Day 005: On Mutants
Summary: In the aftermath of an ignoble return, talk of violent grounders while Faolan sets up a watch. The wall is now a priority.
Date: 05 May 2016
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Grounds, The Camp

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads. Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. There are no defenses to speak of, save for the usually-open door to the dropship and the ship's metal walls.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

5 Days After Landing

Wherever the expedition that set out to find Mount Weather is, Cass is not with them. She's lagging behind, on her own, although it's possible that by now they've kicked up enough of a ruckus that she's heard them stampeding through the forest. The Skaikru are not renowned for their stealth here on Earth, and though she's not to know that, she can certainly exploit the benefit of it. Not that she needs them, at least in her mind: Earth Skills expert that she is, she forges her own way, muddying her clothes but otherwise seeking out theoretically safer paths. By the time that she makes it back to the fringes of camp, her hair is matted and she looks even worse for wear than she did after her fight with Ruth. She clings to a nearby tree, squinting towards the area of the Dropship to assess the situation here. Are we overrun by Grounders? Did Cole build his wall?

Martin has made it back with the larger group. Both he and Lip walk awkwardly, wincing a bit now and then, due to the arrow wounds both suffered. Once back into Camp, Martin plops onto the ground with his back against the drop ship and just… takes it easy.

Whatever befell the group heading to Mount Weather, the dropship camp is oblivious of it. The camp is pretty much as the group left it, if not maybe a bit messier, who knows with teenagers. A fire burns, low and smoky for lack of sufficiently dried out wood, but it gives of a measure of warmth to the teen girl that sits on a log in front of it, leg still splinted tightly. The commotion of the returning teens has her looking up from the formula she is working on, sketching it out in the dirt with a stick… yeah she is a bit chemistry nerd. That may be needed sooner or later. "Damn," she drawls, looking from one to the other. If she could she would hop up to check on both, but movement isn't her thing at the moment. "You guys alright? Need anything?"

When she catches sight of the rest of the expedition being greeted by Frankie — who does not look like she's recently been shot at with arrows, despite her leg still being injured — Cassandra eventually dares to show her face in front of the people she left behind, not to mention the camp of Delinquents who recently watched her get beat up. She approaches awkwardly, coming up short of personal proximity but standing slightly off to the side to give Martin the once-over. Aside from Morgan, he's the last person she spoke to before she scarpered. "Thought you were dead," she says, taking in his injuries.

Martin says, "A bath, a night's rest, oh and probably some better wound treatment than this dirt and blood soaked shirt." Martin offers with a wan smile and a cough. "The natives are restless. Oh and there are natives. It seems that those of us from the Ark aren't the only humans alive." He gives a couple more coughs. "Two were killed and three captured." He looks up at Cassandra, "Sorry to disappoint, but don't you worry. I am doing my best. I try not half-ass anything." At least he still has his humor. "What happened to you? You and Ruth disappeared.""

Cass gets a once over by Frankie, the injuries of both though making her frown. "Dead?" Her eyes dart between the pair, her tone borderline incredulous. "If someone can get me some water and something to us as bandages I can at least treat the wounds." Cause she can't play gopher with her leg. The news of natives and not being alone stops and further comment from the teen for a few moments. And when she does speak it is only one word questions. "How?… Where?… Why?"

"I… I got separated from the group," Cass claims. Is that a hint of shame? Definitely not an apology. "I'm not ex-Guard. I saw Quinn get snatched and Morgan throwing rocks and I made the same call you did three seconds later. Where's Morgan?" She looks around at the group of injured and petrified teenagers that made it back from the forest, then turns to meet Frankie's brown eye. "Did he make it back?"

Martin looks down at the wound in his gut as Frankie asks if someone could get some things for treatment. "I… uh… I think I am going to use my injured and hiked all day cars and ask one of the campers here to fetch stuff." He then shrugs. "No fucking clue, but they have arrows and know how to use them." Turning his attention back to Cass, he states, "You must have missed the part where I got up and joined Morgan with the rock throwing, then the group fled downstream to save Cookie and Evie.

Whatever time of day it is at the moment it seems that a few teens from the Mount Weather expedition have recently returned, injuries an all. Martin leans against the dropship, with Cass standing nearby. Frankie on the other hand is sitting on a log near where the other two are.

The shock of what Frankie has been told is starting to wear off though she does listen quietly. "Morgan hasn't shown up yet, no." At least she knows the answer to that one. "As far as I know you are the first to return." And perhaps will be the only ones to return by the sounds of it. Glancing around she calls out to one of the younger teens passing through and asks her to get whatever medical supplies are handy.

Youch. Cassandra turns away from Martin at that comment, evidently not willing to deal with the prospect of personal responsibility at this moment. "I haven't seen Ruth, either," she mumbles. One helpful comment from the teen. At least that. She looks at the med-kids and other busybodies as they rush to bring medical supplies, her arms folded across her chest.

Frankie has one of the medtechies help her over to where Martin is. "Ruth too? Do you even care that she is missing?" After their brawl the other day it would surprise her if that was the case. "This could hurt," she warns Martin as she pulls the bloody t-shirt free. Eyeing the wound she winces and shakes her head "Okay, that's a little above my paygrade," she says as she looks at the arrow wound. "In Go-Sci we didn't see much in the way of weapon wounds." Or any at all really.

"There are other people on the Ground," Cassandra says. That is her answer to Frankie's question. She paces in a circle, her back still to the others, and glances over her shoulder to see the progress being made. The sight of the arrow in Martin's shoulder-blade makes her frown, now fully visible in all its gore, but oddly, the repeated statement of the presence of Grounders doesn't seem to perturb her as much as it should. Perhaps because she herself didn't get to witness much of the attack, having been too busy running away. "You know, those wolf skulls, those things meant something. Like territory markers. They were probably just as scared of us as we were of them."

Martin pulls his shirt off so they can look at his wound. Day 5 and he already needs a new shirt as this one has a hole and has blood stains. He nods to what Cass says, "Yep. Definitely markers. Though, as for them being afraid of us, they were about as afraid as a wolf is of something it is stalking."

"Violent people on the ground at that." Frankie still can't get over that fact. "How the hell did they survive the nuclear event?" Curiousity is starting to take over her shock and awe at the news. Since she isn't doing the first aiding she just hands things to the medtech that is. "You don't think one of them followed you back do you?" Oh yeah fan that fear fire.

Martin looks to Frankie with somewhat wide eyes. "I wasn't exactly keeping an eye out for shadows. Still, I would think they would be aware of us with the landing we had."

Cassandra takes that bait. She turns around and looks back towards the forest, squinting and frowning, trying to spot the needle in the hay-stack that would be a Grounder sneaking through the trees. "I don't know," she says. "I was alone. I would have been an easy mark if they were following." When she looks back to Frankie, the shirtless albeit blood-soaked and mud-streaked Martin makes her a little sick this time, and so she starts to head off. "I'm going to see if I can find some medicinal herbs or something. If I can remember what they look like. Yarrow, yarrow… aloe? We used to grow aloe in Agro station…" She mutters these things half to herself and half to the group until she's out of earshot, and then she disappears back into the trees.

"We need people on watch!" Faolan is bellowing, his voice an angry growl, seething with frustration and fury and dark self-recrimination. They left behind people, and he'd been the one literally shoving the others into a run. His right hand is closed around his spear in a death grip, knuckles white, like he wants nothing more than to stab it into someone. Say, a lazy delinquent who gets in his way or mouths off. "You, you!" Stabbing fingers at two randoms he comes across. "Get off your ass, get up in a tree and give us some vision that direction! They're out there. THEY ARE OUT THERE. And where's Cole? We need that wall. We need that wall." It becomes a mutter, barely audible, "nee.." mutter, mutter, "..all. Fu-" mutter, mutter, while he stomps, a feverish hot glow in his eyes. There's not so much as a scratch on him.

"True enough." Frankie tells Martin "We did make a dramatic entrance. Anyone on the ground would have been blind and deaf not to notice it." That is worrying in itself now. "Do you think that they have been watching us then?" her eyes go to the woods that surround them and she gives a shudder. Cass gets a nod of her head "I think any of us would be." they are way out of thier element here. The sudden bellowing has her starting a bit, that was unexpected. She watches as those that get pointed at and ordered around jump too and scurry off "Cole?" she takes a moment to put the name to a face and then points off into the woods "I think we went off to find materials." she could be wrong though, she is no ones keepers

"You got any water?" Faolan's eyes fix on Frankie directly. A blunt-as-a-sledge-hammer look. "I lost.. mine." As he says it, flashbacks to the ambush on the river plays across his vision until he violently shakes his head and banishes them. "If you see him," Cole that is, "the wall's a priority. Seriously, anyone who isn't willing to work on it, and don't have an excuse, is about to get a kick up their asses. He just needs to tell me who. This bullshit do what you like is over. They. THEY!" And he makes a wild gesture towards the woods. "Are out there! Floating mutants… I don't know. Like what would living on Earth all this time've even done to them? You've seen what the animals look like. Are they even human anymore? They didn't even try to talk to us, just made guttural noises." His words are laced with hate.

Martin is getting his wound tended to by medtechs, though, he watches Faolan. He glances at Frankie's leg wheb the other man asks for some water. "Here! Have mine, Faolan." . He tosses the man his 'canteen' and its remains of water.

Intense gaze is intense! "Well as far as loosing things go, you're lucky that's all you lost." from what she heard a couple of people, if not those MIA lost thier lives. "Right. She Cole, pushing him at the wall." she gots it, though the pushing will have to be verbally. She can barely walk, let alone push anyone. As Faolan's tirade continues she begins to frown, worriedly as any smart person would, she has no answers to the questions.

Faolan catches the 'canteen' effortlessly, and takes a swallow. Slow. Then another. He isn't greedy about it, and soon after hands it back to Martin. His eyes take in the state of Frankie's leg. "How's that looking, anyway?" He asks. Where most everybody else had jumped at the chance to rush out of the Dropship, he'd stayed behind with Morgan to treat her and the other injured. Not that Faolan is a great medic or anything. "And how 'bout you?" That for Martin. He looks at the injury. "Floating bastards." Just staring at the wound is making him angry again.

The question has her own eyes going to her splinted leg. It still isn't twisted in the right direction, but at least it isn't bent anymore "It hurts, a lot. That willow tea only dulls the pain, doesn't get rid of it." at least not this type of intense pain "Once the swelling is down they may try to get it twisted how it's supposed to be…" she gives a shrug. Not something she is looking forward too. She looks to the medtech that is packing the medstuff up, "Probably should get him some of that willow tea as well." the medtech nods and hurries off to get that bitter concoction "What did these floating bastards look like?"

Martin raises an eyebrow, "Floatong bastards? . It was a big giy in a bear mask and a wpman in a wolf mask. The others I didnt see very well. They seemed human from all I could tell, but they were good with the bows."

"You need some serious med tech," Faolan says. "Might be at Mount Weather, but.." But if they have to cross endless succession of hostile grounders, that's going to be a tricky path. He scowls, noticing that.. an increased number of kids aren't wearing their bracelets. "Idiots! We need them more than ever to come down!"

"Masks can hide a lot." Frankie points out "Though human or not is the least of our worries. The weapons kill no matter who is on the other end weilding them." she isn't sure if Faolan is talking about her or Martin needing the medtech, but guesses it could be both "Or we need to get the radio working on the dropship." and she still has her handy-dandy bracelet on. No one has tried to force it off her…yet.

"You think you could do that?" Faolan asks Frankie. "Whoever or whatever they are, they're savages. With the whole Ark to back us, they would never be able to stand against us. Rifles against bows and arrows isn't a competition at all." And it sounds like he thinks that's perfect fine. He rubs his hands against the front of his trousers. They've got blood and eart and moss and lichen smears on them. He looks around. "Anyway, feel better. I gotta.. uh, check on things. Walk the perimeter. Yes." So said, he already starts to move off, muttering under his breath.

Martin also has his bracelet on. He hasn't quite been convinced of the logic of removing then. "True. Who knows what was under the masks. The moved and seemed like humans, though." He looks back at Faolan with a skeptical look, "I am not sure that that is called for. Teaching them that we are not pushovers is one thing. Wiping them out is another." But then he is gone.

"Not by myself." she's a Go-Sci kid, not Tesla…or whatever station it was that the mechietechies resided on. "I can look at it though, see if I can find someone that can…or help." what else is she going to do, complain about how much her leg hurts? As Fao leaves with genocidal comments the medtech kid comes back finally with the willow tea to offer it to Martin "I don't think wiping them out is even possible. Where there are a few there are a lot more." Frankie says once Fao is out of earshot.

Martin accepts the willow tea and takes a long a sip. A wince is givon at the taste. "Oh! That makes it very clear that I need to find some sugar maples. This is rough." . Looking up at the redhead, he inquires, "How have you been drinking this?"

"And quickly too." she is totally on board with the sweetner "Or honey maybe." good luck with that one. "Well considering the alternative it a lot more painful…well I can put up with the bitter."

Martin nods to the young woman, "Yeah, bitter is better than stabbing pain." He takes another deep swig of the tea, trying to finish it all off. " Whew! That is…yeah." . He shakes hos head and hands the empty cup back to the medtechie.

"Though going out and finding anything right now, with unknown hostiles out there," Frankie gestures into the woods and beyond "Well I'm sure you have enough smarts not to do that." there is a wave as the medtech runs off to deal with other people or things "Awful. Yes. Hopefully it helps you more than it does me. They made it stronger at least. Which really doesn't help the flavor at all." she shifts so she is leaning against the ship is well, wincing a bit in pain as she does so.

Martin pats the ground next to him, as he notices her wince, "Take a seat." As he tosses his shirt over his shoulder he adds, "Though you may be tired of sitting at this point." Looking to the woods, he scans the treeline. " I would still go out. At least I would if I wasn’t injured. They may be out there, but would they attack us so close to our base? If they would, then the base itself isn’t much safety either."

"So tired." and for once she sounds it as she gets comfortable next to Martin "Not alone, safety in numbers an all that." Frankie frowns at her own words "Not that numbers helped you all against the hostiles." she gives a pained chuckle "I have to admit I would probably still go out if I could. And as soon as I am mobile," not if, she isn't going to go all negative Nellie here "I will have to be tied down to be stopped from exploring."

"We can head out together once we are both in one piece," Martin says with a smile. "If you're tired, you should go to your tent and get some sleep. Let yourself heal." The tied comments earns a smirk but he doesn't say anything. That one would be too easy.

"I don't have a tent." because having one of those requires setting it up yourself and Frankie is kinda helpless at the moment "I'm still sleeping on the floor of the ship." which floor is usually a tossup, depending on if someone is willing to help her up that ladder "Though if you want to put one up for me I will neither complain or stop you." she bats her eyelashes at him, mostly as a joke.

Martin points to one of the smallest tents, "I was going to offer you mine. Promise not to sneak in on you too." . He chuckles then shrugs, "But if you want one made, let me know where the materials are and I will get right to it." He winces a bit at his shoulder as he shifts where he sits. "It will be very slow, though."

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