Day 006: Nice Sucks
Summary: Hanne takes a chance, and gets seriously burned.
Date: 7 May 2016
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Hanne Grey 

Grey's Tent, The Camp
A stupid boy's tent.
6 Days After Landing

Hanne and Asher arrive at the camp sometime after all the rallying and planning, but not before the group has left to save their friends. Timing is tight, Hanne knows this, but something hit her on the way back, and she finds herself instilled with some kind of goal now. Perhaps it is a weird goal, perhaps it is even a really dumb goal, but she's got herself a goal. After checking in with a few of the campers — specifically the girls — she finds out Grey is back at his tent preparing to head out. She drops off her jacket on the seat she has torn apart to make into a planter, and starts to draw up her hair into a messy knot as she heads to his tent. She hesitates just outside the flap, and announces herself just as she starts to open it. "Grey, it's Hanne…"

Grey doesn't have a lot to pack. No one does. But he's gotten his few belongings together, added another spear to his heavily-depleted arsenal, spent a little time eating with some of the other Delinquents, chivvying them along, and now he finds himself back in his tent. The young man is kneeling on the dirt floor, a curved section of dropship plating before him, filled with water. He's lost the shirt again, wadding it up and using it as a sponge to help clean off sweat, mud, moss, and perhaps even a little blood from his torso. It doesn't help how his pants stick to his legs, or his feet ache in his boots, but he's starting to feel a little cleaner. At the call from outside, he looks up, surprise touching his features, "You guys made it back. C'mon in." When she enters the tent, he grimaces a little, "Sorry to leave that on you. I knew Asher'd need a hand though, and figured you could hack it."

"Asher doesn't like slowpokes," Hanne says, though there is no doubt that Asher said something like that… probably multiple times… on the way home. She is chewing slightly at her inner cheek. She watches him for several moments, and then she offers a quick nod. She advances a few steps, reaching out to touch Grey's shoulder with the bareset pressure of her fingertips. She starts to draw herself down into a squat beside him.

Wringing out his t-shirt over the makeshift bowl produces a splash of water and… other substances, mostly mud. And then Grey daubs at the side of his face with the wadded up cloth, brushing over the stubble started on his jaw with his thumb, "Damn… gonna have to do something about that at some point." And then Hanne's squatting down beside him, and Grey shifts back a touch, half-turning to face her as an unconscious mask of his resetting his personal bubble. It's not enough to pull her fingers from his shoulder, but it is enough to gain a little more space between them, "What's up, Hanne?" Curiosity and concern mix in the question, his brows lowering in query.

"Nothing, just…" Hanne takes a deep breath. "I just… feel like I need to do something here, before you go… because you might not make it back, and I'll sit here forever, thinking about it, so… if you would just hold still a second." There's that strange request, and then she is leaning forward in hopes that he won't move long enough for her to press her lips ever so gently to his.

Grey's confusion deepens as Hanne explains… or sort of explains… or tries to explain. His confused frown deepens right along with his confusion, but her actions, they speak louder than words. Again, there's the subtle tensing as she invades his personal space, but it's surprise as much as anything else. He's caught between responding and not, and so his response is… unimpressive. It takes him a moment, but he does tilt his head a little, his lips starting to move, and then he straightens up a little, "Wait… what? I thought you just…" confused teenaged boy is confused.

Hanne is on edge, but she does her best to tuck it away. When he tilts his head and gives a slight response, she at least doesn't have to flee in complete mortification. She does, however, sink back slightly when he straightens up. Her brows arch high over her eyes, opening her features. Then she shakes her head a bit. "You thought I, what?"

No, it's Grey who is embarrassed. Embarrassed and still confused, "I thought you were like, hanging out with me for lessons, I mean, for you and for me. And 'cause I was bigger, you know, for protection. I thought the flirting was just a joke…" His right hand comes up to his mouth, and he starts to chew on his thumbnail, "Shit… I just… I didn't see it." And then he blinks, "Wait… you wanted to stay in the tent last night, didn't you?"

Now, Hanne is embarrassed. She scooches away a bit, tugging herself up onto the edge of his bed with a shy look aside. "Boys are kinda dumb," she states plainly. "I don't know of any girl who flirts just to be funny." Then she bites slightly at her lower lip, chewing at it almost uncertainly. "And yeah, I did… but, you know…"

Grey starts to get indignant about her statement, then pauses, considers, and shrug-nods his acceptance, "Okay, yeah. Sometimes we are." Shuffling around a little on the dirt floor of his tent, he turns fully toward her, setting the wet t-shirt down on the edge of his 'bowl.' "I just… yeah… you're cute, and smart. And the stuttering thing's kind of adorable." His shoulders roll uncomfortably, "I dunno. I don't want to like, be that guy… I was… kinda talkin' to Q, about what might happen after we got back from Mount Weather." Which may explain his mania for rescue a little bit.

The compliments are kind of nice, particularly about the stuttering, but then… "Oh." Hanne blinks, and then nods. "Yeah. Quinn is pretty cute, and definitely your type." She ducks her head a bit, tugging at her pants a bit in a nervous gesture. "Well, I'm just going to go bury my head in the dirt somewhere, if that's cool with you…" And she starts to roll forward and to the side once more, aiming to pull herself up on her feet.

Grey reaches out for Hanne's wrist as she starts to rise, "Look… Keats. Hanne." He looks left, right, as if looking for an escape, and then just plows on ahead, "I'm tryin' to be a good guy here. I don't know. My head's like…" Releasing her wrist, if he ever grasped it, he flicks his fingers against his temple, a sort of explosion gesture, "p-chew… I don't know what's goin' on besides we gotta get those folks back, and that includes Rees and Perry."

When he grabs her wrist, the little nerd stops as directed. Hanne nods doefully. "Yeah… no." Beat pause. "Wrong time… wrong… girl." She offers a small smile, but it is something well practiced, as if this isn't the first time she's been rejected. "Thanks." She winces slightly, feeling a bit of a twang at thanking Grey, but she gets it. Probably. "Don't worry. All good…"

Grey winces at the thanks, and his thumbnail goes back to his teeth, worrying at the edge of the nail for a moment before he stands up, hunched over beneath the canopy of the tent, "I… guess so? Um." Wincing again, he adds, "No, uh… thanks for… uh… understanding." From the impassioned speech outside to this. Pretty serious change Hanne has wrought on the big guy. "You're… uh, you're staying back at camp, right? You already went above and beyond, don't want to see you get hurt." And there's a third wince, because, you know, he just did some hurting of his own.

Hanne hesitates, rubbing at her chest slowly. "Some advice? I'm going to say that girls, girls like me… we don't like that… the niceness afterwards. Would be a lot better if you were mean about it. Sends a stronger message, and let's us hate you a bit. Helps us get past being really embarrassed and will probably make things feel a lot more normal sooner." Then she starts to tip toward the door, almost like a spinning top about to fall over.

"Oh." Grey looks at a loss. For a stone cold killer, he's really flustered and out of his element here. "That's good… advice?" And then he blinks, shaking his head, "No. That's stupid advice." Now, is he seriously arguing about the advice, or following it? "That's just crazy."

Hanne flinches a bit, hands seeking the confines of her pant pockets since she left the jacket outside. "It isn't stupid advice," the nerd says, a bit hotly. "You're one of… of… the cool kids." Even as those three words leave her lips, she almost flushes at their complete lameless. "I'm not. You probably take rejection real well, but not all of us do." Her eyes sting for a moment, but she drops her chin, looking a touch broody for such a gentle looking girl.

Grey doesn't keep that up long, "I… I was trying to do what you said." He shakes his head, "I'm not used to being one of the cool kids. I was the kid who sat on his own in the mess hall because no one wanted anything to do with my family." The thumbnail has been as gnawed as it's going to get, and he moves on to his index finger, "I know it took a lot of guts coming in here and sayin' what you did… well, doin' it. And I'm not sayin'… I mean, I guess I am sayin'… shit." The last word is a somehow eloquent description of his frustration with his own inability to express himself.

"Calling my advice stupid isn't being mean… it's being stupid! I'm actually pretty smart, you know!" Hanne is going to look back on all this and be beyond embarrassed at herself. Now the tears really sting her eyes, and she quickly wipes her nose with the back of her hand. "Stop being nice!" Frustration builds within those words, and she actually releases a sudden sob of breath. "Yeah, a lot of guts. That's me… the gutsiest girl on the ground." She turns to the door now, preparing to push herself out it in what will probably be the most graceless stumble ever.

"Yeah, I know you are!" Grey throws up his hands at her protests, and this time he doesn't try to stop her from leaving. Instead, once she's pushing at the door, he tosses up his hands again, and follows through on the motion by letting himself sink down onto his back, kicking out his feet so that he's laying down, knees up with his feet on the ground. His arms sprawl out to other side, then his hands come in to rub at his face, and he mutters to himself, "Real smooth, Lucian. Real damned smooth."

Raised voices in a very small camp probably means there's plenty of onlookers to watch Hanne stumble on out and make a hasty retreat from Grey's tent. On her way to the dropship, she snatches Tide's old jacket off the dropship seat with such force that the entire things goes toppling over and spilling all the dirt across the ground. She hardly cares as she flees up the ramp and into the ship to hide and probably have a good self-loathing cry.

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