Day 062: No-Man and The Azgeda
Summary: Britt and Kai watch the main assault group form, and witness some Azgeda harrassing Sev.
Date: 30th July 2016
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Wilderness — Mount Weather
Lots of forest. And rocks.
Day 62

What a sight it must be; the twelve clans of the Coalition + the Skaikru marching on the Mountain. The sheer mass of armed and potentially violent humanity no doubt something to awe.. and Kai among them. She might have taken a couple of bullets last time they were out this way, but compared to the likes of Pontus, Khesu and Erson, the teen's in fighting fit condition. A pause on the high-side of their trek isn't about tiredness, no, it's high ground so she can watch people flow by and get a grasp on just how big the column really is. She, at least, is unwarrantedly delighted about the whole thing where she leans up against a tree, taking a sip of her canteen as she beams over the marchers with a bright smile.

Even Britt has not seen the army massed to quite an extent before, so that's saying something. By chance, she spots Kai on the tree as she's climbing the mountain, and she adjusts her path to head over that way. Water's a good idea, and she finds herself pulling her canteen from her belt as well. "Don't get to see you with a smile like that too often," Britt observes as she gets closer. So much of their lives lately have been doom and gloom.

"Look at them." Kai can't help but murmur with a chin in the direction of the army,"For years, I knew exactly how many people were alive, how many people encompassed the entire world, as far as the Ark knew.. and I came down here? And there was Coesbur. And Coesbur alone was almost a quarter of my entire world. And then there was Tondc, and that was half my world.. and now.." she spreads her hands to indicate the entire army,"Entire nations. Indra's war camp alone had a thousand gona in it, roughly. If I utilize that as a benchmark.. there is about ten thousand people here, Britt.. four times my whole world.. and this? Just the warriors. All led by the Heda. By a girl that isn't all that much older than I am.. how can it not please me? I would have to be dead not to be impressed by this." that smile turns feral,"And if the Mountain thought it was bad when they were facing less than fifty of us last time.. I can only imagine the kind of anxiety this will induce in them." not that she enjoys that thought, not at all. She takes another sip from her canteen and looks over to inquire,"And you, Britt? How are you feeling?"

Britt follows the younger woman's gaze, nodding slightly. "I remember the first time I went with my uncle to the warband. It was about as big as Indra's, before skaigeda. I was from a small village, and I had never been anywhere, not even to Polis. It was thrilling and intimidating at the same time. And then to see the first real battle against the Azgeda, so many troops sweeping across the field…" She shakes her head in remembered awe. "This will not be like that, fighting in tunnels, but it was a sight I'll not forget. I hope that the Maunon have the sense to surrender, though I do not hold my breath on that count." Her good cheer dims a bit, thinking of the alternative, but then she shakes it off. "I am all right. My hand's still sore -" She flexes it a bit, grimacing. "But it'll keep. Didn't sleep." A little smile tugs at her lips there for a moment, but then she looks to Kai. "And you? Your wounds on the mend?"

"Oh I don't find it intimidating." Kai offhands, then considers her answer,"If I was the Maunon? Well, that would be another story.. but like this? No." she can't help it, eyes roving over the comparatively small portion she can actually make out, though she tears her eyes away again with that smile still on her lips, cheer unphased at all by the potential for battle. She holds her still stitched together left out,"Mine, too. I don't think about most of them except when they hurt.. but a couple of the hundred came to the baths with me and it wasn't until one of them said something that it really.. sank in, just how many there are." there's a slight shrug of her shoulders, ten years from now when she's no longer seventeen, she's going to remember them every cold morning, but right now the teen's just.. blissfully unaware,"You usually don't." she notes, not that she particularly does either,"I'm in a better state than Pontus or Khesu, at least. The bullet to my chest was right near where that Reaper tried to cleave me in half, the other one was here," she taps near her side,"which is where I got stabbed in the Box.. so I suppose there's things to be said about old injuries? I want to stick close by you and Wren this time. We're not going in there to rescue the hundred.. the Skaikru can take care of their own damned selves."

"Well, you're a leg up on me then. I was only fifteen, though, desperate to prove myself to the older warriors." It wasn't the battle itself that was intimidating, but the fear of failure. Of not measuring up. Britt nods about the injuries, surveying the one she can see with a concerned eye. "You've been through a lot in a short time. Hopefully after this there will be a respite. We could all use it." She offers a dour smirk. "The only thing I can say about old injuries is they suck ass. Especially when the weather turns." She nods her approval to the idea of sticking together. "We can watch each others' backs this time." A beat, then she wonders with a little grin, "Did Elias see you off properly at least?"

"I already know I am not up to par with the rest of the warriors, but if I can hold my own, I am content.. granted, this is not my first battle, either.. I imagine that likely had an effect, too?" Kai caps her canteen and shoves it back into her pack,"I don't mind. If we were at war with someone else, the last month would have been easy by comparison." she offers a nod of invitation down towards the rest of the walkers, inquiring silently though she doesn't make a motion to start walking again immediately,"After this, I imagine we will rebuild Coesbur. And I will finally have a home." she grunts as she glances Britt's way,"Is that so? I'll have to be more careful again." but then there's the question about Elias and her expression blanks, the noise she makes noncommittally ambiguous as her attention goes off.

Britt takes a drink from her canteen, showing no sign of wanting to hurry back to the walkers. "Which was your first battle?" she wonders, squinting and trying to remember. "Coesbur?" She nods absently about rebuilding the place, and rubs her knee when Kai mentions being careful. "Yeah, before the rain is fun." (Not fun.) "And marching up fucking Mountains." She scowls at the offending slope. "I never thought I'd see this place up close, though. It's hard to believe." The noncommittal noise about Elias causes her to look back that way, and she sees that expression. "Shit, I'm sorry." And she doesn't pry further. Whatever happened, it obviously wasn't pleasant.

"For us? Yes. Beforehand, when Sonia's people first attacked skaigeda and most of us were still sick with the blood fever and those that were something resembling healthy were untrained shooters bar for Stone and I and we had to make the call whether or not to break out the rifles, and if so, whether or not to distribute them to a bunch of untrained criminals who could just decide to turn them on us if we all survived." she turns her attention towards the slope with a dry smirk for Britt's words about fucking Mountains,"At skaigeda we did not feel we had a choice. It didn't matter if we were good enough or not.. we would be good enough or we'd be dead, but I can tell you that I was terrified. I'd never had to shoot someone before." then she's saying sorry, and there's another grunt from Kai,"I broke up with him." she elects to inform,"I'm not going to be there enough for him.. I accept that with the choice between being on the battlefield and being home with him.. this will win. It's not fair to him. And I am still a question in too many people's minds.. it's not helped any by my niron having been part of my old kru. But.." she shrugs her shoulders,"It is what it is."

"Ah, right, of course. I didn't see you there." Britt smirks, though. "Though I suppose since you were one of the war leaders, I have you to thank for not shooting us when we walked up after. That was the first I'd met the Skaikru." She sighs softly, a note of apology in her voice. "We tried to intercept them before they got to skaigeda, but they didn't come the way we'd expected." Then she glances at the mountain with a preoccupied frown for a moment, until Kai's explanation about Elias shifts her attention back. "I'm sorry, Kai. I know you've cared for him for a long time." She reaches out to touch the younger woman's arm in a brief show of support, if allowed. "I made the same choice once."

"Yes, that was me in the nest." Kai grunts,"I could see the others abandoning the field, and though you guys were armed, you were out in the open not aiming at us. Given that they had just pulled down that section of wall it was tactically obvious that you weren't there to finish the job. I'd already endeavored to tell them to retreat, but well.. herding cats with that lot." she glances Britt's way with a tight kind of smile,"You tried, though. A lot of them just want to concentrate on the fact that our people were killed, most of them never even realized that we were only alive after the first attack because you and the others managed to get them to stop. You bought us time, and it wasn't time that I was willing to waste because I understood that if that wall came down again, we were all dead. I was.. terrified, and impressed.. with the efficiency of the blood fever, frustrated by the difficulty of hitting the archers with the way they moved.. and when they used the horses? To pull down the wall? It was.. all of the lessons I had ever had about military history and tactics were suddenly in crystal clear focus. That was when I knew just how fucked skaigeda really was. And while I was.. terrified and angry.. I was also.. impressed. Between you guys coming to the gates, and Gideon and Wren and Que it was.. obvious to me that the people that were dismissing the Trikru as unreasonably savage were blindly ignorant. I didn't.. understand the why's or appreciate the nuances happening.. but that's what gave me hope that diplomacy was possible."

There's a sigh from the grey-eyed girl,"Even when we were running the blockade.. we let Tuan lead Fi and Eli and Cameron and I dropped behind because we knew we were being tracked and I watched them mark the tree's and I knew they were telling the rest of the warband where to find us and I was.. torn, between the knowledge that for the sake of the safety of my people I needed to kill them.. and impressed as to the elegance of it. That we were going to be run to ground and killed by them. It was.. cognitive dissonance for me. To admire people that I knew beyond a doubt were going to kill us. After they shot Tuan all I could do to keep Eli and Fi moving to Coesbur because that was the only hope that we had.

"Eli's the only one I've.. ever cared for, like that. We were very young, when we first met, though we were not niron until we came here." she doesn't flinch away from the touch, for all that somehow, talking about being hunted like a dog is somehow less painful to her than talking about her now ex-niron,"I still care for him. But, tactically.. logically.. he deserves someone better than I can be. Someone who will be there for him. I'm not that person, and I accept that."

Britt listens to the younger woman speak, nodding slightly. "I figured there were about even odds that one of your people would take a shot at me when I walked down. I'm glad you didn't. The heda sent us here to assess the threat. We thought if we could just delay Sonia long enough, the heda would intercede. But she didn't. I still don't understand why." Britt frowns then, troubled. "I understand," she says softly about Elias. "When I let Erson go, when I picked the warband over him, I always hoped he would find someone else. Someone better for him, who wanted the same life he did. Now…" She grimaces, taking another gulp from her canteen, then mumbles. "Fucking Maunon."

"Likely they would have of if we didn't have the nest." Kai pauses,"And me in it. Was the extra time from you guys, too? We were expecting two days if we were lucky.. and I didn't sleep but in snatches during that time, worked until I had blisters because I knew if we didn't keep those damned horses away from the walls that it was going to be over before it even began. I was fighting with everything I could possibly get done with a bunch of unskilled labor and shitty tools and those extra days made a difference.. even if that difference wound up with you getting shot in the face." there's a wry smile there. There's a slight nod of her head,"Erson's situation.. honestly.. brought it home to me. Eli doesn't want to fight. He doesn't like war, the only argument he and I have ever had was over practicality and tactics, where he suggested I was monstrous because I said if I could have infected the Maunon with the blood fever I'd have done it to protect the gonakru." she sighs softly,"I could have been on his team. And then what? He'd have to move on anyways. This way he can find a Skaigirl who likes to grow things and will be content to live in peace and comfort with him. Why would I not want that for him? But the reverse is also true.. I want someone who is willing to fight, not someone who would rather stay home and hide."

Britt nods. "You did well, Kai. Skaigeda would not have held if Indra hadn't called off the attack, but your defenses were more than we had expected. I admired that even before I knew you." She rubs her cheek when Kai mentions it. "Well, I would have sooner skipped that part of it, honestly. But it could have been worse. A few inches either way and it would be my fight that was over, instead of his." A grim frown there. She nods when Kai suggests the blood fever. "It didn't seem practical, before the rescue. Even if we'd brought it with us then, they'd be recovered by now. Damn delay. But still - that he thinks it monstrous when you would use a tool to spare more deaths, that is telling. You deserve someone who's suited to you." She lets out a mirthless chuckle. "It's funny - just when I finally decide that I'm ready to put him first, to go back to Tondc with him, then the Mountain happened and now he's the one pushing me away."

"Oh yes, we would have all died if Indra hadn't called off the attack, without a doubt." Kai doesn't have a problem with admitting,"The bombs weren't me. I knew they were making them and encouraged them to do so.. I also agreed with the last line of defense, but bomb-making is not my forte." she grunts quietly,"I'm glad that wasn't the case, though in the same breath I find I can't also be too upset about those who did die. Now I'd just prefer that there's not a repeat." there's a dip of her head,"Which I recognize, but ah if we could have of.. the injuries and deaths would have been.. less, on our side. And while I can appreciate that they are people, too, my kru's safety has to come first." there's a glance her way with her own mirthless smile,"I can't.. imagine.. what it's like for him. My primary is my sword, if I lost my arm I could still learn to fight with the other.. but with archery? Not so. But it sounds.. complicated. Wren is a little upset with me that I have spoken about wanting to stay in the barracks after they are built. But he and Silver need their privacy, and the simple reality is that if I am to find another niron, I'm not going to do so hiding under his roof."

"Not just the bombs, though - the wall, the traps. You said you had a hand in those didn't you?" Perhaps Britt misunderstood. Speaking of Erson is not an easy topic, but there are few Britt does feel comfortable speaking to, so she takes advantage of it while she can. "It is complicated. I would be there by his side through it all, but right now he wants space to come to terms with it on his own. And it is hard to judge… how far to push, at risk of pushing him away entirely. I am trying to give him time, and space, without turning my back completely. And there is someone else. I have told him that I can share my bed but not my heart, but… I'm not so sure his heart heard the message." She rubs her cheek again, letting out another similar chuckle. "I suppose it's nice, in a way, to still have options at my age. But I would prefer things to be simpler." She nods about the Maunon. "Yes, ours come first. I would spare their children. Perhaps even some of the adults. But given what the Maunon said when we were there last time, I do not know how. If we make them sick just by coming near…" She shakes her head grimly.

Kai dips her head,"I had my hand in them." she grunts quietly with a glance in her direction again with another dip of her head, then arches a brow, laughing quietly at the words of 'options',"Apparently the Skaikru's marrow can heal them? This is what I have heard.. that it is why they were.. doing what they did." she grimaces,"The truth of it I do not know. I know it needs to burn. That I will not be satisfied until there is nothing left of it but rubble. I just.. don't trust the Skaikru.. is that wrong of me to say? That I can see the progression from one who values technology to one who devalues other lives in it's pursuit?" she rubs at the back of her head,"I'm not sure that love and sex are ever uncomplicated, though. It's just.. whether or not it's worth the complication. Granted, I've been informed by more than a handful that I am not attractive.." and from the wolfish smile she's completely okay with that,"so it is somewhat simpler for me."

Britt shakes her head. "Even if the Skaikru can heal them, they have to live long enough to be healed first. And unless they surrender - I have a hard time seeing a path to that. But I agree. It must burn. Perhaps not today - I have suggested to the kruheda that we might keep the Maunon children prisoner there if they live. But soon." Kai's laugh gets a little self-conscious smile in return. "Sometimes it is. Uncomplicated, I mean. And pfft - you are not ugly, Kai. Perhaps they simply chose to insult you because you were Skaikru. Besides… Trikru men like scars." A light grin there, speaking from some measure of experience in that regard. She slants Kai a glance tinged with surprise when she talks of not trusting the Skaikru. "It is not wrong of you to say. In fact, I think it astute of you to realize. We have talked of the same, some of us. Especially when we hear people like Morgan talking about wanting to live in the Mountain when all is said and done." Her nose wrinkles there in disgust. "Or Nathaniel saying that he is not here to fight a war, but to spare as many lives as he can. Maunon lives." She gestures towards the marching war band. "I've heard it said that this is as much for the Skaikru's benefit as the Mountain's. To see what they risk if they turn on us. Perhaps they're right."

Kai grunts acknowledgment,"If they do not surrender, they die." and she's okay with that too from the tone of it. There's a nod of her head for Britt's words, however, where the older archer and the ex-Skaikru Second lean up against a tree watching some of the warband march by,"In that I will take your word, I have no doubt you have more experience than I in such things. I am blind in that area, admittedly. There has always been more important things to worry about than boys." at least by her measure, though she glances Britt's way to ask,"So do I know this other one?" she asks of her, only to shake her head a little,"And that is why I want it to burn. If they are living in there.. first off, I cannot understand how they could want to. But the structures are still there. They have the knowledge of chemicals, they have the technology. If they feel threatened by the Coalition.. they could choose to rebuild the missile's. When I hear them speak of how technology is their birthright.. it just.. I have studied too much of the old history for it to be comfortable to me. And it makes my stomach twist to say it, but I was glad you blew up the missiles. I want to see the whole thing torn down so that there is never that temptation for them.. because I understand that if I were on the other side of the fence that it would be a temptation to me." she grimaces,"But.. your admirer. I would rather think about happy things.. yes? We shall have war soon enough already."

"Stay to your kru, No-Man!" That accent is Azgeda. Makes sense there would be some around, along with members of other krus that have been kind of mingled together. "That is your own would even have!" A pair of bearded and burly Ice Nation warriors are harassing Sev of all people. "I'm surprised you're even here, No-Man. What are you going to do, throw your herbs at the Maunon?" one of the them sneers, looking on at his friends, who grins in turn.

As for Sev himself, he says nothing. He just keeps walking along with the rest of the army, satchel across one shoulder and his bow slung around the other. He's doing his best to simply ignore the harassment. Like this isn't the first time he's heard that name used for him.

"The No-Man has nothing to say this time? I wasn't aware that the Trikru healers have lost their tongue. But maybe maybe we're not worth his time." the other Azgeda replies. Not like this isn't common between kru, barbs pointed at each, though they know better than to actually cause an altercation with a member of another kru. "Come, No-Man! You have to have something to say this time? Perhaps you can tell us another 'story', hm? Oh no, that's it! He's saving his stories to bore the Maunon to death with! That must be it!"

"There are always more important things to worry about," Britt agrees. "Doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy yourself." There's a brief grin, which fades when she gets back to talking about the Skaikru. "Why? Well, a charitable person might say it is not too different from the Sky Ark inside, yes?" Or at least, that's how she imagines it to be. Britt never made it far enough inside Jaha to know for sure. "A less charitable person might say they see it as a fortress they can use against us. I already worried that the Maunon would have repaired the missiles or the fog while we fucked around getting the army together. If it were up to me, I would have pressed our advantage the first day." She shakes her head, then, and gets back to happier thoughts. "As for if you know him. I don't know, he's one of the heal…" The heckling from a little down the slope draws Britt's attention that way, and she scowls. "Damn Azgeda. I wish they'd followed Oxfor's example and just decided to fuck off and stay home." Wait… it takes a second but then it dawns on her who they're taunting. And her eyes narrow. "Sev!" she calls, to get his attention, casting a withering glare at the warriors who taunt him. No, Britt is not going to start a fight on the slops of Mount Weather, but clearly there's a part of her that would like to.

"I suppose." is the noncommittal answer from Kai regarding enjoyment, then grunts quietly,"It has already been a fortress once. And a graveyard. And that by people trapped inside. The Skaikru have larger numbers, better knowledge and more skilled warriors on top of being able to go outside. I know what I could do with that place, and given the number of them I still hear dismiss the Trikru as savages," from the tone in which she utters the word she finds personal offense in it,"I just do not trust them. Remove temptation removes the possibility of this happening again. As to repair.. fog would be more likely than missiles. It takes a lot to fire a missile, and if you get it wrong, it lands on you. The fog I don't know.. but repairs take time, and personnel.. do you spend the time trying to rebuild that which was destroyed and take a risk of gassing yourself? Or fortify what you know is still intact? Tactically.. I would fortify. Fog, missiles.. they can kill more, but if you're overrun they will do no good. If you can hold an enemy off and conduct repairs with a larger time-frame.. then it is worth repairing. A week is not long enough for both." Insults draw her attention with distant curiosity, noting the Azgeda, not that she recognizes them specifically until Britt's words identify them,"Arlin?" that's the only male healer she knows by name, though she's seen Sev a few times before,"So those are the Azgeda.. huh?"

Sev is chewing on the inside of his lip. The anger of knowing he is completely outmatched by the pair of them. Until he hears Britt's call, eyes sliding over to her. He starts to move away. While his face isn't etched with gratefulness of finding an excuse to move away, he certainly isn't going to ignore the archer, steps carrying him away, moving through the mass of warriors.

"Run off to your mate, No-Man! Maybe you'll be able to keep this one alive this time. Perhaps she'll maybe even suck your shaft if you're lucky!" the Azgeda leers.

Sev stops in his tracks, letting a couple people walk past him. The pair of gruff Icemen can't see the look of cold fury on his face. He wants to turn around, wants to turn around so badly. Even if he gets his face caved in for it. But that reserved demeanor wins him over, starting to walk towards Britt and Kai again.

"I don't know how badly the fog was damaged, since it didn't go so well." Britt's jaw clenches at the reminder of how Erson got hurt. "But yes, with their guns and their numbers, they could certainly make it costly to take, even without the fog. Best to not give them the opportunity. Wait, what about Arlin?" She asks, distractedly, then it dawns on her what Kai is concluding and Britt's face twists in an odd mix of horror and amusement. "Goodness, no. I'm practically old enough to be his mother." Well, she's exaggerating a tiny bit - unless the Grounders get started young - but it's just her perspective on things. The Azgeda's call causes a cold look to settle on Britt's face. If looks could kill, the other warrior would be in pieces all over the Mountain right now. But instead she points a finger at him, marking his face for later. "You. You I will find when this battle is over." And then time will tell who gets their face caved in. She spits another word at him, an unprintable slur from the Azgeda language. Hey, you don't spend half your life fighting them without picking up a few things along the way. She snorts and answers Kai. "Yes, that's them. Worthless bastards," she mumbles under her breath. When Sev gets closer, she offers him a wan smile. "Hi. Sev, do you know Kai?" A look is slanted to the younger woman, a smirk and eyebrow arch indicating the healer in a yeah, totally him sort of way.

Kai can't help but arch a brow at the warriors, noting them with the cold grey assessment of her eyes as if filing them away somewhere in that skull of hers,"What does age matter?" she asks absently as her gaze settles assessingly on the approaching Sev,"Beating on Azgeda doesn't count as a diplomatic incident, does it?" the Second's sly question pitched low for the archer before she offers Sev out a hand,"I don't think we've been formally introduced. His wagon was at the camp outside of Alpha, though, and I remember it from the last time we were here." yeh, assessed by a teenager in a frank and appraising 'are you good enough for my friend' kind of way.

"Don't threaten me, woman, just because your niron can't take a few words. Don't get too close to him, you might end up dead too." the Azgeda smirks, apparently not all that intimidated by Britt. "But you come find me after you tend to him. Show you a much better time than the No-Man could offer. Let's go. It's starting to stink over here." Patting his buddy on the shoulder, the pair walk off.

Sev looks alright. As well as he can. His face is the same placid looking, but an evaluating eye can see that one of his hands is curled into a fist, knuckles white. "Kai kom Trikru, I've heard a great deal about you." he nods, taking the offered hand. "It is good to finally meet you. I have heard many good things about you from Britt. I am Sev kom Trikru. Healer and trader. Britt and I are…" he look over at the archer, pausing. "…old friends. We have a penchant for getting bitten by wolves. Ask her about the cloak I made her someday." A nod is given to Britt, even if there a look he gives her, probably something to do with those insults being thrown around. Would suggest 'Sorry'.

Britt shrugs when Kai asks what does age matter. "It matters to me. Not to some." Then she mumbles back, a steely promise in her words. "If we both survive this, I'm going to find out." She doesn't respond out loud to the taunting, but glares at the other warriors until they march on, still snickering amongst themselves. Then she returns her attention to Sev, offering him a helpless shrug in response to his silent apology. She smirks, though, at his description of them. "You make it sound like we make a habit of being wolf-bait. It was once, a long time ago," she clarifies for Kai's benefit, before noting with a smile. "And you needn't be coy. She knows we are more than friends." Britt apparently is unashamed to advertise the fact, especially after the Azgeda taunting. Which causes her to look in that direction again, scowling. "Though I wonder how they knew." It doesn't occur to her that maybe they didn't - that they just were just trying to push Sev's buttons.

"Old friends." Kai doesn't even bother to keep the amusement out of her voice, giving Sev's hand a shake before she subsides back to lean against the tree again,"Not alone, you wont.. I like making friends too. Especially I like 'making friends' with people that find fit to insult my kru." which would be why the smile as her eyes tick after the offending Azgeda,"There's nothing wrong with being more than friends."

"It is a storyteller's prerogative to make things sound more interesting than what they really are, especially in front of a bonfire celebration telling stories to children. You're something of a folk hero, Britt. But so are others. I have told some you fought off five wolves single-handedly with a broken sword and a length of chain." Sev replies simply. "How did it go? 'The Fire Maiden with the Broken Blade of Vengeance'. That was what I called the story." But her admittance of what happened between them the night before gives him a blink. "You…did?" Er. He rubs the back of his head. He may be a little surprised. "I am not ashamed about it. It was…a pleasant night." Eye slide to Britt, maybe a little affection there for the archer. As for the Azgeda, he shrugs. "They know me. They saw me with a woman, they assumed. And assuming makes an ass out of most people." A look back to Kai. "Well, any friend of Britt's must be worth knowing. It is a good to meet you, Kai. Should you need it, I'll after if you have any wounds once this is over."

Britt gives Kai an approving nod and a little smile when she talks of 'making friends'. Oh yes, diplomacy at its finest. But then she's giving Sev an odd look. She knows of his penchant for storytelling, but apparently it never occurred to her that "You tell stories about me?" Not upset, really, just shocked. Then she stifles a laugh. "'Fire Maiden'? Oh, hell, I think I'm going to go crawl under a rock now." Chuckling, she gives his arm a playful jab. Then she slants a look to Kai. "Kai is like family to me. I don't keep secrets from them." As more of the warband continues to pass, she says, "We should probably keep moving though. Don't want to be the last ones there." Not that it really matters, since they're slated to be one of the first teams in regardless of who gets to the top first.

"A pleasant night." Kai repeats with some amusement and a look at Britt before her attention shifts back to Sev,"I shall keep that in mind, though in truth my.. mother.." oh she can't help but find entertainment in saying that, possibly for the rest of her life,"is my primary physician.. when she's not busy patching up Wren." there's a broader grin at Britt's embarrassment over being the Fire Maiden, pushing off from the tree,"Clearly, I miss the best stories." though there's a pause before she laughs,"Indeed, when she is old and grey I plan for her to terrorize my children.. should I have any. And not for a good few years yet, yes? But we can walk and talk.. evidently I need to hear more about this 'fire maiden'."

"And why not?" Sev asks. "Storytellers are not expected to tell the whole truth. That would make for bland stories. Embellishment is required to make them entertaining. Children put into awe over the Fire Maiden's heroics, saving the injured, but very handsome and noble Wanderer." Of course it seems like he isn't giving out names, so Britt's secret identity is secure. "Though I admit, I have a whole list of stories about their 'adventures' together. It became a…thing. Other stories more for adults in pubs, deal with a man named the Falcon and his Second, Pup." He never seems to use real names, gives it a more fantastical air to it. A look over at Kai. "You're not old enough for those kind of details. Yes, a pleasant night." It's wry joke. "I will let Britt give you the juicy details if she sees fit. When I'm not around. Though she looks like she's in good mood, so maybe that's evidence enough." No, the nomad is not one to kiss and tell. He takes the punch in stride, tilting away before steadying. "I have already given Britt the same offer. Because she knows she'll likely get a leg message out of me with whatever healing I may need to do."

Though her embarrassment is more acute at the whole 'fire maiden' thing, there is also a bit of it on her face when Britt looks between the amused Kai and Sev talking about the night before. She rubs her cheek before saying, "She's a Second, not a child - I think she's plenty old enough. But I'm not the storyteller you are so I think I'll keep the tales to myself." But Britt does slant him a little grin that's evidence enough of her good mood even as they march into battle and potential death. "Handsome and noble wanderer, eh? Well, I suppose you're entitled to your own embellishments." Her smirk is (hopefully!) very obvious at telegraphing that she's just pulling his leg. But then Kai is getting an odd look as they start walking again. "Your mother tends to Wren? I thought she was a maker of some sort - security things?" Yeah, Britt is a little out of the loop.

There's a snort from Kai at 'not old enough', then he's talking about leg massage's and the Second raises a hand like 'okay, I give, details better off missing',"I.. what?" there's a laugh from Kai for Britt's words,"Ah. No, it's a joke. Well, yes, my real mother is. My birth mother? But Wren has decided to adopt me.. and Peake has given her approval. So in the oddest fashion it sort of makes Silver my mother even if she's barely a year older than me.. and I'm pretty sure if I say that to her when I'm hurt that I'm probably going to hurt a hell of a lot more than I am likely to get better." there's a shrug of her shoulders,"Granted, at this point I am just going to go with 'family' and leave it at that. I only have one genetic relative left.. but in terms of adopted family.. I find myself unexpectedly blessed."

"When you want to tell the stories, Britt, you can make up whatever you please. I in fact think he's very handsome and quite noble. And the Fire Maiden grudgingly accepts him for what he is. Like I said, those are more stories I tell to children. They are meant to have happy endings." Sev replies, elbow nudging at Britt at little. "No no, I am not the sort who speaks of such things. I would hate to see Britt's cheeks match the shade of her hair. I would also rather not to shoot myself in the foot." Because obviously he'd like there to be a next time. The matter of who Kai's 'mother' is gets him to look curiously at her. "So, your First's houmon is someone your age? Huh. Stranger things have happened, I suppose. Though I can see how that is humorous. But. That is good, Kai. Family has always been important. Hold onto it as long as you can. I may not know you that well but, I am glad you have found a place where you feel like you belong."

Britt chuckles when Kai raises a hand and there she does feel obliged to clarify. "It's a treatment, for my knee. Not anything…." She waves a hand, reconsidering. Never mind. "Silver as your mom… yeaaah, I'm just going to go with 'family' on that one too. If anything, I would have thought Peake would adopt you. You seem more of Wren and Silver's sister than their child. But it doesn't really matter what label you put on it. They're your family now. And I'm glad you have them." And that causes her to slant a sympathetic glance Sev's way, knowing that family is a touchy subject for them both.

"So, in truth you are a dirty old man and quite smitten with my Britt.. that's okay, she's worth it. And my imagination is entirely good enough to postulate where leg massages may end up so.. yeh." Kai grins wolfishly, though she dips her head before turning to look over at Britt, walking backwards a couple of paces,"That doesn't mean you get to escape from terrorizing my children, Britt. By the time Silver's able to have children they will have plenty to care for them in their old age. And my mother is never going to leave Alpha. Which is fine. But well.. really. As I said.. age. It occurred to me the other day that I don't even know any Trikru my own age. Possibly their First's don't want me polluting them or something." there's a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders,"But something I will have to fix. Though I imagine I shall have to simply start with 'single'.. when the time comes."

"I am literally a dirty old man, yes." Sev nods, looking down at himself. He does have dirty look to him. And he is old by Trikru standards, and he is male. "As for the rest…" he looks at Britt. "She is a special woman." So that's neither a yes or a no, leaving it ambiguous at best. "And apparently I need to use warm oil next time. That was suggested at. But since Britt opened the door to the fact that they've been 'spending time together' he leans over to Kai in a faux-whisper, even if his tone and delivery is placid and monotone as usual. "Don't let her know, but Britt squeaks when you tickle her." Because that's just too rich to keep to himself. Straightening, he sobers a little. "I know a few younger warriors I've treated. Perhaps when you are ready for that, I could introduce you to one of them." It's a friendly offer at any rate.

"Well I dearly appreciate it, Kai. I hope to have many years tormenting your children." Kai gets a fond smile, but then the talk is turning back to embarrassing topics, and she's rubbing her forehead, as if the conversation were paining her. But she's still smiling, so it can't be that bad. And though she does hear Sev's faux whisper, the only indication is a brief close of her eyes and an Oh goodness I'm never going to live this down wince. So she's just gonna be over here looking for a rock to crawl under. Don't mind her.

Kai laughs,"Okay, fair point, then there's a flurry of her hands to ward off the idea of Britt being tickled and anything potentially related, laughing all the harder,"Well, now it is officially, you are figuratively as well as literally a dirty old man. Could do worse." that last directed at Britt,"So do you know where we are going to be, yet? I almost hope that we are going for their president.. their.. kruheda.. if the Skaikru want to save the children.. let them go save the children."

Sev shrugs a little. But he got a laugh out of Kai and mild embarrassment out of Britt, so apparently his job here is complete. "I was going to be labeled that no matter what, I think." Could do worse? Is that a word of endorsement from Kai? Well, that wouldn't be so bad to earning one of the archer's friend's approval. "That is a matter for you Warriors, I would think. I plan to be gathered with the rest of healers, waiting for the rest of you to emerge once the job is done. And we can go back to our lives with some measure of peace to it."

Despite her fair skin and red hair, it actually takes a lot to get Britt to blush. But Sev has succeeded, if only with a faint coloring of her cheeks. "I'm not complaining," she does grant, though, with a smirk at Kai's semi-endorsement. Talking about the assignment is far easier, though. "I don't know. I assume we'll find out soon, though." A glance at Sev. "Hopefully."

"Probably." Kai concedes for Sev, grunting acknowledgment for his further words as she glances back to Britt again, smirking at the color she turns,"Once more unto the breach, dear friends; once more. Or close up the wall with our English dead. In peace there's nothing so becomes a man, as modest stillness and humility.. but when the blast of war blows in our ears, then imitate the actions of a tiger." the young woman recites,"Stiffen the sinews and conjure up the blood.. disguise fair nature with hard-favored rage.. then lend the eye a terrible aspect, swill'd with the wild and wasteful ocean."

"Such things are meant for the two of you. I am only here to put you back together again." Sev states plainly. "I would save a drink for afterwards, but someone stole two bottles of my honey mead from my wagon last week while bringing injured home. I think they were singing in the back as well. I'll need to replace those at some point." Britt's blushing he allows himself something of a private smile, but doesn't comment on it. He allows himself a quick glance at her before eyes move forward.

Britt gives a curious look to Kai reciting the speech. "I like that," she says when she's finished. "Poetic." And that causes her to slant a little smile to Sev. The mention of his disappearing mead gets a smirk. "A healer without mead - that's a tragedy." Something catches her gaze over in the sea of warrior faces, and she says, "I'm going to go see if I can find out more about our assignment. I'll catch up with you," she tells Kai. Then there's a considering glance to Sev, and a moment's hesitation. What the hell. She goes to give him a reserved kiss, suitable for mixed company but nevertheless beyond her usual boundaries against PDA. "In case I don't see you again before the fight," she explains. Or, more importantly, after it. For while there's an entire freaking army here, Britt knows that the vanguard will still be facing some bullets.

"A book that was ancient before all of us were born. Combined, even.. about a king, a Heda.. of a place long since dead and dust. Most of his work I didn't care about, but that one, Henry the Fifth.. well.." it had fighting in it. Of course she was interested. There was a clearing of her throat as Sev mentions missing mead, like maybe she knows something about that? But decides she so not going to open her mouth about it. A nod for Britt, and then there's kissing, and the teen with all the maturity she can muster rolls her eyes and raises a hand in salute before slipping off in search of her First.

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