Day 045: Nokru
Summary: Gideon kom Trikru becomes Gideon kom Nokru as she asks Indra to release her from service.
Date: 12 July 2016
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Gideon Indra 

Indra's Tent, Trikru encampment, Lake Audo
A simple tent
45 Days After Landing

Gideon kom Trikru stands silent and stoic just outside Indra's tent. Her shoulder where she received the cuts — stangely cutting off any further additions of killmarks — has been tended to, wrapped in cloth that is colored bright red in ten neatly parallel lines. Her head is bowed, arms relaxed at her side. She waits, silently, for the Kruheda to see her. There is a certain… state to her posture. A kind of acceptance, but strength, and a hint of regret.

The kruheda is busy following the mass punishment. Busy enough that it takes some time before Indra comes back to her tent. Spotting Gideon waiting, she frowns, then nods slightly, stepping past and going into the tent, leaving the flap open behind her, "Come on in, then."

Gideon's spine straightens even more than it already is, and the Archer nods her head slightly when the kruheda passes. It is only when she is given a verbal invite does she takes a deep breath, steel herself, and enter the woman's tent. She takes several steps inside, and her arms immediately clasp behind her back and her stance becomes wider set. She glances carefully around, but it is a passing look before her gaze settles on Indra. "Kruheda… thank you for… for seeing me." Her voice carries the smallest tremble, and she tightens her jaw to cease it.

Indra moves further into the tent, settling down onto a cushion and beginning to unbuckle her sword. It's a familiar process from when Gideon was still her Second. "I thought I had taught you better than this, Gideon. Scouting the Mountain, working with Skaikru, sleeping with Skaikru?"

Gideon's jaw works slightly as she faces the chastisement. It is as if she is a Second once more, eyes down and expression serious. She looks up at the questions — or accusations — and offers a soft reply, "The Skaikru are worthy allies, my kruheda. They are uncovering the Mountain's secrets… the Trikru could see it completely undone… but we must trust in the Skaikru to do so." The bit about sleeping with the Skaikru draws a tightness through her shoulders. "As for Grey kom Skaikru… that is what I came to speak with you about."

Indra shakes her head, "The Skaikru are children. And not just the children among them. They are dangerous, and they do not realize that they are dangerous." She is about to snap back about the Mountain, but then Gideon continues, and she narrows her eyes, "You wish to take him on as your Second like Wren?" Scorn laces the kruheda's words, and she shakes her head, "I cannot stop you from doing that, but if he sets foot wrong, I will see receive justice." A nod of her head indicates the bandage around Gideon's shoulder.

Gideon accepts the admonishment with grace — only a further sign she has been under that disappointed weight all too often. Her shoulders tighten at the scornful words, and she quickly dismisses the accusation with a shake of her head. "No, my kruheda…" The archer steps forward, and in a smooth motion, removes one of the sheathed short swords from her back. It is small, but lethal. It is meant for someone smaller than her, but she holds it with confidence and comfort. "I want to do this right, Indra," she uses her name softly, seriously. "If I am to do anything right, let it be this." She steps forward, holding out the sword. "I wish to be released from your service. I seek to join my houman's clan."

It is a measure of Indra's discomfiture that the removal of the weapon from behind Gideon's back causes her to tense, one hand tightening on the sheathe of her own sword. And then she relaxes again, "Your houman? You leap before you look again, Gideon." Shaking her head, she reaches forward to take the short sword, tucking it behind her own belt, "But you will have to live with your choices. As ever. From this day forward, you are no longer Gideon kom Trikru. You owe me no allegiance, and have no clan to protect and shield you."

Gideon releases the sword when Indra takes it, and the emotions that flood her chest shock her when it is, finally, back in Indra's hands. She steadies herself, refusing to give into those emotions. Trikru are stoic, strong. Gideon is still those things. "Grey kom Skaikru, yes," she says in a soft, but steady voice. She lowers her chin when Indra speaks, she refuses to look like a scorned child. She looks soon after to meet Indra's darker eyes. "You will always be my First… and the Trikru will always be the clan of my birth…" She does not step back right away, hoping to be given something, anything from the woman.

The betrayal is sharp, and Indra nods slightly, "And that is all they will be to you, Gideon." There is a finality to the name this time, not of familiarity, but to state that there is no more to her name. "You had promise, child. If you had applied yourself, you would have been a wise and good kruheda after my time."

Gideon's jaw flexes, and she nods slightly. "Thank you, kruheda," the woman murmurs, and like Indra's purposeful lack of kom Trikru, there is a purposeful lack of my. She turns seriously, stepping out from the tent with a great and serious weight. Losing one's clan does not seem to lighten a load, but only adds to it. She will not stop anywhere in the Trikru camp, taking what little she owns — including the white mare who waits for her quietly just beyond camp.

And with that, Gideon kom Trikru becomes Gideon kom Nokru.

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