Day 015: Negotiations Between Nobodies
Summary: Grey and Gideon have their own Trikru-Skaikru negotiations. They're not particularly productive.
Date: 27 May 2016
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Grey Gideon 

The Wilderness
A patch of sun-dappled grass in the forest.
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Warning: Suggestion of nakedness and past sexual congress. Nothing really dirty.

Grey lets out a breath as he looks down at the Grounder sprawled atop and alongside him, "With folks up in C-Bur, there's a lot to worry about…" He shakes his head, letting the thought pass and tilting his head to press a kiss to her brow. "But I like these… these moments. A lot."

"You need to take the time to heal, Grey," Gideon chides softly. Then she looks up at him with a soft curve of her smile. She then closes her eyes at the press to her lips to his cheek in turn. Then she lifts her head a bit, looking at him with a slight tilt of her head. "I like them, too… but I should help you finish up your hunt so you can return to the camp with something." She offers him a wry smile.

"Yeah, I do." Grey seems to admit that easily enough, "But until they're safe, I can't." Groaning softly, he lets his head back onto the grass, "Yeah, yeah… hunting, hunting. Just let me enjoy this for a minute first. The sun's nice, you're so — " He casts a glance down at the Grounder, smiling, "warm. And the grass is soft. There haven't been too many really, really good moments since Landing, and this is one of 'em."

"Mm, if you insist." Gideon turns back into him, tucking her head into his shoulder. Her eyes close as she focuses on their shared warmth. She glances up to him vaguely without lifting her head once more. "If things go as they have been, I imagine you can all expect a small exhale soon." Or so she hopes. She closes her eyes, ducking her head once more.

"I insist. I really, really insist." His fingers stroke gently at the back of her shoulder, "And I really hope you're right. If we can get somethin' settled, then we can start teachin' each other. Prepping for the rest of the Arkers." His eyes drop down to the two bracelets on his left wrist, brows furrowing for just a moment, "That'll be a whole 'nother level of complex. But one problem at a time."

"Oh?" Gideon arches a brow, looking up at him vaguely when he mentions possible complexities. Then she starts to sit up slowly, drawing a leg up toward her chest as she does. This gives him a wonderful view of her back as she wraps an arm around the bent limb. She then looks over her shoulder at him, head tilted. "You do know that you are in more need of our knowledge than we are of yours…"

Grey lets his hand trail down from her shoulder, fingers tracing the pattern of black ink down to where they linger at her sacrum. "Yeah. I know. We'll be able to pay you back when the rest of the Skaikru come down. Or at least, to start to. But yeah. The Trikru knows a whole hell of a lot more about livin' down here than we do. Everything from hunting to herbs to farming to leather-working to…" He snorts a low chuckle, scratching at the trail of hair that runs up to his navel with the fingers of one hand, "…well, everything. It's gonna be doctoring, power, and things that the Ark can give. Maybe somethin' else, I dunno."

Gideon frowns, even while her skin shivers up at the soft touch. She looks at him, head tilted aside. "And what if we don't need everything you offer?" Then she shakes her head slightly. "We have, as you can see, have done fairly well without your… Ark stuff." Then she sighs, shrugging a bit with what she's thinking. "We are not… missing much here. Our lives are quite content."

Letting his hand rest at the small of her back even as she twists to look at him, Grey frowns a touch, smothering his first, instinctively flippant response, "You've got everything you need, sure. But what about things that make life easier? Solar power could probably get you indoor plumbing… latrines that flush, baths that fill without buckets of water. You could have a hot bath instead of wiping down." His fingers toy at the soft skin of her back at that suggestion, "Or night-vision goggles could make hunting at night easier. I bet solar-powered engines would make farming easier too. And we've got machines to make things faster than a…" he thinks a moment, then comes up with, "…smith can do it." His brows lift, "If life was just about what you need, would you be here?"

Gideon frowns, but looks over across the forests from the small grassy clearing. She is thoughtful, shifting her shoulders back and forth a bit as she tries to find a comfort in his touch even his words harry her a bit. "Perhaps… but easier is not always better. Sometimes hard is better… you appreciate things more." She chuffs out a soft breath, dropping her chin to her folded arms. "I'm sure that there is much your people could offer us, but it feels as though there is more we can offer you… and you came here uninvited." She holds up a hand, anticipating his objection. "I know, you didn't know we were here…"

Grey sits up then, closer to her, a frown touching his brows, "You want things to be harder? I mean, you seem to have a pretty good handle on things in C-Bur, but if things took less time, you could spend more time…" his fingers still at her back as his other hand spins a little, searching for the right phrase, "…doing whatever. Art, sports, games, enjoying life." His free hand gestures up again, "Stuff we never got to do much of up there either." Her protest causes him to lean forward against her back, resting his chin on her shoulder and looking to loop both arms around her middle, "I know, Dee. We've got things that can make life better, but you've got things that'll let us live." His eyes flick up to the north, in the general direction of the site of the summit, "At least for a while, Skaikru's gonna have to give more than they get, 'cause what we've got isn't as valuable. And I hope they remember that."

Gideon frowns at his tone, looking a bit reproachful — a rather odd expression for the usually unflappable Grounder. She shakes her head then, breathing out a slow exhale. "Art, sure… games… yes, we have those… sports…" She seems uncertain, shaking her head. Then she looks at Grey fully, turning a bit in her seat to do so. She shakes her head. "I'm the wrong person to talk to about this… I have no power, no control, over anything that happens at the Summit, much less after. I do what I'm told, go where I'm told…" She frowns. "You would be better off speaking to someone else about this." There is a small nugget if sadness in that, as if she knows she has taken power away from herself.

Grey smirks bitterly, loosing his grip about her waist to let her turn more easily to better face him, "You and me both." Pressing a kiss to her naked shoulder, he continues, "We're both nobodies. But that's kinda the point, isn't it? If I was talkin' to Oxfor or…" he frowns a moment, "Whoever his second-in-command is…" and then goes on, "then I'd be doin' somethin' official, and I'd get my head bit off for that." There's more bitterness there. "And sports… they're sorta like games, but with a purpose. Football, for instance, would be good trainin' for warriors." More or less. Mostly less. Drawing in a slow breath, his brows furrow, studying her lovely features so physically close to his own but so very different at the same time, "That pisses you off, doesn't it? That you don't have any say."

The scout is thoughtful in the wake of his explanation. Of course, she tends to think all games have a purpose, but she doesn't counter Grey on that point yet. She has other things worrying her mind. She breathes out a slow exhale, and her shoulders sink as her body does, pressing against him. "I had a say… once," Gideon murmurs in reply. "I was selected by Indra… our kruheda… to be her second. She thought she saw something in me… I was deeply… honored." She shakes her head. "But, I messed it up… didn't do what I was supposed to, had to be corrected too often… she rescinded her choice. It is…" She drops her chin a bit. "My greatest shame."

Grey withdraws one hand, sliding it up her back to wrap around her shoulders and hold Gideon close. Listening silently, he lets a slow, thoughtful frown crease his brows, "So what you're sayin' is that we're both screw-ups." There's a wry sort of humor there, "I'd say 'she don't know what she's missin',' 'cause I think you're pretty great." He shrugs just a little, "Seems to me that bein' second-in-command of a Clan's a big deal, even if the crewheda's," he still doesn't have Trigedasleng pronunciation down yet, "a bitch and knocks you down." He snorts a bit, "Hell, I was gonna be a long-shot to make Sergeant. Not like Adams, her dad was a damned Captain."

Gideon laughs, though it is a soft and almost sad laugh that does not carry light into her eyes. "Indra made the wisest call. I don't think I was really dedicated, or what she needed." She casts him a wry smile, head tilted a bit. Her head tucks into his shoulder then, and she breathes in his warm scent. She shrugs her shoulders a bit, trying to not to be obtrusive to their embrace. "So, now I do what I can for Oxfor, but I'm certain Indra would never welcome me back in Tondc."

Shifting his legs a little, Grey curls into nearly a full-body embrace, arms and legs alike wrapped gently around the Trikru woman. "Hey, screw her. Whether it was the wisest call at the time, it was a stupid one." There's the little revolutionary that most of the Skaikru don't see much of anymore, "Because you're smart enough to see the use of the Skaikru." His lips split into a wide grin, and he presses a kiss to the back of her neck, "Or at last some of us."

Gideon actually looks amused at Grey's reaction to Indra, and she shakes her head. "I appreciate your protective response, Grey…" She tilts her head, and she smiles a bit wryly. "But… Indra made the right call. And she is a very wise leader. She will find herself a suitable second." She shakes her head. "I don't think I was meant for that." Though there is something sad in her voice… sad and resigned.

Grey's arms tighten around the archer, and he nuzzles into those oft-ashed blonde waves at the back of her neck. "Not everyone's cut out for leadership. Or interested. Or listened to." A little more bitterness there, but then he washes it away with another kiss to the back of her neck before straightening so that he can study her, meet her green eyes, "What do you think you were meant for?"

Gideon listens to Grey with a dutiful tip of her head. Then the question he poses after the small kiss draws a little shudder through her. Her eyes flutter shut, and she leans into him. She shakes her head slightly. "I don't know," she confesses softly, her words light and uncertain. "I don't think I've been shown that yet… so, I guess I'm just doing what I always have."

Grey lets a little smirk grow at one corner of his lips, teasing, "The great Trikru warrior doesn't know what she wants." He soothes the gentle needling with a light press of his lips to her temple, "Oh, and you've always shacked up with incredibly handsome men from outer space?"

Gideon finds his question amusing. Her fingers trace the light, smooth line of his jaw and she draws him into a soft press of lips. Her mouth opens gently to his, and her tongue is a peeking passerbyer in the exchange. Then she settles back, and smiles at him. "No, can't say that I have ever shacked up with a man from outer space."

The urging of her fingers draws Grey forward quite readily, leaning past her shoulder to rise to the challenge of her lips. His tongue chases hers for a grazing pass, and he leans after her to resume the connection, only to 'oof' softly as the motion plants her shoulder neatly into his sternum. Sitting back, he flashes a wide grin, "Yeah, I ain't even worried about any of 'em, just the incredibly handsome ones." His arm around her shoulders gives a squeeze, and he shrugs a little, "But hell, that's somethin' new in your life anyhow. Can't just go around business as usual now, can you?"

Gideon smiles over her shoulder at him. "No, I can't… obviously. I would be hunting at the moment so I can get some trade in the village… but here I am, lying around naked with you." She fixes him with an amused look. Then she stretches and starts to reach for her fallen shirt and pants.

"Hey, hey, hey. Let's not be hasty here." Grey's arms stay tight around her, drawing him with her in the lean toward her clothes, "No one has to go anywhere," he lies, "Times change, things can't ever be like they were, right? So embrace the times." He glances down with intent.

Gideon smirks at Grey, shaking her head before she pulls on her tanktops in one smooth motion. She rolls her shoulders back and forth as she settles the clothes around her. Then she casts him a glance. "Sex isn't going to feed you, Grey." She grabs her pants and starts to stand. "Come on… we hunt now."

Grey flops down into the grass at her insistence, making a disgusted noise, then chuckling, grinning, and rolling back up to a sitting position to find his clothes, "Fine, fine. Hardass." There's a glance to that self-same part of her, and his grin flashes wider, but he gets on to getting dressed all the same.

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