Day 023: Nerds And Notebooks
Summary: Max, Reno, and Tink talk science, skills, and monster sized snakes.
Date: 14 June 2016
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The Delinquent Camp
May 21, 2149 (23 Days After Landing)

Walking along the wall, Max and Reno, side by side, are talking about some project that Reno is working on. Mostly, Reno's telling Max what he figured out, and Max, only knowing some basic electronics, is mostly nodding along, though he does have some grasp of what is being talked about. Though Reno is the younger of the two brothers, he's the taller by a few inches. "Sure, I mean, if you connect it that way, you should be able to cook with it," Max says.

Tink is bouncing to a beat of her own, working on patching the stretch of wall that she's working on. It's not difficult work, just repetitive so she has plenty of time to bounce to that internal stereo as she moves along. When she notices Max and Reno walking by, Tink flashes a big smile and waves to the two of them, recognizing Reno more than she does Max, "Hey Reno…"

Reno was exceptionally animated when he was in his wheelhouse. His hands were never idle that was for certain. Some people had this look when they daydreamed, but Reno? He had that look when he was thinking about welding things to other things. An enthusiastic nod fell in agreement with Max "Maybe. We'll find out won't we?" There was a lopsided grin that widened in earnest when Tink shouted out. "Hey, Tink. Speaking of cooking strange things on the go-" He left that there giving no other context. An unhurried stride veered him in her direction. "Max, you know Tink? Tink, 's my brother Max. We got set on a couple projects while you were out working on aggressive negotiations." Ah. Brother. Well that finally explains how Reno got voluntold for all of this.

"Either we'll find out or we'll burn something to a horrible crisp, and you know, that might be fun, too," Max says to Reno as they walk along, glancing up when he sees Tink waving. He lifts a hand to wave to her in greeting as well. He nods to Reno when he asks if they'd met. "Briefly, at the Truth or Dare game the other day," he says to Reno and then gives a nod to Tink and a smile, "Hey." He then nods at the explanation about the projects. "Well… it wasn't supposed to be aggressive. We went to help survivors… and got shot at."

Tink cants her head and then smiles as she recognizes Max, "Yeah…it was the Truth or Dare dice game." She gives him a little wave and then turns that 100 watt smile on Reno, "Oh hey…I tried to get Cole to let me build a grenade launcher out of pipes and a battery…but then he pointed out how volatile the hydrazine was and it was like…" She makes an explosion noise and flares her hands.

Reno held up one finger with studious expression, "Max, I never said they were -your- aggressions." Said finger pushed his frames back up ono the bridge of his nose where they belonged. Second siblings didn't really have pick of things that were made to fit all that often. The story about the grenade launcher (a.k.a. Sgt. Boomboom(tm)) was met with a hopeful expression. There was an inherent disappointment at Cole pointing out it'd likely explodiate the user too. He considered this and arched an eyebrow, "Maaaaybe the science is good but it wasn't meant to be a grenade launcher but it has another use? I wouldn't give up on the plan so quickly. I mean- well I'm sure that could have a use too. Might actually be a good answer to the missing stove parts, or even part of a refining process to help us refine usable materials to do other things with?" Hrmmm, thinky face back on. Looking at his brother he asked curiously, "I haven't met him but is Cole filled with too much common sense for our own good or somethin?"

Max grins over at Tink and says, "Yeah… I'd be a little worried about that being near the Hydrazine… Not that I don't think a launcher isn't a great idea. If only we had potatoes. I saw a video of a potato cannon once." He muses for a bit and then chuckles at Reno's question about Cole. "Cole is… " He considers how to describe Cole. "Cole is motivated, smart, tries to take on all the jobs himself, and speaks sense in the midst of near constant stream of profanity. I like him."

"Cole is awesome," Tink tells Reno with a smile, laughing when Max mentions the streamed profanity, "Honestly I'm around him so much with the wall project, and building the mines that I don't even notice the swearing much." Cause it's like a natural extension of the man, "And I was going to use water pressure Reno with a release valve…" She shows him the grenade laugh…almost water rocket design that she created from this notebook that she's keeps with her at all times.

Reno cracked a grin that came easy enough. He loved watching people and admitted, "That sounds fascinating. I'll have to get unbusy to watch that in action." The look Tink got handing him the notebook was an arched eyebrow as if asking 'really?'. He took it and started scrutinizing the design and annotated footnotes in the margin. Lacking the guile to hide his expression his face bellied the agreement that it was an impressive design. The 'Hrmm…' that followed the 'woah' likely was him trying to troubleshoot where- He shook his head, "Yeah I don't know there is a way to be safe around that stuff at all. But then again Chemistry is not my strongest discipline. I can brainstorm if it'll help but if it's gonna be combustible in the end the conveyance isn't liable to make much a difference."

"I think the concern was the hydrazine in the dropship," Max points out to Reno, nodding with his head back toward where the tanks are under the ship, the very highly combustible material inside. "The launcher isn't as much the problem as launching it too near to the fuel." That much, he can at least understand. He shoves his hands in his pockets though and just smiles a little lopsidedly as he watches Reno get all into the plans and start pointing things out.

"Well the problem is when you release the pressure, you might blow off your head trying to get it to launch," Tink points out the flaws to Reno…flashes a smile over to Max as he gets what she's concerned with, "Cause if you breath on it the wrong way…boom, you're toast." It's clear by the way Tink listens to Reno when he talks that she really respects his opinion…hence showing off the designs, "I'd need a mechanism that would handle the release but then when it hits the ground explode…"

Reno was either too distracted by taking the blueprint apart in his mind, or disappointed they weren't going to get to see a spectacular earth-shattering ka-boom (for science purposes only. no really…) that he answers his brother with a faintly distracted mumble. "I know I know. I've been told like 40 times. Ya don't have to tell me a 39th time." Okay maybe a lot distracted. Once over the mild disappointment he peeled at a page and peeked in a passing lance to see if there was more, but looked up to Tink as if awaiting permission; one engineer to another. Finally, he blinked and said "Magnets. If we could magnetize the delivery it'd be totally frictionless. I dunno HOW we'd manage that off the top of my head but that might help? Getting the means to make that could be another story. The speakers in some of the radios would be a fantastic start buuuut then no radios. Ooh the pod's intercom relay maybe?"

Max just grins a little between the pair as they go over the plans together, and eventually he begins to take a couple of backward steps before he says, "Well… I'm going to leave you guys to figuring that out. Since I'm not much help there. Let me know how it goes. Tink, don't let my brother blow his head off. I just got to see him after five years, I kind of like his parts attached."

When Reno flips the page to see if there's more about the design there…there's not, but there is a list of names on the page and Reno's name is on there and it's under the heading Project V-card. And there's a look on Tink's face of 'oh shit' and she snakes the book out of Reno's hands and shoves it into her back pocket, "Oh no… there’s no more of that design there…just something else I was working on. And it's silly so I scrapped it…not a big deal." Okay, she's babbling at this point and doesn't mean to but her cheeks are flushed and she looks a little uncomfortable. She clears her throat, "But yeah…magnets would be really cool. We'd just need to find some and maybe test it with dye because I don't want to try to do it with the real stuff till we know we have a working prototype." Then she pauses and tells Max, "Umm…you don't have to go if you don't want to."

Reno blinked and headtilted. He saw the names. He might have seen his name. What didn't seem to register was any sense of connecting any dots of relevance concerning the intel on the sheet. Huh. But he wasn't one to pry into someone else's privacy uninvited, and seemed a bit flustered with apology. "Oh, umm. Yeah, no all good." He wasn't sure what happened but he didn't want to agitate anything pending regarding her feelings on whatever that was about. That'd be downright inconsiderate. At the request to not let him blow his head off the expression changed and he laughed with a lopsided grin, "That was almost ONE time. Ooooone-uh. Just one." Offhandedly he said to Tink with a sigh, "No one's ever gonna let me live that down. Still a scorch mark on the bulkhead from that." Before Max had a moment to bolt off a finger went up. He was absolutely remiss to ask. "Do umm, do ya think we could take a trip out there sometime. Not- not to the camps but maybe if we could see more of how things reacted? Maybe, um, well, we'd have a better idea of what we're tailoring a solution towards." Or he just wanted to see all the things without being torn in half or kidnapped by scary as hell dudes or be the catcher in the Grounders' javelin throw contests.

"When there aren't a bunch of Grounders surrounding us and trying to kill us," Max says to Reno, "Sure. Until then… stay in camp. I'm not kidding." His expression has that serious-as-a-heart-attack quality to it that he only gets when he's not kidding even a little bit. Then he glances between them again and shrugs his shoulders, "Tech isn't my thing, not really. Gonna leave that to the experts." He has no idea what's going on with the notebook, not being near enough to have seen either the drawings or anything else in it.

Tink feels bad for making Reno uncomfortable…it's not his fault she had that in her notebook, "Umm…" She leans in and gives Reno a squeeze cause she's a hugger and it's in her nature to want to fix it when she is being a bonehead, "Hey Reno…I haven't been outside much either…just outside the gate to patch stuff and always with someone armed. You're really not missing much…" Because it is a little nerve wrecking to have someone with a gun over you, "Hey…but some of the kids mentioned swimming…" Not that she knows how to do it based on the look on her face.

Reno was disappointed but for all his gusto he wasn't going to not trust Max on this. He kept him alive for how long without fail so he had no reason to question his judgement, nor waste all those efforts up til now by being selfishly obstinate either. Then- oh, hey now. He chuckled and returned the hug to Tink. Slightly confused as to why she was flustered, but hey, a fool turns down good things. "I'll stay put, Max. Promise. Didn't survive this long to be a pin cushion." Then swimming and he looked boggled again, "With water and everything huh? Is it safe? Won't melt our faces off or nothing will it? I'm /slightly/ partial to having a face." He grinned glancing at Tink and over to Max. "You ever try it, Max?"

"It's about two hour's walk to the swimming hole," Max says. He nods in the general direction. "We killed the big river snake that was in it. But now you have to go through the grounders to get to it. So it was safe… and now it's not, really, again. But yeah, I helped folks kill the big river snake thing, then took a bath out there." Not that he knows how to swim. No swimming in space, really.

"Yep, those snakes were monster size…," Tink exaggerates as she holds out her arms to try to show the length that the other kid showed her, "It's really big…" She drops her arms cause Max probably knows better than she does because he was there, "But yeah…it's a swimming hole I tend to visit some time." Then she gets distracted by a mad scientist thought, "Hey…and maybe if we collect some of the melty rain, we could put that in a mechanism and melt their faces…that would be scary." It's not like Tink wants to kill any of Grounders…she just doesn't want to be killed. And she'd like to make a few things that would scare them into leaving them alone.

Reno listened with his interest piqued. Scary, exciting, but not good exciting, but terribly interesting. If there's ever a volcano found might want to make sure Reno is bolted to something secure as to not fall into it investigating new fun physics facts. "I'm starting to get the feeling that Grounders have a natural adaptive skill to run anything curiously interesting." When Tink declares the snake is the size of a monster he thought about it, his expression screwing down to the size of a dime before he said "Well yeah. I mean it IS a monster soooo whatever size it is is monster sized right?" Hey he might not be. "But really I mean Grounders are scary enough with our hel- oh! scary TO them. Well… I dunno. Need an expert. For all we know they're afraid of rations." He shrugged and admitted, "I am."

"Grounders are people… just like we are, unfortunately… we dropped a dropship on their village and that's why they're pissed," Max says. "They're not like, inherently scary so far as I can see. They're just like… tribal and warriors because there's monster sized snakes and they had to survive down here. So they're inherently better at it than we are." He shakes his head and says, "I'd rather we didn't have to fight them at all. Unfortunately, they're all about the blood for blood thing."

"What does that mean…blood for blood?" Tink asks Max, distracted by the Grounder topic, "I mean…does that mean cause folks of theirs died, Arkers…or us have to die? Cause we're not Arkers anymore. Different village." She pauses for a moment and then says, "I think I'm going to ask one of them how to talk like them…learn their language if we get out of there since they're our neighbors. I just hate it when they talk around us and I can't understand."

Reno said quietly to Max, "I mean think about it. Was our government really all that much different? They vented people for petty grievances and circumstantial evidence. Not that I think the Grounders have a point, but saying the people up there? Not MUCH better." He went quiet and thoughtful while Max answered Tink. He had his opinions on the matter but apparently thought it best to shut them down. Apparently in Max's absence he's developed an opinion on current events one way or another. He eyed the notebook in Tink's hands but didn't say much more on that.

"I'm not arguing that the Council is better. I wasn't making any comparisons. I'm just saying that yes, blood for blood… means they want restitution for what was done and they want to take it out of our hides, even if we weren't the ones who did it to them," Max says.

"Circumstantial evidence…" Tink raises her hand cause yeah…that's why this little pixie made it to the ground, but strangely enough, she doesn't seem to at all mind, "But honestly…even though this place is six ways nuts…it's better than being in the box." Yep, her feet are on the ground and real sky overhead, "I heard something about folks trying to send a group out…to talk to them. Any progress?"

Reno actually worked on keeping his yap shut but offered a nod of support and agreement. He gave Tink's shoulder a squeeze and said "Well when we work out a peace treaty and reaso- well hopefully- reason prevails, all speed to you, Max, we'll check out the lake. Until then we can work on things we can do WITH the lake once we have access to it. That might be a thing." He looked to Max and didn't interrupt the answer, but listened curiously. Wheels were spinning but results were pending.

Max shrugs his shoulders and says, "I'm not the one doing the negotiating. Mostly I tag along and try to patch up anyone who gets stabbed and try to make myself useful. But I didn't go with the group that left to give the answer. I'm not sure what's going on now."

"Water pressure…" Tink flashes Reno a smile when he squeezes her shoulder, glad to have his support. Outside of Cole, Reno is probably the other techie on the ground that she talks to the most, "I could do so much with water pressure Reno…" She gives a smile and gives him a shoulder nudge, "Do you have any projects up your sleeve that would work off steam?" Cause clearly she'd like to hear them. She does frown when Max mentions that Fiona, Elias and Kai didn't take him…well duh, he's here, "Did they take anyone with them…to help if…" She bites her bottom lip because she doesn't want anything to happen to her roommate of awesomeness.

Reno said optimistically, "Well, maybe they felt confidant and didn't need the big guns of… well… guns don't work well for a diplomacy metaphor but …" He paused, thought about it and shook his head. "I got nothing but I'm sure it resulted in them wanting to see if they can make ya proud, Max." Maybe projecting, or maybe lip service, but a compliment was a compliment was a compliment. He smiled back at Tink and shrugged, "Well you'll have to take a look at my book sometimes if you can stand to read all the tiny print, but I'm sure there's no challenge too great that three very brilliant and idle minds can't think of using water pressure, heat, tension, and ingenuity. To what end? No clue. But hey, sometimes function comes second."

"I don't know who went and who didn't. I go along on some things, and not on others, same as a lot of folks," Max says with a shake of his head to Reno and a little bit of a lopsided smile. "I'm pretty sure they didn't even think about me when they went. I'm not really part of the diplomatic team. That's Quinn and Fi's kind of thing." A diplomat, Max is not. Interested, sure. Invested, yes. But that's about it.

"I asked Kai to take me but…" Tink gives Reno a look that tells him that maybe he would understand living with someone that's over protective of their techie, "Too dangerous." She bites her bottom lip, "I think that's why I haven't been out there…" She points off to the trees on the other side of the wall, "But at some point I want to go." She looks over at Max and smiles, "So what kind of skills do you have?" She flashes a look to Reno, "Not a super, genius techie like someone here I know but…" She is curious about the other brother.

Reno waved a hand and seemed to relax entirely. "Pfft, Max, you are too a diplomat. You just have HIGHLY specialized venues where you really really shine." He paused and shook his head declaring with utmost faith in that, "Heck if I know what any of them are but I know it's something and it's around here somewhere. Boy won't they all be suuuurprised." Punctuating nod to follow. To Tink he grinned and said "Max can keep anyone alive. I know. I tested this theory several times. Buuuut he also has a point. It is dangerous and us not wanting it to be so we can see it too? Our value is here. We'll make it worth the wait. Promise. And if we work hard maybe we can help them expedite that somehow. You, me, Cole, the others? We can think of something. It'll happen. We'll see it" He grinned and was also curious for the answer. They were still catching up and the stories of travel and adventure fascinated him to no end. But hey, there were worse people to be proud of ya, and Reno was pretty damn good at maintaining a genuine enthusiasm for the part.

"I'm a pretty good scout," Max says with a slight rise and fall of his shoulders, "Not that I've gotten an opportunity to do much scouting, save for when I go out hunting. I was starting to learn how to be a med tech from my mom before everything happened. I try and patch people up enough so they don't die on the way back from wherever they are before our docs can look at them. Though, I'm learning about that, too… so I can help more long-term. I think I still want to heal people."

"That's pretty cool," Tink tells Max with a smile of course not as cool as a techie, which is in a wink communicated to Reno, "I never got a chance to work on any med tech… just mainly generators, fuel and…" She shoves the notebook in her back pocket because she just realized she was holding it, "Leatherworking…I like to sew." She gives a mischievous look, "I almost want to find enough deerskin to make Cole some assless chaps just to see if he would wear them around camp…" She dissolves into laughter because the image is too much.

Reno boggled and seemed very confused. "I thought all chaps were though. I mean they're just really tall legwarmers with belt loops an-" He stopped and had that look of OH… she wasn't talking about technical functionality. His ears turned faintly red and smoothly he commented to his brother fumbling with a thought. "She'd be proud of ya. If um… yeah. For what it's worth I am. I mean it's a hell of a thing. Especially given a total lack of reliable resources down here to work with."

The topic of their mother hadn't really been on the table for discussion since Max had found Reno again. It was as though it was silently agreed upon that she was not to be talked about. So when Reno says that she would be proud after Max inadvertently brings her up, he glances over and there's a slight shadow across his expression, but he nods, accepting that at face value — after all, he hadn't heard from her in five years. Reno would know better than he would, and whatever he might think, he apparently opts not to argue it. Though when his brother says that he's proud of him, that makes Max smile just a little bit, and he reaches out to give his shoulder a squeeze. "Thanks." He then looks over at Tink and snickers. "Oh, he'd wear them. Cole's got no shame."

"Well and that's the stitch. I think if I did it and it became his favorite pair of pants then they would vote me off the island," Tink is still a little amused by the image in her head. She does sober when they talk about parents, "Yeah…mine weren't talking to me after I screwed up…" She bites her bottom lip, because it hurts. It's clear she does care about their opinion.

Reno let nothing go on his opinion regarding their mother past lobbing that one logical factoid out there. After all, Max was the one that brought up where he had learned. Reno was closed as a clam otherwise, though his personal opinion was offered freely and in earnest. There was some reassurance at Max's gesture. Whatever else there was, it did make him feel better about things. "Hey, Tink, for what it's worth here on the ground? You're making a difference. So there's that. And we didn't blow up yet and we had some really reeeeeeeally good opportunities to."

Max grins a little sidelong grin at Tink and shakes his head, "Nah. We wouldn't let them vote you off the island." He includes Reno in that, pretty confident that his brother wouldn't be voting her off either. There's a nod to Reno, that unspoken sort of communication that passes between them. Reassurance. Got your back.

"Hey…you're important too," Tink tells Reno, reaching up and trying to ruffle his hair with a smile, "You seriously make any day not suck. And that's a really cool trick." See, the younger brother is making friends amongst the other techies, "And I try…to make a difference where I can. I might make a better spotter than a shooter but fixing and building stuff was something I always did better anyhow."

Reno grinned, ruffled and all, and did his best to posture TOTAL confidence, and a pinch of faux arrogance for good measure. He reached for it too because he wasn't one to do much more than take his efforts ins stride. He didn't do science after all, he just facilitated it. The physics were already there. "Well, Miss Tink you are right. I do try to help pull the suck out of our successes. It's a Really tough job but someone… someone had to like their job." He feigned being pained by the personal sacrifice, but chuckled and just let it go with a simple, "But, thanks. Really. Glad to help. I dunno. I wanna see stuff, but really, getting people the tools they need and secure what they got us? I'm pretty happy with facilitating that."

"Once we're getting shot at a bit less," Max promises to Reno, "We'll go exploring, and we'll see all the stuff that we can, and take along anyone that wants to see stuff with us. I really just want to go out and see the world a bit, myself. I mean, we've been a few places, but not just for the sake of it." He looks over to Tink and says, "You're included, of course, if you want to go along with us."

"I am there with bells on," Tink assures Max when he offers to take her, Reno and others on a field trip once things quiet down. "Maybe down to the swimming area…because it would be nice to have a real bath." Tink just curls her toes thinking about it. She leans over and nudges Reno, "If you want to get your hands dirty a little more, dig into the tech… I’ll take you along a few things Cole has me working on." And she could probably use the extra set of hands.

Reno warmed a grin to Tink and considered that before he agreed to anything. Yeah that took absolutely zero time. "Yeah, I'm in. On both accounts. Besides, Max, been too long since we got to dodge trouble huh?" He wiggled his eyebrows as if to punctuate sometimes? Sometimes the thrill of danger was admittedly kinda fun. "Tink, I'm likewise happy to work on any project… except the chaps."

"No chaps…" She does give a little smile and then pulls out something for Reno and holds it out of him. It's makeshifted wrapped, small and fits in the size of his hand, "Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I'm late but it took me longer than I thought to make it." She's a little nervous that he won't like it but when he opens it, it's a leather cord that he can attach to his glasses, clipping on so if they get knocked off he won't lose his glasses.

Reno boggled at her and looked like he was at a loss for words. One hand rubbed at the back of his head as he looked at his hand thoughtfully and opened it. He grinned a bit and his brain pieced it all together. Hey she was good at leatherworking when she had the materials. He took the length of thin, braided leather and looped it around the ends of his frames. One eyebrow went up and said "This is going to help immensely when I have to get in and out of things to poke around. Tink, thanks! This is… well it means a lot. I have no metaphor on hand but… yeah." That pushed him to branch out and give her a hug. It was brief and he almost immediately went back to marveling at the construction. "Your craftsmanship is really amazing. Keep this up and we're going to have the most fashionable crashing-into-a-planeting in galactic history." He grinned and it was an encouraging gesture. A simple gesture in and of itself bringing about a rare and earnest joy? It was a good day.

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