Day 023: Not A Good Plan
Summary: Fiona asks for Tuan's help with the Hail Mary.
Date: 15 June 2016
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Fiona Tuan 

The Forest
Not far from camp.
Day 23

Before the settling in of the Blockade by Sonia's people, Tuan had travelled to Coesbur to speak with those he needed to then returned to the lines closer to the Camp. In that no man's land, he had set himself up in a quiet location that was away from where Sonia's Warband had pressed due to its direction to the Mountain. That and Tuan was clever enough to keep spacing from other scouts. All he had was himself and a bed roll however. No horse, no animal, just a lot of downtime which was filled with frustrations over the thoughts that worked through his mind continually. So many things that he just couldn't resolve.

Alone in the forest is not the worst thing for a Grounder, especially Tuan. Often he avoided being alone but at this time, he was embracing it as he hung upside down off a tree limb doing sit ups to work himself into better condition following the blood fever and the sky flu. He has had a rough month and his physical shape has suffered. In addition, being upside down just sometimes helps the blood flow to one's head and clear thoughts.

She'd had a rough idea of where he's situated himself, and it's fairly late in the evening when Fiona slips out to look for him. She moves slowly and carefully, being mindful of her environment as she's been taught, though she doesn't seem to have any intention of sneaking up on him. If anything, there's just enough noise for him to know someone's coming without intent to be stealthy. When she comes into view, he's upside down and she can't help it, she laughs a little bit, pressing a hand to her mouth. "I read about animals that do that. Bats? Are you some kind of bat-man?"

<FS3> FakeTuan rolls Athletics: Embarassing Failure.

She did not mean to startle him, but she does so. Tuan's eyes widen at the sound of a voice, uncertain who it is initially as he was deep in thought and quickly he tries to spring out of the tree. Instead he slips, tumbles, and falls the ten feet to crash into a heap upon the forest floor. No movement comes or sound from the young man until a low groan of pain escapes his lips. "<In Trigedasleng> You cannot sneak up on a man in thought Fiona kom Skaikru." There is no embitterment in his speaking, more of embarrassment as he lays there.

Fiona gasps, rushing forward and sliding to her knees next to him. "Oh my god, are you okay?" She starts inspecting his limbs to see if anything's broken, admitting ruefully, "I understood 'man' and my name." It's still a new language for her. "I've come to see if you're alright…and I need your advice. About some parts of Trikru culture that might help me. And ask if you're willing to help me with a really bad idea, if it moves forward."

Tuan lays there for a moment still catching his breath before he speaks, "<In Trigedasleng> I am fine. The air was taken from my lungs, but I do not think anything is broken." Again he is speaking Grounder to her, doing so slowly as he tabs his chest when he says lungs. "<In Trigedasleng> I am alright. Lost in soul, but alright." After a few moments he speaks in english, "You should not risk coming here. The Warband has scouts in the area."

Fiona holds up a hand. "Chod up Gunnasleng, beja?" she asks that he speak English. She's only getting a small portion of his words. "Like I said, I needed to talk to you. I wouldn't have come if it wasn't important." Keeping in her crouch next to him, she explains, "My people are voting to see if they want me to speak for them. As either steheda or bandrona."

Looking up at Fiona, Tuan listens and when she explains why she has come he pushes up some and tries to straighten. "That is not possible, the blockade is in place there is no one for you to speak to. Sonia will not hear any such." The frown on his lips deepens.

"Well, here's the thing. There are two options." Fiona lifts her chin. "Britt kom Trikru has been the intermediary between us and Sonia. She said that it's possible that a recognized steheda or bandrona could be given safe passage through the blockade to speak to Indra. But if that's not safe…there's some consideration given to trying to run the blockade." She studies him carefully. "Run the blockade, get to TonDC, and speak to Indra, or maybe even the Commander."

"Run the blockade. Get to TonDC and then what?" Tuan asks, his tone isn't terribly judgmental, it is more curious than anything. "Is there an offer? A plan to get the Queheda or Heda to break off the attacks?" He sounds almost, borderline hopeful with his questioning, trying to sit up a bit more fully now.

Fiona nods. "I'm hoping that Gideon will give me some insight into how to talk to Indra. But I think if nothing else, there's one thing your people fear: the Mountain. If we continue to engage, my people are not obligated to avoid using firearms. So not only would a cease fire save Trikru lives, but it would be in the best interest of avoiding the Mountain turning its eyes toward your people."

"You are hoping to use fear of the Mountain?" Tuan asks quietly towards Fiona. "So by not attacking you, you will not use your weapons and that will not draw the attention of the Mountain." He lifts an eyebrow but sighs softly. "And if it is rejected? Are your people willing to follow through and hope to pull the Mountain down on us?"

"It's an option." Fiona rubs her face wearily. "If your people are really convinced that the Mountain is drawn to any use of firearms, then it's likely yes. We don't need to actively hail them. The sound of gunfire will be enough, by your people's logic. If we make it through the blockade, it might impress her. If we come to her with proof of leadership, she might be willing to listen. That's the loudest complaint about us that I've heard from Trikru - that we have no leadership, that we don't function as a unified group. If we show that we are, perhaps we can have the opportunity to prove we're not responsible for the dropship that came down on Thripoda." There's a tentative look of appeal. "Either way, if everyone agrees they want me to do it, I'll either need an official escort…or help getting past the blockade."

"And you will want me to take you." Tuan says quietly towards Fiona, finishing the thought. It isn't a large leap for him to go in that direction, he just sits there and looks at her expectantly. "To sneak you past the blockade or escort you, either way, into Trikru territory during war."

"Gideon might want to go as well." Fiona says, "But I would trust you with my life. I am going to trust you with my life, if you agree. And that's assuming that they decide they want me to speak for them."

Tuan looks down, then looks up to Fiona speaking levelly to her. "I am .. warmed that you trust me such. But it is only right that you fully understand. Do you understand Fiona kom Skaikru what you are asking me to do?"

"That you could die. That the other Trikru, that Indra - would declare you a traitor, if things go badly." There's a pause as Fiona takes a shaky breath. "Which is why I would never think ill of you if you told me no. You've been part of your people your entire life. I'm a stupid Skaikru girl you just met."

Tuan looks at Fiona, truly looks at her letting his blue eyes gaze into hers. "Banishment, kill order, death by a thousand cuts." He finishes off the list of possibilities. "None of those cause me fear, as much as the thought of being the one that failed, that failed and allowed you to come to harm." Tuan reaches his hand up, but then stops. "You are not some stupid Skaikru. I do not understand my heart, only know what it feels."

Fiona's mouth presses in a tight line and the hand that extended toward her is caught in her own, pulled toward her, and gently kissed. "It's a risk I'm willing to take. It's a risk I have to take, for my people. Even if we defeat Sonia, it won't end there."

"Convince me." Tuan looks into Fiona's eyes, "Tell me it is worth your life. Worth everything I am, even beyond death." He watches her kiss his hand, fingers turning to brush her lips with his fingertips. "Best behod." The term, spoken in his native language is said very softly, almost reverently when referring to her.

She doesn't know what it means, but she smiles at him and is unafraid to look him in the eye. "I'm afaid. There was a woman who lived a long time ago, before the bombs fell. She said that courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to do what is necessary despite that fear."

"And this is worth everything. You trust a man you barely know, and ask that same man to give everything for this." Tuan tilts his head at Fiona, eyebrow lifting. "Is that normal amongst your people?" He sounds curious, not judgmental while asking that.

Fiona lets out a little laugh. "No. No, it's not." she admits. "But I think I'm something special to you, and I don't think you would lie about that. I think you know that this is important to me. It may not even matter if they decide they don't want me to do this…but I have to at least try."

"I do not believe this is a good plan, or a wise plan." Tuan says after long moments of silence. But then he breaks a very small smile, "But I believe in you. So I will do as you ask, or I will die trying to. If your people decide for you to speak for them, we will find a way to get you to TonDC or the Heda."

Fiona scoots closer. "What do you think would be a good plan?" There's a tilt of her head, and suddenly, she's not just closer, she's in his lap. Hello. "What do you think would be a wise plan?"

He is surprised for the second time in a short period of time when Fiona suddenly is in his lap. Tuan's arms move to embrace her there but his brow furrows, "I do not have one. If I did, I would offer it to you." That brow furrowing extends into a frown, despite how close she is to him now.

"Sometimes not a good plan is the only plan you have." Fiona says frankly, reaching up and gingerly pressing her fingers to the corners of his mouth. She makes little nudging motions, as if to turn that frown upside down.

Tuan tries so desperately to look serious at Fiona when she works on turning his frown into a smile, but despite his attempts it breaks rather quickly and he is grinning at her. "Then if it's the only plan we have, we will make it work." Blue eyes gaze for a moment before his head turns as if hearing something, snapping abruptly and his finger lifts in a hushing motion.

Fiona immediately quiets, looking around the area without making any further sound. She quirks her brow at him, a question in her eyes.

You can't take the entire prankster out of Tuan. He waits, watches Fiona for several moments before a small grin touches the corners of his lips and he leans in to kiss her, albeit briefly. "I will be here when your people decide, one way or another. I will not let harm come to you, not again."

Fiona chuckles lowly, her arms winding around his neck. "I know you won't." she says with certainty. She looks at him thoughtfully as if considering some devious plan. "You know," she says, "I don't know when the next time is that I'll have time for myself."

"Time for yourself?" Tuan asks, the phrasing confusing him as he tilts his head a bit to express that confusion, arms still encircled about Fiona's waist while she sits on him. "Is not all time for yourself? I do not understand this phrase."

"Privacy. When you want to be alone." Her mouth curves in a smirk. "Or alone with someone."

"I see." Tuan says with a realizing smile creeping on his lips. "You were hoping to steal some kisses with time to yourself, before returning to camp to discover our potential fate?"

"Kisses. Definitely kisses." Fiona nods to this, assuming a lofty expression. "Maybe something a little bit more than kisses.'

Tuan grins sheepishly, "If I cannot deny you your plan to march through enemy territory on a mission of peace, I am not going to deny you kisses or whatever else you desire." There is a soft sigh from him before he adds wistfully, "Do not think I am some fool who drifts for girls Fiona kom Skaikru. I am used to the girls becoming light headed for me. One day I will figure out just what it is that gives you this power upon me."

"I don't." she says, looking around a bit as if guaging if anyone is watching. "If anything, I expect it's the girls who drift around you." She considers, then after a moment, reaches down to the waistline of her shirt. She gives it a tiny tug, then looks at him inquiringly.

Tuan looks at Fiona when she glances around, he does so as well out of curiousity then looks back at her as she reaches for her shirt. Realization touches his cheeks and he reaches for his own shirt which is a bit more awkward with her on his lap. "Quiet, we do not want Sonia's Scouts to find us." That would certainly be an awkward way to get taken out. Not that it is enough of a deterrant as he starts to pull his own shirt off.

"I'll do my best to stay quiet if you do." she says. She's skinnier than she should be on an already thin frame, but there's strength there too, from all the hard work of maintaining the camp's needs. He, on the other hand, has her blinking.

Grounder life is hard, and so is Tuan's upper body at least. Lean muscle, definitely the sort of thing one would expect to find on someone who has to fight to survive against the world itself on a daily basis. But the scars, quite numerous across his upper body. Still, his eyes are on Fiona, speaking softly. "Who are we kidding? We will not be quiet." There's a coy grin on his lips as he says that. "I believe your entire camp will know what has happened."

"Not if I bite down hard enough." comes her reply, fingers straying to his torso. Like she's not altogether sure all that's real. And she's not specifying what she intends to bite.

Tuan looks deeply into Fiona's eyes, going serious for just a moment, "<In Trigedasleng> I am going to welcome you to the Ground, Fiona kom Skaikru. And when we are done you will never think of leaving it." The phrase is given to her, coy grin returns and he pulls her closer.

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