Day 025: Need Some Space
Summary: Tink is doing her best to forget what just happened with Stone by working on a project with Reno. Stone drops by to try to apologize.
Date: 06/18/2016
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Tech Tent
This tent is really nothing more than a taut stretch of sun-bleached blue and gold parachute pulled taut into a large eaves. One side of it has been attached to the outer wall of the dropship, while the opposite corners have been tied tightly to the tops of some thick sapling poles. Evergreen branches have been used to make a screen-like wall adjacent to the dropship wall, creating a little corner of protection. The rest of the tent is open to the remainder of the camp so that the communication relay can get the best signal. Inside the tent, a couple of small, crude tables has been made from dropship panels and tree stumps.
Day 25

Tink is just sitting in front of the laptop, having typed in Cole's password is setting up the diagnostic to look at the signal. She's sniffing, wiping her cheek with her sleeve and trying to focus on the task at hand and not the conversation that is ringing in her ears, "It could not even possibly get worse…this day is possibly the worst day…even worse than being on fucking fire." Cause yeah, being on fire hurts but this…this feels like her soul got ripped out and stomped on.

Reno was dead quiet. At her declaration he half nodded and said "Yeah. Tell me about it." He grabbed a magnet and pinned the water reservoir schematics and shopping list to the overhead pole and the list for speaker parts for their magnets next to it for Tink's rail launcher device next to it. He wasn't good at 'peopling' and he really wasn't up to dispense advice he didn't have from experience he didn't have with energy he didn't have. He felt depleted as their signal right now honestly. He did, however, take the dry biscuit from his afternoon ration and set it in front of her while grabbing something to write on. The most he knew how to offer the world in this case was a simulation of 'normalcy'.

"It's just…what's wrong with me?" Tink looks up at him, "I…I feel like…" She doesn't even know how to describe her epic fail out there, "It's like…hey Tink, you're super cool and fun to hang with but you're a buddy…a friend." She says friend like it's a dirty word cause right now being in the friend zone sucks, "Thank Reno…" She takes the biscuit and takes a bite, "For not…" She makes a motion of what just occurred outside the tent, "And Cole…I know he was mad cause Stone was being a jerk…but it just…it just felt like everyone was looking at me and feeling pity."

Reno actually looked, strangely, a little angry. The words were faintly frustrated but he took a deep breath and flipped to a clean page glancing to her. "Why? Cause Stone is a bully and a selfish ass who believes that like the other big guys running around that just because they are keeping bad things out there -out- there that they can do carte blanche with whatever and whoever they want around here? Yeah, if there's pity on you it's because you're kind enough to endure that." He paused and winced taking a deep breath murmuring, "Sorry. Just… frustrated with him and Cam and Stabby McStabbinstein out there. Whatever that was out there? Ain't you. And it ain't… Shi's fault either." He shook his head and looked at the screen with a faint upnod, happy to be in comfortable territory that he understood. "He have a pre-existing sensor program we can build off of in there?"

"I'm not mad at Shi," Tink tells him softly, looking down at the biscuit in her hand and forcing herself to eat even if the stomach is turning and her heart is smashed to pieces, "It's not her fault…it's not like she set me up." Not like Stone who waited till everyone was looking to plant one on Shi, "I know she's your friend so let her know I'm not mad…okay? I'm just hurt…" And it sucks. She had a crush and it crashed and burned around her.
Tink pauses and then adds, "Ummm…I'm not sure Reno, you want to take a look?" Tink is just distracted right now.

Reno said quietly focusing more on his notes than looking at her right now. He nodded a bit and said half-heartedly, "Yeah. Sure. When we catch up I'll do that. She'll likely be concerned. Shi doesn't much like seeing people get hurt." Having seemed to know her for some time he probably had a bit to base that off of. At the offer of work he nodded and looked up to her and said "Dunno if Cole's all that interested in having me on the project but if I can help I'm willing to hang asking about anything anymore. All they seem to do is argue anyways. If you can get us to the command page we can see what we have on here specs wise to work with. Can't imagine they'd send him out empty handed. Not like our families wanted this scouting mission to be as difficult as humanly possible."

"Cole can be a little hard to get to know, but actually isn't that bad once you get past how he talks," Tink tells him softly and then brings up a command prompt, "And I don't think his attitude was meant to you. He's just not at his best when he hasn't had sleep." She brings up the command prompt and takes a few more bites of the biscuit, "Here…" She hands the laptop over to him to work on, "And I…I don't know if they really planned this out well. I mean…it just seems like they just threw us down here."

Reno took the laptop and was going to say something, but thought better of it. There was a nod and he said "He's got a hard job to do. We're all tired. I'd like to think we all just want to help but that's going to mean working together and-" He shrugged giving her a small smile. A lot of things were going on but hey, she didn't need any of his shit or anyone else's shit right now so he gave her a friendly face in exchange for the laptop. He crunched his knuckles and started to familiarize himself with the machine to the point of giving it a tiny, "hullooooo." when it responded to query commands. He tongued at his bottom lip which was a bit chapped from more work than water to go around lately. He couldn't talk to people for shit, but he could talk to machines just fine and having something familiar brought a more genuine smile back to him. Noting the solitaire game he opened it for shits and giggles and noted the high score. Cole wasn't joking. "Holy crap and I thought I needed to get out more. Go Cole." He closed it and said, "don't worry. I can't promise anyone will make any sense, but we could be a step closer so they will have tomorrow to be confounded in."

"And he tries to take on everything himself," Tink brings up as she watches him on the pc, glad that she's got Reno there to help her figure stuff out, "And yeah…I hope once you run the scan…it will give us some answers." She gives a tired sigh and murmurs, "I did not sleep last night…I might have to grab some soon myself, but first…." She starts to spread out some of the ideas she drew up to make the barrels mobile, "Here's some plans that I drew up." She's over at the table with Reno working on tech stuff. Reno has the computer and Tink is shadowing him.

A number of minutes after his antics caused drama, Stone is coming back from the tents area, alone again, looking like a man marching to the gallows. He's made a bee-line for the Tech Tent, which probably means he's got apology on his mind. Or…is about to go get his ass electrocuted or set on fire by 'accident'. Either way, he's putting on a brave face and trying to step in, looking around for a particular tinker of course.

Reno was still shut off, but sometimes a sterile work environment was a comfort. It offered normalcy, and maybe to Reno it was a safe retreat. Since they 'landed creatively' the reclusive electro-lad has been jsut that: reclusive and focused entirely on work. Now moreso. For Tink he was generally chatty as a bird where the tech was concerned. This was not the present case. For Stone the tent wasn't large at all and on the end of their worktable was Tink watching Reno type like he was communicating in his native language. When Stone entered his eyes glanced up and he got very quiet, though his fingers did not. He looked back down at the screen.

Tink was sitting there quietly, trying to force down a biscuit. The silent was a bit comforting for the girl. She does hear someone walk in as Reno is typing in commands. She thought it might be one of the techies so it's a surprise to see Stone looming there. She blinks as if she's not sure how this happened, "Stone?" She looks a little weary as if she's not sure what is going to happen next, "Umm…if you're looking for Cole, he laid down for some sleep."

Stone always feels extra stupidly huge when he comes into this tent full of breakable things. More like how he felt up on the Ark sometimes, which always makes him self-conscious and brings out the shy in him. The fact he's here for something potentially unpleasant makes it all the worse, but here the Boy Scout is, trying to do better. He's pausing though once in, giving Reno a sad but polite upnod of greeting (as much as he's able with stitches in his throat still), then shifting gaze to Tink with her words. He looks…older somehow. Aged by sadness worry, furrow browed and gentle dark eyes. Her comment brings one of the brows arching a little, and he's shaking his head, horror-movie arrow-through-the-throat voice rasp-whispering out. "No, I think Cole made his opinion pretty clear. I…came to…try and apologize to you. For…what happened out there, and…for all of it." A grimace as he's already botching this up, as a hand moves to scrub over his eyes, and then up over the close-shorn hair with a rasp. "I'm…not goin' about this right. Can…can I come in? Try to talk? Explain if I can?"

Reno said with a flat, very casual and detached tone that was a sharp contrast when he was discussing solutions twenty minutes ago, "Woooow Stone. You might've wanted to open with that." He glanced up and was a little rattled by his own audacity at speaking directly to someone who could lay him out flat if they wanted to with no effort. "On behalf of the sanctity of the 'Tech Enclave'," Oh yes, techs loved to name stuff because they worked too long in too small of an area and got too little sleep. They had to entertain themselves somehow. "Not that I'm going to get involved, but because someone should advise for the peace of all, you come here to make you feel better or her? Because everytime you seem to get involved, man, it's… like you’re trying to come out looking the hero doing right by everyone but her, you DO realize this right?" He would die inside later and kick himself for getting involved but he just saw Tink spend two days crying.

Tink bites her bottom lip and nods slowly, still not sure how this is going go, "Okay…if you want to." Tink steps away from Reno moving to Cole's throne and plopping herself down so she can give him her complete attention, "And yeah…an explanation would be nice…I mean…I know that when we kissed…" She flushes a bit, "That things didn't click for you…but why did you do that? In front of everyone?" Cause it's bad enough when someone tells you they're not interested, "I…I just felt really exposed…"

Both eyebrows go up sharply at Reno's talking. Not out of some negative reaction particularly, but because the smaller (albeit still tall) technie usually doesn't say five words his way, despite them having both been friends of Shi's. It takes the giant a moment of stunned silence before he's letting out a sigh to the actual words spoken to him, and giving the guy a solemn sort of nod. "I'm here because I hurt her and don't want her to hurt, Reno. I don't give a fudge about myself in the matter particularly, so whatever coming out like a hero I've done, has been accident of my being a gigantic fudging twit." The Boy Scout notoriously doesn't swear, but when fudge starts getting involved, it's clear he's upset. Only…he seems genuine in not caring about himself so much as caring about the hurt he's caused. Maybe he's really just _that_ socially inept and had no clue what hurt he was going to cause.

Either way, giving the guy a small nod that seems like it has surprising amount of respect in it for his stepping up to speak and defend Tink, he's going on to look to Tink, moving further into the tent on her allowance, squatting once he finds a place where he's not bumping anything, bringing him more down to her seated level, maybe even a bit below, leaving him to watch her with the dark, sad eyes through her words, letting her say all she needs. By the end of it, his eyes are dropping to the ground, embarrassment or pain, not clear which, sigh escaping him again. "I…swear to you, Tink, on everything in me, I didn't mean that to hurt you or embarrass you. You've been ducking me as bad as I was duckin' you, and I saw you while I was on my way to do something stupendously stupid, and…I didn't think it through. I just wanted to tell you those things. I _meant_ those things. I am sorry for what I said after that…that kiss. It was a perfectly sweet kiss, Tink."

Stone seemed absolutely genuine about that, it _was_ a nice kiss. "Any other time, I would have jumped all over it, because you're fudging wonderful and any guy would be freaking lucky to have you. But…at the time, you're right, it didn't spark for us. I…was so stunned when I realized why that I said the first fudging idiot thing that came to my mind, and then it was too late because you were running away. That's…what I was trying to tell you today, even if I picked a twit time to do it and in front of people. It was all me. You're perfect, but I…I realized I got feelings for Shi no matter how much I was trying to ignore them. I didn't want to hurt you, then _or_ now, but I am utter crap at all of this. I don't know how to handle any of it, so I'm just flailing around all over the place, and I keep doing the wrong things because of it."

Reno listened to Stone's summery of WHY he was here. Satisfied that Stone understood that apologizing were about her feelings and not his the techie returned the nod of respect and fell silent so that Stone could say his peace. Tink deserved an apology and she was getting one. He wasn’t there to speak for her. She was smart, she could do that herself, but sometimes one had to say something. That passed he went back to typing unobtrusively. Objectively he did mumble, "To be fair if any of us had out poop in a group the majority of us wouldn't be where we are right now." It was formulaic logic, but also possibly his way of saying 'that's fair for not being an expert in 'peopling'. He wasn't, so he had no stones to throw. Literally or figuratively or ironically.

"I kissed you…" Tink says softly in a sad voice, "So don't feel bad about the lack of sparks…I mean, you didn't ask for that." She looks at the half eaten biscuit in her hands, "What really hurts is just…I'm not the heroine in my own story…I'm just the plucky sidekick that everyone laughs out and it really sucks when you're not the heroine." She gives a little shrug and glances up, "It's okay that Shi is your heroine. I'm not mad…I just…don't like everyone looking at me." She curls up in the chair, "And knowing that I got shot down…it's a pride thing I think. And…" She takes a deep breath and lets it out, "Just…next time something happens…not even romantic crap…and you need to talk, pull me aside."

Stone doesn't seem to quite understand the techie's talk by the cant-headed look he gives him, but gives a small nod nonetheless to the guy before turning eyes back to Tink again for her reply. Her words bring sympathy there, furrowed brows and further sadness, but he's nodding to the last. "I promise, no more stupid proclamations in public, though I _did_ try not to say a word about what happened. I just tried to tell you what I'm going to tell you again, Tink. You're wonderful. You're wrong about not being the heroine in your story. You just…are in the part of the story where the heroine gets kind of battered around before finding their chance to shine properly and win the heart of the hero. We're…just in the wrong stories for…us." Okay, too much trying to use that metaphor. He's shaking his head of it, wincing a little at pulled throat stitch, which he reaches up to massage at through bandage as he goes on. "Regardless, I was trying to apologize then, and I'm trying to now. So…I'm sorry Tink. For hurting you and embarrassing you. I'll try to be better in the future, I swear it."

Reno didn't looks up. he wasn't called on and left Tink to decide things for herself. Seems so long as she wasn't getting more upset or ask his involvement. Quiet introvert was quiet. Besides if second children were experts in anything it was ading out of existence while the world went on. He typed and gave them their privacy.

"Okay…apology understood," Tink tells him softly and glances over to where Reno is working because really she'd like to be knee deep in a project rather than having her own feelings laid open, "But give me a few days to sort stuff up here…" She points to her head, "And here…"She points to her heart." She bites her bottom lip and then boldly tells him, "And if there's nothing else to say…I'd just like a little space. It's not like I want you to avoid me or anything…just give me time to process…in my own way."

It seems like Stone might have something else he could think to say, but for once, the giant doesn't fudge everything up by not thinking through it. He's instead nodding simply and rising slowly back up. He doesn't look terribly convinced he helped at all, but he at least tried, so with a sigh, he's giving a small wave and murmur-rasping. "Bye for now then. Catcha Reno." He gives the other guy a brief silent look after. Something laden with hidden meaning that may seem to have something to do with Tink. But whether the guy got the message at all or not is anyone's guess. With that, he's exiting slowly back into the camp, straightening up, and trying to go back to figuring out what to do about the rest of the things he keeps messing up.

Reno looked up as his name was mentioned. Stone regretted having to do this, but he did it, and they seemed to meet eyes to eye on the matter. Whatever message Stone was sending him the response was a pause and a nod in return. It could be widely read that Reno accepts the delivery of the olive branch given to his fellow tech and seemed to be lacking in the sterile hostility he'd originally greeted the mountain of meat with when he'd entered. That said was there an implied message for him? Man the kid lived in a box. No really a literal box. He has zero understanding of social queues and went right back to typing missing the message. He was a bit hungry but he didn't ask for the dried biscuit back. Tink needed it more than he did and he was used to it. He offered to Tink, "Think we're making some headway on his. No promises yet." He… yeah he missed that and was entirely back into project mode.

Tink watches Stone head out and then gives a sigh, looking at Reno with a sad look, "Thanks…for being there…that really was hard." She quietly watches him type and there's a bit of comfort in just watching him work, "And…thanks for being my friend. I don't have many down here that I consider linchpins and you're one of them.

Reno paused in his typing and looked up at her. He looked down at his hands which were shaking. Truth be told his pulse was also doing 120 and were his bracelet relaying to the ark they might confuse him sitting still with being chased by a bear. It took more nerve than he realized he had truth be told. At her thanks he shrugged a shoulder. He offered to her, "Sometimes it's hard going through stuff alone. For what it's worth, you're not. Not that any one of us can fix-" he waved his long fingers in a vague circle at the entrance of the tent, "All that, but… yeah. Welcome." He finally let his face have some expression other than a sterile irritation and indifference on it which extended commiseration. "For what it's worth, to a degree, I get it. And if you need it you're welcome to grouse at me all ya want." He snickered and grinned ironically, "Shi said I'm pretty fair at being a sounding board." He looked at the flaps on the tent. There were a number of things he could do to the man for being callous towards either one of them, Shi and Tink, but in the time it took him to have that realization he also surmised he didn't seem the type to be flagrant by choice and let it go. He pulled up a few menus on the laptop and gave her the good news, "For what it's worth there's a few useful things this machine'll do. That's good for future use."

"No…I don't think anyone can fix…" Tink does her best to smile, "All that. I wouldn't even want to try…" She gets off the thrown to go back and sit with Reno at the keyboard, "And considering what good advice I already get from you…I definitely will…" She gives him a shoulder nudge, "And if you want to bounce ideas off me about this…or that." She nods to the outside of the tent, "Just know you can come to me." Then she takes a deep breath and focuses on what's on the screen, "Okay…hit me with it."

Reno turned red in teh ears at the nudge and managed to chuckle a bit. What aggressions he had seemed to fade, or he was at least not going to direct them at her. The thought of that though amused him and he admitted, "You know I'm actually terrible at talking to people right? If I figure it out though you'll either be the first or second to know. But… I appreciate that. I dunno. It's easy here. You and Cole speak schematic. It's easier to just talk work sometimes, isn't it?" Apparently a sentiment he believed she shared.

"It's totally easier to talk about work," Tink agrees, looking at the computer screen with a smile, "It makes more sense to me. There's a logical order. And when I use a formula…it works usually as expected." She cants her head to the side and looks at Reno, "And I think you communicate just fine. I mean…I understand you."

Reno was actually relieved someone got it, though it was not at all surprising it was someone else fluent in 'blueprint' as a first language. Waving his hand at the screen he says "There's a trust between one and the machine. Things work or they don't and there's no feelings involved, it's not personal, and if something gets messed up it's an easy fix… unless you're Cole playing with Hydrazine. That's… I don't want to think about what would happen if he suddenly sneezed. But yeah. You don't communicate right, refine your statement, and try again and there's no hard feelings and it's all very, very simple. And it works the same each and every time so you know what to expect and it's- yeah. Totally logical order." he glanced to her and eyed her thoughtfully for a moment and decided. "We're gonna do it Tink. WEeeee are going to totally enable this camp to get saved. We so got this."

"I hope so…cause I don't want to just survive here Reno…I want to make a home for all of us," Tink tells him softly, "Where we can grow, make mistakes and face consequences that doesn't include getting floated." She nods to the computer, "Lets scan…and see if there is static on the line and if there's something there blocking our communication with the Ark."

Reno nodded in agreement and finally asked, "Can I ask you a question wherein 'Reno, this is a terrible time to bring that up and I'd really appreciate if you never asked again' is … well a seriously fair answer." He waited first for her to let him know if she was up for fielding any personal queries at this time or wanted to just stick to work. Curiosity was biting at him.

"For you…I'll answer. So ask away," Tink tells him, figuring at this point Reno deserves some answers since he's been such a good friend and stuck by her through this insanity. She takes a bite of her biscuit and waits to see what Reno wants to know.

Reno tried to find phrasing for his question and turned oto her really curious, "How'd you… ya know… wind up out here? What happened?" His head tilted and there was a curiosity wherein he was trying to connect dots he didn't have. For what it was worth it didn't seem to have any ulterior motive buried in the question. "You have family up there?" He paused and finally gave an apologetic side nod of his head. "Kinda get curious about the causality of everything. What peoples lives were like." Because he didn't get one, curiosity was a natural step. It was an invasive question though and he seemed to be aware of that much.

"I was convicted of eleven counts of arson," Tink tells him softly as she pulls up her sleeves to show him her arms and they're heavily scarred from burns, "I screwed up…trusted someone that I shouldn't have to double check my work and instead of getting my back, she blew me up." She pulls down her sleeve, "Her name is Bella and she was my best friend all the way up to the point where I figured out that she rigged the generator to blow up on me and then all those other fires were probably started by her." She looks away, "Kai…blames Jenks for not doing his job…basically blaming me for the other fires without checking all the facts but a girl about my height, wearing a rather unique hoodie that I happen to own ended up on camera, lighting up a panel so…while that cadet was a jerk…he might have thought he was doing the right thing."

Reno furrowed his brow and said "You have a long history of trusting all the wrong people with all the wrong things. They'll be sorry when you're done figuring out how to save the Ark though. Good news for me is I found an expert on helping build a fire suppression system." That lopsided grin that he and Max both had came back and he nudged her shoulder with his as a sign of support. "Think it'll take more than that to keep you down for long though. Still. That's some crap luck." The condolence was genuine even if there was an attempt at finding a silver lining in it all. "It hurt?"

Tink nods when he asks if it hurt alot and she takes off her flannel shirt to show him the rather extensive scarring on both arms, "I was wearing gloves and a face cover because I had been welding…luckily for me, that protected most of me but my sleeves burned quick and hot." She shows him the odd patterns on the skin, "They had to pick the pieces of shrapnel and clothing out of my wounds…and while some base pain meds were provided…but the pain was pretty bad." She gives him a should nudge back, "It's okay now…just not pretty to look at." She gives a shrug, "And I guess for me…that day I died…on the table that was…and when I managed to pull through, I made a promise to myself not to waste time…to live…really live, not just exist in four walls."

Reno looked at the strange patterns in the scars on her arms seeming neither repelled or pitying in the observation. As expected there was an academic interest in them. When she got to her promise he looked up to her arching an eyebrow. "Yeah. I get that." It struck a personal chord with him that he could only find agreement with. "Still got family up there at all? People to contact? You know if Bella came down here at all?"

"My mom and dad," Tink tells him with a smile, "My dad is actually a lead engineer on Alpha station. He's pretty good at his job. My mom is in Operations…supply chain. She was a pretty good mom." She gets a little more comfortable as she chats about her happy childhood, "My mom used to make me star pancakes. My dad would sometimes lay down on the bed with me and look out into space and we'd make up names for the stars. And my mom used to do things like plop down on my dad's lap and ask, 'How much do you love me?' and he would say, 'From Earth to the Sun and back again to the Ark'. They are really good people Reno."

Reno was sitting at the end of the worktable with Cole's laptop in his lap doing… something on it, or was. Right now Tink was musing better memories than current events afforded her. The story though brought a smile, maybe nostalgic, maybe envious, but either way it was good. "That's… really awesome. No wonder you're a natural at this. Seems talent runs in the family." A bandaged hand (yes, seems he'd been trying something again) rubbed the back of his neck while he tried to picture the story in his head and grinned, "You'll see em again. I got a feelin."

"I hope so…I even want to see Bella again, make sure she makes it down so we an sit down and talk," Tink tells Reno with a sigh, "She…she was someone I grew up with." Tink gives a laugh, "We even had the same birthday. And when I was growing up, it was like she was a sister to me. She was moody…got angry a lot but I think it's because her mom put a lot of pressure on her to 'be the best' in her class. And she wasn't…cause I don't think the engineering stuff is her thing…Reno…she's a great cook and I remember tasting something she made and telling her just how insanely good it was…" She stops talking and gives a shrug, "You don't stop loving people when they disappoint you…sometimes you just try to find closure."

Max is a rare sight in the tech tent. He doesn't often come around save to poke his head in and see if Reno was there. And that seems to be what he is doing at the moment. His head appears at the doorway and he looks around, and noticing Reno, he wanders in, giving a nod in greeting to Tink as well. "Hey," is his quiet greeting.

Reno arched an eyebrow and grinned, "Tink, if you call blowing you up disappointing you? I'd hate to see what'd have to happen to make you 'a bit upset'. You might be the most forgiving person in the history of the dang Ark." Hey that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. He looked tired. Really tired, but then again the majority of the tech crew has pretty much taken to sleeping for a bit every couple days. Either they were all passionately driven by their craft or Cole was a terrible influence in that regard. He gestured with a head nod for Max to come in. "Heeeey max. Don't worry. We're not playing 'what's this button do'"

Tink glances up from where they were talking and motions for Max to join them. She keeps talking to Reno, not minding if Max listens in, "Well…I haven't walked in her shoes Reno, and I don't know what caused her to do that…to hurt me but I want to understand before I just hate her." It's clear that hating is something that just doesn't come to Tink easily, "My mom used to say 'love keeps no record of wrongs doings'…I always liked that idea." She thinks for a moment and adds, "And if she hadn't did what she did…well I wouldn't be here…I'd be up there…" She shakes her head, "And I like it down here. So…one door closed and another door opened. I walked through it to be here with you guys who by the way…are pretty cool in my book."

Max wanders over, hands sliding into his pockets as he picks up on the topic of the conversation, not chiming in at the moment. Instead, he wanders over to where Reno is working and just leans over to take a look at whatever it is that he is working at before turning and leaning a little against whatever solid structure might not tip over from him doing so, and looks at the both of them. He grins a little lopsidedly at Tink and says, "Yeah, you're pretty okay yourself."

Reno tilted his head glancing back to Tink, "That's not a bad way to look at things all in all." Now that they were side by side? That lopsided grin? Oh yeah. Definitely related. When Max replied Reno waved his hand. "See? And THAT is how you compliment someone. Max you should really give lessons." He nodded sagely to punctuate and looked his brother over. In all honesty? Solitaire was back on the screen, but it wasn't Reno who has the bazzilonty points, it was Cole, the computer's proper new owner. "You look in tact. This is a good start."

"So what was it like for you guys…growing up as brothers?" Tink has to ask because it just…she can't imagine how Reno lived on the Ark for so long and avoid detection, "I mean…did you guys get to spend a lot of time together?" She smiles at Reno, "I mean…I really wish I had met you before Reno…before I ended up here. I was just so…" She tries to find the word, "Asleep…just going through the motions. Doing what everyone expected of me."

Max shakes his head at Reno a little bit and reaches over to ruffle his hair. "Yep, still have all my parts in relative working order." He then looks over at Tink and his eyebrows raise a little. Then he says, "When we were kids.. at first, mom looked after us both. Reno, he got shuffled around. There were a few folks who were friends of our father who would take him in. We had hidey holes with a couple of different families. And he'd move around through service tunnels, or hide under the floor. When I got older, I'd bring him stuff to tinker with, to work on, stuff to learn from when I was done with it." He looks over at Reno then and says, "Then I got boxed.. and Shi helped out, to keep an eye on him, and she'd give me little hints as to how he was doing."

Reno laughed and said Max was for the most part the ONLY person I knew. Our age anyways yntil.. yeah. Bout three or so years ago I was completely on my own and Shi and her family hid me which was… really risky considering their job on station. Really grateful to em." He looked up at his brother ruffling his hair and said somberly to Tink, "Better to be in the floor and in between walls where I might be able to make things less difficult cause the alternative? Well that gets everyone floated. Good people. A lot to carry around. Max and Shi would bring back stories about what was goin on outside the pod though so I could get a sense that there was a bigger world." He paused and never really talked about it much. Ever. Looking up to Max he said with a shrug, "Max did everything to protect our family, and that ain't at all bad. For all it was? Max at least made it better. Made dealing with the last few years easier." He chuckled looking up to Max, "You set a high bar for a guy to follow ya know that?"

"Well…I'm glad you made it down here with us," Tink bounces up from her seat and gives Reno a hug, "I think that diagnostic is going to be running for a while and seriously? I need sleep. I'm so tired right now, I could fall asleep right here and forget where I was." She gives Reno an little squeeze, "And thanks for today…you were my hero." She lets go and flashes Max a smile, "I'm going to head out…it was good seeing you Max."

Max shakes his head and says to Reno, "I just wanted to keep everybody alive." He doesn't say much more on the topic than that, clearly not thinking that he's a bar setter for anyone, barely even for himself. Then he looks over at Tink and he smiles a bit wryly, "Try and catch a few Zzzs. You guys are running yourselves ragged." He gives her a nod then, a dip of his head and says, "Good to see you, Tink."

Reno smiled. He was earnestly pleased she felt better. Sometimes improving quality of life for the colony was one person at a time. "Yeah climb in a hammock, you'll feel twenty times better tomorrow. Aaand that means I can use your chair for a foot rest." That said he stretched outreturning the hug awkwardly from where he sat with one arm. "Night, Tinkertoy." Eyeing his brother, however he said, "Kkept us alive ya did. You say that like it was "Oh well I didn't just leave my damn socks lying around." he shook his head and didn't elaborate on his discrepancy in data in recent history either that might have conflicted a iny bit with Shi's reports. He set the laptop on the desk so it stopped heating up his leg and said "Was going to hit up you and Quinn and whoomever about doing a local scouting find if there's any remote opportunity. Need pieces. And noooo I'm not going to go run off alone like an idiot. I'm gonna find other idiots to go with me so we can all commence with making poor life choices in the name of staying alive." He grinned wryly and at least admitted it was a bad plan from the get go.

Tink leans over to lock Cole's computer so her resident boss man doesn't freak. And then gives a wave as she heads out to leave the two brothers to chat about recent events and upcoming missions. She is so tired, she barely makes it back to her bed without crashing.

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