Day 010: On The Wall
Summary: Some people run into each other on the wall.
Date: May 14 2016
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The Wall Walk
The so-called Wall Walk is a rough parapet about two feet wide that runs around the interior of the camp's protective wall. It provides a good view of the area around the camp, though actually walking the parapet is dangerous business as there's barely enough room to pass a fellow person. It sits about three feet beneath the top of the wall, giving a bit of a barrier and place to duck low should the need arise; the other side is completely open to the grounds below. It is made of metal salvaged from the dropship and lashed together sapling trunks, making the walking surface a bit precarious and very patchworked.
Day 10

For two years in the box, Silver kept her nose out of anyone's business. If she had anything to say, it was a quiet, carefully worded comment intended to defuse a potentially explosive situation. And she never took credit for it. After the shouting, fighting, and chaos of the last day or so, though, her entire strategy has changed.

One by one or two by two, she's been quietly stepping in to help people with whatever they've been working on. Tightening tent ropes. Adjusting a support in the wall. Bandaging a scratch. And while she does, talking. What do you think about what's going on? Do you think they mean it about the pardon? What did you hear about the Grounders? Wouldn't you rather have a say in what happens here?

Now, though, she's taking a little break. She's headed up to the wall walk, though not to look out at the woods. Rather, to look in on their clearing. Watching the way people are interacting. Still weighing.

Having seen Silver up on the wall walk, Max climbs up and wanders over to where she's looking out over those gathered below. He takes a moment, too, to watch the people moving around before he says, "Hey. The other day.. you said you could take this off." He wiggles the band on his wrist in her general direction. "You're keeping the parts, right? To do something with them maybe? If you are.. I'm still interested."

Morgan is already up on the wall but he's looking out at the forest, specifically toward the northwest in the direction of the Grounder's camp. He glances over when he hears a couple people coming up then looks back toward the woods. "Hey."

Leave it to Lip to be trying to use the Wall Walk as a place to sleep. He doesn't look at all comfortable and there's an arm and a leg just hanging down off the side. Either way, his eyes flutter open as he can hear the voices nearby. "Oi! Keep it down, yeah?" Lip raises his head a bit and turns to look at the gathering of voices. "Fuckin' tryin' to be 'On Watch' over here!" And it is with that said he drops his head back down and closes those eyes again. Worst On Watchmen Ever.

Silver looks over when Max approaches, smile faint. "Yeah, I can get it off. I've only kept a few, though," she cautions. "I've got the couple off the kids who died, holding on to a couple more. Anyone who's wanted to trade it for food, though, or hold on to it for their own project, they've still got theirs. Just helping people out, not making any decisions for them. I was thinking I might be able to build something to communicate with," she admits with an awkward shrug. "Sort of moot now, but we might still be able to rig a diagnostic tool or short range communications out of them. Hey, Morgan," she tips her chin toward him, giving Lip an amused look for his protest.

"Well, keep the parts," Max says. "If you can use them to make something — might as well." He then nods over to Morgan and says, "Anything?" Curious as to whether there's been anything coming from that direction. Then he hears Lip and cranes his neck around to see where the other teen had been laying, unnoticed at first. "Congrats. You noticed a disturbance on the wall," is said with a slight wry twist of his lips.

Morgan looks over at Lip and shakes his head but otherwise ignores him and his request to be quiet. He considers Max and his request then moves a little closer to him and Silver. "Your choice but considering what's going on? You might want to leave it on for now. Just until we can get it taken off without breaking it. A working bracelet could be important at some point. And no, they can hide better than I can spot them."

"See, Lip? See what happens when you try to be nice? You ask nicely and they mock you. This is exactly what I'm talking about!" Lip throws his hands up and almost falls but he manages to catch himself right at the moment that he probably looks like a complete dork. That's pretty much his lot in life. He takes a moment to pull himself up to his feet and shakes it off, tossing those curls around as stylishly as possible. Which isn't very considering that he is probably dirty as all hell by now. Anyway. "Let me be clear. I'm trying to save all your lives. Somebody put ME in charge of this very spot of the wall! And if I'm going to be able to do my job effectively, I'm going to need peace and quiet! Not some random conversations about these damn things stuck on our arms!" He blinks as he looks down at his. "Wait. Can we do cool things with these? Like what? Wait, better question. Is there porn involved?"

"Honestly, I'm not sure if they're even designed to-" Silver pauses, then claps a hand to her cheek. "Of course, I could always just get on the radio and ask," she sighs. "I've been trying to get them off intact. I just…haven't exactly succeeded yet. But if they know we're alive, then there's no real reason for them to need them on us right now, so there's no reason they shouldn't be able to tell us how to get them off so that we can use the parts for something that's actually useful right now."

"I'll leave it on until you get a chance to ask," Max tells Silver, apparently willing to compromise that far. He's waited this long, what's a little bit longer? He looks out in the direction of the woods and says, "No explosions, more crashes, or plumes of smoke billowing out over the trees. Guess that's as good a sign as we can hope for right now." Turning to lean a little bit on the wall, his back to the outside, he looks over at Lip and says, "Pretty sure if there was porn involved, a lot more of us would have kept them on."

"Why don't you go guard the that tree over there, Lip." Morgan suggests without bothering to look at the guy. "It's a very important tree." He nods to Silver. "Takes some getting use to. I'm still not used to it either. I'm glad people are getting to talk to their families though. Jaha…" Trailing off, he shakes his head.

"How Rude!" Lip rolls his eyes and makes his way over towards the group because he's been told to go guard a tree. So he's going to just do the opposite because he's hoping it'll get on some nerves. "Wait a second. What did I miss? Where as I? We've got radio access now? We can talk to The Big Idiot and All The Other Idiots That Let Him Do This Shit To Us?" Lip turns up the sarcasm and adds in another roll of the eyes. "Great. Can't Wait." With a shrug of his shoulders, Lip continues. He always continues, "By the way, does anybody think Jumanji or whatever his name is will get floated for, oh I dunno, mass attempted murder?" Lip looks around at everyone. "Y'know, of us. I mean he tried to kill us. Right?"

"It's a nice thought, Lip, but I think we all know how likely that is," Silver smiles ruefully, shaking her head. "I'd like to talk to my parents, but…I don't know. There are more important things to figure out here, I guess. I'd rather talk to medical and get the readouts on these things," she admits, raising her wrist with the bracelet still on. "They can talk all they want about coming down here, but it's going to take time, and I want as much info as I can get about this place and its effects on us."

Max nods to Silver and says, "Well, let me know what you find out when you talk to medbay." He rubs a little at the band around his wrist but then pulls his fingers away, trying to forget about it again for the time being. On the other topics, he remains entirely silent for the time being, pushing away from the edge of the wall walk and saying, "I'm just waiting for Quinn to get ready. We're going to go hunt down some of those supplies."

"You should talk to your parents too." Morgan tells Silver. "If not for you, then for them. They'll want to know you're okay. Afterwards you can talk to the techs about the bracelets. Be careful." he cautions Max. "We don't know why we couldn't go to Mount Weather. They might not want us to go to the others either for some reason. But if you do get there, make sure you bring back any medical supplies you find. And sewing needles if there aren't any medical ones. Thread if no sutures. And get me a shirt if there are any? I'd kill for a clean shirt with no blood stains and no arrow hole in it. Hell, I'd consider blowing Jaha for a clean shirt. Maybe I should just go."

"Can I go? I wanna' go. I can help! I'm like a ninja and shit. Watch this shit." Lip changes footing positions into the worst fake martial arts stance in the history of all times. It is truly, truly outrageous. "I call this move: The Spinning Chop of Fuck You Up." He takes a deep breath and immediately turns on his heels, spinning and chopping outwards with one hand. Of course, he has forgotten that there's a wall right and there and the chopping hits the wall and, "OW! FUCK! WHAT THE SHIT!" Yeah. This is going to go on for a while.

"Also, we should check for a straitjacket for Lip," Silver deadpans at his demonstration before looking back to the others. "I've been meaning to talk to Quinn," she muses. "Kind of feel like I go back and forth when it comes to agreeing with her, but I wouldn't mind figuring out if I actually do. Where are you guys planning on going?"

"Yeah, I need some new clothes," Max says. His own are bloodstained as well, his and otherwise, and his shirt is torn in several places, as well as the giant hole in the leg of his pants from the axe wound he took. His wardrobe isn't looking any better than anyone else's these days. "And if we can get some supplies to stitch up what we've got, that'd…" And then there's Lip, attempting to break boards on the wall and he winces a little sympathetically at the strike. That's gotta smart. He shakes his head to Silver and says "She's getting the coordinates and then was going to find me before we head out."

Morgan glances over at Lip then down at the ground sort of wistfully before looking back to Silver and Max. "I can sew clothes as easily as flesh." Probably easier since he's had practice with clothes. "So another use for thread and needles. I definitely want to know where it is and how long it'll take to get there. Then I'll decide if I want to go or not."

Lip nurses his hand and makes himself scarce. Because scarce is the best place to be when there's chatter going on. However, he's heard what he needed to hear. So he's going to be looking out for Quinn! He's got a mission to invite himself on!

"I could help with the sewing, too," Silver nods to Morgan. "I wouldn't mind going along, if you need someone to take a look at things and see what's worth bringing back. And to carry some. Some," she clarifies, sheepish. "I'm not exactly the strongest person in camp, but I'm not injured."

Max nods to the pair, watching as Lip goes off in search of Quinn, "Sure. We're going to try to go quietly and with a small group so.. I'll let Quinn know. I.. really don't want Lip going along on this. Not unless we can duct tape his mouth on the way."

"Maybe we'll find some at the depot." Morgan will hope so at least. "I don't want to be away too long though so it'll depend on how far a trip it is. I'm hoping the others will get back with the Grounders."

"I'm not sure how I feel about all of that," Silver admits, shaking her head. "Definitely in favor of making some sort of peace with them, but…I didn't like having prisoners. And I'm pissed that they went to talk to them without even finding out what anyone else wanted."

"Yeah, well, that seems to be the way things go around here. Quinn and Morgan tried.. look what happened?" Max finally stretches a bit and sighs. "Well.. I'm going to go and see if I can find Quinn. Once we figure out where we're going, I'll let you both know." He then goes to head back down from the wall walk.

"I didn't like it either." Morgan agrees. "In fact, I suggested we release one and ask the other to give her word not to hurt anyone if we untied her and let her roam around with an escort. Then Fiona went on about an exchange of hostages. Grey was against it all." And look what happened.

"Exchange for what?" Silver shakes her head, stepping back from the edge of the wall. "Sure would be nice if anyone would actually talk to other people around here, give them a clue. One of these days that's going to be what gets people killed. Not knowing something that someone else already figured out."

Morgan shrugs at the question. "Since they released them both, there's no exchange at all. We don't have any. I don't know what they intend now. But at least we're not keeping them prisoner and giving the Grounders a reason to attack us."

"No, instead we're leading them right back to where they were so they can come back here and kick our asses. Only with more information about our defenses, our capabilities…" Silver grimaces, shaking her head. "Doesn't much matter now. Except there really ought to be some words with the people who took them when they get back."

"Wall." Morgan holds a hand out just above the level of the wall. "Trees." He gestures way, way up. "Bows. Spears. They climb trees. We have no defenses. They've been watching us since we landed. This is their territory we're are. She told us that much. She also told us they attacked us because we were going to Mount Weather. And if she understands English, it's dumb to think others can't. Put it all together and it means if they wanted us dead, we'd already be dead. But we aren't and when they captured us, they treated our injuries and even kept Quinn alive. And that's why I've been saying we need to trust them, at least a little as something to build on." He looks back in the direction of the village. "Seems like Grey finally listened."

"Yeah, except in trusting them, he utterly failed at trusting any of us," Silver points out. "Which is now something we have to deal with when it comes to them, too, because if he succeeds in working out some sort of peace with them, he'll still have driven a wedge between himself and the rest of the camp, which endangers the peace he's trying to make with the Grounders."

"He's a Guard." Morgan points out. "Or he wanted to be. One of the ones who sign up knowing they're going to beat people with shock sticks and push kids out of airlocks. The ones who think they know what's best, who are better than the rest of us, and don't care what anyone else says." He shrugs. "You're surprised? Quinn obvious came to her senses but Grey's still the same. Faolan certainly is. Most of the others too, Probably." He never did take a count of ex-cadets. Probably not too many.

"We've got a chance to be better than that," Silver sighs, pushing a hand through her hair. "A fresh start. We could be less stupid about-" She half turns to look out to the woods, then pauses whens she sees four horses and riders. "Looks like there's about to be something going on down there," she says quietly, turning to jump down.

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