Day 050: Belated Inquiries
Summary: Katy finds Jumar in his quarters and inquires about the forge he's building…. only to get blasted over her lack of volunteering and ends up working on another project.
Date: 7/18/2016
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Jumar's Room

The left side of the room is dominated by a simply white sheet bunk bed, while the right is dominated by what looks like a makeshift mechanical workbench with a clunky desktop computer. The nightstand and dresser are built into a section of the wall at the far end.

What makes this obviously a techies room though, is not the workbench, or the spartan accomdation… but the giant pile of parts and scraps tucked into the far right corner, beyond the workbench. What can only be described as organized chaos is thrown all over that corner.

July 18 2149

Finding out where Jumar is supposed to be hasn't been easy. Well, it'd of been easier if Katy could actually stay that focused to find him, but instead she got distracted a few times by the prospect of someone cooking something. She stuck around the mess hall, then got some more acid fog research, and then started working on her sword again before finally asking people where to find this Jumar fellow who's supposedly working on some forge for everyone to use. Leaving the scrap metal she is calling a sword behind to work on later, she goes from person to person and even a few times has to speak to a guard before finally getting to the right place. Hearing the sounds beyond the door, Katy knocks kind of loudly, "Hey, Jumar?" She inquires.

That's pretty much what it takes to be heard amidst the sound of various tools being used. Jumar looks up from his workbench, the half finished RC contraption left and his mask coming off as he heads for his door. "Yes? Who is it?"

"Katy, you probably don't know me, but people pointed me in your direction because of the Forge you are working on?" Katy tries to sound chipper but some impatience shows up as she's still looking right at a door, "I'm also a tech, well, more like a smith, really. And I was hoping maybe, it was done enough to start using for small projects or something."

"Forge isn't done yet, come back in a week or two," is Jumar's reply as you hear doorsteps. "And no, I'm not dropping what I'm doing to immediately cater to your whims. You want it done, you volunteer for it and I'll let you know what you can do to help it along."

Katy hrms a little bit and then waits a moment, "Uh, well, how far along is it? I mean, what else needs to get done? Is it able to be used even to just help along a project?" Katy questions through the door and then rocks back and forth on her feet some, "It's really hard to talk through a door. I hate shouting, could you maybe open up the door and we could talk about what still needs to be finished?" She inquires, this is one of the odder conversations she's had with another human being in a while.

Even if Katy can't hear it, Jumar strings along a long list of colorful curses under his breath as he walks back and opens his door. "What part of 'it isn't done' is hard to figure out?" Jumar's green eyes and shoulder length dark brown hair are easily seen, along with his engineers overalls, "No, you cannot use it to help along your pet project. Why? Because the forge isn't finished. If it were finished, you would be able to use it for your pet project. Now, I'm in the middle of working on a demonstration so we can prove that the Ark isn't led by a bunch of bloodthirsty assholes who intentionally nuke villages." He looks Katy over, appraisingly, "oh right.. I remember you. That smith who only just now after almost a month decided that helping me was worth her time. Of course the selfish ones only give a crap when their pet projects are being slowed down." Derision drips off Jumar's tone as he heads back into his quarters, "I have no time to work on the project myself with the work I'm doing. Putting together this thing from scratch is a lot harder than it looks without proper tools."

The door opens, and Jumar's words are harsh, Katy sort of just freezes up a moment. She's the cleanest smith around. Even after she's just done working she cleans her face and hands, always, and never goes back to grab food before she's washed out as many stains as possible from her clothing and then finally will show up to eat even after a long day of work. So, before Jumar, she probably looks like someone who isn't working much at all. Even had time to make sure her hair was brushed, "Well, I didn't sign up because I'm working on making the rovers proofed against the acid fog that has many of our people held captive." She states, as she takes a half-step into the room, "But some of the people who are going to head to mount weather still need better weapons, and in particular that's kind of my thing. And all we've got are scraps, and I can't melt them down, I've been using power tools to refine edges, and other… means." She looks about the room. And then over Jumar and says, "I mean, I could help, maybe with this demonstration. If that might get the forge working sooner? I just, I'm good at making guns, and other weapons but a full on forge? I could probably figure out but it's not exactly my specialty…" She smiles in your direction, though it's a little awkward, not sure if smiling or being a bitch is likely to get a better response. For now she sticks with attractive smiling geek girl.

Being a bitch when you've already been considered a bitch for the last month is probably not the wisest move, so there at least, is something. "I've been doing duty shifts for restoring power and everything else the Chief needed, and I still found time to work on it. No excuse, woman." Jumar's on a roll as he heads back to his workbench, "fine, you can come in." He puts the half finished thing to the side before he turns back around to you, "Do you have electronics expertise enough to help me build a simple RC car and jammer?"

Stepping in further, Katy slowly shuts the door behind her just to prevent loud engineering sounds from filtering out into the hallways. She keeps smiling and then says, "Well, there's a lot of things I've been doing as well. My talents are getting pulled all over the place, too. Not a lot of chemists on the ground right now, and I'm kind of a chemist. Ammunition mostly, but you learn about everything really." She says as she moves further in, taking cautious steps as she looks around, "I'm not bad with electronics. A lot of explosives use radio triggers, and I can work on cars, so just a smaller car." She grins and then adds, "So, like, right now then? You want help?" Coming toward the work bench to possibly find a seat.

"Mount Weather's been jamming the radio spectrum on and off since we dropped down here. I don't know how much you know about telemetry systems, but jamming is a no no with those. Every frequency is jammed just about, so the telemetry system was screwed the second it hit their range. Both our drop-ship and the exodus ship were affected by it and that's what caused us to go off course and the second one to drop on a village." Jumar points to the contraption, "This is a simple RC model. I plan to pair it with a jammer to demonstrate the concept of radio jamming ruining remote guidance to the Grounders. This way, we prove… or I hope we prove, you never know with those lunatics… that we weren't even indirectly responsible. We had no control over their descent." Jumar looks to you, "is that doable for you?"

And she's sitting, her hands are idly picking up and turning pieces about in her hand. Katy isn't really paying much attention to what you are saying before she realizes you are asking her a question. She perks up and sits up straighter, smiling, "Yeah, sure thing. But, from what I've been gathering about the grounders, or, trikru, never going to get used to saying that… anyhow, what I've learned is they aren't particularly tech 'savvy'." She holds up her fingers and does those quotes in the air symbols. "They don't use guns, or radios, and they live off the land. I'm just not sure they'll understand the invisible force of radios knocking things out of whack and causing a boom to go off where it wasn't intended." She shrugs, "But, if the building of the demo gets your forge up faster, even indirectly, I'm all for it. Gotta help where I can." Beaming, yet still as of yet just fiddling with things on your work bench.

"The idea here is to make it as layman friendly as possible. Give them the RC car, give them the jammer. Put them in a signal proof room, then tell them how it works and let them have at it. They can't say we tampered with it because they're in control, and once we invite them out of the room with the thing they'll see the jamming themselves. Telemetry is basically just a complex system of remote guidance." Jumar gestures over the bench, "the forge will be very nice for the camp, but if we're going to have a lasting truce with the Grounders, we'll need to prove it wasn't us."

"We, still created it." Katy mentions, and then shrugs, "You probably know them better than me, I've only met, zero of them. Kind of afraid to go to their camp and talk with them. I hear they all have weapons, are all skilled with them, and that they are all pretty damn impressive physically. So, I'm a bit worried. Especially cause I'm not so great at shooting or stabbing." She offers before starting to grab a few things on the work bench, "Do you have a working design that you are using right now for the car?" She starts thinking about it more, "Do we have small wheels? And what room are you planning on putting them in to counter the jamming signal? Hopefully not one that looks like a prison…"

"I need to talk to the Chief about the room. As for the Grounders, a good portion of them are warrior types, but thus far there have been no incidents. I've been out to their camp multiple times without incident, even with my dataslate. If nothing else, they're blindly obedient to their Heda person, so if anything happens you can tell one of them and they'll deal with it." Jumar shrugs, "they're vengeance happy lunatics, but you can't say they don't keep their deals, for the most part." With that, Jumar starts to explains what he's doing and where…

Looking over the things as Jumar explains them she nods her head and is pretty good at this stuff but she just lets Jumar explain where he's at and exactly what he's doing. She also listens about the grounders, "Alright, but if they decide to you know, kidnap me or worse, not a lot I could do to stop them. I don't even like being around the guards here by myself, let alone some people I don't understand at all who know this land waaaaay better than I do. Even if I could get away I'd get lost and die of starvation or thirst. No good."

"Well, nothing says you can't stick to the settlement… but in all seriousness, you'll be missing out on a lot of what this new earth offers. There are trees that *glow* out there." Jumar grins at that, "if they kidnap you, I imagine that they'll toss you back really quick with that stubborn nature."

"Stubborn?" Katy questions lightly and offers a slight shake of her had, "I am just worried, about, danger." She comments as she adds, "But sticking around this settlement only isn't so great of a solution either. I'd really like to start wandering, but you've got Acid Fog, grounders, woods, lots and lots and lots of land." She gestures on beyond the walls, "The Ark was big, I could get around there just fine, because I always knew… there's only so much. Well, here, the so much is sooooo much it's deadly. A couple of guys have offered to bring me to the camp and introduce me to folks, but we've all been busy."

Jumar gives a shrug, "acid fog seems to be confined to around the Mountain. I've yet to hear anyone report about it beyond the river." Jumar starts to put a board together, "I mean, I'll be one of the first to tell you those Grounders are bloodthirsty lunatics with their 'blood must have blood' philosophy going on. I have no idea how they think that's in any way justice. Vengeance is not justice. They also apparently punish people with cuts."

Grimacing a little bit at that, "Seriously?" Katy questions though she shakes her head in a little disbelief, "That is going to leave a scar, especially if they have similarly old medicines." She states and her eyes get a bit wider, "Floating seems kinder in the long run." And she then hrms and continues to working on what's in front of her, starting to build the car out more as she works.

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