Day 021: No Rest For The Wicked
Summary: Preparing for doom, Delinquent camp style.
Date: 10 June 2016
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Grounds — The Camp

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and a rough wall stretches between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks stacked up and lashed together as best as the Delinquents can manage. There is a gate at the north end, a single panel that can be rolled aside at need.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

Day 21

Tink gives Lip a 'you're crazy' look for asking if she wants to spend the night in his tent, "Lip…I don't play bed warmer." She laughs at the idea…actually, Tinker has only been in Kai's tent…no one elses. Let the boys wonder about that late at night when they're feeling lonely.

She looks around to see if she sees Kai around to chat her up before heading into the drop shit. The little techie clearly is excited about something and can't wait to show her roomie about her latest idea on how to make stuff go boom.

Gideon steps out of the tech tent, wearing an expression of cold anger. She strides in long, loping steps toward the ash-smeared white horse that still kind of grazes on whatever bits of grass shoots still peek up out of the heavily-tromped on ground. The deer she had left has been taken off to be hung and drained, and her assortment of weapons are still on the chair where she left them. She tucks her foot into the stirrup of her horse, starting to ease herself up onto the saddle.

Someone made the decision not to wake Kai when the party returned. Which all things considered, was probably the right decision, but doesn't mean that the ex-C is any more impressed with things when she does finally emerge from amongst the tents still wearing the dirt from last nights preparations and a rifle slung over her back, scrubbing a hand over her face as she endeavors to get her brain in gear as to what is going on right now.

Jabira just blinks a few times at Lip, especially when he makes the offer of keeping him company. "Hmm… I…" But, she's saved from further comment as Gideon comes storming out of the techie tent. The Grounder's obvious displeasure as her straightening a little, to study the woman as she heads for her horse. "Wonder what that was about." She half murmurs to the others as it seems Gideon prepares to leave.

Grey departs the Tech Tent a few paces behind Gideon, shirtless and carrying his jacket and bandoleered baton. Don't worry, it's not shirtless in a sexy way though, it's shirtless in a 'I have cauterized wounds on my side' way. He heads for the dropship though, although he stops when he spots Kai, "Adams. I'd like to hear about last night at some point, but first… any of those fatigues unclaimed? Got," he glances after Gideon, "…an ally to make look like one of us."

Lark does let her eyes track pretty much immediately towards Grey when the man arrives. But of course she was just looking at the wound. Clenching her jaw a little tighter, she turns her eyes from him towards the grounder, her eyes wary a bit, but not as overtly confrontational.

Nodding with Silas' ideas in agreement, her attention drifts to Lip. "I gotta agree with Silas, Lip. You don't need…" she begins to say, when he says that very last thing he does. Lark rolls her eyes, kinda giving her hand a dismissive little wave. "You don't stop, do you!" she says, in a voice that bordered a bit on exasperation.

"If I stopped, you'd all be bored as fuck." Lip's grin doesn't stay a grin when the Grey and Grounder Macy's Parade comes out of that tent. His jovial nature fights with the pain he feels, oh y'know, in his entire body. His happiness loses to bloodloss and pain. "… You're right. I'll rest. See you losers later." Lip shrugs a bit, holding up his hands to show he's not going to be arguing anymore. "Just don't leave without me?" He doesn't wait around for an answer because it smells like Grounder out here and he moves right off in the direction of the Dropship. Well, it's actually less of a move right off and more of a drag his sorry carcass slowly towards the Dropship so that he may get some of this rest people keep talking to him about. "… and if you're gonna' send somebody to watch me, at least send someone with boobs. Or /a/ boob. Hell, even manboobs would work…"

Kai's flat grey eyes go from Gideon and her horse, over to Grey, and more specifically his chest,"So I see diplomacy is going super well." the lean girl grunts as her gaze follows Grey back to Gideon,"She wants to dress like one of us, we'll make it happen. Check the second level, and if there isn't, we'll find someone to get her something." the ex-C agree's without even a second thought about it,"Hey. Your horse. Any good for pulling down tree's with some assistance? We got less than forty eight hours, hell, potentially less than twenty, before the next wave shows up.. our… allies managed to buy us some time.. but we need to use that to improve our defenses or we're all dead. So sleep, eat, and those of you that are still able.. get the hell back to work." and even then, as far as she's concerned, they're all probably dead anyways, to judge from the expression on her face. The bandage on her right hand, filthy as it is, is the only sign of injury on her at least.

Gideon settles into her saddle, sitting tall and proud along the white mare's strong back. She looks after Grey, and then to Adams. "I'll be back soon." She pulls Delano's head around, and the horse responds dutifully to the command. She is about to press Delano into a trot to depart, but Kai's words slow her progress. She glances at the trees, and then back to her horse, and her mouth thins. "Perhaps…"

Tink shakes her head at Lip as he wonders off, still trying to get someone with 'boobs' to follow him. She sees Kai come out and then lets out a quick wave and laughing smile as she practically bounds up to her roomie, "Cole is totally into my idea…" She flashes her notebook which has some sketches of some kind of device that's going to work really well with the things that go boom that Cole is making, "Lookie, lookie, what Tink is thinking…" She shows the awesomeness of her drawing. Of course, it might not be immediately clear to Kai what Tink has thought up but she's seriously stoked. She flashes Gideon a smile cause hey, it never hurts to kill them with kindness.

"Need to start training too, now that they know about the rifles." And doesn't that just chap Grey's hide. Still, he nods, reaching out to put a hand lightly on Kai's shoulder if she'll allow it, his voice lowering, "She doesn't blend in with us, she's dead, whether we win or lose." He stops there, cutting off further words, then starts again, "Seems like a shitty way to pay back someone willing to go out on a limb for us." Gideon's statement that she's leaving causes him to blink in wide-eyed surprise and confusion, "Wait, what?" Just for a moment, suspicion floats into his dark eyes, and then he looks down and away, his lips tightening in self-recrimination.

Silas doesn't look at Grey so much as he's glaring at Gideon the entire time she's making her way out and along over to her horse. Silas lets out a huff, quietly leaning off to the side and spitting onto the ground as he watches her for a moment or two before Lips words catch his attention, staring at him for a moment or two as he gives him a nod when he accepts Lips submission to resting. "Good. I'm not losing you, or anyone else." he says with furrowed brows as he looks back to Gideon with a scowl. He stares at her for a moment or two before he looks around at the others, eyeing them all as he sucks in a breath before letting out a sigh. "We need more leather." he grumbles aloud as his right hand comes back to scratch the back of his neck. "Getting constantly cut and shot with arrows isn't fun. If we can make breastplates and general armor, we'd have much better chances."

Lark chews on her lower lip a bit in thought, eyes tracking from Grey to Gideon, and back again. It was Silas that she lingers near. "Might reinforce the armor with bits of hull, if we can find the right materials to break it down or… something," says Lark, considering a handful of moments as she chews on her lip.

A beat.

"You need help with that? Hunting or whatever?" she asks the man.

"I will find someone to hack the base and make it easier if you're willing to try." Kai calls for the rider,"And stay out of the section near where they're repairing the fences." she adds as Tink bounds up, the grey-eyed girl squinting blankly at the drawing before she goes,"Looks like it goes boom.. go for it." she goes with a lopsided smile for the shorter girl, squeezing her shoulder even as Grey does hers,"Already trained a few, Bonheur doesn't get a rifle. She's already proven herself twitchy with the last one." there's a nod from her for his words. Either she's too tired to be suspicious or she's hit the point where it's like.. they wanna volunteer, she's not going to refuse,"Aint time for standing around. When you're ready Grey, and I want my own damned report about what happened.. I'll be out there." she points towards the gate before adding,"But in the interim I'll make sure they know not to shoot her when she comes back." this regarding Gideon, because evidently the grey-eyed girl right now is taking the Grounder's offer at face value for whatever reason.

"Unless you want me to use your drinkable water to bathe, I'm going to the river," Gideon says to Grey at his suspicious look, and her jaw tightens. Then she exhales, looking at Kai once more. "My concern is that Delano being here makes it quite obvious that I am as well… perhaps I can offer other means of help regarding felling trees." Then she adjusts her seat on the saddle a bit, looking a shy uncomfortable.

Grey nods to Kai, "Yeah. I think we need a list of all the people who don't get rifles." There's a moment's pause, "Or maybe just the ones who do." He nods slightly to Lark's suggestion, "Trikru add plates of plastic and metal," he says, thinking of the armored jacket in his tent. He doesn't look up to Gideon again as she responds, for all that he nods his acceptance of her words. Sighing, he looks back to Kai, "I'll be out to talk once I get geared up." And then he thinks better of his silence toward Gideon, looking up and just noting, "Be careful."

Silas pushes his hands into his pockets as he looks over and eyes Lark as she speaks, offering a nod. "The splints I got from Coesbur before can be used to reinforce leather if I don't boil it. If I boil it, there's no point in reinforcing it, it'll be hardened." Silas pauses as he hears Grey's addition, looking over with furrowed brows. "Well, we aren't fuckin' ewoks, now are we?"

Looking away from Lark for a moment, Silas looks over towards the gate- offering Gideon a glare before he deems everything's fine and looks back to the gate. "You don't need to hunt or anything. I have plenty of hides. We just need more people working on them to try and make them into leather. The more we have, the faster we'll put out. We get hides whenever food comes in, and I suppose that deer will be useful if they skin it properly." he says with a glance over towards the deer before he looks around and back to Lark.

"You should help the others instead. We're more likely to get defenses up faster than we are making leather." he says as he begins to step away and head over to the collection of tents, his right hand coming over to cover his mouth as he lets out a rough sounding cough as he moves to head into his tent and get to work on some of his hide.

Tink also finds herself heading into the drop ship to work on pulling some things together. She looks excited as she meanders in there with her mad scientist face.

"It's the result, not the method that matters to me." Kai concedes with a nod for Gideon, electing to at least go and grab herself something from the cook tent,"If you've got technical skills, get with Cole or Tink here or one of the others, they need all the hands they can get. If not and you've got a knife, or the strength to dig, or the willingness to cut mesh, I've got a job for you. If you want a lesson in firearms, we'll make it happen. C'mon people. Whether or not you want to listen isn't going to matter when a hundred or more are going to be trying to tear this place apart.. so shake it."

Lark's face legitimately falls when Silas says what he does - but Grey's addition causes her to glance over his way. A handful of moments more, and she inclines her head once.

"Out of the frying pan…" says Lark to herself, bringing up a hand to brush through her own hair. Down the way she goes, working her way towards the now-vacated Tech Tent, her eyes drawing earthward as she goes.

Kai's totally going to wait until Gideon moves off before she climbs up to the snipers nest to do as promised and inform those on duty that the Grounder girl on the white horse is not to be shot at unless she's shooting first. Then food. Then she moves back to her self-imposed task outside of the gates because there's totally no rest for the wicked and right now she plans on being as wicked as possible. At least she'll be easy to find when Grey and/or Gideon get back, with a makeshift knife hacking branches into straight spikes to stick into the ground to at least get /some/ kind of defense up.

Gideon knees her horse forward, heading out the gate and to the forests, nodding to Grey as she does.

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