Day 036: Oxfor Comes To Camp Jaha
Summary: Oxfor comes to Camp Jaha to meet Chancellor Kane with a delegation… and a Heda.
Date: 4 July 2016
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Main Gates, Camp Jaha

There are two sets of gates at the front of the Skaikru encampment, both overseen by the giant arch of Alpha Station's ring. The inner gates are a collection of metal plates making a solid portal that can be swung open to clear the road in and out of the camp. Ten meters further out is a wire gate, connected to an electrified fence. The gate too carries current, except when it has to be opened or closed. Above this exterior gate hangs a metal plate, letters punched out of it to spell 'Camp Jaha.'

Outside the wire fence, a rolling meadow and several stands of young alder lead down to a small stream and then the shores of Lake Arkadia — or Lake Audo to the Trikru. A small range of mountains rises to the west, in the depths of thick forest.

36 Days After Landing

This is not the first time that Oxfor kom Trikru has approached a camp filled with Sky People. The last time, he was on horseback with three other Skaikru. Today, he approaches on foot with a small group of Trikru. His intentions are still the same, however: He is here to talk to the Skaikru's Heda, a man they refer to as Chancellor.

Behind him, and just at his right, is a young woman of swathy complexion with her brown hair loose save for a scattering of braids. She is short compared to Oxfor — though most people are what with his almost seven feet in height. She walks with a calm, yet casual demeanor despite approaching the massive wall and gates of Camp Jaha. Her curiosity is impossible to hide, but there is something serious and cautious in her gray eyes. Chis glances slightly over her shoulder to Bruns, but whatever she meant to convey is in her expression alone.

As the group nears the gates, a call goes up from the guard post. "Incoming!" Someone shouts down into The Row. "Grounders, and… is that Adams?"

Bruns is not in full kit, though he tends to travel with a small number of trade goods just the same. His long leather duster looks less bulky, and his crowsbow is strapped against his back. His expression is difficult to read. It seems..relatively neutral, but he remains watchful. He catches Chis' eyes, nods upwards slightly in acknowledgment.

Kai shouldn't be riding, really. Coming down from Tondc with Elias on the back of her horse was not high on her list of comfortable things in her current condition. But, she was fortunate. Starling already had an all but finished set of armor to replace her recently destroyed kit, and in honor of her current duty has made the effort to clean up and be presentable. So she's off somewhere to Oxfor's left, with an expression about as neutral as she can manage other than a brief scowl for 'Adams'. She's not here as her own representative, so she doesn't call back a response for all that she does stiffly raise her head to make it that little bit more obvious that yes, it's the so-called 'traitor'.

Morgan was in the Row talking to one of the botanists when the shout goes up. "So let them in!" he shouts back as he starts for the gate. He'd be inclined anyway but Kai pretty much clinches it. Though he's dressed in typical Ark clothing, he's got his sword on as well as his medical kit.

It doesn't take long for that shout to get his attention. Jumar has been working on the forge project for almost a week now, and progress has been slow, but steady. The design phase having been dealt with, construction has started already.

Dressed in his mechanic overalls with a full on toolbelt and a welding mask from doing his duty shift, Jumar starts to head over at the shout. As Morgan yells though, "they don't answer to you, Morgan." Dryly said, but the musical bass tone of Jumar is easily heard as he starts to approach, mask up.

Asher does not like being couped up. Not one bit. He left the infirmary as soon as he woke up the first time when Camp Jaha was established. He hasn't been back until he was carried in unconscious again. Mac probably got a good laugh out of that. Asher wasn't even fully healed from his last near death experience before he sought out a new one. Real smart. Still, he convinced the med techs he needed some air. A tech was sent with him to make sure he didn't collapse, but he's been allowed a cane to go with his IV stand that he wheels around after him as his walk (or hobble really) takes him towards the gates, the tech a few steps behind him. Asher is sporting the height of patient fashion, a gown with a jacket over it and a pair of handy combat boots. Because that's what patients wear when they go walking outside well before they are ready. Asher is brilliant.

Grounders approaching causes Asher to slow to a stop, and when the tech tries to take his arm and drag him back to the Ark he pulls it away roughly. He's not going anywhere.

Wren is here, on Roach, probably regretting the fact that he thought coming was a good idea, injured as he is. Good cause or not, he's going to be feeling this all in a day or so. But he's not charge, Oxfor is, so he's going to wait on him.

Fiona walks alongside Oxfor, unless the steheda doesn't permit it. But she reckons it's important that the other Skaikru see her, and that she's not under duress. Tuan's no doubt somewhere in the throng, and Fiona's expression is set, determined.

The guardsman up in the post casts a glower down at Morgan. He doesn't go to open the gate until he's ordered to by his superior, but he does look a bit hackled at being shouted at by the med tech. He reaches up to his earpiece, speaking through the short-range radio, "Please inform the Chancellor we have Grounders arriving." Then he makes a gesture that signals opening up the gates. Guards down below do the honors, drawing back the chains, and opening the chainlink fences. Two guards stand at the ready, both armed with assault rifles, but the weapons are held in a relaxed posture, muzzles down, and fingers far, far away from triggers.

Oxfor radiates with that good-natured patience — a comfortable bear waiting his turn at the salmon run. When the gates open, his hands go up and palms out to offer a gestures of non-hostility. He smiles that full, white smile. "Skaikru!" He booms, stepping forward as if he is about to hug the closest guard in greeting. He doesn't however, but instead steps forward toward Morgan — a familiar face. "Morgan kom Skaikru," he greets, offering out that massive forearm. "You no longer look half-starved… I joked with Keta that no wolf would dare eat a Skaikru… all skin and bones."

Chis enters quietly behind Oxfor, allowing the steheda to put on his show. Despite her youth, the woman knows much about the steheda of the Trikru. Oxfor is known for being a bear — as long as he is happy, he is fat and friendly and willing to just eat you out of house and home; if he is not happy, he will rage and ravage all before him. A Happy Oxfor is what the Skaikru want. Chis stays back near Bruns as they enter, and her eyes immediately go up to the guard post where the Skaikru warriors carefully watch the Grounders as they enter.

Bruns remains watchful of the situation. Unlike the guards, his projectile weapon is nowhere near his hands. There is however, a blade at his hip, though he's not even close to drawing it. He moves forward behind Oxfor and the others, staying in step with Chis. He's a man of few words one-on one. In a group, he's silent and watchful.

"No, they don't." Morgan agrees, glancing over at Jumar. And how much simpler life would be if everyone did. And then he frowns, spotting Asher. "You shouldn't be out of bed." Which is par for the course. Stepping forward, he clasps Oxfor's forearm. "Oxfor kom Trikru." His accent's a lot better than it used to be too. "It's good to see you again. And I'm ready to teach your healers how to suture wounds whenever you'd like me to." He looks over the other Grounders that came with Oxfor, giving them a nod of greeting them smiling at Fi and Kai though the latter gets an appraising look to see how she's recovering from her injuries.

Kai eyes the guards, and their guns with the best withering shade she can manage. She might be armed with the sword slung bandolier style across her back, but really. That they're at least in downward posture with their fingers far from the trigger is something, her attention flitting to Morgan with a brief, strained sort of smile and then beyond to Asher,"Nice threads Kholmin." she calls with an upnod his way, finding herself a good spot to stand between the guns and Oxfor with all the casualness she can manage. There's pain and tiredness in her face, but other than the stitches along her right forearm and just the hint of some above the collar of her new armor the most serious wounds are mostly concealed.

'Skaikru' gets a severe grimace from Jumar. Even from here, the Trikru group can see he *hates* that word, and that he views them as suspicious at best. Nonetheless, the engineer approaches, his welding mask slipped off and put on a nearby table to give him a better view of the proceedings. The toolbelt around his waist is done the same.

Upon seeing Asher though… "Don't bother telling him to do anything. He's pretty much set on getting himself killed." The tech with said Asher is given a look of sympathy before he starts to gives the group a look over in earnest. From his position, the Trikru can see the dust and grime of construction and mechanical work, and his arms cross as he spots Bruns. *He* gets a lingering glance, with a curious eyebrow raise, "Greetings." Yep, general greetings for general Trikru. The suspicious Engineer at least keeping his tone neutral.

Fiona gives a smile to Morgan in turn. "I'm hoping the Chancellor's on his way?" she asks of Morgan. She's keeping an eye on the careful actions of others, but so far nobody's dead, and that in her book is thus far a win.

There aren't as many makeshift spears and knives around Camp Jaha as there were around the Delinquent Camp, but there are a great deal more guns. And warriors. The men and women in the shiny black armor are obvious, and they are carrying boxy, compact bullpup assault rifles, and the shade Kai throws their way is returned with interest. There are even a few mutters of 'Grounder Pounder,' and 'traitor.' and 'The Captain'd kill himself if he weren't dead.'

At the entrance to the fallen Alpha Station, another small group of Guards exits, although two of the three remain at the door. The third, a tall, spare man wearing a severe (although faded) black jacket rather than any sort of armor, advances. Chancellor Kane wears the black pin that represents his office at the left side of his collar, and strides from the crashed station toward the gate quickly, long legs eating up the distance although he doesn't seem to hurry.

"Doc's let me go on a constitutional. Walking is healthy." Asher retorts. At least he brought the med tech with him. He could have just pushed his way out, injured and all. Beds are soft and lumpy. And he still doesn't trust these med techs. He nods to Kai, smirking at her, "Height of fashion…" That's Asher, a Runway Model. And then there's Oxfor. Asher eyes him for a moment and calls out…because he's Asher and tact is lost on him: "Did you bring my horse?" Because the Trikru just go around with all their horses, all the time, right? Asher can't actually see everyone there. Despite being up and around, he had a concussion yesterday, and the sunlight is killing him slowly but surely.

"Did you bring your underwear?" Fiona can't help but retort to Asher wryly, and prepares to make introductions with the onset of Kane's approach.

"Good!" Oxfor booms at Morgan, his expression still broad and content. "I will see to it that Keta" Something in his expression, just for a heartbeat, falters "sends along some of our healers." Compared to his last visit amongst the Skaikru, Oxfor does not seem like a bear wading through a seat of squabbling mice. He still looks around, expression open and thoughtful, but otherwise does not press forward relentlessly as he had done before.

Those milling about in the Row cautiously look toward the group as they enter. A woman of about fifty or so slowy draws herself to her feet, hand shielding her eyes from the sun. Her mouth is drawn into a severe line, and her postures is closed off, bordering on slightly aggressive. She steps to one of the guards near by, muttering something that — while unheard — certainly sounds slightly antagonistic from afar. Suspicion runs wild throughout the Camp.

Chis glances to Bruns, and she murmurs something to him, but then her eyes catch sight of Kane as he approaches. Something about Chis's demeanor changes, as if something in the air suggests two leaders are coming together — but this is not about Oxfor and Kane. The young woman narrows her eyes ever so slightly, and dips her chin. She watches him approach, sizing him up. Her chin lifts ever so slightly, presence bordering on regal, but then she slumps back into herself, and she looks back to Bruns. "<In Trigedasleng> I see why you wish to trade with them," she offers, voice a bit more audible compared to her previous murmuring.

When Asher speaks to Oxfor, the big steheda grins again. "Against Afaye's greatest wishes… yes, Asher kom Skaikru, but I have been ordered to make sure you learn his proper care…" Else Afaye is likely to skin Oxfor, which seems to humor the man more than threaten him.

Bruns's gaze sweeps over the people who inch closer. His body language remains casual, his hands loose at his sides. When Chis murmurs to him, his eyebrows arch and fall, then he leans in to murmur a response. And then, a little louder, "<In Trigedasleng> They have a lot of metal, but probably not enough food. There are more people here than I thought." He eyes the scraggly engineer kid as he's eyed. His unbroken eye contact might actually be a little unnerving. He breaks the look off though when Kane emerges. He makes a soft grunting sound.

"Nope." Asher replies with a smirk to Fiona as he takes slow, measured steps towards the group using the cane and the IV stand for balance. "Only ugly patients get underwear. They said I was too good looking." And then he's basically out of breath. That much talking and walking is hard for him in his current state. He's hiding his winces as best as he can. He'd probably head back except that Oxfor actually said yes about the horse. And in then in very un-Asherlike fashion, he nods to Oxfor, "Thank you. I'll learn whatever you need me to, Oxfor kom Trikru." He still doesn't have good pronunciation, but at least he tried. It's clearly a Stepford Asher on the loose.

Unfortunately, the Chancellor doesn't answer to him either so Morgan just shrugs at Fi's question. But Kane's arrival answers her question soon enough. That they actually brought the horse gets a raised brow followed by a smirk at Asher needing to learn to take care of it right. "If it is easier, Oxfor, I can go to them and travel back with you when you leave here. Then they can all learn and I can answer their questions."

Kai can't help the smile she gives, it doesn't reach her eyes as she listens to the guards muttering. Drawn away by Asher's comment he gets a broader one though her eyes inevitably shift to Kane at his approach. A glance to Bruns and Chis, up over to Wren, then to Oxfor, but the girl's quite content to remain silent and in place for the time being, pretending obliviousness to the muttering of the guard.

Don't wait on Wren to say anything. Leaders are talking, so it's not like he's going to say a whole lot anyways. Just a lot of watching, listening and doing whatever jumping Oxfor may or may not tell him to.

Kane glances around the crowd that has gathered to watch the approach of the Grounders, and he diverts his path slightly from the direct approach. He stops at the side of the woman protesting to the Guard, putting a hand on her shoulder and speaking a few words and gesturing back to where she had been working on one of the Row houses. She glares again at the Grounders, but turns back to her work, muttering as she does. From the other side of the Row, a man shouts, "Which of you killed my Beatrice?" One of the three dead Guards pinned to the tree outside camp. Kane turns a frown in that direction as well, but instead of addressing that problem as well, he completes his approach to the Grounder delegation. "Steheda Oxfor kom Trikru," his pronunciation isn't horrible, oddly enough, for someone meeting his first Grounder. Thank you, Fiona. "I'm Marcus Kane. Welcome to Camp Jaha, to you and your companions." He offers out a hand to the much larger man, "My condolences on the damage to your village, and for the loss of the people of Thripoda. That accident was a tragedy for both of our people." He's probably been planning those words for some time.

When Kane comes out without ordering defensive positions, Jumar mutters, "at least they aren't trying to kill us over the missile this time." This seems to brighten up Jumar though, and he approaches a bit less warily. Sure, Oxfor and Kai and all the rest of the group are interesting… but if *Bruns* is here, then it's at least a peaceful delegation, "'fart in your general direction' indeed." Then Kane starts talking, and Jumar stays to one side as he observes. He isn't inclined to get involved in the leader talk just yet.

Chis bows her head slightly, as if Bruns' words had been an admonishment. Then she glances over toward Oxfor, who has been carefully avoiding looking at Chis. Oh yes, this game is quite interesting to those who know they are playing it. Her attention ticks just slightly to where the shout comes, and then back to the Chancellor. His words almost cause her brow to quirk, but she maintains her perfected Grounder stoicism. She flicks her eyes toward Kai and Wren. "<In Trigedasleng> Your people do not seem happy to see you," she says casually.

Oxfor glances toward the shout, and then back to Kane. The steheda nods at the introduction, and he steps forward to clasp, not Kane's hand, but his forearm. It is a steady grip, but not one that is meant to crush even if he certainly could try to engage Kane in a strength competition. Then he nods slightly. "Thank you… for the watch and foodstuffs. It was a genrous gift." He gestures slightly toward the massive structure of the Ark. "I am told this is one of your stations. From the sky." He nods soberly, considering its size.

Fiona seems content, for the moment, to remain quiet. She does have half an ear on the interchange between Chis and Wren and Kai, but her gaze is on the two men, intent and earnest.

Bruns's eyes track every bit of tech in his general vicinity, as if he's trying to sort out what it all does. The guns do get glances, but none lingering in case a guard gets an itchy trigger finger. He doesn't let Chis get more than a few steps away from him, but he manages to do so and make it seem mostly natural.

Kai's Trigedasleng is still approaching awful. She can guess most of what Chis says simply from the words she understands,"<In Trigedasleng> Not my people." the grunted response offered, her attention flitting towards the shouter with a press of her lips,"What's that about?" she can't help but ask, of Morgan, to judge from the way her eyes flit his way, head tipping barely in the direction of the shouter.

Jumar ,however, answers. "*Someone* killed three of the Guard a few days ago and left them on display outside." Jumar glances to Kai as he says it. Far as Jumar is concerned, she's one of *them* now, so she doesn't get much attention beyond that. "One of them was Beatrice."

Kane may not have been expecting the forearm grasp, but he rolls with it, a little surprise flickering over his features before he clasps Oxfor's much larger forearm in return. He turns to invite the group deeper into the camp, "Yes, this is what remains of Alpha Station. It was one of twelve stations. Farm Station landed far to the north, Factor Station somewhere in the area… I'm sure you know better than we do at this point… and Hydro Station to the south." He makes a gesture of invitation up the Row, then looks around to those hanging around. "Please make our guests," there might be more than a little stress on that word, "welcome. Steheda, would you like to see inside the Station?" He nods to Jumar's explanation, making it official for Oxfor, "Three of our Guard, our warriors, were killed and pinned to a tree with spears and arrows. It was… not the welcome we were expecting, given the agreement between the kruheda and our Ambassador." Fiona gets a tight smile and a nod at the reference to her work, for all the sharpness in his voice.

Morgan looks to Kai at her question then flicks a glance over at the Grounders. Jumar solves his dilemma of whether to answer now or put it off till later and then Kane elaborates. "It was after we left for TonDC." he adds, nodding toward Fi to indicate who the 'we' were.

There's a speculative look to Fiona's expression as she hears news of this. Remembering what she'd seen of such ways to put bodies on display by the Gounders previous to this, her mouth quirks. For the moment, she keeps her own counsel.

As Asher doesn't see the horse as a part of Oxfor's direct party, he assumes that he meant he'd get the horse in due time. It's not like he can ride it today, and unlike most of the leadership of his own people, so far Oxfor's been good enough to his word that he'll trust for now. As a result, Asher turns and starts to hobble his wounded ass back towards the Ark. Luckily he has that jacket on to keep his ass from literally hanging out of the back of the hospital gown.

Chis frowns slightly at Kai's words, but she does not say more. She casts another glance to Bruns, and murmurs something again, but this time it is short and precise. Then she casts a glance to Jumar, and the young woman asks, "And why do you say it was us?" The words are delivered in a flat tone, but she does well to cover up the slight tension that starts to move through her body. Then she looks back toward Kane as he explains more, but she does not say anything to their leader directly.

Oxfor's heavy mouth draws into a thin line, and he nods. "Yes," he replies flatly. "But it is not a welcome from the Kruheda, or the heda… come, let's talk about these things and more." He hesitates a moment. "I was most pleased by your… soy-crisps, but I have brought with us venison and some of our mid-summer harvest. Perhaps a meal, and a talk?" Because Oxfor always prefers food with, well, whatever he's doing.

Kai grunts for Jumar's words and shakes her head,"S'pose that means Trentin and Lin still have friends." is her automatic rejection of the idea that it was a Trikru act, eyes going to Wren and then Oxfor and back to her First in silent inquiry before her eyes shift back to the guards and then the Delinquents she can spot, assessing simply because she can't help it.

"You provoked the mountain," says Bruns not long after Chis speaks. He doesn't say that like an accusation, but a statement of fact. "If we were going to come at you, that wouldn't be the way. We don't take people and string them up. But the mountain?" his eyebrows go up and he gestures in the vague direction. "They'd do that and worse. We got a common enemy."

Fiona looks over her shoulder at Chis. "<In Trigedasleng> He's angry. He only knows what he sees, and doesn't look closely." It's clear Fiona doesn't believe it either. Bruns' comments, though, cause her to snort delicately. But contradicting the issue in public won't do anyone any favors.

"And the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Morgan says, nodding to Bruns. "A saying of ours. I think it's time they learn they don't get to do whatever they want and just be able to sit in their mountain safe and sound." Regardless of who killed the guards, he's right about the Mountain Men. "Working together, we can go kill them." And save Cam.

"There's plenty of speculation to go around, and as far as we know, the ones who brought about the Arkfall with their stupidity all died in the dropship that set your people off." Jumar keeps his tone neutral, at least. If there's anger there, it's carefully kept out of his tone. Once Brums gets a glance though, and his eyes narrow.. .not dangerously, but hovering, "always with the goddamned mountain, never bothering to step back and think." Jumar gives a dismissive wave, "I'll grant we don't know who it is, but they have a right to speculate, and you're the ones who use spears and arrow. Puzzle pieces fit on the surface."

"Yes, I think perhaps we should talk inside, Steheda." Kane glances around the knot of people, adding, "Until those deaths, our Guard were gathering intel on the Mountain and looking for Factory Station. It would be good to be able to resume." He starts walking toward Alpha Station, expecting Oxfor to join them, "I'm glad that you liked the soy-crisps. We're running low, but it was noted how much you enjoyed snacks." Or just food in general. "We can certainly talk over food. In my office, perhaps?" Looking back to the remains of the welcoming committee, he adds with a wry grin with a hint of edge to it, "Do try not to restart the war out here."

"Jumar." Fiona's tone is stiff. "These are things that our leaders intend to discuss. You're not helping anyone by trying to force the issue here and now." Fiona's expectation of being listened to is mixed at best. "You heard the Chancellor." And speaking of, she asks of Kane, "Shall I help our guests get situated? They intend to make camp outside the walls."

"And what is there to think?" Chis asks Jumar, her tone serious now. "Your warriors have seen now… the Mountain is a formidable foe of the Trikru. It attacks from afar… and without mercy." Then the young woman nods slowly with Bruns' words, and Fiona gets a slight nod as well. She appears to be ready to say more, but then Oxfor is turning toward her, and the Steheda demands the girl's attention.

"Chis, fetch the foodstuffs. We eat with the Chancellor." He looks to Kane now, gesturing for the Chancellor to lead the way. He does not seem ready to engage in the arguments around him, but is ready to speak on behalf of the Trikru regarding these things.

Kai can't help but curl her lip at Jumar with a shake of her head before she elects to pipe up,"Chancellor Kane, if I may, I would like to see that intel." perhaps breaking some protocol or another, but she can't help it, that? She wants.

"We know what arms you have. You know our numbers. Why would we provoke you like that? It's meant to stop us from cooperating." Bruns doesn't say that particularly loudly, so only those who are paying attention to him will hear it. He watches Chis move off with a look that might be read as protective.

Kane nods to Fiona, "Yes please, Councilor." He stops at Kai's question, glancing over to Oxfor a moment and then back to the former Cadet, "I think it would be best if information flowed to you through your teacher and the Trikru, Miss Adams." And then he's off to lead the way into Alpha Station for Oxfor and his… assistant? servant? girl?

"I'm not forcing anything. They asked and I answered, after the shouting. Are you going to blame people for speaking their minds, now?" The first sentence? Casual, but the second is edged to Fiona. Then, though, Chis gets a glance, and his tone is considerably less edged, back to neutral, "I was merely explaining, I did just grant we don't know who it was. Most of us here don't leap to conclusions based on circumstantial evidence at best." Hidden jab, maybe? Jumars never made it a secret he thought the Grounders were reactionary lunatics after they declared war on the camp, but he's not going the extra mile this time, at least. "Look, I know the mountains the real problem here, but you have to admit it looks bad when you look at it on the surface, and they are reacting to that. I can't blame them for grieving and lashing out. Can you?" The tone is easily meant to be placating.

"It wouldn't be the first time revenge over rode common sense." Morgan says to Bruns. "Kai, I'd like to talk to you about all this when you have a moment." He looks to Kane at his answer then back to Kai. Nope, not saying a word.

<FS3> Jumar rolls Persuasion: Good Success. (4 1 7 8 1 2 3 4 6)

Kai can't help her snort and a shake of her head, it's not that she's surprised by Kane's response, but it doesn't please her any more, her attention rolling over to Bruns with a nod of agreement,"That's one of the possibilities that I'm figuring on. The timing was too coincidental. And Britt was saying the Mountain normally doesn't wait long enough for evacuations to be complete. Still." she crosses her arms as well as she can before her as she hears her name from Morgan and gives him an upnod and looks to Wren again briefly, measuring whether her 'duties' are complete for the moment so she can talk to Morgan,"Eli should be coming up soon, figured it wasn't a good idea for a whole bunch of us to show up all together."

Fiona just shakes her head at Jumar, and keeps her opinion of his words to herself. Instead she looks at the other arrivals from Trikru. "If you'd like, we can determine a spot for your campsite. Whoever wants to wait here for the steheda to return is of course welcome to."

As he leads Oxfor and Chis away, Kane notes to one of the Guards, "Let others in if they'd like, but stay on watch. The Mountain may try to disrupt this meeting as well." Which is the polite excuse for 'so might the Arkers or the Grounders,' "Let me know if there are any problems."

"I'm not forcing anything. They asked and I answered, after the shouting. Are you going to blame people for speaking their minds, now?" The first sentence? Casual, but the second is edged to Fiona. Then, though, Chis gets a glance, and his tone is considerably less edged, back to neutral, "I was merely explaining, I did just grant we don't know who it was. Most of us here don't leap to conclusions based on circumstantial evidence at best." Hidden jab, maybe? Jumars never made it a secret he thought the Grounders were reactionary lunatics after they declared war on the camp, but he's not going the extra mile this time, at least. "Look, I know the mountains the real problem here, but you have to admit it looks bad when you look at it on the surface, and they are reacting to that. I can't blame them for grieving and lashing out. Can you?" The tone is easily meant to be placating.

"It wouldn't be the first time revenge over rode common sense." Morgan says to Bruns. "Kai, I'd like to talk to you about all this when you have a moment." He looks to Kane at his answer then back to Kai. Nope, not saying a word.

Kai can't help her snort and a shake of her head, it's not that she's surprised by Kane's response, but it doesn't please her any more, her attention rolling over to Bruns with a nod of agreement,"That's one of the possibilities that I'm figuring on. The timing was too coincidental. And Britt was saying the Mountain normally doesn't wait long enough for evacuations to be complete. Still." she crosses her arms as well as she can before her as she hears her name from Morgan and gives him an upnod and looks to Wren again briefly, measuring whether her 'duties' are complete for the moment so she can talk to Morgan,"Eli should be coming up soon, figured it wasn't a good idea for a whole bunch of us to show up all together."

Fiona just shakes her head at Jumar, and keeps her opinion of his words to herself. Instead she looks at the other arrivals from Trikru. "If you'd like, we can determine a spot for your campsite. Whoever wants to wait here for the steheda to return is of course welcome to."

As he leads Oxfor and Chis away, Kane notes to one of the Guards, "Let others in if they'd like, but stay on watch. The Mountain may try to disrupt this meeting as well." Which is the polite excuse for 'so might the Arkers or the Grounders,' "Let me know if there are any problems."

Morgan sees Kai's look at Wren and says "Wren's welcome as well. Really, anyone is if they're like to talk about the mountain."

Bruns rocks back a step and bites the edge of his lip. He sweeps a gaze around the gathered, then turns and starts towards the gate. Maybe he's doing his own search for a campsite, or maybe he's just got to get a little bit of air. It's hard to say.

As the crowd disperses, Jumar simply observes, having said his piece. Once he spots Bruns leaving though, he gives a 'click' of his tongue before he starts to head over to him. "Hey, Bruns, got a moment, or are you heading out?" Yep, there's Jumar, pressing one of the Grounders before they leave the Gate. What's he up to?

"You wanna talk, kid, walk with me," says Bruns to Jumar as he steps out past the gate. He's not going far - just past the front doors, so to speak.

Amongst others, there's an older couple who seem determined not to leave the scene, and with everyone now seeming inclined to settle in, Fiona makes her way over and is embraced by them. A tall, dark skinned man and a petite, lighter skinned woman, they must be her parents, and she talks excitedly with them in low tones as her mother gently picks at Fiona's hair.

Kai presumes that there's indication from Wren that she's on her own recognizance for the moment, grunting at Morgan,"Just making sure that I didn't need to follow the steheda and my First." she explains,"So what's this about strung up guards?" she unfolds her arms again, allowing more weariness to actually show in the slump of her shoulders and shift of her posture now that the crowds dispensing,"And wherever the hell we're going, please let it include seats. Between Silver and Arlin I'm strapped about as well together as I can be, but that doesn't make it any more pleasant."

Tuan has been lurking at the back of the delegation; not exactly drug against his will as he was insistant that he would come. However his eyes have been following a certain Skaigirl around and when he spots Fiona's approach to the individuals who could be her parents, he quickly averts his gaze to anything and anyone around.

Benning finds herself by Tuan's side, giving him a look as he does his best not to look at Fiona and her parents, "You could go up and say hello." She gives him a shoulder nudge, "I would not take great effort. And it might be interesting to meet her family." She glances at him with a smile, "Unless you have changed you mind?" She is teasing but that last remark is meant to get a rise out of Tuan.

"There are some seats places outside we could use." Morgan says, nodding toward the gate. "You're all welcome to come on in and talk. Or just look around the area. And be stared at. But they need to see you all anyway before they can get used to you." he says to the Trikru in earshot. "Remember, it's only been a little more than a month since we thought everyone on the planet was dead."

Whatever Fiona has said to her parents, within a few moments both mother and father are looking toward Benning and Tuan. Oh, dear. There's a few more words exchanged, and the air of amiability amongst the little family has not diminished.

"<In Trigedasleng> That is easy for you to say," Tuan laments to Benning with a smirk, "<In Trigedasleng> When you told your parents I believe the response was 'about damn time'." He looks up again towards where Fiona is at, and notices that she and her parents are looking at him. A sigh leaves his lips and he asides quietly to Benning, "<In Trigedasleng> Wish me luck. And try not to enthrall all of the Skaikru with your smiles." With that, he is making his way over towards where Fiona and her parents are at.

Kai's attention goes towards Benning and Tuan, but the connection between the quintet makes her not call out right away. In fact it draws her own attention to scan the area for fear of her own mom showing up,"Green Eden I hope no-one gets trigger happy." she can't help but mutter, nodding towards the Row,"I'll introduce you to everyone properly in a bit. Evidently it's not going to be a quick visit, which bites.. I was hoping to convince Wren to let me ride out to Coesbur. I also need a damned map. I've been talking to some of the others and figured maybe we can get a handle on the Mountain's range if we can plot where the other destroyed villages were."

Fiona in fact does gesture Tuan over, but she makes the same gesture toward Benning as well. It has an optional air to it, and the Trikru craftswoman is free to refuse if she's so inclined.

Benning pats Tuan on the back and sends him on his way to go talk to Fiona and his parents, "<In Trigedasleng> Good luck my friend and just remember not to stare at her breasts when her parents are talking to you." She gives him a laugh and then looks around with a curious eye at the new place that she's going to camping at for a while. She can't help but give the Alpha station a wear eye but otherwise does her best to be 'friendly' to the Skaikru that look at her with curiosity.

Kai tips her head vaguely in the direction of The Row by way of invitation for Benning in case that might be of more interest to her, though the Second limps off after Morgan afterwards.

Command Station, Camp Jaha
A small room adjacent to the Chancellor's quarters, the Command station is used not only for meetings with the Council and the Chancellor, but also for planning and strategy sessions. a high table runs down the center of the room, tall enough that there is a collection of stools around it rather than chairs. The walls are brilliantly lit by glowing computer screens, including resource allocation plots, ancient satellite photos, and a clear screen with a topographic map of the area drawn on it with glowing dry-erase marker.
36 Days After Landing

On the way in, Kane stops briefly in what was once the Alpha Station Mess Hall, pointing to the scorched hole in one wall and the little tokens left around it, "That's where the bomb went off. It killed Chancellor Jaha's son, my mother, four members of our Council, and twelve other people, including four children. There were another forty-eight wounded. The same people stole the dropship and launched early, crippling the Ark." Down here, where doors open and close smoothly and the lights are on, it doesn't look so crippled, but they're getting air, water, and heat from outside. He leads the way down the south corridor, to a room where two Guards stand at attention outside, with pistols and shock batons at their belts. One opens the door and holds it for the group, and Kane steps through first, then gestures the others past him and deeper into the room. The far door is open, revealing small, neat sleeping quarters.

Chis follows in behind Oxfor, lost in his shadow. She is laden with a bag filled with carefully stacked containers that are being kept warm by coals, and several small skins of wine. She is prepared to serve a feast, it seems. As they move through the Station, she turns her head this way and that to make note of details. Then as they enter the Command Cetner, her gaze sweeps to the two guards as they pass. Then she focuses forward. She is careful, observant, and waiting…

Oxfor nods solemnly at Kane's words. "I have heard of this… I am sorry to hear about your losses, Chancellor." When they step into the room, Oxfor immeditely takes a look around, and he grins slightly. "Comfortable." Which it probably is, even not a little barren for Oxfor's tastes. He glances to Chis now, and nods. "<In Trigedasleng> Food," he commands gently. The young woman steps forward immediately begins to unpack the bag onto the high table.

Kane steps over to the wall, pressing a button on the intercom and calling up to the food prep area, "Some water, soy-crisps," he considers a moment, "A spaghetti and meatballs or two," there is no spaghetti or meatballs, but at least that's what it's supposed to taste like, "And some ice cream for later." No ice, and no cream, but at least it tastes creamy and sweet. An acknowledgement comes from the speaker, and then Kane is focusing on his guests, the door shut by the same guard who opened it. He gestures to the stools, "Please, take a seat," and only then does he pull out his own stool and belly up to the table. Most of the screens behind him have been shut down so that they are not distracting, but a couple still glow with scrolls of data, and the clear board with its dry-erase markers shows the surrounding area, with notes on what has been found where. "We've all lost someone these past few weeks. It's a hard time, when two peoples come together." He places his hands palm-down on the tabletop, "Now, I'd hoped to talk to you about our Guards, your village, the Mountain, the agreement Councilor Kattegat arrived at with you, and the one she arrived at with the kruheda." His hands turn palm-up at his sides, "But I have to admit, I also just wanted to meet the man who helped keep our kids alive."

Chis is quiet as she unloads the heavy, lidded dishes. She begins to tug off the lids, revealing quite a spread of foods: venison in a thick gravy with wild mushrooms, a barley dish that is light and fluffy and peppered with bright green peas, and something that looks like a dense cake soaked in raw milk. Chis sets out two plates, two ceramic cups, and then begins to pour a golden liquid into each.

Oxfor watches Chis for a long moment, musing a bit. Then he looks back toward Kane, and he nods seriously. "Yes… we have all suffered losses," he agrees. He does not sit, but remains standing while Chis puts the finishing touches. "I am just a steheda… a village leader. Indra kom Trikru is our kruheda… our clan leader. I am certain that Fiona kom Skaikru did well… she is quite skilled in working with people." He flashes a grin then, but then clears his throat. "The Commander was not aware of the attack on your people, neither I'm sure is the Kruheda. But, there are members of Sonia kom Trikru's warband who did not take kindly to Indra's peacetalks, nor that no one has been held responsible for the deaths of Thripoda." Yet. "The Commander questions whether or not you are going to live up to your word… that those responsible for Thripoda will be given to the Trikru for Trikru Justice."

Okay, so the soy-food has chemical scents added, but the array of food being laid out, it's only through the strongest willpower that Kane keeps his stomach from growling. He looks to Chis then, "That all looks and smells delicious." The words shift up toward Oxfor as well, including them both in the compliment. "You may only be a steheda, but you walked a tight line not too long ago. One that I appreciate, and so do the One Hundred. It wasn't an easy position you were in, but you stuck to your…" he stops then, smiling a little wryly, "Our saying is 'stuck to your guns,' I don't know if you have a similar one." Oxfor's reassurances are met with a nod, and then the most important question hangs in the air. Kane is silent for a long moment, and then he responds, "Yes, if we can find them." He obviously knows that isn't going to go over well, because he goes on quickly, "We don't know if all of those who attacked us got on the Exodus ship or not. We're still trying to figure that out and to find them if they exist."

Chis offers Kane a small smile as she finishes setting the table. Then she steps back. Her gaze ticks to Oxfor, and there is a murmuring of trigedasleng. The steheda bows his head slightly in understanding, and then looks to Kane. "This is not something the Commander will let be forgotten, Marcus Kane kom Skaikru…" Then he takes a small step back, and Chis does something unusual. She steps up to the stool, grabs onto the edge of the table, and swings herself into the seat in a smooth and precise motion. Oxfor takes up a stance behind her, hands clasped behind his back. Kane would recognize how steely and quiet the steheda becomes, standing in relaxed attention.

"My scouts have informed me that no one survived the crash of your Exodus ship," Lexa says, lacing her fingers together as they rest before her on the table. The young woman's demeanor has completely changed from the polite serving girl to someone harsher and sharper. "And now you will try to tell me that they killed themselves by killing my people, and that should be satisfaction enough."

The interplay between Oxfor and Chis causes Kane to frown slightly, catching… something… going on, but when Oxfor steps back and Chis seats herself and speaks up, he smiles tightly, apparently appreciating the deception. "I presume that I'm speaking with the Heda. And no, I'm not going to tell you that." There's a pause, and then he qualifies, "Well, not the last part." Pushing up from his seat, he steps over to one of the lit monitors, "We're going to keep searching for those who attacked us, those who were allied with the Rees, with the ones on the Exodus ship. And when we find them, I would like to propose a joint trial. After all, they attempted to kill all of us, and they did kill a large number of your people."

Typing in a couple of commands, he gestures to the screen, "This is security camera footage of the airlock between the Exodus ship and the Ark." He narrates the action as it occurs on-screen, crackly and grainy, the result of a quick download and partially corrupted memory in the wake of the launch, "You can see Chancellor Jaha and several others attempting to open the door, with those inside fighting to keep them out. The Chancellor remained in orbit to launch us down to the Ground manually, which is why I'm Chancellor now, but several of the people who were there survived landing, and you can talk to them." The action on-screen comes to a head, "They're leaving because the ship is about to launch, far too quickly. If they had remained," and Jaha nearly does, staring through the window of the airlock before he's hauled back, "they would have been sucked out into space." And then the recording dissolves into a wash of static.

"If my people knew I were here, they would assume I was accepting your presence on Trikru lands, and agreeing with the peace talks between your Councilor Kattegat and Indra." The Commander's words are sharp, precise, but they do not carry easy anger. She listens to his information, and her expression does not betray her thoughts. "You believe you still have those traitors here… in your camp?" Her gaze slides to the door, and then back to Kane. "I do not see why your justice should trump ours. Your people, traitors or not, have killed seven hundred of mine… seven hundred lives, the majority of them not warriors, but families… children. Your people should stand for our justice."

When he indicates the screen, she turns her gaze to it. If she is surprised by the monitor or the crackling images, she does not betray this to Kane. Instead, she watches as he narrates. Her lips thin slightly. "I am concerned, Chancellor," she says, tone even. "You have people attempting to assassinate your leaders, you have your people trying to weasle their way into my people." She shakes her head. "I am being called to exile each and every Skaikru from Tondc… including Kai kom Skaikru." Here, as Lexa, she uses the girl's true clanname. "That you threaten our well-being each day passes you are in our cities."

Kane nods at the first statement, accepting it as reasonable, but the question that follows causes him to shrug, "Here, or with Farm or Factory Station. It's possible. Honestly, we've been a little too busy simply trying to stay alive, and to find our missing children, to worry about hunting down people who might have been peripherally involved in the Rees' plan. The true believers would have been onboard the ship with the Reeses." Kane nods in the face of Lexa's concern, "I'm concerned, Heda," his own tone is nearly as flat as hers, with only a touch of wry amusement behind it, "My people are in a new place, with dangers they don't understand, surrounded by people who tried to kill our children not long ago. I have people leaving the camp to join those people who tried to kill us." He shrugs a little helplessly then, coming back to the table and sitting down once more. "But I'm also thankful, because at least six hundred of my people are alive. Perhaps more. And that's more than would have been if we had stayed in orbit. I want peace for my people, I want justice for the dead, but first… first I want to recover my people and pay back the people who kidnapped them." His brows rise, "Blood must have blood, yes?"

Once Kane sits, Lexa takes up her cup. The mead gives off a pleasant fragrance, and she sips it before considering the food laid out before them. She gestures him to begin to eat, as she did agree that this was a meeting over dinner — even if it was Oxfor who was being her parrot. She waits for him to start to plate, and she does the same. She is silent as she does, only speaking once she is done. "You have very little time, Chancellor… soon, I will be called upon to seek Justice regardless if you have found the people responsible." Then she takes up a fork — an antique utensil that has seen so much polishing that it is smooth where its edges had once been.

When Kane speaks those words, however, she stops and looks at him, grey eyes like tarnished steel. "Yes." Then she shakes her head. "Though I am not to first to tell you this is a fool's errand. If the Mountain has your people, your people are dead."

"And you're willing to hold them off for some amount of time, Heda?" There's a heartbeat's suspicion of the food, but Kane shoves it aside before it can more than show as a flicker of his eyes, and then he's gathering up a little bit of each and every one of the dishes. Just in time, the intercom by the door buzzes, and Kane calls out, "Come in." A food service worker arrives with a tray of Ark-food as well, including chilled water. Hurray for refrigeration. The man sets the tray down, staring openly at the Grounder food, and the Grounders, and then ducks out again. Kane waits until he's gone before gesturing to the new additions, repeating Lexa's pattern of letting the others serve themselves, and then serving himself. "From everything we've been told, yes, rescuing them is a fool's errand. But there is still vengeance. And I do have to wonder why Coesbur was chosen as a target for the missile and not Camp Jaha, unless the missiles do not have the range to strike here."

Oxfor is the one who looks up as the door opens, and his stance shifts a bit. But, the protector then grunts slightly and crosses his arms. His brows arch in curiosity at the foods, but he doesn't go wandering off to investigate more in-depth. He instead looks back to Kane and Lexa s they speak.

"Yes, some amount of time… but the time I give is not infinite… find them, Chancellor, or find me someone who can stand for their crimes." Then she sets back a bit, focusing on her food. She eats several mouthfuls, washing it down with the mead. Then she looks back up at him. "I cannot answer that question," Lexa admits. "The Mountain Men never are seen, or heard… they destroy efficiently." She chews another mouthful, speaking, "But, trust me when I say, you are not the only one who has noticed Camp Jaha being spared from the attack." She sighs then — a short, quick sound. She finishes her mouthful, and then looks steadily at Kane. "Coesbur seeks vengeance." Her gaze shifts slightly over her shoulder to Oxfor before continuing. "Oxfor kom Trikru does not blame your people for the attack, as some do. Some believe this was a retaliation because your people used guns, but… they attacked us… not you."

Kane frowns for a long moment, then nods, "If we cannot find those responsible, I'll stand for their crimes." The words are quiet, but firm, "I was Security Officer, I should have stopped them before they could take the Exodus Ship." Finally, he starts in on the food, "Personally, I think they're trying to keep us fighting. I don't know why, besides them being afraid of what we could do together, but I think they want us at each others' throats." His fork stills for a moment, "The telemetry systems on the dropships…" he stops there, frowning, and tries to translate them, "The… maps…" it's not quite right, but it's close enough, "electronic maps that told our ships where to land, they failed. Some of our technicians think that they were interfered with. That the ships were driven off course and even crashed on purpose. It could be a coincidence. But I don't know that it is."

That causes Lexa to stop entirely, and she stares across the table at Kane. Behind her, Oxfor starts to smile a slow and proud smile. Lexa doesn't see it. She is too focused on the Chancellor. Then she nods, leaning back slightly. "I accept your terms," she says simply. Then she turns back to her food, mixing the grain with the sauce from the meat. She eats several bites, and casually offers, "I do not believe in coincidences." She looks up seriously at him now, her expression stoic.

"My people would like to stay here… to work with your people. Some have offered to help in finding your missing… children." She finds herself humored, as Lexa is not that much older than those he calls children, which is probably quite obvious to Kane by now. Then again, she carries herself far older… thanks to the gifts of the Flame, and her own training. "And I would like to stay as well… but I do not want it to be known that The Commander is here."

Kane bears up evenly under Lexa's stare. After all, he's twenty years her elder, and has been stared at by some doozies in his time. Plus, he just offered to give up his life for his people. It's not like he has any reason to be ashamed. "I don't believe in coincidences either. Your people are welcome here," and then he stops, considers, "I realized that I don't know your name, just your title." That wry smile is back, "Your people are welcome here, Heda. But while they're within Camp Jaha, they will be under the Exodus Charter." He motions slightly with one hand, "Outside the wire, do as you like. Inside the wire, they obey our laws. And we will post lists of the laws, or read them if needed. And I understand your wish to remain incognito, or I would offer you quarters within the station."

"Lexa kom Trikru," the Commander provides when he prompts for her name. Then when Kane lays out his expectations, her gaze slides over to Oxfor. "Steheda, make sure your people know what is expected of them. There will be no violation of Skaikru law while we are here. Failure to obey will be met with Skaikru Justice." She looks to Kane, seeing if he is satisfied, and then she turns fully back to the Chancellor. She nods again, fork set aside and cup taken back up. She drinks before speaking. "I will remain with my people at their camp, but yes… I do not wish people to know that I am here."

Then she pauses, considering Kane with a slight tilt of her chin. Then she nods slowly. "I understand that some of my warriors have violated our peace accords… that your people have been killed… I will see to it that they are brought to you for your judgment."

Kane looks to Oxfor, but he is already nodding his satisfaction with Lexa's statement. The offer draws a nod, "Excellent. That was the next topic I wanted to bring up anyhow. I would like to focus the Guard on searching for weaknesses in the Mountain's defenses. I also think it would be bad to have Trikru and Guard both searching for the killers at this point. Tensions are too high." He pauses then, and then inquires, "What would the Trikru punishment be for these warriors?"

Lexa arches her brow ever so slightly. "Are you suggesting that we patrol together, or would you be satisfied leaving this to my warriors and scouts? We are more able to bring in those responsible for breaking our accords." The Commander sounds very serious about this, even if it means giving her people to the Skaikru for justice. She will not have her people violating Indra's decree, no matter how suspicious she remains of the Skaikru.

When Kane asks after punishment, Lexa takes another drink of her mead before answering. "They violated an accord, and killed innocents… their punishment would be Death of a Thousand Cuts, my blade being the last of the thousand."

"You're trusting me to find out if there are people responsible for Thripoda here. I'll trust you to find the people who killed my Guards." Kane considers Lexa's response, although by the fact that he doesn't flinch at the description of the execution method, he's probably heard of it before. "How about this. When your people find those who killed the Guards, they're put to a joint tribunal. Your people and mine. The Chancellor will serve as the final vote if there's a tie. When we find those responsible for the crash of the Exodus Ship, they're put to a joint tribunal. Your people and mine. The Heda will serve as the final vote if there's a tie."

Lexa taps her fingertip ever so slightly against the glaze of the cup. She looks at the man, almost sizing him up once more in honest judgment. Then she begins to nod. "Very well…" There is something uncertain in her words all the same, but she doesn't refute being the final judgment. The Heda is always the Final Judgment.

Kane nods at her nod, offering up a little smile, "I'm hoping that the process can let each of our people see the other side for who they are, offer greater understanding." He stops there a moment, showing an actual human moment as he pokes at the venison and gravy, "This is delicious, by the way. We had venison for the first time the other day, but the sauce is excellent." And the intercom buzzes again, announcing, "Ice cream, Chancellor." The frozen dessert is delivered quickly enough, and once again, the food service tech departs quickly. "I think you might rather enjoy this, Heda, Steheda. It's our version of an old Earth tradition."

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