Day 041: Niron Versus Houmon
Summary: Benning explains the differences to Elias between Niron and Houmon. Then they discuss their current love lives.
Date: 07/09/2016
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Lake Arkadia - Outside Camp Jaha
Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and rolling foothills, the Lake Arkadia — or known as Lake Audo to the Trikru — is a sprawling, crystalline body of water that joins the Potomac watershed. It is encompassed in low grasses and young alder trees. The forests start to thicken to the west, where the rocky peaks of this small mountain range poke up out of the groves of hemlock and cedar. Following along a newly flattened path is the road to Camp Jaha. The Skaikru city is what remains of the crashed Alpha station. The enormous ring stands vertical some many hundred feet in the air, and it has already begun to be salvaged for materials.
Day 41

Benning has left the fires of Trikru camp to come sit at the lake. Indra's anger has spread like wildfire through the delegation and Benning knows that her sister and friends now face the wrath of their Kruheda because what they are doing to help the Skaikru. What does their Steheda think of Gideon's actions? She does not know or cares to ask because one does not poke an angry bear. Rather than be tempted to cross words with others that speak of their foolishness, she sits solitary and alone.

Elias was working just around the side of the lake on the garden and the construction of the hothouse. Sighting the familliar Trikru woman, he makes his way in her direction with a confident step. Hazel eyes settle on the woman as he approaches with one of the makeshift spears, a small container with several nightcrawlers, and a piece of flexible metal line to bait. "<In Trigedasleng> Hello, Benning," he speaks up in her language. Apparently someone has been watching, listening, and learning during all of this. In a quieter tone, he gives a quick look around the area before dropping his voice a bit. "How are you holding up?" he asks in his concerned tone, not knowing the Trigedasleng phrase yet.

"<In Trigedasleng> Hello Elias," Benning offers back, looking up from her musings to smile at the other teen. She switches to English and replies softly, "I am fine. I am not the one the Kruheda bears her anger towards." She motions for him to take a seat next to her on the grass if he wishes, "But Gideon? I worry for her. This is not the first time she has stepped out of line and Kruheda will be less forgiving because she has done things in the past to anger her." She looks runs her fingers through her hair, "And Tuan, Pontus, and your Kai…" She grimaces, "I do not know what punishment will come because of their roles in this." She does reach out to assure him, "Although your Kai is Wren's Second, so he will bear the brunt of the punishment for her actions."

The smile is returned, though the warm expression is soon replaced by a sympathetic one. With a quiet nod, he moves to have a seat next to Benning and sets his stuff down at his opposite side. "I had assumed that it was sanctioned given that it happened at Oxfor's order." Shaking his head then, he exhales a deep sigh and shifts a little on the ground to settle himself in. "For what it's worth, I am sorry my people are getting yours into trouble again. I'm hopeful that they's successful at the same time, of course. I have good friends there in the Mountain." Sliding his hand back to rub at the back of his neck then, he gives a motion of his head towards her. "And then of course I feel awful because they're putting themselves in such great danger. Both from the Mountain and from Indra." Looking sideling to her then, he rolls his shoulders back in a shrug. "It's hard to really put into words what I think about it."

"I do not know what my Steheda did and did not order," Benning tells him softly because she is not a warrior and was not present, "But what my sister and friends do for your people is important…even if I do not agree with the chances they take." She pauses and then tells him, "And I do hope they can find those that were taken by the Mountain." Although it appears that Benning is not certain that's even possible by the look on her face, "The Mountain is greedy and likes to horde what it has. It is jealous of any that would weaken their position. I do worry…for the Skaikru. You are in some ways a bigger threat because you craft in metal and glass like they do."

Elias inclines his head in a nod to Benning and then presses his tongue out to wet his lips. For a moment, he considers the woman before finally speaking up again. "If you want my opinion, any people that would take from others through fear like that with crafts of glass and metal are /evil/. Whether my friends are alive or not, they should be stopped. At the same time, I understand a little about the peace you might have made with them and boundaries you don't cross for the sake of you people. It doesn't make them any less disgusting." With a gentle shrug of his shoulders then, he gives a brief arch of his brows and exhales deeply. "I just hope that those among my people don't get it in their heads to become the Mountain. I…don't think they would. Succeed or fail, the crafts that make the mist and the missiles should be destroyed at the first opportunity."

Benning nods in agreement when Elias tells her that he thinks the Mounan are evil. Benning has never seen one and never hopes to because those that meet the Mountain are usually not long for this world, "I…I do hope your people can stop them." She shakes her head and tells him grimly, "Blood must have blood and the Mountain is far too long overdue to pay for what they have taken. I will not mourn if the Mountain falls." She tries to smile despite the topic of her conversation, "Perhaps if it is so my people can rebuild our homes faster." She pulls her knees up to her chest and hugs her legs, "I miss my workshop, my quiet times in the forest hunting for herbs for my father and hearing the laughter of children outside of my window."

With a nod of his head, Elias gestures towards Benning. "I hope so too. We have the technology, certainly." Elias thinks for a moment then, considering his words. "The mist, you see. A machine of some sort creates that. It's an absolute abomination and the knowledge of it should be burned and forgotten. If I can convince them of that, they will do their best to stop them. My people are…odd. We lived together in very confined spaces for a long time. They are so closed-off…if that makes sense?" Squinting at her then, he finally just waves a hand. "If there is any part I can play in stopping them forever, I will do so. Right now, I can play my part by being supportive and present for you and yours. Not…everyone is comfortable with me being around, but I'm hoping that changes. I've started to pick up Trigegasleng little by little." There's a pause then and he considers for a long moment. "If they don't agree to get rid of those weapons, they will no longer be my people."

"Will you come to our village and be Houmon to Kai?" Benning asks him when he tells her that he will leave the Skaikru if that don't help get rid of the Mountain, "Because I think I would enjoy having your there." She leans over and gives him a shoulder nudge, "And my people are not always friendly. I am not always friendly to outsiders. But Kai is Wren's Second, Wren is a brother not of blood so that makes Kai my family. And you my family." She looks to see if he understands how she thinks, "I would also offer the hand in friendship to Tuan's Niron but she does not seem to like me I think. Or at least my words take on new meanings when she hears them."

"Houmon?" Elias asks curiously first, though he lets that question hang and listens patiently. Her English is good enough so he doesn't seem to have too much trouble with it. Of course there are still Trigedasleng phrases and nouns he's not familiar with yet. "I would enjoy being there. We have been through some trying times together, I feel like, and I owe a lot to Coesbur. I can't even begin to pay that debt, but I can try." Lifting a hand then, he rubs at his face a bit to get rid of the remaining sleep. He then smiles at her and nods his head. "It would be easier if there was no divide between people, I admit. What happened between you and Fiona?"

"Niron is beloved…a lover where Houmon is mate…I am not sure what your culture has for the equivalent," Benning tells him with a smile, "You would devote yourself to her and her to you. Many who have a Houmon do not seek other beds anymore." She flashes a smile, "For example, if Tuan came to my bed with Fiona being his Niron, I would not turn him away. But if he was her Houmon, I would not. It would court troubles." She gives a shrug and keeps the conversation on Fiona, "I said words in the yard about the men that would hurt Britt and Feyona took offense. I do not understand why she thinks I think the worst of her people. I am not always open to be in the house of metal and glass but I think I have treated your people fairly."

Elias lets out an 'ahhh' and then his cheeks color rather noticably. There's a bashful smile on his lips at that and he shakes his head. "Err…I think that we are more like mates? Huh. It's never actually come up. I don't share my bed or share beds with others, though. Just Kai." A roll of his shoulders is given then and he wrinkles his nose. A laugh bubbles up from his lips in a sheepish and nervous manner. "Ah, anyways. Sorry. We've been together so long that…" He gives a light gesture with his hand before holding up a finger. Reaching into his pocket then, he produces a picture of two familiar faces, though much younger. The two are in slightly fancier clothing and appear to be attending a festival of some sort. "That was about four years ago," he tells her, showing the picture. "By the way, though. The men that attacked Britt deserve unkind words. They shouldn't be the ones to represent us. I'm sure there are good and bad people among the Trikru as well."

"I am not…exclusive to one man," Benning tells him with a smile, appreciating his devotion though. There is no mockery in her tone, "It is good that you have found such love with another. I have not. But some day I might." Benning gives a shrug as if it's not a big deal, "And that…" She looks at the picture with a smile, "You have been mates for a long time." She then frowns as he talks of the guards that attacted Britt and tells him, "It is not common but those that would fight without dishonor are not whipped…they are put to death." So 'bad' Trikru as not allowed to live, "One must be for the community and not put others at risk. It can be harsh at times but it is important."

There's a wince from Elias at her words, though not for the ones of her romantic situation. Those garner a small smile and a nod of his head. His mind does linger on the less pleasant things, though. Putting the picture away then, he gives a gentle shrug of one shoulder. "I haven't asked her to be my Houmon, but I may. I don't know. It matters how she feels about it. I love her and there isn't a lot I wouldn't do for her. Patience is among those things." With a sadder smile then, he shakes his head. "I think people should get a chance to redeem themselves. Right now there is a lot of misunderstanding between our people so there will be a period of time where we have to show each other patience."

"I agree…now is a time of patience and understanding," Benning tells him softly, "And I am not a warrior but I am trying in other ways to bridge gaps with you…and Jumar Beck-in-son. He is a maker of metal and glass. While I do not understand his ways, I am trying to be more open. For you…I try to show you my world so you can feed your people…so we can learn to exist together" She looks over at Elias with a mixed look because there are times she wonders if she's doing the right thing, "As long as no one orders me not to, I will try to help in my way. Then getting back to Elias and Kai, "Have you told Kai how you feel about her?"

"It'll be a long road, but not something we can't accomplish," Elias says, bobbing his head in a slow nod. A brow lifts with no small amount of interest at the mention of Jumar and he exhales a soft laugh. "You have more patience than I do. That guy just…doesn't think before words escape his mouth." With a sigh and a shake of his head then, he does settle on a smile once more. "Good for you, though. Orders are orders. I get that, but if we are unable to make peace, I won't leave Kai." He nods his head to her then, chuckling. "Only every day since you all cam back from Coesbur. She knows."

"It is good that you stay with your mate," Benning tells him, "Life can be short and harsh but the moments that you spend together will keep you going when things are hard." She laughs when he admits that he tells Kai often of his love, "See…our men are not as good as telling such things. They could learn something from you." She takes a breath and lets it out, "If tensions get stronger Elias, do be careful walking among my people. I will watch for you and Feyona but I can not be everywhere."

Elias does nod his head to Benning there and smiles at her. "I'll be careful. I know who among you genuinely do not wish me harm. I try to stick to those. I don't blame your people for being angry, though. They have every right to be." That said, Elias draws his knees up a bit and rests his arms on them. "It's true that we really have to hold on to moments. Do you capture yours in pictures like the one I showed you?" There is a laugh then at a notion. "I don't even know how I'd begin to help there. People express themselves in different ways."

"No…nothing like that. But sometimes when we want to remember someone we place a symbol on our skin, carve their likeness or draw a picture…although your paints must be very fine to create such realistic pictures." She's still not very knowledgeable on how one would make what he's holding in his hand. She takes her bow and shows him the symbols she's carved into it, "I celebrate the seasons…nature in my bow. So that I may give homage when I take life to the world that brings it. Others though may carve names of their family or symbols that represent their beloved."

With a smile at her words, Elias chuckles and shakes his head. "Actually, we use light. Not paints. We have a smaller construct of glass and metal that captures the light and turns it into a picture. The details on that are very complicated, but I'd be happy to explain if you want." His brows furrow, however and he clears his throat. "I'm sure you could understand it. I just don't want to bore you to death." Her methods are nodded to slowly and he considers it quietly. "Some of your tattoos represent these things as well? Or is it scars only?"

"Warriors track the number of kills they have made personally with a scar on the shoulder, chest, or back…although if you have fought in the wars, you might have more kills than kill marks," Benning tells him and motions with her skin that's almost free of any markings, "Our tattoos…now they mean something." She pauses so she can shrug out of the outer layer of her armor to show him the six diamonds on her shoulder, "Each diamond marks those that are part of my 'family'. I have one for my parents…" She points to the two diamonds that are intertwined, "My two siblings…" She points to another pair of diamonds that are intertwined but smaller, "My uncle and his Houmon…" She looks sad for a moment, "I will have to fill in Lila's mark because she is lost."

Elias nods his hand in understanding as she explains, keeping quiet during this explanation. When she sheds the layer of armor, he moves a bit to give her a little more room. "Ah, I see," he says, craning his neck so that he can look at the tattoo she shows. "Sorry to hear about your Uncle's Houmon. It's hard losing people close to us. So when a family member passes, you fill in the diamond?" He squints his eyes a little and studies the tattoo more closely.

"I do…but that's just me," Benning lets him look for a few more minutes before putting the armor back on,"It's a personal thing. A way of expressing our loyalty to our family, our tribe." She starts to tie the ties to get the armor back into place, "Each Trikru has their own story to tell and tattooing is one of the ways we tell it." She cants her head, "Have you Ginia kom Trikru? She is sister of the heart to Tuan and very skilled in her craft."

Elias nods his head to that. "Okay, so it isn't a standard." He nods his head in understanding and files that away for now. "I think I understand. I suppose that there are a number of ways that can be expressed." Squinting then, he gestures vaguely northwards and clears his throat. "My family came down in Azgeda lands," he speaks up after a moment and fidgets with his fingers a little bit. "From what I understand, the Azgeda aren't…very merciful."

"The Ice Nation are brutal killers," Benning tells Elias bluntly, knowing this will pain him but not wanting to hide the potential danger his family is in, "But they are members of our Coalition. Incidents of their brutality have been less since then. But those who fought in the wars can give you a better picture than I." She shakes her head and doesn't tell Elias that his family may have little chance in the harsh environment of the the North.

Elias gives a nod of his head to Benning and half-smiles at the other teen. "Yeah, I know. I'm holding out a little hope, but I'm mostly trying not to think about it. I still have Kai, though she does have her own responsibilities." Taking a breath in then, he smiles at her and gives a quick raise of his brows. "Right now, one thing at a time has to be dealt with. Maybe the leader of your Kongeda will have word, but I'm not sure if there's a way to ask that question. At any rate, it won't do anyone any good if I run off and get myself killed."

Benning shakes her head and nods, "I feel the same way. I shouldn't have gone to village with the warriors. But it was my home and I needed to see what was going on with my shop." She takes a deep sigh and points to the back of her head, "I learned my lesson. It wasn't even a Reaper that got me. It was a tree root." She laughs at herself, "Some warrior…this is why my father traded to have me trained as a fletcher. He knew I didn't have it in me to fight like Gideon."

Elias wrinkles his nose at her and gives a wave of his hand. "Oh, don't feel bad. I'm no warrior either." Another snort of laughter is given before he sighs finally. "To be honest, I hate violence. It's an unfortunate necessity. But I think there is plenty of room in the world for people who know how to restrain themselves from violence. There's no shame in that, in my opinion. Everyone wants to be a big damn hero, but sometimes they forget the ten or more people it takes to make a hero, eh?" He flashes her a smile then and gives a good-humored wag of his brows.

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