Day 038: Pinky Promise
Summary: Grey is doing guard things and Aeron gets a knife… and a pinky promise.
Date: 07-06-16
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The Row, Camp Jaha

The arching ring of Alpha Station rises high above this still-developing shantytown. Living quarters, workshops, and storage have been built out of panels from the uninhabitable parts of Alpha Station. They run down on either side of a pierced-metal plank roadway, ending in a metal-topped dirt ramp leading up to an airlock entrance to Alpha Station. A large section of Alpha Station's hull has been removed to open up what used to be a work-bay, and has now been turned into a garage for the Ark's few rovers.

A metal fence surrounds the camp, with an open space and then an electrified wire fence beyond that. Outside of the wire fence is a rolling meadow, a peaceful lake, a little stream, and then the lush forests of Trikru lands.

Day 038

Lights are beginning to come on around Camp Jaha as darkness descends on the lakeside clearing. It's probably still notable to Trikru in the area, but for Skaikru, lamps are just part of life. What hasn't been part of life previously are the mosquitoes rising off the lake. Lucian Grey is discussing something on a dataslate with another Guard when his attention begins to get distracted. He looks up, down, left, his eyes following a certain particular buzzing nuisance, and he hands off the dataslate distractedly, flattening out one palm… WHACK, straight on his left shoulder. And his face contorts with pain, "Shitnuggets!" He clasps his sling-bound left arm in his right hand, clamping down on any further cursing, and gives the now-chuckling Guard a scowl and a gesture of 'yeah, we're done.' The ex-Delinquent begins to meander down the Row toward the gate, rubbing at his left arm.

There is the most delightful table of delightful delicious toys upon it. Sure, some people call them toys. Aeron (if she talked) would call them evidence. The tiny redhead is completely fascinated with the saw. One of those on the job might have made a bad decision to leave her near them. At the sound of the guards, Aeron freezes. Her green eyes move towards the guard with Grey as her hands start to sneak behind her back. Guilt colors her features as she watches Grey move and her mouth opens. It's almost like she's going to warn right before the whack hits. Aeron's face is flushed with shock as her hands fly towards her mouth, only it is not horror she is holding in. As her fingers try diligently to hold back the tide, it rises up and bubbles over. Her giggling can be heard as she watches the two.

Grey looks up at the giggling, the harsh overhead lights of the Row casting deep shadows over his features, so that when he scowls, his eyes disappear, and his brows and cheekbones stand out in sharp relief. "What the hell's so funny, man? That hurt…" It's more in the tone of 'grumbling' than anything really aggressive. It's actually the other's size that identifies her, followed by her red hair, "Aeron, yeah?" Because even if the jailbirds didn't know one another before they hit the Ground, every one of the Delinquents is at least passingly recognizable now.

Aeron looks up at him with those big green eyes of his and then wipes her hand across her mouth. She takes the smile and the laughter right with it, but her eyes are still laughing. She steps up a bit closer to him and nods her head when he says her name. Aeron's right hand comes up to point to his shoulder as her head tilts to the side in a questioning angle. Then she will attempt to reach out, if allowed, to pat closer to his elbow. It's a there-there sort of thing.

Grey rolls his eyes at the wiping away of the smile, the tipping back of his head letting the light shine over his features more evenly and illuminate the gesture. The questioning gesture causes him to shake his head, pointing to the bandage sticking out from under the left sleeve of his t-shirt, "Naw, it's my arm. Reaper tried to chop it off for a," he pauses a moment as she reaches out to pat him on the arm, swaying back unconsciously a bit before he finishes, "…snack. Bastard's dead now though, and I just hurt like hell when somethin' jostles my arm. Don't know who's got it worse."

Aeron withdraws her hand back and seems to make Grey her focus when he talks. She nods her red head at him in consideration. The word 'Reaper' causes her to tense and look around a bit nervously. Even murderkittens fear something. There is a lowering of her brows before she indicates his shoulder again and then points to her own eyes. However, she nods and then her eyes light up. Aeron smiles at him sweetly and then tries to get him over to the death table.

"Naw, they're not likely to come this far. Guard's back out on patrol," After being pulled in tight around the camp after three of their number were found dead in a tree nearby, "and the Trikru've got patrols between here and the Reaper lands too." Grey frowns as he tries to puzzle out the gestures, "Uhh…" Finally something clicks, even as he's following her over to the tools, "You wanna take a look at it? Naw, Mac," one of the MedTechs, "Stitched it up. Says I'm supposed to keep the bandage on until it's time to change the whole thing."

Aeron listens to him and there is a look of recognition on her features at Mac's name. It is as if everything she thinks and feels plays across those features of hers. There is a longing look towards his arm as her lower lip pouts out at him for telling her no. She tries her best to look heartbroken and pathetic, but then there are tools. Aeron smiles again and picks up one of the datapads to hand over to him. It's almost thrown into his hands in fact, in her excitement. It's the design for the forge. She eagerly points where the others are working. Her hands are drawn together under her chin and she bounces on her toes. One can almost hear the squee that she mimes out.

<FS3> Grey rolls Finesse+Finesse-3: Good Success. (8 7 3 7 6)

Grey shrugs his right shoulder at the heartbroken look, "Sorry. Doc's orders. I already piss them off enough by gettin' out of bed early — " And then a dataslate is being tossed his way, and he tries to catch it off-balance and one-handed. The 'slate is bobbled up in the air once, and then he snags it, looking a little relieved and then spinning it around to study the screen, "What's this…?" An engineer, Lucian Grey is definitely not. "Uh… building of some sort… fires? Heating?" And then he blinks, "Oh! Jumar's forge. He roped you into that too, eh?"

Aeron watches him bob it and then watches as he catches it. There is a worrisome look to her features for a moment. She'd be right off that team if she broke the how to book. Then she shakes her head at each of his comments. When he says fire, she nods her head rapidly and tries to encourage him to go with that. He's so close. And then he gets it. There is a happy noise from her as she bounces in congrats to that. When he asks about getting roped in, she nods her head. Then she points to the tools. All the wonderful tools. That surely explains everything.

It's just when Grey's not expecting it that he's clumsy like that, apparently. He spins the dataslate on the palm of his hand, then offers it back out to Aeron, "Good. Dunno what people'll wanna use it for, but I'm sure all'a you gearheads have dozens of things you want to make with it. Wonder if the Guard'll have to start learning to use swords. I mean, eventually, we won't be able to recharge the shock baton batteries anymore…" okay, now Grey's off on his own tangent, and he blinks, looking down at the collection of tools, "Oh, hey, yeah. I bet that's a whole lot better'n a dropship-metal knife, a big rock, and some vines."

Aeron listens to the tangent and seems mildly sad when it ends. She sits in one of the chairs and pats the other one for him to join her. The mention of the difference in tools gets a quick smile and a nod of her head. Aeron lifts her left hand and folds her fingers towards her palm. It allows her fingers to touch her thumb and she opens the 'mouth' and closes it again. Hand puppets rock! IF only she had socks. Then she stops and points to him. That's right Guard. Figure out what she's saying. It's like a game of charades without a winner.

Grey starts to turn away to head back out toward the gate, but then she offers one of the chairs, hesitating for a minute and glancing out toward the gate again. Then he shrugs his right shoulder again and settles down on the edge of the chair, keeping the makeshift blade at his back away from the back of the chair. It's an oddity to have to worry about that again. The mummer's show causes him to frown in thought, "Uh… Talking? You want me to keep talking?" He seems a little surprised by that, surprised and probably a little confused too.

Aeron claps her hands excitedly when he 'gets' it. She nods her head to that and then smiles. She points at him before doing the talking gesture. Aeron settles in the chair and swings her feet, since they don't reach the ground. Then she focuses all the attention of her green eyes on him. It's clear she's waiting for him to talk more.

"Well hell, I dunno what you want me to talk about." Grey brings one hand up to his mouth, nibbling on the nail of his index finger a moment before he continues, "Mostly I'm just killin' time until I can get back out there and get to trackin' down a way in to get our people out of the Mountain." He snorts then, "Man… how goddamned horrible would it have been if we'd actually dropped right on Mount Weather like planned?"

Aeron nods her head solemnly to that and then points to herself and then out there. She points to him and the ground and then back to herself and puts her finger to her lips. It's almost like she's asking him for something or about something. Then she goes back to the what to talk about. That one is easy. She gives him a soft smile and points to him. To talk about himself.

Once more, Grey finds himself puzzling over Aeron's gestures, "You know, this'd be a whole lot easier if you'd just talk, Aeron." Still, he makes the attempt, "Uh… If you were out there, and I was in here, you'd be real quiet?" He shakes his head, "No, that ain't right. Oh… yeah. No, I'm sure you won't have to go out there. That's what the Guard's for, and nutters like Asher. Make sure y'all can stick around here and everything'll be quiet." Yeah, that's not it either, but he's pretty convinced it is. "And me? There ain't so much to tell. Just tryin' to settle in to bein' a Guard again." Well, he was only a Cadet before, but close enough, right? "And workin' on gettin' our people back."

Aeron sighs and puts her head back to look up at the sky. When you choose to be mute, conversations are hard. She points to herself and then hops out of the chair. Her hand extends towards outside before dropping down to her knees before him. That could be sexy if they were different people. Then she attempts to examine the ground as if she's finding something in it. Then moves a little further off and does the same. Her eyes lift to him and then she points to him and then to her and then to the ground.

Grey follows the pantomime, and then his eyebrows lift up, "Oh. You want to go out there with us? Lookin' for our people? And you figure you can be quiet enough to help out?" He's still going back to the original gestures that he missed out on, although colored by the new ones. A light chuckle twists one corner of his lips into a crooked grin, "Well, not talkin' certainly helps with bein' quiet, doesn't it? It ain't exactly safe out there, and they still ain't lettin' anyone but Guard and a few of the militia carry rifles. You sure you're up to it if we run into trouble?"

Aeron gives him a look to that. A look. She points to herself and then slices her hand across her throat. This causes her to tilt her head and loll her tongue out. Yeah. Nothing creepy about that. Then she straightens with an all too gleeful expression on her face. She nods and then poses with her hands on her hips in the 'victorious' stance. Aeron then hops back over to curl back into the chair next to Grey's.

"Yeah, you're all sorts of badass." Grey chuckles softly, then shrugs, admitting, "you survived the Dropship Camp, that makes you some sorta badass, but we got no idea what's gonna be up there. Could be Reapers," Grey gives a little shiver at that, now that he's sitting down and not really posturing, "And they really ain't the sort of folks you wanna run into on a bright summer's day, let alone at night in the woods. Killin' someone quiet-like ain't the same as goin' toe to toe with someone the size of Stone." That would be the six-foot-eight ex-Cadet who was with the Dropship. So he's exaggerating the size of the average Reaper…

Aeron nods solemnly as if this is a true problem. Then she points to his knees and the saw. Her smile curves up as she takes her hands far apart and brings them closer together. However, the thought of reapers does make her pale a little bit more though. She outside a bit more in a thoughtful gesture and then looks back towards him. Her hands fold together with her palms touching. It's the classic 'prayer' symbol or the 'please' symbol.

"You think they're gonna cut me down to size? Or are you gonna try to do it?" Grey chuckles at both thoughts, for all that he's gone from zero scars in his life to a dozen or more in just over a month on the Ground. He leans back in his chair in thought, only to realize that he should have thought about the knife at his back, shifting to make it and his left shoulder more comfortable. "You know you'll have to be willin' and able to talk if you want to go out into the field, right? I mean, how you gonna let us know if you see somethin' if you can't say somethin'?"

Aeron shakes her head at him and points for those out THERE. Then she looks back at him and grins. It's conveys a 'I could if I wanted' cocksure smile. Then she holds up her hands and shakes them. This is in answer to how she would communicate. There is a smile as she pulls up her knees to put her chin upon them. Although a look of concern when he shifts a bit. Then she point to him and does the 'talk' sign again.

Grey shakes his head at the waving of the hands, "Hand signals are all well and good, but not so good for gettin' someone's attention." And then he's being prompted again, and he shrugs his right shoulder, and touches his back, "Naw, it's nothin'. Just a combination of sittin' on my knife," now there's an innuendo waiting to happen, "my shoulder," he gestures up to his left shoulder, "my side," his right side, around his floating ribs, "and my arm," he gestures to his left bicep where the bandage is visible. "Just not much comfortable. I think I'm gettin' used to the dull ache all the time, it's just the sharp twinges that really get me."

Aeron lowers her brows a bit to that as he lists off the injuries. Her eyes track and trail his movements as if she's mentally making a list of all of them to use and know about. Her eyes slide down his form and it could be sexy, except it's not. Then she smiles and reaches out before remembering. So her hand comes to sit next to his without touching it. There is a breath pulled into her lungs and then released. She points to him and then points to the sky. Her hand does that 'talk' sign again.

The hand close to his own, that's not quite the same intrusion into his personal bubble… and so Grey doesn't even seem to notice it. He follows her gesture up toward the sky, grunting softly, "Up there sucked ass. Plain and simple. I mean, spendin' time with my dad was fine, and learnin' to be a guard, but my bitch-mom," there's real pain there, not just teenager grumpiness, "did her level best to tear everythin' we made down." His father, however, was also a rather infamous Guard sergeant, known for his… liberal use of corporeal punishment. "Then the 'Box, and everyone after me 'cause I was an ex-C or 'cause I was a Grey. Shit's better down here, even with all the pain and shit."

Compassion fills her eyes for a few moments to that as she nods her head. Aeron turns her head to look up at the sky for a few moments. There are a ton of emotions that cross her face. There is sadness, regret, hope and something that she quickly hides away before it can be given a name. She indicates his guard uniform and then makes a happy face, but her head it tilted in a question. Those eyes are a pale, almost translucent green currently as she studies his mannerisms.

Grey snorts softly, "Screw that. Life's good here. It's hard, and people need to damned well stop takin' our people away, but I got a place here, and people. No need to feel sorry for me. And yeah, I finally got to be a Guard down here." And then he upnods across to the smaller teen sitting alongside him, "How about you? Up there better, or down here?"

Aeron frowns at that question as she seems to consider it. There is a soft smile and she puts her hand over her heart and points to the sky. It's a bit bittersweet across her features. Then she she shakes her head and runs her hand across her throat. Aeron shrugs her shoulders just a bit and then points to the ground. Down here is apparently her choice for now. Her eyes meet his before she indicates the air, the sky and the area around them.

Grey narrows his eyes as he works to follow the signs, "Your heart's up there, but it got uh… killed? Down here's better, 'cause everything's so free, and open and shit?" Okay, so the last part may have been his own addition. Nodding his apparent agreement, he adds, "An' let me tell you, an actual bath is damned amazing. The Trikru got these rooms where they all bathe, and the one in Tondc, it's got giant tubs that they fill with hot water. Soakin' in hot water, that's somethin' I never figured I'd do."

Aeron stares at him. She will apologize in her own way in a moment for her next actions. She grabs his hand and then looks a little excited. She points to him and then her and then out. Surely he'll go there with her. She has this hopeful expression that seems to light up her entire face as she bats her lashes and looks to be a step above begging.

Grey laughs easily at her enthusiasm, only tensing a little as she grabs his hand, "I think it's a bit of a long walk this time of night, Aeron. It'd be like… damn near dawn before you got there." He nods out to the firelight from the Trikru camp outside the camp's fencing, "And I got business out there that needs dealin' with before anything fun." There's something grim about his demeanor and voice at that statement, the Guardsman squaring his shoulders even if the motion causes him to wince slightly. "Once everything calms down, I'm sure you could get someone to take you over there… or you could avoid the whole 'everyone's in there nude together,' part," oh, didn't he mention that part? "and just put somethin' together here with a heating coil and a big tub of some sort. Got plenty of water for once."

Aeron considers his words for a moment and the grim expression. She shakes her head and points to him and then her in regards to the sacred place of bathing. She'll worry about all the other people later. It's a fucking bath. The hand that has shifts to attempt to wrap her pinky finger around his as she maintains a steady look on his eyes.

Grey rolls his eyes, but it's with a grin on his face, "Fine, fine…" He curls the rest of his fingers, allowing for a pinky-lock for a moment, "When all this is over and we've got a peace with the Trikru, if no one's put a hot tub," he says it as two distinct words, two different ideas, "together here, I'll take you out to Tondc and show you the bathhouse." He chuckles softly, shaking his head, "I'm serious about the everybody's in there naked thing though. Freaked me out a bit."

Aeron nods her head. That also means he has to return for his little 'business' out there. She brings her pinky with his in sort of a hand shake.. pinky shake? on it. Aeron also respects his space by drawing her hand back. There is a smirk across her features as she indicates her form and then fluffs her hair. It's a feigned display of perfect vanity.

"Yeah, I know how to keep my eyes to myself. Some of those Trikru dudes…" Grey snorts, then chuckles, "Naw. They just don't care. It's just washin'. Well, usually." And then Grey's adjusting his arm in its sling and nibbling at another fingernail as he looks out at the camp, "Just a shock, is all. Really, they couldn't care less."

Aeron considers the Trikru dudes checking her out. Then she reaches out to attempt to draw his hand from his mouth and smiles beautifully. She points at him and then shadow boxes. That's right. He's the designated protector of people checking her out too much now. There is a soft giggle though as she moves to sit back more in her chair.

Grey draws his head back in surprise as her hand gets so far into his personal bubble, then snorts, "Yeah yeah. Any of them try to grab you, then I step in. You go into a Trikru bathhouse, you're askin' for any eyein' you get." Reaching behind him, he draws out the dropship shard knife from the small of his back, turning it over and over in his hands, "Tell you what. You wanna hold onto this while I'm out there? What I'm doin', ain't no call for me to be armed, even with somethin' as little as this."

Aeron looks at the offered shard knife. Her brows lower just a bit to this as she tentatively reaches out her hand for it. Those green eyes get a little manic light in them that is hard to read. It's right there. It's right in front of her. Precious. Her fingers will attempt to wrap around it as she nods her head a bit and draws it close to her chest. Then she holds up her hand as she curls in her thumb to show the rest to him. Four fingers up. Then she points to him again. They are sitting in the chairs by the table that Jumar was at with her at some point.

*HHHHHHHHHSSSSTTTT* The sound goes through the air like a whip, and it's coming from what's constructed of the forge so far. It doesn't last long, but the noise *and* the light are easily heard and seen. Sounds like a buzz saw and a welder were both used at once. Grey and Aeron can easily tell it's on the other side of what's been built so far. Jumar pops out of where it came from in his welding mask… and promptly lifts it with a big old grin, "sorry, I had to handle a modification to the foundation before the whole section collapsed." …. and then he ducks back over.

Grey hands the knife over without any hesitation or question, "Four? Me? Oh, yeah. Hold onto it for me. I'll pick it up again when I get back. Shouldn't take that long." And then he pushes himself out of his chair with his one good arm, tensing at the lash of noise and squinting over his shoulder at it, then relaxing a bit as Jumar comes out from behind the building, "Well, yeah, suppose that'd be pretty damn bad. Don't know how useful a forge is if it falls on our head." A chuckle lifts to his lips alongside the words, and he shakes his head.

Aeron nods her head towards Grey and waves her fingers at him. Then she turns towards the noise and Jumar. There is an owlish wide eyed look and then a blink. Aeron puts her thumb up and cants her head questioningly towards him. Then she points towards Grey as if to ask if Jumar knows him.

For his part, Jumar didn't notice Aeron's request, seeing as Jumar is back to work back there. The noise isn't nearly as bad as it was, but there's definite movement and noise… but at least he isn't waking up the whole damned camp. "Concussions tend to be bad when you're shaping metal. Who knew?" The smartass amusedly replies, "Broken bones tend to be bad too." He's dryly musing at this point. *POP* Something is… something back there. "Yep. There's the problem."

Grey lifts his right hand in a wave to Aeron, "Fancy that, man." The chuckled response apparently is for Jumar, and then he's headed off toward the gate in the fence and the Trikru camp beyond it.

Aeron tips her head to watch Grey and then Jumar. There is a smile for both, but then she does what she does best. She takes her blade and blends into the shadows. Sure, what is left behind is a manic almost Cheshire smile.

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