Day 000: O Brother Where Art Thou
Summary: Max discovers that Reno was among those on the dropship.
Date: 02 June 2016
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Max Reno 

Grounds - The Camp

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and a rough wall stretches between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks stacked up and lashed together as best as the Delinquents can manage. There is a gate at the north end, a single panel that can be rolled aside at need.

Landing Day

Max didn't know that Reno had been caught during that brief time that they were in the Box together. They'd been in opposite Earth Studies classes and Max, being certain that he was going to be floated, had withdrawn more than normal, from everyone. So when the dropship hurtled through space, eventually landing on the earth's surface, he certainly hadn't expected to see his brother among those escaping out into the fresh air for the first time. And admittedly, it wasn't until after they had exited the dropship that Max thought he'd caught sight of him out of the corner of his eye. Casually, he wandered closer through the trees until he could get a good look. Blinking in surprise he says "Reno? How the Hell did you get down here?"

Reno seemed to be looking around. Initially he came to the opening of the ship to look for Max, but now? Now he was distracted by stranger things that arrested his attention. For him it could be akin to seeing in colour for the first time; which really it was for so many of them. A living world above the floor. He was lost in his thoughts contemplating how much sheer space was overhead right now- something he'd never imagined, and it awed him. At the address his head craned slowly to look at his brother. The side of one finger nudged his glasses back up on the bridge of his nose where they belonged.

The consummate smartass of literal answers he blinked and pointed. "There was a dropship. Why? How'd you get here then?" There was an art to saying these things with a straight face, although he might be serious. It was hard to tell, but a faint impish grin punctuated his expression suggesting the former. It widened into a relieved grin knowing that answer wouldn't satisfy.

Max smirks and jogs down the last few steps to where Reno stands and makes as though to smack him upside the back of the head. Instead, however, he just ruffles his hair and then hugs him, suddenly, and tightly before letting him go. "Shit, you got big." It'd been five years, after all, they having been only 12 and 13 when Max got put away and their communication ceased. "Guess they finally caught you.." Max says, realizing that's the only way that Reno likely made it onto the dropship to end up here. But then he reaches up and ruffle's Reno's hair again. "I'm glad, though.. I guess. At least that means we don't have to worry about hiding you anymore."

Reno grinned a little wider. A thin hand pushed himself up from the ground where he was crouched to greet Max. He was taller, older, and had a bit of a permanent furrow of curiosity that was growing into a more matured expression than when they met last, a few years ago. He didn't answer right away but hugged his brother taking the moment to appreciate having him back. Reno wasn't much good on his own, and yet it was likewise his natural state. In a sense they shared that in common, but really Reno craved the company of his family again. His glasses were ill fit, but functional and got another nudge back in place. Both hands slid into his back pockets as he took a step back from Max. There was a nod of agreement. "Couple weeks ago. I caught notice of what was going on when I patched into a comm relay a month or so back. Spent a good while coming up with an elaborate plan to get on the drop ship. Spent weeks trying to figure out how to break into the holding area and then it occurred to me to just… stand out in the open." He blinked and admitted, "It was a lot easier than plan A as it turns out." Let it not be said that he had a penchant for overthinking sometimes. "You didn't let me run off. Figured it was time to repay the favour."

Max listens as the story unfolds and can't help but laugh just a little bit when Reno reveals the reason that he got caught and how he went about getting on the dropship. He shakes his head slowly and says, "I'm glad that you did it. Not that I wanted you to get caught. But I'm glad you're here. Fuck the Ark.. we've got an entire new world to check out."

Reno turned a bit pink in the ears as he looked down with a grin. Yeah. Yeah it was a little boneheaded, but he could appreciate the amusement in it. At the mention of the Ark, the engineer's head swiveled upward and squint at the countless stars past cloud cover. "Yeah, well screw em. Screw us too cause we're really just out of a boiler and into an airlock here." Looking past Max's shoulder and back to Max the observation was made, "Eclectic bunch of folks huh?"

Max turns around and looks back toward the dropship where most of the delinquents are running about in all different directions, some wandering off to look for water, some for food, some having realized they were nowhere near Mt. Weather, beginning to make plans in that direction. There's a lot of noise and a lot of voices and not a whole lot of organization. Max shrugs his shoulders and says, "Well, no telling who's going to get thrown in the Box for what, you know? Quinn's here… the girl I told you about." The one he's had a thing for since, oh, probably ever. "And Gertie, too.. the girl who worked in Agro station." He looks down at his wristband and pokes at it a bit, but doesn't try to twist it. There are probes in there, probes in his skin, and he can still "feel" it even if he can't really feel it.

Reno refocused back on Max at the news of Quinn being here. An eyebrow arched over his frames in interest. "No way! Serious? I mean I'd love to meet em." People. Real people to talk to and what are they going to do to him? Throw him in a box and onto a planet? Oh yeah, we're past that point. For Reno at least this was a gateway to opportunity he'd never see in any other iteration of possibility. The excitement was palpable, but he remained quite still. His head tilted to the side looking back towards the chaos of frivolity. That too made him happy. Hell with so much input he might not find the time to sleep ever again. "I have questions for them." Likely endless ones.

"Yeah," Max says with a bit of a lopsided grin, "I bet you do." He frowns a little and says, "I never told anybody about you.. not even Quinn. I didn't want to risk anybody finding you. But, you know.. I tell her everything. So let me tell her about you first, eh? I think she'll understand but.." She might slug him, too. "You should talk to Cole. He's one of the techies, from what I gather. Figure you two might get along." He looks back toward all the frivolity and says, "But you know what? My recommendation… take a few days, and just.. enjoy being free." He reaches over and clasps his brother's shoulder with one hand, "Because this… this is pretty amazing."

Reno dug the toe of his boot into the ground. They should look familiar as they were Max's spare pair that got left behind and Reno grew into. A combination of convenience and deliberate action perhaps. "Stoooop. It's just… nice seein people." A hand came out of his back pocket to ablate any reminders ahead of time. "I know; I'm not dumb enough to trust anything anyone says. I remember. I didn't forget." All in all, Reno seemed comfortable with taking things at face value. He had been reminded constantly growing up in seclusion that apparently no one could be trusted. Ever. And for good reason. Really it was sound advice which served him well growing up.

The younger of the brothers looked out at the wilderness and said quietly, "Feels totally different to stand on. I can't place it, but standing just… feels different. Maybe the planet has guile to be careful of too, huh? Freedom, sure. Do we know how to survive having it? That's the question. Incarceration is easy. Safer. Know what to expect. Freedom? Dangerous. Could be anything: holes, radiation, gas, starvation, but…" He mused with a chuckle, "It makes you want it and that too is dangerous. Interesting… really interesting. I think walk, don't run is the better option." Someone got thoughtful and very very cautious in the absence of Max being there to look after him.

Max shrugs his shoulders and looks out through the trees, squinting a bit. "All I had to look forward to was being floated.. sooner rather than later." His expression is a bit grim. "Now.. there are other options. Other options for you, too. I'm just saying, you should get out there and just.. enjoy them for a bit, you know?" Not that he seems to be taking his own advice, but then Max was always prone to introspection and thinking rather than enjoying things.

Reno nodded in agreement. The introspection did nothing to dampen his complete wonderment at the immensity of everything. He just preferred not to be trampled by it either. For no particular reason he looked to max and snickered giving his shoulder a squeeze, "Well, on the upshot I don't have to figure out how to sneak in to check up on you. I appreciate you not getting floated to save us all the effort of catching up with you, Max. You're incredibly generous that." humor aside he gave his brother's shoulder a squeeze. "Hey, for, umm… what it's worth? I was worried for ya too. But we'll figure this out. I mean how hard can it possibly be?" Oh, son, you'll eat those words in about a week.

"Hard enough," Max says. "They didn't even drop us on the right mountain. He nods over in the direction of where they were supposed to land. "Some of us are going to head out toward the mountain to see if we can find the supplies that are needed… at some point, soon. Going to try and do some hunting, too, I think, and check out the local wildlife — see what's growing and what might be safe to eat."

Reno squint thoughtfully at the suggestion. he finally admitted, "I AM a fan of not starving to death. And food. Big big proponent of food." Considering the hunt, and nearly out of the blue he offered, "If you want I’ll go with. I'm pretty quiet. And if you trip then you'll have someone there to tell you what you tripped over. Though we have a lot of hardware down too. Tough call. Yours."

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