those coordinates, and see if they enter fully armed or with diplomacy. Revealing ourselves could also offer negative consequences as well. And we could not let the Grounders know of our plan if we were to execute it. But I do believe that they have some level of technology. The Grounders are afraid of them, meaning they do have a fearsome presence." She points at Silas "Be afraid of me." She pauses a moment, tilting her head to the other side "I do not beleive I would be able to be feared no matter how much effort I put into it, showing how much effort must have been made."

Taking a moment to let Mimiya's words sink in, Silas quietly purses his lips and stares at her for a moment or two with brows furrowing from hard thought. "I'd say that attempting to make contact with them is worth the attempt, at the very least. Alternatives to the Grounders should be taken into heavy consideration, even if it may put our truce at jeopardy. But I think a lot of things will put that truce at jeopardy, considering the type of people among us. For example, Mags could if we don't kill her." says Silas with a glance towards the bustle of the camp with a slow blink and a quiet sigh. "However, if you /do/ try to make contact with them, at least bring it up with the others to be evaluated as a plan first. Doing it on your own can put us all at risk if we're not at the same page. We're already divided enough. You'll have to make the Mountain Men seem like the best option for survival aside from the Grounders- but even then it may end up with us split between Mount Weather and the Ark. Take extreme caution with that idea." says Silas. When she points at him, and tells him to be afraid of him- he stares at her blankly for a second. Not bothering- or at least seeming to not listen to her as she continues afterwards, he moves to stand up and bring his left hand over to tightly grip the pommel of his blade as he inches his face closer to hers and quietly locks eyes as his brows furrow and he sneers somewhat. "What was that?"

Mimi looks up at the intimidating look but seems unbothered by it. "I told you to be afraid of me. Explanation: I did so to attempt to prove a point that I do not have the ability to be intimidating." She reaches up to try to grab Silas by the cheeks and give them a little tug for a moment releasing thereafter if successful. (Can roll for it if you like). "Are you attempting to intimidate me? Apologies, I do not intimidate well. After all I was able to turn Allen's frown upside down, even if it was just a brief physical moment." She looks actually curious a moment. "Unless you are trying to flirt at me? I am not very good at that. However I am improving." she pauses a moment then continues "Explanitive statement: You have a tall height and a big blade that you know how to use. I am attempting to use a euphemism. The euphemism is that the blade is your penis, and you know how to use your penis well. That is not to mean that you cut off limbs of your lovers with your penis-blade, but instead that you know how to have sex at them in a successful manner. Sex meaning any manner of sex, whether it be standard missionary or deviant type of sex that you are having. With your blade which in this scenario would be a penis. Your penis specifically." She gives a smile and a giggle "Please rate the effectiveness of my flirt from 1 to 10, with 1 being the low point and 10 being the high point."

Grunting, Silas' attempt at intimidation is lost the moment she grabs and pulls on his cheeks. "Ow ow- fuck, alright!" he says, grunting as he swats them away and brings his hand over to rub his cheek to step away slightly. When she suggests that he was flirting, however, his eyes widen somewhat and his face begins to go red. As she speaks, primarily at the talk of his penis, blade, and/or bladed penis, he's steadily growing more and more red in the face until nearing the end of her explanation he's comparable to a ripe tomato. When she asks him to rate it one to ten, Silas opens his mouth to speak- but he's slightly agape for a moment before he offers a slight shrug, "I… Don't know." he says with a rather embarrassed smirk. "Uh.. Six? The explanation ruined it a bit though…" he says with a blink. "And I'm a virgin." he confirms with her, with a shrug and a glance away with furrowed brows. "But if you want to be intimidating, actions count more than words."

Mimi shrugs her shoulders "One of the reasons why I am ineffective. Six however is better than I have been doing. I too am a virgin. Now that we have arrived on Earth I should start thinking about finding a mate. Male or female I do not believe matters. If you can find a compatible companion in this age where the choices are few it is my belief that you should make the most of it. I suppose we will be expected to have children now, instead of having opposition." She rubs at her cheek a little. "I suppose I should get going however. I have an encryption algorithm to create. One that can be configured for the airwaves. You know…just in case."

His hand slips from rubbing his cheek to rub the back of his neck, slowly nodding as he stares at Mimi. "I see… I'm not sure about how I feel about finding a.. . 'Mate', to be honest. The idea isn't something I've thought about all that much. I haven't had any reason to. I guess, down here, maybe I should start thinking about it.." Silas pauses for a moment, looking over Mimi's shoulder and quietly looking around. "But I'll definitely think about it for a long time." he says, looking back over to her. When she says she should get going, Silas quietly nods. "Right. I've got to get ready for the execution, in case anyone tries anything. Take care." he says, moving to offer her a pat on the shoulder before turning away and beginning to walk off towards the tenting area of the grounds.

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