Day 032: Open Mic
Summary: Some unexpected performances hijack the stage at the Tondc pub.
Date: 6/30/16
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The Pub

This public house is a mixed construction of old Earth brick walls and new Trikru metal. The entrance is from a preexisting structure — perhaps an old church based on the double-wide doors and steepled roof. It leads into a sprawling area that is far longer than it is wide. A long metal countertop runs the length of the room against a brick wall, and old stained glass windows are neatly spaced behind it, letting in color streams of light when the sun is high. Behind the countertop are shelves kept low of old bottled distilled alcohol and wooden casts of wheat beer and honey wine. The stools and seating at the bar are random and mismatched, and not all of them comfortable.

Opposite of the bar and at the back are the two newer walls made of metal and stone framing. The windows on this wall are cut roughly and inlaid with salvaged glass. The rest of the room is filled with random tables and chairs, creating various sized arrangements. Their is a door in the back wall that leads to the boarding rooms, and the shared common area for those using the public house for longterm stay.

Day 32

It's evening in the pub, which means there's drinking to be had music to listen. Or at least, the Trikru version of music. Which, the occasional traveller from Polis managed to trade or otherwise get their hands on a string instrument of some kind of. Other types might include hollowed out, leather wraps drums, the occasional chime, or those shaker things. Whatever the case, it's a private and maybe personal secret that Wren really likes this kind of stuff. But, this also means he's plopped his butt down on one of the stools, drinking honey wine out of a large wooden-carved wooden mug. Because today has been a rough day. It's not the first time a First has sat down and drank over the frustrations of willful Second. It won't be the last either by any measure. Meditation can only take someone so far before one needs to find another method of relaxing.

Britt enters the pub, pausing for a moment to let her eye adjust (the other is still covered by the bandage). She gets herself a cup of wine and then heads over to take a stool closer to the music. Not far from Wren, though there are a couple empty stools between them. If the other warrior looks her way, she acknowledges him with a slight nod.

Downing the rest of mug, Wren makes the universal and timeless gesture for 'reload', which is succintly a knuckled rap at the countertop and pointing at his cup. A breath is blow out slowly, as if thinking for a long moment, while it's refilled. The music is same chanty kind it's always been, which isn't bad, it's something he enjoys listening to. Soothing for him, anyways. Once he gets he refill, he glances over towards the troupe, which gives him sight of Britt. "Feeling any better today?" he finally asks, taking another pull.

Britt takes a drink of wine, answering him with a what-can-you-do shrug. "It's hard to complain when you're fortunate to be alive." She looks around briefly, and then observes, "You didn't bring your skaigirls." There's no hostility to the words, just a mild curiosity.

"They're not my children." Wren replies. "If they can't stand on their own two feet without me handholding them, then they have no hope of ever being accepted. The less I'm around them, the better." Maybe that's more in reference to Silver than Kai. "Silver is trying to be help in the healing house, Kai…" There's a grunt. "She needed to be taught a lesson in what happens when you disobey. I'm letting her think on that."

Britt gives a brisk but approving nod at Wren's response. A sad smile touches her lips briefly. "That's true. Though sometimes having a Second feels like having a child. Well, what I'd imagine anyway." Having no children of her own, she can only speculate. She takes another drink and asks, "What did she do?"

Wren sighs, making a gesture with his hand in a 'good lord' expression. "I told her when we first begun, that I wouldn't keep her seperated from her Niron. That wouldn't be fair and I'm not so cruel. So I told her, 'you get between five to ten days each month to see your Niron'. That number fluctuates depending on how much I approve or disapproval of her progress. She thought, in her infinite wisdow, the she bring him back with her. My instructions were you can go see him, not bring him back you. But that's not even the point or who brought she fact. Only the fact that she disobeyed me and did so." Explanation given, he drinks again. "She had good intentions behind it, ones I understand, but that's not the point. The point is she disobeyed and she can't follow something so simple, how is she to be trusted with anything else? Ask, do not assume."

Britt presses her lips together, bobbing her head slightly at his tale. "Yes, especially considering the state of things with our people. Have you sent him back to the Sky Camp, or is he going to be staying here too?" she wonders idly.

"Yes and no." Wren states after a pause. "She has today to spend with him, but after that he goes back. There was no brokering on the matter and she should be thankful I gave her that much." Part of his face is hidden by his mug. "It was her free pass on the matter. And she only gets one. Next time, her number of days to see him goes down to two." But with that all being said, he sighs, pushing hair out of his eyes. "I am not angry with her, just disappointed." Which might be worse, all told. "She overthinks, and draws far too many conclusions about things that haven't even happened. At least with Silver, she's generally more inclined to stay quiet and offer to help in whatever way she can. I suspect there will be less issues with her."

"It showed initiative. Pushing boundaries. Those are good qualities for a warrior, once tempered with wisdom," Britt offers mildly. "Your Silver seems to have a kind heart." She lifts the wine cup to her lips once more.

"Perhaps, but she seems to want to do as she pleases without any forethought. That kind of ilrational puts people in danger. Weaning her off that, as well as her anger management issues will be the hardest, never mind getting her to admit personal truths." Wren replies, shaking his head. "She does. She thinks of everyone else before herself. Half the reason why she's made the choice she has. She's a good person. Some may not see it yet, but better we have her than her own people who never appreciated her to begin with."

"I'm sure it's difficult, to go from a sort of warband leader to a Second. Losing that autonomy." Britt takes another drink and then shakes her head. "The Skaikru treated them all poorly. It is no wonder some would seek a place elsewhere." Britt frowns a bit at that, but only briefly. The musicians have launched into a more cheery song with a driving beat. It tugs her lips up a bit, and she's soon tapping her foot along without thinking.

"Some of their crimes required death, but not all of them. Some of them…as petty as stealing medicine. Last I checked, we don't kill our own for theft." Wren replies, but he sighs, and there's an almost sad look on his lips. "Kai reminds me of Lark. Not in looks or even personality, but particular traits. Being willful, having the best intentions even if questionable methods. Wanting to do the right thing. They're different people but…in some ways, very much alike." There's a beat, and he has to drown whatever thought is going through his head. "I miss her." There's a moment where it almost looks like there's a weight on his shoulders. Then he's getting up, taking his mug with him. And oddly, he's moving for that musical troupe.

Britt nods. "Their ways are strange." Her expression grows sad for a moment when Wren mentions his sister. "I'm sure you do," she offers in quiet sympathy. She watches him, a perplexed crease to her brow, when he gets up and heads over toward the musicians. She says nothing about that, though, continuing to sip her wine.

"If I can forgive her death, then…" Wren doesn't finish the statement, having stopped a moment than continuing on. He'll hang around the musicians for a moment while they do their thing until they finish. Once that's done, the big man will approach one of the female singers who seems to run the gang, sharing a few words with her between them. She seems to smile and nods, instructing the others on the next song they'll play. And lo and behold, the warrior, drags a chair over and sits down, joining. And if this Twilight Zone episode could not get any stranger, he starts to sing the lyrics to the song, and oh man, isn't that a surprising thing. Wren can sing and he can sing pretty dang well. It's a low deep-voiced kind of crooning. A taste for rythmn and lyrics, how they flow together.

"Heron Blue"
Sun Kil Moon

Don't cry my love don't cry no more. It overwhelms my breaking heart.

While she wouldn't go so far as to consider it the Twilight Zone, Britt does seem pleasantly surprised to hear Wren start singing. Smiling faintly, she listens to the song.

While Wren takes over the 'lead singer' duties for the moment, the other singer wanders over to get herself a drink. "Your friend has a voice," she observes, smiling at Britt. Britt just nods, not challenging the assumption that they're friends just because they were chatting. Apparently the other singer has heard Britt sing at some point through the years, for she then says. "You should go sing with him."

"Oh, no, it's fine." Britt isn't shy about singing, but she doesn't want to shove in on Wren's thing there.

"Come on, have some fun." The singer gives Britt a friendly nudge, which causes the archer to let out a soft chuckle.

It's not an uncommon song, but it's one that Wren has a personal connection with. It's somber and just a tad bit melancholy. Perhaps that his niche area of expertise, who knows. There's a slight bobbing of his head, listening for his ques in the music, before starting in on the second stanza. Though obviously it's the kind of song that can be sung with two people at the same time. Whether Britt joins or not, he certainly wouldn't mind. Either way, this isn't something he does very often. Maybe he doesn't want a lot of people to know. And thankfully, most people in in Tondc don't really know him. Just some large man who happens to have a good singing voice.

There's a tiny bit more back and forth between Britt and the other woman before the archer finally gives in with a soft, "Fine, fine." But she doesn't interrupt this song, since Wren requested it of the band specifically and it followed the talk of his sister. She seems to get that maybe it's personal, or at least doesn't want to take the risk that it is. No, she waits until the end of the song then calls out to him, "Not bad." There's an appreciative note in her voice. "Know any good for two?" Two singers, that is. She rattles off a song name or three in suggestion.

Patrons may just appreciate it as background music and that's fine by Wren, really. Less attention to him drawn over this, the better he'll feel about it. When it end, he seems a bit happier about, giving perhaps a pensive smile to something that's something not said. And yeah, there'll be a little of a surprise at Britt's approval. "Two?" he blinks at her. "Yeah, sure, I know a couple, I think." He debates for a moment, before rattling the particular one that she might know as well of him. "Wait. You want to sing with me?" There's some amusement there. "Sure. Be happy to."

Britt smirks. "I got talked into it." A pointed look at the other singer lady, who just smirks over her mug of beer. At Wren's invitation, she drags her stool over to join him in the musician's area, sitting a polite distance away. She drains what little's left in her cup and nods to his suggestion of song. "Sure, I know that one." She looks to the musicians to confirm that they know it too.

Starling arrives from the Public Garden and Orchard.

Pontus arrives from the Public Garden and Orchard.

"Going to test me. I just know I'm going to have to sing higher than usual." Wren remarks lightly, wetting his throat with more wine. Not the best thing, but it works. The troupe does seem to know what song they're talking about, the singers tend to start this one out. "Ladies first, Britt. You start, I'll fall in." he offers, waiting for the archer to take the lead in the song.

Yeah, so Britt and Wren are sitting with a small group of musicians, and it looks like they're going to…sing? It's always been one of Wren's secret pleasures he doesn't share all that often, that he's a good singer an all. Though, likely his family is aware of that one.

Pontus waded in with his pack slung diag over bare torso covered in enough ink and scars to tell a story a day for a month. His concern at this point was not accidentally being mistaken for a Wastelander. Seeing Wren and Britt his face split into a bemused grin. a mute gesture pointing Starling her brother's way.

Whereas Britt's love of singing is not a secret at all. But being that she doesn't spend a whole lot of time in Coesbur, it's quite possible that few of the people there know of it. She gives the band a nod and waits for them to get through the little intro before hitting the cue. "I fell asleep down by a stream… and there I had the strangest dream…" It's a slow, melancholy song. Despite Wren's worries about having to sing it up high, Britt's voice is more of a contralto. And a pretty good one at that. She smiles faintly as she sings, despite the bandages still covering part of her face.

"Briar and the Rose"
Celtic Wonder

And near the end of spring there grows. A briar and a rose.

Starling steps in with Pontus, dressed a bit more in her normal day ware and yawning softly just a bit as her eyes adjust to the dimness of the inside, but as she is nudged towards where her brother is, she can only gives a soft grin as it seems he's going to be singing. And that means she doesn't have to talk to him just yet, and that also means she takes Po's arm and leads him over towards a table near the singers to settle down and listen.

Britt starts singing and Wren follows suit after shortly after, falling in the moment seems appropriate. There's only the slightest hesitation on his face when he realizes that both Pontus and Starling is in the crowd, but it's not really going to stop. And though his voice is deeper, they still seem to harmonize pretty damn well. And he'll continue on, matching her tone for tone, even so far to give her a friendly nudge in the midst of it.

Pontus let the grin hold, but not because there was judgement. Hell he was a fucking poet. Being able to make people have an emotional response was a powerful thing. It was part of their culture and in such Pontus gave his brother-in-arms a nod of support. As Starling dragged him in in excitement he nodded to the person in charge of keeping a mug full. He was not going to be without something after that thoroughly disappointing 'backwards advance' they had to pull on their village.

Benning makes her way into the pub for a drink and some entertainment. Never did she expect what is before her. Laughter comes from her lips as she does her best to hold it back. Then she orders a drink because now she just has to stay to watch the show.

Starling is beaming, she knows how well her brother can sing, and did remember singing with Britt once when she was learning archery, singing and creativity of some type must run in her family after all. So with a stool to settle on and Pontus during the ordering, she can simply enjoy the singing and playing in front of her. When she notices Benning, from that laugh she knows well, she glances over her shoulder and invites the other woman over with a wave, and then ends up leaning against Po's side as she keeps her mouth shut and goes back to listening.

Britt's smile widens a little at the friendly nudge from Wren, albeit only briefly. Yeah, she's having fun, but smiling still makes her face hurt so the gesture is subdued. The song appears to be about two lovers buried nearby each other. A briar grows from one grave and a rose from another and become entwined even in death. So yeah - cheery Trikru karaoke night going on over here. But hey - it's pretty, and the archer and warrior's voices do seem to mesh well together. Britt doesn't seem to have noticed the other Coesbur people.

Benning goes over to Starling, "I am a much better dancer than singer…" But perhaps Gideon's sister can be convinced to sing in front of the others. She gives Starling a kiss on the cheek and murmurs something in her ear as she orders a drink for herself. Tonight she will relax and enjoy the sights of Wren and Britt serenading them.

Wren would call the song bittersweet, but still, it's romantic in that kinda dark way. Cheery? Maybe not quite, but at least they sing well together. But yes, this is his big secret that while he can't help his family know about, thankfully, there's a low number of people from Coesbur in here to really know it's him. There's a vague wave to trio of Benning, Pontus, and Starling, but he doesn't hesitate in the song. And yeah, it's a rare time when it actually looks like the big man is having fun. So that's a plus.

Pontus set a rough hewn hand on Starling's lower back muttering something to her to not interrupt them before turning back and hoisting a mug in a salute to Britt and Wren before drinking half of it. Responsible Pontus was off duty for a little bit. Hell even he could lighten up.

Starling returns the kiss to Benning's cheek, giving a soft blush and chuckle at the whisper, she returns it with and little shrug and a sparkle in her eyes. But then her attention is taken by the singing again and she gives Wren a bright smile at the wave and she nods at him and then listens to Pontus before saying something to him and reaching for her own mug.

Silver has been careful in the city. While she's spent some time outside the guest houses, so far it's always been in daylight, and always in a place where she has a way out of things start to go sour. But tonight, Peake more or less kicked her out, though not in so many words. So she's braved the pub, slipping inside and searching the crowd for familiar faces. Not expecting Wren to be singing, it takes her a moment to actually place his voice, brows rising in surprise.

The little wave finally draws Britt's attention to the Coesbur trio, and she lifts a hand briefly to wave to them too. But then the song has come to its bittersweet (as Britt would agree) end. Quirking another smile to Wren, Britt says, "Thanks. You sing well." She offers an approving nod and then gets up, preparing to drag her stool back to the bar it came from. A little upnod of thanks is given to the singer lady from the musician's group, whose place they hijacked.

"Thank you. We should do that more often. Not very often that I have someone to sing with, never mind sing so well. The rest of my family can't hold a tune with a boot." Wren remarks, giving Britt a light one-armed shoulder hug before he too starts to pull his barstool back to the bar. "I had to figure that I start singing and the rest of my family shows up." And in succession, each of them gets a bit of attention. Because, Wren is kinda tipsy, why else would he be singing. Benning gets a ruffle of her hair, Pontus receives a light brotherly punch in the shoulder, Starling gets a smooch on the cheek. And Silver? Well, she gets pulled into a hug and smooch on the lips. Yep. Tipsy.

Benning stands there given Wren a teasing look, "You were wonderful and I am jealous of how you sing on stage." She looks to the others and admits, "I sound like a baying hound when I sing. My talents were always more on the dancing side than singing." She looks to Starling for her to support her in this.

Pontus cracked a wry grin and noted to Wren in ALL sincerity, let him assure you, "Well we wouldn't miss it. Especially if you tripped over Britt and wiped out half the chorus. I was looking for you but eh, hardly matters presently." The mead was good and soon he'd be feeling no pain anywas. "Britt, on the other hand, well done." he gave her an approving nod grinning back to Wren perfectly accepting being punched a second time.

Starling chuckles softly and leans up to hug her brother as she gets a kiss to the cheek and then her attention is taken to Benning, "Now your voice is not that bad. But your dancing is wonderful. I still think you have seduce how the men of the village with the way you move.." She winks to her BBF and then glances over as Wren kisses Silver, there is a blink and then a little grin as she curls up more against Pontus, her head laying on his shoulder as she steals his mead and takes a drink. "We do need to talk Wren, but later.." Yep, she is going to enjoy everyone in a good mood. As for Britt, she beams over at her, "I remember your voice, it was very calming when I kept missing the target.." she winks, since Britt kept distracting her with the good music!

"Starling can sing," Britt points out. And Starling would recognize all too well the good-natured but nonetheless uncomfortable expression that flits across Britt's face at that half-hug from Wren. Britt does not appear to be tipsy, and offers nods to the other folks. There's a slightly disapproving look given when Wren smooches Silver, but it quickly fades to quirk a little smile at Starling and Pontus' compliments. "Thanks."

Silver makes a surprised sound against Wren's lips at the kiss, cheeks flushing brightly even as she reaches a hand up to the side of his neck. "Okay then," she laughs once he pulls back, looking up bemused. "So it looks like you've got a head start on the alcohol." Cheeks red, she gives his arm a squeeze before she draws back a little bit, looking around. "I didn't know you sang. That was beautiful."

"Wren has always had the voice of a songbird even if the rest of him isn't quite as pretty," Benning teases Wren as she chats with Silver, "He won't admit it when he's sober but he's quite fond of his own voice." She looks to Starling and nods to the stage, encouraging her friend to serenade them, "Starling…your voice is lovely too. If you sing, I promise to dance." She doesn't comment on how her hips do draw the men on her. Just points to her nose when Starling makes the comment.

Pontus snerked and shook his head. He offered, "That's all you guys. I have the voice of a toad." This seened to amuse him and he wasn't wrong, nor seemed to lament any great loss over the skill. Watching them carry on was entertainment enough for him and he was allergic to the spotlight. This suited him just fine. At Wren kissing Silver though it was Britt he looked to and arched one tattooed eyebrow at as if suggesting 'what can we do about it?'.

Wren is in a much better mood from before. Liqour and singing will tend to do that for him. "Don't be so modest, you came to listen to Britt, not me. She's the star here, I was just helping her look good. She could've carried all by herself. I am but the learner, she is the master." he remarks over at Starling. "Yes, Starling sings quite well, but she is a much better dancer than I. I'm little more than two left feet. I'd ask Britt to dance, but I feel she'd put me to shame in that as well." he remarks lightly, grinning widely, at the same time urging Silver along to the rest of the group, handing the mug over to her. "Try that. You need to take the edge off." He's almost giddy, putting a hand on Pontus' shoulder. "That's quite alright. I can't throw a knife worth a lick. I can't sing my enemies to death. Starling and Britt over here could do and make all the men, likely a good deal of women throw themselves at them. Good way to end battles."

Starling ponders the offer/request/challenge by Benning and takes another sip of the mead as she stretches slowly and moves as if she is going to get up. "The moonlight piece?" She questions Benning, before she does stand and turns and kisses Pontus softly on the lips before sliding from among the stools and wondering over to the musicians, she speaks softly to him, and the lady singer who they seem to get interrupting, and whatever said brings a grin from the lady and nods from the musicians. Starling is offered a stool and she slips up on it to get comfortable, and leave enough room for Benning to move in her dance. At her brothers words, she chuckles softly and shakes her head but seems a little brighter now that he seems in a better place. Those eyes track to Benning and she waits for Benning to start the dancing before her voice will add to the entertainment, there is also clearly an offer to Britt if she feelings like joining in, in time.

"Calling him Wren makes more sense now," Silver smiles crookedly back at Benning. "Here I always thought it was a little bit silly for someone so big to be named after such a little bird. Little did I know it was for his voice." She takes the mug from Wren, though she doesn't drink immediately, just holding it. The less intoxicated of the group might recognize it as a way to slow down the big guy's consumption.

Benning follows her friend to the front, knowing that she will go where Starling treads. She receives the go and then her hips start to sway to a song that is on the tip of Starling's lips. The undulations of her stomach ripple against the leather doeskin as her arms start to weave above her head. She clearly wasn't lying when Benning said that dancing was something she did very well. As a a few warrirors whistle, she laughs out loud, her voice calling out to Starling in glee for Benning does love to dance.

Britt catches that look from Pontus. Her mouth twists, brows lofting as if to say don't look at me, he's your 'brother'. She does roll her eyes a little at Wren's compliments, bemused but taking them in stride considering that he seems kind of drunk. "I don't dance," she points out mildly. "And I think you mean Starling and Benning could."

"Our mother," Wren looks over to Silver, "has a thing for birds. Lark, Starling, Wren, and Oriole. When we were children, she would call us to the house by making those particular bird calls." She was a scout, she got really good at it. "As for the singing, we got that from our father. We would be in his smithy, hammering away at a horseshoe or blade and he would time his singing in tune with the hammer strikes." he explains, looking off at Starling and Benning go cut a rug. "No no, Britt is great. Of all the warriors I know," he pauses, leaning against the counter heavily, "that's not family, because no, Pontus, I can't forget a man who would prefer to throw a sword than swing it, I respect her most. If I was an archer," a loose finger points over at the archer, "I'd want to learn from her. Everytime I think I'm able to make a point when we talk, she always finds a way to humble the shit out of me. She's the best." Yeah, big dopey grin. "But you, Pontus, my brother, clearly we don't spend enough time together. It's been far too long. A-and, I just want to say, I really love you, man. Truly. One of the family." There's a blink. "Where did my mug go? Flames, it vanished on me." Yup, forgot he gave it to Silver. Don't give it back to him.

Starling does seem to mind being the center of attention, but then Benning is the one dancing, she just happens to be singing and her voice is beautiful, rich like Wren's but lighter, brighter and abit more seductive. It blends with the movements of Benning and the pair brings moonlight to the pub.

We get it almost every night
When that moon is big and bright
It's a supernatural delight
Everybody's dancing in the moonlight
Everybody here is out of sight
They don't bark and they don't bite
They keep things loose, they keep 'em tight
Everybody's dancing in the moonlight

"Dancing in the Moonlight"
Alyson Stoner

Everybody's dancing in the moonlight.

Benning closes her eyes and thinks of the rain in the forest and dances for Starling as if they are there instead of a crowded pub with whistling. She dances with great heart and passion, enjoying the twists and turns of the music that move her this way and that. Her hips never stop swaying to the music that surrounds her.

Pontus chuckled at Britt's response putting it back on him. He lifted his mug to Wren and said, "She thinks that's good you should sing her the one about the lone archer. But I fear she'd drag you off and we'd not see you again." Starling and Benning were up to what would so be a glorious display of no good. He didn't miss the affection left to him by Starling causing him to arch an eyebrow. He cracked a grin at her like 'you are trying to get me killed I know it.' Not that he minded much. To his immediate right was Wren laying down 'how it was'. It was enough to elicit a chuckle from the usually stoic scout. He was about to say 'Silver, hide his glass' when he excludes him for his skills for trowing swords in such a way that it sounds like it flew out of his hand by accident he laughed, "Wren, I throw the short ones, not the long ones remember" He took no particular offense to it. As much as he truly appreciated and enjoyed music he was being addressed by Wren in the most sauced-happy way of him. "Eh you leave that say to your sister I fear that'll be fact. Wren. I got your back, but I don't have your cup. Ya drank it. You drank it and ate the cup. There's no more cup." If he could convince him of that it'd make things easy. He was a terrible liar out of lack of any habit to do so but he deadpan was more than fair.

Silver is definitely not giving the mug back to Wren. And given the big guy's state, she's rethinking any plans she had about drinking some herself, too. Staying quiet, she tucks the mug against her chest, half-hidden where she leans against the bar with a small smile. "You're going to be lucky if your mother lets you back in the house, at this rate," she chimes in on Pontus' claims. "No matter how pretty you sing at her window."

The conversation can be heard by the singer, and it only brings a little smile to her lips, but she let's the song go on and gives Benning the best sound to showcase her dancing and finishes out the song with the musicians a moment behind, giving Benning that perfect place to give the seductive ending.

Dancing in the moonlight
Everybody's feeling warm and bright
It's such a fine and natural sight
Everybody's dancing in the moonlight
We like our fun and we forever fight
You can't dance and stay uptight
It's a supernatural delight
Everybody was dancing in the moonlight

Britt gives a curious look to Pontus' comment about the archer song, then watches the other girls go off to sing and dance. She might have gone up and joined them, but then Wren is drunkenly singing her praises, and it gives the archer's bandaged face a workout. Surprise, at first, then suspicion - is he just jerking her chain? - then once she realizes that he's (drunkenly) serious, a sort of aww-shucks look down at the ground. "You're drunk," she points out needlessly. "But thanks."

"He may be drunk but that doesn't make him wrong," the new voice intruding on their conversation belongs to a tall archer about Britt's age, who Wren at least might recognize from Indra's war camp. Erson. He'd just come into the pub and wandered over when he spotted them. The grin he levels at Britt is clearly reveling in her embarrassment. "Can I steal you away from your admirer for a bit?" he asks Britt, jerking his head towards a table over yonder. Britt gives him an amused look, then glances to the others. "If you'll excuse me. Good to sing with you, Wren. I trust your family will get you home in one piece."

"My mother loves me." Wren protests lazily. "I'm the favorite. Just…don't tell Oriole that. Or Starling. Or…anyone for that matter." he says, listening to Pontus in that drunk kind of way, his eyes then going wide, giving a long gasp. "I shoooould, shouldn't? Wait…no, I can't serenade Britt, that would be….that would be.." a look over at Silver. "That would be wrong, wouldn't it?" Wait, attention switching again. "Wait. I ate it? I ate the mug? I ate the entire mug?" There's a moment where he looks bewildered. "H-how do I not remember that?" Whoop, shift again! Starling is done singing, and he's clapping, then whistling. Then clapping and whistling. Finally, he turns back at Silver. "Why haven't you drank any yet? Do the skaikru not believe in wine? Your people are boooooring." But Britt is leaving. "Aww damn. Alright, bye Britt! Enjoy the sex!" he calls after her.

Pontus stood up, and finished his drink. He walked around to Silver's side to sneak the glass from her. There was not a lot in there at all. Man the big guy could knock em back. Being the far more sober of the pair he finished the drink off. He stopped halfway back watching the spectacle with one arm looped around Starling's shoulders and the other around Benning's. He was too too amused. For the first time in a while the move wasn't bothering him and the company was more than fair and agreeable. "Wren, you're a leader of the people. May we don't fall down when we follow trying to keep up with you." Then there was comments in the peanut gallery from the Three, and Pontus shook his head amused, "We're gonna give you some space Wren. In the morning I'll come get you from the stables, yeah?" As if Wren might wind up with a hangover half dressed and hanging from his saddle. Then again that might be a very real euphemism, but he didn't pry. He didn't sign but the sage scout could receive the shit out of nature and find words to write down, or moreso find wondrously inappropriate limericks that were reserved for such occasion. He gave Silver an approving nod. It was about now he decided she'd paid her dues and might just be a great asset to them afterall. For now he made an exit with the two crafty archers.

Britt actually pauses to stare back at Wren, brows arching in an almost comical incredulity. Did he actually just say that? Oh yes, he did. And it clearly amuses the hell out of Erson, who laughs out loud and throws the drunken warrior a shit-eating grin. "Oh, she will, don't worry. Ooof!" The mock-pained bit at the end punctuates Britt slamming a backfist into his chest. And then she's heading for the door instead of the table, with a chuckling fellow archer following behind her.

"Someone has to make sure you get back safe," Silver chuckles to Wren's protest about her drinking. "And that you don't stop on the way and eat someone's very important cup and get all of us in trouble," she teases, making the pass off to Pontus without even looking at the mug. "Wren!" she protests, laughing, when he shouts after Britt, giving the archer an apologetic look. "All right, you," she snorts at Wren. "Let's find you somewhere a little less…everywhere."


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