Day 013: No Nukes Is Good Nukes
Summary: Grounders come to the Camp. Nukes and missiles are mentioned. It goes as well as could be expected.
Date: 21 May 2016
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Grounds, The Camp

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and a rough wall stretches between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks stacked up and lashed together as best as the Delinquents can manage. There is a gate at the north end, a single panel that can be rolled aside at need.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

13 Days After Landing

It's mid-morning, 13 days after the Landing, two days after the medtechs and their support left for Coesbur to offer aide to the Grounders. Approaching the dropship comes half a dozen horses, two of which are burdened by supplies, the rest bearing Grounders, and one Delinquent. Que rides calmly, leading the way with an occasional glance at Gideon for directions. For his part, he's in a makeshift outfit of leathers and earth-toned linens, with a huge sledgehammer strapped to his back, and a leather belt from which a number of tools hang. As they approach to the wall, he pulls his horse still and looks for a long, quiet moment at the wall itself, his expression thoughtful and evaluating. "<In Trigedasleng> Someone knows something of making, at least." That said, he purses his lips, "<In Trigedasleng> We will set up camp out here, and see how they welcome us— if they do. We will not impose upon them needlessly unless they invite us as guests. I arranged for sufficient provisions and supplies. Any objections?"

Grey is not looking good. He sits on the base of the dropship's ramp, a thick cloth — a portion of his old shirt — wrapped around his temples to shade his eyes from the cloud-filtered sunlight. Calls go up about Grounders at the wall, and some Delinquents rush for the armory. Grey, on the other hand, pulls himself slowly and painfully up, using the steel rod that he's taken as his stand-in baton as a sort of cane. It's not dignified, it's not fast, but it allows him to move. "Knock it off, jackholes. If they were attacking, there'd either be scores of them or we'd never see them."

Thanks to Afaye's care, Gideon has reclaimed her white mare. The horse's flanks, shoulders, and neck have been smeared in ash to try to dull the coat of the young horse. A sweep of fingers across the horse's forehead makes four thick stripes of black, more identifying the horse as Gideon's. She has Arlin behind her in the saddle, and she is guiding the horse alongside Que's. "<In Trigedasleng> As you say, Que…" She shakes her head then at his question for objections, as Gideon has none. She casts a dubious glance behind her at Arlin. "We're here," she states, almost dryly.

Word travels fast, and Quinn turns up from where she was as soon as that word reaches her. She looks a little bit like she had a rough night, not enough sleep, but awake and alert despite that. She is still wearing the Grounder clothes that she got after the rescue, and has cleaned herself up as best she can with a river monster lurking in the water keeping people away.

Devin rides with the grounders back towards the camp, his arm wrapped around the grounder riding the horse they're riding on. His pack and equipment with him and his spear held in his free hand. He glances towards the sight of the camp as it comes into view, his lips closing tight as he watches the walls grow higher and higher.

They must not have horses in Polis. That surely accounts for why Arlin ended up 'riding bitch' with Gideon, clinging to her in an entirely unmanly manner, grumbling and glowering the entire trip, save when he was too busy being nauseous or outright cursing. Slowing down isn't much respite for him because he is still on that damn mare. As soon as he's given the clean to dismount, he does, more than a little wobbly, but at least he manages to not drag down the archer with him. "<In Trigedasleng> 'bout fucking time," is the quiet but grumpy proclamation.

At least he's not puking. That may be because he did that approximately 20-minutes into the journey. Under his breath, which he's slowly regaining, the Grounder medic mutters something that sounds an awful lot like, "<In Trigedasleng> Fuck my life."

Que leans, and dismounts from the horse, giving it a gentle, appreciative pat on the beast's neck. The large man turns his dark eyes to observe the bustling and alarm of some of the skaikru, but he does not move to approach closer to the Dropship Camp. Instead, he begins unhitching bundles of supplies, his every motion one of purpose. "Devin kom Skaikru may be having go to your kru and be telling them that Trikru visits upon the Skaigeda."

From the gates again, comes the call, "Grounders and… Devin?" Grey pauses at that, then shakes his head in wry amusement… and promptly winces and holds his free hand to his head. He approaches the gate a little bit behind Quinn, "So, open the gate and see what they want?" Waving at the Delinquents on watch, he adds, "Go on, open it up." The man and the woman brace behind the gate, ready to roll it back, but glance to Quinn as well, just to make sure they don't get in trouble for helping Grey help the Grounders kill them all.

Gideon is all smiles at Arlin, and she reaches back to give his cheek a playful pat. "<In Trigedasleng> There, there…" But then he is dismounting, and she is holding her horse steady so that the dismount doesn't end up landing him on his back. Her dark moss eyes glimmer with amusement, and she starts to swing out of her saddle in a far smoother movement. She hands heavily on the ground, and then begins to loosen her scout pack from the saddle." She looks up toward the gate, and waits.

As the horses come to a stop, Devin dismounts awkwardly and looks towards Que as he speaks to him, nodding his head. "Okay. I'll go let them know." He says as he looks towards the others then starts towards the gates of the camp at a quick jog. He keeps his head up so those on watch can get a clear look at his face.

If Arlin feels at all emasculated by his recent ordeal, he doesn't show it. In fact, when the rider who carried Devin audibly snickers, aforementioned medic puffs his chest, as cocky as cocky can be, and flashes a look equal parts baiting and bravado that telegraphs if you want to make something of it, bring it. When it becomes nothing is to be brought, a smug smile forms before the healer is shrugging off his shoulders the patched and re-patched Army issue knapsack that has seen better days. Futzing with it for a moment, he then pulls out his black-faded-to-grey ball cap, which he dons and adjusts until it's nestled just so, before closing up the bag. With the sun now out of his eyes, he surveys the lay of the land.

Continuing to unpack the supplies from the carry horses, Que keeps an eye upon the wall and the skaikru that are visible upon it, his expression taking on a curious tilt. "<In Trigedasleng> Arlin, I am hardly the most skilled rider, but you do not exactly cut an impressive sight for those new to this land." He can't help but give a bit of an amused grin, "<In Trigedasleng> They hide behind their wall. Will they open it and offer greeting? What do you expect, Gideon? You know them better then anyone else."

With the approval of one or two onlookers, the Delinquents at the gate begin to roll it back, revealing a dozen Delinquents scurrying this way and that with spears, and Grey leaning on his baton in front of them. "Welcome to the Camp." With his split lip and swollen nose, the ex-C's voice is slightly off, "I was out lookin' for you, Devin. Glad to see you don't have to join the others." And he nods towards the graves off to one side of the gate.

Gideon looks at the wall, and she starts to frown curiously when Que offers up his words. Her shoulders roll a bit, and then she calls out with her hands cupping around her mouth. Though, the gate opens before she can even yell, and there's Grey. She offers him a small, companionable smile. But then sobers quickly, and nods. "Thank you, Grey kom Skaikru." She gestures, offering introductions. "This is Que and Arlin kom Trikru." She also provides introductions for the other Grounders present.

Devin slows down to a walk as he approaches the gate that opens before him and looks to Grey, a slight smirk on his lips. "Thanks. Sorry about the disappearing act." He says, glancing towards the graves for a moment before he looks back to the Grey. "The trikru are here to visit the camp." He explains, offering a smile as Gideon takes over speaking.

At Que's comment, Arlin's attention turns. "<In Trigedasleng> Okay, 1: those things are evil." He points so forcefully at the maker's horse that he just might be able to successfully finger jab it despite being nowhere near enough to connect. The hate is that strong. "<In Trigedasleng> And 2: say what you will, but I'm still pretty." Which might account for the shit-eating grin that works so well for his face.

Oh, but then Grey is there, and Arlin's expression is decidedly less jovial. Which is to say it turns into a weighted, assessing look. Only a certain restive curiosity prevents him from fully settling into his Resting Jerk Face. A small grunt is offered as greeting.

From the supplies, Que pulls out a spike with a wide hoop on the other end. He reaches behind him and tugs off the strap that holds his sledgehammer in place, then he's hefting the heavy thing up. Walking over to a nearby tree, he taps the spike in a bit until it stays, steps back, and makes a powerful string to strike the spike and drive it into the tree. That done, he lets the hammer rest on one shoulder as he walks back over to his horse, grabbing the lead line, and looping it through the hoop. He gestures for the others to tie off their horses, then turns to face Grey with a serious face, "Greh kom Skaikru is being known to me, Gideon. Traded bodies past in solemnness." He nods to Grey, "The steheda does send greetings of his. Come we do to speak. Listen. Speak. Listen. As do the speakers and listeners having you in Coesbur stegeda."

Grey offers a crooked smile to Gideon from beneath the bandage at the greeting and introduction, "I — " And then Que explains, and Grey gestures toward the Grounder with his left hand to show his agreement. The strike on the spike causes several Delinquents to flinch on the walls, and Grey to bring his left hand up to his temple. "Had some folks worried, Devin." There's a pause, and he glances back to the dropship, "Most of the jackholes who'd want to hurt them aren't gonna be a problem. But not all of them're in there." Raising his voice up again, he adds, "Glad Oxfor kom Trikru," his pronunciation is still not good, "sends his greetings. Uh… we're happy to… uh… exchange," there's a little lilt of question to the word, "folks to talk. Do you know when the docs'll be done? Last I heard, it was goin' well."

"<In Trigedasleng> Yes, yes… Arlin, you are the prettiest." Gideon's tone is try as she regards Arlin with a lazy tip of her chin. "<In Trigedasleng> The prettiest of pretty. Even pauna would find you irresistible." She is of course talking about the giant mutant gorilla near Tondc. Then she looks back up at the Skaikru camp with a slight tilt of her head. Always changing, not that she got much of a look at the camp during her half-unconscious approach last time and her in-the-dead-of-night departure. Then she glances to Grey, then to Que, and then back to Grey, and she shrugs. "Soon, I imagine… our people continue to recover."

Devin glances towards the others as they speak in their language, not really attempting to figure out what they say. He looks to Grey as he is spoken to again, nodding. "I'm surprised there's anyone who did." He says as he looks into the camp. He glances back towards the grounders then to Grey. "I'm going to go put my things away." He says, moving inside the camp, glancing around the camp.

Watch. Listen. Be suspicious. Those were the Commander's orders to Arlin, and he's following them. Being the forthright, lead from the heart kind of man that he is, his expression offers no duplicity. From beneath the brim of his cap, hazel eyes tick down and up the sight of the injured Grey, and it would appear that the Grounder isn't at all impressed. Even so, he remains wary as befits a warrior, shifting his attention to scrutinize the other Delinquents on-watch. Faintly, he smirks when some of those children flinch at the sound of Que's hammering, letting out an imperceptible humph of amusement. That humor turns more pronounced when he tells Gideon in that voice of his, "<In Trigedasleng> Don't worry, Gideon. That ape's got nothin' on you." Because the archer's turns of phrase pretty much admits she also finds the medic irresistible.

"Morg-an and Silv-er kom Skaikru treat well with the healers of the stegeda." murmurs Que, his voice just loud enough to be heard by Grey, and just so. He clinks a bit as he moves, as a couple of the tools on his belt tap against each other. He gestures to the wall, "Having a skaikru maker, you?" He walks forwards, examining the wall critically, and when he's near to it, he taps his hammer against it firmly, though not like, /hard/. Just testingly. Seeing how solid it is. "To make wall come to be in shortness of time is of note." That said, he grunts softly, "Is not being the fortification of skaigeda that would I have chosen to be making of." he turns, and his eyes flicker between Arlin and Gideon, and he can't help but grin and shake his head at them. Its not displeasure, just amusement.

Grey shakes his head at Devin, "Yeah well, you never really had a good feel for how many people here hated and feared the Grounders, did you?" One hand gestures to his battered features, and then he's nodding to Devin's declared intent and looking back to the Grounders, "I'd invite you in, but I don't think I'm supposed to make any decisions myself anymore," there's a strong tinge of bitterness to his words, but he waves it off, "But screw it. C'mon in." He can always blame the concussion. The exchange of words and looks between Arlin and Gideon draws his dark eyes, and he draws himself up a little straighter, wincing as he does. Que's questions cause a slight frown as his concussion-addled brain follows the twists and turns of language, "Maker. Yeah. We all pitched in. But Cole." He frowns, thinking, then guesses, "Koal, planned it. And we had a lot of motivation."

Gideon snorts at Arlin, replying in a rather flirtatious tone, "<In Trigedasleng> Except perhaps a few hundred pounds." Then she is grinning. Her gaze settles back on Grey as he converses with Que. She is watchful, waiting a bit until the others start making their way into camp. No sense in looking too anxious to finally get a good look around. So, she waits, fusses with the horses, and then slowly begins to meander toward the gate.

Mimi steps out of the gate with bow in one hand, makeshift quiver of arrows over her shoulder and an arrow in the other hand. "I believe that would be a poor decision Mr. Grey." she announces stepping into the middle of the gate. Dress prim and proper if not odd, she's like something out of time except for the head bandage. "There have been many that are on the verge of chaos. While I would welcome these travelers as this is their home, not ours, if you bring them in at this time you will force them to anarchy, and they may at some point retaliate against our guests when you least expect it. This should be considered before entrance. Apologies Mr and Ms Grounders of which I am unfamiliar with."

Letting the long handle of his sledgehammer rest on his shoulder with its heavy head beyond his head, Que turns from regarding the gate to give Grey a slight nod, but then he turns and blinks twice at Mimi's words. It seems he has some difficulty working out that many words strung up in proper order, "Does the skaigirl be saying that skaikru would turn upon group being led by a maker, not warrior be, but maker, who brings company with healer, and one known to skaikru?" A gesture to Gideon as he indicates this last one. There's a look of mixed incredulity and amusement warring on his features, "Surely skaikru fears not so much the mighty dangers of a maker in their geda. Why, it may come to me to build a table!" He barks out a laugh, and its so loud considering how quiet his voice usually is, "And a table of fearsomeness it will be! Upon table shall I stand and declare to the sky that I am skyheda for having built this table none can stand higher?" Still chuckling.

Is Grey being cockblocked? Even if the medic were aware that might be how he's being perceived, he honestly wouldn't care. Gideon's hot. And Grey is a skaiboy. (#SorryNotSorry) To what the archer tells him, Arlin lets out a laugh, entirely approving, and flirts back, "<In Trigedasleng> You have a much better ass." With a shift and a shrug, his knapsack is resettled on his broad shoulders, and he follows the others with a sense of caution and confidence, taking in the sites — after taking an unapologetic moment to appreciate the sight of Gideon's rear.

But then Mimi's there. With a bow. And those hazel eyes tick up to regard the bandaged girl, narrowing a little, before Que's words split Arlin's face with the grin that forms. "<In Trigedasleng> Perhaps these children fear how skillfully you handle wood." Because there is no need to leave the maker out of the banter and innuendo.

Grey looks over to Mimi, squinting at her from beneath the wrap half-covering his eyes. Their powers combined, they are the Concussion Twins. He shrugs his shoulders slightly, wincing as he does, then looks back to Que, "She's saying that there's no one in charge to give you… uh… guestright. If you want to come in, the only promise I can give you is that if someone comes at you, they'll have to come through me first." Grey straightens up further as he makes the claim, his eyes closing at the stab of pain from the deep bone bruises on his back, and then he carefully reaches up to slip the long metal baton into its sling at his back. Do not comment on the guy checking out Gideon. Do not comment on the guy checking out Gideon. No claim. No claim. Grey's lips tighten, but he just shrugs a little further, "You know how teenagers get when they're away from adults for the first time, yeah?"

"<In Trigedasleng> By the Commander, I hope so," Gideon retorts to Arlin with another wry smile. Her gait changes a bit, becoming more sauntering as if to emphasize that complimented part of her physique. Then she is nearing the gate more, and her attention falls more easily to Que, and the conversation he is engaged with, with Grey and Mimi. One known to the Skaikru. Gideon actually might look a bit sheepish at that assessment, but she nods all the same. Her gaze shifts over to Mimi, and she takes careful stock of the girl with a slight tilt of her head. "I would like to think that your people will have some sense not to attack guests…" She does arch a brow as she regards the pair of Skaikru in frank honesty.

Mimi shakes her head rather unaffected by the boisterous statement. Some of the 'normal' Mimi bleeding back into her. "Our own grouping of people have dissidents, and they are perhaps stronger and more resolute on negativity than Mr. Grey realizes as he has been gone for a time, and unconscious. Our people are more likely to turn on themselves and create an anarchy or anarchic state that would end in little reason in our community. They would be loathe to attack Grounders as for out of fear, and size." Pausing a moment she looks to Grey answering "Are you referring to the removal of clothing, or partial removal of clothing and sexual activity? For instance the pulling of pants down and penetration of a male to a female. From in front. Behind. Or other such combinations." She pauses a moment, eyes rolling up a moment, then down "I can think of 258 different positions involving the partial removal of clothing, where clothing is not removed more than 65 percent. People also do not realize how many cameras there are aboard the ark and how much they are monitored." She steps aside, frowning a little. "You must forgive me. I fear I am feeling emotions for the first time. As such I believe I am feeling…" she pauses another moment to think, tongue slipping out of the right side of her mouth. "Hmmn." Then it slips back in "Fear..dread perhaps? Nervousness..that appropriate factual statement of likeliness." She unslings the quiver and tucks the arrow in, offering Grey out the bow and arrow "You should take these with you. Just in case. I have more..fear of the threat within than the threat of the unknown. We do not know how we will react till that time hits us. I am afraid I act poorly and with poor judgement. Please keep our honored guests safe." She dips down into a curtsy, a bow and a pulling of her dress out towards the grounders. "You might say I am somewhat of a keeper of knowledge and secrets. There are few of my type left in this world. This was a way to show respect on Earth before the coming of disaster. I offer it to you to show my respect for you in your land. I apologize that we have taken to your land as we have. Thank you for visiting us. My name is Mimiya Ryoko Veeyang, people here call me Mimi. As well as on the Ark. I suppose people everywhere call me Mimi."

"Known to us that you have no heda." Que clearly finds this an amazing(ly stupid) state of affairs for the skaikru to be in, but he shrugs indifferently, as if to say, 'What can you do?' "Ask for no guestright, instead tell you this: you be standing upon the land of Woods Clan be." And at this, his expression hardens, "If it was being the wishes of our kruheda that we take this our land from you, the warriors kom Trikru would fall in number and this being little wall of yours would not halt the falling of them one hour. Not. One. Hour." Then, seriousness falling away, he smiles suddenly, "And so sent this expedition— led by a /maker/— knowing you then that fear us need not. Is sign of good faith, no? As you did to us, in sending healers. This we return to you in spirit of same." he shrugs slightly, "Skaikru will take this sign and choose to make war upon us, or not. Is choice of skaikru. If ashes mine join those before me in the earth this day, so be it." And then he turns and regards Mimi as she starts explaining, and… stares at her as she continues explaining… and starts to look a little alarmed as she continues explaining. He's so completely lost the thread of what's going on that he looks bewildered. Finally he looks back to Arlin helplessly, "<In Trigedasleng> Arlin does the skaigirl need medical attention? She surely can not still be breathing!" He's so put off by so many words that spin around in his head that he forgets about the innuendo about wood, all pity it. Tentatively he says, cautious, as if afraid of setting something off, "Mee-mee-ya kom Skaikru, understanding this, my having knowledge of gonasleng — your words — is poor being. Speak slow and not so many circles having."

Sidling next to Gideon, Arlin tilts his head a little and pitches his voice to a more intimate tone. "<In Trigedasleng> No need to hope." Something in the curve of his mouth and the gleam of his hazel eyes, shaded as they are by the brim of his cap, conveys that this good-natured jesting isn't just jest. The archer only need give the word, and he'll more than happily convey the full extent of his appreciation.

The mood gets derailed, though, when Mimi starts talking again, and the healer's expression turns peevish until, as more and more words keeping flowing, he ends up with a 'da fuq?' look on his face that he disbelievingly turns to both Gideon and Que. He actually looks a little unsettled. With furrowed brow, he turns his gaze back to the sky girl. "Your head. Let me see." Because he is a healer. One who might well believe the Skaikru children have no idea how to handle brain damage. "She always speak so much?" is asked of Grey, somewhere between clinical, incredulous, and snide.

The change in Gideon's walk draws Grey's eyes. He's a dude, even if he's a dude with a concussion, and then he turns a scowl that is mostly hidden by his makeshift eye-shade toward Arlin. Undoubtedly, it bounces off like rain off a tin roof. Drawing in a breath to focus again, he lets it out in a little hiss. He's about to open his mouth to say something, and then Mimi is on the verbal attack. He waits through it, reaching a hand up to press it against his temple, "Mimi." She rolls on. "Mimi." And on. Finally, she stops, and his expression is somewhere between an exact copy of Arlin's and sheer embarrassment. He notes, "Mimi. The four biggest Grounder-haters are in medbay." Which is really where he should be too. "I'd like to think that any other idiots out there took the lesson to heart." He rubs at his temple some more, patently ignoring the talk about sex and looking back to the Grounders, "Offer still stands." He meets Que's threat head-on, "I think you're underestimatin' us by a good deal. But I can also tell you that only the idiots in here want a war." And then he looks back to the Archer, "And I'd like to think that too, Gideon. But if you come in, you're my guests, not the camp's guests, 'cause I can't speak for all of them. Bet we could snag some of Cookie's fruit leathers, whether you want to come in or not." Arlin's question gets a shrug, a little shake of his head, "She's got a concussion too. Docs are watching us both."

"Mm," the archer muses at Arlin, "<In Trigedasleng> Good to see Polis hasn't completely softened you." Gideon grins, but it is a bit shortlived as Mimi launches into her tirade. She blinks, and forgets further flirting as her brain turns to processing exactly what the strange skaigirl has just said. She opens her mouth, but then ultimately shuts it. Her eyes travel from Mimi, to Grey, and then ultimately back to her own people. Then she decides to focus in on the one bit in that entire verbal assault that makes the most sense to Gideon, "Heya Mimi kom Skaikru. Ai laik Gideon kom Trikru." Then she turns her gaze to Grey and mouths, '258 different positions?' Her brow arches soon after that. Then she settles back into a cautious mask. She then regards Que at his words, and her shoulders tense up just a bit as the emotions from the maker wax and wane until he settles into something a bit more diplomatic. "I suppose being your guest will have to be good enough… for now." And she looks at the other Grounders before she shrugs her shoulders a bit.

To Grey's meeting of Que's threat, the big maker simply smiles confidently, but he sees no point in arguing it further. He gives a nod, and makes to stride in, but he pauses, and turns and looks at Gideon, "Cookie… fruit… leather" He turns a questioning look at Gideon, "<In Trigedasleng> My gonasleng is clearly failing me. What is it that he said?" But he does turn an approving nod to Arlin as he checks to see if Mimi is damaged. The big guy has a sledgehammer over one shoulder, and attached to or hanging from the leather belt around his waist numerous tools of various cuts and specialization.

Max's been hanging about the camp a bit since returning with the supplies that they had found. He has on some new clothes, a mixture of his old boots with new fatigues, his knives. The commotion at the gate draws his attention and he ambles over in that direction to just observe the exchange and see what the commotion is about. He regards the Grounders he hasn't seen before with a bit of wary curiosity.

<FS3> Arlin rolls Medicine: Success.

One unquestionably true thing that can be said about Arlin is that he's damn skilled healer. And while this isn't exactly battlefield medicine, he has keen eyes, sharp instincts, and a noggin full of practical knowledge, and he pours all that into an intense gaze that assesses Mimi for a long moment bending down somewhat to get a good look. In the end, he simply grunts in a soft way that sounds affirmative, and he straightens back to his full height. Perhaps there's nothing he can do for the girl. Perhaps he trusts her own people to handle it. Perhaps he's simply more interested in turning a mischievous smile to Gideon and belatedly replying to her 'soft' comment with, "<In Trigedasleng> Nothin' you couldn't harden, sweet cheeks." It's a smile that turns more smug when he notices Max, who gets the tiniest bit of an upnod in greeting.

Grey catches that glance from Gideon, a hint of a smile flickering over his lips as he shrugs helplessly. The half-question from Que to Gideon causes Grey to gesture deeper into into camp, "Cookie is our head cook's name. She makes somethin' she calls fruit leather. Don't know what's in it besides fruit, but it tastes real good." He starts to turn away from the gate, toward the camp proper, then nods to Max, "Want to walk with us to get a bite? Max," he pauses, "Macks, kom Skaikru, Gideon kom Trikru, Que kom Trikru, and," he thinks a moment, then comes up with, "Arwen kom Trikru." It's the concussion. Probably.

"<In Trigedasleng> A type of food," Gideon explains, though pauses, "<In Trigedasleng> the fruit leather… not the Cookie. She is a person, she made sure that Wren and I were given proper food while we were here." Then she offers another wry tilt of a smile toward Arlin, and she gives his shoulder a rather playful nudge with hers before she steps forward to follow Grey onto the grounds — grounds she is now seeing in the daylight and able to assess far better. "Now I see why your people have found our village so comfortable," she murmurs more or less to Grey with a slight arch of her brow.

There's a quick nod of understanding to Gideon, and a smile and a shake of his head, bemused momentarily. When Que's name is mentioned by Grey, he grunts softly and nods, to claim which one of the he's that is. "I will be trying this leather that is eating done with. But, prepared we came, with provisions having for possibility of sitting outside be spending all of time, staring at wall with afraid squirrels chittering this way and that not letting the wolves in to find the nuts they be keeping." That sentence sort of got out of hand, but hey. "Good meeting of you, Macks kom Skaikru."

Max looks over the Grounders and then nods to Grey. "Sure," he says, taking note of the names as the others are introduced, hands sliding into his pockets as he moves to join them, taking a moment to study each in turn and giving each a nod of his head in greeting. Wariness, that is clear, in the eyes of the teen. "How are things going?" he asks Grey, kind of just meaning in general, making conversation. "Do wolves eat nuts?" He has no idea. This he directs at Queu after a nod of greeting and a wave of one hand. Big sledgehammer. Check. He walks on the far side of Grey from that.

<FS3> Grey rolls Resolve: Great Success.

Do wolves eat nuts? "<In Trigedasleng> You think wolves find me as irresistible as pauna does?" Arlin grins and asks of Gideon as he playfully returns her shoulder nudge, even though his eyes are intently surveying their surroundings, taking in details, scanning for potential threats. He carries himself confidently, though, as befits a veteran of the Ice War. "<In Trigedasleng> Fruit leather? I think I'll pass." Perhaps because he threw up not too long ago. "<In Trigedasleng> For now, anyway." Because if it's as good as people say, he'll want to eat it later.

Grey nods at Gideon's words, "Yup. Winter's going to suuuuuck if we can't get some… houses, built." It's not that he doesn't know the word, it's just that he's not used to saying it. "Only polite to offer something to eat though." He manages not to limp as he leads the way toward the cook tent by the dropship, although he does move gingerly, and the bandage wrapped around his head and snugged low over his eyes suggests that he still has some linger aftereffects of the pummeling he received last night. "Better than last night. You?" He hesitates as Max sets him up perfectly with his second question, and for a moment he is very tempted, but then settles for, "I don't think I'd be boasting about it if I were a wolf." The Grounders get looks from the Delinquents, but no direct trouble, not yet, at least. Grey leads the way to the cook tent, and asks, "Raspberry, blueberry, or blackberry?"

"Of course eating of nuts do wolves not. Is point, no?" Que gives a low, rumbling chuckle. That said, he nods slightly at Grey, "I am a maker of Coesbur. Car-pen-ter. Me-tal-wo-ker. Match-een-ist. If well is the result of the Summit, sharing of maker lore can be done, teaching, helping. Perhaps. In trade. Curious as to what the maker of skaigeda can do, lores knowing, things trying." When a selection of berries is asked, he shrugs. Whatever his expression says.

Mimi has been quiet for a time, letting herself be checked out. She had taken a very nasty blow to the back of the head. She looks over to Grey "I have a unique gift that I would like to present to their chief…leader? If you could tell them that I would be appreciative." She gives a little giggle and rests her hands behind her rear. She tilts her head as she looks to the grounders, then to Grey. "It sounds like you can translate for us rather well. I have something I would like to tell them so that they have understanding. And I have an important question. Can you translate for me so that the proper words and decorum are used?"

Gideon tosses Arlin another full, playful smile. "<In Trigedasleng> Why don't you go find out? I'll wait here…" She is all grins as she continues along with the group. As they near the cook tent, her eyes slowly shifts up the entire side of the dropship toward its nose. Her jaw sets a bit, and she seems to slip into a quiet brooding. Her skin gives a small tingle — almost crawling as she thinks back to her days in that airless darkness. Then she snaps her brain back like the twang of a rubberband, and she turns her focus back to talk of wolves and fruit leathers. She looks a bit suspicious, but then nods. "The first one," she says to Grey. Then her gaze shifts over toward Mimi, and then to Grey, and then she starts to smirk in mute amusement.

Max lifts an eyebrow and says, "Right…" regarding the eating habit of wolves, glancing between the Grounders as they speak to one another in a language he doesn't understand, then looks back to Grey again with a shrug of his shoulders. "I'm alright.. now. We found some supplies. There were some side-effects." But then he didn't return to camp until later, having wandered around dealing with his own for a bit before getting back. He coughs then and says "But you knew that.. I'm fine."

Why doesn't Arlin go find out like Gideon suggested? "<In Trigedasleng> Work hard, then play hard, darlin'." His smile is easy and amused, even if he's not looking at her. Enjoyable as that is, that's not what the Commander tasked him to do. (Although Lexa probably wouldn't blame him for a tiny little break here and there. Because, seriously, Gideon's rear.) And maybe it's during one of those tiny little breaks that he picks up on the archer's darkening mood, which might account for how he presses one of his palms against her lower back in a manner meant to be comforting and perhaps an itty bit protective because warriors have each other's backs, figuratively and literally. So close to her now, he also peers into the Cook Tent, and visibly perks up at what he smells, which prompts a soft sound that is best described as a thoughtful grunt. When Gideon says she wants the first kind of fruit leather, he asks her, "<In Trigedasleng> Is that the raspberry?" Because that's the one he wants. Or so a slow caress of his thumb would suggest.

Oh, but then there is Mimi, yet again, and Arlin's expression settles into something more acute. "Your gift. What is it?" he prompts in his gritty baritone.

"You should talk to Cole. He designed the wall and the gate. I bet he'd like to learn more." Grey starts pulling out the appropriate selection of fruit leathers, one of the assistant cooks opening his mouth to protest, and then closing it with a look at the Grounders. Grey offers out the strips of mushed and dried fruit, taking the last one for himself and taking a bite. He chews and swallows without hesitation, but Mimi's words cause him to blink. Gideon's smirk in his direction draws a crooked grin onto his lips, and he looks back to his fellow Delinquent, "They speak English a whole hell of a lot better than I speak their language," which he doesn't know the name of, "Mimi." He does look a little wary at the suggestion of a gift, "If you want to give a gift to steheda," at least he knows that word, "Oxfor, maybe you can give it to the negotiators before the summit? Since it sounds like there will be one." Max's comment on the supplies gets a sidelong glance from Grey, and a little gesture at his side, a sort of 'be cool' motion. Evidently, Grey doesn't want to mention the guns yet. And then Arlin puts his hand on Gideon's back, and he bristles despite his efforts not to, opening his mouth to say something, and then shoving fruit leather into it and chewing.

Que takes a strip, and eyes it skeptically, "Food?" There's a warning, dark expression on his features, "If joke you play—" but then Grey is taking a bite, so he blinks. He turns an uncertain look at Mimi, "What gift would give you to our steheda?"

Max just looks back at Grey and then down at the new clothes that he is wearing and then back. Whut? He clearly didn't pluck them off a plant. Who said anything about guns? It's amazing what can be conveyed in a couple of looks and raised eyebrows. He doesn't even have to say anything. He then looks over at the Grounders as they take in the fruit leather and Que questions its validity as food. "It's fruit, not a joke. Oxfor seemed to like it when he was here."

The archer jumps just slightly when the pressure is felt at the small of her back and her gaze lifts up to Arlin. She offers him a slight smile, and she murmurs, "<In Trigedasleng> I'm alright. Just… I find their so-called…" Pause. "'dropship'…" That word comes through in English instead of her own language. "<In Trigedasleng> A bit unsettling. Dark, no air… I have no desire to ever step inside it again." Then she offers him a small, and actually more genuine smile than the playful flirty ones she had been giving Arlin. She does not notice Grey's reaction, as she has busied herself with her own fruit leather. She chews it thoughtfully, still a bit surprised by the texture. At Arlin's question, she tears off a bit and offers it to him with a smirk. "<In Trigedasleng> Just try it."

Gideon looks over at Grey, holding up her bit of leather. "Thanks."

Mimi looks between all the people, then leans in to Grey and cups a hand to his ear, whispering "I am missing something..correct? Am I missing flirting? I am uncertain..I believe there is a ten percent likelihood with a 100 percent margin for error." Settling back to her feet she turns to the grounders. "Alright, I will attempt this again. I will attempt to go slow." She slows her words, and her words previously somewhat cold get more 'life filled'. "In our world today there are pieces of technology, treasures left behind. Some of these make music, which you may be aware of. Some of these do different things. These cannot be made anew anymore. However they can be built from different parts. I was born in a different way where my brain.." she points to her head and gives a moment for everyone to catch up. "It works on the same level as these treasures. Where as our man Cole excels at taking things and making them work together, my expertise is with math. I can take these items, like the music player, and make it do different things, new things, to redesign and rebuild. I have obtained a unique treasure that has not been seen in this world in nearly one hundred years. This is a relic from the past and in all seriousness I do not expect to ever find again. I risked my life for this treasure and it is mine alone to share or not share. I will not reveal the contents unless it is to Mr. Oxfor. If he should accept my gift or decline is up to him. However I feel indebted to him for the fairness he has shown and thus I wish to present him this treasure that is unique in this world."

Arlin has no idea what flavor he was handed. If Grey knew the Trigedasleng word for raspberry, odds are the answer would be not raspberry. The medic meant it, though, when he said he wasn't interested in eating now, so he tucks away his strip into a breast pocket of his field jacket. It's done absently, because he's listening to Gideon, his expression pensive, and his other hand still on the small of her back. That free hand, though? He curls his index finger and then gently caresses her opposite cheek with the knuckle, slowly gliding his weathered skin along the curve of her jaw, his own smile something warmer and sincere. He's not shy in making eye contact, and it might well be that brown and gold in the hazel are more pronounced, and he lingers like that, for a moment, even after he's pulled his hand away. Only when he's instructed to eat the treat does a mischievous gleam enter his gaze, and the corners of his lips turn impish as he leans done to accept the fruit leather — with his teeth. "<In Trigedasleng> Mmm. Raspberry," he remarks with approval, talking while chewing, like some kind of, well, Grounder.

He was about to add something else, undoubtedly flirty, but the sound of Mimi's droning voice crashes into his little interlude with Gideon, and, once again, Arlin's face slowly devolves into that 'da fuq' expression he's adopted so many times already on this trip. It's followed by yet other slightly disconcerted look to Que, and a more prodding one to Grey, whom he asks, "Please summarize." Also, after two beats, he echoes the archer's, "Thanks," and tacks on, "S'very good."

Que bites into the fruit leather, and blinks, pulling it out and staring at it in astonishment, chewing as he does so. "You are having done flattened fruit!" he declares, amazed, and then he sniffs it, "And stolen away the wetness! Longer last am expecting this to be! This Cookie is a keeper of preservation lore, no?" And so he goes to bite again and Mimi starts up. He stares at her and tries, really tries, and finally lifts his hand, "You are to be stopping with the…" He waves a hand a bit in frustration, "Words! That explode! Over and over!" He wrinkles his nose, "Are you thinking that Trikru has not having been living on our land for generations? That we are not finding things from time to time and making them do things, or put them together and making them do things? We are not ignorant savages, Mee-mee-ya kum Skaikru. I am mach-een-ist of honorable skill!" He huffs, and shakes his head slowly, "I am not liking this idea of you having secret contents to be showing to my steheda. You will be giving anything you wish be placed in his hand in the hand of mine first, and I will be determining if safety is had in holding. Then if the steheda be wanting I be handing it to him." He's suddenly seeming very wary and very hard as he stares at Mimi.

Grey plays hostess in the face of distrust just fine, Gideon's mention of the dropship drawing his eyes up in that direction as well. His features set in a scowl for a moment, and then he's nodding to Max… and blinking and slooooooooowly turning over to Mimi. Something about the young woman's words causes his lips to set, "Yeah. They're flirting." Perhaps he's just upset that he has to explain this to his fellow Delinquent. "I'm kinda surprised they don't just get to fucking," and he rarely says that word, "right here and now." He tears into his own fruit leather, chewing hard, and looking at Mimi in surprise. The ex-C glances to Max, his eyebrows lifting in silent question, then looks back to Mimi. Apparently, if the item is hers, he's not going to get in the way. Democracy, yo. He does, however, gesture to Que to reinforce his agreement with or approval of the man's request. Arlin… someone else can summarize for Arlin as far as Grey is concerned.

When Que seems to like the fruit leather, Max nods a bit, and there's a faint flicker of a smile. He glances over towards Mimi for a moment, but then just shakes his head a little bit, making no comment whatsoever. He takes a small bit of the fruit leather, himself, gnawing on the corner of it as he watches the interactions of those around him, paying particular attention to the Grounders when they speak their own language. He has no idea what they're saying, but he tries to pick up repeating sounds. When Grey looks at him and then to Mimi, Max gives him a pair of raised eyebrows and a shake of his head. No fucking clue. But then that's generally his reaction to most things that Mimi says and does.

Gideon is surprised at the sudden touch from the fellow Grounder, and she actually ducks her head slightly at the touch to her cheek and jaw. She even clears her throat a bit, showing a bit of shyness, or what looks to be shyness. When Arlin takes the leather with his teeth, she offers him a wry smile. Whatever she is about to say though is neatly derailed by Mimi and Que's interactions. She turns her head sharply toward the pair, taking a small step back from Arlin. She frowns. She nods slowly with Que's words in mute agreement, and then she grunts softly, "<In Trigedasleng> Judging by Grey and the other one's faces… I'm not sure they understand what their fellow skaikru is suggesting or doing." Then something Grey says catches her ears, and she immediately goes back to eating her fruit leather. She chews silently for a few moments, and then exhales. "I should see to the horses, and begin preparing camp…" This said in gonasleng so even the delinquents understand her. She takes a small step back in what might be a rather cautious retreat.

Mimi cheeks flush in a blush, perhaps for the first time ever. She takes an arrow from the quiver she had handed Grey previously and draws a 'nuclear' symbol onto the ground before with the arrowhead before placing the arrow back. "Apologies, I did not realize you were so knowledgeable. I would like to talk to you about nuclear reactors and radioactive missiles - the current project I have been working on. Oh! Sorry!" She rubs at the back of her neck "That's not really acquiescing your request. I do not have the ability to lie. To tell untruth. To be deceitful. The gift is not of any threat, please tell him I wish to present him a gift. If he declines I will give it to someone else. I will not give it to you, nor will I tell you what it is. Thank you for your time and visit to our village." She turns abruptly and begins walking off towards the tech tent unless stopped.

"No." Que's voice comes down cool and hard, like a giant stone door closing, "Your words they are having no meaning with me, skaigirl. Anyone can say they be no ability to lie. Is easiest lie to say, and makes true of all other lies. There will be no having secret items be passed into steheda's hands." Then he suddenly looks -dangerous- as he stares at Mimi, "<In Trigedasleng> Did the girl just say the word missile." That last word is in English. Missile. He looks /very/ tense and his hand clenches in a 'I wanna grab and break something' sort of way.

Well, Mimi certainly distracted Grey from his current awkwardness between Arlin and Gideon. He steps forward quickly as she draws the symbol, scuffing it out with his foot, "No. Hell no, Mimi. We do not screw with nukes." See, even nukes only get 'screw,' "If you've got anything to do with nukes, it gets turned over to the camp now." He's not even looking at the Grounders, focusing entirely on his fellow Arker instead, so perhaps he's not just putting on a show.

Max just blinks at the symbol that Mimi draws on the ground and then looks between she and Grey and back to her, and back to Grey, and seems to forget that he has a bit of fruit leather in one hand hanging idly in his mouth. He takes a couple of steps back and finds himself a place to sit down out of the way then, entirely silent at this point, though he does look over at Mimi curiously and then at the symbol.

Gideon retreats, and Arlin does nothing to stop her, nor does he seem perturbed by her want for space. Grey's quip only prompts a small but smug smile. "Hard work, then hard play, skyboy." The mirth dissolves into some severe and agitated, and clearly in agreement with Que. And while the medic did nothing to stop the archer's departure, he very much moves to block Mimi's egress, and he glowers in a manner that bodes terrible violence if she attempts to leave. "<In Trigedasleng> That's what I heard," is snarled to Que. Which is understandable considering the Trikru's history with missiles, and his own person agony that resulted from it. "<In Trigedasleng> What if they have guns?" There's a tremor in his voice, born of intensely ambivalent emotions, all of which are one flavor of awful or another. The sound of his own blood throbbing in his ears drowns out Grey's words of reason.

Gideon tenses with the word missile much like her fellow Trikru. She drops into a heavy, harsh whisper to Arlin and Que — should the latter be close enough. "<In Trigedasleng> We cannot let them build something like that… the retaliation from The Mountain." Her jaw tightens. "<In Trigedasleng> I'm certain we are the closest settlement to the Mountain now. They would retaliate against us." She steps forward, raising her hands. "Grey… this is not something that we should discuss… not here…" Then she looks at Arlin and shakes her head. "<In Trigedasleng> No… they would have used them by now. Crude weapons, roughly made… nothing like guns. The Mountain would have already reacted." Wouldn't it have?

Que's suddenly a lot more animated, though his eyes are focused hard on Mimi. He's just not animated in speaking a language the Skaikru can understand. "<In Trigedasleng> The sky people landed, and almost immediately they went towards the Mountain— I have been suspicious of this from the very beginning. Now one mentions missiles and that she is working on missiles. She speaks so many words so fast and in such circles I can barely make sense of it, so is it possible I am mishearing this? No. I'm not, she's talking about them having *missiles*." At Arlen's words, he narrows his eyes more and starts to look around, eyes searching, "<In Trigedasleng> Keep a look out. They can not be permitted to anger the Mountain." He moves in closer, the Grounders seeming to huddle as Gideon whispers more, and he's nodding along, "<In Trigedasleng> If these fools try to match the mountains power with missiles they will bring the Mountain down upon the whole Clan. Look at what the Mountain does when we dare but pick up a single gun? If they even thought we would look at a missile, the trigedakru would be wiped from the face of the coalition." Yeah, he sounds upset, and dangerously so.

Mimi pauses a moment to glance at Grey. She responds coolly "That is not feasible nor possible. There are nuclear materials on board the Ark. This is widely known. Where do you think those materials are likely to have come from?" She looks to Gideon giving a bright smile "Oh! Hello!" She tilts her head a little. "Excuse me, I'm trying to go into the tech tent. I believe our conversation is over. I think I'm upsetting you. I do tend to do that. I'm not very good with people."

Probably for the best that Grey didn't hear Arlin's response, his back to the Grounders as he faces down his fellow Delinquent. "Nuke reactors. And we're not bringin' them here." He's probably a great deal more intimidating when his head isn't wrapped and he actually has full use of his back without bursts and spasms of pain. Finally, he looks over his shoulder to the Grounders, pain twisting his features as he does, and a hiss of discomfort. Turning so that he faces between Grounders and Delinquents now, so that he can look to each, he states, "I promise you, Gideon kom Trikru, Que kom Trikru, and Arwen kom Trikru," he still hasn't been corrected on that, and given his serious expression, the mistake is probably not intentional, "we aren't gonna do anything with nukes or missiles. Yeah, the Ark runs on nuke reactors. But nukes are what broke the world. We're not building anything like that. I give you my word, if someone here tries to start anything like that, I'll stop 'em."

What Grey says suddenly seems to clarify the situation for Max, who sits over to the side, having assumed a kind of perplexed expression listening to the back and forth. He looks over in Mimi's direction as she tries to retreat and asks Grey, "Just what is it that she's trying to give to them? None of that stuff from the Ark should even be down here, right?" He looks over at the dropship.

"<In Trigedasleng> They are naive to what is happening," Gideon argues quietly. "<In Trigedasleng> They didn't know the Mountain was off-limits, and they don't know about the Mountain Men beyond our vague warnings." Her defense for the Skaikru is rather gentle, if not a little weak. She waves her hands a bit. "<In Trigedasleng> If Indra hears of this, she is going to tell the Heda…" Something about that makes her uncomfortable, though she can't pinpoint what yet. Then she looks at Grey as he speaks, and she frowns deeply. She looks at Que and Arlin, and then back to Grey. Max then reminds her of the gift that Mimi had offered, and her expression grows grim. "Grey…" Her words filter out, not sure what else to add beyond that.

"<In Trigedasleng> They are naive to what is happening," Gideon argues quietly. "<In Trigedasleng> They didn't know the Mountain was off-limits, and they don't know about the Mountain Men beyond our vague warnings." Her defense for the Skaikru is rather gentle, if not a little weak. She waves her hands a bit. "<In Trigedasleng> If Indra hears of this, she is going to tell the Heda…" Something about that makes her uncomfortable, though she can't pinpoint what yet. Then she looks at Grey as he speaks, and she frowns deeply. She looks at Que and Arlin, and then back to Grey. Max then reminds her of the gift that Mimi had offered, and her expression grows grim. "Grey…" Her words filter out, not sure what else to add beyond that. Then she looks after Mimi with a nervous speculation. She doesn't return the greeting, her defenses up.

<FS3> Arlin rolls Resolve-2: Success.

Arlin leads with the heart even when that's not smart. He's passionate and bold, visceral and impulsive, which often means that he leaps before he looks. Both his temper and stubbornness frequently get him in trouble, as can his forthrightness and sensuality. Even people who don't like him, but come to know him, will admit the man has integrity that doesn't waver even when his convictions are unpopular ones. He's the kind of guy who'll go down swinging, the kind who'll risk his life and well-being to do what he believes is right. He's the kind of men who should be bellowing Fuck the fucking Mountain! We should blast them all into the deep earth! The Mountain! The Sky People! All of them! Take their fucking missiles! Take their fucking guns! All of them!

And, yet, for some reason, he doesn't. Maybe it's emotional overload. What is for certain is that he's still scowling at Mimi, and still refusing to let her pass. Also, a vein at his neck is starting to bulge, and one at his right temple is threatening to join the party. "Words. Words. Words," he sneers at Grey. "Of no use are your words, boy who is not Skaiheda." The words come low and heated, and it probably would be a bad idea to 'accidentally' mispronounce his name again, when he seems two shakes shy of murderface. "<In Trigedasleng> What if they rain death from the sky? From their Ark?"> Which is where at least some of the nukes are.

Que looks at Gideon, and his expression uncertain, his lips tightly compressed. The hand that held the sledgehammer is holding onto it very, very tightly, and he's watching. "There be needing two things. First, there be need for Mee-mee-ya kom Skaikru to not be speaking more. She does endanger both geda and kru of the sky, and all of trigedakru. Second, there be need for there to be speaking in the privacy." He's not. At all. Pleased. "<In Trigedasleng> If Indra hears of this, the Heda may soon call to the Coalition down on them just in case, irregardless of their innocence on the matter." He clenches his jaw then, "I will not be speaking across the ground with the many ears and voices." His voice is low, but it has a grinding tone to it, as if a great, large stone that's teetering and about to roll down the hill and crash the fuck into something disastrously.

Mimi considers a few moments. "I am unable to show the grounders my gift because of my statement then would be false. However Mr. Grey if you were to happen to take the intended gift out of my left sleeve's pocket you would be able to show them what it is as it would be out of my context of statement." Her way of saying I can't show them - but you can. She focuses on Grey "There is a third faction of people on the ground that are technologically advanced that we are not aware of." Looking around to everyone the smile slips off her face and she rests her hands behind her rear. "May I go into the tech tent please? You will be able to find me should you have the need to do so."

Grey shakes his head, flaring back in the face of Arlin's sneer, "No. I'm not Skaiheda. But I'm givin' you my word that if anyone starts up with talk of building missiles or nukes down here, I'll put my fist through their face so hard they can't pronounce nuclear, let alone think about it." He glances to Gideon a moment, then back to the two much angrier Grounders. He's about to say more, and then he looks to Mimi, frowning a moment, then reaches over to open the pocket and take out the contents, doing so in a way that his body is between the Grounders and the contents. Never hurts to be a little safe. "I'll look at it. If it's not an idea that's gonna make me want to put you up in the 'Box," he nods to the top of the dropship, "I'll pass it along to the people it should go to."

"I will be telling you a thing." Que's voice is low, sharp and hard, "The Mountain Men be not summit. They be not knowing parlay, they be not knowing negotiation. They be not knowing love, they be not knowing sorrow. They be knowing peace only on their terms, and their terms are be written in the dead earth by blood and fire. To anger them be death— and death not only of you, but of all who be knowing you and all who be knowing them." He points at Mimi, his expression /hard/, "She speaks as if to call their fury." He seems extremely, deadly serious. "We have given warning, perhaps we mistaken in not being clear. Am. I. Clear. Now."

"We should go… see to our own camp and the horses," Gideon finally says, stepping up to Arlin to place a hand on his shoulder, and then nodding to Que. "<In Trigedasleng> We need to speak outside of this camp…" This is said because, well, without a doubt some of the delinquents are starting to pick up on the tense moment around the cook tent. She starts to give Arlin's shoulder a gentle nudge, urging him back from the skaikru. She drops her voice into a low murmur, "<In Trigedasleng> Not here, not now." Then she glances at Grey, meeting his eyes across the growing divide. She offers him a small nod, and there is some tension around her eyes, but she doesn't say anything else.

Arlin's wound so tight that he actually flinches when Gideon touches him, but he has enough wherewithal to do no more than that. Perhaps it has something to do with how his face contorted more and more into a visage of rage and anguish the more and more Que spoke of the Mountain Men. For a moment that feels far long to him than it actually is, he stands there, glowering. Then, abruptly, he shrugs off the archer's hand and storms out of the tent with all the subtlety of a bull seeing red.

Mimi holds up a hand as she looks to Grey. "I am going to end up dead. Aren't I? Will you have me buried in my pretty, pretty dress please?" She leans forward and upward to whisper to Grey "I have surmised that there was a third faction of people on the ground that we have not seen - someone able to strip out the 'pod with speed and experience. You should find out more about these Mountain Men when the time is right." She slips down to her feet once more. "After all they seem to get along with you. And they seem to hate me. This isn't something I am unused to. If you want to find out what I am working on please see me later and I will explain however be prepared to take notes. There will be a quiz after class." A soft small smile. "A joke.." she smiles and gives an awkward 'Ha ha. To lighten the mood." Then if she's not stopped once more she'll head on her way to the Tech Tent once again.

Grey looks down at the little package of yellow cylinders in his hand, confusion reining on his features for a moment, and then he looks back to the Grounders, nodding at Que's words, "You cared enough about not pissin' them off to shoot at us. We got that message, once the steheda told us about 'em. We're not tryin' to piss anyone off." He hefts up the package of Twinkies in his left hand, "This is what the gift was. Snack food, but really, really old. I don't got a clue if it's safe to eat." He meets Gideon's gaze from beneath the wrap of his bandage, even as he tilts his head to hear Mimi's whispers, pressing his right palm to his temple and groaning under his breath, "God damn, I wasn't even supposed to be walkin' around today, let alone stoppin' a war again."

Mimi pauses to poke at Grey "Be careful with those! They are precious Twinkies! A pre-war treat, there will never be any more made! Still sealed! Don't squish them! Rumor was they would still be safe to eat for hundreds of years, but no one knows. But probably the only Twinkies left. That is my precious treasure." Then on her way again unless someone stops her.

Que nods his head solumnly, agreeing with Gideon's sentiments. He eyes the gift skeptically and shakes his head slowly, not having further things to say for the time being. He may have run out of his supply of words.

Gideon continues to follow, or lead, or at least gently herd her fellow Grounder brothers out. She pauses though to accept the Twinkies, blinking at them. "Thank you, Greh kom Skaikru." Then she carefully turns away so she can head back out to where they are hoping to set up camp.

Grey shrugs a little helplessly as Gideon as he hands over the Twinkies… gently enough. Glancing around, he looks back to her again, shrugs again, and mouths, 'sorry.' Only then does he finish the last of his fruit-leather, make his way back to the base of the dropship ramp, and slowly lower himself down to the ground with a groan. In deference to the mass of bruising on the back of his head, he doesn't bonk it into the 'LG' carved into the side of the dropship, instead just leaning it back and sighing, "Daaaaaaaaaaaamn."

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