Day 025: No! Not Hanne!
Summary: A semi relaxed moment in camp turns to horror when Hanne is brought in cut up from an attack
Date: 17 June 2016
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Camp In Front of Gates
Morning of Day 25

A laugh escapes and Ari shakes her head, "You are the sunshine around here, Shi. Or maybe the moonlight is more appropriate." She slides her hands just underneat the hem of Shi's shirt to let her fingertips brush the bare flesh of her waist as she says, "And I'm sure Stone can tell you were he'd like you, if he's having those sort of dreams about you." She leans in and places a kiss on Shi's chest. A red-haired delinquent boy walks by and smirks, muttering under his breath, "Yeah, murderers. Stay to your own kind. You can fucking kill each other."

Shi smirks softly as she leans back and reaches before her and flips a finger at whoever is calling out such things. She on the other doesn't look back and simply gives Ari a shy little grin. "That's sweet Ari, but I don't know if I agree, but I will try my best to be your whatever.. moon or sun.." She offers as she reaches up and slowly slides a hand into Ari's hair, tugging playfully as her bound chest is kissed.

The gate to the outside is being signalled by a rough, low call, being slid open to reveal a procession of sweaty workers likely having been cutting or digging more trenches. And striding in behind them, none other than the Boy Scout himself, towering over the group, a somber look on his fine features, a cargo vest across bare scarred torso, rifle cradled ready for use. His throat is still bandaged, but for once there's no blood staining it and he's looking hardier than he's been looking for awhile, apparently enough so to have taken a turn guarding the outside work for once. Of course, the big guy is pausing before stepping in fully, dark eyes having just alighted on a familiar pair, the taller's bent over kiss having just been seen. Nah, that wasn't really what he saw was it? Couldn't have been. She must have been…like blowing a bit of lint or dirt off her…or something.

Ariadne and Shi have found a quite corner just to the front of the gate. People walk by occasionally, but nearly as often as if they were in the camp proper. Ari's bow and quiver and leaned up against the wall next to her, and she is sitting with her back against the wall. Shi is sitting on her lap facing her, and there is a leaf nearby with the remnants of the mud that has been carefully applied to Shi's face to act as a temporary sunblock while the pale woman is outdoors. Ari looks more at ease than she usually is around the more populated areas of camp. She has the tip of her fingertips just under the hem of Shi's shirt to rest on her hips and as Shi flips off the redheaded jerk as he walks by she can't help but chuckle. As the gate opens she turns her head and then nods toward those entering to direct Shi's attention there. She says quietly, "Look who it is. Your boyscout, in the flesh." She looks at Shi and then calls out to him, "Hey Stone. How's it going?"

Shi smirks at Ari's little chuckle and says she is about to reach up and see if the mud on her face is dry, when Ari nudges her, she glances over her shoulder and tilts her head to the side. There is no telling how she looks with the darkness on her pale features, but as her hood is missing, it is probably the one thing that might keep her skin from burning off. The white hair has been braided and is hanging down across Ari's legs with maybe the ends in the dirt. A half piece of cloth is wrapped around head, tired below the braid, maybe in hopes of keeping the sun off the top of her head.

If Stone doesn't flinch away from either the look of her, or her and Ari, she raises a hand to him and motions him over as well. "Come and take a break, I have abit of a snack and all.." Shi has been keep aside abit of each of her rations for times like this. She doesn't need as much as the other pair.

And…of course he's spotted! For a moment Stone looked like he was contemplating trying to turn around and go back out into the forest, alone or not. But then Ari of the filled lap was asking that and the big guy had to wince and stick it out. Add that to Shi's talk, and the ex-C's letting out a sigh, stepping inside and signalling the wall watch to pull the door close, starting his way over in a grimacing sort of seriousness masking distinctly awkward air as his voice rolls out, slightly less horror-movie gravelly, but nowhere near the almost musical richness it had before the arrow. "Uh…Hey Ari. Shi." A pause, gun being slung down and behind him as he moves to crouch down near them, balanced on toes of his boots. "Should hold onto your stuff also, Shi. Food's gettin' too scarce with the twits in the forest." Another pause, a kind of furtive flicker of dark-eyed glance up to Shi's white hair. "Where's yer hood anyways? Not that th' mudbath look is bad or anything."

This is when Ari speaks up and says, "I was talkin' to Morgan last night. I know food is tight, but those of you with wounds should be getting more protein than the rest of us. It'll help you heal faster." She peers at the bandage for a moment, but that's all she says about the matter. She pat the ground next to them and says, "You can sit, ya'know. You've earned a break I'd think." She leans back against the wall and lets her head fall back against it, looking back up at the sky again. "It's about time we had a day that it didn't rain. I'm getting so sick of wet."

Shi shifts a little on Ari's lap, a tiny wiggle that has her hand turning to look up at Stone as he settles down, those violet eyes meet his for a long moment, studying him before she gives a tiny smile. "Thanks, and.. it disappeared during the war games. Not sure where it went to. I should have picked it up after that tumble into the weapons…" She is probably blushing under that mud, but she squares her little shoulders, "As for the rations, remember, this is what I used to do, the food and all. I know just how much I need each day…" Or something like that. She reaches into her shirt, pulling out a small handmade pouch and offers it to Stone and then Ari, "Eat, or you will make me growl.." Like that is a horrible think or something!

Ari's words gets a nose wrinkle and she reaches back and baps her nose. "Rain means clouds, clouds mean less sun, and more water. Rain is good…"

Ari and Shi managed to find a quiet corner near the front of the gate where Shi's sitting in the taller, darker girl's lap, mud caked on her near-albino face for sunscreen. Surprisingly, the pair somehow have talked the giant Boy Scout over to kneel next to them, despite his mild discomfort of presence and the fact he's barely looking to either.

To the talk of wounds from Ari, Stone sighs a bit, but accedes a nod to Ari's talk of healing. The big guy probably would forego the healing to let others get more food. Self-sacrifice sort of seems to be his thing. Either way, as to the talk of rain's stopping, it brings a sigh from him as he's settling into the ground kneeling, ready to pop up again, but at least more comfortable than squatting there, his low rough voice sounding out. "Least it meant water without having to try to run the blockade for it. As is, I'm probably gonna organize a hunting party and water convoy. We need more stocked up before the attack." It's clear he doesn't look forward to _that_ particular trek. It'd probably get ugly fast, and puts the camp at risk to boot.

His reaction to Shi's look is a dropping of the ex-C giant's eyes from her to the ground, though her talk of hood made him frown a little angrily, as if automatically jumping to someone taking it from her. Her threats then of making her growl tries to creep a lopsided smile through the frown though, and finally leave him snorting. "Fine, fine. I'll have a bite or two." Best she's getting for now.

The walls come alive, "Movement! There's someone moving out there!" comes a call.

And maybe one of those standing before the gate would notice it before even that. But through the brush, there was a rustling - far too clumsy to be Grounders, unless it was some trick, but soon enough - Lark, and Hanne burst from the underbrush. Lark - rifle over her shoulder, and a grim look on her face, glances towards those gathered.

"It's me! Lark! Hanne! We need a doctor!" she says. Why did they need a doctor? Hanne was absolutely covered in blood, mostly around her belly, and her left hand looked in poor shape. "Hanne's been attacked!" she says, trying to pick up the pace as she nears the gates. "Hey - almost there!" she whispers to Hanne. "You're all safe now."

Hanne does not look good, no matter how much blood there is. A sheet of red coats her throat from the deep gash under her jaw to the collar of her once-blue t-shirt. She is holding onto her belly where a red saturates the cloth and creates a red run down her pantleg. The ring and pinky finger of that left hand look gnarled and bleeding heavily, the pinky looking as if it is almost severed from the hand entirely.

She looks exhausted and grim, almost all her weight placed on Lark as they come limping to the gate together. She has her head resting more or less against the dark bob of Lark's hair, her own messy brown hair almost completely out of the careless knot she had thrown it up into. "Thanks, Lark," she half-murmurs, though her eyes are closed as if she is sleeping.

A soft cry of alarm escapes Ariadne's lips as Hanne and Lark burst through the gates. The tall girl slides Shi from her lap, gently but abruptly and she unfolds her legs before moving closer to them. She calls over to Shi, "Someone needs to go get Morgan." She calls over to Stone, "My hands are covered in MUD. I need something to clean them with before I even think about touching those wounds." She moves to help Lark as she says, "We should probably get her in the drop ship, too. It's probably not much cleaner, but it's gotta be better than out here." Her eyes then move to Shi and she mouths to the other girl, "Hurry." Her eyes are already examining Hanne trying to asses where the wounds are, and she's plucking up the bow and quiver and shoving those in Stone's direction as she says, "Take care of these for now, will ya?"

Shi started at the sounds from the wall, her eyes widening and then widening more when she sees what/who is coming through the gates, those violet eyes narrow and she opens her mouth to say something, but it naps when Ari takes control and she just nods towards the other woman. "I"ll get him even if I have to interrupt him and Cam.." Oh that will be fun to watch. She gives one more quick look at Hanne, frowns with worry and then starts to rush off towards the center of camp. Her movements are quick, long white braid bouncing and her pale face is covered in blacken mud, as she calls out as she nears the dropship, "Morgan!" if she gets nothing she heads towards the tents, calling for him again. She doesn't act panicked but she moves with alot of speed for a tiny thing.

Stone, for his part, was focused on preventing Shi-growling by taking up the rations offered, nibbling at them, and trying not to look too much at the pair he's kneeling by. So when that cry went up, the big man practically choked on it in his haste to jump up, signalling instantly for the gate to be open for recognizing his childhood friend's voice. "Get them in!" He roar-rasps out to the guards on gate. When it becomes evident just how bad it is, he's whispering out. "What the frakking heck, not Hanne!" Ari's directions are taken though, nodding for Shi to go get the doc, while he's whistling to the tall archer and tossing her his half-empty canteen of water for her hands. Her weapons he swings over shoulder to keep them handy in case there's more attacks coming. That done, he's moving out to help get the girl inside, signalling the gates to close as soon as she's through, snarling up to the guards. "Double the watch! Everyone be fudgin' ready!!!" And sending people scrambling into activity. Is this the attack? "Hanne, stay with us girl! What the fudge happened?!"

You sense: Shi flickers her eyes towards you as she stands, a touch of your shoulder fleeting as she moves to find the other Doctor.

Morgan is in the dropship, checking yet again on the supplies they're going to need once the fighting starts. For all there's so few of them, they're the best inventoried bandages on or off the planet. He has added to them, taking old shirts and other pieces of clothing or rags from people and boiling them to disinfect them. Hearing his name, he heads over to the ramp. "What?"

Ariadne stops near Hanne to pour the water from the canteen over her hands and wash the mud off as best she can. She's scrubbing at her hands with her fingernails, and though some of the dirty appears to be ground in, and her fingers are blisted from practicing with the bow, she manages to get them as clean as she can with only water. She nods toward the guards and waves them toward the drop ship. She moves to follow them, and as they move closer to the dropship and she sees Morgan she sighs in relief, yet she continues to move with Hanne, directing those carrying her to "Be careful."

"I hear fudge is actually really delicious," Hanne murmurs to Stone once he gathers her from Lark, who is off to help get on the wall and watch for possible Grounder attacks. Stone is so much taller than Lark, so poor Hanne is basically wrapping her arm around his waist rather than shoulders and her head tucked under his arm rather than against his head. She stumbles a few steps in, almost hitting the dirt if not for her grip around Stone. Poor boy is getting Hanne blood on him at this point.

Her left sneaker gives a rather disconcerting squelch as blood mixes with dew, and fills her shoe. "All my fault," she is murmuring under her breath. "I went to go say hi to the morning glories… Ipomoea nil," she says, using the latin name as she rambles on in her bloodloss daze. "No… wait.. Ipomoea purpurea. They were purple. Non-native… probably survivors of someone's garden. They grow in vine clusters. Did you know they are also act as a psychadelic? Their properties are similar to old Earth lysergic acid diethylamide, though the tricolor varieties are more potent." Beat pause. "Don't tell anyone I said that."

Shi skids to a halt, "Hanne has been attacked, Ari and Stone are bringing her here. No idea if this is a single attack or more. Blood along the throat, stomach and hand from what I saw.." She updates the "Doctor" incase knowing before the trio get this far is important. These words are said as the tiny girl turns and looks back the way she can, almost bouncing on her heels to be doing /something/ .

Morgan looks over to where they're carrying Hanne toward the ship and nods. "Yeah, get her in here." He heads back in spread out the largest clean cloth they have over the cushions on the floor and makes sure a needle and thread is within reach along with some alcohol and water.

"Uh, sure hon. Whatever you say. Just keep tellin' us about those, k?" Stone's clearly freaked out and not giving a shit about the blood he's getting on him. If he wasn't loaded with weapons, he probably would have swung the girl up into arms to pack her in himself, but for now he just helps keep her upright and conscious. "What was the name of the plant again?" Yeah, the big uy totally wants to be asking more pertinent questions, like whether they're all about to be attacked, but he recognized how much blood there was, how bad that was, and so is focusing just on getting her to Morgan as fast as possible, and keeping her alive.

Ariadne's expression is calm, but it's apparent that she's eyeing the severity of the wounds. She looks up as Morgan approaches and there is an expression of relief on her face. She steps into the drop ship and waves toward the cloth Morgan has laid out. She lays a hand on Stone's shoulder and gives him a little smile as she kneels near the dropcloth that's awaiting Hanne. She looks to Morgan and says, "Tell me what you want me to do. I'm on it." Then her eyes move back to Morgan. She's calling out as she studies her. "Hand, stomach, neck… may be more. We need to undress her so we can where the wounds are. That's a lot of blood."

"Hi Morgan, don't be mad," Hanne implores softly to the medtech. "I know I was supposed to finish up the med kits last night." Priorities, girl! She glances up at Stone, head tilting back. This is a bad move, as the glash under her jaw opens up a bit wider, and blood flow suddenly increases. Her entire head goes dizzy, and the world goes sideways, and she almost sinks completely into Stone. Her head falls back down, and it slows the blood flow again.

"Ip-Ipomoea pur-purpurea," she stutters. "C-common m-morning glory. You kn-know when you w-wr-wring out your socks?" The question is asked very seriously to Stone. "They t-tw-twist up like that every night, Billy… and they stay c-cl-closed up until morning comes. I just wanted to watch them open back up."

Shi follows everyone into the dropship, her movements are careful and she moves to Hanne's other side, and while the tiny girl is tiny she seems able to support some of the weight of the wounded woman as they try and get her settled. "Morning glories are said to be beautiful Hanne, I am so glad you know where some are. You will need to show us when this is all over and your better.." Her voice is warm and soft, but she does what she can to keep the Doctor's hands free to try to save the other girl's life. When she calls Stone, Billy, Shi peeks up at Stone a moment and can't help a little shake of her head but then she is carefully moving to expose the wounds, without putting Hanne on display.

"Won't know till we see what's wrong." Morgan tells Ari, motioning those carrying her to set her down. "Over here. And yeah, the shirt needs to come off." And this time it's for legitimate medical reasons.

Stone helps to get the tiny girl up on the table as directed, grimacing at her lifted head causing that gush, a big hand reaching out to cover the wound without thinking, applying pressure. Luckily while his hands have a bit of sweat salt to them, they aren't that dirty, so he's not going to give her a massive infection or anything likely. "Sounds interesting, hon. Dirty sock flowers that get you high. " Yeah, he's totally babbling at this point, grimacing and trying to make way for the medicals to do their thing. Ari's talk of undressing her gets a frowning blanch, the big guy's not good with nudity, we all know this. But until one of the two tells him to let go of her wound on the throat, he's apparently going to try and tough it out. "What other flowers you been sneaking off to without protection, Hanne? Any other good ones?"

Ariadne has seen Shi pull that little knife plenty of times, and instead of wasting time asking Shi for the knife she just pulls it from its place and begins cutting the pants leg that leads to the shoe filled with blood in search of another would that might not be visible.

"I'm wearing a bra," Hanne says helpfully when Stone blanches at the thought of them taking off her shirt. Then her expression goes serious. "Probably not wearable in the longterm anymore." Her brain is definitely focusing on the conversation and questions, allowing everything beneath her chin to be a secondary focus. Then she reaches up to Stone's wrist as he holds pressure just at the narrow line of her jaw. She helps him, though her grip is quite weak. Her lashes flutter closed over her leafy-brown eyes, and she resumes lying still while they worry about her wounds.

There appears to only be three major areas of concern: the angled slash across her gut that goes from hip to twelfth rib, knicking her belly button in the process; the gash that follows the the line of her jaw from almost chin to ear; and then the wound across her left hand where she might have tried to grab a Grounder sword, and almost severed her pinky in the process.

When she answers Stone, she does so in a small murmur, "Transplanted some wild garlic… pretty white flowers."

Yes, Shi go no where anymore without that knife and when it is taken, she gives one glance before she moves to pull Hanne's shirt up and open, leaving her in her bra, it's more covering that half the girls in camp of late, so it should be fine for the secretive Stone. But those violet eyes look up to Hanne's face and she gives her a smile, even her the other girl's attention is elsewhere. "Wild garlic? That would be great as well, people should have told me you knew all this Hanne, I'd have hunted you down and compared notes, shared seeds.." She talks to her, as her eyes flicker towards Stone and his pressure on the neck and she nods slightly.

Morgan takes a quick look and immediately dismisses the hand. "Behind me, to the right. Clean knives on a shirt. Someone go get one, hold it over a fire till it's glowing and bring it back." Yup, pinky is going away. He certainly can't reattach fingers. "Someone else tie a cloth around her hand tightly." Stomach wound is the first to get a closer look and he makes a face when he does so. "Oh, that's not good." he murmurs then leans over to take a sniff. "But could be worse. Someone grab a cloth and hold it over the wound firmly so nothing spills out." Then the neck. After looking first, he turns Hanne's head slightly to one side then the other then tilt hit back. That's when there's a bit of spurting blood and he moves her head back down. "Could be worse. This is going to be tricky. Ari, you're a doctor again. Don't argue."

"Oh Eden. Now we've done it. We've got the two botanist geeks to meet. They'll join forces and soon we'll have carnivorous plants trying to eat us all." Stone's clearly trying to get a rise from the badly wounded girl, whom he's looking down to the face of with distinct worry when she started getting murmur-y. The whole bra thing and exposed bits for now isn't sending him fleeing, but probably only for focus of her injuries and trying to get her to stay conscious through them. Indignation can do wonders though to bring attention around. Stone's doing his best not to get in the way as Morgan starts moving over the girl. Grimacing and removing his hand when directed so he can see the neck, moving with blood-streaked hand to grab a cloth and press it to the directed wound, glancing over to Shi hoping she's going for heating knife, or someone else is.

"Not arguing." Ari says, and she adds, "If something spills out pour water on it. Keep it wet." And then she moves toward Hanne's head, while she cuts off a strip of the pants she steady ruined looking for wounds. She ties it in a loop and slides it over the base of the nearly severed finger. She uses the handle of Shi's knife to create a tourniquet and nods to Shi "Come hold this. We can worry about that after we get the spurter closed."

Hanne casts a sharp glare up at Stone — though it does lack some of Hanne's usual fire. "I'm a good scientist," she replies in a little voice that is starting to slur as if she is drunk. She makes a soft whimper noise when Stone presses against the wound at her belly, and her toes curl in her shoes — but not in a good way. She then looks up at Morgan. "Can't replace Niner," she objects softly when Ari ties the tourniquet. Words are starting to drop off her usual precise sentences, but she keeps talking because Doctor Li always said that talking was important when unconsciousness was a risk. The little brainiac is definitely remembering some of her early medical training. "Cameron vegetables, I growing healy plants," she explains to Shi.

Shi sticks her tongue out at Stone, something to break things up, maybe allow Hanne to see a smile on the big guys face. Just something before she nods towards Morgan and moves to do Ari's bidding, she does catch the sight of one of the others coming into the area and calls out, "Tad, take the knives and fire them up. Saw you do it before.." Her voice is strong for such a tiny thing, as she slowly twists to hold the knife in place over the wound on Hanne's hand. At Stone's look though, she just gives a tiny little shrug before biting her lip and looking down at Hanne again and nods. "Oh, that is good then, I personally like to play in trees, find what I can here and see about making them all work together to get us what we need. So, I guess I'll need lessons from you soon, I know some for healing but not alot…"

"She's never going to be able to stay still while we're working." Morgan says to Ari. "And if a blood vessel was nicked, it's going to be a delicate job to stitch up." And given the spurting, one probably was. Though not badly at least. He looks down at Hanne consideringly. "We could knock her out." he muses.

Stone manages to flash a lopsided smile at Shi's tongue action, but it's a weak sort of thing and he's focusing on holding the squirming girl as still as he can and trying not to hurt her despite that. "Hanne, you want to be out for this? There's nothin' wrong with it if you do. You're bein' brave, but you're safe now and can relax and let th' docs fix you up, yeah?"

Ariadne says, "You got anything in here to knock her out with?" Ariadne asks doubtfully. "I guess we could cut off the air flow just long enough to make her loose consciousness." She looks at Morgan dubiously, "It's risky but not as risky as trying to operate in her while she's moving around." She gives Shi and Stine a grateful glance as she asks Morgan, "Do we have any way to transfuse blood? Tubing or anything? She's lost a lot of blood." It's apparent that she hasn't paid much attention to the state of medical supplies in camp until now, and that gives her a twice of guilt that flickers across her face briefly."

Hanne has drifted into silence, no longer answering those around her. Her eyes are closed, breathing shallow. Her skin has taken on a soft sallow complexion, and she's looking a bit corpselike at this point. It is only when she murmurs, "Wasn't supposed to be here anyway," does she let everyone know she hasn't drifted too far into the black. The fingers of her right hand given a vague twitch as if reaching for something, but giving up. "Do what you gotta."

Shi reaches up with her free hand and gently touches the top of Hanne's head, just enough to offer comfort and not surprise her. She seems about to say something but then Hanne' speaks and she simply just nods slowly. She sits back and looks at both of the Doctors and gives a tiny shrug, "Seems it is up to you. Stone and I can hold her if need be…" The last is said with a quick look to the large male.

Morgan shakes his head. "Pressure on the carotid is safer and quicker. Probably much quicker if she's already low on blood." Not like he's ever tried it before either way. "And no, not really. We do have some tubing that Frankie had for the still but it's too wide and we don't have any needles. The Grounders did but…" He shrugs. "Yeah, Hanne. None of us were supposed to be here." They were supposed to be floated. Looking at Shi, he hesitates then shakes his head. "If it was just the stomach or the neck but a blood vessel is too delicate. Okay, Hanne. I'm going to knock you out for a little bit. It won't hurt and it shouldn't last long." Touching her neck on the side furthest from the bleeder, he finds her pulse and then presses in on the carotid hard enough to stop the blood flow on that side.

Ariadne nods and glances at Morgan as she waits for Hanne's to lose consciousness. Her voice is quiet as she says, "We'll have to work fast before she wakes up." She stands nearby waiting for direction from Morgan, clearly letting him direct her.

"No," Hanne breathes out a small breath, objecting to Morgan about something, "I mean, I think I was gonna—" And then her world swims and her eye lashes flutter. Her brain starts to panic as the blood it has been receiving slows, and all it can do is send her plunging into a thick, inky blackness. Whatever she thought she was going to do is moot now as she pretty much goes entirely limp. That's that for Hanne Keats.

For now, anyway…

Stone, for his part, just reached out to hold Hanne's uninjured hand before she was going away, so at least she had that point of contact as she went under. Her words though bring a dark frown and a sigh. "Well that was totally like the entertainment flicks. Dramatic message cut off right at the worst time. Fudge it, we'll figure it out later. What am I doin' here? Just continue pressure?"

Shi watches Morgan's actions carefully, she leans back then but keeps her own hand on the pinky missing hand and her other tiny paw on the top of Hanne's head, petting even if the other girl is not there at the moment. It seems she thinks the touch might do something in the long run and if nothing else it keeps Hanne's head in place as they start to work on it. She is silent now, her teeth biting into her lower lip as her eyes flicker between the other three.

"Now that's how Mags' execution should have gone." Morgan notes clinically as he removes his finger. "A few seconds and she's out." Ah well. Had they given it to him to do it wouldn't have been botched. "I think I've done more sewing than you?" he asks Ari. "You put pressure on the blood vessel below the nick to slow the bleeding while I stitch it up. I'll have to thank Que when I see him next. This wouldn't be possible without those curved needles he made." Heading over to get the needle that's already been threaded, he says "Yes, Stone. Just keep pressure on it till we can get to it."

"Lately, anyway. I haven't touched stitches in more than a year." Ariadne moves closer and extends her hand toward Hanne's neck. Her finger moves until she feels the familiar bounce of the vessel and she presses on it until she feels the throb slow.

Stone just takes this time to look down to Hanne's unconscious face, a dark sort of look slipping into his eyes. A protective vengeful sort of expression that Shi's seen before. He manages to close his eyes though, take a deep breath, and calm the emotion before it leads him to something violent. Thick muscles ripple along his neck and shoulders though still, and he's glancing from the injured girl over to Shi, jaw tight, but somehow seeking some reassurance there in the white-haired girl's eyes.

Shi glances up at Stone, there is not much more that the tiny girl can do, other than kneel there and try to keep an uncon Hanne, calm. So violet eyes meet Stone's dark and she watches the expression till he looks back up at her and then she smiles softly, "She will be fine, she got this far, and I don't think she thought she would, so I don't see her giving up the fight. Just.. relax, deep breaths and hold those hands still and we will both help keep her alive…"

Returning with a needle, Morgan flushes the neck would with some water then repeats the process with some alcohol, making it a very good thing Hanne's unconscious. With Ari slowing the bleeding, he blots the area with a clean cloth so he can see where the leak is then starts carefully putting in a few stitches. "I think we're going to have to leave the actual wound open and just bandage it. Otherwise it'll heal over the stitches and these damn things aren't absorbable." He's not sure what would happen if they left cloth thread in someone but it could end up being bad. "Same for the stomach. We'll sew shut the muscle but need to leave the flesh open till the bottom layer heals enough we can cut the stitches out. Fortunately, I didn't smell any shit so the intestine didn't get cut. If it had, it would have been kinder to just kill her than let her die slowly." Which is perhaps more than the non-doctors want to know but considering what's going to happen soon, it's warning of what might happen to someone.

Shi glances over to Morgan, she shivers softly at this words but she gives a long deep breath and just nods. "But so far this is the best chance, so we will just deal with everything has it comes.." That will probably be the last words from the tiny girl as she let's the doctors work.

Blood vessels are a bitch to sew up it turns out. But they's also quick being so small and once Morgan's satisfied, he nods to Ari to let up the pressure. And sure enough, it holds. Together, they carefully pack the wound with some bandages then wrap it till they can cut the stitches and sew up the neck wound itself. Then comes the stomach wound, the muscles being sewed up to heal and then her abdomen wrapped to keep the outer wound closed. The most minor injury is, in some respects, the worst. The pinky has to be cut off all the way and then the flat of the blade is placed against the stump, filling the dropship with the odor of burning flesh.

Hanne has managed to slip in and out of consciousness during most of Morgan and Ariadne's work. But there is nothing that will keep her mind lost to the dim inky world when Morgan completely severs what is left of the finger joint and places the hot knife against the stump of what had been her pinky finger. She tries to flinch the hand away, but Ariadne has the limb tightly held against the table. All she can do is scream, trying to hold still while also desperating trying to get away from the thing that is causing her such pain. It is only once it is all over, and the blade is removed, does little Hanne Keats collapse on the table.

Shi has her eyes close as the screaming starts, her hand still on Hanne's head, gently trying to calm the woman, even if it's useless, the tiny girl feels she needs to do something! A shuttering breath, a few tears linking from those lashes, and making tracks down her blackened cheeks, making her emotions hard to hide. But a shaking breath and she whispers softly, "There, it's over Hanne, you are going to be fine. I'll.. find … well, something to get your smiling soon.."

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