Day 023: Fatalism and Physics
Summary: Kai finds Jumar on the wall, discusses defenses, fatalism, and Sonia's offer.
Date: 13 June 2016
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The Wall Walk — The Camp

The so-called Wall Walk is a rough parapet about two feet wide that runs around the interior of the camp's protective wall. It provides a good view of the area around the camp, though actually walking the parapet is dangerous business as there's barely enough room to pass a fellow person. It sits about three feet beneath the top of the wall, giving a bit of a barrier and place to duck low should the need arise; the other side is completely open to the grounds below. It is made of metal salvaged from the dropship and lashed together sapling trunks, making the walking surface a bit precarious and very patchworked.

OOC Note: While this area has a direct view of the grounds, this room is not set to LISTEN, so it cannot see poses going on in the Grounds room. If something happens on the parapet that you feel the people RPing in the Grounds would see or hear, please let those people know.

Day 23

Whatever you might have thought of the formerly lone wolf techie, Jumar is certainly a lot of energetic lately. Grounders coming to grind you into paste probably has something to do with that. All you know about him is that the shoulder haired mechanic suffocated a group of guards up on the Ark 'by accident', and has kept to himself for the most part since the landing. As one of the only people to vote against Mags' execution, Jumar became severely withdrawn afterwards. Now?

Now, with a Grounder army coming, he's been sitting on the wall for the last few hours, using charcoal to 'write' on a sheet of metal as he looks outside. You've probably seen him by this point.

Up on the Ark, Kai's reputation was awful. The Captain's daughter, another boot-licking guard princess who was rumored to have gotten her own boyfriend, a kid named Elias from agro station, boxed.

She wound up boxed 3 months before the Drop for attempting to kill one of her fellow Cadets during practice, and then in solitary after a fight with her cellmate the first night in the box.

She was one of Mags' guards, and actually punched the girl in the face for kicking Elias.. but she was also the one to suggest that a tally rather than the looseness of a headcount be used, and the one that took the other girl inside and stood guard while everyone else judged her fate.

She helped kill the river snake. Rescued Cassandra and Asher, helped defend the camp when the Grounders first attacked days ago, and has tirelessly been slaving in the underbrush outside of wall since until it's bristling with spikes and holes and rough-made caltrops. A study in opposites between helpful and bitchy. But somewhere out there, there's Trikru warriors already watching the camp, waiting for Sonia's deadline to tick down, and earlier, Kai was out there walking amongst the lines of defense she and her team have worked on since the last attack. Right now the grey-eyed girl prowls the wall walk restlessly, squinting off into the woods and squatting occasionally to test sightlines. For days the ex-C has been coated in dirt that would make a Grounder proud, but she's at least made an effort to wipe herself clean and is checking in with the armed lookouts as she makes her way around, slowing up as she approaches the tech sitting on the wall to offer in a gruff voice,"Aint safe up here." in lieu of hello.

Jumar hasn't said much since coming down here. Busy with his own projects and not really listening to the self proclaimed 'leaders', especially after the Nags execution… he's been very much a lone wolf. Now? For the first time, you hear him speak… and it's a musical bass voice. The kind you'd hear on a radio talk show or on a particularly charismatic poltician. "I'm well aware. I'm also aware that an archer could easily shower us with arrow in a volley over the wall… so I'm not safe anywhere but the dropship itself… and I can't design traps if I'm stuck without a view of the terrain." The whole thing is said matter of factly… but the way the young man says it is still music to anyones ears, "My names Jumar, if you didn't know already."

Kai's voice is rough, for a girl, huskier than her stature and too flat to really count as anything but blunt,"Not their style. The archers like to stick to the tree's. 's why we've been sabotaging them." she nods out towards the nearest trunk,"But yes, we are all pretty royally fucked.. and yeh, I know, you got boxed for suffocating Rogers' team." she can't help but sticky-beak over his shoulder at the work as she points out,"You'd be better off out there walking it rather than trying to plan. As it is they're already overdue, and that simply because Coesbur's running interference and that Sonia's waiting to see if seven of us are going to march off to die."

This gets a shrug, then the mechanic sighs, "well, I certainly never counted on being tossed into a forest, and I certainly never counted on being on the defensive in a war on the planet… so walking out there without an escort to deal with hostile wildlife is… not something I like the idea of." Jumar puts down the sheet of metal, then. You can easily see a few complicated looking designs on it, "I'm trying to debate what I can realistically build out there before I put in the work. So far, I've had to jury rig most of it in my mind, but I think I have a good idea of what will work. Tripwires seems most effective for the most part… the type their weapons can't cut easily, with the mines in the wide open areas."

There's a gallows smile from Kai, the kind that doesn't reach her eyes or contain much in the way of real amusement,"Then lucky for you that I can't sleep worth shit." there's a quiet grunt as the creature turns as if she'll head off, but pauses to look over her shoulder with her hand resting casually on her rifle to give a head tip of invitation,"Right now there's about fifty of them out there. That's going to get worse. They're waiting for the rest of the army before they come in to kill us all. I can pull guys off my work if you've got something workable, but we don't have open ground, and we sure as hell aren't going to be able to make that in time." she points as she turns away again,"From here you can't see it but there's fall traps just outside the stake lines. Cole's already working on mine's to put in to at least some of them, but I suspect you already know that, yeh? Tripwire's aren't going to do much good because they mostly like to use the archers, ground troops were largely a distraction trying to lure us into wasting bullets last time. But that's why the holes and spikes. Beyond that, we've got what we could make for caltrops, because that section of wall they pulled down they did with a team of horses at a distance, so if we can stop them from bringing in another team, or shred the hell out of the one's they do try to bring in, it should keep them off the walls longer."

"Those walls aren't going to do much good to us other than funneling any melee warriors and acting as higher ground for the rifle types. What I have in mind isn't about killing them, but being reusable and slowing down their assault enough for us to have time to react to what they do melee wise. Mines, as great as they are, are one use and unreliable. If bows are their main weapons, then we'd do a lot better making mini bunkers on the wall or on the ground so our rifle people have a solid view with little exposure. Choke pointing them will make a lot of difference if we can manage it for tripwires. That being said, the pits are a good secondary option. They'll need to take the time to remove them if they want to bring in horse again." He puts the charcoal down, and Jumar tsks, "honestly, I only took the physics course so I knew what I made would hold together… I didn't think I'd be using any of it to create warzone obstacles. The best we can do for the archery is make sure our firing angles are better than theirs, and giving them less high ground otherwise."

"They'll at least keep the melee off the people on the ground for a little while." Kai grunts, she stops when he doesn't rise, squinting out at the woods again,"That's.. largely what's out there. I'd love to build something more lethal so that our people have to fight less of them, but annoyance and delay factor is all I've got so far." which is why she beetles her brows as she squats down again and huffs a sigh, passing a hand over her shorn head with a grimace,"We would. But it comes to time and material and skill. Do you have the skill to make it happen? Cos I don't. And I don't know if this wall would hold under that kind of load.. because by Eden I'd love to protect our people as long as I can. And what kind of tripwire's you thinking?" she's trying to picture it, squinting out at the ground as if trying to envision the battle somewhere behind her eyes with a faint smile,"I'm operating on what I picked up from my father about dealing with Ark riots and what I've read in the Art of War.. all of which and half our Grounder allies all say we're dead meat. But yes. Firing angles is why I stuck people on top of the ship.. it worked nicely last time, but now they know there will be people up there. Volunteering as sacrificial lamb seems more and more tempting by the hour."

Jumar points to his sheet metal with a downwards thumb, "I've been designing things using the lessons off the top of my head. With a bit of time, we can probably use the trees and rope to make more complicated stuff like log traps or the like, we have plenty of wood for that, just need to jury rig the rest of it. I made stuff on the Ark back when I was learning from the engineering teams, so this is just a lower tech version of that." Jumar shrugs, then. "these assholes are the ones who decided to go all bloodthirsty without even trying to ask what's going on. I'm not going to tell you what to do… but to me, the second you give into their foolishness, you validate it. Do you want to validate their anger when we had nothing to do with their village burning?"

"Realistically the smartest move would be to move to different ground, something more defensible with better access to fresh water and soil that's good for planting." Kai grunts with a sigh,"But if we can find or make the rope and manage to cut down the tree's without killing ourselves.." she holds out her blistered hand his way to show what her own efforts have wrought so far,"There are eighty-five people left in this camp. Maybe fifteen of those are ex-Cadets. Assorted other murderers and violent offenders who have no real training with weapons but are willing to fight, and a bunch of people who can't or wont fight.. versus an army. The closest village, the one that has been helping us.. I'm told numbers five-hundred people approximately.. and like it or not we're fighting multiple villages now. You do the math. It's not about validation or even right or wrong.. it's that we, each and every one of us, is more surely dead than if Jaha himself was standing outside the airlock waiting to cycle it, and we're collectively pulling shit out of our asses to try and defend against a superior force that has been doing this since they were old enough to piss standing upright." she utters bleakly, perhaps feeling comfortable admitting it to someone she doesn't know and is actually trying to help,"We're not going to win this war. Our only hope is diplomacy. Somehow. With people who don't give a shit unless you're the goddamn chieftain."
Long distance to Fiona: Kai re-waves! I got sucked in to a couple of scenes while you were gone, either of which would be relevant for what I want to talk to Fi about, but Grey's slow and half baby-idle and I know that you're slow and half-work idle so I'm not sure that either would suit

"If they cared about chieftains, they would have sent someone to talk to us instead of that lunatic grounder. All in all, moving to different ground would mean we actualyl know where to move to… and as far as I'm aware, we've only barely scouted our surroundings. Even if those grounders from that village the others apparently trust helped us find a new place… we have too many people to hide with. I'm no tracking expert, but I'd imagine people who have been doing that their whole lives could find us no matter where we go. At least here we have the dropship as a last resort if we have to do a last stand and plenty of traps already." He gestures around the forest nearby, "we can control the battlefield here. Diplomacy only works if the other side thinks they can't kill us easily and take what they want regardless. Someone like me would probably be enslaved if they got their hands on me, but I'm not all that interested in helping bloodthirsty lunatics to kill other bloodthirsty lunatics."

"We have barely scouted." the way Kai says that suggests that it doesn't mean that they don't know what's out there.. or at least, that she doesn't know what's out there. There is a slow nod of her head,"Oo-rah as my grandfather used to say." well, not quite, but close enough for the girl whose eyes roll his way,"I'm not interested in killing Grounders. But I'm also not interested in finding out their policy on slavery. But well, there is no long term. We die here unless we find some way of negotiating."

"I'm interested in staying alive. If that means the rest of you kill grounders with my designs, I'm perfectly happy with that. So far, I've seen nothing that suggests that lunatic is interested in negotiating with us. Even if we could, I'm sure as hell not interested in giving them anything when they're trying to kill us. Call me naive if you like, but I'm very uninterested in groveling to the maniacs coming to kill us. They don't respect us, Kai… so why would they care to talk?" Jumar watches her

"There's.. it's complicated." Kai grunts with a small shake of her head,"I didn't go to the negotiations with the local village. But they're not the one's attacking us. In fact, they're risking pissing off this Indra because they're not attacking us.. but moreover they seem to be trying to get their own people to see reason. It's the one's that don't know us. They're fucking scared of Mount Weather.. apparently the people up there decide to drop missles on people for one of them having a gun.. we have multiple fucking rifles, and then something from the sky drops on and wipes out an entire village. If I was in their shoes, I probably wouldn't be super interested in talking, either, though I'd like to hope I'd be more reasonable than they're being right now."

"The thing that dropped on them wasn't a missile. Anyone who knows how that stuff works can see the difference. It was going far too slow to be one, and there was far too much surface fire… a missile would be sleek and you wouldn't know about it until it was too late. I know some here don't like the Ark, but theres absolutely no reason for the council to even consider something like that… and even if they did, how would they know where to fire it? No, that was an accident of some kind." Jumar brings up a hand and rubs the back of his neck, "they sent us down here, but the talk we had with them proved that it was because they didn't think they had a choice. I don't see any reason they'd risk starting a war with us down here."

"But they /don't/ know, Jumar." Kai points out,"They use bow and arrows and freaking /swords/, to them it's just something fell the fuck out of the sky and killed a bunch of their people. And no, I don't believe it was some kind of attack, it was a stupid accident, but we look at it from the perspective of those who know this shit and they don't." she flicks a gesture out at the woods,"If the Ark was still on the radio it would at least be something.. Eden knows I'd be the first in line begging them for help right now.. but we're alone. So if you wanna walk.. let's walk. Otherwise.. well, now you know what I know of the tactics and what I've put out there with Elias and Cam and why it's out there. If you can come up with some kind of hail mary pass, I will do what I can to make it happen because while half these assholes deserve to be floated, the rest of them don't."

Jumar looks back to the camp… then back, "if I thought anyone deserved to die in any way, I would have voted for Mags to die. I didn't." He shrugs, then gestures into the forest again, "I'm not a grounder, and I haven't been an Arker for years now according to their law. Death is very final, and there is no reason to kill people down here when the ground has so much to offer. Unlike up there, we can always hunter for more, and there's no oxygen limit. I'm only really interested in killing people in self defense if there's no other choice." He brushes his hair out of his face, "I'm well aware they're medieval compared to us… that isn't my point. Instead of coming to us and asking what happened, we have a bloodthirsty lunatic who assumes she knows what happened and is coming to kill us without even trying to figure it out. It might be fear. It might be anger. It might even be rage… but that makes them no less bloodthirsty lunatics… and one little village potentially helping us doesn't make that better. If they wanted to negotiate, their first deed wouldn't have been sending an arrow through Stones neck."

Kai grunts, falling silent and listening before she finally shrugs,"Actually, it was Joaquin's shoulder. Then Fi's chest, then Boy Scout got turned into a pincushion. And Mags was a murderous bitch who decided to smash in the head of another one of us on the say-so of a mecha guard." she slowly stretches to her feet,"I got to get back to my patrol. Or sleep. One of those." she's not entirely sure anymore,"Be careful up here." she adds.

Jumar gives a nod, then grins, "yeah, I understand she killed people… but as I said, I'm not a grounder and I don't believe two wrongs make a right. Have a good sleep, or whatever you're going to do."

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