Day 023: Offer and Counter-Offer
Summary: The Delinquents reject Sonia's offer, but some other options are discussed.
Date: 14 Jun 2016
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Delinquent Camp
Outside the camp walls.
Day 23

Grey would probably rather have delivered the news of the vote the Trikru representative on his own, but after the flak he caught for letting the prisoner's go earlier, he made it pretty clear that he's going out to deliver the Camp's response. It's shortly after midday, and Grey has pulled on his armored jacket, although he leaves it hanging open to let the burns at his side breathe. He's gotten a rifle back, in fact, he's gotten back the one that he marked with his initials, and now he gestures to the folks behind the gate, and they begin to wheel it aside, letting him step outside of the Wall into the significantly-cleared forest beyond.

Midday is when Britt promised to appear. Of course, the Grounders don't have watches so it's a fairly subjective timeframe. Still, midday-ish is when her horse makes its way through the trees toward the Delinquent camp. Bow in its scabbard on the saddle, and a wary look on her face. She won't get too close, stopping the horse a fair distance back and dismounting.

Because Asher is not dumb, he made sure he got at least basic firearms training. Unfortunately, that meant he had to be on guard more often because he was cleared to use a gun. And so, rifle slung over his shoulder, Asher is one of those that wheel the gate out of the way. Of course, as soon as it is mostly open, he steps outside with Grey, on hand resting on the butt end of his axe strapped to his hip, the other holding the rifle strap over his shoulder.

Martin has a spear…and a rifle. That second fact does not seem to make him happy, and thos ein thr group may see one of those rare times when Martin is clearly grumpy. He follows the group out to of the gate, following along with Grey et al to report the decision. As they draw clser, the grumpiness fades and a sile gets slapped on to greet Britt.

No weapons for tinyblonde. Jael's curiosity has clearly gotten the better of her, and since she's been hovering near to the gate she skitters up to Grey's side, sending a smile in Asher's direction. No apparent weaponry for her. But she follows, at least managing to keep her mouth shut for the time being. Britt and the horse are mostly looked at with curiosity.

With a Grounder-made machete at her hip, a Grounder-made short-bow over her shoulder and a Grounder-made bag across her torso, Cassandra of the Sky-people is doing a fairly good job of impersonating a Grounder these days — save, perhaps, in context of her grisly injuries and lanky build, which do not look apt for long-term survival on Earth. News of these strange people arriving has her lumbering to the gate, more out of curiosity than anything. When she sees that it's Britt kom Trikru, there's a light of recognition in her eyes, and she looks up towards the fiery-haired woman with interest, standing some ways behind Grey and off to the side. She may have objected to him letting the prisoners go on his own, but she also makes it clear now that she defers to him to some degree, at least in this instance. Without raising her injured head, she lifts two fingers to her bandaged temple and offers the arrival a salute in greeting.

Grey keeps his rifle slung, hands away from it, as he walks a half dozen paces away from the gate. He glances behind him to those gathered, then shrugs a little helplessly with his left shoulder, "Afternoon, Britt kom Trikru." He gestures to the other Delinquents with his right hand, "They wanted to join in. We've decided not to accept Sonia kom Trikru's offer. The tragedy at Thripoda was an accident, so she's got no call for our blood, and we'll back that up in front of anyone you think should hear it."

Britt scans the faces, brow knitting slightly at the sight of more than she expected. Cassandra gets a slight nod in recognition before she shifts her gaze back to Grey. She doesn't look at all surprised by Grey's news. Arlin may have won a bet there, if they were the betting sort. "Very well, Grey kom Skaikru," she replies, mouth pressing into a grim line. His latter comment causes her to cant her head slightly. "And what would you say, if you had the chance to?"

Martin looks up at the woman on the horse and regard her quietly. Maybe he should be speaking up, since he is the one with the ability to chat to anyone, but he remains quiet for now. Instead he lets Grey handle this, since the man seems to know Britt.

A beat pause and Asher eyes Britt. He hasn't met her yet. "Asher kom Skaikru." he offers up by way of introduction. And it may have nothing to do with this particular affair, but he adds on, "You guys seen my horse?" Well that was helpful. And relevant. A glance is spared for Cassandra, and then Asher looks back to Britt.

Nothing offered from Jael at this point; she looks up towards Britt curiously, managing somehow to smooth her smile off so she looks at least *calm*, rather than unreasonably cheerful. Hands stay in the pockets of her jacket.

"We have a counter-offer," says Cassandra, perhaps unexpectedly for those who did not witness her recent conversation with Cole and Tink. "Something better than seven scrawny, injured delinquents who are already bleeding to death. Something Sonia wants more." Her tone of voice is confident and apathetic, of the kind that implies this ruthless Skaigirl wouldn't hesitate to offer up seven others of her kind — although she does, currently, fit that description of suitable offerings perfectly. A glance is sent around to the other Delinquents around her, and she adds, "But we need to talk about it more." The mention of Asher's horse tugs up the corner of her lips in the very subtle beginnings of a grin, though she keeps it in check to address Britt with a cool expression.

"I'd say the same thing I told steheda Oxfor. We lost contact with the Ark… from their side. The dropship came down thirty-eight hours early. And it killed everyone onboard too. Our makers," Grey might as well use the Grounder's English term, "think somethin' went real bad up there. We still haven't been able to get back in contact with them." He gestures back to their own dropship, rising above the wall, "We were aimin' to land on the Mountain, 'cause we didn't know anyone lived there… or anywhere down here. If we missed a mountain by twenty kilometers," he's still not quite sure how these silly Ground units of 'miles' equate, "then we're probably not good enough to a village, even if we were stupid enough to try, are we?" He blinks at Cassandra, "What? No, we didn't agree to any counter-offer."

Martin looks over to Cassandra as she starts talking, narrowing his eyes a touch. When she leaves it at they still need to talk it over, he nods once at her, before looking to Grey and just shaking his head. "Just leave it at that." Looking up at Britt, he asks, "Do you still adhere to white flags or anything of the sort, in case we want to speak under truce?"

Britt nods slightly to Asher when he introduces himself, then blinks at the question about his horse. She slants Grey a perplexed but silent -What?-. To Cassandra, she says, "Sonia will not wait for empty promises. You have heard her terms." She nods to Grey then. "We have reported this to our leaders already. I had hoped that we might stall Sonia long enough for them to intervene, but I understand why you reject her terms." No hard feelings here, apparently, just a grim resignation. She seems to consider saying something else, but for now at least she doesn't.

Fiona is, perhaps surprisingly, toward the back of group, watching Britt, gaze darting to Cassandra. She remains quiet, letting things play out, leaning on a spear with a knife strapped to her leg.

There's a frown sent in Cassandra's direction when she speaks up, and Jael shakes her head. Not that she actually objects, she just glances up towards Grey and then back towards Britt. Nothing said on her part still, just quiet and curious observation.

A frown is offered by Asher as no word of his horse is given. He was going to get all caught up on that and then Cassandra announces an alternative. He blinks at her. He hadn't heard anything about this. "What the fuck…" he mutters, looking from her to Britt and then it passes at Britt's response. No way out of this now.

Although an objection is raised to her statement, Cassandra treats it as one would agreement. She nods her head as Grey contradicts her, which ought to be appreciated, because it looks to be pretty banged up, and moving it must hurt. The movement lasts barely two seconds, and is as light as emphatic can be. "We are still hashing out the finer points," she confirms to Britt, as evidenced by the ex-C's words. "It's not an empty promise, but the camp is still reaching a decision. Some of them think…" She looks from Martin to Jael with an expression of sympathy, then back up to the Grounder. Her words waver, seeming to think she does not have the authority to speak on this matter, and then instead she defers with a wave of her hand towards Fiona and Grey.

"There was only one person in camp who voted against fighting." Grey's voice is hard, but he nods slightly, "I'd love if you did, Britt kom Trikru. Or if you wanted to let us know where Sonia was," his lips skin back from his teeth in a rather feral display, "In case we wanted to… talk to her." His tone leaves little doubt he doesn't mean actual talking. A glance is cast toward Asher, and he adds, "Oh yeah. Asher lost his horse when he was attacked." Just to point out Asher's previous question.

"I think you do not understand, Kas-Andra kom Skaikru," Britt explains calmly. "Sonia lost her village. She follows the orders of our kruheda to attack. Blood will have blood, and she will not wait for you to make up your minds about whether to give it to her. It is not fair, but when is life ever fair?" She shakes her head with a frown. "If you have a steheda - someone whose oaths are binding for the entire camp - then we could take them to our leaders in the hopes of negotiating. But they will not waste their time with a disorganized mob." Her eyes narrow slightly at Grey's suggestion. "My oaths are to my clan. I will not betray her to you." It is possible this is why she came to meet with the Skaikru herself instead of telling them where the camp was in the first place. "At any rate, I expect she'll be finding you before too long." She glances to Asher. "I know nothing of your horse."

"Is the steheda of our camp guaranteed safety until they reach your leaders?" This from the rear, Fiona studying the woman thoughtfully.

Still quiet on Jael's part; her attention is as much on the other Delinquents as it is on the Grounder, eyes flicking to each person as they speak. Curious, so very curious. Britt's words have her eyes hanging there for a moment before she breathes out a sigh, hands finally coming out of her pockets (slowly) so she can rub at her face. Sigh.

"Hey now, I didn't lose him. I told him to run after we got ambushed so he didn't get killed." Asher states flatly, eyeing Grey, "He just didn't come back to our camp. That's all." A glance is cast over to Fiona at her question. He watches her for a moment, brow arched. And then he looks over to Grey. And then to Britt. What the fuck is going on.

"I understand," Cassandra claims. "And I'm sorry for your loss. I lost both of my parents when I was young, and I would seek justice for their deaths if I could. Blood must have blood." This may be questionable for the delinquents to hear, considering rumours that she poisoned her father herself — and either way, she was, directly or indirectly, definitely the reason he was floated. She carries the visage of stoic tragedy when she mentions it to the stranger now, all the same, if her own people manage to not call her bluff.

"I don't argue that, nor expect your people to sit around waiting for us to decide to honour your want for justice. I just think you deserve better than the lives of seven children. I'd feel like I was getting a pretty raw deal with that anyway. It's not justice. I know some of your people feel the same way," Cassandra continues, and waves her hand again at Fiona and Grey before stepping on over to Asher. "But that's not for me to decide."

Grey nods at Britt's narrow-eyed response, shrugging his left shoulder a little helplessly, like 'can you blame me for trying?' "We'll be waiting for her." He nods at Fiona's query, adding to it, "Or an Ambassador. Since that might be easier to agree on than a steheda." He shrugs to Asher, "Sorry. He lost you." And then a faintly thoughtful frown touches his brow, and he queries idly, "He was a he, right? I never looked." Shaking that thought off, he looks back to Britt to await her answer. Cassandra… apparently just gets ignored, although Grey's lips do tighten a little.

Britt glances at Cassandra, a corner of her lip quirking up in a grim smirk. "You are not children. I had earned my first kill mark in battle before I was your age. But anyway, it is not for me to decide either." Then she addresses Fiona. "Safety in this world is never guaranteed. But I will offer my personal protection." Though it may just be going a little out on a limb to do so. "I cannot vouch for what the heda will do once you arrive, though. I suppose if you lack a steheda, then a bandrona will do. So long as they carry the voice of the camp." Britt isn't entirely sure how an ambasssador would speak for a camp lacking leadership, but, well, that's between them and the heda.

Fiona frowns a moment, though gives Britt a little nod. "A…bandrona, would Indra accept them to speak? Or could it go either way, with her just as likely to kill them?" She glances sidelong at Grey, but she's keeping her thoughts to herself.

"He was a he." Asher replies to Grey and he looks back to Fiona and then to Britt again. He seems to be having trouble deciding exactly what part of this bullshit he thinks is more bullshit. A glance is spared for Grey and then he looks back to Fiona, "You figure yer just gonna waltz in there, and get them to stand down? That sound like a smart fuckin' plan to you?"

"You're not helping," Jael points out for Cassandra, glancing the other girl's way and giving her a dirty look. "Seriously." She straightens back up again, shoving her hands back into her pockets. "Thank you," she follows it up with, looking in Britt's direction for the words. "Thank you for being decent." Then she's falling back to silence, going back to observing the others. Asher's words have her glancing his way and frowning. It is with supreme effort that she manages to avoid rolling her eyes.

Cassandra's swollen, bag-bruised eyes travel curiously over Britt kom Trikru's horse and form when she mentions getting her first kill mark in battle younger than the delinquents gathered here, but then she shifts her attention over to her blonde peer when addressed. Jael gets a sad look, the kind that would make it easy to believe that the bandaged girl's feelings hurt; submissive towards her, she offers no retort, but instead looks to Asher with a fluid shift towards stoicism in her expression. "We work this out," meaning the negotiations or possible death-sentence underway, "I'll go track Steak myself," she mutters under her breath.

"Well," says Fiona coolly to Asher. "I wouldn't waltz. It would need to be something with at least four beats to the bar. You know, like a tango?" Because she hasn't worked through anything yet, but she does want to get as much information as she can. "Mochoff." she says to Britt, resuming her thoughtful, internally directed expression.

Grey nods at Britt's response to Cassandra, but her offer arches up his brows, "We'll need to confirm Fiona as…" nope, not gonna try the new word, not right now, "Ambassador. Assuming we do, she'll have full authority to make deals for the Camp. Tomorrow, Britt kom Trikru?" There's a little pause, and then he adds his own agreement to Jael', "And thank you." And then he catches Fiona's look, and gives a tiny little shrug of his left shoulder.

Britt shakes her head to Fiona. "I don't know. Indra declared war on you. I think you stand a better chance with the Heda, but then… she may not be able to intervene with Indra in time. If she cares to intervene at all." A helpless shrug, and then she repeats, "I don't know." She offers a nod to Jael, Fiona and Grey in response to their thanks. "You would do better to decide today, for I doubt it will be safe to try and make it out of this camp come morning. Sonia only agreed to wait until nightfall. I won't be able to get you out in the middle of a battle. I suggest we meet in Coesbur."

"Whatever." Asher replies to Fiona, "Let's all go vote." he says in a helpful, sarcastic tone, "I'm sure everyone will agree completely on what to do next." And in the meantime, they will all die. "If we only have until tonight, then we best get a move on, shouldn't we?" This more directed towards Grey than anyone else.

Cass sends a sharp look towards Grey when he speaks, and though she'd been playing it coy on the counter-offer, she levies her eyes to Britt kom Trikru's and pipes up now — clearly spurned by something the ex-C has said. "And what if instead we offered you the blood of seven of our leaders in the Sky?" she asks. This part is spoken concise and prompt, wary that if she takes her time, she could be interrupted or cut off. The elaboration is more measured. "Grown men and women, the ones who sent us down here in the first place. With them you'll have your proof of who was responsible for the crash, accident or no. That, I think, is justice."

Asher's commentary is now ignored in favor of Fiona's attention focusing on Cassandra. Her mouth opens to speak, and abruptly shuts. Regardless of what she thinks, it's now on the floor, and Fiona's unwilling to verbalize an attempt to derail the other girl no matter how unviable she thinks the proposal is.

Returning Britt's nod, Jael glances again over towards Cassandra and cannot help but roll her eyes this time, shaking her head and pressing her lips into a line before she looks Asher's way. Her jaw twitches, but she doesn't say anything. Oh, there's clearly more agitation as Cassandra speaks again, her hands curling into fists in her pockets, but she doesn't say anything. There's a Look sent first towards Fiona, then Grey, and finally over to Britt. There's a wry smile offered, a shrug of her shoulders.

Grey nods at Britt's words, "We'll do what we can." The sarcasm from Asher starts Grey turning toward him, a scowl brewing. But Cassandra's offer snaps his head over to her, fast enough to cause him to wince and press a hand to his side. "What the shit?" He thinks a moment, then shakes his head, gesturing for the group to start back toward the gate, "That's somethin' we'll have to damned well decide too, just 'cause you come up with something doesn't mean you shit it out your mouth like you're talking for the whole Camp."

Britt frowns at Cass. "I am no fool, Kas-Andra, and nor is Sonia. Even if your camp agrees - which obviously they do not -" She glances to Grey's outburst. "Their lives are not yours to offer. And you just told me you had lost contact with your Sky Ark. Unless that was a lie?" A challenging look is slanted from one Skaikru to the next. As they begin to depart, she offers, "If you make it to Coesbur, the Houndsman and his family will know where to find me. Good luck," she adds gravely. "You will need it."

Quirking her eyebrows at Grey, Cassandra has the audacity to seem amused when she looks his way. "Other people do it all the time," she points out, and that comment is very, very clearly meant specifically for him. She's soon looking back up towards the rider, undaunted by the assertion that Britt is no fool, but as the others are starting to move off, she turns to do the same.

If anything, Fiona's brief look back toward Britt is knowing - she knows that Cass can't offer what she doesn't have. She gives the Trikru a little nod before she too turns toward the camp.

To be totally fair to Cassandra, Grey's comment elicits a smirk from him as well. He glances from Cassandra to Grey and just shakes his head, "You've gotta be fucking kidding me right?" he shakes his head and just moves for the gate, "This is some bullshit right here. Epic, fucking bullshit."

Britt meets Fiona's gaze, inclining her head slightly before she mounts her horse. The sound of the Delinquents bickering as they move off just gets a oh-good-lord headshake from the elder Grounder as she turns the horse and leaves.

Grey groans softly at Britt's response to Cassandra's words, "No. It wasn't a lie, Britt kom Trikru. We've got no contact with them. Haven't since the day we signed the summit." That might be more than he wanted to share entirely, by the slight grimace he gives, but then he's continuing to try and shepherd the Delinquents into the Camp again, "In Coesbur. Got it. And thanks, yeah, we'll need it." Cassandra's little verbal jab is met with a scowl, and as he moves the group back to the gate, he lowers his voice, "And yet, people don't think I'm a selfish, stupid bitch. Funny how that works." Turning his attention to Asher, he arches an eyebrow, "What's the bullshit then, Asher?" He probably shouldn't have snapped like that, but he did.

Once the Grounder is mounted and moving away, Jael rounds on Cassandra. "Are you TRYING to get all of us killed?" Her voice lifts in pitch for the words, the same glare sent Asher's way to include him in it. "Idiots," she scoffs, hands shoving back into her pockets as she turns to start back to the gate.

Fiona shakes her head a little bit. "It needs to start with us not disagreeing in front of others." she murmurs, "For all that we may squabble amongst ourselves." And with that, she's moving inside.

"Everyone hates the beautiful," laments the raccoon-eyed girl with the misshapen forehead, also known as Cass. And now with Britt gone from view, she rounds on the others and unleashes her true face — no more demure sensitive chick, her gaze smoulders as she fixes daggers into Grey and Jael. "You, both of you, talk to me like that in front of the Grounders ever again, and Eden help me, I will float you myself, or I will leave a very nasty mark trying." Her hand dives claw-shaped for the hilt of her machete, to make it abundantly clear she means it. "The Ark will come down. They know that, you know that, or we can make it known to them. We can not shoot ourselves in the foot with one offer that might actually entice them. I'm stupid, am I? Not enough to actually believe that playing nice is going to convince them of anything other than that we're a bunch of weak, spineless fools. You two have nothing to offer." When she says 'two', this time she's looking at Fiona, not Jael.

"I got a crazy idea on how we keep from fightin…" Asher grumbles out, "Instead of just springing shit on us, we come up with some sort of fucking plan from the start. How about that?" He turns on Grey, "You run around doing whatever the fuck you want all the god damn time, Grey. That's the bullshit. Don't be a fuckin' hypocrite. I got no problem with fighting them when they come. We'll all die, but that's was kind of a given when he got dropped down here in the first place." He keeps moving towards the gates now.

Grey nods to Jael and Fiona, his brows furrowing further at Cassandra's words, following the movement of her hand to her sword, but he does not reach for the rifle at his back of the knife at his side, "Welcome to why you don't get to sniff a goddamn rifle, Cass. Because you can't be trusted not to do ungodly stupid shit. Even if Sonia went for your dumb-ass stupid deal, we're not giving them seven innocent Arkers. And we're also not gonna try to end a war with a god damn lie." He snaps his fingers short of Cassandra's face, "So stop being so damned stupid." And then he half-turns his head to Asher, although he keeps his eyes on Cassandra "Once. Fucking," he almost ever says that, "once. And I asked around camp first. And guess what, it got us the ceasefire that's the only reason the Trikru are helping us at all. Every time since then, I've gotten approval first."

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Resolve: Success.

The little blonde pauses for Cassandra's words, blinking. Jael glances between Asher and Cassandra, then refocuses on the latter and offers a brilliant smile. "I'll kill you in your sleep. Slit your throat, let you wake up just enough to realize that you're going to bleed out all over the ground. Probably don't sleep alone, yeah?" She shrugs, looks back to Grey. "She's not worth it, Grey. It's not like they don't know we're all at each others' throats anyway, we didn't really lose anything, stupid as she is. We're managing despite her best attempts to get us all killed, yeah?"

That snap very nearly makes Cass snap herself. Wild-eyed, she gives Grey the kind of fiery look she's given many an ex-C or equally strong-armed criminal in the Skybox, right before launching herself into a fight (or more accurately, beating) she's bound to lose. Knuckles whitening around the hilt of her machete, she steels herself enough to say, "I'm right about this. You're wrong. And I could get us the ceasefire we need. But you know what?" She shoulders her way past him and Jael, and rather than heading back into camp, she strides back towards the gates with an adamant gaze towards the forest. "I don't care if all of you die instead."

At first, it seems Fiona doesn't have anything to say to Cassandra, but as they move along, Fiona remarks idly, "Funny, because I don't see you successfully having brought back a ceasefire from Coesbur. I don't see you managing even a partial fluency in Tridegasleng. And while you may have puttered around their village trying to figure things out, I learned from Oxfor; they know when you're bullshitting them. You can't offer what you don't have, and you can't bank on maybes." There are no threats, no efforts to puff herself up, just an explanation of the lessons she's learned.

It may be unfair, since Cassandra threatened first, but Jael's threat causes Asher to stop walking. He glances over his shoulder at her, a dark stare. "Be careful who you threaten. You come trespassing into my tent in the middle of the night, and I'll drag your scrawny ass out into the woods and beat you to death. No slow throat slitting for you." He pauses a moment and glances to Grey, then back to Jael.

Grey steps sideways as Jael responds to Cassandra's threats and Asher responds to her threats, trying to move between the two young women, "Knock it off, both of you. We're not killing each other, so stop goddamn threatening to do it. We've got enough problems out there," he jabs a finger out toward the woods, and then he twists aside so that Cassandra can pass him without actually getting close enough to brush him. He watches Cassandra stride off for a moment, and then he grimaces, "Shit. She's gonna try to screw us all with the Grounders, isn't she?" Asher gets a sidelong glance, "No one's killin' anyone, damn it. We've already had one murder."

"I'll get you too," Jael smiles pleasantly at Asher, and then she's looking to Grey, shrugging her shoulders. "Yes, she is. She's marching out there to probably bring war right down on our heads, and we're so fucking -noble- that we're just going to let her do it. Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll just get herself killed. Best case scenario." She looks to Asher again, points out, "You really should muzzle your bitch." That said, she's starting to walk back for the safety of Behind the Walls.

<FS3> Asher rolls Resolve: Failure.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Asher=Melee Vs Jael=Dodge+3
< Asher: Good Success Jael: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Asher was honestly trying to keep his cool here. This is him keeping his cool. Seriously. So when Jael threatens to kill him too, he doesn't really flinch. He is even mostly okay until she tells him to muzzle his bitch. Asher isn't known for his stellar self control. He's gotten better since Day 1. If he'd had a gun Day 1 and someone threatened him, he'd have shot them, right there and then. No second thoughts. Today he doesn't even think about using the gun strapped over his shoulder. Or the axe on his hip. However, when Jael starts to walk back inside, she has to go past him since he was on his way in already. With a quick flash of anger he lashes out a hand at her throat, but only catches her by the shirt, "You want a fuckin' muzzle! I got yer muzzle! You wanna talk shit? Let's see you do somethin more than talk, bitch!" At least he's not using the gun?

Grey steps up beside Asher as the man grabs Jael, his left hand coming down to reach for the handle of the larger man's rifle to control the weapon, his right hand ducking behind his back to draw the knife there and raise it up where Asher can see it, although Grey doesn't try to bring knife anywhere near skin, "Let her go, Asher. Do it right now, and you might even be able to keep your rifle privileges."

There's a squawk from Jael as she spins away when Asher reaches for her, though she freezes when he catches her shirt. She steps a pace back, shirt pulled to the extent, and then Grey is stepping up and she's going still, fixing her eyes up on Asher. She opens her mouth and starts to reply, but for once she apparently thinks better of it. She just looks up at Asher, waiting.

Gaze flickering to Grey and his knife, Asher smirks just a bit, "Fuck off Grey." Still, as he's drawn a weapon on Asher, he lets Jael's shirt go. He doesn't even shove her when he does it or anything. "There, I let her go. Now stow the knife before someone threatens to take away your gun privileges." He doesn't give up the gun he has slung over his shoulder, turning to head back towards the gates. He doesn't even wait for the knife to get put away.

Grey tucks away the knife without any hesitation when Asher releases Jael, dropping his hand away from the rifle as well. "Remember. Rifles are for reliable people, yeah?" And then he steps back, looking over to Jael, "You alright?"

"Should've let him hit me," Jael answers, watching Asher's back as he walks away, reaching up to straighten her shirt out. "Thanks, though, I appreciate it. I suspect that would've hurt more than I was expecting it to." The words are spoken with humor, and the smile she sends up towards Grey is impish. "It's going to be okay," she tells him. "Seriously. You're doing good so far." There's something a little uneven in her eyes, but her smile is bright.

"Then I'd've had to take his rifle, and that would've sucked." For all Jael's impish humor and reassurance, Grey doesn't look quite so certain, glancing over his shoulder toward the woods for a moment, then grimacing and slipping a hand inside his armored jacket to press it against his right side. "Thanks. But no more threatening to kill people in their sleep, yeah?" He starts walking back toward the gate. Now that the Grounder is gone, he doesn't have any problem letting the little limp he picked up earlier in the day show, "Tends to put 'em on edge for some reason."

"She threatened me first," Jael says, shoving her hands back into her pockets finally and following along after him. "She was trying to be a bully. Only one way to deal with that. She makes it worse every time she opens her mouth. For what it's worth, I was willing to let him hit me." There's concern sent over his way as she registers the limp, her smile fading. "You're hurt. Damnit. I'm sorry." *NOW* she looks remorseful.

"Yup, she was bein' a bully. But you ain't alone in the 'Box anymore. There's other people here to help." Grey glances down at his fingers a moment, then brushes aside flaking dried blood, "Hrm? Naw, just the arrow from Thripoda and some bruises from Gideon's 'practice' earlier." As the gate closes behind them, he adds, "I just don't know what the hell Zoe and Cassandra and some of those folks are thinkin'." Shrugging that off with only a lift of his left shoulder, Grey gives her an upnod, "Thanks for backin' me and Fi out there. Maybe we got a chance of keepin' Indra from attackin'. And I know we can handle Rabid Sonia's fifty. Anyhow, yeah. Thanks."

"Didn't mean to make you more sore than you already were," Jael answers, lifting her chin his way in turn. There's a glance back to the gate, then up towards him again. "You're welcome," she says. "It was the right thing to do. And that's the thing, they're not. They just aren't. Thinking, I mean. Some people are just dumb, you know?" She shrugs her shoulders, one lift and drop, and then she's smiling up at him again. "We'll talk sometime," she says. "If you'd like. Get some rest, though. I'm going to go roll my eyes to my boyfriend and pretend I didn't almost piss myself when he grabbed me."

"And I'm gonna go tell…" Grey cuts himself off then, chuckles and shrugs, "gonna go see if I can get some sympathy. And sure. I'm not goin' too far right now." His hand gestures toward his right side. "Stay safe. Should have until this evenin' before we got trouble."

"You need anything from me, let me know, otherwise I'll just keep on keeping on," Jael tells him, lifting a hand up to offer a loose salute. He's given a briefly worried look again, and then she breathes out a little sigh and heads off for one particular tent or another.

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