Day 040: Not-So-Angry Family Reunion
Summary: Kai and Lionel have a second attempt at talking to one another like family.
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The Row — Camp Jaha

The arching ring of Alpha Station rises high above this still-developing shantytown. Living quarters, workshops, and storage have been built out of panels from the uninhabitable parts of Alpha Station. They run down on either side of a pierced-metal plank roadway, ending in a metal-topped dirt ramp leading up to an airlock entrance to Alpha Station. A large section of Alpha Station's hull has been removed to open up what used to be a work-bay, and has now been turned into a garage for the Ark's few rovers.

A metal fence surrounds the camp, with an open space and then an electrified wire fence beyond that. Outside of the wire fence is a rolling meadow, a peaceful lake, a little stream, and then the lush forests of Trikru lands.

Day 40

So Kai has marching orders, but they haven't left yet, and though she has most of her preparations already taken care of, there's one that isn't necessarily on the list except that Eli and Wren have both nagged her about it already. It totally doesn't stop her from throwing shade at the gate guards as she passes by, and also doesn't mean that she isn't dressed, armed, and armored like one of her Trikru pals. But the former Skaikru girl stalks her way in the direction of the Row, and Alpha, in search of one person in particular.

Lionel is just off duty, but still wears the armored jacket with the rifle slung across his shoulders. He looks tired, but he has been pulling extra shifts lately, perhaps to make up for the low guard population around the Camp — and training up some new militia types. He isn't the one who notices Kai, but one of his fellow guards who makes a grunting remark to Lionel about the girl gone native. He toward Kai, grimaces, and stands there, half-way between turning around and stalking back to Alpha Station or heading toward the former Arker.

Given the Adams' expression on Kai's face, she'd just chase him down anyways. She passes around people in her path, not so much /forging/ as simply taking the path of least resistance until she's in range to utter,"Leo. I want to talk to you." in a tone that actually doesn't sound more than just gruff, and that possibly for the look his friend is giving her.

Lionel crosses his arms at his chest, taking on a casual slouch as he regards the approaching Kai. He up-nods nonchalantly, and then grimaces again. "Talk to me or talk at me?" Though he does gesture off toward a small side-street along the Row, indicating that they can at least step over there and get a bit of privacy.

"To you." Kai emphasizes with another look at his friend, accepting the gesture with a dip of her head and pivoting that way rather than give in to the temptation to have an argument with the other Guard. Progress! She waits until she finds a spot she deems far enough and turns back to him, raising a hand palm out and going,"First, let me just say I'm sorry for worrying you and mom. Okay? Just. Yeh. That."

Lionel maintains his arms at his chest as they step aside. His brows arch slightly at her start, and he nods solemnly. "Okay, you're sorry," he repeats. Then he sighs, rubbing roughly at his head and sending his hair into a mess of brown and gold. "You realize this is really all about the fact that we care about you, right?"

Kai grunts acknowledgment, the mirroring unintentional when she rubs at the back of her shorn head,"I acknowledge that." she concedes and expels a breath,"I don't like talking about this shit. As you know. There's a huge part of things that's like.. where do I even begin? But some of us are heading off later to go scout the Mountain and I promised Eli that I would at least.. try. So here I am." she spreads her hands and then let's them drop briefly before resuming the cross of them over her chest with a squint out towards the passing people,"What I'm doing's not safe. It's not ever going to be safe. There's ways you can help make it safer, if you're interested. If not, 's fine. But me being Trikru doesn't mean that I've forgotten I have family here. I do come back. I'm not hard to find when I do, y'friends on the Guard are real keen about making sure I know they think I'm a traitor."

"So here you are," Lionel repeats again. He backsteps a step and drops his shoulders heavily into the corrugated metal wall of an exterior structure. He listens, and then shakes his head slightly at her words, particularly about the traitor bit. "Do you even get why they think that, Kai? Or are you totally dismissing it because you think they are brainless?" He fixes her with a serious look, waiting the answer.

"Leo, I shot two people who were trying to murder a bunch of my friends, then I spent the better part of a sleepless week trying desperately to make traps and try to work out some kind of strategy that a whole bunch of kids that hate orders, know nothing about war, and had no interest in listening to me specifically could pull off just to try and survive against a tactically larger and better trained force. I, personally, went around trying to convince people to support Fiona as our damned ambassador, traded my band for maps of the local villages, and with her, Eli, Cameron Scott and one of the scouts in the camp outside these walls right now, ran a fucking blockade wherein we were literally chased until dawn by more than a dozen people that wanted us all dead just for being Skaikru." she utters in a low voice,"And from /there/ we marched to a warband of more than a thousand soldiers to try and convince a woman who found it perfectly reasonable to murder every single one of us for the crash of the second dropship. I spent days watching and listening to hardened veterans talk about just how much they felt my friends and me deserved to die. And after, after that peace was negotiated and the Ark was shitting itself all over this land we came to the camp to find out that they'd already fucking attacked. So you tell me, do I know?"

"So, wait… you're mad at us because we're not psychic and had no idea, after communication was lost, that you guys were going through all that stuff? And how inconvenient it was for the Ark to come down when it did, after thousands of us we're prepared to die?" Lionel snorts, shaking his head slightly. Again, he reaches up, scrubbing up his hair in tired frustration. "I want you to really think about that… like… don't say anything… for five whole minutes, and think about that." He recrosses his arms again, adding, "I'll wait."

Kai doesn't wait five minutes,"No Leo, I'm not mad at you for that. Yes, I'm pissed at Jaha and his council because the fact that any of us survived at all is a goddamn miracle, and yes, that includes Kane. I prayed to Green fucking Eden you lot would show up because every other way just spelled death for all of us. Short-term, long-term, all those exercises with dad are a hell of a lot different when it's your friends you're talking about and you know no matter what, that they're going to die." she scrubs her hands over her face,"But that's not why I went with the Trikru, Leo. Them being mad at me and me being mad at them is why I don't want to be here, but that's all it is. The simple fact of it is that I feel that us, all of us, need to learn from them if we're going to survive down here. I admire them for the beautiful simplicity of life without our technology, and the complexity of their culture.. culture that you and the others here have barely had an opportunity to see because people on both sides are too determined to hate one another. Because as much as it would horrify dad, I like to fight, and among them that's a good thing, and here it's not. And because if I can understand them, and help teach others how to understand them, maybe this doesn't end up in war a second time."

"You seem to have this itch up your ass about trying to make it so your trials are so much greater than anyone else's… that Eden forbid we think that maybe we've been having a shit time, too," Lionel says to Kai seriously, his smart-assery dropping entirely. "When, really… you know what would be nice? You realizing that, after the bomb went off, we were drying up there… scrambling through collapsed corridors, pulling out dead bodies, or soon to be dead bodies, and only to be told that, hey, maybe don't breathe too hard because our oxygen was almost out." He shakes his head. "You're right, Kai… The 100 went through shit, but so did the Ark… so maybe we can stop trying to puff out our chests and try to prove that our experiences are the worst compared to everyone else's and just be fucking happy that we all get to have more experiences that extend beyond our assumed deaths." He pushes off the wall, shaking his head.

"Look, you're always going to be my little sister… always going to be my Keke… doesn't matter how much soot you smear around your eyes, how badass your sword is, or how your head has this weird bump in the back I never noticed because you didn't used to shave your head." He breathes out a heavy breath. "So, get over it… I don't really give two shits… or even three shits. Maybe four, because Elias keeps telling me my shit could be useful for planting a garden, but really… I don't give two or three shits about Kai of the Tree Crew… but I care a lot about Keke."

Then he gestures out toward the other Guards. "But things aren't great here yet, Kai… and you runnin' off to where they got their shit together just is a loud slap in the face that you don't care… that's why people think you are a traitor… because you chose a group who just a few days were trying to kill you instead of people who could really, really use a strong person like you being a Guard. But…" His hands go up, stalling any argument from her. "Whatever, you've made your choice."

There's a shake of her head,"You guys had a shitshow, but I'm sorry, it's not on the same scale Leo. You can hate me for saying that, but the fact that you dismiss this shit out of hand is why I'm concerned about you and the rest of the Guard not knowing what you're getting yourselves in to down here." Weird, bump, like that doesn't make Kai self conscious enough to rub at the back of her head to try and find it, social anxiety achieved! At least she is fast distracted from the quest for finding quasimodo's lump by his continued words,"You guys have the hundred, Leo. I'm not special, every single one of them was there with me. You have Lucian Grey.. and yeh, I know, he's a fucking Grey, and there's some days where I'd like to punch him in the face, but he isn't Paris, Leo. He's done more and bled more for those kids than most of them. He made them a promise that he will always come for them and as stupid as it sounds, I have faith in that. It's why that night I gave him my maps and told him what I'd seen at the camp while they were unconscious and before you got there. Stone makes us all feel like a fucking embarrassment, /that/ is the kind of person you need on the Guard. Not me." she sighs,"The rest of them.. if they're still alive in the Mountain you guys don't even know the kind of resource that you have on your hands. Teaching the Trikru about our ways in a way they can understand is just as important as the inverse. To me I can do more good with them than I can do here. I'm struggling to keep up with them, to learn their ways. To gain acceptance among them because believe me they're not really any happier with me than you lot. But it does mean that the more I can understand the better I can help others understand. I've told Grey and I've told the Bandrona and now I'm telling you, the Mountain is a source of fear for the Trikru, they have lost more people than they can count to it. I don't know if you have any pull with Kane, but someone needs to sit down with some of the Trikru staying behind and work out where the villages that were destroyed are. Get a damned range on those missiles and show it to them so they can see, if they know what villages they need to evacuate to protect their people, they will be more willing to listen to overtures about taking the Mountain down."

"We haven't fucking dismissed it, Kai," the Corporal says sharply. "But I don't know what the fuck you want us to do about it? Seriously, tell me… what the fuck am I supposed to do with everything you just said about your time down here? Apologize? Done it. Show sympathy? Done it. Thank you guys? Done it." Lionel just shakes his head, and he takes in a deep breath, letting it out in a whoosh of calming exhale. "We have shown a great amount of respect and gratitude to you guys, we have. Kane gave Kattegat a place on the Council as the Tree Crew liaison, all the ex-cadets were bumped up immediately Guardsmen without no question. Hell, we've got fucking Morgan the Chief of Medical Slayer working with Councilor Li. I don't fucking get what else you want here." Then he sighs the same, taking a step back, hands up in surrender. "Fine, you think you'll do more good with them… a cadet amongst a bunch of warriors… congrats.

Lionel scrubs at his head once more, taking another step back. "You really need to let the anger train pull out of the station, Kai." He shakes his head slowly. "Accept the fact that people here are going to be mad at you for leaving them in the lurch… and also admit to yourself that you left your people in the lurch, because there's really no other way to color that. You chose to care about Kai, not about this place." And he makes a wide gesture. "And fine, that's cool… you're a human being, allowed to make her own damn choices, but that also means that people are allowed to be angry at you about it. But, please, if you want to be some great ambassador between the so called Sky Crew and Tree Crew, then maybe show a bit of understanding to us rather than giving us shit." He dryly adds. "That would be great."

"Kane's already working with that Oxfor guy about the Mountain… and I'm pretty damn sure he's already doing everything you just suggested. He's not an idiot, Kai. So, maybe you could give the guy a break?" He sounds exhausted now, a bit out of steam. He doesn't even let the anger seep into his words.

"Trikru." Kai corrects, enunciating it carefully,"And I don't want you to do anything about it, Leo, it is what it is now." there's a tired smile of her own,"Former, cadet. Now a Second. And one that has received praise for my work, too. So, don't say it like I'm kidding myself about whether or not I can make it." there's a shrug of her shoulders as her gaze flits off again,"They can be mad, Leo, I can't change that. I gave my word and upholding that is serious business."

There's another emphatic shake of her head,"Left them in the lurch. Fucking right. Sure. I care about you and mom and Eli, the hundred, and the Trikru. I don't care about the rest of them, you're right. But don't be so melodramatic as if my presence or absence here makes a single iota of fucking difference to this place."

There's a grunt and the slightest bob of her head,"Good then. And hey, I was polite when I saw him, but considering that there's already been a fight and shock lashes and I've already been tempted to hit a few people..? It's best I just.. don't.. stick around here. And at this point doesn't matter. I'm going to the Mountain, Leo, this afternoon. My teacher, Wren, is going to collect Reapers for Morgan. If you could, if you felt up to it, he could use the help. He's still injured from our last fight with them and he shouldn't be out there, but he's doing what he can for this peace, like the rest of us.. and if you want to know what it's really like.. go with him."

"Makes a fucking difference to me, and I'm a selfish bastard," Lionel reasons with a grunt. Then crosses his arms heavily at his chest again, looking a bit grouchy. He nods slightly at the offer from her to help Wren with the Reapers. "I'll go, but because it is for the good of us all, not because I want to shave my head, smear mud all over my face, and wield a badly-sharpened katana around." The very corner of his mouth twitches ever so slightly in what might be a hint of a smile.

"Yeh well, you'll just have to drag your sorry ass outside the gates occasionally to say hi. And bring me coffee. I can be bribed with coffee." Kai tilts her chin up at him with what becomes a smile at his agreement,"You'd look like shit with your head shaved anyways." she opines,"And it's a very well sharpened not-katana, I'll have you know. Closer to a khukri, a machete? I sharpened it myself. Just you wait until I learn to shoot arrows better than the rifles. But.. yeh.. regarding the Reapers? Well, put them down hard, and fast, and from as far away as you can, they have no real tactics beyond seeing who can kill you first so they can eat."

"Let me know when you start wielding Excalibur, and then we can talk." Lionel's voice regains a bit of its edge, but he still looks a bit exhausted and on edge. Then he shakes his head slightly. "Last I heard, Li wanted one alive… but… I will try to make sure that I knock it unconscious fast and hard, and from as far away as I can."

"Man, if watery tarts laying around in lakes start throwing swords at me, you'll be the first to know." Kai assures and grunts,"I leave that to you guys to work out. This time I'm expected to obey and stay quiet as a mouse.. should be easy with Grey traipsing around with an assault rifle." she clears her throat and offers out her hand,"I'll be back, Leo. And if I'm not, one of the others will make it back I'm sure. Be careful, be safe.. we'll talk soon, yeh? Maybe next time I can show you how to wield a badly sharpened katana."

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