Day 006: No Time, Part I
Summary: A group of Delinquents look to track their captured fellows.
Date: 7 May 2016
Related: The We Are Grounders storyline.
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Fork in the River
This is a major fork of the divided Potomac River. From the northwest, the large river — stretching almost one-hundred feet wide — divides into two smaller branches. One of these branches heads to the southwest, while the other to the southeast. They create an arrowhead-shaped beach between the two divides that is littered with pebbles and large rocks that slowly grades into fine sand. The waters here are often rough, creating white-crested rapids that churn and swirl, making the crossings very dangerous. There is, however, an old automobile bridge that emerges from the eastern forests and stretches over the southeast branch and into the neighboring Grounder village.
6 Days After Landing

It has been six days since landing. Six days, not even a week. This is quite an amazing realization based on how much has happened to the delinquents in such a short amount of time. It is no wonder that exhaustion is running rampant, and emotions are high. With no leads on where the Grounders have taken the captive kids, another tracking group has been assembled, this time by the ex-Cadets. It takes them just under two hours to reach the river this time, probably because of the urgency driving the group forward. The riverbank is much how it was left, save for the complete lack of bodies on the bank. The hemlock tree still stretches nearly entirely across the river, head hoisted up by a pair of large boulders, and its thick rootball still hanging heavily on this side of the bank. The sun is getting higher in the sky, and the spring day is exceptionally warm, giving hints of the summer to come.

Grey is frustrated. He wanted to be on the way to rescue the prisoners by now, but with the first scouting group coming back with no information, there's no choice in the matter. He almost-patiently allowed himself to be daubed in mud and moss, and then led the way back to the ambush site. In fact, he pushed the pace a little more than he probably should have, his anxiety for speed costing him a little bit in stealth. Given the warmth of the day, he's done away with his jacket, tracking in just his newly-sleeveless shirt. He made sure to keep the mud off the scabbed-over wound on his left shoulder, because even the most basic Guard first-aid courses cover 'don't get it dirty.' Carrying a single spear, a length of metal rod from the dropship, and his knife, he barely hesitates at the edge of the woods by the river, glancing around once before pushing forward, heading for the place where Quinn was shot first, looking for the remnants of blood, "Q was right around here," and then for the two dead Delinquents, "I think Perry was there…" there's a little question in his voice, given the chaos during which he saw her last, "And Rees over there?"

Cameron's that guy who is just standing there next to you suddenly and you're all, 'the hell'd you come from!', at least, if you were inclined to such outbursts. Even when he's not really intending to, he sneaks. Now, sneaking in the woods has proven a novel experience over sneaking on a space station, what with branches being surprisingly louder then he expected, but he's adapting. "Watch for those branches." he says at one point, very softly, pointing to a place where loudness might come from bad stepping. Otherwise, he's moving as quietly as he can, falling to the rear of the group, carrying his make-shift knife at the ready. Once they're at the river, he looks where Grey indicates, and just frowns, eyes darting across the river searchingly.

Though Faolan was never the most quiet of kids, Cameron's lead on the sneak seems to have paid off. The pace he can push without encouragement, though. The tall boy's got a hard and uncompromising look in his eyes, his mouth set, his body language shouting steely determination. There's no complaint as he works up a sweat, not much said at all. He has his spear in his hand. Never the best of trackers, he none the less keeps sweeping his eyes everywhere on the look out for ambushes or Grounders in general. He slows down when they reach the river, wiping a hand against his sweaty forehead. He gathers up a mouthful of water down by the river's edge. "Up there was where they were shooting from." His hand indicates. He blinks away memories, makes of his guilt a foil of hate instead. "That's where Morgan was being an idiot."

Hanne has not enjoyed the pace. A lack of natural athleticism means she is huffing and puffing behind the others, taking up the rear unless someone else decides to. She is red-faced and tired once they break the woods and emerge on the riverbank. She's not here because she is a great combatant, or even good at sneaking around. She's here because she was pretty darn good at tracking skills during the accelerated Earth Skills training, and she's not totally useless. She is catching her breath as Faolan and Grey set the scene. When Grey points out where Quinn was shot, her stomach gives a small toss.

Silas is quiet, his eyes scanning over his surroundings as he keeps his mass low and to the ground as he remains spread out but still close enough for quiet communication. He's gone shirtless, his body and face painted over in mud with similar moss and other local flora strewn onto him in the form of camoflauge. He's his fire hardened spear in his right hand and a dropship scrap 'knife' hooked under his belt. He remains silent, lips pursed as he lets his eyes flit over to Grey as he speaks and to Cameron as he offers his advice, following behind the much superior sneaker. He's quietly looking out and around, his eyes scanning over the surroundings, not having much memories of anything that happened as he's only aware of the events through conversation. He quietly looks around where the folks were upon, and lets out a quiet breath as he lets his eyes travel around a bit more.

Asher wasn't there when the attack happened. He hasn't been particularly vocal about the prisoners, one way or the others. In all, Asher's seemed unaffected about what has happened. That being said, when the group came together to go trapsing about in the woods, Asher volunteered to come. Why is anyone's guess really. He's gon his poleaxe looking spear, club with the metal shards for spikes and his knives. His many scrap knives…and shivs. He had no qualms about Cameron taking the lead and he's kept quiety the entire journey, keeping back a ways, but keeping silent as he follows Cameron's path. For now, he just waits and tries looking around for clues. He read a mystery novel once in the skybox. There were clues in it people found. Like broken branches that clearly pointed to a villain having gone that way. Clearly he'll find something like that right? Oooh look! A squirrel with two tails!

<FS3> Grey rolls Survival: Good Success.
<FS3> Faolan rolls Survival: Failure.
<FS3> Cameron rolls Survival: Success.
<FS3> Asher rolls Survival: Failure.

<FS3> Hanne rolls Survival+2: Failure.
<FS3> Silas rolls Survival+2: Success.

Grey gives a glance to the cairns at the river's bank, his hand twitching as is he wanted to go give them a smack, but then he shakes his head, nodding to Faolan, "About right, yeah," and then looking back down to the bloodstains on the rocks. Looking to Hanne and Silas, he points out another spot a distance away, "There's something there. Maybe a trail we can follow? Let's move if we can… they've been held too long." It's been less than 24 hours. And having an anxious, angry man with a spear in his hand nudging your elbow metaphorically and literally probably doesn't help one's tracking skills.

"You okay?" Faolan asks Hanne, offering her a bit of water from his 'canteen', its a new one, since Cookie dropped his old in the river. "Have a drink, catch your breath." The words come out hard, and there's no smile on his face. This is not a good place for him. He tries to look for clues, but he's not a tracker, and he's preoccupied with scenes of blood and misery. His grip of his spear is knuckle white.

Cameron shoots a dark look at Faolan at his last comment, but he otherwise lets it go with a slight shake of his head. He heads over towards Silas's side, eyes shifting this way and that, trying to look for something that looks like a trail. Not that, you know, he's a trail finding expert or anything. But he does point at something he finds interesting. "Patience, Grey. Rushing might get them and us killed. Slow and steady." Then he glances to Silas, "See anything? I'm not familiar enough with the ground to make out what's supposed to be there and what's weird."

Squatting down somewhat after moving forward somewhat, Silas lets his eyes settle upon the river fork. Silas' gaze shifts momentarily as he looks back and over towards the group- raising his voice somewhat to let everyone hear. Raising his right hand, his index finger points out near where Quinn was shot in a area with some dragging marks, "Q must've been picked up there," he says, letting his finger drift along before settling upon some other areas where it shows some further evidence, "There some folks were dragged," he adds before he his drop back down, pausing for a moment as he lets out a quiet breath. Silas' gaze shifts slightly and he looks to Grey and follows his gaze, eyeing the bloodstains as he follows them. "They were dragged back into the forest, it looks like." he adds, his right hand coming over to rub his chin before pointing forward again, following a trail of dark, somewhat faded blood and evidence of dragging, "They were dragged more north, however- away from our camp it looks like. That's as much as I can tell you." he says, offering a lazy shrug.

"Never been one for hikes," Hanne says, her humor evident through her tiredness, because, well… none of them have done much hiking unless you count walking around the Ark. She takes a moment to get some water, but she is careful not to wash away any of her mud as she does. She is too distracted to notice anything around the battle grounds, but she does look up slightly when Silas mentions he's found something. She stands and trots over to him. She looks over the tracks he's found, and she nods in sheepish agreement. She should have noticed that… but her thirst and exhaustion got in the way. "North?" She tilts her head. "Not west?" Something in that surprises here, as she thought they attacked when the group crossed to the west.

Cameron's dark look earns a scowl in return from Faolan. A silent 'you got a problem?' challenge. He follows after Silas when the kid starts to offer some insight. Kneeling down where the blood and the drag marks are pointed out, he squints. He scratches at his jawline, frowning. "Then we go that direction," he says firmly. "Find more signs, find where our people are at."

That squirrel was apparently not helpful. It ran off to the south. Silas said the tracks lead north. There's a moment where he thinks maybe he should note that the squirrel went south. It may know things they don't. That would be crazy, if amusing. And so, still silent, Asher turns and moves over towards Grey. He runs a hand through his hair, "I don't know much about this shit either, but that kid's probably right. We go too fast, we're gonna miss something." Not that Asher cares.

Grey's eyes are red-rimmed when he turns them toward Cameron. Probably lack of sleep. "Steady, I'm fine with. Slow, I'm not. We're on the clock here. The longer we wait, the more time they have to get what they want out of our people and kill them." He does his best to just pace behind Silas and Hanne though, not actually lean over their shoulders. "Not west. They chased us off west, Keats." That might not have been exactly what happened, but it's certainly what it felt like. Nodding to Silas, he gestures back towards the woods, "Then we go north, yeah? I'm right behind you, Silas." He nods sharply at Cameron's urging.

Hanne nods in agreement to the others. "Into the woods," she says, and there is a small singsong quality to those words. Another damn movie, probably. Then she draws in closer to the ex-Cs as they start to head toward the woods, though this time she swears she is going to pay more attention.

"Cameron." remarks the sneak with a quiet note to Asher, "My name's Cameron." That said, he's following Silas' lead for the moment. Slow and quiet as a ghost. He seems content to be the rear guard on this expedition. He just ignores the returned scowl from Faolin for the time being, neither returning nor acknowledging it.

Silas quietly looks over to Hanne, nodding, "Yeah, north." he says quietly and matter of factly. He lets his gaze look back and towards Cameron, nodding, "Right, lets move along carefully." he says, pushing himself up somewhat as he carefully begins to turn and head inwards towards the forest, quietly taking lead as his hands come over to grip his spear as he carefully follows after where the trail leads.

<FS3> Grey rolls Survival: Success.
<FS3> Faolan rolls Survival: Good Success.
<FS3> Cameron rolls Survival: Success.
<FS3> Asher rolls Survival: Success.

<FS3> Hanne rolls Survival+4: Great Success.
<FS3> Silas rolls Survival+4: Amazing Success.

Perhaps he's picking up a thing or two, because as they move into the woods, Faolan is no longer completely useless. Or perhaps it is simply a question of getting away from the river, from the site of the ambush. He can clear his mind again and actually start contributing properly. He helps point things out for Silas and Hanne, and he takes care that this time, unlike the last stretch of their trip, he gives the girl the occasional nudge to have a drink. Having one of their two trackers in decent functioning shape, rather than red faced and miserable, has struck him as a decent idea.

North it is then. Asher shrugs back at Grey, "Miss some squirrel shit that tells the geeks that the grounders took a right turn be some dead fish, and we won't find em at all." Perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but still. For his own part, even though he isn't one of the geeks, he does keep an eye out for said squirrel shit or dead fish. Or like a sign that says 'Grounders this way!'.

Grey gives Hanne as sidelong look at her singing, one eyebrow arching up in silent question. But then they're off on the hunt, and Grey tries to give the trackers rein, now and then asking a quiet question about some sign or other. It helps him learn, but it might also help them talk through what they're seeing. "Why's that branch bein' snapped off like that mean something, but not that one?" Mostly, though, he keeps his attention up and out. With all the focus on the ground, he's watching the trees and the hills around them.

Carefully stepping inland as he leads the group along the trail, Silas heads along and follows the Grounders and their comrades tracks as he lets his spear rest upon his shoulder. He's somewhat hunched as his eyes are fixated on the trail. Silas lets out a breath as nothing seems to change and he fixes his posture somewhat as he carefully follows along as he maintains his silence, seemingly more focused on following the trail than bothering to listen or talk to the rest of the group. Real social butterfly here.

Cameron, as rear guard, is not checking out anyones ass, honest. He is entirely paying attention to looking for signs of mutants popping up and surprising them, or more obvious signs of his friends being dragged through the woods. That's all. There's nothing inappropriate with his gaze. He does shift his 'knife' into his other hand, stretches his fingers, then shifts it back, and otherwise tries to fade into the background as he follows the trackers path as his eyes focus not on anyones rear end, but the area surrounding them, on high alert, like.

Deeper into the woods they go, but they always seem to be within earshot of the river rapids. They are heading mostly north, though occasionally zigzag to the east as they follow the trail. There are small climbs and low valleys, and soon the trees start to thin. The trail seems to be about to make another climb.

A glance to the east through the trees will reveal what looks like a bridge running over the width of the river. It is well above them from this particular vantage point. It looks very flat with metal and cement arches that stand deep in the river. It seems as though the climb may be leading them to be even with the bridge, and the trail is definitely taking them in that direction.

Faolan doesn't say a word out of turn. Mostly he just flicks a gesture out here or there to point out some clue he's come across, using an elbow to nudge to get some attention. He is silent, then, a tense rather than comfortable one. In the lines of his body there's a coiled need for violence straining to come loose. When he spots the bridge he frowns, instinctively ducking a little. Where more likely for these mutant monsters to put out a sentry than a spot like that?

Asher falls silent once more, continue to trudge along at the same pace as the others. He uses his staff to guide his steps. The bridge is the first thing to really catch his attention and he slows a bit as he looks at it, stopping at first, then picking up the pace just a bit to catch up with the others. "Is the path taking us towards that?"

Grey goes silent as he spots the bridge up above them. He too shifts his stance, turning his spear over in his hand to prepare it to be thrown at need, and widening his stance, the motion drawing him lower to the ground between steps. He nods at Asher's questioning, drawing in close to the others with his eyes on the woods around them, "Whaddya think about putting a mark on the back of one of these trees, then gettin' off the trail and checkin' out the bridge? So we don't stumble into any place they're watchin'." The words are a low, wary murmur.

Silas quietly marches along, his hands firm on his spear as he stalks along the trail, sucking in a quiet breath as he glances back somewhat, eyeing the group over as to make sure no one has either gone missing or turned into some sort of mutant before he looks forward again. When Asher asks, Silas looks over and then back to the trail, and between the two for a few moments before he gives a firm shrug of his shoulders. "It looks like it will, at least." he says, his brows furrowing somewhat before his head swivels around to look forward. "Lets find out." he says, his gaze fixed back onto the path of tracks.

Silas also looks back to Grey, staring at him for a second as he makes his proposal before looking back to the bridge. "Lets just follow the path for now to see where it heads. If the path breaks off from the bridge, and we end up getting ambushed on it- well, that'd be bad."

Cameron's own instincts make him crouch lower and slow down slightly, his every foot fall tentative before his weight rests, at the sight of the bridge. "Yeah, if this is the path they took, it stands to reason that we'll be heading towards the entrance of where-ever they are. We'd be better to circle around and approach then come straight on where they're most likely to be watching closer." Crouching and looking ready to slip away, but waiting for concensus.

<COMBAT> Grounder1 attacks Grey with Brawling but Grey DODGES!

That is about when the Grounder drops out of the sky — or more specifically, out of his hide in the trees above. He aims to land directly on Grey, but the delinquent is given a split second reaction. The Grounder lands heavily amongst the Skaikru, his weapon raised.

Grey may not be used to mutant people-beasts dropping out of the sky on him, but he does have excellent reflexes and he was looking up. That last fact may have saved his life. His spear goes skittering out of his hands as he leaps forward, tucking into a roll. "Shit!" The hissed word is probably louder that it should be, but at least he tries to stifle the surprised exclamation. Coming back up to his feet, he pulls out the club from behind his belt, snapping it out to his right side as if it were an extending shock baton rather than a piece of metal bar from the dropship. "Come get some, motherfucker."

<COMBAT> Silas attacks Grounder1 with Spear - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Grounder1 attacks Hanne with Sword but Hanne DODGES!
<COMBAT> Faolan attacks Grounder1 with Spear - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Grounder1 with Club - Critical wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Asher attacks Grounder1 with Spear - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Grounder1 has been KO'd!

It's raining men! Or mutants. Either way, Cameron hisses and hops back, his first instinct to pause and assess, "Don't kill him! Take him down but don't kill him!" he snaps, but, er, there might not be time to hold back at this point.

Faolan spins at the sound of the Grounder landing in their midst. There's no hesitation. A black murderous rage sweeps into his eyes. These monsters ambushed and killed his people. Made him run away! And the shame of that has been burning in his belly all this time. He abandons any kind of defensive posture, just launches himself himself at the Grounder with his spear wielded with deadly intent. Silent, wild and ferocious. DIE! He exults in the sensation of his spear going into the Grounder's stomach. And as the enemy falls, he wears a manic smile on his lips, drags his weapon free, lifting it up like he means to finish the job no matter the sense Cameron is making.

Silas finds himself completely taken off guard following the Grounder ambush. When Grey is atacked and dodges, Silas' eyes widen as he finds himself whipping around, lifting his spear back towards himself as to no smack someone in the side of the head before he raises the back end, lowering the pointy-end as he aligns it with the Grounder and leans in for an aggressive stab as he rushes the grounder with his weight, sinking in the pointy end unto the grounders chest, aiming for a non-lethal but painful as hell spot, as per Camerons command.

The ambushing Grounder is a shock, definitely, but Asher has been in enough fights to know how to keep his head. He doesn't rage out either, instead he steps to the right around for a clear path and then thrusts the metal blade of his spear into the Grounder's chest. He twists once and rips it out. Once his spear clears the body he moves forward to yank the weapon away from the Grounder. He could be playing dead! Can't leave him armed…

While most of his fellow delinquents attack the Grounder from the front, Grey takes one step to the side so that he can come in behind the Grounder. With the man pinioned on a trio of spears, Grey steps up close, sweeping the bar of metal in a short, direct stroke at the back of the Grounder's neck. Yeah… about that taking him alive thing… it's not just one swing of the improvised baton, it's two, and then three, all to the back of the head and neck.

Hanne all but screams when the Grounder turns on her — though the noise is more like a choked gasp. She almost hits the ground in complete surprise and fear, but only staggers back at the perfect time to avoid a slice across her chest.

The Grounder is not lucky at all, perhaps mistaking these skaikru kids as weak and easy targets. Within a heartbeat, he hits the ground under the weight of wounds and a serious concussion. He's bleeding out, that is for certain. He turns his head ever so slightly as if to say something, but then his vision darkens and his head falls back to the ground with a heavy thud.

<FS3> Cameron rolls First Aid-1: Good Success.

"Fuckmonkey in a shitbasket." growls Cameron, "If he had /lived/, we could have /traded him/ as a /hostage/! Leverage to get our people back! Or, information! Fuckitall in nuclear fire." He pushes past those with murderous intention, yanks his shirt off and with his knife tears it in half, and promptly begins trying to staunch some wounds. "Counter-hostages!" The exclaimations can be clearly heard in his voice.

<FS3> Faolan rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Asher rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Grey rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Cameron rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Silas rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Hanne rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Cameron rolls Stealth+2: Good Success.
<FS3> Grey rolls Stealth+2: Success.
<FS3> Faolan rolls Stealth+2: Success.
<FS3> Silas rolls Stealth+2: Success.
<FS3> Hanne rolls Stealth+2: Great Success.
<FS3> Asher rolls Stealth+2: Success.

Just as the delinquents start to celebrate their success, there is a sharp noise of hooves against hardened asphalt and cement. They are given plenty of warning to find a place to hide, which gives them a safe vantage point to see the horses crossing the bridge from the east. The mounts are dark colored, though one pale mare has been covered in smears of mud and oil to darken her coat. Their riders are dressed in dark leathers and skull-like masks, and they are well armed. The rider at the front — the one with the familiar wolfish mask from the ambush — has Quinn on the saddle behind her, the girl looking ragged and half-dead. Leashed behind the other three riders are Morgan, Devin, and Ruth. Morgan keeps looking around, checking things out behind him and over either side of the bridge. He cannot slow down though, as the horses continue along at an easy pace. Devin is more focused on where they are going, trying to strain a look around the large flanks of the powerful creatures. Each look like they have been without much sleep, and quite dirty, but otherwise seem intact and lacking in obvious injuries.

Faolan is about stab the Grounder in the throat when Cameron starts moving in, cursing and attempting to salvage the situation. It takes him a half-second to collect himself, to sneer with disgust and then step back to give some space. He looks at the bloody tip of his spear, collecting the crimson with his fingertips and then he paints it across his cheeks. Two streaks on each. Four, for the people that are still missing. Then the sound of hooves. He curses under his breath, immediately grabbing one of the Grounder's arms, gesturing that someone else take the rest of the limbs, so they can carry their victim off into hiding as well rather than leave him out in the open.

Silas doesn't seem to have realized all of what just happened until he's staring down at the results in front of himself. His eyes widen as his lips waver somewhat, stepping back as he looks at the amount of incredible damage that just happened. Sure, he's said that he'd kill someone before- but in practice? Silas goes pale somewhat, with a tinge of green. He swallows somewhat, his hands shaking as he looks at the blood dripping from the spear that he tears out from the Grounders chest. Silas stares at the blood upon the weapon for a long few seconds before he quietly draws it back and looks over towards Cameron before he hears it- the sound of hooves trotting against the hardened asphalt. When he hears this, he's on the ground in almost an instant, hugging the ground as he tucks himself in and carefully watches for a second, before looking to Faolan and nodding, stalking over to grab the other Grounders arm to help carry him.

Grey hefts the club again as he looks down at the fallen Grounder, then slips the club back behind his belt, moving over to pick up his spear again and offer Hanne a hand up. He gives the weapon claimed by Asher a glance, and grumbles, "How do you not clank when you walk?" But it's more under his breath than anything really out there. Looking to Cameron, he adds a little more audibly, "We can't find our people while—" And then he picks up the sound of hooves, almost too late to shut his mouth. Ducking down quickly, he gives Hanne a little nudge toward one side of the trail (not that the little ninja needs it), and then follows after, crouching down behind a fallen log with a fern on top of it. The sight of the prisoners causes him to shift behind the tree, looking first to the others in the tracking party, and then in the direction the Grounders came from. Because there were more than four of them shooting arrows back at the river. Well more than four.

Hanne is pretty much in the bushes the moment she hears the sounds of horses. While the others may be gawking at their friends, she is staring with giant eyes at the goddamn horses. She looks as though she is about to have another fact vomit about the equines when her senses get the better of her and she remains nicely shut up.

The fallen sword is taken up by Asher, and he slips it into the makeshift rope rig he uses to hold his mace. The club with spikes is pulled free and held in his other hand from the spear. He glances once more at the body and frowns just a bit, but doesn't seem as disgusted as the others. Like some of the others he's killed before. He's hurt people outside of that. And at some level, he seems to accept this Grounder's fate. And then the sound of hooves and Asher offers a quick wink to Grey, "Practice." He moves off the trail also, helping Faolan if no one else does to move the body.

"Haven't you people ever heard of /flesh wounds/? Like knees. A thigh. A nice hit to the shoulder. Something disabling…" Cameron seems intent on complaining softly about this episode of violence, but at hearing the sound and seeing Faolan and Silas's have their wits, he grabs at a leg and helps drag the body quickly and quietly into the brushes. As he settles into the bushes, his dark eyes focus up on the captives, his expression intense. "They're alive." he whispers.

The horses and their riders continue across the bridge, pulling along the three on-foot delinquents. They disappear into the forests on the other side of the bridge, but do not head down the deer trail where the others are hiding. The sound of the horses continue as they transition from hard asphalt to soft ground, following a well-used trail through the woods. There is no doubt about, the captives are being moved. But where to and where from?

By all rights, Grey should be already out of the bushes attacking the Grounders dragging their friends off to who-know-where. Instead, he continues looking back the way they came for a long moment, then turns to goggle at the goddamn horses. Like… wow. He stares at them a moment, then shakes his head sharply. No time for sightseeing. He carefully sets down his spear, raising his right index finger to his lips and looking back and forth in the bushes to try and make sure that everyone sees the gesture.

Faolan's hungry stare follows the path that the horses take. He lies there in the brush, frowning, yearning to just run forward and hurl his spear into the first rider's chest. Instead he stays still until they're gone out of sight. He starts to paw through the Grounder's equipment with his hands. Seeing if he has a good knife as well as a sword. A knife would be good. And.. because he is curious, he'll make to bare the Grounder's face. He is tense as he does it, as if he expects something like the two-headed deer. Or tusks. Or.. or something absolutely horrible.

Taking note of Grey’s signal, Silas slips away from te grounder, letting Faolan go through it and deal with the horror of the beast he's unmasking. He quietly sets up and watches the horses, his eyes widening as the drag off his comrades- and when they're out of view his brows furrow down sharply. He reaches over, grabbing a hold of his spear tightly as he quietly watches, looking back and around- watching where the Grounders came from.
Another five minutes, maybe ten pass, and there is no more sound of the Grounders, leaving them in the soft silence of the woods once more.

At Gray's signal, Cameron points at himself, and then points up the trail to where the captives and their captors are disappearing, and makes a walky gesture with his other hand providing cover over the walking fingers. This is all done towards Grey, with his head tilted to the side, in a questioning look. He mouths something that might be interpreted as 'scout'. Or pout. Or doubt. Or something.

Grey waits, he waits, and then he nods, beckoning the others in and nodding to Cameron before whispering sharply, "You two," a finger stabs at Cameron and Silas, "Good to follow them? Mark trees from here? Fallen and I run back to camp and get a war-party. Keats, Asher, dump the body," there might be an apologetic look to Hanne there, "and join us? Sound good?"

"Fuck.." Faolan says, as if he can't quite believe it. The man looks so damn.. normal. Like just another human being. Somehow that makes those four lines of blood he's painted on his cheeks burn against his flesh. He swallows. But then he steels himself. Mutant or just regular human, they still did this. THEY did this. He repeats those words to himself as he rummages through the dead man's possessions. He takes the knife, he takes the water skin and the foods. He sniffs the herbs, then takes them too to give to one of the med techs who might learn a thing or two from them. To Grey's plan, he just nods. "WE should take his clothes, if they fit one of us, it'll let someone get closer. In the dark, how could anyone tell with the masks they wear?"

Silas quietly looks over as he hears two, his eyes settling upon Grey as he looks at the mans finger pointing at him before he offers a nod. "Yeah, sure." he says as he relaxes his facial expression somewhat, looking over to Cameron, "I'll lead." he says, quietly moving to slip off and follow after the fresh and new grounder tracks- not entirely waiting for Cameron, expecting him to follow.

"Hey!" Hanne protests when Faolan takes the herbs. "I'll take those…" She holds her hand out for the pouch expectantly. She looks at Grey, and then back at Faolan, and she nods.

Cameron nods quickly at Gray's suggestion, turning to Silas, "Give me a minute." Since he lost his shirt, he takes a bit to dirty his skin up, so his paleness doesn't glow, "And if you see any signs of anyone, let me do the approach and come back to you."

The ready agreement seems to shock Grey a little, but he nods, "It'll take some time to gather people up." He looks from Faolan to Hanne and back, silently arching a brow in a 'no way you let her do that, right,' sort of look. And then he looks to Cameron, seeing as Silas already took off, "We'll be coming at a run, following your marks. So yeah, if they stop, sending someone back to warn us is a good idea."

Silas hasn't run off.. Too far. When Cameron told him to wait, he simply stalked up near a tree and let him do his thing, watching him quietly as he waits- and when Cameron tells him to not approach anyone, he offers a nod. "I was planning on it." he says quietly, shrugging before he looks back and continuing to stalk after the grounders with furrowed brows and teeth gnawing at his lower lip somewhat anxiously.

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