Day 026: Of Books And Flowers And Pain
Summary: Hanne gets a visit from Stone bringing her the bag she dropped in the attack. Talk about healing, plants, and the attack ensues.
Date: 20 June 2016
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Hanne Stone 

Dropship Cargo Bay
Mid-morning of Day 26

It has been a very long thirty-six hours for Hanne Keats. Her fever had been high and steady, leaving her unconscious as her body fought off the minor infection. Her wounds have been cleaned several times, and bandages changed. A thick bandage has been wrapped around her throat, and up along her head to restrict movement so that she doesn't inadvertedly split back open the gash at her jawline. Her shirt has been tied up around her ribcage, keeping the bandages about her stomach airing. Her left hand is more or less clubbed by the bandages, with just her fingertips sticking out from the heavy wrap of cloth.

She is awake finally, propped up in a bed in the passenger hold, and drinking from a cup of hot broth that Cookie has been sending up to her regularly. She is pale still, and heavy, dark circles frame her eyes. Death warmed over is probably a good descriptor for the small Earth Skills nerd.

She gets turned into a Mummy, and Stone finally is free of bandages for the first time in weeks! Admittedly, the stitched up arrow wounds in his throat look fucking horrendous still, so he _should_ be wearing a bandage over them, but when not on duty and just taking time in camp, he's been given permission to air them out. So bandage free! And as said non-mummy Stone is ducking into this area, his dark eyes are instantly falling to Hanne, sympathy at first flashing, but then happiness to see her moving. "Heya, hon. Good to see you stirring! Been out like a light every time I've come by to visit you. How ya feelin?" Moving forward to find a place to sit, he's beaming down at her, trying not to, but failing miserably to hide how worried he was he wouldn't see her awake again.

"Hi," Hanne croaks in turn. She offers what is the most exhausted smile possible at the giant as he settles in beside her. She takes another slow sip of broth, feeling the warmth spread down into her otherwise aching belly. She holds the repurposed can between her hands, ignoring how cluggy the left feels in comparison to the right. Obviously once the bandages come off, her left will feel a whole pinky lighter! But she is trying not to think about that…

"Sleep is good for healing," she finally says, though she does sound a bit sobered by the words instead of uplifted. "Though, I would have paid a gazillion dollars to not have the weird dreams…"

Stone's reaching out to gently pat her shoulder on seeing how weary she is, sympathy flashing clear again. He'd certainly know what it's like, given how much he's been injured since Landing. The talk of healing gets a nod, while the matter of dreams earns a furrowed brow and murmur-rasped question (his voice still having not regained its former resonance). "Being hurt can sometimes do that I suppose, and…the attack in general. But what sort, if you don't mind my askin' hon?" It's clear there's something else he wants to ask, but he's trying to give her time to relax a bit, and figures others have probably asked her.

Stone's friendly pat to her shoulder draws up her eyes from the half-dazed look she is giving her broth. She blinks owlishly as if she has missed something, but then her mind sort of clicks back in. "Dreamed about Angela," she murmurs, taking another swallow of broth, "and Evie." She shakes her head, but then winces at how the motion pulls at the wound at her neck. "You probably don't remember Angela… she was up in the Box with us. She was floated though." Then she grimaces a bit. "Guess I was dreamin' about the dead."

"Not an uncommon thing to linger on either." Stone admits a little grimly. "I'm just glad you aren't one of them." He seems genuine about that at least. A moment later, his eyes go a little wide and he's grinning. "Oh! Forgot the other reason I've been comin' by, other than hoping to catch you awake." He moves a hand behind him, sliding around a bag that was dangling from a makeshift strap holding it to his belt. Her bag, the one she had out with the flowers. "Went out and got this for you while I was havin' a look around. Didn't want to leave it here for someone with sticky fingers while you was out, but figured you might want it."

When Stone produces the bag, Hanne brightens — or at least, attempts to. It is hard to beam with this much pain, no matter how much willow bark Morgan is making her drink. She reaches for the bag, taking it clumsily between her hands. She looks up at him, smiling a bit shyly. "Thanks…" She starts to open it, drawing out an rather abused looking leather journal. "Found this when I was packing up Evie's stuff… it has all her research so far on Earth plants. Would have been bad to lose it."

Stone moves over closer to her, taking up her soup can so she can work with her book, leaning over from behind her to peer at it with some curiosity. "Totally not my sorta area, but interestin'. All plants, or there animal info and such too?" Says the hunter of course.

"Just plants," Hanne explains. She opens to a few pages that contain sketches of flowers — her contribution, not Evie's. Then she looks up at Stone as he leans in closer, and she offers a small smile. "It is where I started my research for the garden." Her expression wavers a bit, turning toward a small frown. "That's why I was out there." She looks a bit uncomfortable. "That, and the morning glories." Then she starts to remember some of her ramblings when Morgan and Ariadne were tending to her wounds. "Which I guess I told you all about…"

"Yeah. Though don't quiz me on the funky names you gave 'em. I'd fail miserably." Stone quips over her shoulder, still looking curiously at the book as she flips pages. After a moment though, he's coming around, looking a little sad and somber, setting her can aside and sitting again, a hand moving out though to her uninjured one, seeking to gently take it up. "You…know what I gotta ask next though hon? About…what happened?" It's clear the big guy doesn't want to take her down those memories, but…he's too protective of the Delinquents to leave it longer than it has to, and needs to know what details she might remember. About her attacker.

Hanne pinks softly at Stone's comment on the funky names. "Common Morning Glories and Tricolor Morning Glories," she offers gently. "All you need to know… you can grind up their seeds for psychadelics, but I wouldn't recommend it." The Earth Skills nerd starts to smile, and when his hand gently takes hers, she offers his larger paw a gentle squeeze as if he needs the comfort. Her expression goes a bit distant as she thinks back to that morning — a morning that really wasn't all that long ago. "Well…" She clears her throat, looking more embarrassed. "I had been keeping a garden outside the gates… but it requires upkeep. So, I went out to tend to it, and to watch the glories open up… and I guess…" Her brow furrows. "I guess I wasn't paying attention… he came up behind me, attacked… I managed to get my knife out, but… he was too fast." She looks up at Stone, brow heavy. "I don't know what happened then… I somehow fled back into the forests, and then doubled back, and… ended up at the tree where Lark found me."

"Grounder then? You saw him?" Stone's furrow-browed look and the pain of his eyes shows how much he hates even having to ask that. But frankly, in a camp with more than a few murderers, it's a question that has to be asked. This would be a hell of a convenient time to cut someone up and blame it on the Grounder scouts. Though who the hell among the Delinquents would think to harm Hanne is beyond him. Still, for all Stone wants to believe it wouldn't happen, better to be sure.

"Yeah," Hanne says, expression a bit distant. Then she looks up to Stone, brows furrowed. There is something a bit uncertain in her eyes — a weight she is still trying to lighten. She reaches up, touching her bandaged throat with her bandaged hand. "I'm pretty sure it was… though…" Her expression darkens. "We have lots of Grounder clothes in the camp." Now she glances around almost suspiciously.

If Stone hated thinking about that possibility, he hates having been the one to infect Hanne's brain with it even more, and the stricken look he gives her is a truly pitiful one. He's trying to shut down that expression though, giving her hand a gentle squeeze and sighing, going on with a grim determination. "Do you remember anything…ya know, distinct? Anything that stood out? Hair color, skin color, tattoos, or a piece of jewelry or whatever?"

"No…" Hanne looks quite disappointed in herself. "No. I just wanted to get away from his sword." Her shoulders fall a bit. "I'm sorry… I'm not helpful." She looks down at their joined hands again, but then she shakes her head. "I don't think it was someone in our camp… not really… I think I was just being stupid." She is definitely trying to be comforting — maybe to both of them.

Another gentle squeeze of hand, other hand reaching out to cup it, patting gently. "Don't worry about it, hon. It's fine. If something comes to you, let me know, but don't give it more thought if it doesn't." Comforting gentleness of words seems literal. He doesn't want her having to relive that crap and it was a longshot anyways. Going on, the big guy's voice is a little rueful, a little chiding, but still deeply gentle. "And you weren't stupid. You…weren't very cautious definitely, and I wish I knew so I could have helped, but…done is done and you know better now I hope. Once you're back up and moving and we've got through this crap with the Grounders, we'll make sure you still get to tend your garden. We'll just…ya know do it a bit more safely."

"I didn't want to bug people about Hanne's dumb garden in the woods," the girl says, a touch reproachfully. "Besides, everyone is dealing with their own crap, and I didn't think it would have been that dangerous." Which is always why it goes wrong. She then offers Stone's hand once more squeeze before she slowly releases him. She decides not to let him linger on her and her questionable decisions, but instead focus on him and his questionable decisions. "How are things with Shi?"

"I get it to a point hon, but…yeah. You've got permission to bug me about it whenever. It's better than you dying by far, ya know?" He gives her a little squeeze again and a smile to take any sting out of the words, then is going on with a happier smile, questionable or not. "I…well, manned up about that. It's…been kind of complicated, I was stupid in how I did it and hurt Tink without meaning to, and…there's other issues that we don't need to get into, but…I'm happy. I didn't think I'd manage something like this, but…heh, Lip gave me the wise words of 'What Would Lip Do'." Stone gives her a rueful sort of look at that, clearly knowing how bad an idea it is to follow that philosophy, but he's trying to bring a smile for the girl at the thought of the shy giant trying to model himself after his flamboyent Skybox cellmate.

"Yeah… I guess," Hanne says to his first words. She collects her cup of broth once more, looking down into the cooling liquid as he speaks of his happiness, and the complications, and what have you. She draws her fingertips along the outer surface of the mug, thoughts looking more or less downcast. She looks up at the mention of Lip, and for a moment, there is a honest surprise there. "You mean run the other way, screaming?"

"Oh come on! Lip's fearless when it comes to girls! I've seen the boy slapped more times than I think anyone else has ever been slapped." Stone's arguing back, grinning widely and tones utterly believing what he says. It's clear he respects the hell out of his boxmate's bravado and maybe has a bit of a blind spots to his faults.

"We're both talking about Phillip Wylde, right? Not some other curly-headed boy also called Lip?" The brown-haired girl shakes her head, wincing again as she realizes the folly of that motion with the cut at her throat. She swallows, hating the feeling as her muscles flex and soften around the bandage. "I've never slapped him…" Not yet, at least. Then she tilts her head, looking at Stone with a small arch of her brows.

Stone winces in sympathy to that wince, murmuring. "First few days with the neck suck the worst. I still pull my stitches a bit moving wrong now and then. Gets easier though." That small comfort of experience given, he's going on smiling. "And yeah I'm talkin' about Lip. I wish sometimes I had half his bravery when it came to doin' stupid crap. Or about a tenth of Cole's. That guy has not much fear in him either about crap that usually paralyzes me." After a moment though, he's catching her arched look and breaking off, canting head a bit himself and asking. "What? I got somethin' in my teeth? What's up?"

"To be honest… I'm worried about being off-balanced," Hanne says, trying to make a joke at the fact she is now short a pinky. She holds up her left hand, and waves the four digits she has left. Then she snorts as he goes on about Lip, and then Cole. "You have whacked hero worship, William." She fixes him with a serious look, that would look a whole lot more meaningful if she was giving it over the rims of glasses. She then sighs, leaning back into the wall. She has lost her appetite, just looking down at the mug. "No, you're teeth are lovely."

Stone predictably wrinkles his nose up at being called William, a little stubborn streak shining through, but not deterring him from a smile starting to creep back after the pinky thing drew it away in a kind of sad attempt at appreciation for the joke that was wan at best. "People just don't give the guy enough of a chance cause of how much he chatters. At his core, he's a great guy though. Real sweetheart." After that though, watching her with her mug, he's grimacing and adding. "Feelin' alright? I'm not wearin' you out too much with all this talk am I? I can let you rest and such."

Hanne seems satisfied by how the use of his full first name makes him twitch. She does this to Lucian Grey quite often, too. Knowing things does tend to make the Earth Skills nerd a bit of a know-it-all. She sighs then as she leans her head back, and she looks seriously at Stone. A question appears to be burning there, but then she shakes her head. "No, just tired… you should go… Morgan will be up here to dose me with some more bark soon."

He gives her hand a little squeeze and sighs. "Okay hon. Heck, maybe after we get through this crap, we can try to figure out some sort of better painkillers for ya. I know how much those cuts can ache." He gives her one more hand-squeeze, then is slipping his bigger out of hers, adding gently. "Hang in there, Hanne. I'll swing around again when I get a chance after the water convoy."

"Okay," Hanne says softly, sinking back into her bed. She offers him a small smile then as if to comfort him. She hands him back up her half-emptied mug. "Take this back to Cookie for me?"

"Sure, no problem." He takes it up. Pausing for a second then, Stone leans over her bed to give her a tiny hug delicate enough to think she's utterly breakable…which, ya know, isn't far off. After that, he's giving her a wave and heading off with an intent look of a man probably going back on watch yet again.

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